Babylon 5 S1E11 Script

Survivors (1994)

Rumors are still running rampant in Earth Dome, as President Luis Santiago continues his journey to Babylon 5.

While the president is scheduled to present a new fighter wing to the station, many believe his real reason for the visit is to build support for his new alien immigration and trade agreements, which have met with strong opposition in the senate.

This is a low-gravity area, please hold handrails at all times.

Has the president's staff given us his itinerary yet?

No, they feel it'll be safer if no one knows what's planned until the last minute.

Sure, that way they can blame us if something goes wrong.


If you ask me, this whole damn luau is a waste of time and money.

Well, we are getting a new fighter wing out of this... luau.

Fighters we shoulda had two years ago.

Now we have to renovate old Cobra Bays that haven't been maintained in all that time.

With untrained crews and a quarter of the time that they should have for a job this big, at our expense.

Does something surprise you, Mr. Garibaldi?

Nothing the government does surprises me.

That's a very Russian attitude. I commend you.

Cobra Bay zone. Watch your step, please. Blue zone, next stop.

What the hell

Cobra Bay 12, explosion!

Drop pressure doors!

Oh, my God.

It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind

10 years after the Earth-Minbari War.

The Babylon Project was a dream given form.

Its goal: to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully.

It's a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers entrepreneurs and wanderers.

Humans and aliens, wrapped in 2,500,000 tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night.

It can be a dangerous place.

But it's our last, best hope for peace.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2258.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

He was blown out of the bay before the pressure doors dropped.

It's the only reason he survived. If you call this is survival.

Did he say anything. -No.

Present condition, any procedure I might use to rouse him would kill him.

Here's the damage report.

We've sealed the bay, but you can put what's left of it in a shot glass.

Best guess as to what caused the explosion.

Hard to say. Monitoring equipment and controls were destroyed, and the blast knocked ship's sensors offline.

Could be a wildfire antiproton reaction, the crew was using heavy cutters.

That would be consistent with the injuries.

Some poor slob probably forgot to close the dampers on the plasma driver.

Then you're ruling out sabotage.

I never rule out sabotage.

But those crews were inexperienced and they'd been working round the clock.

That's inviting an accident. Until I can do better than a guess, that's...


Commander, a Major Lianna Kemmer of the President's security staff has arrived.

She requests an immediate briefing on the bay explosion.


Security Central, five minutes. Let's go.

You know this Major Kemmer? Knew her. 17 years ago.

Her dad was a friend. She was a real sweet kid.



Major Kemmer.

Commander Sinclair. Pleasure, Commander.

Now, about this incident in the Cobra Bays.

Mr. Garibaldi is heading the investigation. I'm sure he'll be happy to fill you in.

With all due respect, I'd prefer my own team handle this.

-Well that's up to Mister... Commander.

As chief of presidential security, I have the authority to take over this investigation with, or without your permission.

I would much rather my report reflected full cooperation on your part.

Let her have it.

I've got better things to do.


What's going on between you and this Major?

It's personal.

Not when it affects this station.

Commander Sinclair, have you seen the proposed seating chart for your president’s banquet?

Not now, Ambassador.

But the entire Narn delegation has been seated next to the Vree!

An intolerable situation. Have you ever seen them eat? That's horror for you.

Eight credits? Yes, sir, that's correct.

For these?

I think it's a very good price for the best of Babylon 5.

Hey pal, keep an eye on your credits. Yes, sir.

Third time this month I caught you pulling this crap, Dagool.

What is it with you-

This is a deliberate slap in the face to the entire Narn regime!

All that tattoo ink seeping into your brain.

You think I have nothing better to do than to bust you every few days?

Well do you?! Excuse me.

Answer me! Garibaldi, that's enough!

The hell it is! Get out!

All right, Michael. Talk to me.

I got mad, ok?

Hull-rats like Dagool do that to me sometimes.

Man, I need a drink. Water, straight up.

This isn't about Dagool. Tell me what happened.

17 years ago, I was working security for the ice-mining operation on Europa.

A real cesspool.

Murders, theft, dust peddling, you name it.

Half the command staff was on the take, and the other half didn't give a damn.

Except for me.

Ever try and uphold the law when nobody cares?

After a few weeks I started drinking hard to get through the night.

Then I met Frank Kemmer.

He was a shuttle pilot on the Jovian moon run.

A real decent guy.

When the job got tough, I'd spend time with him and his family.

That's when I first met Lianna. Uncle Mike, she used to call me.

With all the madness, it kept me sane and sober for a while.

What happened?

I was starting to make a dent in the rackets. It got under somebody's skin.

Word came down, they were gonna try and take me out.

I thought I could handle it. I was wrong.

Instead of coming at me head-on, they rigged the shuttle pad.

Frank was bringing in the last run of the day.

Just as he touched down... it blew.

You could see the fireball for a mile in every direction.

I'm sorry. They had it all figured.

Pinned it on my negligence.

Corps didn't want a scandal so they hushed it up and blackballed me throughout the system.

But none of that was as bad as telling Frank’s family what had happened.

Lianna didn't even cry.

She just died inside.

And you?

I crawled back into the bottle

and didn't come out again for a long, long time.


Commander, it's Dr. Franklin. I need you in Medlab immediately.

Look, government agent or not, you have no right to do this.

That man is my patient, he's in critical condition and I have to get to him.

I take my orders from Major Kemmer.

Nolan, do you hear me.

What... who I'm Major Lianna Kemmer.

I wanna know about the explosion in Cobra Bay 12.

No accident.


Who was behind it, Nolan?

What's going on here?

They're trying to revive Nolan. They'll kill him.

Get out of my way, or by God I’ll shove you out the nearest air-lock.

Who was behind it, Nolan? Who was behind it, Nol-

Major Kemmer! Are you out of you mind? Stop this at once.


That accident was deliberate, Commander, and this man knows who's responsible.

Nolan, who planted the bomb?

Nolan, who did it? We're losing him.

Nolan, who planted the bomb?

It was...


He's dead.

Are you nuts? He was lying!

Why would a dying man lie.

I busted him a few months ago for trashing an alien shop. He had it in for me.

And our initial scans show no trace of a bomb.

The explosion of the plasma driver might have covered it.

Or maybe you didn't want to find it.

I don't have to listen to this!

Hold on, Michael.

In light of this new information, Commander, I want Mr. Garibaldi suspended immediately.

Major Kemmer, all you have at the moment is a name.

A name spoken by a dying man! A man whose death you caused!

The medical log stated death was certain and he was a material witness in a case involving presidential security.

I am well within my authority, Commander.

Mr. Garibaldi has been implicated in a possible sabotage attempt suspension is standard procedure!

In light of the president's arrival, I will assume command of security in his place.

Oh, give me a break, will you?

Presidential authority gives me the right, Commander.

I'm exercising it.

Don't do this, Jeff.


I'll need your security authorization, your link, and your sidearm.

Sorry, Chief. Can't let you in.

You gone space happy, Lou? This is my place.

It's under seizure.

Lianna, let's cut through all this. We need to talk.

I don't think so. Wait a minute!

No no no no! Chief, don't! This won't help.

Go find out what the scanning team has turned up.

Next time, Garibaldi.


All right, say what you have to say.

Lianna, I loved Frank like he was my own brother.

When he died...

Because you were protecting yourself. No.

I made a mistake, I know that.

But I would never have let your father die to save myself.

You've got to believe that.

I might, if you had told me then, but you just got drunk and ran.

Like you always do. And I never saw my father's face again.

Major, the scanning team just linked in. It was a bomb, all right.

The scan showed traces of C-15 in the burn residues and Chang found schematics of the Cobra Bay... and these, hidden in his quarters.

When did they start paying Earthforce security chiefs in Centauri ducats.

How much would you say this is worth, Mr. Garibaldi?

One-hundred thousand credits? Maybe more?

C'mon Lianna, this is a frame.

If I were guilty, why would I leave the evidence in my own quarters? Maybe you just made another mistake, just like you did 17 years ago. Mr. Cutter, take Mr. Garibaldi into custody.

The charge is conspiracy to commit sabotage.


After him.

Commander, Security is posting a station-wide fugitive alert.

It's for Mr. Garibaldi.


Cancel that alert.

You can't do that, Commander.

I have hard evidence that Garibaldi is part of this sabotage.

I want him in custody before the president arrives.

Mr. Garibaldi is many things, but he's no saboteur.

And I've had it up to here with this personal vendetta of yours.

Kill that alert. Yes sir.

Ivanova to all security posts, cancel fugitive alert immediately.

If you insist on obstructing me, Commander, I have no choice but to invoke presidential authority-

And I'm sick of that too. This is my station, and it's time you realized that.

Lt. Commander Ivanova, escort Major Kemmer off the Observation Dome.

With pleasure.

You are going to resist, I hope

She's gonna call Earth Central, and you know what they'll say.

It'll buy me a little time.

To do what? Find Garibaldi before Kemmer and her hounds do.

Station One.

Commence level six maintenance check on all off-station communications channels.

Lt. Commander, that will tie up communications for hours.

Yes, I believe it will.

Londo, don't turn around. Mr. Garibaldi.

Try not to draw any attention.

You're out of uniform. Very dapper.

Yeah, well when you steal them, you don't have much of a choice.

I thought about borrowing a few of your things, but-

I'm really not in the mood for any of your little games right now.

Tough. I need information.

Someone's trying to frame me for the explosion in the Cobra bay.

They planted a schematic of the bay and a pouch of Centauri ducats in my quarters.


Mr. Garibaldi, do you really think that I would do such a thing to you, my good and dear friend?

In a minute.

You're right, but I didn't.

Though I may have an idea who did.

Lt. Commander, why are all Com Channels to Earth offline?

Maintenance check.

We wouldn't want the president to be out of touch when he gets here.

I demand you open a channel to Earth at once.

I'm a Lt. Commander in Earthforce, Major. I do not take demands.

If you have a request, I'll consider it.

Very well, then. I request that you open a channel to Earth Dome.

Request denied. Have a nice day.

She and Sinclair are doing everything they can to protect Garibaldi.

No surprise. According to our files, they're about his only friends.

Them and the Centauri Ambassador.

Better question the Ambassador.

There might be a connection.

O'Connor, get back to the ship and patch me through to Earthforce One, direct to General Netter.

They should be close enough to pick up the signal.

Yes, Major.

So how would G'Kar get his hands on a load of Centauri ducats?

During the Narn occupation of Ragesh 3, some important scientific material was... lost.

For the right amount, it could be found again, yes?

But the Narns insisted on hard currency.

Now you could ask him yourself, except, however, getting into the Ambassadorial Wing requires high level clearance which I believe you no longer have.

I can handle that, if you could float me a loan.

Who would have thought it.

You, borrowing money from me.

Luckily for you, Ilaros has smiled on me recently.


Goddess of luck. Patron of gamblers.

She and I have had a long and rather dubious relationship.

Five hundred Centauri ducats. That should buy you whatever you need.

You're being awfully generous. Any particular reason?

You're a very suspicious man, Garibaldi.

But, yes, there is a reason.

We are alike, you and I.

We are both, as you say... the odd man out.

I have been in your place. I can feel how you are pinned.

And it would give me some small pleasure to know that things can work out, even for us.

Now, go, please. Leave me in peace.

You're all right, Londo.

If they catch you, I will deny ever seeing you. Good luck.

Yes, and you'll need good luck.

In here, Mr. Garibaldi.

I heard you were coming this way. I thought we might chat.

Don't take too long. This whole wing is monitored.

Security'll probably be here any minute.

Oh don't worry, I fear the monitors are malfunctioning at the moment.

I also took the liberty of mentioning to the guard that I thought I'd seen you in the next level.

My, my, my, you look as if you could use a drink. This taree is most potent.

No, thanks. But you can tell me how you knew I was coming.

Well, you've been talking to Mollari. It was inevitable he would send you to me.

How... Oh, my people watch him, his people watch me. We all watch one another here, Mr. Garibaldi.

I assume Mollari blamed me for your current situation.

That makes sense. We've locked horns before.

Maybe you saw this as a chance to even the score.

Granted, it's not a bad idea. But I didn’t think of it. And I didn't do it.

Every Centauri ducat that Mollari's people contributed to the Narn government has been accounted for.

You're welcome to check the accounts personally, if you like.

I'll take your word for it.

I have been following your current plight with great interest, Mr. Garibaldi.

That so? I didn't know you cared.

Personally, I don't.

But I have always had the greatest respect for your talents.

I'm too tired for dancing, G'Kar.

What would you say if I told you that a ship stands ready to spirit you away to Narn space.

I'd say, why?

Ohh, you could serve us in any number of ways.

Analyst, security expert, cryptographer.

And, if you should grow homesick in time, I'm sure we could arrange for your return to Human Space with the proper genetic alterations, and that too might serve our needs.

You want me to betray my own world?

Stop seeing things in such absolute terms.

The universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements.

Energy, matter, and enlightened self-interest.

Unless you comprehend that fact, and soon, you will be cornered and caged.

They will destroy you.

Maybe I'd rather be dead. They won't give you death.

They'll just take everything you value. And leave you with nothing.

No deal.

As you wish, though you are of course being a fool.

Without your position, this station is not safe for you. You have made many enemies.

Call it a lifestyle.

We'll see.

Welcome to Babylon 5, Zeta Wing, you're clear for entry.

We've cleared all other traffic.

Babylon 5, this is Zeta Wing, we're awaiting your instructions.

Proceed through central docking hub, your ships will be routed to Cobra Arm 3 where they'll be permanently stationed, following the flyby.

Hey look, N'Grath, we both know you can fix just about anything on this station.

I need access to restricted sectors if I'm gonna prove my innocence.

A high level security card shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I fix nothing. I do business.

Legitimate business.

You don't trust me, do you.

You are police.

Not anymore. I'm a fugitive.

Don't tell me you haven't heard. Have heard. You are still police.

No sale. Go. Now!

Get your hands off me.

I guess I'll be leaving now.

Damn! Halt!

Where the hell did he go?

Right. Let's do it.

Jeff, what are you doing here?

Trying to keep you from frying your own butt.

Luckily I monitor the security reports on your whereabouts.

Sorry you missed most of the fun.

If I'd missed any more of the fun, you'd be a smear on the floor.

I've got to get you to Medlab.

I'm not going anywhere till I find out who framed me.

Michael, you can't do it alone.

If I have to, I'll die trying.

I can't let you do that!


Commander, you have a Gold Priority transmission from General Netter.

On my way.



Earthforce One approaching vortex generator.

Prepare for jump.

And from her on in, you and your staff are to give Major Kemmer full cooperation.

- Is that understood? Yes, sir.

I expect everything to be secure when the president's entourage comes out the other side.

I trust our positions are now clear, Commander Sinclair?

I want to find Garibaldi as much as you do.

The only difference is, I haven't already judged him.

I resent your implication. That's your privilege.

But the fact is, Garibaldi is as loyal as you are.

And if you weren’t so twisted up inside about what happened to your father, you'd realize that. It's not justice you're after, Major. It's blood.

Kemmer here. - Major, we've got a sighting on Garibaldi.

Brown 5, level 3. And we found out he's been paying for things with Centauri ducats.

Apparently, what we found in his quarters was only part of his payoff.

Close in. I'm on the way.


Appears Garibaldi's running out of luck.

Have all personnel prepare for the president's arrival.

Security, patch me through to Officer Lou Welch.

Ok, well he may have affected some sort of disguise.

Now, if you see him, he is considered dangerous so just call us.

Don't try to apprehend him...

Open the damn door.

Thanks, pal. No want hat Take bottle.

I go casino.

And then she said to me... if I could do that, I wouldn’t need an encounter suit.

Guess you had to be there.

Is there a back way out of here?

Go easy, Michael.

You got a real nice place here.

Great ambiance, terrific decor, friendly people!

Yeah, this place should be on all the charter tours.

See and experience the real Babylon 5.

Hell, in a couple of months, I could see a few of you people topside!

Well, boys and girls, it's been slice. I'll see you around.


Drunk again, Uncle Mike?

Drunk again, Uncle Mike?

You don't look so good, Garibaldi.

Take him to my command center.

Major Kemmer to all units. Blip is in custody. Abandon search.

Major, they're getting ready to launch the new fighters.

I think I should check the bays one more time.

Do it.

Welcome to Babylon 5, Mr. President. You're cleared for immediate docking.

You never change, do you, Michael.

I thought I had...

until you showed up.

You're tired, Michael. Hm?

You're hurt. Tell me the truth and you can rest.

We already have more than enough evidence against you, don't make it harder on yourself.

Isn't that what you want? To tear my life down like I did yours?

If I could've gone in Frank’s place, I would have.

I didn't know, Lianna.

I didn't know.

Major Kemmer.

Chief. What is it, Officer Welch?

Commander Sinclair ordered me to search Nolan’s quarters. I found these.

Vibration detonator.

And the pamphlets? They're Home Guard stuff.

We had trouble with them a while back. Mr. Garibaldi cleared it up.

Is there anything else? No, Major. Nothing else.

That will be all.

I shoulda figured it.

We suspected Nolan of belonging to some pro-Earth group but we never could prove it.

And this is just Home Guard's style.

Are you saying Nolan was killed by a bomb he planted himself?

Exactly. He didn't know they’d be using a plasma driver in the bay.

He created just enough vibration to trigger the bomb prematurely.

That's a possibility, but what about motive?

They say the president's gonna announce freer alien immigration and trade policies.

That would stick in Home Guard's craw. But how was it supposed to work?

You got any breathers or oxy-pills?

I'm not used to the booze anymore.

Kemmer. Uh, Major, the president about to come on board for the presentation ceremony.

General Netter wants to know if all is secure.

Make sure all our people are in place, and tell General Netter everything is a-ok.

Lianna, until we figure this out... We??

You're still a suspect, Garibaldi.

Cutter, have you checked the bays yet? - Affirmative. They're clean.

Guard the bay access until the fighters are launched. And keep alert.

I'd like to believe you, Michael. But this supposition of yours doesn't explain how that evidence got in your quarters.

Nobody knew Nolan had named you except you, me, Dr. Franklin, and Commander Sinclair.

And Cutter. Who was there just when the evidence against me was found.

Cutter is one of our best agents.

Maybe Home Guard was counting on that. Look...

It couldn't hurt to scan those bays yourself.

You're head of presidential security.

Shouldn't you make a personal inspection, just to be sure?

Presidential shuttle launched. Now on approach to docking bay one, vector 694.

With great pleasure, I present this new fighter wing to Babylon 5.

The station 's own fighters will now in formation...

Illuminate center section floods.


Major. Something wrong? I wanna to scan the bays again.

You'll have to hurry. The fighters are about to launch.

Watch him. My pleasure.

Come on, wise guy. Do it!

Prepare to drop fighters, on my mark.

Be smart, Cutter. You can't pull this off.

Oh, yes I can.

Begin countdown at T-minus 30 seconds.


T-minus 30, 29,

28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22...

Clear all Cobra Bays for drop.

20, 19, 18, 17, 16...

Ivanova, abort the drop! Garibaldi??

There's a bomb in the bay! What?!

Abort the drop!

Ivanova! You lose, wise guy!

8, 7, 6, 5...

Abort the drop! Where are you?

Just do it! Freeze count!

Holding at T-minus one.

Hm. Outside of numerous bruises and abrasions and a blood level that's close to 100 proof, looks like you're gonna be all right.

And Lianna? She's already back on the job.

She's a tough customer. Yeah, I know.

How you feeling?

Like I just made love to a meteor shower.

Don't let him con you, Commander.

He may not look pretty, but with a few days rest, he's gonna be fit for duty.

Thanks a lot, doc. These bruises could have bought me a week's leave.

We found charges on all the bay doors.

If they had opened, we would have lost the whole wing and half the station with it.

We also checked on Cutter.

Seems someone on Earth deposited 100,000 credits into an account in his name an hour after Nolan named you. He withdrew it here and...

Centauri ducats, which he planted in my quarters. Very smooth.

But not smooth enough, Michael.

You did good. Yeah.

Sure. Is something wrong?

I blew it, Jeff.

Just like I did on Europa, on Mars Colony, Orion 4, just like I always do.

When things get too rough, I crawl right back into the damn bottle.

What really scares me is how much I enjoyed it.

But you crawled back out again and did the job, that's what counts.

Yeah. I got lucky. But what happens next time?

Hopefully there won't be a next time, but if there is... promise me something. You won’t try and fight the battle alone.

You're more trouble than a toilet full of snakes, but I couldn’t run this station without you.

Commander, I sense a huge pay raise coming my way.

Dream on.

I've gotta attend the president's reception, so.

Get some rest, Chief. You've earned it.

And I think you might want these.

Hey, Jeff.


President Santiago concluded his address by inviting all alien governments to work more closely with Earth, a position certain to cause much controversy in the weeks to come.


Everything going all right with the president's visit?

Yes, thanks to you.

And thanks for that report of yours. It was very creative.

The president's even talking about citations for all concerned.

I figured if you could nab me on my own turf, you might just have a career in this game.

And I owe you. For Frank.

I screwed up, Michael.

I'm sorry. Nothing to be sorry about.

You did your job.

No, Commander Sinclair was right.

I wasn't out for justice, I was out for blood.

It happens. To all of us.

We're not machines, Lianna. When we're hurt, we lash out.

That's no excuse for what I put you through.

It's not about excuses. Seventeen years ago we both died inside... but somehow we survived.

For better or worse, that's all we can do.

Survive and... maybe one day, forget how much it can hurt to be human.

Kemmer here.

Major, we're cleared for departure.

Be right there.

We've gotta get set up for the president's next stop.

You know how it is, always on another assignment.

Yeah. I know.

I'll see you the next time the president visits.

He's fond of Babylon 5, you know.

Then make sure nothing happens to him. We need all the friends we can get.

I will.

Goodbye, Michael.

Goodbye. Goodbye.