Baby Boy (2001) Script

There's this psychiatrist, a lady named Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

She has a theory about the black man in America.

She says that because of the system of racism, the black man in this country has been made to think of himself as a baby, a not-yet fully formed being… Who has not realized his full potential.

To support her claim, she offers the following:

First off, What does a black man call his woman?


Secondly, what does a black man call his closest acquaintances?

His boys.

And finally, what does a black man call his place of residence?

The crib.

No! No!

I don't wanna lose my baby!


Come on, baby.

You all right?

We gonna go straight home, okay?

Baby? Jody!

Baby, come on.

Just take it easy, okay? Just get in.


Take it easy, baby.



Goin' to sleep?

You hungry?

I can go to Lucy's and get you a cheese enchilada… And a fat strawberry shake.

That'll make you feel better.

I'm fine, Jody.

You don't need daddy to be here for you?

I'm just tryin' to take care of you. You're my woman.

Seem like you already done that.

Leave me alone, Jody. Just get out my face.

Well, then I guess you don't mind if I use your car then, huh?

Oh, gosh. Since you goin' to sleep.

Hey wassup little homie.

What's goin down withcha?

Get the hell on.


Aah! I'm hungry. Fix a nigga some food.

You gonna give me some, huh? Gonna give me some lovin'?

Hey, Ms. Herron. How's daddy's little girl doin' up in there?

Ahh, look at you!

Suckie-suckie now. Come on.

Let's go.

How's daddy's little girl? Jody, what'd I tell you about parkin' in my driveway?

I'm sorry. I'll move it. If you gonna park it there, the least you can do is wash mine before you leave.

I got it. Say, "daddy got it, grandma.

Daddy got it all under control."

Look at my pretty baby.

That's one thing I know how to do is make some pretty babies, huh?

That's my baby. That's daddy's little girl.

When you gonna say "daddy," huh? Huh?

You wanna go to Disneyland?

That's my baby.

Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Go ahead and pull the damage out.

What y'all doin' to the backyard, mama?

I told you I was startin' a garden.

Yeah, you been sayin' that for the longest, mama.

Well shit, I must be Gettin' old 'cause I'm startin' to do… All them same things I seen my mama do.

I'm plantin' collards, mustard Greens, and all this over here, this gonna be my corn, right?

My tomatoes. And I'm gonna get some of them nice lace awnings at home depot… So I could sit here, tune your ass out and sip my wine… When them tomatoes get fat and red.

My cabbage is over there. My beans, onions and sage.

How's yvette? She be all right. Sleepin'.

I can't be givin' you money every time you get one of these girls pregnant, Jody.

Yeah, mama, I know.

This is my friend Melvin.

He's helpin' me with my new garden.

He owns a landscapin' business.

Maybe you can work for him and make some money, Jody.

Your mama tell me you got a problem findin' a job.

I know how that is.

I had that problem, too, before I went into business for myself.

I'm gonna take these back to the truck.


I'm gonna see you later?

I hope so.


So you got a new boyfriend now?

Hey, mama gotta have a life too.

Tryin' to get this money, homie.

That's all I'm about.

Nigga's out here sleepin'.

Hey homie, want some weed?

Nah man, I'm cool.

Man, I ain't gonna make no money up here, there's too many weed mans up here.

Let's go holla at these hos, nigga.

Fo sho.

How's moms doin'? She cool.

I think she got a new boyfriend and shit.

Some old thug ass nigga.

I know she gonna wanna kick me out.

He gonna wanna lay up in the house, move my ass out so he can get at my mama.

Next thing you know, he gonna be goin' upside her head.

Ain't that the way it go? Hmm.

Why are you still with him anyway?

Y'all forever up in the clinic.

It ain't Jody fault. It take two.

I shouldn't stop takin' my pills.

There you go blaming yourself again.

Girl, how many times I got to hear you callin' on the phone about his ass?

You need to cut him loose.

I don't care if y'all do got a baby together. That don't mean he own you.

Look, Jody be makin' threats, okay?

He don't put his hands on me, no matter how mad he get.

That nigga ain't crazy. Bitch, please.

And how long you been with Chris? Three years?

And how many times that boy done gone upside yo' head… And put his foot in yo' ass?

Oh, yeah, girl, how yo' eye feel?

It's all right. It's all right.

Shit. Least we livin' together though.

Jody just wanna play with yo life and string you along at his convenience.

He probably with his other baby mama when he ain't with you.

Please believe. He don't love that ho.

Oh, but he love you though, huh?

You need to check him.

What he say about y'all Gettin' a place together?

Jody don't wanna live with me. He wanna live with his mama.

Jody, my Jody.

My baby a mama's boy, that's all.

He ain't never gonna leave his mama.

Let him fuck his mama then, shit.

Have her ass all up at the clinic.


♪ Makaveli in this killuminati ♪ ♪ all through your body ♪

♪ the blow's like a 12 gauge ♪ ♪ shotty uhh, feel me ♪

♪ and God said he should ♪ ♪ send his one begotten son ♪

♪ to lead the wild ♪ ♪ into the ways of the man ♪

♪ follow me, eat my flesh ♪ ♪ flesh of my flesh ♪

♪ come with me, hail Mary ♪

♪ run quick, see ♪ ♪ what do we have here ♪


♪ I ain't a killer ♪ ♪ but don't push me ♪

♪ revenge is like the sweetest ♪ ♪ joy next to Gettin' pussy ♪

♪ picture paragraphs unloaded, ♪ ♪ wise words being quoted ♪

♪ peeped the weakness in the ♪ ♪ rap game and sewed it ♪

♪ bow down, pray to God hoping ♪ ♪ that he's listening ♪

♪ seeing niggas coming for me, to ♪ ♪ my diamonds, when they glistening ♪

♪ now pay attention, ♪ ♪ rest in peace father ♪

♪ I'm a ghost in ♪ ♪ these killing fields ♪

♪ hail Mary catch me if I go, ♪ ♪ let's go deep inside ♪

I love you, Jody.

I love you too.

I want you to have my baby.

I want to have your baby, Jody.

I want to have your baby.


Yes, I love you, Jody.

I love you, boy. I love you too, girl.

I love you too, Jody.

But you really scare me.

You scare me too.

That's my baby!

Oh, my baby. Don't cry, mama.

Give him back! God, please, give him back!

God, please!


Uh, can I have my car so I can get to work?

Your car? My car!

Go on with all that, girl. I'm over here asleep.

Come on, Jody, it's Monday. I can't be late.

Monday? What is that supposed to mean?

Get up, Jody!

Please be on time.

I'm always on time, yvette. Mm-hmm.

Don't have me waitin', Jody. Gimme some sugar.

Bye. I love you too. Love you.

You gonna have a good day? Yeah.

Be good, okay? Listen to daddy. Okay.

Okay. Love you. Love you too, mommy.

Okay. Thumbs up. My man.

You be good too.

I'm always good, baby. Yeah, right.

Come get in the front, little man.

Young baller, future shot caller.

5:05, Jody. Don't be late.

Uh-huh, yeah.

You over there noddin' your head too? That's my boy.

Mama… wait a minute, Jody! Hold it!

Mama, you the one got this man out here waitin'.

How do I look?

All right. Where y'all goin'? I don't know. I'm just goin'.

Shit, he asked, and I'm goin'.

Necklace or no necklace? You don't know. No necklace.

Mama, why you steppin' out with this man and you don't know where he takin' you?

And how you know to wear that tight ass dress then if you don't know where y'all goin'?

This is an all-purpose dress. You understand?

I am prepared for anything in this dress.

Plus he likes music, so we probably gonna go hear some music.

You know where he live? Been to his house yet?

What you know about this man besides him smilin' in your face?

He could be crazy or somethin'.

Is he a killer like Henry?

Why don't you get you one of them I-seven boyfriends?

One of them white-collar brothers with one of them briefcases.

You like them thugs, mama. I don't know why.

Your daddy was a thug. I just need a man who can handle a woman like me.

Why he gotta be a thug though? Just for that, to handle you?

Melvin is not a thug. He's a nice guy. Look.

I'm goin' out. That's all I know.

That's all I need to know. You feel me? I got a date.

Talkin' about I look "all right." I look good.

What's up, man?

Them some nice shoes. Stacy Adams.

Stacy Adams, huh? O.G. Style.

Where y'all goin'? Dancin'?

I'm takin' her to this club over on crenshaw.

Listen to some music. My partner plays in a band there.

Oh, that's good. That's real good.

My mama like to dance.

I just thought I'd ask you 'cause I just met you, and I didn't want to have to chaperone you old folks tonight, you know.


That's my brother ray.

He used to live here, too, before my mama kicked him out… Over her last boyfriend.

He dead now.

My brother, I mean.

So where you live at, man? Where you from, homie?

I live in inglewood.

I grew up on 101st and Vermont.

The hoovers. Yeah.

That was a long time ago.

I was young… and dumb.

What you doin', Jody? You messin' with my date? No, no.

I'm just keepin' him company. Playin' the host.

I'm hostin', you know.

Nobody like sittin' up in here waitin' alone.

Why can't a woman be dressed when you get there?

They always got us waitin', right?

Whatever, Jody. Yeah.

All right, so y'all have a good time.

I got a surprise for you. Mama, you remember your curfew.

Here you go. Thank you.

You need some money? I got a little change for you.

Please, Jody. You ain't got no money.

Bring me back a fatburger, mama, on the real. Little cheese.

You know how I like it. Go in the house!

Now, you be careful with my mama, man.

Brother, break bread with me brother.

Got that pure cake. No butter no sugar.

Straight just like my brother's soul.

Yes indeed 7-up cake, we got pound cake.

Give me some of that pound cake.

Yes indeed brother, there you go.

Thank you brother. You have a good day today, salaam.

Today I begin a new life, for I am the master of my abilities, and today is gonna be a great and beautiful day.


I said today I begin a new life, for I am the master of my abilities, and today is gonna be a great and beautiful day.

Pillows, pillows. Goose down, $35.

Pea, are you a buyer or a seller?


Videos, homie. Videos.

DVD, CDs, Master P, Charlie's angels.

Look at yourself.

How many millionaires you got on, bruh?

I count at least three.

Man, what the fuck are you talkin' about?

Pea! Look around, man.

You see what I see?

I see money.

Look at my man over there sellin' t-shirts.

Brother over there sellin' pies and paper.

Cake man over there.

Everybody movin', makin' money, right?

While we standin' still bein' broke.

I figured all this shit out, man. All this.

This whole world moves forward through transactions.

Commerce, nigga.

The exchange of goods and services.

All the real ball and successful folks are sellers.

And all the broke ass people playin' catch-up are buyers.

I ain't tryin' to go out like that, pea.

I'm gonna be a seller.

I'm gonna get my own business… And change the game.

Clothes? You wanna sell clothes?

You wanna be a booster like that man used to come down… To the phone company sellin' dresses.

You remember him, nita. Cutie pie.

What you sellin'? Women's clothes or men's clothes, Jody?

Women's clothes. That's a good business, babe.

Women buy clothes every other day.

But if you gonna do that, you need to know somethin' about women.

I know all about them females, mama.

Ooh, you hear your son? You a bad little boy, Jody.

Please believe me. Are you trying to be a salesman or a shyster?

Do you know the difference? A shyster sells you somethin', and after you buy it, you feel like you got took.

You buy somethin' nice from a good salesman, and you feel lucky.

Ooh, a good salesman make you feel so good you bought somethin', you'll go back again and again to give mo' money and mo' money.

Ooh, that sounds like sex.

All right, y'all, what else I need to know? Sizes.

You gotta know a woman's size on sight before she even tell you.

You shouldn't even have to wait for her to tell you. You should just know.

And you gotta compliment 'em, even if they big and ugly.

Especially if they big and ugly.

Like bernice.

That's a big bitch.

They'll be your regular customers.

Know a woman's favorite color, what's in season.

That's important.

Ooh, and fabrics.

How it feels on our skin, we love that.

What's the average size of a woman?

I'm a size five, six. That's average.

For who, a white girl?

Now, Jody, baby, I'm a size 16. And that's average too.

Remember that and you'll make a lot more money.

Baby, the best time to do all this is payday.

Rachel? Hi.

My name is Joseph summers. A lot of my friends call me Jody.

Ah, you want to be my friend, huh? Oh, yeah.

I was wonderin' if I can talk to a few of your customers, show 'em some of my merchandise.

You know, I didn't want to just come in here and start talkin' to people… Without your blessin' me. What you sellin'?

See this? That's your color.

You a earth tone woman too. I knew it.

That match your hair and everything.

Baby, feel how soft that is right there. Mmm.

See that? See how soft that is right there? Yeah. Mmm.

This is from Paris. It's that French shit.

You gonna change the game with this. This couture.

Girl, that's that polyester brim.

You pop that in the dryer and just go.

Yeah, this is the perfect dress for you right here.

This is a all-purpose style, all-purpose dress.

You know what that mean, all-purpose?

You can wear this to work and go straight to happy hour.

Girl, them pants got happy hour written all over 'em.

I'll tell you what. Baby, I ain't gonna lie to you.

Huh? Them one of a kind right there.

Explosive! Whoo! You walk up the street… And see anybody with them pants on, baby, you just come bite me.

It ain't happenin'. I'm tellin' you, baby.

You put this on, bling-bling! How much?

I'll let it go for about $40.

Forty dollars?

Look, man, $35. That's the lowest I can go.

You killin' me. Mm-hmm.

Okay, thirty-five.

Yeah, ooh. Thank you.

Squeeze my tiny ass up in this, upstage these bitches up in here… you like this, girl? Cute?

One hundred, two hundred, three… that's, like, $400!

Oh, that is crazy!


Oh, that's crazy.

Oh, that's crazy. Okay. It's real efficient.

Truck all ready?

All right, take it up.

Come on, dog.

Hey, I like. Mmm.

Look good, don't it? Mama looks fly, don't she, Joe-Joe?

Your mama look good? Yeah.

I got another surprise for you. What?

That beautiful dress. My son lookin' nice now.

We out here doin' big things, baby!

Jody, what'd you do to my car?

Baby, I got them tinted windows done.

I got some tins from my Mexican homies.

Hah hah!

Yeah! Uh!


Whoo! I told you she was gonna like that. Daddy got taste.

♪ Daddy's home ♪ ♪ you want some breakfast? ♪

♪ Your daddy's home ♪

♪ to stay ♪

♪ Daddy's home to stay ♪

♪ I'm not ♪ ♪ a thousand Miles away ♪

♪ daddy's home to stay ♪

♪ and I'm gonna be here ♪

I learned so many incredible secrets.

When it comes to placing ads in newspapers, just one secret that I show you could make you a fortune… Week after week after week. Nice, huh?

Try placing just one ad in the newspaper… state of the art.

Yeah, this the bomb.

Mama didn't tell me she was Gettin' a new TV. She didn't know.

It was a surprise. Oh, yeah?

Well, I gotta hook up the vcr and set the timer on it.

She gonna wanna see the young and the restless and Oprah… I hooked it up and set it already.

Pass the remote, youngster.

Let me show you how it work.

I got this bad boy from my man for free.

You know how much it's worth you buy it… In one of them expensive ass electronic stores?

Cost a grip. Yeah, you got that right.

But you know how we black folks are.

Yeah, we live by the barter system.

You know anything about the barter system?

You see, when black folks didn't have no money, we used to trade for things.

So my man, he give me this TV…

'Cause I put in some work for him back in the day.

You know, shot a couple of niggas, cut up some folk.

All some dumb shit. Yeah, I was like you, Jody.

Young, dumb and out of control.

I did a dime, man.

Ten years straight in San Quentin and folsom.

All over some dumb shit. But you?

Oh, you smarter than I was when I was your age.

Yeah, I gotta hand that to you. You smart, little man.

You ain't no killer like me, and that's good.

'Cause I was bad. I mean, I ain't had my dome straight.

But yo, Jody, peep this.

On the real.

Me and your mama are Gettin' real serious.

You know, so it look like I'm gonna be around here for a while.

I ain't tryin' to be your daddy or nothin', but if you need some advice, feel free to talk to me.

'Cause I seen it all, and I done it all to the full.

Now, you may think you seein' some new shit out here, but this ain't nothin' but a rerun to me.

Know what I'm sayin'?

Mama! Mama, this nigga live here now?

You got this nigga livin' up in here now?

What, I'm not supposed to have a life?

You got a life! Them days of not havin' a life is all over.

I ain't like big mama. I got to have me some fun.

You have fun. Why can't I enjoy my life?

You can have fun, mama, just why you gotta let the man live here?

He a killer just like Henry was.

And you got him in the kitchen scrambling eggs and drinking all the kool-aid? Fuck!

He was making me breakfast!

All right.

All right.

What am I supposed to do, huh?

What do you expect me to do, roll over and die?

So you gonna kick me out? You gonna kick me out?

Just let me know now, mama, 'cause I don't need no surprises.

I do. Can you surprise me and move out?

You could learn a lot from Melvin.

He has done all right for himself.

He has turned his life around. He's smart.

He's got his own business.

At least I ain't got to force him to go out and get no job!

You're not a baby no more, Jody.

You need to grow up. You got your own family.

Why don't you and yvette go out and get your own place together?

Why are you so afraid to grow up and be a man?

Leave the nest.

I am a man.

So you gonna kick me out?

What you gonna kick me out for, mama, to be with this nigga?

You don't even know him.

And what you mean, leave the nest?

You ain't never left the nest. This is grandma's house.

I ain't gotta leave the nest if you ain't never left it.

That's what I'm talkin' about, man.

Mama gotta have a life too?

Fuck you, man.

Tell your son something before I have to hurt his ass.

I'm not in it.

I ain't in it.

Why he do the things he do, miss juanita?

Please tell me.

If anyone knows, it's you.

I don't know what I'm gonna do about him.

I mean, I love him, but, damn, how much can a bitch take?

I can't believe this motherfucker.

I told you before, yvette, I ain't tryin' to be in y'all's business.

What's between you and Jody is you and Jody.

I can't tell you nothin' about my son.

Well, then what am I supposed to do with his selfish ass then?

You know, he got me and his son out here walkin' while he rollin' in my car.

The car I'm payin' the note on.

Man, I feel so stupid.

You ain't stupid, yvette.

You're just in love with a man. Whew!

When you in love with a man, he can make you feel… high, so high you just be in outer space.

But a man can also make your high feel low, real low.

And he can keep you there.

Keep you down… If you let him.

But you know what? Don't even worry about all that feelin' used mess, yvette.

It's just temporary. Everybody gets used.

Men use women. Women use men.

You just gotta face the fact you gonna be used.

But if you feel so used that you ain't got nothin' left; if the man ain't givin' you no act right, the energy you need to love his ass even when he's actin' like a bastard, then you need to let it go.

If you ain't got nothin' to give yourself or your baby, then how you gonna have it to give to him?

Good boy, Joe-Joe. Now go get the corn.

Did you finish the tomatoes? There you go. Yes, grandma.

That's my boy. Little bit more water on the Greens.

Just a little bit more water. Hey, juanita.

Where my baby?

Hey, mama.

Aww. Shh.

Bring my grandbaby over here so I can get a kiss good-bye, please.

Bye, sweetness.

Be a good girl.

You're going to give me a cavity.

Ah, yes, baby.

Ah, Melvin!

Okay, circles now.

Around, around… Take it baby, take it.

Yeah. You ride.

I love to ride!


It's the African squat fuck.

Give you the old-nigga squat fuck.

Squat, baby.

Squat, baby.

Can y'all keep it down?

People are trying to sleep!

Let me down, baby.

Fuck, man.

And then she was impressed broke her off.

Broke her off, made her feel good.

Now I got myself a regular customer.

What the hell he lookin' at, man?

Tryin' to psych me out, talkin' about he a killer and all.

Old school nigga.

He don't want us to have to put that heat on his head, do he, pea?

You want me to take him out? Nah.

Let the nigga breathe.

He make my mama unhappy, make his ass bleed.

On the real. Make him feel the steel.

Long as she happy, he got his life.

Won't be no strife.

And I hope his ass hear me too, nigga.

I hear you.

You know the problem with you little niggas?

You think you know everything about the damn world, and you don't know shit.

Now I see you got yourself a little business goin'.

Well, that's good. That's good.

You make that paper.

But when you makin' paper, you gotta learn some rules to go with it.

You gotta learn the difference between guns and butter.

Cuz. There are two type of niggas in this world.

There are niggas with guns and niggas with butter.

Now, what are the guns?

The guns, that's the real estate.

That's stocks and bonds, artwork.

You know, shit that appreciates with value.

What's the butter? Cars, clothes, jewelry, all that other bullshit that don't mean shit after you buy it.

That's what it's all about, guns and butter, baby.

Little dumb motherfuckers.

See what I'm saying, cuz?

This nigga do this shit every night.


Why you always gotta do somethin'?

Why can't you just sit still? Don't be Comin' up in here complainin'… When you left me in the house all weekend.

You don't always gotta do nothin' and go nowhere.

See, that's why we so divided now as a people 'cause we don't have focus.

Why don't you just sit down somewhere and focus?

Shit, watch some pbs or something.

Jody, you so full of shit. So fuckin' selfish.

What you doin' with this old ass pizza?

If you're starting shit, where you been since yesterday, nucker?

Slanging dresses, making money.

Fixed the brakes on the car.

What have you been doing?

You been fucking around?


Let me smell your dick.

Go on with that bullshit.

If you ain't been whoring around, let me smell your dick.

I can tell.

Go on, yvette.

I ain't playing with you. Move!

I'll knock your ass out.

See? My shit smells good, don't it?

See what? You probably washed it off.

I'm tired of you messin' around on me, Jody.

I know you and sweetpea was out doin' me and Kim wrong last night.

I wasn't doin' nothin', girl. Oh God.

So you gonna sit there with a straight face and say y'all ain't do nothin'?

I didn't do nothin' last night.

I was over at Kim's playin' spades with my homie pea.

Oh, you a bald-faced liar!

You went to that after-hours spot off of crenshaw, and some little nasty yellow heifer was shakin' her ass all in your face.

And then you gonna go up to one of them private rooms with that nasty bitch… And do I don't know what with her.

I know 'cause Chris was there. Sharika's Chris?

Mm-hmm. He saw you. You busted.

It's all on your grill, stupid.

All right. I was there.

But I didn't fuck.

I swear I didn't fuck. She just danced for me, and that's all.

Did you touch her? Hell, no, I ain't touched that nasty girl.

We can't touch 'em anyway.

It's against the rules.

Private dance, that's all. Just a quick little lap dance.

You don't believe me? No.

I'm telling you the truth, girl.

I didn't fuck.

It was a private dance, in the corner, alone, but I ain't do shit.

You must take me for some kind of fool.

You foul, Jody. I smell your dirty ass from over here.

Why you gotta be around them nasty girls?

You know they do that shit every night, dummy?

You know how many dicks they suck every night?

And you gonna go on down there like all the rest of 'em like a fool.

You better not bring me nothin' back from one of them nasty bitches.

I know that much. Well, fuck it then! Don't believe me.

I told you I ain't fucked that girl, and that's it.

You keep puttin' your hands on me. Where you goin'?

I hate you! You selfish, you arrogant and so stupid!

Yeah, whatever. Nigga, I don't need you to live here!

I'm tired of sittin' up in this house, not havin' a man next to me when I want.

Being lonely.

I'm going to do what the fuck I want.


What are you going to do?

I said I'm tired of waiting for your ass.

I hate you.

I'm going to have me a man.

A man who wants to be with my and my baby.

And have a family. A real man, Jody.

Not some little boy, still living at home with his momma.

Fuck you!

Kiss my ass!

Go out on the streets and be a trick.

I should knock you the fuck out.

You better not, or I'll call your probation officer…

…and they'll put your black ass back in jail.

Now kiss my ass, nigga!

You better walk away.

I hate you.

You so stupid.

You hate me? Keep on saying that shit.

Yeah, that's right. I hate yo' ass.

You make me sick. I can't stand yo' black ass!

You act like a little boy instead of a grown ass man.

I hate you! Well, you know what?

I hate yo' ass too. Do somethin'.

Gimme the keys to my car, Jody. You ain't goin' nowhere.

Get up off me, girl! See, there you go again, bring your ass downstairs, showin' off in front of all these neighbors.

Get your ass back upstairs.

Fuck you and these neighbors! I hate you!

I hate you too.

I love you.

I love you so much, Jody.

I love you too, baby.

I ain't going nowhere.

You feel him, baby?

Yes, yes, I feel him.

You feel him?

Oh, my God, I feel him! He feel big!

What do you feel? I feel daddy dick.

You love daddy dick?

I love daddy dick.

Say you love daddy dick.

I love daddy dick.

You going to clean all that mess up?

I'll clean up!

You'll cook some tacos?

Oh, my God! I'm about to come.

I'm going to come!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll make you tacos!

Oh, my God.

I could bit you right now.

Damn, boy. Shit!

Now what?

That's the beat-it-up-right dance.

You are so stupid.

I was over there to the right. Did you feel me?

I felt it.

I see your black ass ain't going nowhere.

No, I ain't 'cause I'm sprung.

You sprung baby?

So you're going to clean up that mess and make tacos, right?

I'm gonna cook and clean.

You put it down.

I'll feed you, you big old monster.

I love you, boy.

I love you too.

Come here. Bring that chocolate over here right now.

I'm here.

Just make sure you can handle me.

You trying to go for round two?

Jody, when I say I hate you, what I really mean to say is I love you.

But you scare me, boo, like we ain't gonna be together or somethin'.

Shh. I'm tryin' to sleep.

We gonna always be together, unless I get killed or somethin'.

Don't say that. Don't talk like that, babe.

Don't even play around like that.

I'd lose my mind if somethin' happened to you.

On the real though, you know why I made you have Joe-Joe? Why?

'Cause I thought I was gonna get shot out here in these streets.

I wanted a piece of me to still be here even if I was gone.

When he was born, I was like, "cool."

"No matter what happen to me, I'll still be here in some way."

So if somethin' happen to you, what about me?

You'll be all right.

Go to sleep.

♪ A time when you would be ♪

♪ so far away from home ♪

♪ so far away from me ♪

♪ just think of all the moments ♪ ♪ that we'd spent ♪

♪ I just can't let you go ♪ ♪ for me, you were meant ♪

♪ and I didn't mean ♪ ♪ to hurt you ♪

♪ but I know that ♪ ♪ in the game of love ♪

♪ you reap what you sow ♪

♪ I feel it's time we should ♪ ♪ make up, baby ♪

♪ I feel it's time for us ♪ ♪ to get back together ♪

♪ and make the best of things ♪ ♪ oh, baby ♪

♪ when we're together ♪

♪ I'm wishing on a star ♪ Y'all don't want me here? Why don't y'all kick me out then?

Shut up, pea! Ain't nobody said nothin' about kickin' you out!

Y'all in there, what you call it, "sinuatin'"? Insinuatin'?

Actin' like y'all don't want me here. Fuck it. I'll leave.

You need to shut up.

No, you need to shut up. You the one talkin' all loud and makin' all that noise.

You call yourself back-talkin' to me?

Huh? You don't know how to act towards your man? Keep talkin'.

I'm gonna come in there and put my foot so far up your… come on in here, Jody-Joe.

The house full of women, cuz.

House full of sensitive ass females dealin' with their damn hormones!

Y'all some unstable creatures. I ain't gonna say the "b" word.

I'm gonna say "unstable creatures." That's my new word for y'all.

Mama, don't say nothin', I'm telling you.

Say anything, it's gonna get worse. He about to leave anyway.

Man, I'm in here tryin' to concentrate. They won't just let a nigga be.

Want somethin' to drink, Jody-Joe?

No, I'm cool, dog.

Why you acting all shy?

My house is your house.

Mi casa es su casa, nigga.

I got milk, water, kool-aid, strawberry soda.

I'm gonna get you some strawberry soda.

I'm sorry, miss Daniels.

I'm so sorry. Look, I love you and Kim.

I probably love you more 'cause without you, Kim wouldn't be here.

Y'all said y'all loved me. You told me I could stay here.

Bought me all these new clothes and the video game.

I thought we had a family. I ain't got no family.

I'm just trying to make that happen here with y'all, you understand?

Pea! Pea.

What, nigga? Come here, bruh.

No, I'm having a conversation with my family here.

I love y'all. Both of y'all. Come on, man.

I need you to roll with me.

All right then, I'm leaving.

Where we goin', Jody-Joe? Let's go get some liquor. Strippers ain't at work yet.

No, man, you don't need no liquor. You already too fired up.

Fired up? Nigga, who the fuck you callin' fired up?

You responsible for all that shit them females in there puttin' me through!

Still ain't found me no job, put me down with your business, sharin' with your brother, bein' your brother's keeper!

When you gonna find me a job, nigga?

Why I gotta find you a job? 'Cause you my man.

All right, step into my office.

All right, all right. I'm gonna give you a mission.

I'm gonna give you one piece of merchandise.

If you can sell it, we can talk business.

Sell one thing. One thing.

Check it out. I got dresses…

…shoes, baby clothes. Take your pick.

I'll sell this dress.

No, man, that ain't right.

Nigga, I know what I want to sell.

Yes, indeed, that original cake. Salaam. That original man.

The asiatic man. The original man. Salaam. Break bread, brother.

Yes, indeed, that pure cake. The original cake.

You want a camera?

Hey, hey, take a look at this dress here. You wanna buy?

Not my color. No, no, hold on. Stand still.

Stand right there. See, look at that. See, that look good.

I don't want to buy nothin'. Besides, that don't even look in season.

Hold on. It's in season. They wearin' this in Paris.

I saw Tyra banks wearin' this in a magazine, and you finer than her.

Well… what material is it made of?

Girl, damn! Why you gotta be all technical? You wanna buy the dress or not?

You treat me like I'm one of these other motherfuckers out here askin' you for change.

I'm just tryin' to do somethin' constructive with my life.

I could be knockin' folks over, but instead I'm just tryin' live my life right… And sell you this here merchandise.

That's what you call livin' right, by sellin' a stolen dress?

What? I ain't stole nothin' in my life.

I got this from my homeboy. He do this all the time.

That's what y'all do? Boosters?

Sell stolen stuff?

Like that man back there tryin' to sell me that camera?

What, you got a problem me answerin' the phone? Go ahead.

It's probably for me anyway. What you trippin' for?

Hello. This is a collect call… From the California correctional facility.

Correctional facility? Do you accept the charges?

Hell, no!

Who is this calling you from jail, that nigga Rodney?

Huh? Oh, you don't hear me now? Hello!

Rodney, he lonely. He want somebody to talk to. It ain't deep. Don't trip.

Is that why you needed a extra $100 for the phone bill last month?

Huh? I'm payin' for you to talk to him?

What are you doin', puttin' my money on his books too?

Didn't I tell you to put a block on the damn phone last week with your black ass?

That's why we always arguin' 'cause you don't listen to no-damn-body.

You be arguin' over your bullshit too.

Don't even trip. Hello.

You have a collect call from the California correctional facility.

Do you accept the charges? Yeah, I accept.

Hello? Hello? Yvette?

No, nigga, this ain't no motherfucking yvette.

Put yvette on the phone. What? This my phone, homeboy!

Don't be callin' my house askin' to speak to my woman no more!

How the fuck is that your house, nigga? You don't even live there.

Is this Jody? The Jody that got my boo pregnant… And can't take care his responsibilities as a motherfuckin' man?

Livin' at your mama house? Runnin' around on the streets like a little-ass boy?

Nigga, you's a bitch! What? Look at you!

What you got? Your ass in jail!

You ain't got nothin' to say about the way I'm handlin' mine, partner.

Look, don't call my fucking house no more!

My girl ain't feelin' you. It's not happening, cuz!

You know what I'm talkin' about? You should concentrate on not droppin' the soap, you bitch-ass nigga! Fuck you, cuz.

I want a block on the motherfucking phone tomorrow, yvette.

All right, Jody! Damn!

Stupid ass! Man, I can't believe you. You stupid!

What the fuck you doin', tellin' him all my personal business?

He on the phone talkin' about, "yeah, I know you still livin' with yo' mama."

I don't wanna hear that shit!

And she's so suspicious.

Everything I do now, she think I'm fuckin' with somebody.

I go to the bathroom, she like, "is there a bitch in there?"

I say, "I'm goin' to the store," and she like, "is that bitch at the store?"

Then I gotta come home, gotta deal with Melvin and his bullshit.

I wanna get saved.

Say what, bruh? Did you see him play? - Man, I saw him.

Y'all gotta get the fuck outta here now! We talkin'.

Poncho, I'll be done with your bike in about a hour, man, all right?

Come back. All right, Jody.

I wanna be saved, Jody.

I need to get baptized so I can go to heaven.

Wash all my sins away so they can open up them gates for me.

I don't want Jesus to be like, "turn yourself around, nigga."

You should do it too. You should get baptized with me, Jody.

What'd you do, man? Huh?

I know you did somethin' bad to be talkin' like this. I ain't done nothin', cuz.

I'm just tryin' to keep from doin' somethin'. I need to get some money.

A job or somethin' to keep me busy.

Somethin' besides playin' madden all day over at do dirty house.

You know, I don't even stay at Kim house durin' the day no more?

I leave at 9:00.

Come back around 6:00, acting like I'm out there doin' somethin' constructive, like I'm working.

I ain't did that since continuation school, cuz.

Goose-steppin', sneakin' around Kim and her mama… Like I'm some child, like I'm some scared little boy.

I got to ask my woman and her mama for money.

How you think that make me feel, huh?

Think I feel like a man?

It's tearin' me up, cuz.

Just eatin' me alive.

I don't wanna end up killin' nobody.

What am I gonna do, Jody?

I was in the same boat too.

You just gotta find somethin' you like to do.

Somethin' you interested in.

Like I did.

What you good at?


Hey, Jody. What's up, ladies? What's goin' on with you?

What's up, Jody? Yeah. What's goin' on with you, baby?

I need some new boots, man. I got you covered, girl, with gator, all that.

All right. They might be bootleg, but I got you, girl.

Dresses. Hey, I got some business suits Comin' in too.

You gonna love those. You gonna love… why you yakkin' yo' mouth and talkin' shit?

Baby, I'm just tryin' to make us some money, man.

When the money come in, you never complain. Don't get cute.



Nice and quiet. My own little spot.

By my tomatoes. Get me some wine.

Mm-hmm. Hoo!

Look over there. I think I seen some weeds by the peppers.

Why don't you use weed-b-gon?

'Cause I'm a natural gardener.

That's the way it's been done since way back.

You get down there on your hands and knees and you pull 'em up.

That's how my mama and daddy did it. That's what I'm gonna do.

Don't forget to put the weeds in the compost pile.

So you ain't doin' nothin' but bossin' me around, huh?

I think I'm gonna plant some summer squash next year.

They'll do much better than these.

Jody, we gotta stop all this. What?

Why every time I come out here, you gotta go in the house?

Ain't nobody thinkin' about you, bruh.

Hey, hey, hey! This is my place where I relax.

Can y'all take all that noise somewhere else?

Why every time I come out here to work in the garden, he gotta go in the house?

Gimme some wine.

Seven, winner.

Be sweet, be sweet.

Eleven, winner.

Seven, eleven, that's all I'm rolling.

How come you ain't brought your kids around here, Melvin?

Don't you got a son like 17, named duquan?

And a little girl about five named Maya?

You tell my mama about them kids? She know.

Well, how come you ain't brought 'em around?

You ashamed of 'em?

They ugly like you?

I don't, uh, get along too well with my babies' mamas.

I'm sure you understand that. No, I don't.

I'm cool with both my baby mamas.

Well, we see how long that's gonna last. Long as I want it to.

But we ain't talkin' about me. We talkin' about you.

I talked to your son the other day.

I overheard you say his name when your old niggas was up in the kitchen… Havin' a good old time playin' cards.

He live like five minutes away from here in inglewood, huh?

So I rode up on him at morningside high school and asked him about you.

He say he didn't have shit to say about you 'cause you used to whip his mama's ass.

You thinkin' about that, Melvin?

You gonna beat my mama?

Nah. I think you know better than that, don't you?

You wanna walk around here with your chest all out, talkin' about you a real man.

You know why I don't like you around my mama, Melvin?

'Cause you foul.

You a dirty motherfucker, Melvin.

And don't think one second I'm gonna let you get all up in her head… And get her to kick me out like the last nigga did my brother…

'Cause I ain't havin' it, bruh.

No way, no how.

Ah, youngster.

Yeah, get your ass up outta here.

Mama! Yeah, that's right.

That's right. Call for your mama.

I stayed off your ass out of respect for that woman.

But if it wasn't for your mama, I would've broke your little ass down a long time ago.

Jody? Little Jody?

You know what I see when I look in your eyes?

I see a scared little chocolate bitch.

Get up off me, cuz. That's what I see.

If we was on lockdown, I'd make you get on your knees and fix it.

Twenty years, Jody. Let's see where you be twenty years from now.


What y'all doin'?

Uh, nothin'.

Can you go to the store and get me some cigarettes, babe?

Maybe get some beer and… what you doin'?

You so sweet.

Hey, watch your hands.

Hurry back, okay? Okay.

You want somethin' from the store?

What's up, Jody?

Candles smell good.

Yeah. Aromatherapy. Pandora. Mm.

You smoke?

Nah, I don't mess with that.

So you and yvette got a baby together, huh? Where y'all stay at?

We don't live together.

You ain't gotta lie. I know y'all live together.

I see you drop her off and pick her up every day.

That's our thing. That's just what we do. I don't wanna talk about vette.

Well, we don't need to talk. I just want some dick.

Why you wanna fuck me? To make my girl mad, huh?

That's what you wanna do? No.

It ain't even that kind of party. I just think you cute.

I mean, I see you all the time.

When we was in the parking lot earlier, I kind of thought we was feelin' each other.

Now, was I wrong?


Yeah, I was feelin' you.

But I ain't feelin' this, man. I'm out.

Aw Jody, come on. Don't be like that.

This is just between us.

I see you how you look when you come around.

And you mean to tell me… You don't wanna hit this?

Aw damn.

Boy, come over here and get this pussy.

I just don't need to be going there with you, girl.

Ah, yvette.

Besides, I ain't got no condoms anyways.

No way.

Somebody don't wanna leave.

Oh, fuck.

What you doing, girl?

I can't do this.


Oh… I know you want this.

I can't do this.


Just a little bit.

I promise it will be… This shit is foul.

This shit's foul.

This shit's wrong.

Get off of me.

I can't fuck you.

My girl find out she gonna kill my ass.

I love her too much.

Oh, so what, you a little bitch now?

What, your girl tell you what to do too? I told you it was a trick.

Mark ass hood rat.

I'm Gettin' the fuck out of here.

Nigga, I don't need you to fuck me! I can get dick anytime I want.

You know you want this. No, you know you want this.

You're lucky I let you taste it.

This daddy dick belongs to yvette.

You just mad.

Not from what I hear, you ho.


Fuck you.

Bitch, you don't know how to suck dick anyway.

Go back in the house.

One moment, please. Yes, ma'am. Okay.

L.A. phone company. One moment, please.

Thanks, boo.

Hey, Mickey, I'm gonna take five, all right?

Why is that girl staring so hard?

I have no idea, but she about to get slapped.

♪ Mm, mm, mm-mm-mm ♪ ♪ you ain't Gettin' none of this ♪ Oh! Go on, girl.

There go your little girlfriend.

How come you ain't wavin' at her today?

I ain't thinkin' about that girl. Mm-hmm.

She call herself staring at me today.

That trick was about to catch a beat-down.

I think she a lesbian for real though.

She might want some of your sweet stuff.

Little carpet muncher.

Shit, she better get back with that shit.

All around the walls.

Eww, stop nasty.

You gonna cook tonight?


Lazy ass.


Let's go to Lucy's then.

Let's do the damn thing.

♪ Lucy ♪ I got it. Nah, I got it, boo.

No, I got it. I got it.

All right then. Have it.

Uh, let me get two steak tacos, and, um, I want a chicken burrito… And two strawberry shakes.

That'll be 11.89. All right.

I'm starvin'. I'm hungry as hell.

What's this?

That's a pack of condoms. What you doin' with that?

Don't try and flip this, Jody. What is this doin' in my car?

Hello! Could I get the food?

I can't believe I fell for all that shit you was talkin' the other night.

How about how you gonna do right by me and Joe-Joe.

How you not gonna cheat no more.

How you not gonna hurt me, keep breakin' my heart, steppin' on it and shit.

What is all of that, Jody? Huh?

Some writin' on the money. Give me my change!

This is bullshit. Get the food!

Thank you so much.

"Thank you so much." You bein' funny?

Okay. Mm-hmm.

"Trojans, very sensitive, lubricated, America's number-one condom."

Well, at least you went all out.

All I get is a trip to the clinic. Give me my shake!

So who was you fucking?

Don't lie.

You been fucking somebody in my car, Jody?

No… I don't know.

You don't know?

You mean to tell me you don't remember who you been with?

You been with that many girls?

I'm tired of you fucking around on me, Jody.

Damn, I wanna see other niggas. What?

Yeah, that's right. And they be askin' me to go out too.

But no, I'm here, stupid, stickin' to yo' ass. Okay.

Yeah, all right. Go out there. Yeah, whatever.

So, who you fuck with these condoms, Jody?

Look, I ain't stupid nigga, this is a three pack, and there's one left.

Tell me the truth.

Come on we grown we ain't kids.

Come on. Be real. Be a man about yours for once in your life.

You still fucking peanut?

I know you still seeing peanut.

I figured that much.

I ain't even mad at you either cuz I already knew that.

So did you fuck her with these condoms in my car?

I know you didn't fuck her in my car.

I know you didn't fuck her in my car.

Did you?


We gonna pick up Joe-Joe from your mama house?

No, he all right. Take me home. We gonna finish this.

Look, Jody, I know you love me.

But I also know you fuck other girls.

I don't like it, but I know you.

So just be real with me.

Man, you gonna be honest or what? If you can take it.

You really startin' to get on my nerves with this shit, yvette.

Oh, I'm Gettin' on your nerves?

I'm Gettin' on your nerves, and you the one fuckiin' around.

So you get with any of them clients of yours? Them girls you sell dresses to?

A few of 'em. What, you feel better now?

I love you, girl.

You got my son and you probably gonna be my wife.

You want me to be honest? Yeah, I do.


You my woman and them other ho's is tricks.

I make love to you. I wanna be with you.

But I fuck other females from time to time. I don't know why. I just do it.

That's the situation. You feel better now?

That's some honesty for your ass. Deal with it.

At least I love you enough to be honest with you, girl. No, you don't love me…

'Cause if you did, you wouldn't lie to me all the time.


Hold on. Look… no, you got it all twisted up.

I lie 'cause I do love your ass.

If I told you the truth all the time, then that means I don't give a fuck.

I'm out in these streets tellin' these ho's the truth.

I lie to you 'cause I care about your feelings.

It's obvious you can't handle the truth, girl, so don't fuck with it.

You fuck pandora? Man, why… come on, yvette.

Come on. Open the door, man. I'm hungry.

This food get cold, I'm gonna be mad if I gotta put it in the microwave.

Nah, Jody. Since you being honest, just be real.

Did you?

If you want me to, yes, I did.

What you mean, if I want you to? No, I don't want you to, Jody!

Did you?

Oh, my God. You did, huh?

Oh, why, Jody? Why, man? Come on. Open the door, yvette.

I ain't fuck that girl. I'm just playin' with you.

Not with those scandalous females! I fucked all them other ho's.

But not her. Oh, my God. If people at my job… somebody at your job, baby? I wouldn't do that to you.

That's breaking the code, baby. I wouldn't break the code. I respect the code.

All that staring at me… Why you over there Gettin'… Fired up? And rolling their eyes at me!

Nigga, you makin' all them chicks at my job… Have a reason to sit up there laughin' at me.

You better calm the fuck down before I come over there and slap the shit out of you.

Nigga, you ain't gonna do shit. Why you so insecure, yvette?

Ain't nobody laughin' at you.

If anything, them ho's is jealous 'cause they see you got a man that loves your ass.

Don't be so insecure, yvette. I can't stand that shit.

Jody, if I'm insecure, it's because you made me this way.

All you do is think about yourself.

Why did you have to fuck that girl out of all the people?

Damn! I told you I didn't do it, right?

You a black ass lie! Oh, so you… fuck that, man. I'm out of here. You ain't goin' nowhere.

You better get your ass out the way!

You gonna stay here! You gonna listen to me!

I'm sick of this! Don't put your damn hands on me, girl!

You fucking crazy? Get out the way. Shut up!

You fucking out your mind? Now what, nigga?

I'm sick of you cheatin' on me, Jody!

You make me sick! You so full of shit!

I told you to stop hitting me!

Oh shit, yvette. Oh, my God.

Come on. Get up, baby. Baby.

Get off of me, Jody.

Baby. Baby, I'm sorry.

You hit me.

Oh, my God.

Baby, come on. Get up. Get up, baby. Come on.

Jody, you get your hands off me! Baby, stop it.

Oh, God. Stop it. Oh, my God.

I love you, girl. Shh.

Get off of me, Jody!

Oh, my God.

You lied. Jody, you said you'd never hit me.

I'm sorry. Jody, you lied.

I hate you, Jody!

Why are you doing this, Jody?


I promise.

It was my fault.

I'm going to make it up to you.

Make you feel good, baby.


Oh my God.

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm sorry.

Oh, yeah? Who are you?

♪ I'm popeye ♪ ♪ the sailor man ♪ Who are you? Who am I? Who am I?

That's what I said. Popeye, your bitch-ass ain't gonna do nothin'.

♪ Who's a most remarkable ♪ ♪ extraordinary fellow ♪ You!

It's a bitch… Somebody stole my damn car.

It's a bitch.


Yvette? Hi, baby.

Baby, listen. Don't be mad at me, okay? It ain't my fault.

I love you. I'm listening.

One of them Mexicans stole your car.

What? Jody… You hear me? I hear you.

Don't you got that tracking thing on it. Uh-huh.

All right, cool. We find that shit in like 30 minutes.

Call the po-po's and tell 'em what up. I ain't gonna do that.

Why? 'Cause I know who stole my car.

Who stole your car? Tell me who stole your car and I'll get it back right now.

I stole my car, Jody.

Hey, Jody, where you rollin', cuz.

Hey, Jody. Come on, dog.

Hey, y'all watch my bike, homies. All right, cuz.

Open the door, yvette! Go away, Jody!

Baby, I'm sorry I hit you, okay? You black my eye too.

What about me? What you mad at, girl?

Jody, when you gonna grow up? Girl, what you talkin' about? I'm grown out here.

No, for real, Jody.

When you gonna realize you really had something good?

I take a lot of shit from you, and it's 'cause I love you.

Baby, I understand.

I understand, okay?

Please open the door and let's talk about this on the inside.

I ain't gonna be selfish no more.

I ain't gonna be fuckin' around with no other females no more. I'm gonna be good.

I promise. You hear me?

You don't mean that shit. You just running your mouth like you always do.

- You don't even mean that shit, Jody. Open this fucking door girl!

That's what I'm talkin' about. Why you gotta steal my car?

Your car? Yeah, it's my car.

If it ain't my car, give me back the daytons I put on there.

The tinted windows I paid for. All the money that I put into that engine.

How about them brakes that I just put on there last week?

Girl, open this damn door! Jody, come on. Don't do this.

Daddy! Daddy! Oh, no, Joe-Joe. Come here. Shh.

I wanna see my daddy! I wanna see my son!

Right now! Jody, I'm gonna call the police! Stop!

What you talkin' about? My son wanna see me, girl.

Why you tryin' to keep me from my son? Stop kicking the damn door!

Jody, please go away. Don't do this.

Yvette, you got your neighbors all out here in my business.

Come on, before you get me put out! Fuck you, yvette.

Fuck me, Jody?

After all this shit I put up with you, nigga?

Fuck me? Fuck you! All right.

All right, you remember this shit, girl. That's fucked up.

You okay?

Hey, Jody. Come here.

Come dance with me.

What's that thing y'all do?

The c-walk? I got it. Look.

That's it. Look, Jody. Come on, Jody!

She don't understand how much I love her ass.

You know what I mean, mama?

I mean, I cheat. I do what I do. But I'm good.

I'm good to her ass.

I take her back and forth to work every day.

I fix the car when it need fixin'.

I give her money on the phone bill… And put groceries in the house when I stay over there.

I even rub her feet sometime. She say I'm selfish.

You ever look at it from her point of view?

You ever think about if you was yvette and she was you? What?

What would you do if yvette fucked around on you, took your car and left you in a hot ass house all day with a baby?

You takin' her side, mama. Wait a minute. Hold it.

All I'm sayin' is, you may be a little selfish.

Jody. Look at me.

You have got to think of her as a woman.

How would you like it if somebody did all that shit you do to yvette to me?


Well, your daddy used to do some of the same dumb shit you doin' now.

I just know how yvette feels and where she's Comin' from.

Yvette loves you, Jody. She just feels hurt.

A woman gets tired of a man after a while… If she feels used and unappreciated.

But believe me, as much as you thinkin' about yvette right now, she's thinkin' about you too.

But you have got to stop tellin' these girls you want them to have your baby… While y'all are doin' it, 'cause they believe in your lyin' ass.

I used to fall for that same shit when I was their age.

I know. Yvette.

♪ You, you wanted ♪ ♪ someone from me ♪

♪ You, you wanted ♪ ♪ someone from me ♪

♪ and I had always believed ♪

♪ that you would forever be ♪ ♪ right here ♪

You know you love this shit.

Nah, nigga, you love this shit.

You bet I do. I love that big old ass, girl.

I know you do.

Yeah, for sure.

Please believe that.

Hey girl, what you doing?

Are you on the damn phone again?

Get your ass off the phone.

What's all that noise? Are you okay?

That's Chris. The nigga is trippin'.

We've been drinking thug passion.

Get off the phone, bumping your gums, talking to hos.

You made up with that nigga Jody yet?

No. I ain't thinking about his ass.

Yeah, right. Jody know that's his pussy.

I ain't putting up with his bullshit no more.

Am I invisible?

Hey, I feel you.

Hello. Lights on, anyone home?

I definitely feel you.

Get off the goddamn phone and come here, so I can drop it off in your drawers.


These niggas trip when they think they own you.

You need to check him.

You need to check these nuts in your mouth.

Nigga shut the fuck up.

You see I'm on the damn phone!

Shut your motherfucking ass up!

Fuck them hos!

You always talk to them bitches about their relationships.

Tend to your nigga, that's what you need to do!

Jody crossed my last nerve.

I couldn't put up with it no more.

You know what I'm saying?

I know what you're talking about.

Baby, who the fuck are you talking to?

Baby, who the fuck are you talking to?

I've thought about us getting back together but I have to teach him a lesson, know what I'm saying?

Girl, I ain't even gonna lie.

I miss his ass like shit.

And I love him to death.

But I can't have nobody acting like they own me.

Even if they is my baby daddy.

You feel me girl?

I feel you. I feel you girl.

I gotta go.

Jody. I knew that nigga was gonna get his shit together.

Oh, shit.

What's happenin', baby? I'm home.

Damn, what you got to eat up in this motherfucker?

Shit, I'm hungry as fuck.

Bruh, you know how I get down. One alize a day.

$15.15 exactly.

Man, what is you tryin' to put a cup on my shit for?

Like I'm about to sit and drink in front of the store. Hey!

Throw your ass off my motherfucking bike, nigga!

What up, cuz? This all the alize you got?

Looks like we got alize.

You little niggas don't want to see me.

What the fuck? I'm looney toon. You don't know who you fuckin' with!

So? Do something!

Nobody want your punk ass bike, cuz.

Pea! Pea!

Pea! Pea, get out here. Jody, what happened?

Oh, shit! Hell, nah. Nigga, what happened?

I got jumped. You got jumped? By who?

By some little niggas. Some little niggas? Kim, go get my gun.

Is that them niggas right there? Huh?

Yeah, that's them. That's them, pea.

Yeah, I got somethin' for they ass.

Yeah. Yeah, pull up right over here.

Nah, nigga, she just started dorsey. She 14?

Man, that bitch look like she 21.

See, that nigga right there with the hat on? That's the fool that took my alize, cuz.

Man, y'all talkin' about all these ho's. Man, let's go get some.

Whoa. Hold up, nigga.

Check out those nice shoes. Watch that stuff, homie.

Yo nigga, it's your size, homie.

Now, what the fuck you gonna do, nigga? What?

Oh, shit! Your ass it stanks.

You better get out of here.

Get your ass on the ground, little motherfucker. Hold up.

No, pea!

Get on the ground.

How you doing, homie?

You ain't so hard now, huh?

What up, nigga? What you got in your pockets?

Bitch-ass nigga. Beads.

Say something.

You stanky-ass nigga. Take a bath, homie.

Pea, these niggas ain't got no money.

Broke ass li'I niggas.

Fuck that shit. You li'l niggas stand up.

We're gonna teach you some respect for your elders before you die.

Looney toon, huh? Mark.

Punk ass, nigga.

You tried to take my liquor.

And, cuz, you tried to take my bike?

Jody, what type of bitch-ass punch was that?

Forget it! I thought I taught yourself better, nigga.

Oh, man, I must've hit the fool in the teeth or somethin', man.

It hurt my hand. This little nigga's teeth is harder than your fist?

I gotta show you how it's done, baby boy. The one hitter quitter.

No, no, no, no, pea, not him.

Hit Mr. alize right there. Yeah, he tried to take my liquor.

Do him first. You see, you gotta get up on 'em close.

Like, you draw back. But not too far though.

Aim for the nose or the mouth. Or "prefaly" the nose…

'Cause it's soft. "Prefaly," huh?

Nigga, you know what I mean.

It's over then.

You try again, nigga.

All right, bike man, get yo' ass up.

Come on, cuz. My jaw hurt, man.

Ain't nobody got no sympathy for you or your homies.

Call yourself tryin' to jump somebody. Get your bitch-ass up right now…

'Fore I bust your head wide open.

Don't flinch, nigga. Stand still.

I said don't flinch. Oh!

Yeah, that's it, baby boy.

Oh, my jaw!

Don't flinch. Don't move or I'll hit you with two.

Chuck that shit up. Chuck it up, little nigga.


Aw, shit. This nigga got heart.

Look at this nigga. You got heart?

You got heart, cuz? Go ahead and tell us.

All right. Don't fuck with him, pea.

He got heart, man. Let him go.

Yeah, I ain't gonna hit him.

Nah, I ain't gonna sock you, little nigga, 'cause you got heart.

I can respect that. You ain't no punk ass mark like the rest of your homeboys.

Let him go, pea. I ain't gonna hit him.

But I am gonna whoop your ass.

I'm gonna whoop your little black ass!

Who's your daddy? You're my daddy.

Please your fucking daddy. Say I. Ow, ow!

Say it. Who the fuck you jumpin', cuz?

Get up, cuz! Get down with your bad self!

I ain't done with you, either!

Give you a thorough whooping. Respect your elders, punk!

Respect your fucking elders. Let's be out this bitch, cuz.

What part of "couch" don't you understand?

Damn. I'm fresh out. Ain't you happy to see me?

No. I didn't tell you to come here.

You invited yourself.

After my parole officer saw the letters you wrote, he approved me to stay here.

Look, I only wrote you twice just to be nice.

I wasn't thinkin' about you, Rodney.

Oh, you wasn't thinkin' about me.

Well, why you accept all them calls then?

Must've been in your head.

I'm your first, yvette.

Your first, your last, and you my only.

So quit playin' and give rated r some of this love.

Get the fuck out my room, Rodney.

I ain't even tryin' to go there with you, and you better not wake my baby.

Oh, so you can have a baby by this nigga Jody, but you ain't tryin' to fuck with me, huh?

You better take your ass to the couch, Rodney, 'fore I call your parole officer.

Oh, like that? Yeah, like that.

Give me an extra blanket or something.

Get it out the closet. And close my door.

Who are you, loc?

Where's yvette?

Jody? Nigga, you Jody?

Yvette ain't here, cuz.

Come to get your little son?

Come get his little motherfucking ass. I ain't tryin' to be his father no way.

Joe-Joe, come here.

You all right?

Go downstairs. Hurry up.

Rodney, that's that motherfucker… I can't believe this motherfucker had the audacity… To come over to my motherfucking house… After he talks shit to me when I was locked up, the nigga that was livin'… fucked my bitch, had a baby by her! Let's bash this nigga, cuz.

Go get the heat, cuz. Fuck this nigga!

Hey, nigga. Hey. - That nigga ridin' a bike?

You sound real hard on the phone, nephew.

Yeah, y'all got to get that nigga, cuz.

That nigga's a mark, man. Y'all gotta get that fool.

Full speed ahead.

Come on, little man. Let's get out.

All righty.

You Gettin' heavy, man. You hungry? Yeah.

♪ For you to understand ♪

♪ what this means ♪

♪ I shall explain ♪

♪ I stood all the jealousy ♪

♪ all the bitchin' too ♪

♪ Yes, I forgave all ♪ What you know about that music, youngster? That's grown folks' music.


Ooh, that's Marvin! What's he say, baby?

♪ Ooh ♪ Jody. Marvin? Please believe me.

♪ And stop ♪ ♪ the hands of time ♪

♪ you set my soul on fire ♪

♪ my one desire ♪ ♪ was to love you ♪

Them niggas still at your fucking house? No.

Wait right here.

I ain't asked Rodney to come to my place, Jody.

He just showed up. Now I gotta get him out 'cause he won't leave.

Yeah. You say you wanted a man at the house. I guess you happy now, huh?

I ain't asked him to come, Jody.

And I'm not fucking him, if that's what you thinkin'.

Look, man, the car broke and the engine need fixin'.

Ain't my problem.

Get the fuck off my doorstep. Jody, wait!

♪ It's too late ♪ ♪ for you and me ♪

♪ it's too late ♪ ♪ for you and I ♪

♪ much too late ♪ ♪ for you to cry ♪

♪ it's too late ♪ ♪ for you and me ♪

♪ much too late ♪ ♪ for you and I ♪

♪ it's too late ♪ ♪ for you and me ♪ He don't love me no more.

He don't love me no more.

Oh, my God! He don't love me no more.

Get me out of here!

♪ Much too late, baby

♪ It's too late ♪ ♪ for you and me ♪

♪ much too late ♪ for you to cry ♪ Peanut, what you doin'? Nothin'.

You miss me? Mm-hmm.

You love me?

You hear me, girl. I asked you if you loved me.

What do you want, Jody? I'm busy.

You ain't doin' shit. Come through here and pick me up so I can give you a sample.

Come what? You ain't got your other baby mama ride tonight?

Why you gotta be doin' all that? I'll tell you what.

When I want some dick, maybe I'll call you, and then you can find a way to get here, all right?

Is this what I think it is? Jody!

Jody! What is this?

Cannabis. It was growing with my tomato plant.

I try to show your ass something new, and this is what you do?

You plant this bullshit in my garden?

You tryin' to say I planted that shit? Who else?

I ain't plant that shit. You need to check your boyfriend, Melvin.

I told you that nigga was foul. Now you tryin' to blame me for his bullshit.

You know you did it. Melvin wouldn't do no shit like this.

This got your name all over it.

You trust him before me? I'm tellin' you I didn't do it.

Why would I want to put some weed in my mama's garden?

Shut up, Jody! What kind of fool you think I am, mama?

Where's Melvin? Ask him!

He's a bitch-ass nigga. Shut up, Jody.

Watch. I'm gonna show you.

Tell him. Tell him, mama.

Tell me what?

She found the weed you was growin' on the side of her tomatoes.

Go ahead and tell her about it so she can get off my case.

You did it, huh?

Melvin. Yeah.

Kick his ass out, mama.

Mel, what were you thinkin' about? Gettin' blazed.

I'm not understanding. What was that about?

I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

You can't be serious.

Oh, so it's cool now?

When it was on me, it was world war III.

So since Mr. Melvin fessed up to it, it's all good now?

See how you is, mama? I would never do no shit like that.

I don't wanna go back to jail, and I ain't tryin' to have you up in there.

But me, I don't get no credit for that.

Shut up, Jody. What's wrong? You can't stand the truth?

I need you to shut up! The truth hurt, don't it?

How you think I feel? You up in here, laid up with this thug-ass nigga… You don't even know, who wanna kick me out the house… So he can be around here doin' whatever.

I can take care of myself.

I don't need you to be checkin' the folks I deal with.

Am I all up in your business with all the little hookers you run around with?

No. I don't think so. So I need the same respect, Jody.

You're really starting to get on my last nerve… With all this little shit between you and Melvin.

I'm tired of it. What? This my house too.

Your house?

Your house?

Do you pay any bills up in this motherfucker?

Do you fix anything around here?

When's the last time you paid a bill?

All you do is eat, sleep, and shit.

Walkin' around here like you king tut or somebody.

Be no mess about whose house is this. This is my house!

Mine! And if I wanna bring a man all up in through here, I'll bring a man all up in through here.

That's my say, not yours!


What the fuck you laughin' at?

Your spoiled ass. Melvin. Please, honey.

Don't start anything, please.

No, nita. He need to hear this.

Now, I keep quiet around here out of love and respect for your mama, but you need to grow up and be a man.

Be a man? What you mean, like you? I should be like you, Melvin?

You a man? No, little nigga, you could never be like me.

You don't need to be like me. But what you need is to stop sittin' around here… Tryin' to blame everybody for your problems.

You need to check yourself. You know what your problem is, baby boy?

You got shit all twisted. You got a oedipus complex.

You want your mama to be your woman, but this is my woman.

Okay, Melvin. My woman.

All right, that's enough. Come on. Shh.

It's okay. Come on. Man, forget this shit.

Cuz, I got heat for niggas like you. Jody, that's enough.

Nigga, you need to move.

Get back! What, motherfucker, huh? Jody!

I told you don't fuck with me, nigga. I told you. Melvin, stop it!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

I told you to let go of me. Get up off of me.

Are you all crazy? I told that little nigga don't fuck with me.

But you wanna fuck with a nigga, right? Let me see your face.

I try to be a good motherfuckin' nigga, but I can't be…

'Cause little bitch-ass niggas like you wanna fuck with me.

You wanna fuck with a nigga, right?

You want a nigga who got two strikes on him to go to jail for life, motherfucker.

That's what you want. Fuck it. I'm leavin'.

Fuck no! No! I'm leavin'. Jody, you're not leavin'.

I can't live like this. Melvin, don't go!

Yeah, that's right, you leave. This my motherfuckin' house.

You deal with your son before I kill him. I will. Please don't go.

Deal with him before I kill him.

"Don't go"? Jody, wait.

"Don't go"? You gonna choose this nigga over me?

Your flesh and blood? Your child?

You are not a baby anymore.

You are not a child!

Tryin' to fuck with me, man. Put his hands on me.

I'm gonna kill that nigga. Kill that little nigga. Wait! Calm down.

Melvin, calm down. Come on, baby. Sit down.

Get out of my way. I'm gonna sit down.

If I get killed, it's on you, mama.

You got your own life.


Mama got a life too.

I know now.

Don't fucking call me when this nigga start beatin' your ass.

I'm sorry.


I fucked up.

♪ Yeah, I'd rather ♪ be with you ♪ Uh-uh, nigga. Who told you to light my candles? You trippin'.

Hush, mama. I'm tryin' to set the mode up in here.

Ain't no mode. And get your feet off my table.

Say, damn! You molded.

Ow! Nigga! You will never taste this again, ever!

Hush with that bullshit. You know you love me.

Whatever. That's why you out there.

Quit bullshittin' with yourself.

You quit bullshittin', nigga. You better use your hand.

- Towel's in the closet. Do what you know, jailbird. Good night.

♪ If I can't have you ♪ ♪ to myself ♪

♪ then life's no fun ♪

♪ I'd rather be ♪ ♪ with you, yeah ♪

♪ yeah, I'd rather ♪ ♪ be with you ♪

♪ I'd rather be ♪ ♪ with you, yeah ♪

♪ yeah, I'd rather ♪ ♪ be with you ♪

♪ I wanna hold your hand ♪ ♪ oh, if I can ♪

♪ just be your man ♪

♪ I wanna be your friend ♪ ♪ not now and then ♪

♪ but until the end ♪ Hold me.

Hold me tight. Mm.


Rodney, wake up.

Damn, man.

Look, Rodney, you gonna have to get up and get outta here.

You got to find somewhere to live. You can't stay here no more.

Don't start me up. You know a nigga ain't got nowhere else to stay.

I don't care where you go! You got to get outta here, Rodney!

Get your monkey ass out! Got my house smellin' like stale feet.

Get out!

Good morning, scrub.

Built you a little fort, huh?

I don't give a fuck about your little fort, nigga.

I hate you. I hate you too, little nigga. You ain't my son.


Come here, baby. Get off of me. Get your… we gotta have some order around this motherfucker. Whatever.

Get your hands off of me, Rodney.

First things first. We need to get married.

And you gonna have my baby.

Nigga, is you crazy? I ain't havin' no baby by you.

You need to get the fuck outta my house. How you Comin' at me like that?

You got a baby by that punk-ass niggaa Jody. Whatever, Rodney. Fuck you.

I been out two motherfucking days and you ain't gave me none yet.

That ain't my problem. You know you love me.

Get off of me. Get outta my room!

Get out your room? Bring your bitch-ass back over here.

I'm sick of playin' games with you.

Sit your ass down. I'll break your face if you get up again.

You gonna give me some. Turn your ass over. I'm horny.

- Don't hit my mommy! Shut up, nigga. Go watch cartoons.

Joe-Joe, go to your room, baby, okay?

You gonna have my baby.

Leave my mommy alone! Stop it! Stop!

So you gonna rape me in front of my son? Stop it!


Stop it! Get off my mommy!

Get off of me.

I want my daddy. I know, baby.

I do too.

Fish and bread keep a poor man fed.

Do the damn thing, bruh. Add 'em up.

It's all good. Go on and get you somethin' to fight with.

Come on, it didn't take you that long to sit down, nigga. Come on.

I know. He see you though.

He just tryin' to front. Man, thanks, Kim.

What's up, pea?

Strike 'em up, baby.

Where you at, pea?

Come on, bruh. Add 'em up.

Where you goin', yvette?

Why you try to act all mad? It's like you don't miss me.

You don't know what I've been through these last couple of days.

Rodney tried to rape me in front of Joe-Joe.

What? He was screaming "daddy" and I was there by myself.

Oh, baby. Shh, shh.

Oh, baby, I'm here for you.

I miss you. I miss you oh so much.

I love you. You my rib. You heard of Adam's rib?


That's how God made Eve, baby.


I'm gonna get my stuff. Damn.

I can't do this, bruh.

How you wanna get him out then? I don't know.

We go through there and whip his ass, he liable to come through with all his homies… And shoot me, my girl and my baby.

I ain't tryin' to be no killer.

I can't have that on my heart, pea.

I feel you.

Listen, bruh, if you don't wanna do this, I'm with you.

But if you do wanna take this fool out, I'm here too, all right?

Come on. Let's pray on it.

Dear lord, please forgive us for all the sins we have brought upon us… And look down upon us with forgiveness… For all the sins we will have in the future.

I know you understand that niggas ain't perfect, but we try, lord.

We try to keep our heads up in bad times.

This is a bad time.

Show us the way.

And if you can't show us the way, then forgive us for being lost.


Motherfucking Jody.

I'm sick of this bitch-ass motherfucker, man.

Hey cuz, you ready to smash on this nigga?

Cuz, I know where his homie stay, cuz. Turn off Vernon, loc.

This nigga's dead.

Well, you a lover not a fighter, huh?

Y'all thirsty?

Nah, I'm straight. All right. Holler if you need anything.


Everything "copastetic."

I hope yvette hurry up and get back over here.

There my baby go right there.


You see this shit, pea?

Play too much.

Yvette! Get your ass over here.

Come on.

Pea, what happened to Jody? Kim, go back in the house, Kim!

What… should I call somebody? I don't know what to do.

Pea, tell me.

Thank you, God.

I thought I was… I thought I was dead.


I thought I was dead.


Yvette. Where you at, boo?

What the fuck is up with the lights? Yvette.

Yvette! So y'all just gonna turn the electricity off, huh?

Why the fuck are they lights on for?

None for me? What the fuck is going on?

So what's up, nigga? I'm supposed to be scared or somethin'?

Damn! Come on. Come on!

Bust. Bust, nigga. Get him.


Come on.

Ahh! Goddamn!

Finish him off. Do it, cuz.

Shoot me, you punk motherfucker.

I done seen everything except Christ anyway, motherfucker.

Shoot me. Shoot me.


Come on. Come on, nigga.

Fucking coward. I'm a fucking…

Get the fuck back, nigga.

What's crackin', mama?

You hungry? No.

Where you been staying? I found a place.

Everything grown now, huh? I'm about to pick some of them Greens for tomorrow.

You know, throw 'em in the sink, wash 'em up.

What you want, Jody? Some money? I ain't got no money right now.

No, mama. God!

I'm cool. Gee whiz.

You want some money? Hell, yeah, I want some money.

Twenty years worth. If you was one of them mutual funds, I'd be paid.

Melvin told me y'all had a talk the other night.

Yeah, we did.

I'm glad you got a new boyfriend.

It's good to see you happy.

I just thought… Once you get a new boyfriend, y'all was gonna kick me out… So I can go out in the street and get killed like ray-ray.

I mean, y'all did kick me out, but I ain't dead yet.

I'm a rider for mine for real. Ain't nobody kick you out, Jody.

You just left the nest, that's all.

And quit all this talk about dying.

Ain't nobody Gettin' ready to die no time soon, baby.

You don't know the kind of cards life's gonna deal you.

All you need to do is just try to be happy while you're here, hope to God there's another place that's better than this… And hope that Jesus will let your ass in on judgment day.

But while you're down here, you better watch your back.

That's what I know, mama.

That's what I know.

Well, let me get some of this wine then.

Ah-ah-ah. That's mine. Go and get your own.

Why? You have realized that I'm a grown ass man right about now, right?

It's cool. It's cool. I'm gonna get my own wine. You so stupid.

I love you, mama. I love you.

You be good. Ain't no thing, mama. I'm gonna do my thug thizzle.

I'm gonna make me some changes. I ain't playin'.

I'm gonna change my whole life. What's crackin', Melvin?

Hey, what's up, Jody? Not much.

Lovin' this California life. You know.

You keep my mama happy, all right, bruh?

I'm on the job.

Stay up, baby boy. I got you.

What you know about that, Melvin?

Now, that's my shit, youngster.

You don't know nothin' about that, boy. That's for grown folks there.

I used to get a lot of pussy off of that song. Mm-hmm.

♪ I do love you, oh

- ♪ But it's ♪ - Pick up a bigger jumpsuit next week, will you?

♪ All right ♪

♪ all right ♪

♪ oh ♪

♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ shoo-shoo ♪ ♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ shoo-shoo ♪ ♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ it's just an oldie but ♪ ♪ goodie shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ shoo-shoo ♪ ♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ like the good old days when ♪ ♪ your lady treat you so, so good ♪

♪ shoo-shoo ♪ ♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ rememberin' the things ♪ ♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ we used to do shoo-shoo ♪ ♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ the places we used to go ♪

♪ and everything ♪ ♪ was oh, so mellow ♪

♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪

♪ shoo-shoo ♪ ♪ shoo-be-doo-wa ♪ Oh, baby.

Why you leave me walkin' all the time?

Baby, I don't know if walkin' gonna help you drop it off.

You real funny. Yeah, I can't wait to drop it off.

♪ Little darlin', I said ♪ ♪ I do love you ♪

♪ I love you so right now ♪

♪ never, never ♪

♪ gonna let, gonna let ♪ ♪ gonna let you go ♪

♪ no, no, no ♪

♪ pretty little baby ♪ ♪ I say ♪ Baby, I love y'all.

I'm about to spank that ass, girl.

No, boo, I'm about to spank that ass for life. Ha ha ha!

Please believe me.

On the real. It's all good.

That what you think? That's what I know, baby.

I got two books, girl. I bid four.

But you gotta get four. You gotta get four. Stop talkin' shit.

What's that? Talk to me. Okay, that's cool.

See what I'm saying, girl? It ain't gonna happen again.

You don't know nothin' about this. Bring it back.

I got some things going on on this end that you just really wouldn't understand.

All that talkin'. Let me see. That's all to the Jesus.

I doubt it. What? Put the card down!

Put the card down!

Ooh, I'm Gettin' ready to take that. I love you, girl.

I love you too, baby, but I'm gonna take that while I love you.

It's all good. Can I get some love?

Don't say you don't love me and don't give me no love.

Oh, I get a little pickle tongue today.

All right, back to the ass-whoopin'. Here we go.

What's that right there, baby? Talk to me now. Talk to me now.

Ah-ah-ah-ah. I took that. Should I bid for nine?

Bam, nigga what? Mine! What?

You better get your three bucks. Be gentle with my baby.

I know I should, but I got a little… that's what I'm sayin'.

Yeah, you about to create a gangsta now.

It's a girl. This is a girl. This one is mine.

It's a boy. Can I have mine? I need a girl.

The baby was doin' the crip walk last night. It's a boy. Talk to me now.

It's a girl. It's a girl. Please give me a girl.

♪ I know sometimes it might ♪ ♪ get crazy crazy, crazy ♪

♪ I'll always be here ♪ ♪ for you, lady ♪

♪ baby, I'm just tryin' to change ♪ ♪ the game change the game ♪

♪ so let me work the thing ♪ ♪ let me do my thing ♪

♪ doghouse, true dat ♪ ♪ eastside is the greatest ♪

♪ and none of y'all ♪ ♪ can fade us ♪

♪ 'cause we're ♪ ♪ the hardest in the town ♪

♪ I's and deuces ♪ ♪ never could be faded ♪

♪ and all you suckers hatin' ♪

♪ the crip is goin' down ♪

♪ and if you have a doubt ♪ ♪ we're gonna turn it out ♪

♪ and that's ♪ ♪ the eastside l.B.C. ♪

♪ and we're the best ♪ ♪ we rock from coast to coast ♪

♪ we be blowin' up ♪ ♪ and, baby, that's the shit ♪

♪ I'm talkin' real ♪ ♪ to ya, baby ♪

♪ that real crip shit ♪

♪ deuces and treys bangin' ♪

♪ that real crip shit ♪

♪ I'm talkin' ♪ ♪ real to ya, baby ♪

♪ that real crip shit ♪

♪ deuces and treys bangin' ♪ ♪ bangin', bangin', bangin' ♪

♪ continues ♪