Babru (2019) Script

Federico, get out of there Cops can arrive any moment Go now!

Right now!

Hey thanks!

Have a good one!

Excuse me Oh You forgot this Thank you Thank you so much

Hello Hello Are you not up yet?

It’s already 7:30 Hmm, I will go Are you not picking up the car?

Wake up! Right now!

You won't get the car if you are late Hurry up! Call me once you pick up the car.


Oh damn, it's late!

[Print on shirt] You reap what you sow.

Oh. Come on.

Hello Hey Valerie! Sorry.

I was up until 3:00 am. I woke up just now.

Did you already leave?

Yeah, I left already.

I was stuck in traffic. I am late because of you.

Yeah. I can imagine Sorry We tried for 10 mins to wake you up. We just... We gave up.

Could not wake you up

You know, hurry up. Just don't miss your train too, okay?

Yeah yeah, I will leave now.


Hey! How long should we try to wake you up?

You were supposed to leave by 7:50. It’s 8:15 already, and you are still here!

Isn't the appointment at 8:30?

Have you ever been on time in your life?

Can you please stop? I am going for a good cause.

Already late.

Oh. Is this what you plan to wear? Shankaane!

Hello Glad you had time to wake up today Did your friends leave?


Hmm, they left this morning.

Anyway, where are you?

Did you get the car?

Why wouldn't I? I'll get it for sure.

Haven't you picked up the car yet?

I'm on the train.

On the way!

Really! I found the car moving service and also, a car that has to be delivered to Vancouver All you had to do was, go on time and pick up that car.

You could not even do that!

Hmm, how will you achieve anything with this attitude?!

How can any girl stay with you?

She will run away within 3 days with a one way ticket You just can't be repaired Radio is still ON What did you say?!

Nothing I need to get off. Will call you later.

Whatever! Call me when you are done Bye

Bro you are jealous

Right... left... right right... left...?

What do I do now?

Blood analysis confirms a long stick like object with sharp weights at the end was used.

Many more may rise from this attack.

The cartel could have a much larger influence and a bigger circle spread across the country.

Mexico Exactly

We got to get the snake by the head.

That's why I'm sending you Just so we are clear...

Do I have the green light boss?

We have the green light

Hi, Good Morning!

Good Morning! How are you?

Not bad. Can I please charge my phone?

Sure. Charger please?

Do you happen to have an iPhone charger?

Actually I'm here for a car delivery to Vancouver.

I tried calling you guys at 7:30, but...

Alex will be with you in a moment. Please be seated.


Arjun! You were supposed to drive my car to Vancouver, right?

Yes yes. If I can get the car keys, I will start right away.

Actually, there is a small problem. You see that lady over there?

She came in before you No no Alex, please I had reserved the car over the call with you, right?

How can you give it to someone else?

I told you, the first one here is the one who gets the car.

I can't reserve the car for you, and she was here first.

There is nothing I can do But you have to understand I am going to meet the love of my life!

Please please help me Love is not enough!

You should have planned better and got here on time.

The only one who can help you now is her.



Did you get the car?

Oh Shankaane!

It's all because of you You are such a sadist You jinxed it in the morning You were getting a free ride across the country to meet your girl... and being paid for that as well, what else did you expect?

Are you still at home?

I'm coming Yes, come home. Let us see I'm coming Just wait!

Excuse me Do you speak Kannada?

Yes How did you know?

It's been a long time since I heard someone speaking Kannada And moreover, I saw your shirt Iruve Are you a student?

Yes, I am doing my Masters in San Diego Oh okay.

Hello, excuse me!

Oh yeah Car's paperwork seems to be ready.

Nice meeting you.

Actually, I was here for the same car as well.

Oh. So, you are the one they were trying to contact since morning.

Yeah. But, the phone battery ran out at the wrong time Anyway bye.

Hey, I wanted to go to Vancouver to meet and propose to my girlfriend, Maya She is heading back to India in 4 days.

I have very less time.

Can you please help me?

Thank you very much ma'am.

People of Karnataka are known to be goodhearted The moment I told you about my problem, you agreed to help me and proved it Hey! Sorry!

I have a lot of commitments as well I have to go to Vancouver.

I have a lot at stake I don't have enough money either I have to go and meet her Alright Let's do this...


I'm travelling alone and I am assuming, you are too?

Yes Let's travel together Together?

Miss Karla, everyone is scared We want you to lead and take charge of the operations Where is Rico? When will he come?

Rico is behind those responsible for the murder of Don Marco... and is going after the packet.

We must go

Ahmed! Can you get the VW keys?


Did you get the car?

Yes! Give me a minute The gas is also full Thank you!

Done with the documentation, we are starting now

"We"? Who is coming with you?

I will tell you.

Who is coming with you?

I will call you back, okay? Bye.

Okay bye!

Lets go Is that your bag?

Wow! Look at our luck ma'am...

How many people get a chance to go on a cross country drive in such a car?

No chance Mister! That's our car Beetle

Such a lovely car.

This car drives fantastic I have personally test driven this car You folks will have a great time.

Thanks Now, the expected delivery date is this Thursday. Understand?

No sight seeing trips Okay, thanks.

Where are your bags?


Are you sure you want to do this?

Dead sure.


I really have to meet Maya.

I have to tell how I feel about her Don't forget that you don't know anything about her.

I will have the satisfaction of sharing my feelings, irrespective of what happens Dude, I'm talking about the lady downstairs.

Oh her?

Don't worry. Wish me good luck.

I wish Maya says "YES"

That's my friend Hari Hi

He just called you aunty

Whom are you coming with?

Curiosity kills right?

Yeah right!

Travelling with strangers may be risky By the way, when are you reaching?

Give me a second - When are we reaching Vancouver?


Thursday it seems Glad you started. What car did you get?

Listen, the owner of this car has affectionately named it "BABRU"

Let me tell you an interesting story about the car.

No, not a story again Seriously, listen An 85 year old grandma owned this car The old couple have a lot of memories associated with the car Sadly, her husband passed away last year She can't drive the car anymore.

So she wants to gift this car to her granddaughter who lives in Vancouver. Hence this arrangement Can't believe they trusted their beloved car with an irresponsible person Sana, she is calling you irresponsible Stop it Okay let me enjoy the drive now. I will call you later Hey, you still didn't tell me who you are coming with.

I will tell you later. Okay bye Hello. Hello. Hello.


Hello, hey I will text you You better

[Text] Her name is Sana

[Text] She speaks Kannada. She is pretty Very pretty

Send me her photo

[Text] Actually she got the car. I am just tagging along.

Okay fine. Don't show your true colours to her Drive safe. See you soon

Senorita Carla, let's go. Please

No. It's better

Please sit in the back

So nobody can suspect that you are in the truck

We need to be undercover for a few days, at least until Rico returns

[Text] If she continues to drive at this speed, we will reach Vancouver next month

Here is your coffee Thank you

Can we settle the expenses at the end of the trip?

It's fine. Anyway today's lunch is on you

[Text] What are you doing? I need to take care of something on the way

[Text] Give me a minute. I need to go to my sister's place tomorrow night.

We can stay there overnight.

Let us take a selfie to celebrate it No photos please - I said NO.

Okay. Does your sister cook well?

Looking forward to a feast Let's pack the leftovers for the road I'm craving for home made food Give me a minute, I'll be back.

Let's go Why is Vegas not on the plan?

It is going to delay us. Shall we start?

But, we will be so close I have been longing to go to Vegas. Please Okay, we'll see. Let's go.

Glad you agreed We can manage, don't worry.

Hey wait

Wait for me.

Please come.

You sketch well. Is it a hobby?

Yeah. It's relaxing.

By the way, what do you do for a living?

I am a moving assistant. I help people move from one place to another.

Moving assistant?

Do you get enough clients?

Yeah, a lot of senior citizens need help here Super

Where are you? Are you avoiding me?

No matter what you plan, you cannot escape from me You will never succeed!

So, where are you from?

I am originally from DoddabaLLapur.

I'm from a typical middle class family, with big american dreams.

I just graduated. I'll be starting my job in 2 weeks.

That's it Is that it?

Her name is Maya.

Met her 2 years ago while I was coming to US She was going to Vancouver. She was sitting next to me.

We started talking. I was hesitant to ask her phone number.

I didn't want to make her feel bad.

Luckily, I found her email on the post card she gave me.

Well, then...

Well, the usual story. We exchanged phone numbers.

We got very close to each other.

Now I am going to meet and propose to her.

If she agrees, I hope to get married. If not, life will go on.

Arjun, can we have an agreement?


Let's not use the phone while driving. Let's put it on airplane mode.


It will run out of battery That's the reason I always carry a charger in my pocket

By any chance do you have an iPhone charger?

No, I have a Pixel phone.

Oh damn!

Let's enjoy the drive instead Moreover, I am not your driver.

Okay fine. In that case you shouldn't be sketching either.

Okay Also, let's switch every 2 hours Okay Are you okay with that?


Damn. What happened?

What happened?

Oh shoot

I think we have a flat tire.

What do we do now?

Do you know Socrates?

Is he a mechanic?

Hey, he is a philosopher.

He quotes

"A life lived without forethought or principle is a life so vulnerable to chance"

Okay, so what?

First thing I checked when we started was for a spare tire I anticipated this I am your savior

Now what?

I can't find the jack Socrates

How about roadside assistance?

Isn't that what I'm doing now?

I meant towing service Never registered for one.

Wonderful. Do you know if we are covered by the moving company's insurance?

Not sure.

Where is yours?


Card. AAA card.

Have you found it yet?

Even I don't have it. I forgot.


[Sings sarcastic song]

Stop singing and think of what next.

Why did I tag along with this lady?

I have to do everything and also get trashed for it.

I feel used, like a public toilet Do it with eyes closed Walk out with your nose closed Spit in disgust when you are out

Give me your phone number.

Why? We will be together, right?

I have to give it to a friend.

Hello Hi Valerie, flat tire. We are on exit 3, I5.


What happened?

Battery drained out.

What do we do now?

Give me your phone.

Do you have her number?


Wait let me think!



We are safe for now.

We will find out who is responsible Where is Rico? Is he safe?

Yes. He is fine.

The packet is the main reason for the death of Don Marco I need to talk to him

Yo! What's going on? Looks like I finally get to help a damsel in distress Nice try. Now would you be a sweetheart and help us get back on the road please?

Sure ma'am, anything for someone like you.

Thank you.

Looks like you just have a flat Yeah we have a stepney.

Aa. What??

He means we have a spare and we just need a jack.

Oh okay, I have a jack in the truck.

Amigo! No need to swap tires Okay, great We just need a glue patch Tire is still good.

Okay. So, my friend says it should be a pretty quick fix.

We will have you back on the road pretty soon.

But, it still needs a jack right?


Look at this nail.

Looks like some punk has put a nail in there on purpose.

It's all good now though.

So where are you guys headed?

Bay Area - Vancouver

She is upto something

Bay Area! Cool!

My friend here is hitch-hiking to Seattle.

Hope you can take him as far as you could.

Ok Wish we could, but we have to visit family. Sorry.

It's ok. Gustavo, I can take you to the next exit.

Let's go Thank you guys.

If it weren't for you, we would be in trouble.

Thank you so much Thank you.

You are welcome Alright have a nice day.

Thank you. Bye.

Hmm. I'm not happy with what just happened Why? Is it because you did not get a chocolate?

I did feel bad for that as well...

But, I think we should have given him a ride.

Not sure why you said no.

I thought he wouldn't fit in the back He would have Hmmm, I'm not that comfortable with letting a stranger inside the car What if they also thought the same and didn't want to help us?

True. But, I felt it was not worth the risk Remember our journey started the same way.

[Radio playing in the background about illegal immigrant situation at the border]

I'm scared of people with piercings and tattoos.

Especially the bikers. I get scared just by looking at them.

But you have your ears pierced Those are two separate things

Do you need something?


Since we are already here, let's go get what we need Not sure how far the next rest area is Right. Please buy whatever you need When you are there, please get me an iPhone charger.

Sure. I don't need anything either...

Just want to use the restroom.

Oh ok. Go ask for the keys I know that too. Thank you! Idiot

Ma'am your glasses Oh thank you.

Have a nice day.


How do you feel now?

Not as scared.

I didn't go with you as I wanted you to get out of your comfort zone.

Thank you!

Rico, get the packet. We will be doomed without it.

Do whatever you can They attacked Carla as well.

Rico, Please come back.

We do not need the packet I need you.

I love you.

Sana, Isn't he the one who helped us?

Yes Can we take him along?

Please Hmm. Okay.

Oh thank you!



Gracias amigo... Gracias! Thank you thank you.

Hi Ma'am, How are you?

This is Sana and I'm Arjun

Amigo. This is Sana... Arjun... and you?

Sana and Arjun. I'm Gustavo. Nice to meet you Why are you going to Seattle?

I'm sorry, no English. Can't speak English

Is Spanish ok?

Oh! No English Enjoy Not a problem Amigo!

I understand Spanish Ahh. perfect.

And her, no Spanish?

She can't speak English or Spanish

Wow! Is she an artist?

Yes and I'm her professor No Amigo! She is good, very good

He says you are very pretty.

He is asking if you are single Seriously Amigo, Isn't she good?

She is very good Look Keep quiet else I'll shoot you guys!

Oh really You don't know a lot of things about me Shankaane!


[ Emergency alert about an illegal immigrant who has killed a person and escaped ]

Let's converse in Kannada Hmm.

Looks like there is more to this Should we ask him?

Gustavo, all okay?

Turn here! Please take this exit.

What's going on?

Look, I have my family in Seattle.

I promise there's no problem for you or anyone Wait! Don't you have your visa documents?

What are you guys talking?

No no no no. Documents are okay.

I am a farm worker, you help me.

I have family. A daughter. Please help me.

He's weaving a web here What?

I mean he is lying.

I don't think so. I feel bad for him We can't show him mercy and bring upon his troubles on us Eh?

If we show him mercy now, we might end up in trouble later What is your problem?

Let's be careful and ensure nothing goes out of control.

Thank you so much

Hi there!

How are you today?

Need a room How many?

One Just one?


Do you have internet here?

I do.

That's it. Have a good day.

Thank you. Good day

Room Number 6 We have two queen beds. Hope that's ok with you That's fine. What do we do with him?

Gustavo, do you want to use the restroom?

I have a huge outdoor restroom Thank you!

He will stay in the car.

Get going. Go get ready We might get a good sunset.

Hi, where are you?

Just checked into the motel Are you tired?

Not at all.

Sana was tired, that's why we stopped.

If I was alone, I'd have been in Vancouver by now Stop showing off Won't you be here on Thursday?

Listen, I have to go to my sister's place I will be leaving tomorrow and getting back day after.


I will be back by the time you get here. Don’t worry.

There is a lot of pressure from my parents to go and meet a prospective groom.

So So?

So, so what, I gotta meet him.

If you have already decided, why are you asking me?

Who is asking? It's just for your information I'm driving across the USA to meet you... and now you are telling me that you are going to meet someone else Are you out of your senses?

No, don't worry. It will be alright.

Ok. Keep me posted.

It might not be possible There will be too many people around. Hard to hide from them We are anyway meeting in 2 days Ok then I am leaving tomorrow. I'll see you soon. Have a safe journey.



Arjun, any problem?

Many problems

I like the way you handle things in such situations I'm a human too. I can also be emotional What happened?

I'm going through all of these so that I can meet her and express my feelings.. all of a sudden she wants to go and meet some buffoon. How can anyone?!


I'm sorry But, that is what I am feeling right now.

The point is, I want to meet her and speak my heart out Hmmm.

What do I do if Maya likes that buffoon?

That's not happening Arjun. Don't worry

Forget it. Let's go catch the sunset.

Come Lets go

Relax Arjun, what happened?

In the past 2 years Maya has been my biggest support. If not for her...

Also, I was not able to get a job. I was planning to fly back to India.

If I had gone back... it would have taken 10 years for me to repay my loans.

Thanks to Maya.

She changed my mind to stay back and convinced me that I could get a job.

I got it as well Without her my life would have been derailed Arjun, You are a very sweet guy.

It's ok to be madly in love with someone But, many times we can't get what we want Life has its own plans for us.

You are giving your best to meet her... and if you guys are made for each other, you will definitely end up together If you do not end up together That's not the end of the world You should stay focused on your future.

By the way, show me Maya's photo I am really curious to see her.

I don't have one. We only met at the airport No photos since then.

She is also like you. She does not like pictures Interesting. Okay then.

Once we reach Vancouver, we all should meet Sure Even I do not remember how she looks

Ok Amigos! I go to the car.

You can sleep here if you want.

Oh no senora. I stay in the car. Thank you very much. Good night!

Good night.

Hello, I'm coming tomorrow Why? Have you not done enough already?

Listen to me. I need to talk to you. Please.

Tell her that she is not welcome here Hello. Hello.

Hi sis, how are you?

Hey Diya! Give me your new address Yeah write it down Number 1230 Daffodil Drive Ok. I will see you tomorrow Waiting to see you. Come soon Ok bye Bye

A hypocritical b**ch She told me that all she needed was the packet... but now all their men are chasing us

Yes. Okay Done deal Yes, I have the girl. I will get her.

Hey Arjun, Arjun. Get up. Look there. Fast

What are you searching?

Amigo easy easy Wait. Wait.

What are you searching for?

A package with drugs Drugs and GPS What?

You have to believe me.

Check it.

I searched for it there. It's not there.

What are you searching for?

If you don't tell me, I am going to call the cops.

I think we should call the cops No no... Amigo!

Excuse me. Did you need something? I'm sorry we are closed

[On Walkie Talkie] Who took the car?

Only one car went out today.

I'm afraid I cannot tell you anymore information Dear! Let me show you Give me a chance, let me show you.

You better show me Ok ok. Relax


Cocaine Cocaine...

You guys have to trust me I will take the packet to the right place.

You need not worry Tell him that we are not going to trust him, even if he repeats the same thing 10 times.

Are you guys listening?

I told you. You have to trust.

Will you just shut up and let us think Oh my God

Actually, he might be right We don't have a choice.

Are you out of your mind? How do we trust him?

We don't have a choice Are you crazy? Don't be ridiculous Listen to me, no point losing it Sorry, tell me Think about it, my documents are at the car rental If we abandon the car here, cops will figure it out They can easily track us If we take the car to Vancouver, the cartel will not spare us

What if we flush all this here and then drop the car?

That's even more dangerous!

If the cartel does not get the packet, they will kill us

So, should we trust him?

We don't have any other option.

You have to trust me.

Why should we trust you?

I'll get the packet to the right place.

Let's go.

Ok then, prove it One moment

I told you. They have been tracking us with GPS up until this moment

No more. You believe me?


What is this? Some kind of joke?

Who are you?

I will call the cops

Ok. I will come back tonight.

I will take the package to the right place ok.

Don't worry

Hey welcome Hi Srishti aunty.

Hi Vihaan How are you?

I'm fine. How are you?

Good. How are things with you?


Sir, you can't be looking through the log

Rico If you want Carla to live, bring me the packet. Name me the New Leader The new Don or else...

How do I explain this to you?

You don't have to tell me anything.

I understand. I'm your sister.

I really hope you get out of this soon.

Who is Srishti? Why was Sana crying in the room?

I thought you are friends. Don't you know about it?

Sure. But, how would I know why she was crying?

I don't even know who Sana is. Why would I care if she was crying?

The one who was crying in the room That's Srishti. My sister.

Then who is Sana?

For God's sake, I don't know who Sana is

So, her name is Srishti?

Finally, you understood

Something doesn't add up Anyway, why was she crying?

Shivani. Srishti's daughter. Last month, she died in a car accident.

Oh, I am so sorry.

My brother-in-law blames my sister for that accident

Do you want anything else?

No, thanks.


Diya told me about you

I feel sorry for you.

You could have told me I envy these trees, leaves... they have nothing to worry. They enjoy the breeze... they just live in the moment and enjoy their life.

True. Unlike humans, their stories don't keep changing Arjun, people can't be the same all the time We have to adapt and change to situations Look at the sun, bright orange in the morning... a different color when right above... and burning red during sunset.

True. Yesterday you were Sana, today you are Srishti. Tomorrow?

I did not have any alternative

Hmmm. You might not have any options tomorrow as well Stop being cynical Arjun!

Listen to me This was the only way for me to get away from my husband.

I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Nobody is bigger than the gang


See what you have done?

Call Federico

Our brothers have suffered a huge loss Now they will come after all of us Great loss How can you loose the packet?

You think they are going to let us live.


Federico! Federico! Where are you?

Stupid people

It will be an eye for an eye.

How to get rid of cocaine?

We regret to inform you that we had to eliminate the position offered to you We will consider...

Ajju Ajju...


Valerie has been murdered.

Cops are here. I don't know what to do.

They are asking too many questions, they see me as a suspect Where are you? Why are you not receiving my calls? What do I do now?

Hari stay safe, and wait for my call.

Arjun, Sana

Hey, did you get rid of it?

Not possible. Cops everywhere Look, I saw Federico. He is here. He is in town.


He's from the mafia. He is a dangerous man. He is a killer Please. Get your things. Let's go.

Ok, let's go.

Oh shoot! Federico Arjun, give me your phone Guys, wake up! Srishti had called...

Don't ask me anything. Just leave! Here are the keys...

Vihaan Don't worry about Vihaan. I will get him.

Vihaan, wake up

Hey! They went the other way Gustavo, follow them.

Will they be safe?

Your family will be safe, we should go Gustavo, just follow them It's too dangerous. No! Please try to understand

Can you check with Diya if they are safe?

Stop the car there!

Listen, I have to make sure my family is safe. Please stop the car right there.

Hello Why were you not picking my call?

Are you all ok?

I hope you are not hurt Ok... ok


Sana, let's go!

Stay safe. I will call you after 2 days We have to go. Now!

Let's go!

I think I got him. Let's go, come on

Where did you get that from?

Long story How did you guys let him get away?

He has been hit But be careful. He is more dangerous now.

Gustavo, you look tired. I will drive for sometime.


Special agent Gustavo Rivera, Agent 89, Drug enforcement agency. That is who I am.

Then I am Bond, James Bond.

With license to kill Arjun please, it better be true.

Arjun, hurry up!

Arjun, hurry up! He is almost here.

Sorry officer. We did not mean to.

It's ok. I understand.

Arjun, you ok?

Drugs, my friend losing her life and a killer after us... and now a cop is protecting us...

I still can't believe this.

Look, I am really sorry about your friend.

But these guys that we are dealing with, they don't care about anything... but the drugs and their money. Not human life.

They are dangerous.

You could have taken the car and the drugs back then, you knew about it.

It's not about the consignment itself and it's not about Federico either.

It's about taking the cartel down.

I want to take the cartel down from top to the bottom.

And to do that, you have to take the consignment to the right place, right?


But, why did you kill Federico then? You could have gotten more information from him.

I didn't kill him. You gotta believe me.

Oh! You just tried.

You don't understand what you saw.

I didn't try to kill him. I tried to wound him. I shot him in the arm If I am right, my people already have him in custody.

Which means he might talk.

Believe me when I say this.

I know how to shoot.

If I wanted him dead, I would have shot him in the head.

What do we do next?

Wow! Lost the signal. Look guys, I cannot get a hold of my team.

Chances are Federico is wounded, he is in custody and is talking.

I am not willing to bet our safety against it though!

We need to duck out before we go to the next town.

No let's continue and reach Vancouver by morning.

I need to hear from my team before we proceed. You just have to understand that.

No it would be better...

No no. Trust my judgement on this one. We are staying put.

I am going to hike to a signal tower. You two stay put.

Get some rest

This looks like a good spot

I think we should have a plan for tomorrow.

Tomorrow first thing in the morning, we head to Vancouver non stop. Just like you said.


In the meantime, you guys get some rest.

Let's stretch it out When he sleeps, let's run away with the car Are you out of your mind?

There's a pyscho chasing us, we have drugs in the car... and you want to run away with the car? Idiot!

That is the whole point

2 million dollars! 10 crore rupees!

We will be millionaires overnight If you are not interested then forget it. I will do it I wouldn't try that Don't worry. You mentioned 2 million in English, he's reacting to that You never know Ok. Watch this He wants to get away with the car and drugs What?

I just told him that you are very alert and he cannot fool around with you Beware Get lost, you idiot. I am a pro in these matters Pro, get down

Arjun, are you sure we will get 2 million dollars if we run away with the car?

It's still not too late. Are you ready?


[Maya] Arjun, I had told you that you will get this job. Congratulations!

[Maya] Well deserved. So happy for you.

[Hari] Dude let's party! Otherwise, Shankaane!

What if I get away with this?

I can live comfortably.

It is risky, but it might be worth it

Did he really run away with the car?

Gustavo What? You?!

What happened?

I don't see Gustavo or the car


He made a fool of us. We shouldn't have trusted him Don't jump the gun. Be patient.

Let's look around Gustavo

Look here. He has covered the tracks He might be trying to save us Whatever, he abandoned us in the middle of nowhere.

Vancouver is still 400 miles away. What do we do?

Come. Let's take our bags and go.


Gu... Gustavo...

He will kill us as well.

End of story

Let's act like nothing has happened here Before someone sees us, let's get out of here

What do we do now?

I have to get to Vancouver, what will you do?

I will also come.

What are you thinking?

We have been through enough.

I don't want to put Maya in any danger Let's go back

Life is mysterious...

A small problem or an incident, can change its course

At Sirsi...

When it rains, the water that falls to the East of the Western Ghats flows to Bay of Bengal... and that which falls to the West flows to Arabian Sea. Life is like that.

Don't worry.

Stay with your friends for a couple of days.

Don't stay alone. Everything will be alright.

I'm concerned about Maya.

What if something happens to her?

For no mistake of hers, she will be victimized.

Arjun, nothing will happen to her. Dont worry.

Intentions are more important than actions.

You have to believe that good things will happen to good people.

Sana Sana Your bag

Why did Sana give me this bag?

What could be in it?

Could it be drugs?

Money! Lots of it.

Does that mean?

Give me your number.

Why? We will be together.

No photos please. No!

What happened?

I forgot my DL.

Oh don't worry, I have mine.

Ok thank you.

Oh she has even sketched about mine and Maya's first meeting But, I never mentioned that the postcard had a car

Hello. Is Arjun ok?

Everything is done. Thank you so much.

Bye Maya Was it all planned by Sana?

Was she Sana or Srishti?

Does it mean that even Maya was...?

What happened to the drugs in the car?

Federico? Gustavo? BABRU?

Federico is coming with the packet. I will pack him once he returns.

Rico, where are you? Do not come here, it was all Gacha.

I'll come wherever you are.