Babylon 5 S1E16 Script

Eyes (1994)

[instrumental music]

[device beeping]


Stop program.

Forgive me for disturbing you in your quarters, Mr. Garibaldi.

But I've had urgent orders from Ambassador Delenn.

What can I do for the Minbari?

Shaal Mayan will shortly be returning here.

In light of the incident which occurred during her last visit to Babylon 5 Ambassador Delenn would like a full security detail assigned to her.

Good idea. Give me her itinerary and I'll arrange it.

Thank you.

E-excuse me, what sort of machine is this?

Well, it's an Earth antique. Mint condition.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11, vintage 1992.

And we're talkin' liquid-cooled dual overhead cams

16-valve, a 1052 CC, in-line four twin Ram Air induction, 6-speed gearbox and 320 millimeter front disks with four piston calipers.

It's the best performance bike of its time.

Or it will be when I figure out how to put the damn thing together.

Well, it sounds most impressive. Uh, what exactly does it do?

What does it do? It's a motorcycle.

You ride it!

[imitates engine revving] Huh?

Ah, a vehicle.

(Garibaldi) 'Oh, it's more than just a vehicle.'

This baby's a piece of Earth history.

History. That is an interest of mine.

Yeah, well, I've been building this little piece of history for the last five years

'scrounging parts wherever I could.'

'Now I've got 'em all if I could just' figure out where they all go.

I won this manual in a blackjack game but doesn't do any much good, it's in Japanese.

Given some time to study this manual perhaps I could be of assistance.

Well, at this point, I'll take all the help I can get.

Garibaldi. 'Mr. Garibaldi.'

(male #1) 'Please report to the briefing room.'

On my way. Well, duty calls.

History calls.



What do you think?

Most of the personnel will be no trouble.

This one, however.. Anything you can't handle?

I don't have to handle it. Her record's spotless.

There's no need to include her.

That's not your decision, and she will be included.

Records don't always tell the whole story.

That's one of the reasons you're here, Mr. Gray, remember?

As you wish.

When do we begin?

As always, Mr. Gray, when the time is right.

(male narrator) It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind..

...10 years after the Earth-Minbari War.

The Babylon Project was a dream given form.

Its goal, to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully.

It's a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs and wanderers.

Humans and aliens, wrapped in two million, five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night.

It can be a dangerous place.

But it's our last, best hope for peace.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2258.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

Mars command confirmed that the attack on station Phobos is tied to a series of terrorist incidents directed against Earthforce.

Free Mars? They're not sure.

In the last year independence movements have sprung up all over the colony, some even more radical than Free Mars.

Earthforce is concerned that Babylon 5 will become a source of arms for the groups and so am I.

(Ivanova) 'It'll be difficult to stop.'

According to our trade agreements, aliens have the right to sell arms on B-5 as long as all transfers take place off-station.

That's why Earth Central has implemented an embargo on all unauthorized arms shipments to Mars colony.

We can't stop a legitimate sale, but we can notify Earthforce of any ship carrying weapons there.

I want all cargos and flight logs thoroughly checked.

Also watch for known arms dealers and smugglers and track of any recent arrivals from Mars colony.

Will do.


So, how long have you been stationed here, Officer Welch?

Since B-5 went online.

Do you like it? It beats a kick in the teeth.

How about Commander Sinclair?

Does he beat a kick in the teeth?

Do I know you? Aaron Franks.

Quartermaster Corporation.

We're hoping to supply the station and I'm trying to find out everything I can.

Well, I'm trying to eat my lunch. Quietly.

Sorry to bother you.

Station, Assistant Lou Welch.

Patch me through to Mr. Garibaldi.

(computer) 'And the last gasoline-powered motorcycle was built in 2035.'

'In popular Earth culture, the motorcycle was often seen'

'as a symbol of independence of spirit, freedom'

'sexual prowess and rebellion.'

"Sexual prowess and rebellion."

[dramatic music]

[crowd clamoring]

Hey, Jax. Mr. Garibaldi.

That guy who was just talking to you, what did he want?

Uh, he said his name was Aaron Franks.

Um, he was asking questions about Commander Sinclair how often he stopped by here, who he drank with?

It didn't make much sense, but that's nothing new around here.


Commander, I think we have a problem.

Some guy named Aaron Franks has been asking a lot of odd questions all over the station.

What kind of questions? About you. About the station.

He arrived three days ago from LeGrange 2 with another man named Harriman Gray.

According to their credentials, they're business agents representing Quartermaster Corporation.

I checked, and as far as I can tell, they're legit.

QM Corporation is an independent military supplier.

They could be looking for a contract.

Or they could have the perfect cover for arms smugglers.

LeGrange 2 is a stone's throw from Mars colony.

Have a talk with Mr. Franks. But walk softly.

The last thing we need is a corporate lawsuit.

[intercom beeps]


(Garibaldi) 'This is Security Chief Garibaldi.'

'I'd like to speak to Aaron Franks.'

He's not in.

(Garibaldi) 'In that case, I'd like to speak to you.'

Uh, a moment, please.



Mr. Gray?

Is there something I can help you with something?

You're and Mr. Franks, are business agents for Quartermaster Corporation, is that correct?

Yes, we're hoping to get a military supply contract with Babylon 5.

Then why haven't you spoken to Commander Sinclair?

You've been here for three days.

Aaron, this is-- Mr. Garibaldi. Very good.

You know me? Intimately.

Fix you a drink? I don't drink.

Really? Good.

It's a vile habit when abused.

It makes a soldier weak. Gets him in a lot of trouble.

You're starting to irritate me, Mr. Franks and I don't like being irritated. It gives me gas.

The name isn't Franks.

It's Colonel Ari Ben Zayn, Earthforce Internal Affairs.

You're Eyes? I'm an internal investigator.

Mr. Gray is a military specialist from Psi Corps.

We're here to make a special investigation of Babylon 5 command staff.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

(Colonel Ari) 'Recent events on Mars colony and elsewhere'

'have shown the need for increased scrutiny'

'of all off-world installations.'

Similar investigations are taking place on all our outposts, we must know who is loyal to Earthforce and who isn't.

As commander of Babylon 5, I personally vouch for the loyalty of every member of my staff.

And I resent your tactics, you have no right to snoop around the station without my knowledge.

I have every right, commander!

My authority comes directly from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

'I'm not here to persecute anyone.'

I just want to ask some questions and clarify a few details.

It's all fairly routine.

And what part does Psi Corp play in this routine?

Regulations prohibit the use of telepaths in commander-level investigation.

There are new regulations, Lieutenant Commander Ivanova.

And under that all staff must submit to telepathic scan as part of an official investigation.

Command staff as well. The hell I will.

Psi Corp may be running the rest of the world--


I'll check these new regulations, colonel.

Meanwhile, I'll have someone show you

'and Mr. Gray to new quarters in Blue Sector.'

Mr. Garibaldi will escort me. Mr. Garibaldi has duties.

Not anymore, I'm assigning him to my staff for the duration of this investigation.

What? I like his style.

As chief of security, Mr. Garibaldi is essential to the operation of this station.

Is there some problem with Babylon 5 security?

You made no mention of it in your last report.

No, there's no problem--

(Colonel Ari) 'Then Garibaldi's second can handle it for a few days.'

I need him to expedite this matter.

I'll present you with an interview schedule shortly.

You may carry on, commander.

Mr. Gray.

Mr. Garibaldi.

A pleasure to meet you all.

By God, if I ever find out who's behind this circus act!

I will not submit to a telepathic scan, commander.

It's against my person and my principles.

I don't like it any better than you do.

Enough people have played with my brain already this year.

Return to duty. And I won't let it happen.

To either of us.

Computer, subject. Earthforce law.

(computer) 'Accessing files.'

You're not happy about this investigation are you, Mr. Garibaldi?

Do I have the colonel's permission to speak freely?

Getting the truth is my job.

I expect to hear it whenever you talk to me.

Well, in that case, I think this is the biggest pile of horse hockey I ever saw.

Who the hell's running Earthforce, Abbott and Costello?


Abbott and Costello, I like them.

I require all your security files regarding Babylon 5 staff including classified and confidential files.

You'll have it in the morning. Tonight, Mr. Garibaldi!

Do it personally.

When they're compiled bring them here immediately.

Yes, sir.

M-Mr. Garibaldi. Mr. Lennier?

Something wrong with the security arrangements for Shaal Mayan's visit?

Oh, no, no, they're quite satisfactory. Thank you.

I-I wish to speak with you about the, the bike.

What about it? Well, I believe..

I could help you assemble it. Quite easily.

Although there are few points that I'm confused about.

Mr. Lennier, I'm too busy for this right now.

Well, then perhaps I could begin the work for you.

With Ambassador Delenn off station, my duties are small.

And it would be good to be of use.

I don't think... I must admit, Mr. Garibaldi.

I've become fascinated by this vehicle.

Do you realize that it was a symbol of masculinity in your society at one time?

Okay, okay, fine, I'll clear you for access to my quarters.

But if you damage anything-- I assure you.

I will exercise extreme caution.

And thank you, very much.

Computer, this is Michael Garibaldi chief of security. Confirm voice ID.

(computer) 'Confirmed. Command?'

Transfer all files pertaining to Earthforce military personnel stationed on Babylon 5 to crystal port.

Include secure files.

(computer) 'Please input proper code and password.'

Peekaboo. 'Commencing.'

(computer) 'Transfer will take 1.4 hours.'

(man on radio) 'Sector 2, we're all green down here.'

While that's working, load interweb program.

(computer) 'Parameters?'

All info on Colonel Ari Ben Zayn, Earthforce Internal and Mr. Harriman Gray, Psi Corp military specialist.

The usual sources. Code all responses Gold-2.

(computer) 'Acknowledged. Commencing interweb link.'

[dramatic music]

(Ivanova) 'Confirmed, Epsilon. Clear to begin zero-G cargo transfer.'

Lieutenant commander?

Civilians are not allowed on the observation dome without authorization from Commander Sinclair. Please go.

Well, as the colonel's liaison I have every right to be here.

So relax, I just wanted to look at the stars for a moment.

They never lose their beauty, do they?

Mr. Gray, I am very busy. Lieutenant commander.

I'm aware of your hostility toward Psi Corps and the reason for it.

And I sympathize. You do? How nice.

I shall send you a card on your birthday.

[chuckles] You know, when I was a boy I dreamed of being a combat pilot.

I built models of every space fighter that was available.

I collected squadron patches. It was all I ever wanted to be.

When I was 16, I applied to Air Dome and I was accepted.

And then my talent manifested itself the first month and telepaths aren't allowed in regular military service.

So I was expelled. I'm so sorry.

It's not easy to have your dreams snatched away just because you're different.

And I didn't take it very well. Then the Corps came.

They said I could still serve in Earthforce as a Psi Corps liaison.

A boyhood dream come true. I'm in tears.

It saved my life. Gave me purpose again.

And granted it's not the same as your kind of soldiering but part of a dream is better than none..

Is there a point to this story, Mr. Gray?

I just want you to know I love the Force.

And respect the people like you who serve in it.

A pretty speech. Did the colonel write this for you?

No, but he's going to insist that everyone be scanned.

And it's just easier if you accept that.

Now, I give you my word, I'll respect your personal privacy.

The only thoughts I'll be looking for are those concerned wit h your duties in Earthforce.

And given your record, I'm certain you have nothing to fear.

Mr. Gray, I'm grateful Psi Corps has given you a purpose in life.

When that purpose includes scanning my mind to prove my loyalty, it's not only invasion of my privacy but my honor!

As for fear, if you enter my mind for any reason I will twist your head off and use it for a chamber pot!

If you'll excuse me.

[intense music]

[dramatic music]

(Colonel Ari) 'These Vorlons have been trouble ever since they arrived.'

Yeah, well, they're like that. Real fun guys.

And yet Commander Sinclair made no protest against their actions in the Deathwalker affair.

Odd, don't you think?

Protests are as much use with the Vorlons as fairy wings on a cement truck.

If you have anything else to ask about the commander's decisions I suggest you ask him, sir.

I intend to. At 1200. Inform him.

Then get some sack time. I'll want you there too.

If I knew who God was, I'd thank her.

[intense music]

Mr. Garibaldi, you look like the back end of an Orion slich.

Oh, and a gracious good morning to you, commander.

I've been up all night with Colonel Ben Hitler.

He wants to interview you at 1200.

Good, the sooner we get this lunacy disposed off the quicker we can get back to doing our job.

Look, this is no routine investigation, Jeff.

Ben Zayn's questioning everything that's happened in the past year from Raghesh III, Deathwalker the Darker Strike, Jason Ironheart

'to the sabotage attempt during the president's visit.'

'He's questioning every major command decision you've made.'

Let him, they're all on the record and they've all been approved.

That won't stop him. You know how Eyes work.

They're like judge and jury.

'They twist the facts to their own satisfaction' and always assume you have something to hide.

Maybe we do. Explain.

(Garibaldi) 'Look, I know you're a by-the-book guy, Jeff' but let's face it.

We've rewritten the book a few times to make B-5 work.

And made a few enemies along the way.

You know what's happening back on Earth on Mars, all over the alliance.

The president's being attacked on all sides.

'Off-world groups are screaming for independence.'

Earth Central's falling apart anti-alien groups are spreading their poison everywhere on and on and on.

Guys like Ben Zayn thrive in that kinda climate.

(Sinclair) 'All the more reason to stand up to him, Michael.'

Earth Alliance may have problems but they can't be solved by trampling on human dignity.

Yeah. What about Psi Corps?

Ironheart warned us about them pulling the strings.

I'll deal with them too. Alright, look.

This time, you walk soft, Jeff.

I've seen this kind of witch-hunt before.

It can get ugly. Um..

I'm checking a few sources to try to find some data on these two guys, just in case it does.

I appreciate it, Michael. We'll come through it alright.

Now, get some sleep. Oh, I intend to.

[chanting in foreign language]

Ah, Mr. Garibaldi, I was just about to embark on the mysteries of the fuel injection system.

Would you care to join me? 'Well, do me a favor.'

Embark on a journey to your quarters so I can get some sleep.

Please forgive me, my enthusiasm for this project has made me insensitive to your needs.

I will leave at once.

When may I begin the work again?

If I kill him, I would start a war.

Come back after 1200.

Domo Arigato.

[chuckles softly]

Not bad.

Not bad.

[intense music]

[evil laugh]

[indistinct whispering]

[evil laughter]

[whispering continues]

[echoing] Susan!

(female #1) 'Susan Ivanova!'

(Sofie) 'Susan, here.'

(Susan) 'Momma?'


[dramatic music]

Will it make the voices go away?

No, but it will make them sing like birds, Sofie.

A shame if you refuse to cooperate.

Momma, don't let them do it. Don't let them!

Don't interfere, soldier. The colonel insists.


[screams] Momma!

Only one way out.

Only one way.


Momma? Momma!


She'll be fine. Now, do you hear the birds?

A real shame.

Momma, it's me Susan.

Only one way out.

Only one way.



[crying] Momma?

[gasping] Lights.

[deep breathing]

(computer) 'Article 35 of the Earthforce code states'

'that a hearing must be held before five senior officers.'

'In some instances..' Come.

My apologies, commander, but this matter can't wait.

What's this about?

I wish to resign my commission effective immediately.


I had a talk with Mr. Gray, last night.

He said that the colonel will insist that I be scanned.

I cannot allow that, and this is the only way to avoid it.

Without putting you in a bad position.

Forget it. I refuse to accept your resignation.

I'm within my rights.

I won't have the Psi Corps probing me like some sort of a lab specimen.

And I won't have you ruin your career or leave Babylon 5.

You're too important to me.

Besides, I've found a way to avoid the scans within the regulations.

Are you sure? Yes.


Uh, may I borrow your PPG to shoot myself squarly in the head?

That won't be necessary. This time.

[chuckles] Thank you, commander.

'Susan.' Yes?

(Sinclair) 'Why are so you afraid of being scanned?'

Surely, your mother must have made contact with your mind at one time or another.

Yes, she did.

You can't imagine what it's like.. share your own mother's love for you.

To feel it in your thoughts.

No one's ever been that close to me, commander.

And no one must ever intrude upon that memory.

Especially Psi Corps.


Aren't you tired of studying that file?

Sinclair is a complex man.

I need to know everything about him.

Including his secrets.

You know Psi Corps rules prohibit deep scans--

Don't be naive, Harriman.

Psi Corps want this as much as I do.

Sinclair got one of your people killed.

Mr. Bester will appreciate anything that you can turn up.


Colonel. Commander, please take a seat.

I will, as soon as Mr. Gray leaves the room.

You did check the regulations, didn't you, commander?

Thoroughly, I also checked Earthforce law and the opinion of the Senate Military Bureaus to the interpretation of them.

They clearly state that telepathic scans are allowed only to determine the truth of specific charges brought in an internal investigation.

They are not meant as a blanket for loyalty checks.

Interpreting regulations for a senior officer could be considered insubordination.

No, sir, I am simply exercising command privilege to officially question a new regulation as outlined by Article 35 of the Earthforce Code.

In case you're not familiar with it, it requires a hearing before five senior officers.

Until such a hearing is held, I'm within my rights to refuse a scan on myself or on any member of my crew.

I believe that the commander is correct about the regulation.

Even Psi Corps doesn't consider it a carte blanche rule.

I don't remember asking for your opinion, Mr. Gray.

Very well, commander. We'll play your game for the moment.

Harriman, you're dismissed.

Mr. Garibaldi, you will join me as an official witness to this interview.

'We wouldn't want the commander to feel'

'his rights were being violated.'


We will begin with your actions during the Raghesh III incident.

[indistinct chatter]


[dramatic music]

Commander Ivanova, may I sit down?

Aren't you supposed to be peeking into someone's mind?


You're very charming, in an odd sort of way.

Uh, the fact is, I've been dismissed.

It seems Commander Sinclair knows the regulations very well.

Well, the commander prizes knowledge and honesty.

So I noticed.

I will long savor the look on the colonel's face.

Not many people are willing to stand up to him.

It was very refreshing.

I'm curious. You're not like most Psi Corp people.

You don't seem overly fond of the colonel.

I'm not.

He's efficient, but he lacks compassion.

Sometimes I wonder if he's even human.

As for Psi Corp, I doubt you really know any of our people well, especially Miss Winters.

You're scanning me! I'm sorry.

The thought of Miss Winters was loud in your mind when I mentioned Psi Corps, I couldn't help but pick it up.

Please forgive me.

I am surprised you were aware of it. Unless..

Of course, she must have been in your mind numerous times before she was given the sleepers. Your mother..

You are never to discuss my mother! Ever!

Is that clear?

Ivanova. 'Lieutenant commander.'

(male #2) 'You're needed in the observation dome.'

(Colonel Ari) 'You allocated 1.3 million credits from' the military budget to settle an illegal civilian strike.

You consider that a responsible act?

I was given authority to end the strike by any means necessary and we had no use for the credits.

Sinclair. 'Commander.'

(Ivanova) 'We've had a further development on one of those arms deal.'

This is Colonel Ben Zayn, Commander Sinclair is in the middle of an investigation and cannot be disturbed, whatever it is lieutenant commander, handle it.

I've had enough of this. Your insinuations are bad enough.

'But when you interfere with the operation of this station--'

Sit down, commander. You haven't been dismissed.

The hell I will. You have a complaint against me, make it.

Otherwise this interview is over.

Stand fast, mister!

I've seen plenty like you.

Hotshots, promoted out through the ranks without any real leadership ability.

You think because you fought on the Line normal military standards don't apply to you.

'Well, think again, hero.'

As of this moment, I am relieving you of command pending a full inquiry before a military tribunal.

What? You heard me.

I'm assuming command of Babylon 5.

As of now, I'm in charge.

You son of a-- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, Jeff.

He's trying to bait you and he's hoping you swallow it whole.

What's your justification for this action?

Beyond the facts that I am working with direct authority of the Joint Chiefs, I also outrank you.

And Article 52, "A commander found to be working

"against the best interests of Earthforce may be summarily removed from his post by a superior officer."

Oh, give me a break. You can't prove that.

Yes, I can, Mr. Garibaldi. With the help of Mr. Gray.

As I am bringing specific charges, the regulations on telepathic scan now apply.

We will re-convene here in one hour to continue this investigation.

One more thing.

Mr. Sinclair will be confined to his quarters.

He's not to take part in command action or have any further contact with Babylon 5 staff, yourself included.

Understood, Mr. Garibaldi?

[intense music]

Things are worse than I thought, Michael.

I'll have to go directly to HQ.

See if your sources have uncovered anything on Ben Zayn.

But first get to the dome.


I'll expect reports from all your stations by 1700 sharp.

That's all for now.

[indistinct announcements]

Mr. Garibaldi, what the hell is going on?

I wish I had a clue. Lieutenant Commander.

At 1500, Mr. Garibaldi will escort you to Blue 8 for a formal inquiry.

Mr. Gray will also be present.

I'll be in my quarters until then.

I don't know what this guy's after but he's pulling out all the stops to get it.

I won't submit to a scan.

He'll charge you with insubordination.

And I'll be replaced and dishonorably discharged.

It's a very Russian ending. I should've expected it.

Station 1, ask Major Atambe to take my post.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


Hey, hey, hey, wait up.

Am I wrong or are you leaving your post?

Yes, I am.

I've always been proud to be a member of Earthforce but right now, I'd sooner serve the Minbari.

At least they've got a sense of honor.

[sighs] once offered to buy me a drink, Garibaldi.

If that offer still stands, I think I could use one.

Yeah, yeah, sure.

I'll tell you what, I'll meet you in the casino in 10 minutes.

I gotta check something out first.

In the meantime, just stay cool, alright?


Okay. We can beat this together. Somehow.

(female #2) Okay, I'll take care of it.

These are difficult times, Sinclair.

Now you've ruffled some feathers in command in the senate.

Something like this was bound to happen.

You have the authority to stop it.

The president's Trade and Immigration Act comes up for a vote soon, he's gonna need all the support he can get.

If I intervene in this matter, it'll cost him dearly.


Are you serious?

These investigations have the backing of powerful factions.

Given the situation on Mars and elsewhere we agreed to go along with them.

We can't back out now.

Look, we know you're doing a good job out there

'and I'm sure you'll be completely exonerated' if any charge is brought against you.

And I promise I'll do all I can to help when the time is right.

Good luck, Jeff.

Come on, baby. Alright!

[crowd cheering]

Yeah! Three nebulas in a row.

I am hot tonight. Pay up.

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

Another one. Hey, hey, careful.

Ooh, I am hot. Check out the cute commander.

Cute? Oh, yeah.

(Sinclair) 'Garibaldi, you're early.'

I picked up something on the interweb.

It looks like you and Ben Zayn have something in common.

What? Well..

You were both considered for command of Babylon 5.

Now he was in the top 10, but you were..

Yeah, well, somewhere below that.

Anyway, you also have a mutual friend. Bester.

The Psi Corps?

He assigned Gray to Ben Zayn.

He and the colonel are buddies.

Remember Bester saying he'd see you again after what happened with Ironheart?

'Yeah, well, I smell a con job here.'

I'd bet on it, Bester said I hadn't heard the last of him

'after his partner was killed on Babylon 5.'

Maybe the colonel is his way of getting revenge.

But what can I do about it? This is all circumstantial.

It proves nothing unless-- Garibaldi.

(female #3) 'Chief, we have a big problem in the casino.'

'A big problem.' Ivanova.

I forgot all about her. I'm on my way.



Are you going to arrest me, Garibaldi?

No way, I wanna live to see the future.

I just wanna talk with you and reason with you recite a few choice passages from my favorite reading.

For as long as it takes. You don't play fair.

Okay, I surrender. Alright. Oxy pill.

This'll help you pull yourself together.

What? For my court-martial?

Commander's last shot. Clean up this trash.

Commander. Mr. Gray.

I thought I'd find you here.

Talia Winters says most telepaths like to feel the acoustics of a room before they perform a scan.

The talent is a delicate thing.

You'd be surprised what may affect it.

I imagine you're very good at it.

That's probably why Mr. Bester assigned you to this job.

You must be mistaken, I don't know him at least not personally.

Odd. He and the colonel are very good friends.

Maybe you're scanning the wrong people.

Harriman, take your place.

Sinclair, if you please.

All recorders on.

Send in Lieutenant Commander Ivanova and Mr. Garibaldi.

This interview will cite specific charges

'against Mr. Sinclair'

'and he and his staff will submit to telepathic scan' to determine the validity of these charges. Mr. Gray.

I won't be scanning you deeply but only verifying your responses to specific questions.

It won't hurt unless you try to resist it.

Please relax, answer truthfully and try to avoid strong emotion.

Will you be scanning the colonel as well?

[chuckling] Now, what're you playing at?

You're the commander of Babylon 5 now.

The regulation says all involved parties on staff may be scanned.

And you're involved, colonel, up to your neck.

That will be all, mister.

You're here to answer questions.

The intent of a question is sometimes as important as the answer, for instance if I were to ask you why you turned a routine investigation into a personal hunt for my scalp..

You flatter yourself, Sinclair.

Do I? It must've stuck in your craw when you were passed over for command of Babylon 5.

'Passed over for a "hotshot without'

'any real leadership ability."'

Sinclair, I'm warning you.

There was nothing you could do, of course.

Until your friend Bester thought of a way to get even for you and for himself.

You're insane. Maybe I am.

Maybe it's crazy to think that Earthforce still respects honor, freedom and human dignity when a maggot like you can spit on some of the best officers I've ever served.

'All for the sake of your own ambition.'

By God, man, I'll have you before execution squad for this.

I faced death on the Line.

Where were you, colonel?

Picking trash out of garbage cans to prove who was loyal and who wasn't?

I got this leading people into battle, Sinclair.

In Israel, on New Jerusalem, Cyrus 3 and a hundred more.

I saw more death than you could ever conceive of but I won my battles and I deserved this command.

I deserved it!

But thanks to those damn Minbari, you got it!

Yes, I know all about you and the Minbari.

But you won't be doing their bidding much longer.

I'm commander of Babylon 5 now!

And all your lies won't change that.

(Harriman) 'It's you who's lying, colonel.'

I can feel the hatred in you. It's sick, deep, filthy.

You're in my mind, you little..


Stay where you are! Colonel, it's over.

It's over for you, Sinclair.

You and these misfits you call soldiers

'I'll have you all up before a tribunal.'

Go ahead, captain. He can't get all of us.

Famous last words from a trio of mutineers.

Colonel. Pain.


I assume the investigation is concluded?


[dramatic music]


...the Ninja ZX-11.

What've you done? You are not pleased?

I said you could work on it a little, not finish it.

I do not understand. I wanted to build it myself.

It was kind of a purpose in my life.

Now it's..


I have made a grievous error.

Please forgive me.

Uh, never mind.

You did a beautiful job.

It's great, isn't it? Huh?

It's too bad we can't ride it. Oh, it's quite rideable.

Don't tell me you came up with some gas too?

Gasoline is harmful to both living beings and the atmosphere as your people discovered.

I have installed a Minbari power source instead.

Clean and efficient.

Get out of here. Yes, of course.

No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. I didn't mean go, I meant..

Never mind. Give me a hand with this, huh?

I never thought I'd be grateful to a member of Psi Corps.

I hope this affair doesn't turn out badly for Mr. Gray.

He'll be alright, the record clearly shows the colonel overstepped his bounds and a psychiatric scan should confirm his mental state is unstable.

And Mr. Bester?

Mr. Bester is not the type to come too far out of the shadows.

And there are bound to be some questions raised over this.

[engine revving]

It's good to have things back to normal.

[engine revving]

[theme music]