Baby (2015) Script

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'We were born, because of the 26/11.

A sensible man in Delhi... convinced another sensible and powerful man... that, not every battle is fought at the border.

He also managed to convince... that, there's no glory in dying on our own land.

In fact, it's in striking them hard on their ground.

After countless meetings and debates... and squandering the tax-payer's money, it was finally decided... that, an Elite program will be tested for 5 years.

'And depending upon the results...'

'...the future course of action would be decided.'

'I was made in-charge of this program.'

'12 People were chosen from the Police and Para-Military forces.

'After they agreed, their records are burnt...'

'...and the rules were set.'

'If they were caught...'

'...then, they government would exercise...'


'This meant two things.'

'First of all, their own country, their nation...'

'...would deny any knowledge of them.'

'And secondly, they were just a bank account number for this government.'

'They were then sent abroad to train with the best.'

'Their job was to hunt down danger and threat.'

'Regardless of it been in any corner of the world.'

'Since this was just a 5 year test run...'

'...we called our Black-Op unit "Baby".

'In the next 4 years, "Baby" built deep assets... made intercepts, and directly or indirectly...'

'...prevented around 24 blasts in the country.'

'We also cought 13 Most Wanted...'

'...and did 8 encounters.'

'We were very successful, but we paid a price too.'

'After 4 years, only 4

'...from my original 12 man team survived.'

'This story is about Baby's last mission.'

'We believed that our training and experience were adequate.'

'We were wrong.'

Look at his face he looks so pretty.

C'mon kill him.

C'mon man kill him.

What are you doing?

Jai Hind, sir. Jai Hind.

Sir, we've traced Rakesh.

They're constantly changing his profile photos using his own phone.

God damn it!

Someone from his family might see this.

Block it immediately. Sure, sir.

Kill him.

One more time, just finish him fast. - Yeah.

Losing now.

Jamal turned on us.

He got Rakesh captured.

They're planning serial blasts, sir.

Where? Somewhere in Delhi.

He's the handler for Lashkar...

When? Today!

We don't know anything else.

No specifics.

Where's Ajay? In the van.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Can I? Yes.

Yes, sir.

What's going on? They're discussing.

One wants to help, and the other one is stopping him.

Someone's using Rakesh's phone.

Sameer's sending you the coordinates.

Leave now! Yes.

If the permission had come, why do we still keep him? Let us leave him.

We are waiting for the intel about him, we will act accordingly.

Excuse me.

Hello take him to a restaurant... but be careful, he should not escape, okay.

Thank you.


C'mon fast.

Harder... Harder...

Look at his face man.

That was good.

Do you want one more?

Yeah, of course.

Give it to him, right in the face.

Oh no!

Yes, sir. Status?

Sir, Jamal escaped.

And Rakesh?

He's not looking good, sir.

Take the call.


Rakesh! Rakesh!

Move... move...



Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Excuse me. May I?


Thank you.

You broke my trust, Jamal.

Jamal, where's the location?

Jamal, what's the location?

Where in Delhi, Jamal?

DLF Promenade Mall...

The mall is nicely crowded, where are you?

DLF Promenade.

Copy, sir!

What time?

How many guys? What's the time?

What did you say?

What's the time?

Yes tell me.


How do you feel now?

Get Jamal's entire family to DLF Promenade Mall... now!

All of them.

Your family's been on stand-by since morning.

Mom-Dad, wife Zoya, sister Noorie.

Even your 6 month old kid.

I want to see you laughing over their deaths.

You can't do this. Why?

Don't you remember?

I can do anything.

Greetings. Greetings.


What's the name of your kid, Jamal?

How did I forget?

Mohsin right?


Young Mohsin's going to be a martyr.

It's just that he doesn't know what a big a****e his father is.

And, if you wanted to see him die so soon... why did bring him into this world in the first place?


Makes Jamal's family stand right in the middle of the Mall. - No.

Why is Mohsin crying?

Tell him... soon his hunger will be satiated.

How about a live-telecast?

You want to see the live telecast?

Basement 3...Grey van.


What cell? Minar cell.

Fazal and Salim.

Take them out, and call me back.


I'll see you later.

Thank you.

Where's Iqbal, where is he?

Yeah, Jai.

Operation successful, sir.

We'll be out in 10.

Any casualty on our side?


Hand over Jamal, and take the first flight out.

Right, sir.

Why did you do it?

You were one of my own.

There are going to be so many fireworks this year.

How many can you stop?

You can take him in.


How would I know that he will jump...

Damn it...


Someone's here from your lawyer's office.

Needs you to sign something.




You called... ls everything okay?

Have you ever been in jail?

What about my bail?

They're trying"-

Tell them to expedite.

Call +92...

Tell them to get active.


The ATS are starting to connect the dots.

Yes, I will.

The Delhi Mission failed.


These guys can't even keep their pants up... and they dream to be Martyrs.

Taufiq bhai was asking...

the date's drawing closer.

If you could tell us where do we have to place the stuff.

Tell Taufiq if he's so concerned... then first get me out of here.

I am not a**

I heard that Kasab was given an A/C cell.

I've obviously done more than him.


He isn't listening.

Says call up the neighbors first.

First he wants out of here.

Only then will He cooperate.


Where they caught?

No, they attained salvation.

Allah have mercy.

Do you know why our these little efforts failing?

Allah wants us to do something big.


Take a trip to India, Javed.


It's time to get Bilal Khan out.







I started this mission with the grace of Allah.

I just received news...

America's put a bounty... of 10 million Dollars on my... On Maulana Mohammad Rehman's head.

And India is really happy to hear this.

I want to advice...

America and India on this occasion.

They should direct their time... and their monies... for their people.

Contribute it for the progress... of our Muslim brothers and sisters living in their countries.


Mohammad Rehman... cannot be caught... until America recedes from Pakistan... and Kashmir recedes from India!


India claims that yesterday... we killed some of their men on the border.




What were they doing on our land?

This has always been India's attitude.

They always project that it's entirely our mistake.





Morning, gentlemen. Good morning.

Have a seat, Feroz.

Thank you, sir.

It was close.

What was Rakesh doing in Istanbul?

We had an agent Jamal, who turned rogue.

He was recruiting for Lashkar and Islamic Jihad.

Rakesh was on a mission to finish him.

But Jamal got better of him.

You're making quite a good habit of all this, Feroz.

You saved lives.

Their failures...

Their continuous failure is very soon going to demoralize them.


Congrats, Feroz.

With due respect, sir, I beg to differ.

With which part?

They're not failing, sir.

Jamal was my man.

He worked under me.

It's our failure... that he left us and joined the enemy.

Jamal was a traitor.

It's not that simple.

Jamal was an Indian.

The point being?

In the Taj attack, the man who gave out instructions... from Karachi's control room, Zabi-Uddin-Ansari... known as Abu Jindal, also known as Abu Hamza... is not a Pakistani.

He's an Indian by birth.

These terrorist organizations have succeeded... in convincing people, that India is not their country.

And to act against it, by using their religion as tool.

And now, our children are being recruited... from right under our noses, for terrorist training camps.

And after completing their training... they come back from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or Nepal.

Using Facebook and Twitter... anyone can trigger a riot... in any part of our country right from his sitting desk.

What they couldn't achieve from the outside.

Is now getting initiated from within.

And the bitter truth is, if the members of the community feel... they do not belong here, and they're losing faith in us.

Then... that is the terrorist organization's biggest success... and our biggest failure, sir.

Greetings, brother.



Please come.

Why didn't you call?

I thought I'll surprise you.

You're still awake.

Was reading something.

I missed you.

I missed you too.

When will you stop lying?

Arjun doesn't... but this naughty one keeps asking of you all the time.

I need a drink.

You'll have something?


How was your...- Conference?

Same old... boring.

Come, I'll tell you.

The presentation was on the 3rd Day.

Mr. Shukla was fiddling with the computer.

But he couldn't turn it on.

He started sweating.

People were wondering what's wrong.

I was wondering too.

Later we realized that Mr. Shukla... hasn't pressed the power button.

Why do you always make up a story?

I can understand, you can't share your work with me.

You'll need a story, it's important.


What if I don't return someday?

There must be some story about me.

For Arjun, you... Ananya.

Our friends.

You know how it is.

Shut up!

I told you let's not get married.

Yes, and when I said let's not... then why did you keep chasing me?

I didn't want to lose you.

I don't love you.

"I don't... love you."

"I don't... love you."

"But every single evening..."

"wait for you."

"I don't... love you."

"But the day you're not here..."

"The city seems strange."

"Every bud looks unknown."

"Everything feels unfamiliar."

"I love you."

The hearing on Jamshed Rashid, aka Bilal Khan's case just ended.

Today's case was dismissed... due to absence of witnesses.

The next hearing is on 4th of the next month.

And as you can see, behind me...


The van is coming.

I'm doing.

Stay there.


In breaking news... Bilal Khan... who was arrested last month from Nagur for a serial blast case... has managed to flee from custody.


You are going to get a day off school today.

Yes. Okay.

Where are we going?


Shopping. Shopping.

Movie. Movie.

And then movie. Doremon.

Doremon 2.

We'll go watch Doremon 2. Doremon 5.

And then we'll go have dinner.

After lunch, we'll go to the ice-skating rink.

We'll go for a picnic.

Okay then we'll go for a picnic.

We'll have great fun.

Yes, we'll have great fun.

Papa's phone is ringing again.


On my way.

Just don't die.

Javed Khan is in Mumbai.

That explains?

Sir, that explains everything.

These are the Airport CCTV footage grabs.

Arrived from Dubai yesterday.

Is it him?

That's him, sir.

Is he under arrest? No.

ATS has received a tip, they're waiting for us.

Come sir.

Sir, that's Aftab.

He's the one who tipped us.

Approached us after watching the news about Bilal Khan's escape.

And that's his father.


Aftab, take a seat.

How old are you?

Sir, I'm 23 years old.


I'm an engineer, sir.

So you're both, cool and smart.

So tell me what do you want to share.

Sir, I was in FSC 2nd year, engineering when all this started.

Sameer and Junaid were my friends.

And they introduced me to Taufiq bhai.

Greetings. Greetings.

Taufiq arranged some private scholarships... keeping my academic performance in mind.

I thought I deserved it.

But soon after he called me and showed me some videos.

Videos of... riots... killings...

People getting slaughtered.

I was shaken, sir.

Since that day, I started receiving similar links... on my Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts.

The Assam link, Gujarat link and...

Many more.

Around 6 months ago I was called and told... that I, Sameer and Junaid along with 2 others... were going to Nepal for special training.

And we were also told that... we were chosen amongst thousands.

L...lied to mom and dad... that we're going on a college trip.

Right after landing at Kathmandu airport we were taken to Rautahat.

And after spending a night there... we were loaded on to a truck and taken to the border.

Our training lasted for 2 weeks.

We were trained to assemble improvised explosive device.

When they conducted a test... they all praised me.

Because I was the best.

How were you be the best?

Sir, I know how to trigger a CWID, VOID and RCID.

Even if it's command-wire... radio, cellphone or victim operated.

I've learnt everything.

Sir, Taufiq bhai called us yesterday for a meeting.

Each of us was assigned a task.

Some were supposed to deliver goods... while others were asked to collect some stuff.

Sir, there is an 11 year old kid amongst us.

His name's lmran.

Sir, he's my uncle's son.

What would he know what right or wrong?

What are they planning?

I don't know, sir.

I only saw Bilal Khan's photo in the meeting.


This morning when I saw the news. Where's Bilal?

I don't know, sir.

Where's Javed.

I don't know, sir.

Last night few men arrived from Pakistan.

This is our small home.

You can call it our headquarters.

Sameer told me that one of them was Javed Khan.

Only Taufiq bhai knows where they are.

And where can I find Taufiq?

Zeenat Mahal.

Sir, they need Bilal.

And... they're planning something big.

Do you have any photo of Taufiq? Yes, sir.




Aftab, what you are doing needs a lots of courage.

Look at me.

I'm proud of you.

We're all proud of you.

Good luck.

And cooperate with these guys.

Okay. Okay Sir.

So, Ajay, how do you want to do it?

It's a small operation, sir.

I would like to lead a small team of ATS' men.

Sounds good.

Yes, sir, I'll keep you posted, sir.

Okay sir.

Is it anyone's happy birthday today?

No. No, sir.

Sir, it's my marriage anniversary.

How many years has it been, Gawde?

16 years sir.

If you have survived your marriage of 16 years... you'll survive this too.

Don't worry.

Sir, with you around we've got nothing to worry.

In fact, we enjoy it.

Sir you don't recall but we were together during the opera house ops.

Gawde, what happened to your moustache?

Sir because of the marriage anniversary... my wife asked me to sport a clean look.

Move. Move.



Uncle, where can I find Taufiq?

Taufiq? First floor. Thank you.

Stand aside.

ATS Mumbai.

We need to have a small chat.

Let me tell you something.

These people love me a lot.

As long as you're here, they will stop all work and keep standing outside.

And the crowd outside Zeenat Mahal will also keep growing.

So... what brings you here?

Where are Bilal and Javed Ali Khan?

What would you like to have? Some tea, coffee, cold drink?

Some other time, I'm in a bit of a hurry today.

I just want two people, Where are Bilal and Javed Ali Khan?

Let me... tell you a small story.

Listen carefully.

Remember the 2008 bomb blasts.

Two days later the police stormed at my place.

Someone tipped them that... some kids from the Indian Mujahiddin... have sought refuge here.

They interrogated me continuously for three days in their own style.

But I didn't utter a word.

I knew! But no!

Two days later, those kids... reached their destination, safe and sound.

Some ba*** betrayed us, but not me.

You know that religion column that we have?

I write Muslim, in Bold and Capital.

And now about your question?

Who Bilal?

Who Javed Ali Khan?

Let me tell you a small story too.

I was in the Para-Military forces.

We were deployed in Gujarat's Hindu-Muslim riots.

We received an alert, that a Muslim family... comprising of mother, father, 13 year old kid... they were stuck in the interiors.

And a radical Hindu militant organization had got news of them.

My colleagues were occupied... and since I was the closest, I responded.

When I arrived at the location, the family thought... that I was there to kill them.

After a great difficulty they were assured.

In the evening, the crowd arrived waving the Hindutva flag... with swords, guns and petrol bombs.

I fought alone... for 24 hours.

I was also shot twice.

Seven people were killed by me that day.

But I kept that family safe and didn't allow one scratch on the family.

That religion column that you were talking about..

We write 'Indian' in Bold and Capital there.

Look, if even get a scratch on me...

Why would you get a scratch?

Come on.

Everyone, come on...

Everyone, come on...

Get down.

Everyone, come on...

Come on.

Sir he want to say something.

Are you sure? Yes sir.

Where's Bilal?

Where's Bilal?

Only... Javed knows.

Where's Javed?

14...Raybury Road, William Docks.

Did you record that? Yes, sir.

Stay back...- I said stay back...

Stay back...

Stand here. Listen to me.

I said stay back...

Why are you coming forward?

Stay back...

Taufiq, those people are standing out there... because they don't know the truth about you.

They don't know that you're an ISI agent.

If we don't find Javed at this given address... then we'll broadcast this clipping on breaking news.

And then we'll see how much These guys really love you.


Move back.

Move. Move.



Yes, Ajay-

Sir, we've an address.

We're heading there.

I'm sending you a video-clip, sir. It's just an update.

And needs no action, sir.

Are you okay?

Of course, sir. I'll call you back.


Gawde, you have to throw a party after this is over.

Of course, sir.

I reached there, but he was stuck in traffic.

Now not me...


Javed Khan, hands up.

Gawde. Yes, sir.

You wanted an anniversary present, didn't you?

Will an imported one do? Of course, sir.

Take him in.

We need to show him our hospitality.

News has just come in from William Dock, Mumbai... where one of the most dreaded terrorist Javed Ali, from LeT... killed himself and 4 police officers in a suicide explosion.

One officer was also reportedly injured in the attack.

ATS Mumbai carried out the operation... led by a tip and raided the compound.

They were successful in gunning down 8 terrorists.

Excuse me sir, something to drink?

Firstly, Rehman sir... the allegation made by India.

Regarding the recent terrorist attacks... and Bilal Khan's escape.

Your name always comes up along with these incidents.

What is your opinion about it?

India is a disturbed nation.

Rehman sir, you didn't answer my question.

I did.

India is a disturbed nation!

Why is India disturbed?

It's their mind set.

They're disturbed by Pakistan.

They're disturbed by me.

Whenever anything wrong happens in India...

Pakistan and I get blamed for it.

India has warned that if we don't cooperate... they will launch a surgical strike...


I know India.

They can do nothing.

All they do is talk.

They shed tears and wail.

They can do nothing now, and they never ever will. Lnsha allah.

Yes, Sameer.

Sir, please come down.

Yes Sameer.

Sir, Javed's hard drive is on.


Isn't that Wasim Sheikh? Yes, sir.

Last seen in Karachi, in 2011.

But... according to IB he's dead.

No, sir, lB's wrong.

He's alive and is in Nepal.

His new name is Abdul Haq.

And from out there he handles recruitments for Lashkar and IM.

And he also raises funds for Rehman.

Wasim and Javed were in constant touch with him.

He is the one who funded Bilal's rescue operation.

These are few emails shared between them.

They have used childish code words.

It took me less than 5 minutes to crack.

CD means Revolver.

DVD means Assault Rifles.

Pen Drive means Bullets and Detonators.

They used the word 'Dawaati' here.

It means preparation for blast.

'Shaam' mean Delhi.

'Musa' means Gujarat.

'Baigu' means Bangalore.

H is 'Hyderabad'.

They're planning something really nasty and big.

And Bilal is in-charge of the operation.

In short, Wasim Sheikh has all the answers to your questions.

Can you find Wasim's present location?

He is in Kathmandu.

He runs a Tours and Travels business, as a front.

I have been tracking his online activities since this morning.

He spent two hours on the internet.

Primarily watching Indian news sites... and on-line channels.

Later, he made an online transfer of 12,000... to his family in Lucknow.

After that he Googled for Sunny Leone's sexy wallpapers.

And he was there for some time.

Good job, Sameer. Well done.

Thank you sir.

What do you say, Ajay?

Sir let's get Wasim.

If we go through the process, it'll take ages.

And if we inform the local authorities... the media will find out.

Let's keep it discreet Sir.

Did you hear Rehman's speech? Yes, sir. I did.

It's our fault, sir.

When the Americans killed Osama in Abbottabad... some of our politicians excitedly stated... that, we should carry out surgical strikes too.

To get Abdul Rehman...

But if only they had quietly carried out the strike... instead of propagating it... then today we would've been in a better position.

How many do you need?


We'll do a honey trap, sir and we need, Ground support for our safe return.

We will keep it very simple. In and out.

Wasim will be our custody, Before anyone knows.

Sounds good.

But... we'll have to inform these imbeciles.

I just jot that down in my diary...

Hold on.

Yes, Feroz sir.

Mr. Gupta, how are you?

We need to see minister sir.

Sir is on a tight schedule.

I suggest that you call tomorrow.

Forget it them.

We'll meet after the blasts.


Please come, I'll arrange for it.




Have it.

Just two more minutes.

The BBC people are here, so...

You see, sir has managed to create a very peaceful ambience... in the entire country.

Even the opposition is stunned... about how he has got things under control.

Yes, It's only sir who is doing everything!

You seem offended.

Who's going to lead the way?

Who's leading the way?

Face of change.

Yeah, face of change? Who is it?

Of course, our Minister sir.

You're taunting me now.

No, Mr. Gupta.

In just last week alone 24 of our officers died collectively.

But people are bound to die, that's their job.

Yes, sir.

Okay, sir.

Sir, this is our best chance to find Bilal.

Wasim is our best lead.

When? In the next 24 hours, sir.

How will you do it without telling Nepal?

It'll be done, sir.

We don't want to make any noise about it, sir.

I can't sanction this Feroz.

Sir, nothing will be official about it.

It'll be a covert operation.

If something goes wrong... we do not know Ajay. Yes sir.

What's the plan, Feroz? Sorry, sir.

What's the plan?

I heard you the first time.

Sorry, sir.

Excuse me, Mr. Khan.

Would you like me to serve you some snacks?

No, thank you.

Mrs. Khan?

I'll have a glass of juice.

Thank you. Sure ma'am.

You were snoring, sir.

Stop being my wife.

Welcome sir.

Enjoy sir.

Thank you.

Take it. Thank you Sir.

No need to stay more than 5 minutes.

Fix a meeting for tomorrow at 11, in this hotel.

Keep it straight and simple.

Okay? Good luck.


Hi Jayesh. How are you?

I'm fine.

We are on. Okay sir.

Tell me. I'm leaving now.

Call me in the evening. Okay.

Sorry. No problem.

Can you please guide me to this address?

Where are you from?


What for?

To meet Mr. Abdul Haq.

One of his contacts sent me here.


Sorry. Alright.


Sit, I'll be right back.

Abdul sahab is gone, for a meeting.

I've left a message for him.

So... how can I help you?


I want to talk to him.

Don't worry, lam very close to him.

Who sent you?

I am here on behalf of Taufiq sahab.

After his martyrdom, I was instructed... to come here and handover a package to Mr. Abdul.

Who sent you?

They don't have names.

I received a phone call... and next day I received some money and tickets.

Are you alone?

No, Rafiq's with me.

We've been sent here posing as husband-wife.

Where's the packet?

At the hotel.

How will you recognize Abdul sahab?

He will need to speak to someone in India.

After they are reassured, I'll know... whether to handover the packet or not.

Just... send him to this hotel tomorrow at 11.



I'm heading that way, I'll drop you.

No, it's alright.

It's not a problem. Come on. - No, it's okay.

I said it's not a problem.

Come on. Let's go.


Come. I am driving.

What's your name? What?

Name? Shabana Kaif.

Yes, Rafiq.

What are you doing?

Yeah, it's alright. Bye.

Who was it?

Rafiq, the guy who's come with me.

He's going to the casino.


I am Abdul Haq.

I will take that packet now.

Imperial hotel... will you go?


Come on, hurry up.

Taufiq sir always said such great things about you.

Stop the car on the side.

Thank you Sir.


Take a seat, I'll be right back.

Hello. Sir, he came along.

What do I do?

Keep him busy, I'll be right there.

Okay, sir.

Would you like something, Abdul sir?

Search him.


Hello. Yes tell me.

Are you in a conference?


Tomorrow is Ananya's birthday. Can you make it?

Of course.

Call home and invite everyone on our behalf.

And try to...

Anjali, can I call you back?


I am in the middle of something.

I asked you whether you're busy or not?


That's all you always say.

Call me back once you're free.

Okay, bye.

All he's got is money, nothing else.

No cellphone.

Sir, we got him.

We're bringing him back, by road.

Message me the car details.

Indian Air Force will help you out at the Sanauli border.

Right, sir. Thank you.

Inject him.

Okay sir.

Where's Javed?

14 Raybury Road, William Dock?

Did you record it - Yes, sir.

What do you think?

I don't know sir.

We don't have time, Ajay.

I'll try.

Bring me the stuff.

What's this?


And that?


Wait. Wait.

Hold on, please.

Look... l am a businessman.

You guys keep beating me up all the time.

First that Madam thrashed me, now you.

Ask me what you want to know.

Ask me.

Where's Bilal?

Please... please step away first.

Come in front.


Look, you don't understand what I am saying.

I am a businessman.

We only work for money.

Where's Bilal?

First... promise you'll set me free.

Look, I've got nothing to do... with this India-Pakistan or Hindu-Muslim war...

I only give service and make money.

And I can be useful to you in future also.

You see...


Bilal is in Al-Dera.

He's got a big meeting tomorrow.

To finalize the rest of the planning... and also funding.

What are they planning next?

What are your big plans? I don't make plans.

They do all that, I am just...

A businessman. Yes.

What are they thinking?

Have you heard of Jumbo Jet room... and Nanhe Mujahid?

They will be carrying out the rest of the plan.

I just wrote it down...

Hold on.

Yes, Mr. Feroz sir.

I need to see sir?

Sir is on a very tight schedule.

I suggest that...- Mr. Gupta!


Come. I'll arrange for it.


Mr. Gupta.

I don't know anything more.


I told you everything.

Why did you hit me?

Out of habit.

Yes, sir.

We have to go with it.


I'll call you back.

Afternoon, sir. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon sir.

Sir, we've found about Bilal Khan.

And according to me, the story goes like this...

Indian Mujahideen and Lashkar... were jointly planning an attack.

But suddenly Bilal Khan got apprehended.

Lashkar's leaders still Wanted to execute the plan.

But IM wanted to free Bilal Khan first.

So... Wasim mobilizes funds from Nepal.

Javed comes down to India from Pakistan.

And with his help, Bilal Khan escapes.

But the threat still looms, sir.

Now if we want to stop them... we'll need to stop Bilal Khan?

What were they planning?

We've intel that Bilal Khan... will activate a unit of Lashkar's Jumbo Jet Room.

Tell me more on this.

Sir, Jumbo Jet Room is Lashkar's aerial attack unit... and it's based in Karachi.

There are about 150 men in this unit.

Pilots, mercenaries, para-troopers... and what not.

They can attack in any form right from 9/11 to fedayeen type attacks.

Ajay, will you?

Sir, our ex-officer Jamal, warned me... that this year there is going to be lot of fireworks.

Jamad-Ud-Dawa publishes a fortnightly magazine, for kids.

Nanhe Mujahid.

Pakistan has banned it.

We just learned that Nanhe Mujahid is being upgraded.

It'll be a independent militant wing.

Sir, Bilal's in Al-Dera right now.

To plan the funding and chock out the future plans for both the groups.

Then he'll head straight to Karachi and try to execute his plans.

They'll carry out aerial attacks on a large scale.

Target in all probability-Delhi or Mumbai.

Or maybe both.

So now?

Sir, we have caught 3 of their most important men in last 2 days.

We've confirmed intel about Bilal as well.

If we get Bilal, then that will be a big blow to them.

Get Bilal means?


After killing Bilal, will bring Wasim before the media.

The message will be loud and clear.

That we're not behind them, in fact, we're two steps ahead of them.

This is a big opportunity, sir.

And I don't think we should miss it.

Where is Bilal? He's in Saudi AIDera, sir.


Are you out of your mind, Feroz?

I mean who do you think you are? The Mossads?

The idea has merit, sir.

First Nepal and now this.

Sir, Nepal was an extremely successful operation.

But Saudi Al-Dera?

Feroz, you don't need me to tell you... that this is a very dumb idea.

It's risky, sir, but it's not a dumb idea.

We've a deep asset in Saudi Al-Dera.

And with his help, this idea is definitely possible.

What are the percentages?

Five percent, sir.

It's a great percentage.

I even go on one percent.

No, Feroz. I cannot sanction this.

Sir, just like Nepal... this will be a covert operation, as well.


I repeat nothing will be official.

Even internally.

If something goes wrong...

If something happens to Ajay then, we do not know him.

Can I talk to you in private?

Excuse me.

When you keep saying in front of this officer... that if anything goes wrong, we will disown him... how much of it do you really mean?

I mean it fully, sir.

I am sorry.

We get some officers like him, bit crazy... and stubborn.

And all that they care about is their nation and patriotism.

They don't want to die for their country.

In fact, they want to live for the country.

So that they can protect it until their last breath.

And are we doing enough for them?

No, sir.

But the fact is... they don't even care.

How many men do you need?

One backup and a technician.

Take Shukla.

Sir why are you doing this to me?

How many hours do you spend in the gym?

Daily four hours, sir?

Try you do Sudoku? No, sir.

Try Sudoku for 30 minutes a day.

I talked to him, sir.

He said...

Good evening. Mr. Shukla's here.

Hello sir. Good evening, sir.

Evening, Shukla.

Sir, I don't want to work with this man.

Stop crabbing Shukla.

No, sir. I don't want to work with him.

He always gets me in a tight spot.

He's a reckless man.

I barely escaped death in Bangladesh and Iran.

It was me who saved your life.

It was you who got me in that spot?

He changes the entire plan at the last minute.

And sc*** the entire mission.

I am sorry, sir.

It's call improvisation, Mr. Shukla.

I see.

Fine, I won't do it.

No, sir. I don't want to work with him.

Fine, sir. Jai and I will handle this.

Tarzan and Hulk will handle this operation jointly.

God save the country.

Enough, Shukla. No, sir.

I don't want to work with him.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the crew...

I ask that you please direct your attention to the monitor above... as we review the emergency procedures.

There are six emergency exits on this aircraft.

Take a minute to locate the exit closet to you.

Our first job was to provide a cover... and create a background for our team.

We floated a Gujarat based oil company overnight.

And gave it 15 years of history.

We even gave a background... to three of the company's employees.

Then in a fake mail trail... we fixed an urgent meeting between... our Indian company and Saudi Al-Dera company.

The Al-Dera company belonged to our deep asset, Ashfaq.

Ashfaq was groomed by Ajay.

Ashfaq was in Al-Dera for four years.

We helped him setup his business.

Ashfaq's job was to provide us with local support.

He was very reliable.

He had also been arrested a few times.

But every time he would get bail inside of an hour.

He knew something really bad... about someone really important.

We knew more about Al-Dera than America.

Where is all our stuff?

It's in the bags.


More than everything.

Bilal's staying in a desert resort. In the villa section.

Under the name of Firdaus Ali.

You're all booked in room in the other wing.

The other details are in the bag.

Just keep looking down.

And avoid the CCTV camera as much as you can.

According to Wasim, Bilal's meeting was scheduled on the same evening.

So we decided... that they will kill Bilal the same night... and leave for the airport immediately.

Their return flight was scheduled for next morning, at 5:30 a.m.

Enjoy sir. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you sir.

Vijay. Thanks.



Good luck.


What's the plan, Mr. Shukla?

Bilal's been given very high security.

From the main entrance to the individual villa.

46&47 is highly guarded.

It means, whoever Bilal's meeting... is staying in 47.

It's not allowed.

Don't take pictures, it's not allowed.

Okay. Not allowed.

I hacked into the hotel reservations.

He's meeting someone by the name of Abbas Sheikh.

What's the plan, Mr. Shukla?

Do you have any patience?

Of course I have patience which is why you are alive.


We're going to keep it extremely simple.

We'll enter from the desert.

Wasim said that they're meeting at 8.

We'll wait for their meeting to get over.

And exactly an hour later... you guys scale this wall... and cross this lawn or terrace, and enter Bilal's room.

And kill him.

Next, you two will come back the same way you went in.

We'll head back to the airport, catch the flight... and head back to India.

What's the height of this wall? 18 feet.

You'll need to climb it.

But you guys can manage.


Digital... hackable.

That's not the problem? Then, what's the problem?

From the desert side... you will first come across a 9 feet electrical parameter.

The wall comes 30 feet later.

I'll give you a three minute window.

All the CCTV cameras will be off.

And the power-supply to the electric fence will be disconnected.

Mr. Shukla, you want us to climb a 18 feet wall... and cross the terrace or balcony, cross the bedroom... find Bilal, kill him and then come out... cross the balcony or terrace... and jump down a 18 feet wall in three minutes.

We're not as fit as you are, Mr. Shukla.

Sarcasm? Huh?

Fine, I'll give you four.

We'll check out at 7pm.

Okay sir.

Good luck.

We've reached.

Good. Now relax.

Enough already, finish it.

Are you going to plan everything today?

You'll be dead soon.

Friends, they're sitting down for a meal.

Now they're going to have tea.

We've to catch a flight.

Good evening, sir.

Any update? No, sir. No update yet.

It's too late, I think we should abort.

Patch me.

What do we do?

Sir, we'll wait. Sir, we'll miss our flight.

If we stay, and our cover will be blown.

Sir, we'll wait.

Sir, when their meeting is going to end... when will they go to sleep, and when?

We have to do it someplace else, sir.

Let's wait for a while, sir.

There he goes again, sir.

I told you... l mean...

Shukla, we'll wait for 10 more minutes.

Bye. Yes sir.

I knew this would happen.

Working with you, means sc***

What happened?

The meeting's finished.

We can still do this.

Mr. Shukla, we won't wait for them to sleep.

As soon as Bilal's guests leave, the room and he's alone... we'll go in.

No, Ajay. No.

Ajay please come back. Come on.

Mr. Shukla, we've started walking.

The rest is in your hands.

This is exactly why I don't want to work with him.

Oh no.

Someone switched the power back on.

Don't shut it off now, they'll get suspicious.

Sir, it's Maulana..

Oh no!

That mean bilal came here to meet him.

Guys, all okay? Yeah, okay.

Job done, we're on our way.

Good, hurry up.

Let's take him along. But, sir...

Shall we tell Shukla sir?

If we tell him, he will never disconnect... the power-supply of the electric fence.

He won't let us out.

Search him. Okay sir.

You know, I was saying...


He's already asleep.

Disconnect the power.

Power off.

Sir, he's gone crazy.

He found the Maulana, but didn't kill him.

In fact, he brought him along.

And now he's insisting on bringing him to India.

Sir, please tell him to get rid of him and finish this.

Give the phone to Ajay.

Okay, sir.

Shukla. Talk to him.


Are you sure it's him? Yes sir.

What have you thought?

We could've spent all our lives, but... never got our hands on him.

Sir, he knows a lot.

This is the mother lode.

We need to get him to India at any cost.

But how? I don't know, I need some time.

These two will be leaving as planned.

I'll contact you again.

But...- He's right, sir.

Jai and I are leaving.

If he wants to stay here with his new friend, then that's his decision.

Ajay, if we can get him...

Sir, I'll try my best.

This is going to be our biggest success, Ajay.

Yes sir.

Come on, guys, let's go.

Oh no!

Okay, bye.

Sir, I want to stay.

Jai, just go get lost.

No, sir. I'll stay.

Just go.

He's right for a change.

Sir, please... I'll stay.

Jai, just go now. No, sir.

I am not leaving.

I'm not leaving alone you like this.

Look how you spoiled him.

Now he's going to die here with you.

You can leave.

Okay, guys... have fun!

I said I didn't want to work with you.

Now I am stuck in this too.

Why? What's wrong?

This isn't Hulk and Tarzan's cup of tea.

You will need me.

Let's go.

Hello. Yes Ajay.

Ashfaq there is a situation.

F*** man.

He'll look even poorer.

He'll look pitiable now.

Jai, get the razor and get started. Okay.

Any plans, Mr. Shukla?

Can I get a cup of tea?

I have a headache.

And after tea I need to go.

Do you have a loo or not?

Greetings, I am from house-keeping. - Wait.

Come after half an hour.

Ashfaq, we'll take the 6 o'clock flight.

But how will you get out of here?


Medical tourism.

Ashfaq, you'll have to come with us.

We'll need a local resident.

What's the plan, Mr. Shukla?


Ashfaq, imagine that you've a uncle.

And your uncle's been sick for a long time.

You applied in a hospital in Chennai... but your application's in a queue.

Suddenly your uncle's condition gets critical today.

And coincidentally... you receive a mail from a Chennai Hospital... that the donor's ready.

Bring your patient, we'll give him a last minute entry.

We will have to cover and create... lot of fake paper trail.

But that's the only way possible.


You're really good, man.

On some days... I'm even better.

Just one problem.

My uncle's visa.

That will be done.

Mr. Shukla, you don't understand.

Even if I manage to get a visa... my uncle would need a health inspection for his visa, From the local civic authorities.

First, the uncle will have to go through a health inspection.

The health inspector will examine him.

Next he'll give his approval on a form.

Only then will he get the visa.

And at the airport, right from the check-in... to paramedics, this form will be checked at every point.

You mean we'll have to admit him in a hospital.


But we won't know who they will be sending from the Civic.

The embassy can call it an emergency... and make it a priority case.

But they cannot control who comes from the Civic.

Can your doctor make a backdated case history?

Yes. I can manage the hospital and the doctor.

Fine, make it fool-proof.

It should be a busy hospital... and make it the corner room.

We'll handle the rest.

Are you sure?

Because If we caught in his health inspection... then there's a square in Dera.

People call it the Chop-Chop Square.

Public executions are carried out there.

And we'll be... Mr. Shukla, start your work.

What's this about a Chop-Chop Square?

Nothing, he's just joking.

Tell him I don't like such jokes.


Chop-Chop Square.

I said he'll get me...

Yes, Shukla.

Sir, we need visas for India.

And we'll also require lots of cash.

I'll text you a name and number.

He'll take care of everything.

No questions asked.

Okay, sir.

Good you stayed, Shukla.

Bye, sir.

Mr. Mathur, how are you?

Greetings. Greetings.

Greetings. Greetings.

Why isn't Bilal came outside.

How long since anyone opened the door?

It's been 8 hours.






Yes, sir. How may I help you?

Please unlock the door.

Sure sir.


Bilal sir.

Bilal sir, where are you?


Sir where are you?

Bilal sir...

Dear Viewers I'm at the murder scene... where a male dead body was found... his age is around 43 years... and his name is reportedly mentioned... as Bilal Khan, he was killed by gun shots.

No authority has announced any details regarding.

Once we get the details we will let you know.

All right. Thank you.

Thank you.


Hello, sir.

Serious medical condition.

We need to travel to India for a liver transplant.

Okay, sit down.

Greeting sir.

Come here.

There's a someone outside who says... that the gentlemen in the adjoining room is missing.

This is his passport.

I want passport copies of all the guests... who checked-in or checked-out in the last 48 hours.

And what is the status on the CCTV footage?

The seven cameras stopped recording yesterday at 8:30.

He isn't Abbas Sheikh, nor is he from Kuwait.

Check our database.

We had three may be four unwanted guests here yesterday.

Sir. Sir.

Be careful... Be careful...


The inspector's reaching the hospital at 3 pm.

And there's bad news. What?

Bilal's murder case is being investigated by Hani Mohammad.

He's already asked for the last 48 hours details of..

Check-in and check-out along with passport details.

And they're also looking at the CCTV.

I've already misplaced your details.

But Hani is brilliant.

If only ours is missing, we'll be easy suspects.

Ask your contact to misplace a few more contacts.

We need a little time.

Okay, where are you? Exchange point.

See you at the hospital. Okay.

Yes, Sameer.

Sir, the Chennai Hospital website has been hacked.

We're ready.

Put a Chennai's simcard in a cellphone... and keep it ready for use.

The same number should be mentioned... in the verification mail as well.

Tap the Chennai Hospital landlines. - Okay.

And if there's any call from Saudi... then it should be diverted to you first.

Got it, sir.

You two leave.

Check-in and handle Chennai and Delhi.

Ashfaq and I will handle everything here.

We'll meet in the flight.

Jai, you know what to do if you two are caught?

Yes, sir.

You scared the s** out of me again.

What's your problem?

Best of luck.

Excuse me, sir.

Maulana Sayed Mohammad Rehman.

LeT Pakistan. Carries a bounty of 10 million on his head.

And the deceased?

Bilal Khan.

Belongs to a terrorist group called IM in India.

Take out all foreigners from the pile.

I only want to know about the Indian and Pakistani guests.

Okay sir. Quick.

Hello Ajay.

I'm in the conference, I'll call you later.

Be careful.

Be careful.


One... two... three, go.

Thank you very much.

Greetings. Hello.

Hi, I am looking for a patient. His name's Aarif Sheikh.

Excuse me, sir.

Are you looking for Aarif Sheikh? - Yes.

He happens to be my uncle.

Please come with me. Okay, let's go.

Come, this way. Okay.

Zakaat certificate?

Letter of admission from the hospital.

Please call the doctor on duty. Yes.

Sir, it's here.

Hold, Sameer.

We're Indians and we have a reputation.

If we send a prompt reply, they'll get suspicious.


Hello. Greetings.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Because he has a lever problem.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Because he has a lever problem.

Foreign language.

Foreign language.

Thank you. Thank you.

Now, send it.

Inspector, can I get your signature.

Can I use your loo? Okay.

Thank you.

Show me the form.

You can show this at the embassy.

They will issue the visa.


Thank you very much. Welcome.


Thank you.


Oh no. How did his happen?

Sit here.

Are you okay? Yes.

Show it to me.

Let it be.

Call your doctor.

And my bag's in the van downstairs, get that. - I'll get it.

Freeze A7.

Zoom into the car plate.

Find me this van.


Sir, we're leaving for the airport.

You'll have in-flight support.

I just wrote it down...

Hold on.

Yes, Feroz sir.

I need to see the Minister.

It's really impossible today.

Is it very urgent?

No, Mr. Gupta.

Nothing urgent, bye.

Everything okay? All good.

Hello. Hello.

I am in a conference, call you later.


Are you okay?

Why? What happened?

I suddenly felt very scared.

My heart started racing.

Are you really okay?

What will happen to me?

I am absolutely fine.


Where are the kids?

At school.

The conference is about to end, see you soon.

See you, bye.

Just don't die.

Ajay, the air-paramedics entrance is on the other side.

At Gate C.

Stay there.

I'll go to the embassy and complete the formalities.

We'll meet there.

Good luck.

Sir we found the van, but no one in inside.

Thank you.

Thank you.

See you in the flight.

Good luck.

Come on, guys. Let's get it moving.

C'mon quickly.

Thank you.

Watch where you're going? Sorry.

This is the security system in the hotel...

No, I want all security...

Excuse me, sir, this is the helper.

Hey you! Stop!

Stop I say!

Hands UP!

Turn around.

Hey right there.

Stop! Don't move. Don't move.

Don't move.

Get down on the floor. Leave me.

Don't move. Hey, leave it.

It's not my bag.

What's wrong with you? Take his bag.

Welcome sir. This way.


Welcome sir. This way. - Enjoy your flight sir.

Excuse me, sir.


Foreign language.

Foreign language.

I want some information on passengers, travelling to India.

And please asked to ATC to put all flight on standby.

Security to ATC, copy.

ATC to security, copy.

I repeat, COPY-

I want to check this passport number.

One second, sir.

Can I have the passengers list, please?

Of course. Yes sir, Number please?

G6X505028! Rahul Awasthi.

This way sir.

I have him.

He's boarding Etihad now.

And Vijay Sharma and Brijmohan Singh?

One second, sir.

Yes, they are all travelling together?

Any problem, sir?

ATC to security, status update please.

Is there someone with a medical condition on the plane?

Any air-paramedic?

Yes, sir.

There's a local resident, going for a liver ailment.

Any problem, sir?

Sir, any problem?

Sir, any problem?

No problem!

ATC to security-Roger that.

We're good to go guys.

Sir, the flight has taken off.

Maulana's capture was not made public.

First we found out everything we needed to know.

6 weeks later when he had nothing more to tell us... we took him to Srinagar.

Out there, the Army treated him the same way... they treat militants.

Baby... which was just on a 5 year trial run... was shut down.

And our elite program was granted permanent status.

We now have fresh recruits, and we're more than ready.

They keep calling us something or the other.

But we love the name... Baby!

"The moments shiver... time changes its course."

"The sun sets... on the horizon faraway."

"The moments shiver... time changes its course."

"The sun sets... on the horizon faraway."

"Silence melt away drop by drop."

"There are no players left... but the game still goes on."

"Faces come and go."

"But the one that remains in the memories."


"One that's carefree."


"One that's carefree."


"One that's carefree."

"Don't trust your eyes."

"Every sight is an illusion."

"Those who welcome with open arms."

"Stab you in the back."

"There's a silence in this racket."

"Unconsciousness in this conscious state."

"Everyone will be tightlipped... when the silences speak."

"Faces come and go."

"But the one that remains in the memories."


"One that's carefree."


"One that's carefree."


"One that's carefree."

"Some plain... some very deep."

"Secrets on my mind."

"There's a trap within the trap."

"A face behind every face."

"All known personalities."

"All sweet-talking."

"Don't ever try to taste... this poison."

"Faces come and go."

"But the one that remains in the memories."


"One that's carefree."


"One that's carefree."


"One that's carefree."