Babylon 5 S1E9 Script

Deathwalker (1994)

Ambassador Kosh, is there something I can do for you?

I wish to engage your services. For what?

Business. What sort of business?


Ambassador, I'd be happy to assist you, but there are certain details I must know before taking any commission.

Not to mention getting clearances from... All arranged. As is payment.

We will meet in Red 3 at the hour of scampering.

"The hour of scampering"?

Minbari Flyer 969, you may proceed to Docking Bay 17.

Transport Autara bound for Jupiter colonies, is now boarding at Docking Bay 18.

Query: Liner Callisto.

Liner Callisto will be docking in Bay 12 in seven minutes.

All passengers holding berths on that flight, should see Miss Uru in Red 7.




Let me go!

She must die! She is Deathwalker! Deathwalker!

It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind

10 years after the Earth-Minbari War.

The Babylon Project was a dream given form.

Its goal: to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully.

It's a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers entrepreneurs and wanderers.

Humans and aliens, wrapped in 2,500,000 tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night.

It can be a dangerous place.

But it's our last, best hope for peace.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2258.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

Have you got an identity on the victim?

According to her ship ID, her name is Gyla Lobos.

She's a free trader. Came from Sector 47 on her way to Earth. That's Minbari space.

Minbari ship, Minbari clothes, Minbari ID, but she's no Minbari.

Na'Toth give you any reason for the attack?

Nothing intelligible.

She was totally berserk when we hauled her in.

Kept yelling, "Deathwalker". Deathwalker?

I thought you might remember that name. I know I do.

Na'Toth, why did you attack that woman?

Listen sister, if she dies, you'll rot in a cage until your spots turn grey.

Na'Toth, we want to help you, but you have to tell us why.

It is Chon-Kar.

The blood oath.

When the Dilgar conquered Hylak 7, my grandfather and his family were there.

Deathwalker used them in her experiments.

They all died, except my grandfather, who managed to escape back to Narn.

But not before she implanted a machine in his brain.

That slowly killed his mind and spirit. And we could do nothing but watch.

When he died, my family took the Chon-Kar. And now our vengeance is at hand.

The Dilgar Invasion was 30 Earth years ago.

If Deathwalker was alive today, she'd be an old woman.

Her face is carved into the minds of my entire brood.

I smell my grandfather's blood on her hands. I tell you it is she!

Go over that woman's ship. I want to know everything there is to know about her.

You and me both.

Commander Sinclair, my abject apologies for this terrible incident.

I don't know what came over my attaché.

Let me assure you that I am personally prepared to make amends to her victim.

Her victim is still in Medlab. If she lives, I'll convey your offer.

I see.

If you will release Na'Toth into my custody, I'll take responsibility for her conduct.

Given the circumstances, that's impossible.

However I will agree to house arrest, pending outcome of our investigation.

Guards, take Mz. Na'Toth to Ambassador G'Kar's quarters.

She's not to leave, for any reason. Yes, sir.

You have my gratitude, Commander.


Ambassador Kosh, all the clearances seem to be in order and the pay is very generous.

However, there's something I still don't understand.

Understanding is a three-edged sword.

Oh, Kosh... old dog! You didn't tell me you were bringing a date.

I'm Talia Winters, licensed commercial telepath, Psi Corps Rating P5.

I'll be sitting in on the negotiations on behalf of Ambassador Kosh.

Ah. I'm a 23 myself. A good number. Call me Abbut.

Please scan Abbut. Report to me his thoughts at present.

Oh goody! Nothing like a good mind scan to clear the old processor.

Miss Winters?

He has no thoughts. At all.

It's as if his mind were empty.

Excellent. We may now commence our business.




Her vital signs have stabilized, but I can't match her species type.

Why don't you try xenobiogenic 5?

How is she?

Better than she should be, considering the ferocity of her attack.

Her metabolism is astounding.

It's repairing the damage at an extremely accelerated rate.

I wish I knew what her species was. I've never seen anything like her.

Her DNA doesn't match anything we've got on file.

She's a Dilgar.

Dilgar? Dilgar is a dead race. Those few that were left after the invasion died when their sun went nova.

Computer, load history file EA-22-30. Reference: Deathwalker.

Commencing. Deathwalker. Epithet used to refer to Jha'dur.

The most infamous leader of the Dilgar Invasion of the Non-Aligned Sectors in 2230.

Rank: War Master.

Specialist in biochemical, biogenetic and cyberorganic weaponry...

Stop. This was Jha'dur 30 years ago.

Well she's obvioulsy too young to be Jha'dur and too old to be her daughter.

There might be another explanation, though. Computer: scan subject for any sign of cryonic freezing or body alteration.

Commencing. Scan: negative.

I'll have MedCorp send me all their files on the Dilgar.

There has to be a way to make a positive identification.

Commander you're not going to believe this.

A Dilgar uniform.

Rank: War Master. And the nameplate reads Jha'dur.

Na'Toth was right. It's her.

A uniform doesn't prove that. Did you find anything else?

Only this.

Doesn't look like any kind of drug I've ever seen. Doc?

I'm gonna run some tests on this.

My father flew for Earthforce during the Dilgar Invasion.

He was There when they retook Balos. He never forgot what he saw.

If this woman is Jha'dur, then...


Commander, you have a Gold Channel transmission from Senator Hidoshi.

On my way.

Post a full detail here until she can be moved to a maximum security area.

And keep a lid on this, Michael.

Until we figure out what's going on, I don't want any rumors running around this station.

I am sorry to bring you shame, Ambassador, but I must fulfill my Chon-Kar.

You do not shame me, Na'Toth.

I know how your senses burn with the nearness of your prey. l, too, have Chon-Kar. Many of them.

But, unhappily in this case, yours complicates matters.

I don't understand.

Counselor Ha'rok, the Narn you were to meet in customs was here to bargain with Jha'dur.

Our agents learned of a discovery she made which would be of great value to our regime.

But after your attack on her, Ha'rok could not hope to approach her without drawing the attention of Earth Alliance.

So he has returned to Narn and left me to secure this discovery of hers.

I will take it from her when I eat her flesh.


The Kha'ri says we must get her to Narn alive.

I will not be denied this!

This is larger than Chon-Kar!

It would give Narn the advantage it needs to expand the regime and crush our enemies!

You must make this sacrifice for the future of our people.

As all Narn have sacrificed, at one time or another.

I'll delay the Chon-Kar. But I will not abandon it!

You would not be Narn if you did.

I am proud of you.

And when we get what we want from this butcher, I promise to help you fulfill your vow.

Commander Sinclair.

Senator Hidoshi, what can I do for you?

We understand a woman named Gyla Lobos was recently attacked there.

Is she alive? Yes, and recovering.

Excellent. When she's fit to travel, you will send her to Earth immediately.

Senator, we found evidence that this woman might be the Dilgar war criminal Deathwalker.

Deathwalker is long dead, Commander. This is a priority order.

Without more information, I can't- Commander Sinclair.

All information in this matter is on a need-to-know basis, and you do not need to know.

Have a pleasant day.


How dare you pry into my life's work! I think you're too badly-

I have had worse. I want to see Sinclair now.


Commander, is it true? Is what true?

They say you have Deathwalker in custody.

You should know better than to listen to rumors, Ambassador.

I'm Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. You asked to speak to me?

Doctor, will you give us a moment, please?

You know the way of command. Yes, the Wind Swords are right to fear you.

What do you know about the Wind Swords. They have sheltered me for many years.

In return for certain services.

They speak of you often, Sinclair.

They say you have a hole in your mind. Who are you?

I am War Master Jha'dur of the Dilgar.


So they called me.

If you were Jha'dur, you'd be much older.

The answer is in this vial.

The result of a lifetime of research and experimentation. My research.

A universal anti-agapic. I'm not familiar with the term.

It's a serum which retards the aging process and prevents disease.

It's still unstable and difficult to produce in sufficient quantity, but it works. As you can see.

No fear of growing old. No sickness. That's...

Virtual immortality, the ultimate triumph of life.

The secret is mine, Sinclair, and with the help of your Earth...

...I will bring it to all the worlds of this galaxy before the year is out.

They, the willows, must scuttle carefully.

Does Saturn have rings?

The talks are over for the day.

We shall commence again tomorrow at the hour of longing.

Suits me.


Ambassador Kosh?

There is a question? Yes.

I've been scanning Mr. Abbut all day and his mind is still just as empty as when we started.

And these- these phrases you keep speaking in, they don't make any sense.

Ah. You seek meaning? Yes.

Then listen to the music, not the song.

Miss Winters, could I buy you a drink? A Jovian Sunspot would taste good now.

Mr. Abbut, can you tell me what these negotiations are all about?

I could.

But it's not good to reflect too much.

A problem? No, I'm just tired.

I think I'll go back to my quarters and rest for a while.

Ah! Rest is good.

So is a nice lean pastrami with just a little mustard and an Antarean pickle.

Maybe another time?

Book Universe on level 5 is pleased to announce a signing by...

Mr. Lennier. Commander.

I'm sorry to disturb you, but with Ambassador Delenn off-station, I need your help.

Have you heard about the incident at customs today?

Yes, I did. Shocking.

The Narn do seem to be a most passionate people.

Are you familiar with the name Deathwalker?

Quite. History is a passion of mine.

As I recall, she was the most infamous leader of the Dilgar Invasion of the Non-Aligned Sectors in 2230.

She was a brilliant scientist, specializing in biogenetics and cyberorganics, But she was also a brutal and sadistic warrior, personally responsible for countless deaths-

Na'Toth said the woman she attacked is Deathwalker.

The woman claims she's right.

She also says it was the Wind Swords who sheltered her after the invasion.

The Wind Swords. They are the most militant of all our warrior castes.

But even they wouldn't harbor such a beast.

It's possible she was of service to them.

Could you check with your government, see what they know?

I cannot speak directly to the council without permission.

But I will contact Delenn. Thank you.

I also ask that you keep this information confidential for the time being.

You may rely on my discretion, Commander.

And in the name of the Narn regime, I extend our sincerest apologies for the attack on you.

We are fully prepared to make whatever reparations you deem necessary.

And make you a most handsome offer.

For what? Your discovery, of course.

The anti-agapic.

You're very well-informed, G'Kar. Our reports always said you were a clever one. and a good resistance leader too.

If Earth Allaince hadn't taken a hand in our invasion, we might have helped your kind wipe the Centauri out completely.

You are also well-informed, Jha'dur.

But we are not through with the Centauri yet. And you can still help us.

Whatever Earth Alliance has promised you, we will triple.


Grant me one more thing and I'll consider it. Name it.

The head of the animal that attacked me, within the hour.

Based on the data I got from Earth, she is Jha'dur.

Which, barring other explanations, seems to prove her claim about an anti-agapic.

Anti-a-what's-ic? An immortality serum.

The Russian consortium's been researching in that direction for years with no success.

That's because there ain't no such animal. She's lying to save her skin.

My analysis of the serum suggests that she isn't.

Earth agrees.

They've given us a prioroty order to send Jha'dur there immediately.

They plan to develop her discovery.

Are you serious?

This woman made the Durian Massacres look like a church picnic, and Earth wants to give her a grant??

Justice or immortality? An intriguing choice.

There is no choice.

Jha'dur infected the entire population of Latig 4 with Stafford's Plague just to see how long it'd take them all to die.

She wiped out entire races, destroyed whole planets, experimented on living beings, now she wants to make everybody immortal?

Why? Maybe she's got a conscience?

Unlikely. Tyrants seldom show remorse for their brutalities.

Let the League deal with her.

We've got her serum. If it's legit, we can finish this immortality pill ourselves.

No, the serum's too complex.

It would take years to develop without her input. If at all possible.

While I find Earth's moral stance on this... dubious they are better equipped to handle an issue of this magnitude.

Ivanova's right. This one's too big for us.

I want Jha'dur's ship recharged and a fighter escort ready in one hour.

We'll take her through Blue 5 to avoid any attention.

What the hell are you doing, Jeff? Following orders.

Those orders stink! Whatever Jha'dur's peddling doesn't change what she is.

I know, damn it.

But if Dr. Franklin's right, her discovery will bring a future free of disease, aging, death... all across the galaxy.

She can save more lives than she took.

And she can make the deaths she caused have meaning.

Isn't that worth considering?

You better pray to that God of yours you're right, Jeff.

Because if any of the League ambassadors finds out about this deal, they'll tear Babylon 5 to pieces.

One of our agents has just informed me that Sinclair is going to smuggle Jha'dur off the station.

What? Blast him and that infernal female!

She is near, I can smell her. Free me from this cage and I'll deal with her.

Not yet. There is a better way.

Ambassador G'Kar to speak to Ambassador Kalika on a most urgent matter.

One moment, Ambassador.

Your ship is recharged. We'll give you a fighter escort to the vortex, and an Earthforce vessel will meet you on the other end.

Most efficient. I commend you.

Is there something else you wish to say, Commander?

Dr. Franklin has confirmed the potential of your discovery, but why give it to Earth?

Because it was Earth who turned the tide against my race.

Thus it is fitting that you benefit from your conquest.

It was more an act of preservation. You slaughtered mercilessly...

...exterminated whole races, committed acts beyond the belief of all sentient beings.

The Wind Swords said you were sentimental. A fatal flaw in a warrior.

You still haven't explained.

Why you want to help the same people you butchered 30 years ago.

My race is gone, their names cursed in history.

Even my Homeworld no longer exists. I am the last of the Dilgar.

But my discovery will ensure that the galaxy remembers us with honor.

It will be a monument to our vision. A monument. That's what you're after?

Delicious irony, don't you think?

That those who cursed us will have to thank us for the rest of time.

Commander, time to go.

Commander Sinclair, that woman is the war criminal Jha'dur.

Known to our worlds as Deathwalker.

We demand a full assembly at once to discuss her trial on charges of crimes against sentience.

Ambassador Kalika, I'm sure Earth Alliance will welcome all your representatives to discuss this matter.

However, Jha'dur is in my custody, and I have orders to send her to Earth.

Orders I cannot disobey. You will have to kill us all first.

Very well, we'll convene in 3 hours.

Jha'dur will be held in maximum security until then.

A fatal flaw indeed.

Mr. Garibaldi, escort this woman back to her holding quarters and double the guard on her.

Ambassador, I've thought it over and I don't believe that I can continue with this assignment.

Your belief does not enter into it. We have a contract.

I know that, but you don't really need a telepath.

What is need compared to the path? The traffic was murder but here I am.

Miss Winters, so lovely to see you again.

You know, we're sitting on a fusion bomb here.

At least it's out in the open now.

Jha'dur will get the justice she deserves.

Don't be so sure.

The Narns and Centauri both collaborated with the Dilgar.

The last thing they want is a trial.

True, but with my vote, and the Minbari vote, the Council will be deadlocked and the League will have the deciding vote.

What about Kosh? He refuses to participate, as usual.

What makes you so sure the Minbari will vote for a trial?

There's no reason for them not to. And they're an honorable people.

Listen, Jeff, I got a little hot before, said some things...

Forget it. You didn't say anything I hadn't thought myself.

So, I shouldn't listen to rumors, huh?

Sorry, Ambassador, we thought it best to handle this quietly.

Great job.

Mr. Lennier, have you spoken with Ambassador Delenn?

Yes, Commander, and I have been given instructions.

Jeff, all the ambassadors are here and the chamber's secure. Good luck.

This meeting of the Babylon 5 Assembly is called to order.

Ambassador Kalika, representing the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, will make the opening statement.

Thirty years ago, the Dilgar fell upon our worlds.

Bringing terror, slavery and death.

With the help of Earth Alliance, we drove them from our sectors, and brought their leaders to justice.

All but one. The worst of the lot.


Now the winds of fate have delivered her into our hands.

We of the League have unanimoulsy decided that Jha'dur be tried for her crimes against sentience.

That trial to be held here, on Babylon 5, as soon as possible.

We now ask that the Advisory Council approve this decision.

Ambassador Mollari.

This woman, Deathwalker, is indeed a great villain.

We Centauri weep for what she did to your worlds.

However, because she has committed no crime against our Republic...

I must reluctantly vote no.


I'm not surprised the Centauri are opposed to a trial.

It is well-known the Dilgar were merely mercenaries for their Republic.

That is a lie. It was you Narns who collaborated with this scum.

Centauri propaganda to hinder our revolution.

That's enough.

Ambassador G'Kar, your vote.

The Narn Regime is noted for its keen sense of justice, therefore we vote yes.

On one condition, that the trial be held on Narn.

Our neutrality during the invasion assures fairness.

We are prepared to transport her there immediately.

The Narns have no right to try Jha'dur.

We are well aware of their involvement with her. Their proposal is unacceptable.

In that case, the Narn Regime also votes no.

Ambassador Kosh has declined to take part in these proceedings.

On behalf of Earth Alliance, I vote yes.

Mr. Lennier?

As the Minbari were not a part of this conflict... we have no right to judge her.

We must therefore... vote no.

Counting the League's single vote, the decision is 3-2 against a trial with one abstention.

I'm afraid we must find some other solution.

This is outrageous!

Commander Sinclair, you have always said that our worlds have a voice here.

Will you now deny us this voice?

I'm afraid the rules of the assembly are very clear, but I have a compromise, with-

No! No more compromises.

We will no longer be dictated to by the very powers who aided this woman's atrocities.

We withdraw from this assembly.

And rest assured, you have not heard the last of this!


I am sorry, Commander. I have caused this evil woman to escape her just fate.

The Wind Swords did shelter her, didn't they?

And your government knew about it. No. Not at first.

When we went to war with Earth...

...the Wind Swords came to the council with weapons, terrible weapons, created by this monster.

That's when the Council first learned she was with them.

Of course, we could not reveal it then.

And like all secrets long kept, we cannot bear the shame of admitting it now.

Lt. Commander, something is coming through the jumpgate.

A Drazi Sun Hawk. All stations on alert.

Station 1, open up a com channel to the Drazi vessel. Station 5, go to hypertrack.

I have the Drazi vessel online.

Babylon 5, this is Makar Ashok.

In the name of the Drazi Freehold, I demand immediate extradition of the war criminal Jha'dur.

Reject this demand and we will attack immediately.

Drazi vessel moving into firing range.

Scanners show all weapons charged and coming to bear.

All gun arrays, target Drazi ship.

Makar Ashok, our gun arrays are now fixed on your ship, they will fire the instant you come into range.

You'll find their power quite impressive, for a few seconds.

Drazi vessel is slowing.

Lt. Commander, there's another surge in the vortex.

What's happening?

The Drazi want immediate extradition of Jha'dur.

I imagine the lksha and the Vree will make similar demands.

And, according to reports, there are more League ships on the way.

Can you stall them. Well I can try, but...

Do it.

Welcome to Babylon 5. I am Lt. Commander lvanova.

How may we be of assistance?

Ambassador, call off those ships.

The League and Earth Alliance have always been friends.

We can settle this matter diplomatically.

At the moment, we do not put much faith in Babylon 5 diplomacy.

I fear we will soon be severing our ties with this place.

There's something you should know before making that decision.

What's the situation?

Well, I've managed to get the ship captains engaged in a debate over who has the best claim to Jha'dur.

The winner will be the first to attack. Creative.

Let's hope it buys us enough time.

Lt. Commander, the League ships are moving out of firing range.

What did you do? I played a wild card.

But we're not out of this yet, stay on alert.

I'll be in closed session with the League.

Yes, sir.

Good job, Lt. Commander.

A herring is just a herring but a good cigar is a Cuban.

A stroke of the brush does not guarantee art from the bristles.

Do you understand, Mz. Winters?

Our business is concluded. You were swell.

Maybe we can have that Jovian Sunspot some time.

Kosh, old boy... a pleasure as always.

Let's do lunch soon.

Miss Winters.

What is he? And what was on that data crystal he gave you?

Reflection, surprise, terror. For the future.

Several of our most renowned scientists have checked Dr. Franklin's data.

They concur with his assessment. A most astounding discovery.

But Deathwalker must still be punished for her crimes.

I agree.

And I have a compromise which may serve all our needs.

Earth is prepared to develop Jha'dur's discovery immediately.

I propose the League of Worlds choose a coalition of scientists to assist her.

When this coalition is satisfied the serum is ready, Jha'dur will be turned over to the League for trial.

Can we trust your alliance will honor this agreement?

And what of the council?

When news of this is made public, Earth Alliance will have no choice.

As for the council, it's already made its decision.

This agreement is between Earth and the League.

Just as it was 30 years ago when we helped you to defeat this woman and her people.

It is fair.

And wise.

It's time. Good.

I'm glad Na'Toth didn't succeed. I'm looking forward to your trial.

Are you really that naïve, Commander?

Do you imagine Earth Alliance will permit this charade of yours to be carried out?

I'll see that they have to.

It will only cost you your command.

It is the way of things, Sinclair. The superior controls the inferior.

In the final analysis, we've won. I don't think so.

No? Then consider this:

You and the rest of your kind take blind comfort in the belief that we are monsters.

That you could never do what we did.

The key ingredient in the anti-agapic cannot be synthesized.

It must be taken from living beings.

For one to live forever, another one must die.

You will fall upon one another like wolves.

It will make what we did pale by comparison.

The billions who live forever will be a testimony to my work.

And the billions who were murdered to buy that immortality will be the continuance of my work.

Not like us?

You will become us.

That's my monument, Commander.

Get her the hell off my station.

Minbari Flyer 969 is now leaving the docking center.

Ambassador Kosh?

Standby to activate the...

Lt. Commander, something's coming through the vortex.

It's a Vorlon ship.

Well, all's well that ends well, huh?


You are not ready for immortality.

Hell of an irony, don't you think?

We find a reason to keep Jha'dur alive and the Vorlons smoke her for the same reason.

You think it'll always be like this, Michael?

Little powers at the mercy of bigger powers. Politics before morality.

Expediency before justice.

Seems to work for everybody. Except you.

Maybe that's why I like you.

Commander, may I speak to you for a moment?

I think I may be having a problem with Ambassador Kosh.

Join the club.

What's wrong?

Yesterday, Kosh hired me to mediate on a business deal.

But nothing about it made sense.

They spoke in riddles. And I kept getting these images in my head.

What kind of images?

Well, at first, just quick flashes, but then...

Four years ago, I was assigned to scan a suspect in a murder case on Mars Colony.

He was a serial killer. I'd never been inside a mind like that before.

His thoughts were brutal, violent, terrible.

It was the most frightening experience I ever had.

I still have nightmares about it. Today I felt those same thoughts again.

But this time, it was no nightmare. It was deliberately provoked.

Who was Kosh dealing with?

Another alien. He said his name was Abbut.

Funny guy with a big hat, drinks Jovian Sunspots?

Yes, that's him. Do you know him? He's a Vicker.

It's a slang term from old Earth tech, a VCR.

They're cyberorganics, living recorders, part machine, part sentient.

Several of the alien races use them. They can record just about anything.

Sights, sounds, biorhythms, thought patterns. I'd say you were set up.

But why? The Vorlons are leery of telepaths.

If Kosh knows what you fear the most, he can use it against you in the future.

For what? With the Vorlons, who knows?

Ambassador Kosh has been a busy boy today.

They say God works in mysterious ways.

Maybe so. But he's a con man compared to the Vorlon.