Babylon 5 S2E12 Script

Acts of Sacrifice (1995)

[dramatic music]

(female #1) 'Environmental controls hit.'

Do we have enough power to jump?

Only if we go right now.

[sighs] Prepare for jump.

[music continues]

(female #1) 'I'm picking up a distress signal.'

It's one of the evacuation transports.

It didn't make it out with the rest.

Shruck. How many?

(female #1) 'Seven hundred of our females and children.'

'Centauri forces closing on their position.'

[music continues]

Keep the jump point open as long as you can.

And put us between the civilians and the war cruiser.

Changing course.


[music continues]

Transport away.

She's safe.


(male #1) 'Lights.'

Five thousand of my people died in the battle you have just seen.

The Centauri attacked without warning despite their promise not to strike civilian targets.

Had our ships not arrived in time had they not made the supreme sacrifice to save the colony's civilian population the Centauri would have slaughtered everyone.

Females, children, the old, the infirm, everyone without cause!

I thought Londo was going to be here to make a rebuttal.

He's issued a statement saying that his government didn't break its promise.

He accuses the Narns of deliberately placing military targets within the civilian population in order to use their own people as shields.

'He also said' the escaping transport contained weapons not refugees.

That's a lie!

These are atrocities!

Surely you see that. see that!

G'Kar, everyone in this room knows too well that the first casualty of war is always the truth.

Unfortunately, the rest tend to be too small or too weak to defend themselves.

Then you believe me.

You'll intervene?

I can't promise anything.

But I'll talk to my government.

That's all I ask.

If Earth takes a stand, the rest will follow.

I know they will.

Thank you, captain.

[machine beeps] Sheridan. Talk to me.

(male #2) 'That ship you've been waiting for'

'is about to come out of hyperspace, captain.'

On our way.

[instrumental music]

(Susan) 'I guess the diplomatic office back home' was ripe for a change.

The Lumati look like a pretty advanced civilization.

That's why they want this to go smoothly.

With the war heating up, we need to get more races on board.

Either as allies or in the league of nonaligned worlds.

You sure you don't want to take care of this?

I mean, if it's this important.

I'm up to my ears in this whole Narn situation.

Consider it one more step in learning

(both) the fine art of diplomacy.

We don't have any other important ships coming in so you'll be free to stick with it until you're finished.

Do whatever you have to.

Just get them to sign on.

Will do.

Thank you, sir.

[instrumental music]

(male narrator) The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace.

A self contained world five miles long located in neutral territory.

A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens.

A shining beacon in space.

All alone in the night.

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind the year the great war came upon us all.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2259.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

I must confess, I find this report deeply distressing Ambassador G'Kar.

There is no excuse, political or military for the deliberate killing of civilians.

Oh, then your people will come in on our side?

It would mean a great deal to my world, Delenn.

The war is young, the Centauri are still in the process of committing their forces.

Some in their government are unsure about the entire affair.

They only need a reason not to fight.

If the Minbari intervene, you could provide that reason.

You could save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Narn lives.

And Centauri.

But you said many times that you would never rest until the Centauri had been utterly destroyed.

'So, do we help you now?'

Knowing that in a few years when your force is at full strength the Centauri will ask us for help against you.

You must know that your actions in the recent past the things you've said..

...they make it difficult for anyone to come to your aid now.

I know.

But what else could I do?

When you have been crushed beneath the wheel for as long as we have revenge occupies your every waking thought.

When everything else had been taken from us..

...our hatred kept us alive.

And now, it may destroy you.

Do you want me to beg, Delenn? Is that it?


Then what is it?

I was there when our war against Earth began.

When our ship encountered an Earth vessel for the first time.

Afraid of us, of the unknown, they fired.

I saw our leader dying.

I heard the cries for revenge, for blood, for death.

In return, we nearly exterminated an entire species.

My people are tired of war, G'Kar.

You cannot ask them to go through all that again.

Then we must face the Centauri alone.

No. Not alone.

The council can bring political pressure to bear on them.

We can mediate.

There is nothing to mediate, Delenn.

Unless others choose to become involved we will destroy them or they will destroy us.

There is no in between.

Thank you for the tea, Delenn.

And your...honesty.

To the return of glory!

We should have done this a long time ago.

The Narns are like the Na'Toths.

Loud, smelly.

They raise their horns and stomp their feet but they have no teeth!

It would be a kindness to put them out of their misery!

[glass shatters]


Alright, alright!

Break it up! Break it up!

They threw a bottle at us! He insulted us!

Pipe down! And you, move.

You, too. Come on. Move. Move! Go on.

And you watch it. Yeah.

[instrumental music]

Welcome to Eartholine Station, Babylon 5.

I'm Commander Susan Ivanova.

I am Korelu Muzat of the Lumati.

And you are?

I am Korelu Muzat of the Lumati.

Yes, I know. Thank you. I was asking--

The Serbitrobe beside me is my translator. Talk.

I speak through him.

Are you incapable of speech?

[Korelu chuckles] 'No, of course not.'

'But it would represent a loss of face for me'

'to communicate with an inferior race.'

'Uh, before I can speak with you directly'

I must determine if your species is worthy.

Yeah, if so, we may even allow others of my kind to honor you with their presence.

Well, isn't that...wonderful?

Alright. Uh, well, I guess the best way to start with your evaluation would be to take you around show you the station.

That would be good, yes.

Wonderful. Please, right this way.


(male #3) 'And we have found difficulty' in getting our imports back to Centauri prime before they spoil the paperwork, the delays the constant payments to certain individuals to expedite the process. It's ruining my business.

What do you want me to do about it, hmm?

A word or two from you spoken into the right ears would make all the difference.

Your opinions carry much weight back home, ambassador.


Ambassador, a man of your prominence must have refined and exotic tastes but we are far from home.

Certain things are hard to obtain even technically illegal.

In exchange for your help, I could arrange to have a few of these items find their way into your hands.

Weeping stones.

Chiquoneth plants.

[sighs deeply]

I will make a few discreet inquiries, alright?

Thank you, ambassador. Yes.

[exhales sharply]

Shall I log this in with the rest?


Six months ago they were hardly aware of me.

And now, suddenly..

...everyone is my friend.

Everyone wants something.

I wanted respect.

Instead I have turned into a wishing well with legs.

I'm tired, Vir.

Go. Tell the others to come back tomorrow.

Y-yes, sir.


[intense music]

The mighty Narn, eh?

What's going on here? Break it up. Break it up.

You, back off.

'Hey, put it down.'

I said put it down!


He's dead.

He was ordered to put down his weapon. He refused!

He had just been attacked by the Centauri!

He had the right to defend himself!

It was your people who started the incident back in the Zocalo.

That's not what my-- Now, look, G'Kar!

We can go round and round about this all night long figuring out who started what.

And it'll take us back a 100 years before we're done.

Now you asked me for help and I am doing the best that I can but incidents like this are making my job a hell of a lot harder.

What about Mollari?

I'm sending him the same message.

Both your people need to back off.

Babylon 5 is neutral territory.

And I will not have you turn it into a war zone.

But they have a right to defend themselves.

'Damn it, G'Kar!'

You are the duly appointed representative of your government.

Are you saying that you can't control your own people?

Because if you can't, you better tell me right now so that I can have them thrown off this station and sent somewhere else.

[intense music]


...which allows us to use the isolab for nonhumanoid patients requiring an alternate atmosphere.

'Cause it uses a self-contained air supply hermetically sealed behind an air lock.

The isolab can also be used for biological research and identification of hazardous micro organisms.

Next stop is the infirmary which is down the hall to the right.

Follow my assistant. I'll be with you momentarily.


I hope we haven't caught you at a bad time?

Oh, no, no, just breaking in some new additions to my staff.

Welcome to Babylon 5. Thank you.

I should explain. They have some kind of a--

Intracultural symbiosis.

Yes, I've heard of this sort of thing.

This is my first real encounter with it, though.

Uh, did you say this facility was for the treatment of species other than your own?

Yes, yes, yes, th-that's correct.

(Korelu) 'I do not understand. Why go through all this'

'to save the lives of potentially inferior species?'

'Evolution is driven by blood.'

The weak die and the strong survive.

By preserving the sick and wounded of other races you pollute the genetic pool.

'It does not serve evolution.'

Well, my job isn't serving evolution.

It's serving humanity.

Even when the patient isn't human.

Yes, but what happens when the inferior saved from the process of natural selection begin to outnumber the superior?

You know, I think we should all be moving on by now.

I don't believe that any form of sentient life is inferior to any other.

Yes, we often hear that argument from inferior species and their sympathizers.

Just one second.

You're saying that if you saw a child from one of these inferior species bleeding to death and all you had to do was move one finger to save it's life you wouldn't do it?

We would neither help nor harm them.

It's not our place to interfere.

The way for one race to help another is to allow evolution to run its course.

It's for their own good.

'Well, thank you for the stimulating'

'conversation, doctor.'

You have some strange notions but I'm sure they will pass with time.

I'm sorry.

Strange notions.

Yeah, I got your strange notions right here.


Great maker!

Ah! Ah-ha! Mr. Garibaldi, wait! A moment of your time.

Let me buy you something.

I will make sure that it's chemically inoffensive.

I don't have any-- Mr. Garibaldi..

A moment of joy in a lifetime of sorrow.

Take it while you can.

Good. Good.

Kat, my usual. Coming up.


...I have something for you.

You want to tell me what this is?


Oh, please relax. It's not a bribe.

Over the years, when my luck at the gaming tables has been less than salutary you have always come to my rescue.

And now I repay you in full, ever last ducat.

Thanks. That's all?


I'll get you a receipt.

Just wanna make sure everything's--

No, I don't want a receipt!

Then what do you want? I want you to stay!

And have a little drink with me.

I want you to be happy. I want me to be happy.

I want you to be happy for me and me to be happy for you.

Is that so much to ask around here?

Why is everyone here walking around like they're afraid of me?

'Cause maybe we are.

What are you talking about?

I would never threaten you or the others.


Maybe not.

I don't know you anymore, Londo.

None of us do.

No, wait. Please!

Mr. Garibaldi..

In my time here, very few people on this station have listened to me or taken me seriously.

Until recently.

Now I have friends I never knew were there.

But you.. always listen to me.

You are always kind to me, even when you had nothing to gain.

And now that things are changing..

...and I look around.. someone to share my good fortune with..


...there is no one.

Except you.

My good, close friend. Garibaldi.

I got to make my rounds. I'll try to stop by later.

If you're still here and if I've got the time I'll have that, uh, chemically inoffensive drink.

There's no guarantees. None required.

I'll be here, Mr. Garibaldi.

I'll be here.

That was my good friend, Mr. Garibaldi.

It's good to have friends, is it not?

Keep the change.

And I'm no happier about it than you are.

But these outbreaks of violence are jeopardizing our chance to make allies with the humans and all the other aliens.

We are Narns.

We never needed allies before.

We've never been in this position before.

We pushed the Centauri off Narn through a war of attrition so that it wasn't worth an effort to stay.

But direct, open and total war requires a completely different approach.

He's spent so much time with the humans he even talks like them.

I was fighting the Centauri when you were still a pouchling fighting for your freedom.

I've spent my life and my blood trying to better the lives of our people!

What have you spent?

I will not allow the humans, or the Centauri, or the Minbari or anyone else to hurt that cause.

And that includes you and everyone else here!

If we do nothing, we look like weak children.

If you're interested in showing how strong you are I suggest you return home and join the military!

It's easy to talk here when there isn't a Centauri ion cannon pointed at your head!

I know! It is difficult!

But for now..

...we must remain...calm.

Your message is heard.

And understood, G'Kar.

Now we send a message of our own.


[intense music]


Leave him where they can find him.

And tell the others... we attack in six hours.

And when we finish, there must not be one Centauri left alive on this station!

Yeah! Yeah!

Death was caused by physical trauma and loss of blood.

One point of entry.

7.5 centimeters beneath the sternum.

The weapon used in the murder would appear to be an elongated blade, triangular signature, 10-12 inches in length.

Is there any indication that the Narns were responsible?

Well, bruises on the deceased's arms look like, pressure marks from a five-fingered hand.

'Fingernails are pointed and left indentations' here, here and here.

Curvature and spacing would seem to indicate but not prove, Narn physiology.

I'd better notify Ambassador Mollari.


I wouldn't. This place is a powder keg.

One more killing tied to either side and it'll blow.

Captain, with all due respect if we start withholding information--

What information? I know we can't prove it was the Narns.

Captain, come on. You know it was.

There's what we believe, and then there's what we can prove.

The time it takes to prove it will give me some room to maneuver.

And telling Londo now won't bring this guy back.

Not telling him for a while, might save a lot of people from getting killed in a riot.


[machine whirring]

It's late, ambassador. We're closing up.

And should go home.

Oh, were you, um... were you waiting for someone?



[doorbell rings] Yes. Come in.

Good morning, commander. Good morning.

I thought we'd agreed I'd meet you in the Zocalo.

It occurred to me that you're probably showin' me only the

'good things about this place, in an attempt to impress us.'

'All perfectly understandable, given the temptation of our' company, but it doesn't tell us what you're really like.

Well, there is such a thing as privacy.

I mean, if you're gonna stop by, it'd be nice if you asked me or told me when you're coming by.

Hey! Like I said..


But what is it?

It's personal, and it's mine.

And you two are gonna wait outside until I'm ready.

And if you're convinced that I'm only showing the good parts of Babylon 5, well, then, go ahead and choose any part of the station at random and I'll take you there.

Your choice.


"Whatever it takes," he says.

Where's the rest of it?


Do you have many of these? Yeah.


I'm sorry, captain, but we've reviewed your report on the Narn situation, and we have to decline their request for intervention.

We don't have to support their military campaign just lend a hand to save their civilian population when they get caught in the middle.

Captain, I know this isn't what you wanted to hear but we simply can't give the Narn government any kind of official help.

I feel for them, as much as you do.

But their people will just have to fend for themselves.


Link me in with Ambassador Delenn.

[automated] 'Stand by.'

Ambassador G'Kar, I'm afraid they didn't listen to you.

A group of extremists are planning to attack the Centauri here.

Shruck! Are they armed?

A few guns, mostly Drasi knives, long ones with poisoned tips.

When? About two human hours.

Two! Shall I alert the captain?

No! if he tries to stop them, there will only be more violence or they'll wait a few days and attack later.

This has to be stopped at the source.

They've rejected my authority. I have to reclaim it.

You don't mean you're going-- Well, I have no choice.

Then I'm coming with you. I don't think that would be--

You will need someone to watch your back.

If it's not me, who would you prefer?

When I said you could choose anyplace you wanted to see I thought you'd pick command and control or the Zocalo--

Which is exactly why we chose this.

You say these are your own species, yes?

We call them Lurkers, and, yes, humans, mostly.

'They come to Babylon 5 in search of new lives' new opportunities.

Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't.

When it doesn't, quite of often they don't have enough money for a return ticket.

So they end up getting small jobs here and there.

When those go dry they end up moving into the undeveloped parts of the station down below.

Anyway, this is something you shouldn't really be seeing.

Most impressive. Excuse me?

We have isolated ourselves from inferior species but you, you've shown the will and the strength to isolate the genetically inferior parts of your own species as an evolutionary protection.

I-I don't think you understand, This was not intentional.

You're too modest. You're too modest.

It's a brilliant move, commander.

You see, you-you isolate the genetic pool you limit their chances for procreation, you, you you create a work force without a power base to challenge you.

[laughing] Well..

This is not something we thought of but someday we will institute it in our world at the first opportunity.

Uh, but-- You see, alliance--

Alliances are built upon more than tactical advantages.

They are built upon similarities of culture.

And it would appear that we are more similar than I had first suspected.

Congratulations, commander.

This more than anything else has convinced me that you are worthy of an alliance.

We will go now and discuss the terms of our alliance.

Um, thank you, but this is not, I..

Oh, hell.

We know where the Centauri can be found.

The casino, the Zocalo, the night places for they are creatures of the night. We will--

You will do nothing!

This is not your battle. Go back to your human friends.

You have no authority here.

You cannot take what you do not own!

My authority comes directly from the Kari.

It can only be taken by force!

Are you challenging me?

You've already made the challenge!

The question is, do you have the courage to back it up?

[intense music]




[music continues]

[growling continues]

[grunting continues]



This ends!


Go back to your quarters!

If peace on this station is the only way to win the war at home then peace we will give them!




Uhh! 'Ambassador!'

I'm alright, it was a Drasi blade, poison but I think I only caught a little.

I'll get help. No!

I mustn't let them see weakness.

Walk beside me, Na'Toth.

On my way here, I talked to Dr. Franklin.

He thinks we can get medical aid to the Narns earmarked for their civilian population.

Those we can't get out, we'll try to help.

Those we can't get out?

I can't be more specific, but from time to time he's been able to...get other people out of sticky situations.

Now, he's agreed to use his contacts to help us get some of the Narn civilians out of harm's way.

But you realize this violates your government's recommendation?

They said they can't give official help.

And this is as unofficial as you can get.

If we do this right there won't be any fingerprints leading back here.

But it is still a risk.

Yes. I suppose.

But, ambassador, I've learned the hard way that governments deal in matters of convenience not conscience.

If they fall behind, it is up to the rest of us to make up the difference.

If we don't, who will?

Who indeed? Yeah.

Anything else?

I've made some inquiries.

It turns out that we have more food coming into Babylon 5 than ever gets used.

On the theory that the Centauri don't want trouble with your government, we could transfer some of that food... to Minbari transports.

They could deliver it to safe zones in the Narn colonies and--

And once the cargo is off-loaded the ships could bring back as many Narns as can fit.

Yes, that's the idea.

I, uh, do not have the same resources I once had, captain..

...but what I have... is at your disposal.

Thank you.

Since you've decided to sign on with Babylon 5 I'm sure the captain won't mind us using his office to conclude the deal.

It's tea.

I checked the biologs and it's perfectly safe for you to drink.

So you said that there were a few details to work out prior to closing this deal?


Tradition is important to my culture.

Our important agreements are symbolic with coming together... in perfect union.

Well, this certainly qualifies.

The captain felt very strongly about making this deal happen.

Then we will conclude this deal in our traditional manner.

We will have sex.


It is necessary to finalize the agreement.

I-I certainly appreciate, but..

...I have to get this. Ivanova here.

Commander? What-what do you want?

Oh, right. The Poc Marah deal.

I s-forgot totally about it. I'll be right there.

I-I.. Very sorry, really have to take care of this.

Um, maybe we could just put a pin in this right now.

And, um, I'll get back to you in a little bit.

And then we can, um, finalize this then.

Of course.

Ah, captain, there you are.

Na'Toth here has a little present for us courtesy of Ambassador G'Kar.

This is the one who killed the Centauri.

You have witnesses?

He'll confess when he comes to trial.

He's come to understand the concepts of honor and obedience.

Is this correct?


Zach, stick him in a cell and take her statement while you're at it.

(Zach) 'You got it chief.'

You know, Londo's going to go right up the flue when he finds out that one of his people was killed by a Narn.

He'll announce it all over the station as proof that the Narn are barbarians.

Hmm. The trial is gonna stir up even more violence around here.

Retribution, revenge.

Could this situation possibly get any uglier?

(Susan) This couldn't possibly be any worse!

"Do whatever you have to," he tells me.

But nobody told me this involves having sex with an alien.

Well, he didn't know. None of us did.

We barely met this species before now and who knew that they treat sex the way we treat handshakes.

Maybe you should talk to the captain.

I can't, I linked him a note just before the meeting telling him that everything was taken care of.

I can't go back now and tell him that it's all fallen apart.

Oh, you could put a bag over his head and do it for Babylon 5.


Maybe not.

I'm doomed.

Wha.. I could inject you with something make you sick.

'After all he doesn't know a thing about'

'anybody's biology but his own.'

He-he'd probably fall for it. That's it!

I'll get a needle. No, no, no.

I've decided, I'm gonna give him, exactly what he wants.

I'll catch you later. Wha.. Hey..

[doorbell rings]


I just came back from seeing the humans.

Captain Sheridan wants to see you and Ambassador Delenn in private.

Ah! There, you see.

You work toward cooperation and we get what we need by keeping it quiet. Ohh!

Perhaps later. The poison's--

I've treated the wound and the poison.

I'll be less than myself for a few days, but I'll survive.

This is important, I don't want to keep them waiting not when we're finally going to get what we want.

Here he-help me get ready.


Leftover food and medical supplies.

Cargo holds to smuggle out a few here and a few there.

It's the best we can do, ambassador.

No ships, no cruisers, no fighters to come in on our side.

No mines, drones, weapons.

We cannot enter this conflict G'Kar, you know that.

But we can help to save as many of your people as we can.

And I can't tell anyone about it can't use this as leverage on the others because if I talk about it, the aid disappears.

I'm afraid so.

This has to be done on the q-t G'Kar, but it is a start.

I-I thought you'd be pleased.

Yes, of course I am, quite pleased.

I understand the risk you are both taking.

I will honor your request.

And I thank you on behalf of the many Narns whose lives this will save.

Thank you.


I thought it over.

And I'm ready now.

I set aside as much time as required to have sex as it's done by your species.

Since, if we we were to do it human-style probably be too much for you.

Are you implying that Lumati sex is inferior?

Oh, no, no, not at all.

Well, not as such.

I mean It just wouldn't be fair to ask you to do it our way on such short notice, you know, the pressure to perform.


To conclude our deal we will have sex human-style.


You sure?

You do know what this entails?

Of course. Ignorance is a-an inferior trait.

That's what I thought.

You ready? Yes.


[breathes deeply] Ohh.


♪ Boom shaba laba laba boom shaba laba laba ♪

♪ Hey there hey there three bags full ♪

♪ You come here often? Yes I do ♪

♪ Dear shaba laba laba drink shaba laba laba ♪

♪ Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss grow up ♪ How do you like it so far? Uh, I..

♪ I slept with you the other night ♪

♪ You didn't call you didn't write ♪

♪ I think you did it just for spite ♪♪ Oh, yes!

Oh, yes!

Oh, yes!

Oh, yes!

Tell me about your portfolio. Oh, yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Lie to me about your family. Oh, yes!

Oh, yes! Oh, yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

[screams] Yeah!


Oh...God, you're good.

Oh. What do I do now?

Old style, you roll over and go to bed.

New style, you go out for pizza and I never see you again.

Perhaps, I'll call you... before I go.




(John) 'And I can understand' why you'd probably want this Narn tried here on Babylon 5.


The victim was one of your people and as such, it's nominally in your court.

I just think the trial should be delayed for, uh..

...well, for as long as possible.

You know, keep a low profile. No announcements, no press.

(Londo) 'A Centauri was killed.'

You have a picture? Uh.

I'm sure you can sympathize with our situation, ambassador.

I mean, this is a potentially explosive situation and much as your first instinct might be to go public with--

Ah, I know this one.

He was trouble.

I always said things would not end well for him and that it would be his fault.

Yes, well, um, he did attack a group of Narns, uh, provoked them.

As I thought. Hmm.

He has no family back home.

No one to miss him or fight for his name.

Well, I would expect nothing less than the deportation of the Narn in question.

'His personal effects will be confiscated' auctioned, and the proceeds donated to the Centauri war fund.

That irony is all the justice I require.

'Is there anything else?'

No, I don't think so.

Well, then I shall be going.

Good day, to the both of you.

Commander. Oh, captain.

I was about to go looking for you.

I heard the good news about Londo. Congratulations.

Well, and to you, too.

The Lumati sent word to Earth confirming their interest in working with us and said some very complimentary things about you.

Which reminds me the head Lumati left this for you before he took off.

Well, isn't that sweet. Mm-hmm.

'What's it say?' "Next time, my way."

Commander, is there something you'd like to tell me?


Thanks...for what you did.

Well, it would not bring him back..

...and he was trouble.

The Narns are falling before us.

Soon they will have all the trouble they could wish for.

What else does one need?

And if it makes your life a little easier in this difficult time.. is a happy coincidence.

It is good to have friends, is it not, Mr. Garibaldi?

Even if maybe... only for a little while.

Even if only for a little while.

[theme music]