Babylon 5 S1E12 Script

By Any Means Necessary (1994)

(Ivanova) 'Earthforce ship Omega, you may proceed to jump gate.'

'Shuttle Copernicus, you're clear for docking bay 4.'

'Tal'Quith, please hold.'

Earthforce ship, continue to hold.

Minbari ship, hold.

Babylon 5, this is the captain of the Tal'Quith.

What is the delay?

Tal'Quith, there's a priority shipment ahead of you.

However, you'll be able to dock in 25 minutes.

Unacceptable, we have a very perishable cargo for Ambassador G'Kar and must deliver it immediately.

I'll do what I can. Please stand by.

Hey, move that over to the right!

'Over to the right!'

[indistinct chatter]

Delvientos, make it quick.

This is C&C, can you get that non-transport in here any quicker?

Where the hell am I gonna get the crew?

We're already up to our butts out here.

I understand, but you know how the Narns can be.

(Delvientos) 'Yeah, I know.'

'You're really busting my cojones today, C&C.'

Slide her into bay 8, then we'll see what we can do.


Tal'Quith, you may proceed immediately to docking bay 8 via Beacon Alpha 6.

About time.

[intense music]

[alarm blaring]

Oh, we have a failure in the bay 6 docking computer.

It's raising the transport.

[automated message] 'Platform 6 activated.'

'Departure sequence engaged.'

'Collision warning.'

It's going to collide with a Narn ship.

Computer, override docking sequence 6 Gamma 6-0.

'Tal'Quith, I'm switching you to Beacon Zeta.'

'Stand by. Do not attempt to alter your course.'

[music continues]

Halt all transport. Do not start your engines.


Le's go, let's go, let's go!

Bay 6, damage report.

Hydraulic and fuel lines in the lobbying area are ruptured!

Seal off the entire section. Swift team is on its way.

Well, tell them to hurry up, I've got two people trapped in there, if we don't get them out fast, they're dead!

(male narrator) It was the dawn of the third age of mankind ten years after the Earth-Minbari war.

The Babylon Project was a dream given form.

Its goal, to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully.

It's a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers entrepreneurs and wanderers.

Humans and aliens wrapped in 2,500,000 tons of spinning metal all alone in the night.

It can be a dangerous place but it's our last, best hope for peace.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2258.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

Get up here quick. Come on.

Look, there's still a chance of a spontaneous combustion in there, so we're opening the airlocks just long enough for you guys to get in and get out, okay?

Alright. Alright.

Open up.

Clear. Go, go, go, go.

Let's go! Right with you.

[alarm blaring]

Hey, get somebody over here.

We got vitals. Let's get him out of here.

Who do we have trapped in there?

All I know is it's two members of Team 21.


[alarm blaring]

Delvientos, open it up. We're coming out.

Okay, they're coming. Back off.

[indistinct chatter]

You okay? Uh-huh.

[fire blazing]

[indistinct chatter]

Go down. Okay, over here, over here.

[indistinct chatter]

He's dead.

(Delvientos) 'Alberto, my brother.'


Hermanito, dios mio.

[singing in foreign language]

To you I give the grain the light and the sky.

To you, a sacred heritage.

To you, the land and sea.

[singing in foreign language]


(Na'Toth) 'Ambassador?'

So spoke G'Quan at the dawn of all mornings.

(Na'Toth) 'Ambassador?'

(G'Kar) 'Enter.'

I'm sorry to disturb you at this time, ambassador but I bring unhappy news.

There's been an accident on one of our cargo ships.

What? The Tal'Quith.

Was there much damage?

The entire cargo bay was blown out.

I'm afraid the G'Quan Eth was destroyed in the accident.


No. Oh, no.

Don't try to blame my people for this.

We have said all along that the dockside equipment isn't up to handling the amount of traffic we get.

The computer malfunction might have been caused by operator error.

Even if that were true what do you expect?

My people have been forced to work triple shifts because we are understaffed in every area.

Ms. Connally, we're not here to assign blame.

Maybe you aren't, commander, but my government will want to know who is responsible for damaging our ship.

Then I suggest you start with your ship's captain who panicked and fired his engines inside the docking bay against my direct orders!

Now don't try to blame this on us, lieutenant commander.

We are the victims here.

You lost some cargo, ambassador.

Alberto Delvientos lost his life.

Yes, a tragedy, to be sure.

But what was our captain to do?

His ship was placed in jeopardy through no fault of his own, and he reacted.

And by G'Quan, I mean to see that we're compensated for the damage.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must attend to a pressing matter.

The accident was caused by equipment failure.

'A cluster of defective microchips blew out.'

How is that possible? Looks like..

The contractors installed substandard chips throughout the entire system, that would

'explain how they managed such a low bid' on the installation. We're checking it all now.

This is going to play havoc with our schedule.

(Sinclair) 'Ivanova, how long before'

'we can get bay 6 online?'

Several hours at least, we're gonna have to reroute the controls with the other docking bays until new chips can be installed.

The problems dockside run much deeper than a few microchips, commander.

I'm aware of that, Ms. Connally and I've done everything I can to make the senate understand we need an increase in the station's budget.

I just hope they listen. You mean..

Before someone else gets killed?


Sinclair. 'Commander.'

(female #1) 'Senator Hidoshi's on Gold Channel for you.'

'It's about the new budget.'

On our way.

And you don't know of anyone who has one?

I'll pay any price. Uh-uh, uh-uh.

Ah, G'Kar. Doing a little shopping, are you?

[clicks tongue] Is that permitted during the holy days of G'Quan?

It's no concern of yours, Mollari.

[laughs] I heard about the mishap involving your transport.

Shocking, truly shocking.

If there is anything I can do to be of assistance you will let me know, yes?


There's no one who can have a G'Quan Eth delivered in time for the ceremony.

Swock. However..

According to import records, there is one being on the station who has the flower.

Well, who is it?

Ambassador Mollari. What?




Ah, why does the universe hate me?

It's all in the budget report, commander.

I know what's in the reports, senator, but we need those increases in station operations. Promises were made.

Political realities sometimes take precedence over good intentions.

If President Santiago can turn things around at that time you may receive some of the money you requested.

We have operational and safety concerns that won't wait for the government to turn things around. There's already been an accident.

Accidents happen, but our experts have assured us that your new budget is more than sufficient for safe and efficient running of Babylon 5.

Commander, I have every confidence that you will make it work.

I assume the news about the budget has leaked by now.

The station business channel is running a detailed analysis.

Wonderful, we'll need to set up meetings with the business council and the guilds.

And I better have a separate meeting with Ms. Connally.

She'll be spitting neutrons. The dock workers got zip.

No pay raise, no money for new workers no funds for upgrading equipment.

As far as the senate's concerned they're bound by a government contract.

They can't quit and they can't go on strike.

Why give them anything?

Commander, we've got a problem.

Surprise, surprise.

We're up to our eyeballs in waiting transport and the dock workers are calling in sick.

How serious is it? Well..

As far as we can determine none of them are actually ill.

They're just calling in sick.

Sounds like the blue flu. Excuse me?

My grandmother was a Boston cop, I remember her telling me about the blue flu, they used to use it to get around sanctions on work stoppages.

In other words, we have an illegal strike on our hands.

(Ivanova) 'This is Babylon Control, our docking schedule'

'is being revised. Please stand by.'

How much more of this they expect us to take?

We need a ten-hour turnaround after we work a double shift!

Yeah. You're lucky if you get four.

Yeah! You're lucky if you get any!

We're breaking safety rules every minute of the day because of over-scheduling.

Yeah! I say strike!

(all) Strike! Strike! Strike!

Alright, knock it off!

(all) Strike! Strike! Strike!

Knock it off! Stop it!

Now first of all, I don't wanna hear the word strike anymore!

We will hear everyone out, but let's take this one issue at a time, okay?

'Now let's remember, let's try to keep a cool head' during management negotiation.

[indistinct chatter]

What do you want here?

Getting out of my way would be a start.

It's alright, Eduardo. Let him through.

(male #1) 'Yeah. Come on.'

'What do you got to say, huh?'

[indistinct chatter]

'Yeah.' 'What do you want, Garibaldi?'

I've been expecting you, Garibaldi.

I'm here to escort you to Commander Sinclair.

He's requested the honor of your presence.

Twice. Maybe you didn't get the message.

I've been tied up. I got a lot of sick workers here.

[workers laughing]

[workers coughing]

You think this is funny, huh? Well, I don't.

We're as serious as a rip in a spacesuit.

And we want the senate and Commander Sinclair to know it.

By staging an illegal strike?

I thought you were smarter than that.

Sinclair and Ivanova are career military.

I don't expect them to understand but I figure you for blue collar under all that Earthforce gray.

You must know we're only doing what we have to do.

I know how you feel, but this isn't the way.

And what other options do we have, Mr. Garibaldi?

That's what the commander wants to talk to you about.

The hell with your talk.

We got people dying out here, Mr. Security Man and Sinclair wants us to talk.

What does he think we are? Fools?

Alright, alright. Let me handle this, alright?

Okay? Okay, your commander wants to talk, we'll talk.

Let's go.

[indistinct yelling]

Your friend's looking for a fight.

That was Eduardo Delvientos, his little brother Alberto was the one who was killed in the accident.

He's taking it hard. I'm sorry.

I know what it's like to lose someone close and so does the commander. He wants to help, Neeoma.

We'll see.

I'm asking your people to go back to work.

If they don't, I'll have to bring the Senate Labor Committee in on this and they could invoke the Rush Act.

They don't have the guts to do that.

It would inflame public opinion here and at home.

Don't be so sure about that.

Things are changing on Earth and not all for the best.

Look, you've made your point and Earth Central will be made aware of your grievances.

There's nothing else you can gain by continuing--

I can't send my people back to work without some guarantees.

And I can't guarantee anything while you're on strike. If you just trust--

It's the senate who controls the money, commander.

Every time we trust them, we get kicked in the teeth.

And what happens if your people start kicking back, huh?

If you force them into a confrontation--

We won't be the first to use violence.

I saw what went down in the docking bay. They're angry--

They've got a right to be angry!

They've also got a right to hear what I've just told you.

They will, but I can't recommend they return to work.

I don't think you fully understand the consequences--

Don't tell me about consequences.

My father was shot dead during the 37 mining strikes on Ganymede.

I have spent my entire life defending workers' rights and I'm not about to stop now.

(Neeoma) 'You get us decent pay and equipment'

'and hire enough workers to do the job safely' then we return to work, not a minute before.


Sinclair. 'Commander.'

(female #1) 'You've got another transmission'

'from Senator Hidoshi.'

Patch it through.




You left your door unlocked, ambassador.

Careless of you.

I thought it best to sit here and guard your room until you returned.

And did you find anything of interest in my humble quarters while you were guarding it?

No. 'No.'

Care for a drink?

(Mollari) 'Oh, I forgot.'

'The days of G'Quan forbid it.'

But they come to a close very soon.

Do they not? Heh-heh.

You know why I'm here.

The G'Quan Eth plant, yes?

Difficult to grow expensive to transport very expensive to own but so very important to you at this festive time.

I understand you are in possession of G'Quan Eth.

If this is so, I am here to..

...purchase it from you.

Ever since we left your beautiful planet G'Quan Eth plants have been hard to find.

Mine which is being cared for in a safe place

'I have been saving for a special occasion.'

When you drop the seeds into a proper mixture of alcohol..



...whole new universes open up.


It's a shame you Narns waste them burning them as incense.

Name your price.

Oh, you're asking for quite a sacrifice from me but in the interest of interstellar peace and friendship, um..

...50,000 commercial credits in cash in advance.

That's an outrage! Ah.

Of course, it's an outrage.

The question is how important is your religious ceremony to you?


Commander, we have been hearing reports of an illegal strike by your Dockers' Guild.

Those reports are exaggerated, senator.

We do have a problem, but I've been going over the new budget--

This action threatens the security of our military base and sets a bad precedent, not only for Babylon 5 but for all of our off-world interests.

We cannot allow that.

The Dockers' Guild has legitimate grievances.

I can't just ignore them. You will not have to.

The labor committee has ordered Orin Zento to Babylon 5.

He will be there within 12 hours.


He is our best labor negotiator.

He has stopped this kind of thing before on many of our stations.

I expect you to give him your full cooperation and that includes providing troops if he decides the Rush Act is necessary.

You're not serious?

We have over a thousand dock workers on this station.

If we start arresting them, we could have a riot on our hands.

The more reason to end this thing decisively before it spreads.

Understood, commander?

Understood, senator.

[indistinct chatter]

Mr. Zento. This way. Commander Sinclair.

I was told there was an accident on the docks recently.

Not serious, I hope.

One worker killed, several more injured.

And the Narns are demanding reparation for damage to their ship and cargo.

I hope in spite of that we'll be able to expedite negotiations. I'm on a tight schedule.

When can I meet with this Connally?

It's being arranged.

I'll need to talk to your security chief.

If I have to invoke the Rush Act, it's best to be ready.

Have Mr. Garibaldi report to briefing room 3.


[computer beeping]


Ambassador Mollari, I have the money.

Fifty thousand credits in cash.

Where is the G'Quan Eth?

Actually, G'Kar, I have changed my mind.

(Mollari) 'The G'Quan Eth plant is not for sale.'


I have also changed my lock code.

'So don't bother visiting me.'

Consider this a small a very tiny portion of revenge for what you did to our colony on Ragesh III

'and to my nephew.'

'Did you think that I had forgotten that?'

Ambassador, enjoy the last few hours of your festive holiday.

I know I will.

I'll kill him with my bare hands, by my..

There's nothing to stop me!

Sinclair can only kick me off the station!

He might even thank me.


You're not a follower of G'Quan, are you, Na'Toth?

My father was a disciple of G'Lan.

My mother didn't believe in much of anything.

And what do you believe in?

Myself, ambassador. Too easy an answer.

We all believe in something greater than ourselves even if it's just the blind forces of chance.

Chance favors the warrior.

Isn't there anything you can do to get a G'Quan Eth before the deadline?

Only one more thing, and I hate having to do it but if that should fail there's something I want you to do.

At your service, ambassador.

I assure you, your guild is not being singled out.

Earth sympathizes with your situation.

[indistinct chatter]

I, personally, understand your feelings.

But the government must cut costs.

We're in a recession, everyone's feeling the pinch at home, as well as in our colonies--

The government found enough money for increased military spending on Babylon 5.

[indistinct chatter]

Babylon 5 is a military installation in the midst of hostile alien governments.

It is vital to the defense of Earth.

And your guild is a vital part of Babylon 5.

Now, the new budget provides everyone with enough funds to run their departments efficiently.

We've cut away the fat, yes but we've left the muscle and bone.

I think we know where the fat went.


Ms. Connally. Mr. Zento, you're right.

My people are a part of Babylon 5.

They unload the goods to keep it running.

(Neeoma) 'A lot of them even helped build it.'

What do they get for it?

They work double and triple shifts using equipment that is substandard for pay that's a joke.

[indistinct chatter]

You signed a contract, Ms. Connally just like every other government worker on this station.

Abide by it, and we'll look into these problems.

These problems killed a man, Mr. Zento, a damn good man.

And as the duly-elected representative of this guild I don't intend to let that happen again.

We were promised an increase by last year's negotiator.

[indistinct chatter]

I wish I could help but I've seen no written agreement to that effect.

Without that, my hands are tied.

(Zento) 'There are simply no funds available.'

Now, despite this unfortunate accident our experts assure us you have enough people for this year and that your equipment is quite sufficient--

How many of those, uh, experts ever worked a space dock?

How many of them have ever tried to refuel a ship while being pushed to move faster and faster because of over-scheduling?

Or felt the pain in their bones from operating a Zero-G cargo loader for nine hours?

[indistinct chatter]

You have a point, Mr...

Mr. Eduardo Delvientos, senior foreman.

And, yeah, I got a point.

I've been working space docks for 40 years.

And this equipment we got won't last two months let alone two years.

Every piece needs to be overhauled but we don't have the money or the manpower to do it.

And if you won't do nothing about it you can damn well get your experts to run those docks.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

If that's your response you leave me no choice but to invoke the Rush Act.


Is that what you want..


Do it!

I suggest we recess for the evening.

It's late and we're all tired.

It's not a good time for big decisions.

You're right, commander.

Ms. Connally, perhaps we'll have better luck

'ironing this out at a private meeting tomorrow.'

Shall we say 7:00?

[indistinct chatter]

He's bluffing.

The senate hasn't invoked the Rush Act since the Europa strike.

Don't count on that, Ms. Connally.

I told you things are changing.

One thing hasn't changed.

Workers always get shafted.

But this time we're gonna fight back.

Eduardo, we have to keep cool.

If we don't, we're finished here and back on Earth.

We have a right to defend ourselves, Neeoma.

But not with violence.

Beg your pardon, commander but if someone's pushed you, wouldn't you push back?

I hope we make more progress tomorrow, Ms. Connally.

You better tell that to Zento.

(male #2) 'Cargo ship Seattle, please be patient.'

'You are next on the schedule.'

Computer, what time is it?

(computer) '05:36.'

[computer rings]

Yes? Commander.

What the hell is going on?

Word's all over the station the Dockers' Guild has dropped their blue-flu story.

They've officially declared there's a strike.


Mr. Zento, I'm sure this is just a rumor.

If you'll give me some time--

Don't play games with me Sinclair, I know all about you.

'You've let this situation escalate out of all proportion' and you can bet the senate's going to get a full report.

We've got trade contracts to honor.

We're talking about people's lives.

Spare me the platitudes, commander.

I'll meet with Ms. Connally at 7:00 as planned but if she persists in this illegal action the Rush Act will be put into force and your troops had better be ready to enforce it.

[computer ringing]

Now what?


Commander Sinclair, I must speak to you immediately on a matter of the gravest importance.

Ambassador G'Kar, I have an emergency situation on my hands.

It won't take long and I wouldn't want to burden you further by taking this matter up before a full assembly.


I'll meet you in the council chambers.

(Ivanova) 'All ships, please stand by. All docking bays are full.'

Are you telling me this is about a flower?

Not just a flower, commander. The very symbol of my faith.

All followers of G'Quan must perform a ritual once a year when our sun rises precisely behind the G'Quan Mountain.

Each year the celebrant must acquire a new plant for the ceremony.

Well, I had made all the arrangements.

It should have been here months ago but you know how bureaucracies are and..

Well, this must all sound ridiculous to you.

No, it doesn't, ambassador but we'll have to talk about this some other time.

Commander, there is no other time.

You see, those who are able, perform the ritual in the first rays of sunlight that shine past the mountain a magnificent sight.

Those of us who can't be there must still perform the ritual at the same moment, a moment which is almost upon us.

It is the most important observance of my beliefs and it requires the G'Quan Eth which as the highest-ranking member of my faith on this station, it is my responsibility to provide.

And I truly sympathize with you, G'Kar but it's Londo's flower to do with as he likes.

It's sacrilege for him to possess it.

It was stolen from our planet.

I'll make a major incident out of this, commander.

I don't like threats, ambassador but I'll do what I can.

[intense music]

Look, I can't force you to do this but in the name of interstellar goodwill not to mention peace and quiet on this station I'm asking.

You know I would do anything for you my good friend Commander Sinclair but not this.

You don't have to give him the G'Quan Eth as a gift.

He's agreed to pay a rather steep price for it.

This isn't about money, commander, or spiritual beliefs.

G'Kar is only worried about losing face.

The Narns. Ugh.

They're a barbaric people.

They're all pagans.

Still worshipping their sun.

No, I would rather burn the plant than give it to him.

[sighs] Would you at least consider it?


[door whirring]

Well? I'm sorry.

But, commander..


Sinclair. 'Commander.'

(female #1) 'You're wanted in the briefing room.'

'Immediately.' On my way.



Na'Toth, proceed.

When are you going to start being reasonable?

When you stop being unreasonable.

I honestly don't understand why you're being so difficult, Ms. Connally.

Every other guild on this station has signed their agreement.

They understand that our government is not a bottomless pool of money!

I don't care if they've agreed to wear bunny suits and sing the "Hallelujah" chorus.

We're not putting up with this kind of treatment from Earth Central any longer.

If you refuse to negotiate in good faith..

You leave us no choice. Commander.

This is obviously a waste of time.

Mr. Zento, Ms. Connally surely there's some kind of an accommodation we can make to end this peacefully.

Now, I've been going over the budget--

Commander, the labor committee does not accommodate illegal strikers.

If you're having problems with your budget I suggest you take it up with the senate.

As for you, Ms. Connally, I strongly recommend you send your people back to work now.

Stuff it.

Commander, I refuse to pander to these people anymore.

I'm invoking the Rush Act as of now.

You can't do that without senate confirmation.

I'll have it within the hour.

And I'll expect Mr. Garibaldi's people to be ready to arrest Ms. Connally and any other worker who persists in this illegal activity.

I have to warn my people.

[intense music]

Damn it, Connally. Can't you stop this now?

It's too late for that, commander.

My workers are tired and fed up.

They've been pushed as far as they're willing to go.

This is not just a matter of disrupting shipping schedules.

You know what could happen if I have to order Garibaldi in.

Same thing that happened on Europa and the New California and at Matewan.

The same thing that happens every time labor stood up for themselves and said, "No more."

You try to break us, we'll fight back.

Someone will get hurt, maybe killed.

For what it's worth I'm sorry this has to happen here.

[music continues]

All docking bays are full, Transport Murano.

We cannot accommodate you at this time.

(male #3) 'We've already been holding for three hours.'

(Mary Ann) 'We're making the strike our lead' news item on tonight's program.

Is it true that Mr. Zento has declared the dockers' slowdown an illegal strike and is seeking the senate approval for the Rush Act?

No comments. Commander.

We've got two transports holding and a Minbari convoy in the..

They'll have to wait.

[indistinct yelling]

And we will see what.. Well, we will see..

Commander, this creature is a thief.

(Mollari) 'I demand you arrest him at once.'

Call me that again, Mollari, and I'll tear your pale throat--

This barbarian has stolen the statue of our god Ruterian from the Centauri Cultural Center--

(G'Kar) 'I have been in the presence of many witnesses' for several hours. I have not stolen anything!

Alright, then it was your attack dog, Na'Toth but on your orders!

I'm fed up with your fabrications, Mollari!

Commander, do you have a comment on this?

I demand you arrest him!

I demand you arrest him!

That's enough!

Get the hell out of here, all of you, now.

Lieutenant Commander Ivanova, in ten seconds you will escort any unauthorized persons still present

'to the brig and leave them there.'

Yes, sir.

Ten, nine, eight, seven..

I'm filing official protest. Six..

I-I'm filing two official protests.

You're impeding the public's right to know, commander.


Two, one.

So what did I miss?

Commander, call from Senator Hidoshi.

I'll take it here, um.. '120, clear to go.'

'Beta 7, jump..' Senator.

Orin Zento has created an uproar in the senate.

He has a knack for that. 'Commander.'

I believe you should be allowed to handle this situation as you think best.

Unfortunately, Mr. Zento has convinced the majority of the senate otherwise.

'They have invoked the Rush Act' officially declaring the situation on Babylon 5 an illegal strike.

You are ordered to move in with your security troops and end it now.

'No negotiations. No delay.'

What you're asking can only end in violence.

I know that and I fear that's exactly what some people are hoping for.

Sorry, commander.

Chief, get your people ready. Full tactical alert.

Lieutenant commander.

I need to see the full text of the senate order.

Yes, sir.

[intense music]

(woman on radio) 'It is now official.'

'The senate has invoked the Rush Act'

'in the dispute with the Babylon 5 dockers.'

'Replacement workers are already reporting'

'to launch centers on Earth..'

Be careful and watch each other's backs.

(woman on radio) '...are expected to begin mass arrests..'

Shut that thing off.

It's going down, and, everybody, remember we just got to keep cool.

'They're coming!' Let 'em come!

'We're ready!' 'Yeah!'


Come to do your master's bidding, Garibaldi?

Come on, Neeoma, you know why I'm here.

Yeah, maybe you're looking for an honest job.

[workers laughing]

I'm gonna ignore that.

I have to place you and your people under arrest.

Don't make me do it the hard way.

There is no other way.

So get to it or get out of here.

[indistinct chatter]

[crowd clamoring]

What's the situation, chief?

We've cordoned off the docking bay, give the word we'll pump in morph gas and arrest 'em while they're asleep.

I wanted to avoid this. So did I, commander.

Hey, if memory serves me correctly, it was your guy Delvientos who threw the first punch.

...old wars, but he is not a violent man.

Alberto was the last of his family and every one of 'em was a docker.

You have got to let me talk to him.

You've gotta let me talk to all of them.

Commander, why haven't your men finished clearing those docks yet?

I was just going to do that. Mr. Garibaldi.

'Instruct your men to pull back to Blue Sector.'

Mr. Zento, if you and Ms. Connally will please join me..

What do you need me there for? You'll see.

Pull back to Blue Sector!


Yeah! Chalk one up for the dock workers.


We did it, alright.

[indistinct chatter]

Here they come again.

I hope you know what you're doing, Jeff.

[workers booing]

[intense music]

Quiet down. Hear him out.

Under the Rush Act the senate has empowered me to end this strike.

I'm authorized to use any means necessary.

'Correct, Mr. Zento?' Yes, any means necessary.

[indistinct chatter]

Am I assured of your full support on this?

Absolutely. Then under that authority..

I choose the following means to end this strike.


I am reallocating 1.3 million credits

'from Babylon 5's military budget'

'to begin necessary upgrades of all dockside equipment' and to start hiring additional workers.

[workers cheering]


I am declaring a complete amnesty for any striking worker or guild representative who has committed no other crimes during this period.

[workers cheering]

That's you, kid. You can't do this.

You're right, I couldn't until you convinced the senate to invoke the Rush Act.

You should never hand someone a gun unless you're sure where they'll point at, your mistake.


One minute.

As for the unfortunate incident earlier with Mr. Garibaldi's approval no charges will be pressed.

I figure my people are willing to call it a fair fight if yours are.

'Alright!' 'Yeah! Yeah!'

[workers cheering]

That's my offer, Ms. Connally.

That is, dependent upon your people returning to work immediately Babylon 5 has cargo to move.

'Yeah.' 'Ha-ha-ha..'

You heard the man.

Okay, you dock rats let's get back to work.

[workers cheering]

You know damn well you twisted the intent of that order and you won't get away with it.

I think Ms. Connally said it best the other day.

Stuff it.

I underestimated you, commander.

I'm sorry, and thank you. Save it.

We're both gonna catch seven different kinds of hell over this down the road.

My dad used to say there are no happily-ever-afters just new battles.

Garibaldi. Ms. Connally.

I'll see you around. Pleasure.

Uh, no offense, commander but, uh, you look like week-old bread.

Why don't you get some sleep?

That's exactly what I had in mind now that we've calmed things down.


Sinclair. 'Commander.'

(female #1) 'You better get up here.'

What is it this time?

'G'Kar and Londo are approximately'

'half an inch from killing each other.'

(Sinclair) 'Gentlemen, I've been up for almost two days straight' with no sleep. This makes me a very cranky man.

Yes, we've noticed. Have you considered meditation?

Ambassador G'Kar, you will return Ambassador Mollari's statue.

But, commander, I really must protest.

To even accuse-- G'Kar will return the statue.

Yeah, but.. And that is all I ask.

That and his head on a platter.

Ambassador Mollari, I ran a check on the G'Quan Eth and discovered it had a chemical composition which makes it a controlled botanical substance.

Illegal to possess, except for legitimate medical or religious purposes.

[laughs] Ridiculous.

It is no more harmful than a bottle of your whisky.

File a protest if you wish but you'll have to turn the plant over to me.

You'll be fully compensated.

Alright, commander.

You may have the G'Quan Eth.

Thank you, ambassador. Oh..

I have already gotten my enjoyment from it anyway.

Ambassador G'Kar when you have returned Londo's statue I'll turn the G'Quan Eth over to you and you'll compensate Londo for it, full price.

Why should I turn the statue over assuming that I knew where it was when it's already too late for the ceremony?

Mollari knows that. That's why he gave in so easily.

This ritual is supposed to be performed in the sunlight that has touched the G'Quan Mountain on a particular day at a particular time.

'Right?' Yes.

'But as your people went into space' it wasn't always possible to be at the foot of that mountain.

And pray in that sunlight. Yes, yes.

If we can't be there, we must still make our prayers at the same moment as those on our planet.

What you forgot to take into account is that sunlight also travels through space.

'Think about it.'

'This station is 12.2 light years from Narn.'

'That's just a little over ten of your light years.'

The sunlight that touched G'Quan Mountain ten of your years ago will reach this station in twelve hours.

'It's been on a long journey' but it's still the same sunlight good enough for you to conduct your ceremony.

Wouldn't you agree?

Yes, it might be.

Commander, you are a far more spiritual man than I gave you credit for.

There are a couple of Jesuit teachers I know who might disagree with you.

I want that statue returned.

I'm sure a careful search will turn it up.

I'll see to it immediately.

Commander...thank you.

[exhales sharply]

Computer, hold all transmissions. I'm going to bed.

(computer) 'You have one transmission holding.'

Put it through.

Senator Hidoshi, I've been expecting your call.

Remind me never to play poker with you.

Sinclair, you are a hell of a gambler.

This time you won.

The senators decided to let your decision on the strike stand without comment.

I'm glad they see it my way.

They do not, but public opinion is on your side.

I see.

'Commander, I admire what you've done there.'

My great-grandfather worked the new Kobe space docks until the day he died.

I will admit, the discomfort you've given some of my colleague pleases me.

[laughs] This is why I'm telling you this.

Orin Zento has powerful friends.

'By embarrassing him, you embarrass them.'

Today you have made new enemies.

If I were you, commander I would watch things very carefully.

You are not the most popular person in government circles right now.


So what else is new?

[intense music]

(G'Kar) 'The gift of time.'

The gift of life.

The gift of wisdom.

The gift of light.

For these things we are thankful.

For these things we pray.

(all) For these things we are thankful.

For these things we pray.

[singing in foreign language]

[theme music]

[music continues]