Babylon 5 S2E17 Script

Knives (1995)

[automated message] 'Home run.'

'Fair ball.'


Swinging like you've had a rough day.


You try an eight-hour session with the League of Non-aligned Worlds.

They're thinking about banning both the Narn and the Centauri from the Corridor.

There's been a few incidents around the trade gates.

[automated message] 'Foul ball.'


At least you didn't have to spend your day in the Triangle.

'Fair ball.'


Grey Sector.

Ever since B-5 went online there's been all kinds of stories about the place.

Strange lights, weird noises, people vanishing.

Maintenance nicknamed it the "B-5 Triangle."

Now they swear there's something making their scanners go haywire.

'Foul ball.'

Anything to the stories?

Yeah, every station has its phantoms.

Personally, I've never seen anything down there but it is, you know, kinda creepy.

[automated message] 'Foul ball.'

Well, in that case, I'll have to take a look for myself.

Why? 'Curiosity.'

Look, when I was a kid I used to love to wander through all those creepy places.

I mean, uh, haunted houses, forbidden paths Indian burial grounds.

It was like candy. I couldn't get enough of them.

Just don't go in there alone, okay?

Oh that's half the fun of it.

[automated message] 'Strike three. You're out.'



No, no, no, Vir.

You can't even begin to compare the compositions of Trentara with those of Dorva.

But, Londo, Dorva is fun.

Fun? Fun?

The man was a giant of Centauri Opera.

His opening Aria "Ducata"?

Please. This is one of the most brilliant soul-stirring piece of music ever written.

[singing in Centauri]

That's very commendable, Londo and you sing it quite well.

But it cannot stand beside "Mi Quirva Tara."

[singing in Centauri]

[both singing]

Oh, Vir.

They don't write them like that anymore.

How fitting you should die with a song on your lips, Mollari.

(male narrator) The Babylon Project was our last best hope for peace.

A self-contained world five-miles long located in neutral territory.

A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens.

A shining beacon in space..

...all alone in the night.

It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind.

The year the Great War came upon us all.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2259.

The name of the place is "Babylon 5."

[theme music]

[music continues]

Who are you?

Your doom, Paso Leati.

Paso Leati?

Urza? Londo.


How good it is to see your sad face again.

Yes, you almost saw it for the last time.

By all the Gods, never play a trick like that on me again.

Forgive me. As always.

Vir, I want you to meet an old friend of mine.

This is Urza Jaddo.

Excuse me.

Vocator Urza Jaddo hero of the Battle of Gorash and the finest swordsman in the Couro Prido next to me, of course.

Urza, Vir Cotto, my attache.

Now we shall go back to my quarters open a bottle of fine Brivari and you shall tell me what happy miracle has brought you here to Babylon 5.

Alas, I must decline for the moment.

The journey from Centauri Prime was long.

There are things I must attend to.

But later..

...we will talk of many things and drink deeply of your fine Brivari.

I look forward to it.

[instrumental music]

[eerie music]


[intense music]


You alright?

Oh, Jesus.


Sheridan to Garibaldi.

(Michael on radio) 'Garibaldi.'

Chief, I'm in Grey 10.

I've just found a..


Chief? Chief!

(Michael on radio) 'Captain, I can't read you.'

'Send again. Send again.'

Garibaldi, I can't read you.

There must be..


(Michael on radio) 'Captain, you alright?'

Yeah. I'm okay.

Just get down here as soon as you can.

Your epinephrine level's a bit elevated but that's consistent with a sudden state of shock.

Could use a little rest, otherwise you're fine.

Shock's a pretty mild word for it, doc.

I've been attacked by aliens before but never by dead ones.

So maybe next time you'll listen when I tell you not to do something.


No, I-I'd say the attack was a simple..

...postmortem reaction.

Dead bodies build up deposits of gas which can cause them to emit sounds or move as if they're still alive.

Oh, that's cute, a zombie with a gas attack.


Any idea what killed him?

Well, at first glance, I'd say massive head trauma but I'll have to do an autopsy.

Alright, can you identify him?

Oh, that's easy.

His name's..

Sush na, uh, something or other.


"Chay-yosh-nay." Gesundheit.


He came in three days ago from the Corridor registered a cargo. Supposed to depart tomorrow.

He's been staying in the Markab Sector.

Alright. You and I will go through his quarters.

Send a detail to check out his..


Are you alright?

I just felt a little dizzy there.


Maybe the doc is right about me needing some rest.

Okay, look, I'll handle the search.

You cop a little sack time and I'll let you know what we find.


So how long have you and Vocator Jaddo known each other?

Oh, ever since we were children.

But our houses have been allied since the earliest days of the Republic.

Why does he call you Paso Leati?

In dueling societies, it is customary for each member to be given a fighting name by his comrades.

They said I fought like a crazed Leati and so they called me Paso Leati.

Urza was known as Skal Tura the silent beast.

Well, those were great times Vir.

We were young, proud, fierce..

...bursting to prove ourselves to each other and to the world.

As our ships ruled the spaceways and our power was rivaled by that of the Gods only.

Uh, Great Maker it was good to be a Centauri then.

Every generation of Centauri mourns for the golden days when their power was like unto the gods.

It-it's counterproductive.

I mean, why make history if you fail to learn by it?

You know, Vir, you have what the Earthers call a negative personality.

No, I don't.

There. You see?

Oh, delightful.

Urza will be pleased.

In the old days, his capacity for Brivari was almost legendary.

[door beeps]


Paso Leati my heart leaps to see you again.

No more than does mine my good and dear friend Skal Tura.

The Brivari. Yes!

And you will not be disappointed.



[instrumental music]



[creature growling]






Captain? Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You okay?


Yeah. Yeah. I'm okay.

How'd you get here so fast?

I was on my way with the forensics report when E-systems picked up gunfire in your quarters.

Yeah. What happened?

It was here.

It attacked me.


A Grylor.

It's an animal native to Janos 7.

I was stalked by one once.


'It almost killed me here.'

I shot it.

It must have been a nightmare.

No, no, no, no.

No, it was no nightmare.

I saw it.

At least I think I did.

[sighs] Hey, it happens.

I mean, I once saw a whole chorus line of purple wombats doing show tunes in my bathtub.

Of course, I was pretty drunk at the time.


[clears throat] So what does forensics say?


Are you telling me he bashed his own skull in?

Yeah. Against the pipe where you found him.

Doc picked half of it out of his brainpan.

Any idea why?

No. Not a clue.

I mean, bioscans were all normal.

Oh, no. Maybe he was in a religious.. A religious frenzy.

The Markab have rituals in which they lose all control of themselves.

That's possible, except those rituals usually involve psychotropics.

This guy's system was clean.

And besides, why would he go to Grey Sector to practice his religion?

I don't know.

You keep checking. I want answers.

I'll be in C and C if you need me.

I kind of like it.


And what about you?

'Are you still married to Marilya?'

We are comfortable with each other.

She understands.

Well, I'm happy for you and jealous.

Aw, after all these years, Paso Leati..

...have you still not found love?

Oh, there was someone, a dancer named Adira.


Oh, it ended as all love does.



Listen to me.

Moaning about dead passions like an old drunk.

You know what I need? A drink.

A drink!

[both laughing]

Your name is spoken often on Centauri Prime these days.

Oh, yes?

And what do they say about me when they speak my name?

That your star.. once again in ascendance

'as is the Republic's.'

Well, it's about time.

The Centauri have bowed to the, to the whims of other races for too long.

Now, we will show the galaxy our true spirit.

Beginning with those..

...those thrice-damned Narn.

Emperor Turhan, may the Gods comfort him never wanted another war with the Narn.

The emperor was a good man but he was wrong about the Narn.

War with them was inevitable.

They have given us little choice in the matter.

The Narn did not start this conflict.

They were forced into it by a faction within our own midst.

The same faction who murdered Prime Minister Malachi and put that infantile puppet Cartagia on the throne!

I was told Malachi took his own life when the emperor passed away.

(Urza) 'That's the official story.'

Many such lies are told nowadays.

Why do you tell me this, Urza?

A resolution.. about to be brought before the Centaurum..

...declaring me and my house traitors to the Republic.

No. You're joking.

They could never prove such a thing.

These days, the mere accusation is enough.

I am a marked man, Londo and if these villains have their way I will be disgraced.

And you know what that means.

What do you want me to do?

You were always clever, Londo.

And House Mollari is still one of the most respected of the noble houses.

If you stand with me..

...I know I can save my family.

I'll do what I can.

I knew you would not deny me, Paso Leati.

And now I must go.

Tomorrow I will arrange a banquet to celebrate our reunion.

I thank you for the fine Brivari and your friendship.

[indistinct chatter]


Everything in order?

Remarkably so.

It's beginning to worry me.

Oh, you always worry when things are going well?

I don't have time to worry about them when they're not.

Jumpgate online.

(Susan) 'It's the Arkati.'

She's preregistered. Route her to Bay 8.

[indistinct chatter]

What the hell? Sir?



Captain, what is it?

Station 6, go to hyper track.

I want that whole area scanned right now.

What area, sir?


'Something wrong?'


I have to see to something.

[instrumental music]

And then in C and C, I...I saw the Icarus.

The Icarus?


It was a science ship, my wife was aboard.

I saw it explode as if I were there.

Doc, it happened over two years ago and..

...I wasn't there.

Look, I have run you through every test that I know.

There is nothing wrong with you...organically.

Oh, great. Then I'm just plain nuts.

Well, anyone willing to command Babylon 5 has got to be slightly insane but I don't think that you're ready for the asylum just yet.

Then what is wrong with me?

Well, it's possible you picked up some kind of new virus from the corpse, somethin' our scanners can't spot.

I know a good Markab doctor. I'll check with him.

There might be a simpler explanation.

Seven months ago, you were commanding in a starship on the rim, right?

Yeah. Alright.

Suddenly you're put in charge of a small city in space just as a major war breaks out.

Your diet changes, your sleep is constantly interrupted you face a major crisis every other day and to top it all off, you're not sure you can trust the very people who put you here.

Now that's a lot of stress.

Maybe you're sending yourself a message.

I'll put you on medical leave for a few days.

Oh, no, no. Impossible.

I have a station to run.

Well, Commander Ivanova is quite capable of doing that.

I want you to relax. No.

Let other people handle things for a little while.

Give me your hand.

This is going to monitor any abnormalities in your system functions.

Oh, doc.

And I'm also prescribing a mild sedative.

I want you to relax and enjoy yourself.

That is an order.

You know, you're just like your father.

Well, thank you.

(Londo) 'Refa, at last.'

Taking care of our mutual interests consumes much of my time.

What can I do for you, Mollari?

I am told Vocator Jaddo will be declared a traitor by the Centaurum?

(Refa) 'He is a traitor.'

Don't be a fool.

Urza may differ with a few politicians but he would never betray the Republic.

I will vouch for him personally.

Have you said this publicly?

It will not be necessary.

I want the resolution dropped.

It is already accomplished.

Well, then unaccomplish it.

Urza is a friend, more than a friend.

He is a dueling comrade.

My house and his have been allies since the earliest days of the Republic.

I will stand up for him.

That is unfortunate.

I'm afraid the political repercussions will be very grave.

House Jaddo is crumbling and anyone who defends it will crumble as well.

We'll try and protect you, of course but if your link with this man gets out.. may no longer fit in with our plans. plans?

Perhaps you are forgetting who made your plan a reality.

'And how it was done.'

Mollari, if you insist on clinging to the coat of a doomed man, there is little I can do.

But, I will try.


You know, on rare occasions I am proud to be attache.

Be careful, Vir.

Such compliments will turn my head. Get me a drink.

And then contact all my agents on Centauri Prime.

It's time I paid more attention to what's happening on homeworld.

[automated message] 'Foul ball.'

'Foul ball.'


Mr. Garibaldi.

Is there something wrong?

No. Just, uh, wanted to see how you were doing.

Better. A lot better.

You know, I almost forgot what it's like to just relax.

If you call three straight hours of batting practice relaxing.

Does the term "Obsessive-compulsive" ring a bell?

[automated message] 'Holding pitch.'


Did you find out anything more about that Markab?

No, not really.

Every check confirms he was just your average business type.

There is one thing.

He came through Sector 14 on his way here.

Sector 14? Isn't that restricted?

That's right, ever since the incident last year with Babylon 4.

Babylon 4? I thought that was destroyed.

So did we, till we got a signal from it.

Wait a second, I never read anything about this in the station logs.

Well, that's because Earthforce decided to confiscate all the records for their investigation.

'And B-4 was caught up in some kind of weird'

'space-time phenomenon.'

'We managed to get all its people off' before it disappeared again.

But Earthforce believes there's still some kind of anomaly out there.

Maybe the Markab encountered it.

Anyway, it's all here.

I thought you said the, uh, records were all confiscated.

I made a copy. Oh.

You never know when I might wanna write my memoirs..


Keep your elbow up.

Oh, my.

Yes. Magnificent.

Urza always knew how to throw a banquet.


Urza. Welcome, Londo.

You know Lord Valo.

Lord Valo, good to see you again.

Londo. My lady.

A month ago he would have grown horns rather than speak to me.

He still may.

You must try the Japoti. Oh, yes. Please.

I brought it fresh from the homeworld.

Oh, really? Good. Good.

Yes. Look.

Oh, divine!

To us!

Old comrades well met.

And to the Republic.

To the republic.

Quite an impressive array of guests.

Nobles every one, hmm?

They are friends and when I announce our alliance against those who seek to dishonor my house and our Republic they will make sure word is spread throughout the court.

It'll not be necessary.

I've taken care of it.

What do you mean?

Oh, you've asked for my help. I've given it.

No charges will be made against you or your house.

The resolution has already been brought before the Centaurum.

And my sources assure me it will pass.

Yeah, but that's not possible.

Lord Refa promised.


What do you have to do with him?

He is a friend, a man of great influence.

With his help, we--

I will get no help from that assassin.

It was he who had the resolution brought before the Centaurum.

You must be mistaken.

Knowledge.. a basic tool of politics.

Mine is considerable.

But I never dreamed you would be a part of his schemes.

Why, Londo?

I have a destiny to fulfill.

One which would take our people back to a golden age.

We are Centauri, Urza.

We are meant to conquer, to rule, to build empires.

You, the hero of Gorash, should know that.

I am an old hero.

And what I saw and did at Gorash still haunts me in the night.

I do not want to return to that kind of glory, Londo.

You listen to me, Urza.

No one can stop this.

A new day is coming to our people, a great day.

And I can help you be a part of it.

You cannot build an empire based on slaughter and deceit.

Turhan knew that.

I thought you did, too.

Perhaps it is best that I go.

No, you cannot go yet.

[snaps fingers]

I have a gift for you.

A coutari.

And a finer blade I have never seen.

It is the blade I carried at Gorash.

I meant it as a symbol of our alliance.

Oh, it is magnificent.

But I cannot accept it.

Then accept this, Paso Leati.

[dramatic music]

By the laws of the Couro Prido I challenge you to the Morago, Londo Mollari.

You would fight me to the death, Urza?

Yes, to save my honor and my family from your new friends.

Or have you become as cowardly as they?

I take your gift and your challenge in the spirit in which they are offered.


Make your peace with the Gods and return here in two hours.

[dramatic music]

(John) Freeze frame.

Well, I'll be..


[high-pitched buzzing]

What do you want?






(Stephen) 'Franklin to Sheridan.'


'Franklin to Sheridan.'


'Franklin to Sheridan.'

What were you thinking?

You can't fight a duel to the death.

I must. Urza and I are Couro Prido, proud knives.

It would bring disgrace on our house if I were to decline his challenge.

Those noble friends of his would see to that.

Disgrace is preferable to death.

There was a time when I would agree with you.

That time has passed.

Londo, this is insane.

Insanity is part of the times!

You must learn to embrace the madness.

Let it fire you.

Garibaldi. 'This is Dr. Franklin.'

'Do you know where the captain is?'

What's wrong, doc?

'Well, his med-bracelet monitored'

'a strange neural surge'

'and then went dead.'

'He's not answering his link.'

I'm on it. Garibaldi to all officers.

I want the location on Captain Sheridan.

Commander, my board shows Delta-1 prepping for launch.

Delta-1, why are you prepping for launch?

Delta-1, please respond. This is Commander Ivanova.

(John) 'Ivanova, this is Sheridan.'

Captain? What are you doing?

Just going out for a little spin.

There is no need to worry.

I'll be back before you know it.

I hope.

Authorization code, Gamma 6-6-Z-niner.

Override locking controls.


Open bay doors.

Delta-1 is launching.

Ivanova to Garibaldi.

[instrumental music]


I knew you would not disappoint me.

Do you really intend to go through with this, Urza?

It is the only way.

I do not want to kill you.

In all our duels together, you never could match me with a coutari.

In all our duels together my life was never in jeopardy.

You'll find I set great store by it.

(Michael on radio) 'Delta-2 to Delta-1.'

'Do you read me?'

Garibaldi, is that you? It's one and the same.

Mind telling me what you're doing?

I'm giving someone a lift.

I think.

Wanna explain that, sir?

'Haven't quite got it all figured out myself..'

But I think you were right.

The answer's in Sector 14.

Sector 14? But that's..

(Michael on radio) 'Yeah, I know.'

Lucky me.

The Morago is declared and accepted.

Draw your swords with purpose..

...and sheathe them with honor.

[intense music]

Oh, Skal Tura.

[swords clanking]


[intense music]




Yeah, this is the place.

Computer, scan for any unusual phenomena.

[automated message] 'Unable to comply.'

'Sensors malfunctioning due to high level of'

'tachyon particles.'


What the hell.


[dramatic music]

Holy jumpin'!


Do you read me?

(Michael on radio) 'Captain Sheridan, do you read me?'


Computer, lock on to Delta-1. Prepare to grapple.

[automated message] 'Unable to lock on.'

'Signal unstable.'

Damn it.

Remind me to leave you home next time.

Alright. We can do this ourselves.

Alright. Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Nice and easy.

That's it, Yeah!


Reverse thrusters. Full power.

Get us out of here.

(Michael on radio) 'Babylon 5, it's Garibaldi..'

'Bringing our wandering captain home.'

Age has not dimmed your skill, Paso Leati.

Nor yours, Skal Tura.

Let us end it then.






The first stroke..

...Paso Leati.

Why did you make me do this, Urza?

My family, I could not let them share my disgrace.

But this way, I die with honor.

And you will see they are protected.

Yes, yes. I promise it.

I will guard them as if they were my own.

Thank you..

...old friend.

I will miss you.

It was a life form.

Sentient, but completely alien.

But what was it doing in your head?

It was trying to survive and go home.

Oh, he must've come through that rift in Sector 14 and somehow wound up in that Markab's body.

It drove him mad.

How did you figure out what it wanted from you?

The images I got.

Fear, loss, home.

Somehow it was sending me a message and touching deep emotions in me which mirrored its own state.

I was actually seeing what it felt.

(Stephen) This is fantastic.

For this creature not to show up on my scans it would have to be completely different from every alien species we know.

Possibly gaseous in nature or-or maybe even pure energy.

And yet, somehow it made an empathic connection with you.

I think he's excited. Excited?

We could be discovering a whole new lifeform here.

Since you helped it, you think we might be able

'to contact it again?'

Uh, no, thanks.

I prefer to be only slightly insane.

Yeah. Don't we all?

I've made the arrangements you requested for Urza's family.


That's very good, Vir. Thank you.

Londo.. had no choice.

He would've killed you.

He could've killed me anytime.

He was right, you know.

I never could best him with a coutari.

But my death would not have saved his family.

I don't understand.

By the laws of the Morago the victor must accept the loser's family as part of his own.

They're House Mollari now.

They cannot be harmed by the resolution passed against Urza.

He sacrificed himself.


I have made many choices lately, Vir.

And today, for the first time..

...I'm not sure those choices were right.

Perhaps some good has come out of this tragedy.

It's not too late to make some new choices.


The blood is already on my hands.

Right or wrong..

...I must follow the path.. its end.

But Londo-- 'You can go now, Vir.'

I want to sleep..

...if I can.

[instrumental music]

[theme music]