Babylon 5 S1E19 Script

A Voice in the Wilderness: Part 2 (1994)

(male narrator) Previously on "Babylon 5.."

Any change in those seismic disturbances?

The surface layer's calmed down, but we're still picking up rumbles from further down.

(Sinclair) Best to check it out, just to be sure.

(Tasaki) 'Activate scanners.'

'Set for maximum depth.' What the hell was it?

All of our readouts blacked out for a second.

(Tasaki) 'It must have come from somewhere'

'deep inside the planet.'

As ISN viewers may know, all contact with the Mars Colony has been cut off.

What the hell do you mean you can't get a signal through to the Mars Colony?

Communications are out, except for authorized personnel.

This is Draal.

For many years, my mentor and teacher.

Let's hope Tasaki was right about that fissure being five miles deep 'cause on our present speed

'it's gonna take at least two miles to decelerate.'

(Ivanova) 'We've got something. Definitely artificial.'

(Garibaldi) Commander, you okay?

(Sinclair) Michael, you wouldn't believe.

A whole new area of technology.

Machines as big as buildings.

What the hell?

Help me or your people all your people will die.

So either she's not on Mars anymore--

She's there, alright? Then it's possible..

That something's happened to her.

Tell the fighters to initiate air cover

'and have a full medical team standing by'

'when we arrive.'

I want that med team at Bay 14 in ten minutes. I'll meet them there.

We've got a ship coming through the jumpgate.

Fine, fine. Mr. Garibaldi, it's big!


[intense music]

What the hell?

It's an Earth Alliance Heavy Cruiser.

Babylon Control to Earth Cruiser nothing personal, but what's going on?

We didn't ask for any help.

Affirmative, Babylon Control.

But whether you like it or not, you're getting it.

This is Captain Ellis Pierce of the Earth Alliance Starship Hyperion.

We are assuming control over the situation.

Please stand by, Babylon Control.

We're coming in.

[music continues]

(male narrator) It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind ten years after the Earth-Minbari War.

The Babylon Project was a dream given form.

Its goal, to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully.

It's a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers entrepreneurs and wanderers.

Humans and aliens wrapped in 2,500,000 tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night.

It can be a dangerous place but it's our last best hope for peace.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2258.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[intense music]

'How is he?' 'I've managed..'

(Stephen) 'To stabilize his condition, but we won't know for a while.'

I'm still trying to work out his biology.


Sinclair. 'Commander.'

(Ivanova) 'Captain Pierce is coming aboard.'

'He'll meet you in the briefing room.'

On my way.

I want quarterly progress reports on his condition.

Will do.

(computer) 'For your shopping convenience, the Zocalo is accessible'

'through all marked transport tubes.'

'Our casino features gaming from seven systems.'

'All currencies are accepted.'



All the comforts of home.

It'll be a nice change of pace for my people.

Good food, some R and R while they're stationed here.

I've just gone over the message you sent upon your arrival, Captain Pierce.

Would you like to explain yourself?

We were in hyperspace en route to the Vegan outpost when we received a countermand order from Earthforce Command.

We were ordered to report here and assume control.

On whose authority? Office of Planetary Security.

They relayed your reports on what you discovered on Epsilon 3.

A whole new and potentially revolutionary technology.

Based on what you described the civilian and military potential is staggering.

We can take care of it ourselves.

For now maybe.

But since this is neutral territory every race on this station is going to stake a claim to what you found down there.

Now, my orders are to make sure Earth gets first dibs to prevent anyone else from sending down a team and to protect this station when the other races get tired of being told they can't take what's ours.

I don't know if you appreciate how messy this situation can get.

I appreciate the fact that we had this situation

'under control and quiet' until you blew in here with a heavy cruiser.

Now everybody's gonna wonder what's going on.

A show of force is required.

If they know we're here they'll be less inclined to start something.

What's the status of your prisoner?

The patient is in Medlab. His condition, uncertain.

Why don't you go down there and hold a gun to his head, captain?

Maybe a show of force will help in that situation, too.

This isn't a backwater outpost or bronze-tech world where you can come in, bare your teeth

'and expect everyone to fall in line.'

This is a diplomatic station and your kind of heavy-handedness is just going to make our job harder.

This kind of help we don't need.

'Enjoy the accommodations, captain.'

I'll do everything I can to make sure your stay here is a brief one.

That's all.

[intense music]

(woman on TV) ..would appear that Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago is bowing to pressure by the Earth Senate to use more force to subdue the Mars rebellion.

We've received unconfirmed reports that elite shock troops are already en route to staging areas outside the capital city.

Yeah! Go get 'em, boys! Show them crummy Marsies.

Hey, look. They're humans, too.

Hey, they don't think so. Why should I?

They're just a bunch of damned ingrates and crybabies.

'We get taxed so they can get'

'all the best atmosphere reprocessors' water reclamation.

They ought to be damn grateful instead of pulling this garbage.

Okay, fine, fine. Whatever.

'Ask me, the solution's real simple.'

Pump in morph gas, go in there and break some heads.

Every mother lovin' one of 'em.

Teach 'em who's in charge here.

'Like my granddad used to say'

"Nuke 'em till they glow and then shoot 'em in the dark."

[laughs] Oh, ah, that'd take care of 'em phew, just like magic.

Magic? You wanna see magic?

I got a little magic trick for ya.

I'll make your head magically pass through the top of the bar!

Hey, let go! I'll need complete silence.

(Garibaldi) 'Or I'll have to ask for another volunteer from the audience.'

'Let's see. What was that magic word again?'

"Shazam?" That's not it. I'll tell you what.

I'll go home and look in my books, then I'll come back.

If you're still talking trash about killing Marsies we'll try it again and again until we get it right. Huh?


(male #1) 'I'm sorry, commander, this decision comes' from higher in the chain of command.

There is nothing I can do.

Ever since the war, Earthforce Command has been obsessed with getting their hands on new technology.

'Now that they have the chance--'

Senator, when I assumed command of Babylon 5 I was personally assured by President Santiago that I had final authority over this sector.

I refuse to surrender that control without express orders from the president.

The president is rather busy at the moment.

'The revolt on the Mars Colony' is taking up a great deal of his time.

That's not my problem.

At the moment, this is my problem.

As far as I'm concerned, until I'm officially told otherwise, this is still my jurisdiction.

I don't wanna resign over this, but I will if I have to.

Alright, commander.

I'll do what I can to secure that confirmation.

If that fails, maybe I can get Captain Pierce

'to accept shared jurisdictions.'

It's the best I can do for now.

Commander, I will be in touch.



Yes? 'Something's happening.'

(Ivanova) 'Down on Epsilon 3, commander.'

'You better come take a look.'

On my way.

A flight of ships departed the Hyperion a little while ago, headed down to Epsilon 3.

Did they get through? Negative.

Bring up tactical display.

They're encountering heavy fire from the surface batteries.

'Four of the Hyperion ships'

'have been disabled in the last five minutes.'

The counterattack looks even heavier than when we went down there.

I noticed the same thing.

Definite escalation.

They're pulling back.

Commander, Captain Pierce on the link for you.

Put him through.

(Sinclair) 'Captain Pierce, what's the idea' of dispatching a team down to the planet surface without checking with me first?


We had your log, your flight pattern--

But it didn't work, did it?

Because you can't get near the planet surface without a properly encoded jamming device.

What? Why wasn't I informed?

You didn't ask. 'Commander.'

I demand you turn over this jamming device at once.

It's being repaired. But I'll see what I can do.

Babylon Control out.

Commander, we didn't use a jamming device.

We don't even have a jamming device.

I know, but he doesn't know that.

With luck, it'll discourage him from sending anymore ships down there until we finish working this out.

[alarm blaring] What's that?

That's the other thing I wanted to tell you.

We're picking up increased seismic activity inside Epsilon 3.

It started about the same time when the Hyperion ships began their approach.

But they're not natural quakes.

It's a massive artificial disruption located near the planet's core.

How serious? 'Serious.'

And growing in magnitude.

According to our projections, if this keeps on the planet will start to break apart from the inside until it explodes.

'Commander, if that planet goes, it'll take us with it.'

The Hyperion can get out of the way. We can't.

We'll be ripped apart.

(Ivanova) 'Data from our latest scan confirms my suspicions.'

Epsilon 3 is honeycombed with passages and a network of highly-advanced fusion reactors some of which are five to ten miles across.

The scale of it is outstanding.

There's power down there on a level that we've never even dreamed of.

For the past five hours, we've been monitoring a gradual but definite change in all of the fusion reactors.

They're all moving towards critical mass.

A doomsday machine. 'Exactly.'

I'd say we have, at the most, 48 hours before they blow taking the planet and us with them.

How long would it take to evacuate the station?

We're talking a quarter million humans and aliens.

Even if we called in every ship in the sector it'd take at least three to five days.

[sighs] Have you informed Captain Pierce?

He insists it's just one more reason why his people have to go down there.

Your opinion.

Not a chance.

This chain reaction started the last time they tried to land down there.

Now, my guess is that the planet is booby trapped to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

If they go down there again, we may not have 48 hours.

So why didn't it start when the two of you went down there?

At a guess, because there was still someone running the show.

The guy you brought back? 'Exactly.'

As long as he remains unconscious the system keeps running on automatic heading towards self-destruct without anyone to stop it.

Alright. We'll give it another 12 hours.

See if we can find a way around this thing.

If not, we'll evacuate the station.

Try to get as many as we can away from here.

It'll be a panic. They'll stampede the docking base.

I know, we'll hold back making an announcement as long as possible, but you better go ahead

'and tell your own people. This could get messy.'

Get something to eat and try to catch an hour or two of sleep.

We've got a long road ahead of us.

[sighs] So if we go down there, it blows.

If we don't, it blows anyway, just a little later.

It's a good thing I'm Russian.

We're used to hopeless situations.

Ah, lieutenant commander.

Just the person I've been looking for.

Ambassador, this is not a good time.

No, I imagine not. You have been holding out on me.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Situation is status quo. Ah, of course.

An Earth War Cruiser parked alongside the station mysterious trips to the planet beneath us rumors that you have found someone down there and brought him back here.

This to you is status quo, yes?

You must lead a very interesting life.

You did find something down there, didn't you?

Something valuable, perhaps?

I wish to remind you that my government has contributed substantial amounts of money to this station.

We are entitled to an equal share of anything you find down there.

Ambassador, do you really wanna know what's going on down there right now?

Yes. Absolutely.

Boom. Boom, boom, boom.

Boom, boom. Boom!

Have a nice day. Fa!

You can never get a straight answer from anyone around here!


I knew you would say that.

[both laughing]

(male #2) 'Draal, help me.'


Draal? 'Help me.'


Are you alright? Yes.

It's strange. I heard someone call my name.

It came from this way.


Yeah, come in.


Hey, Jeff. What are you doing down in this part of town?

Just thought I'd see how you were doing.

Fine, fine. Have a seat.

I just made some dinner. You want some?

No, thanks. I grabbed something in the mess hall.

Michael, I heard about the incident this afternoon in the Zocalo.

The uh, magic-trick thing?

'They file a complaint?' No, but they could've.

Oh, I know. I know.

I know, I know. It was stupid.

Ah, but you didn't hear 'em.

The people are dying on Mars and it's like

'some kind of damn game to these guys.'

And on top of that, I'm worried sick about Lise.

I mean, I just snapped. Michael, I need you sharp.

You can't go off like that.

Damn it, Jeff. What the hell am I supposed to do?

I've never felt this, this helpless before.

The one woman in my whole life who meant anything to me and she is back on Mars somewhere.

Maybe she's alive, maybe he's dead.

Either way, I can't do a thing.

'The planet we're parked next to is about to go up' like a Roman candle. What am I supposed to do, huh?

Arrest it?

You know, I..

I never should've let her go. I..

[sighs] I never should have waited this long before calling her.

Then why did you?

I was afraid.

Afraid she'd hang up on me and just as afraid she wouldn't.

Afraid to find out that she hated me..

...that it really was all over and I could kiss my dreams goodbye.

And just as afraid to find out that..

...maybe she still loved me like I think I still loved her.

'Cause then we'd have to do something about it and I still don't know if I can.

Does any of this make any kind of sense at all?

Yeah, it does.

There's some brass station down on Mars that owe me a favor or two.

I think it's about time they paid up.

One way or another, I'll get you that clear channel to Mars.

That'd be great. Thanks.

It's okay. I've been there.

One last thing.

A favor.

If we have to evacuate, you know we'll never get everyone off the station.

Ambassadors, women and children, civilians go first.

Some of the command staff will have to stay onboard until..

I'd appreciate it if you could make sure Ivanova gets on the last ship out.

She'll want to stay, but..

She's got her whole career ahead of her.

Understood, she'll be on it if I have to drug her and toss her in before the doors close.


[door whirring]

[intense music]

[door whirring]

Look, this is a restricted area. You're not allowed in here.

No. Well, he's the one. I heard him call my name.

No, no. That's quite impossible, alright? The patient's comatose.

Now, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to insist that you leave now!

(male #2) Draal! Draal..

Draal! Don't try to move.

(Stephen) 'Don't, don't, don't move.'

[man groaning]

Draal.. Stay right there, okay?

Stay still. No.



...planet below.

Do not land.

'Do not approach.'

'Will explode.'

Destroy you all.

Without the heart..

...without another..

[intense music]

I got your message. What's up?

Dr. Franklin's reporting the patient is awake and confirming our information.

If any ships land on the planet, it will self-destruct.

Did you tell the Hyperion? Yes.

Unfortunately, they figured out there's no jamming device.

How can you tell?

Because they're about to launch an expedition to the planet surface.

Get Pierce on the line! Already done.

Captain, what the hell do you think you are doing?

That planet's set to blow if your team goes down there.

We've just received confirmation--

From a source with every reason to lie to protect what's down there.

(Pierce) 'Our people have been monitoring' the same activity you have.

They assure us we can safely land on the planet as long as nominal precautions are taken.

Damn it, captain. I've got a quarter million people in here.

I'm not gonna let you jeopardize their lives.

Commander, it's not your decision.

We're going.

What are you going to do, shoot us down?

If that's what's required to protect this station, yes.

Excuse me? Lieutenant commander.

Put Delta and Zeta flights on alert.

Stand by for immediate launch.

Orders? Planetary blockade.

Commander, if you order your ships to fire on my fighters you can kiss your career goodbye.

And if you go down there, we're dead anyway.

You're bluffing. Lieutenant commander.

Open fighter bay doors. Fighter bay doors, aye.

[intense music]

Stand by to launch.

It's up to you, captain.

As far as I'm concerned, we've got nothing to lose.

Status? They're canceling the launch.

Tell the fighters to stand down but keep them ready in case we need them after all.

We've got a ship coming through the jumpgate.


Tell them to stand by.


[intense music]

We're being scanned, they're accessing

'our language and translation files!'


Everybody alright?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

I think so.

We've got a signal coming through.

This is Takarn.

We have your language files taken to learn to speak.

(Takarn) 'We have been'

'500 years' searching for this place.

We received its call-signal.

He must be talking about the beacon that went off.

This world belongs to us.

We are last of our people.

Searched 500 years.

We will take!

Give you ten of your hours to move aside.

We do not wish to kill but we will if you will not let us take what is ours.

Open channel to them.

(Pierce) 'This is the Earth Alliance'

Cruiser Hyperion to intruder.

This sector is under Earth jurisdiction.

Any attempt to seize this planet by force or to launch an attack

'will be met with deadly force.'

You have nine hours in which to withdraw.

Worst case of testosterone poisoning I've ever seen.

Is it true this world and its technology belongs to them?

No. Outcast.


My people cast them out centuries ago.

Signal was not meant for them.

Was put here to hide from them.

Given to me when the rest of my people died.

'Sacred trust.'

'Legacy for the future.'

I am guardian protector.

I live in the heart of the machine.

We are one.

'Five-hundred of your years'

'have I waited in the machine.'

You've been here all this time and you haven't contacted us?

Uh, no.

Only listened to your people.

Watched this great place being built learned your words.

Please, you must stop them.

'Do not let them take the machine.'

It's not for them. It's not for this time.

Varn, the planet is falling apart.


Without guardian, fail-safe..

'...destroy itself.'

If it blows, it'll kill everyone here.

(Sinclair) 'Is there any way to stop it?'

[sighs] What's your prognosis?

He's dying.

My guess is he's been dying for a while.

(Stephen) 'That would explain the seismic disturbances.'

The more that he suffered the more the system began to malfunction.

But without him, the planet is dying taking us right along with it.

[intense music]

I'm told that you two were there when Varn regained consciousness and that he spoke to you.

Yes, but he did not tell us anything more than he told you.

Would you mind telling me what you were doing there in the first place?

His spirit cried out to me in the night.

He appeared before me.

Oh, so you also saw him.


My guess is that the machine is still tuned to his condition and was sending a kind of distress signal.

Well, all we can do is hope he comes to pretty soon.

We've got a little over eight hours before all hell breaks loose out there.

[instrumental music]

You know what Varn meant by "Another."

Don't you?


Varn could not ask it, could not say the words..

...but it was in his eyes.

He is probably forbidden to ask directly.

But the answer is there if you have ears to hear it.

And what answer is that?

Ambassador Mollari.

I'm astonished, Delenn. Truly.

Of everyone on the station I never thought you would hold out on me.

I believe we should talk. Yes?

Commander, we have a situation here.

'Where the hell have you been?'

Trying to solve it.

Any word from Earth Central?

Negative. They're jamming us, too.

There's still time to work this out.

Commander, maybe you weren't paying attention.

They've given us an ultimatum. Surrender or be destroyed.

Now, I have no intention of sitting here quietly.

'Together, we have the firepower. We can take them.'

If we coordinate our firepower and link our fighter squadrons we can launch a preemptive strike and outflank them.

But I can't do it without your support.

Will you commit your forces to the battle?

I don't see any other choice. We'll be ready when you are.

(Londo) Yes, he called to me as well.

Appeared to me, out of nowhere.

(Delenn) Strange.

I wonder why he appeared just to you, Draal and the commander.

Perhaps because we are most familiar with the third principle of sentient life.

You can be of great service, ambassador if you are willing to dare greatly.

You are talking to the Centauri who led the raid on Fralis 12.

Granted it was a long time ago but perhaps it is time to return to old habits.


I don't think you fully understand what Draal is asking of you.

Of course I do.

One of us will not return.

Yes? That much is certain.

As a young and foolish Centauri I swore that I would die on my feet doing something noble and brave and futile.

Perhaps it was not so wild a dream as I thought or as foolish.

It is better than waiting for the inevitable.

We will go together.

[indistinct chatter]

We've got another ship asking to leave.

Clear them for launch ASAP.

The more we get out now, the fewer we have to evacuate later.

[indistinct chatter]


(Garibaldi) Garibaldi to C & C, somebody just grabbed the patient you brought back from the planet.

'Looks like they created a diversion on Blue 7.'

By the time my guards got back, he was gone.

Stop all outgoing traffic.

It's too late, three transports have already left and one's about to get to the gate and..

Wait a minute. Where the hell did it go?

Signal coming in from the enemy ship.

You have ignored our warnings!

'You send ships to our world!'

No more lies!

Now we take what is ours and we stop your people!

He's right. The transport's heading down to the planet.



They've opened fire. Secondary gunner rays targeting my ship!

I'm launching fighters. Babylon 5, we need your support.

Launch fighters. Fire at will. Launch fighters!



My God!

Whoever's piloting that shuttle is a madman!



Just like Fralis 12.


[intense music]



Close blast doors.

What's the position of that transport?

They're about to enter the planet's atmosphere.

This is the point where the planet's defense system opened fire last time.

Wait. The defense system isn't firing.

It's letting them in. Lieutenant commander.

We got a shuttle coming out. I didn't authorize a launch.

We've got a war going on out here.

Security to C & C. I'm in pursuit of the transport.

Somebody has to bring that guy back and since you two are stuck in Control--

Negative. It's too dangerous.

Hey, if they can make it, so can I.

Look, I've got to do something, Jeff. Beginning descent.

Think I can catch them at maximum thrust if you can buy me some cover.

Tell Deltas 2 through 6 to watch Mr. Garibaldi's back.



Who said the good old days are gone, eh?

Now, uh, landing thrusters.

Landing thrusters. Hm.

[exhales sharply]

If I were a landing thruster which one of these would I be?





Hyperion's forward guns powering up.

Preparing to fire. Locking on.





Range to target? Closing.

300 kilometers. 250.

Standby, defense grid. Prepare to fire.

Alpha Flight, take point and engage.

(male #3) 'Affirmed, Control. Engaging.'


What the..

What the hell are you two doing down here?

I figured maybe we had hijackers or tech stealers or..


Mr. Garibaldi, you may have noticed but things are not going well down here.

We believe we can help.

[wind howling]

Finished. Have created a pocket of air for you.

The machine that controls this planet needs a mind to run it

'or it will destroy itself and Babylon 5 with it.'

So you're going back in, is that it?

No. I am.

I will take his place..

' the heart of the machine.'

Fire defense grid. Maximum range.


I can't allow this. There has to be another way.

There is no other way.

Please believe me.

All my life I have searched for a way to serve others.

'To me, there is no higher calling' no greater destiny than to live for another and if necessary, to die for another to somehow make the world a better place.

I had done all I could on my world.

I came looking for a reason a way to live out my remaining years with direction and purpose.

Here I have found it.

'I will save lives.'

The wonders of this place will take me centuries to explore.

Let my life have meaning.

Help me to do what we both know must be done.

[intense music]


Direct hit. Reporting damage at Cobra Bays.

Hulls Blue A through C buckling, 20% power loss.

One more shot like that and they'll blowout the whole forward section.

Where's the Hyperion? On the other side.

Enemy ship's keeping us between them.

It's coming around again.

Weapon systems powering up.

They're locking on. This is it.

[music continues]

(Sinclair) What the hell?

I am sending this message to all three parties involved in the struggle for control of this planet.

It belongs to none of you.

It belongs only to itself and to the future.

(Draal) 'Commander Sinclair'

'the secrets buried here must remain secrets.'

They would give any race an advantage over all others.

Thus, it is in the interests of all races that none should gain exclusive control of it.

We entrust the safekeeping of this place to the Babylon 5 Advisory Council.

'We'll rely upon your guidance, commander'

'and the enlightened self-interest of the Council' to make sure that this world is left alone until the time is right.

If enlightened self-interest should prove insufficient to the cause understand this the defensive systems on this world are now fully operational.

'Do not attempt to come here again.'

'Any approach will be met with resistance.'

'Any ship attempting to land will be destroyed.'

When the time is right we will be here waiting for you but not until then.


[indistinct chatter]

Somebody better get Pierce on the link.

Commander, the enemy ship is moving again.

It's headed toward the planet. What?

Didn't they get the message? They got it.

But I don't think they believed it.



Delenn, we're finished here. We should go.

He's right, ambassador.

I know.

If I could..

If I could have just a moment.

You will take care of him?

I have few days left to me but I will watch him until the end.

We should know very soon if the machine has truly accepted him.

How could it not?

Tell me that it's a wonder so that I may sleep when all I can see in the night is this place.

It is a wonder.

The machine will extend his life as it did for me.

'He will see all the tomorrows'

'hear all the songs..'

...touch the edge of the universe with his thoughts.

And my thoughts will ever be with him.

I hope that he can hear them.

The third principle of sentient life is its capacity for self-sacrifice..

'...for a cause, a loved one..'

'...or for a friend.'

Goodbye, dear friend.

Perhaps, some day I may see you again.

[intense music]

(Pierce) 'We'll be putting into dock'

'for repairs at Earthport.'

'ETA nine days.'

'With luck, they won't be quite as eventful'

'as the last couple of days.'

So much for R and R.

I suppose you should know communique from Earthdome.

'President Santiago confirms' that you have primary jurisdiction over the Babylon station and this sector of space.

My, uh, regrets if I exceeded my authority.

Apology accepted. Have a safe trip.

Will do. Hyperion out.


Commander, we finally got a secure line to the Mars Colony.

But before you tell Mr. Garibaldi there's something you should know.

Yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming.


Michael, we've got the Mars Colony relay.

We've located your friend.

Is she.. She's alive, yes.

Wounded, but okay. The doctors say she'll be fine.

Oh, that's great.

Put her through? Coming in.

And, Michael, if you want to talk later

'you know where to find me.'

Michael. Hi.

I hear you've been turning Mars upside down looking for me.

Well, you know me. I had to know if you were okay.

Yeah, I'm fine.

Got caught in a crossfire trying to get some food.

Fighting's died down a little.

Looks like the provisional government has got the upper hand.

Good. Good.

Look, Lise, these relays get kinda weird.

So we don't have a lot of time. I just wanted to say--

Michael.. Please, let me finish.

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life.

And you're one of them.

I never should've left you. I realize that now.

'I've got a couple of weeks leave coming soon' and I am gonna take it on Mars.

I thought maybe we could work things out if--

Michael, I can't.

Oh, if it's the job..

I'm married.


His name is Franz.

We're expecting our first baby in September.

That's great.

I'm glad for you.


Mr. Garibaldi.


I see you come here also to lose yourself in the stars.

It's quiet.

I like quiet.

Ask you a question?

Why the end run around us?

When you figured out that someone was gonna have to take Varn's place down there why didn't you come to us and let us handle it?

Because if I had, I know in my heart that Commander Sinclair would be the one down there right now.

He's looking for a purpose.

But his destiny lies elsewhere.

And Londo. How did you get him to go along with this?

An exchange of promises. I now owe him a great favor.

'He will come to collect sooner or later.'

But I think he enjoyed it.

He discovered something inside him that he had thought was buried long, long ago.

Yeah, well, one thing I have discovered is that some things are better left buried.

Goodnight, ambassador.

Franz.. What the hell kind of a name is Franz?

Goodnight, old friend.

Sleep well.

[instrumental music]

[theme music]

[music continues]