Babylon 5 S1E17 Script

Legacies (1994)

[intense music]

(Garibaldi) 'I still don't understand why we have to lay out' the welcome mat for these guys.

When the greatest warrior leader the Minbari ever had dies suddenly while on a diplomatic tour it's natural they'd wanna honor him on his journey home.

The way they're doing it, displaying his body to every Minbari from the Euphrates Sect to their home planet, sounds like war drums to me.

Minbari vessel coming through.

[dramatic music]

A war cruiser.

Never thought I'd see one of those again.

Mitchell, stay in formation! It might be a..

Oh, my God! It's a trap! Mitchell!

(Mitchell) 'I got a clear shot. I can take him. I can take him.'

'Break off!' 'I'm hit! Ejecting!'

[Mitchell screams]

Well, they're still big and ugly.

[music continues]

(man on PA) 'Attention..'

'You can now find all your culinary needs'

'at Ralph's Kitchen on level 6.'

'Fresh chocolates are on special while they last.'

'Please bring your own folding bags.'


Ivanova here. 'Lieutenant commander.'

'The Minbari ship is through.' I'm on my way.

Check, please.

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

Yeah, that's good, right there.

(woman on PA) '...hold the dinner pass'

'in auction in 33118'

'this Saturday at 21 hours through the scanner.'

'All population is cordially invited to attend.'

'For information, contact..'

[indistinct chatter]


Hey-hey-hey! Come back here! Thief!

Thief! Stop! Thief! Stop her!

[intense music]



Get Dr. Franklin fast. You know this girl?

No. She's just taken a mind-burst.

She's a telepath.

Commander, we've just finished the security scan.

The Minbari's coming in with her gun ports open.

'She's armed for a fight.'

[intense music]

(male narrator) It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind ten years after the Earth-Minbari War.

The Babylon Project was a dream given form.

Its goal, to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully.

It's a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs and wanderers.

Humans and aliens, wrapped in 2,500,000 tons of spinning metal all alone in the night.

It can be a dangerous place but it's our last, best hope for peace.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2258.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[intense music]

Minbari vessels still closing with gun ports open.

Recommend we activate defense grid.

Just in case. Agreed.

This is Babylon control to Minbari war-cruiser, Ingata.

Your gun ports are in attack position.

We've activated our defense system. Please explain.

We are on a peaceful mission, commander.

Then why are your gun ports open?

We have no interest in explaining our ways to you.

[music continues]

I'm sorry there has been a misunderstanding, commander.

If you will scan the ship you will find that the guns are not active.

Confirmed. No targeting sensors detected.

It's only a symbol to show they carry the body of a great warrior leader.

Do you not also have something in your military traditions to honor a fallen leader?

Yes, the riderless horse, the missing-man formation.

It's no more than that.

But while they are parked alongside the captain will certainly comply with your order

'to close the gun ports.'

'Is that satisfactory?'

Barely. Good.

Then if you will excuse me I must prepare to meet the cortege.

You'll both join me there, of course to honor Branmer's memory and to welcome the cortege.

We'll be there.

[instrumental music]

Station One, keep scanning that ship.

If their tracking system so much as blinks in our direction..




Readings are all normal, except the EEG.

What happened to her?

She took a mind-burst.

She's a telepath, a strong one.

I felt her scream in my mind when she took the burst.

What do you mean by a burst?

'If you're born with your psi talent active' you'll learn early on to block the noise of other minds.

But sometimes the talent is latent until it's triggered.

Onset of puberty can do it.

This girl looks about the right age for that.

So the reaction is the same as if a deaf person suddenly heard a rocket engine screaming in her head?

Exactly, she didn't know what was happening and her mind just ran away and hid.

If her telepathic abilities just woke up and the Psi Corps doesn't know about her yet..

There's got to be some genetic record somewhere.

As soon as we find out who she is I'll arrange for her transport to Earth.

A Psi Corps rep can meet her there.

Negative. She was committing a theft when she went down.

She's under station jurisdiction until that is dealt with.

She's not going anywhere. You're not being reasonable.

Fine, it's my call, and I'm making it.

Excuse me, but until this is resolved she is still my patient, and I'm ordering you out.

Both of you.

[instrumental music]

You know, Jeff, I can't believe you're really gonna attend this ceremony.

I mean, this Branmer guy planned and led the attack on the line.

I know, he commanded one of the ships that splashed my team.

But the war is over.

At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Giving the Minbari this courtesy is a sign of respect.

It'll help strengthen the reconciliation of our two worlds.

Maybe, but if you ask me this is gonna be nothing but trouble.

[instrumental music]

[drum beats]

[instrumental music]

[drum beats]

Ambassador Delenn.

Alit Neroon.

I welcome you on behalf of all Minbari on this station.

It is an unhappy journey on which you travel.

For the warrior, there is no other end to the journey.

(Delenn) 'This is Commander Sinclair'

'Lieutenant Commander Ivanova' and Chief of Security Garibaldi.

The commander has arranged the place in which the Shai Alit may lie in state.

It is a worthy thing to honor the Shai Alit. Thank you.

And worthy that you would honor the importance of this place with his presence.

Mr. Garibaldi and I will escort you to the area we've set aside.

This way, please.

[instrumental music]

The arrangements are most satisfactory, commander.

Simple, but elegant. Thank you.

Tell me, who is Alit Neroon?

Branmer's aide and executive officer.

He served the Shai Alit for more than 15 years.

I would very much like you to be present at the viewing of the Shai Alit's body tomorrow.

Of course. I sense some reluctance.

Branmer was a hard, canny enemy. It's difficult to forget that.

It is because he was such a great warrior his body is being displayed in this way.

It's not traditional? It is most unusual.

The Star Riders, his clan insisted on it.

You don't like it, do you?

My preferences were not under discussion, commander.



How's she doing? Well, she's coming around.

How do you feel?


[echoes] Gently, Alisa. Calm down.

Do as I say and block out the voices inside your head.

Now relax.

Imagine a wall inside your mind behind your eyes.

Build it, brick by brick.

I can't! Yes, you can! Focus!

See the wall.

[echoes] The sounds go away as the wall goes higher.

You'll only hear what you wanna hear.

Yes, like that.

Just like that.

It's better.

So where did you get her name?

She can't control her talent.

She's broadcasting every thought in her head.

Her name is Alisa Beldon.

She came to the station with her father looking for work.

Computer, access Beldon, Alisa.

(computer) 'Commencing search. File found.'

Here it is. Came here two years ago with her father.

Both Earthborn. She was 12.

'Mother's death recorded on Earth six years prior.'

No further information.

Her father died last year. An accident.

She's been living on her own in Downbelow ever since.

Am I under arrest?

I had to eat.

You don't stay alive unless you got credits to pay with.

You don't have to feel bad about it.

'I'm used to doing for myself.'

My mom died young, too, same as yours.

Stop that!

What's the matter?

Alisa, you must never read someone's mind without permission.

But it was so plain.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything.

As I said, she needs to be properly trained.

The sooner you're with the Psi Corps, the better you'll be able to deal with this gift of yours.

(Ivanova) 'We still haven't dealt with the charges against her.'

Let's take care of one crisis at a time, shall we?

Keep me informed of her condition.

Lieutenant commander is there any particular reason why you're interested in this case?


She's not leaving here, Ms. Winters not as long as I have anything to say about it.

[instrumental music]

Station your people at all the access ports.

And make sure they check-- Commander!

Alit, I trust you've found everything to your satisfaction.

There are procedures that must be followed while the Shai Alit's body lies in state.

You will keep all other races, especially humans away from the area until the viewing ceremony begins.

Uh, don't worry, my security team will--

No! No human security.

'I have arranged for Minbari guards'

'on the Shai Alit's body during the night.'

Neither you nor any of your officers will interfere with them.

Oh, now just a minute--

Mr. Garibaldi, diplomacy.

Anything else you'd like? That will suffice for now.

(Neroon) These are my requirements, commander.

This is my station. I don't take orders here.


Is this how you reacted on the line, commander?

This isn't the line. No.

We were in control there. How would you like to--

It's been my experience that discussions of old battles only interest historians.

What do you think, commander?

I think... I have a station to run.

Now if you'll excuse us..

Diplomacy, commander?


[instrumental music]

[drum beats]

[instrumental music]

[drum beats]

This was the greatest of us.

Warrior, leader the hero of the line!

He fought with honor, bravery and with vision.

Now he belongs to the ages.

[instrumental music]

[intense music]

Where is the Shai Alit?


[music continues]

Where is the Shai Alit's body?

That's what we're gonna find out.

I've launched a full-scale investigation.

This is a grave offense, commander. Unforgivable.

Minbari warriors are heedless of their own lives in battle

'but the body of a warrior must be treated'

'with extreme reverence.'

Branmer's death was a great sorrow to us.

To lose the vessel of his soul will bring his clan's fury upon you.

Are you threatening to make war over this?

That is how the last one started with the murder of Dukhat!

That was a tragic accident.

And if this is another such accident--

If I may no matter how great the loss it is not our way to let a single clan dictate Minbari policy.

(Delenn) 'We will appreciate your best efforts' to solve this mystery, commander.

I suggest we allow them to get on with their investigation.

I've got a few things to tend to.

Fun, fun, fun.

Garibaldi was right.

He said this was going to be trouble.

There's nothing more annoying than Mr. Garibaldi when he's right.


If you've got a moment for another matter, commander a personal matter?

We found a young girl, an orphan.

'She's been living in Downbelow.'

And it turns out she's a telepath.

Now Ms. Winters wants to send her to the Psi Corps immediately.

I believe she should have a choice in what happens to her.

I agree. But does she have any other choice?


If we can keep her under our jurisdiction long enough for us to find it.

Commander, what happened before my mother..

...I just can't let this slide.

I know. Do what you think is right.

I'll back your play.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

[instrumental music]

Why would anyone wanna take Branmer's body if he was that highly regarded?

Minbari have high regard for him.

As for others..

How did you respond when I first spoke of this to you?


Humans who fought Branmer have no love for him.

There are elements on Earth who feel that way.

The Home Guard for one.

But if they were responsible for this they would've broadcast the news right away.

But no one's come forth to claim credit for taking this great general's body.

Great general, yes.

The last thing he wanted to be.

Before he became a warrior of the Star Riders clan Branmer was a high priest of the religious caste.

The Holy War against Earth forced him to become a war leader.

He was a brilliant tactician and he believed in the rightness of the war.

He fought because it was a matter of conscience but he never ceased to be a priest in his heart.

I've heard it was the religious caste who issued the surrender order.

'Branmer agreed?' He obeyed.

But there are still warriors who resented.

One of the war leaders, Sinavel, committed suicide rather than give the order to surrender.

And Neroon?

Neroon is also a Star Rider.

He would have died for Branmer.

If Branmer gave an order he would follow it without question.

But now with Branmer gone I get the feeling Neroon's spoiling for a rematch.


We will see what we will see.

How can you even think that we might have had something to do with the disappearance?

Why? Why should we want it? Well, let's see.

Ransom? Embarrassment for the Minbari?

Blackening Babylon 5's reputation?

A thing like that could help your career back home.

Well, I can go on if you want.

I'm sure you could, Mr. Garibaldi but I'm not interested.

The Narn Regime has accomplished many things in its glorious past but body-snatching isn't one of them.

Why don't you ask in the Alien Sector?

I'm sure you could find someone there with an interest in dead bodies.

Oh, no, not the carrion eaters.

[chuckles] Bon appetit.

[instrumental music]

I appreciate the clothes.

The other ones were getting pretty ripe.

We should get you some more outfits before your trip back to Earth.

And The Psi Corps pays for all this?

Of course, the Corps takes care of its own.

Why don't you tell her what else the Psi Corps does when it takes care of someone?

Lieutenant commander, this really isn't any of your concern.

Oh, yes, it is, and you know why it is.

Now why don't you let me talk to her for a while unless you're afraid to let her hear another side?

Psi Corps doesn't sound so bad.

'I don't understand what you have against them.'

Did she tell you what the Psi Corp does to telepaths who don't wanna join them?

No. 'Let me tell you a story.'

It's all about a woman who fell in love, got married had children. It was supposed to be a simple dream.

Just one problem, she was a telepath.

She managed to keep that fact from the Psi Corps till she was 35.

By then she had two young children.

The Corps told her to come with them or go to prison.

But she loved her husband and her children

'and she refused to leave them.'

There was only one way they would let her stay with them.

Every week, for ten years they injected her with drugs that suppressed her telepathic talents.

'Every day she died a little' until she finally ended it by taking her own life.

That was your mother.

That's the image I saw in your mind the other day.

I have no love for the Psi Corps, Alisa.

And you have every right to know everything about them before you decide to join them.

Yeah, but I don't have much of a choice here, do I?

Well, I'm investigating your options.

There may be more than you think.


...can I have my link, please?

Just keeping in practice, in case.

Mr. Garibaldi, what have you discovered?

Does the term "Not much" mean anything to you?

I was promised a complete investigation.

You're getting it.

I thought there might be something with the Llort.

They're pack rats, they collect all sorts of souvenirs for the pure sake of collecting them.

But not bodies.

There's one other possibi-- Chief!

Better take a look at this.

I found that outside the Pak'ma'ra's quarters.

This is a piece of Branmer's burial robe.

What are these Pak'ma'ra?

Carrion eaters.

This is nothing to me.

It was found on the deck directly outside these quarters.

[grunts] I'm not responsible for the cleanliness of your decks.

This material is from the burial robes of an esteemed Minbari leader.

His body's been stolen. And so?

Where is the body? What did you do with it?

Answer the question as a courtesy to our Minbari friends.

I have heard nothing!

Then I'm afraid I have no choice.

I'll have to make a deeper inquiry.

A deeper inquiry?

I'm going to have to insist that you all have your stomachs pumped.


The house, of course, would be decorated entirely to your taste in Earth style or Narnish, if you prefer.

You said something about clothing and jewelry.

Ah, yes, there will be a substantial credit allowance for clothing and other personal adornment in addition to your fee for services.

We are prepared to be extremely generous.

And what services is she supposed to render?

I was making an offer to Alisa not to you, lieutenant commander.

What services?

So simple and yet so rewarding.

All we ask is a small sample of blood and tissue every now and then, say, twice a month.

You know, we are the only race without telepaths.

You would become the mother, genetically speaking of an entire breed of Narn telepaths.

I don't believe this. Mm. Welcome to the club.

Didn't G'Kar try and talk our last telepath into something like this?

'You're trying to succeed where he failed?'

I'd have to live on the Narn home-world.

But it sounds interesting.

You'd probably be the only human there.

Yeah. Ah.

But we are prepared to pay so well for the privilege of entertaining her.

I'd really like to see it.

I almost can if I concen..

[intense music]

I'll talk to you later.

Alisa? I have to lie down.

I hope that isn't a sign of some frailty in her.

Why don't you check her teeth while you're at it?

Think that's a good idea?

I suggest you leave, Na'Toth, promptly.

You've made your offer.

Tell her I expect her answer soon.

Good idea about the teeth.

What happened? I peeked into her mind.

I know I'm not supposed to, but--

What was it like in there?


[sobs] Ugly.


It's not like looking into a human mind.

It felt like I was falling into something terrible.

Look, you-you might wanna remember that when you consider their offer.

Mitch, get back to central, tell 'em to narrow the search.

Don, you and Justin, check Green 2.

Doc, just coming to see you. Any results on those tests?

Yeah, I just got 'em back from the lab.

Next time you can do the stomach pumping of the Pak'ma'ra.

Had to burn two lab coats.

Forget ever getting the smell out of them.

You didn't find anything? No, no.

The Carrion eaters, they ate something, definitely just not Minbari.

And you sure you tested all of them?


So where do you look now, Mr. Garibaldi?

In the beams and rafters, between hulls.

It's the only place left.

Thanks for your help. Alright.

Oh, by the way, you know what they say Narn tastes like?

Yeah, chicken.

Man, I really need a vacation.

(Neroon) 'Your man is useless!'

Stomach contents!

Branmer's body must be found.

If your man, Garibaldi, cannot handle the assignment he must be replaced by someone who can!

Mr. Garibaldi will do his job.

A search of all public areas and quarters had to be done first.

'Now they're looking at the station structure itself.'

If security has to take this place apart and put it back together again, they will.

If Mr. Garibaldi fails in his search I may find it necessary to have my ship assume the job of taking this station apart!

[intense music]

I don't take kindly to threats, Alit.

I do not make threats, commander.

[intense music]

(Ivanova) 'You're definitely a high P-10.'

I bet Na'Toth might up her bid if she saw those test results.

I thought you didn't like contact with the Narn mind.

(Alisa) 'I don't have to go into their minds.'

I'd just have to give them the biogenetic samples they want.

I can supply you with history modules on the Narn Regime.

Take a good look at their home-world, Alisa.

The Centauri occupation left it bleak, barren, almost dead.

The Narns are interested only in conquering other races now.

They make slaves of their victims.

And despite Na'Toth's claims

'they'll probably try and make one of you as well' a little like the Psi Corps.

Lieutenant commander granted you have your problems with the Psi Corps and I sympathize with your feelings but I won't have you poisoning her with them.

Like the facts about the lives they've ruined?

The people they've destroyed? And the good they've done.

Just because your mother didn't cooperate.

Like your friend Ironheart? You leave him out of this.

Don't you dare bring him into this--

Stop it! Stop it, both of you!

'You keep arguing over what you want!'

You don't care about what I want.

You don't even ask!

Alright, Alisa, what do you want?


To know the truth about all my choices.

Is that all of it?

Narn, Psi Corps, the drugs?


There's one more possibility you should consider.



Thank you for taking the time to see us, ambassador.

It is my pleasure.

So, Alisa, you wish to know about Minbari telepaths?

I just wanna see all the cards on the table before I make a bet.

I was not aware there was a game involved.

It's just an expression of speech, ambassador.

Well, perhaps we should start with some general information first.

For the Minbari, psi ability is considered a gift.

Therefore, the use of it is extended as a service to those who have need of it.

They're not paid?

(Delenn) 'Only with a high regard of our people.'

It is not a job, it is a calling.

It's enough for them to be of service.

Then how do they live?

'Those who wish to help others, to serve others' are greatly respected within our culture.

They are encouraged and helped in their goal by making sure that their needs are met.

'They're clothed and fed' and left alone to do what they're called to do.

It is a small price to pay for something that benefits many.

I looked into a Narn mind today. It wasn't pretty.

Apparently, Narnuan minds can cause a problem for someone who isn't trained.

Yes, I have heard this.

We do not all think the same way. We..

[intense music]


I, uh, I think we should go.

Don't you need some more time? No, I got a clear picture.

Thank you.

Is there something going on around here about a dead body?

Yes. Why?

[sighs] I saw something about the body.

I know what happened to it.

Mr. Garibaldi, I need to see you immediately.

[intense music]






What the hell do you think you're doing?

Everywhere has been searched but here where no one would dare to go.


I searched these quarters personally with Ambassador Delenn observing.

I wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up

'and nobody was sneaking around' trying to pull a fast one.

You might wanna try it sometime.

Escort the Alit back to his quarters.

We'll continue the search without his help.

Will do.

I brought someone to see you. Alisa Beldon.

I think you better talk to her, Jeff.

Ms. Beldon?

Commander, there's something you have to know.

When I was talking to Ambassador Delenn I looked inside her head and I saw something.

She covered it up real quick, but, commander she knows who took that Minbari body

'and she knows where it is.'

[intense music]

Ambassador. Good evening, commander.

Mr. Garibaldi.

Shipping something home, ambassador?

Just some personal possessions.

I think we need to talk.

Quite a trick.

Stealing Branmer's body and cremating it without anyone noticing it.


As a member of the religious caste I felt an obligation to Branmer.

'As I told you, he was a reluctant hero.'

He only became a war leader because he felt it was necessary for the sake of the Minbari people.

And your obligation to him?

A long, close friendship.

He told me that when he was called he wanted only a simple funeral.

He did not want to be a monument to war.

Neroon and his Star Riders have subverted his wishes with this display of his body.

I decided to carry out Branmer's wishes.

His ashes are to be sent home.

They will be scattered in space near our world.

Unfortunately, you and Mr. Garibaldi have put that plan in jeopardy.

How could this have any more jeopardy than it does now?

Neroon and his bunch are ready to start the whole war over again because of this thing.

I believe I could have explained it as a true religious mystery.

The transformation of Branmer's body so that he could take his place with the gods. But now..

Delenn, Neroon wants an answer. You have it.

What am I supposed to do? Hide the facts?

You've put us in a difficult situation.

It is more difficult than you suspect.

You see a rift between the religious and warrior castes began when our warriors were ordered to surrender.

If what happened to the body were to become general knowledge it would further that rift.

Great. Just one question, what about Neroon?

I promised we'd tell him what happened.

Then we will do so.

If you will honor my situation, I will honor yours.

It is regrettable, but I see no choice.

We will tell him the truth but I will tell him my way.

[instrumental music]

You had no right to touch the Shai Alit's body!

He was warrior caste by right of his father!

And religious caste by right of his mother!

You know which takes precedence.

Star Riders will protest this. I will lead the fight myself.

You will do nothing!

You ignored his request to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in space.

You disobeyed not only your own war leader but one of the greatest of our religious caste.

You showed great disrespect.

You had to display the great warrior's body!

You had to have your military spectacle!

It stops here..

...or the Star Riders will be destroyed dishonored by your actions.

Do you speak for yourself?

I speak for the entire Grey Council.

I'd hoped to avoid this conversation but your insistence on an investigation has left me no choice.

You will support my statement that his body was transformed.

That is a direct order from the Grey Council.

You will obey it as you did our order to end the war.

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand, Satai Delenn.

Is there anything else you want of me?

You will apologize to Commander Sinclair privately, for your behavior.

I will see to it that you and the Star Riders will not be punished or shamed for your honoring of the Shai Alit.

Yes, Satai Delenn.

There was no cause for me to attack you, commander.

Even less cause for me to threaten this station.

I am ashamed to admit that my feelings for the Shai Alit led me to act improperly.

There is no shame in wanting to honor him, Alit Neroon.

I fought on the line against Branmer.

I saw his valor and leadership firsthand.

Because his body disappeared here I feel some responsibility toward the Minbari people.

There is no higher testimony to a warrior's courage and skill than praise from his enemy.

I would like to send that message to your home-world in a personal message, a testimony to the Shai Alit.

You will do this as an Earth force officer?

And as commander of Babylon 5.

That is a great kindness.

We've fought long enough.

Maybe it's time we started talking with one another.

Branmer's life was more significant than his battles.

Let the warrior caste praise his courage in war and let the rest praise him for what he truly was a man of peace.

You talk like a Minbari, commander.

Perhaps there was some small wisdom in letting all species survive.

We like to think so.

Until another day, then.

I thought you'd be seeing Neroon's cruiser off.

I've seen cruisers before. Me, too.

There is someone on this station who interests me.


Alisa Beldon has a most unusual psi quality for a human.

So I'm told.

She impressed me greatly.

But when she touched my mind I detected some confusion in her about her future.

She doesn't seem to care for either of the opportunities being offered by Earth or Narn.



Do you think Talia and Ivanova would be really teed off if I decided to go with the Minbari?

In order, yes and no.

I don't need to be a telepath to figure that one out.

(Delenn) 'Alisa could become an instrument' of great communication between humans and Minbari.

We suffer a lack there, as you know, commander.

The future in exchange for the past.

I think that's very workable.

[instrumental music]

I wanted to thank you again for helping me.

You made your own decision. You showed me the choices.

This is best. I'm used to being on my own.

Psi Corps wouldn't have worked for me.

And the Narns, uh-uh, even though the price was right.

There's no price high enough to compensate for being surrounded by Narns.

I just thought I'd stop by and wish you well.

I don't agree with your decision but the commander's right.

You could be a big help with the Minbari.

And who knows, maybe you'll learn a trick or two

'and come back and teach us.'

Thanks. I might do that.

As long as you write once in a while.

I will.

I won't forget you.

I think I want to go the rest of the way by myself.

Goodbye. Bye.


I think she'll be alright.

I think so, too.

Are you busy right now?

Uh, no, not right now.

I wasn't exactly polite to you over this whole thing.

Yeah, well, we both got a little hot, I think.

How about if I buy you a drink to make up for it?

Okay, but I go on duty in half an hour so it's gonna have to be coffee.

Of course.

Hi. Hi.

Just wanted to say safe journey.


Alisa, there's something I've been wondering.

When you looked into Delenn's mind did you see anything else, anything unusual?

There was one other thing.

A word, "Chrysalis." I don't know what it means.

It's a cocoon, I think. Cocoon? That's weird.

She shut down real fast when I touched that.

Why would she wanna hide that? I don't know.

(man on PA) ' now boarding in docking bay 4.'

I guess I have to go.

[exhales sharply]

Good luck.



[announcement in foreign language]


[instrumental music]

[theme music]

[music continues]