Babylon 5 S2E2 Script

Revelations (1994)

(male #1) 'This is Team 3, we're in position'

'and ready for transport.'

(male #2) 'Team 3, ready that.'

[dramatic music]

(Mollari) 'This is madness!'

How much longer will this council be held hostage to its missing members?

Their behavior is inexcusable.

Ambassador Delenn remains indisposed.

Indisposed! She's in a cocoon!


And you.

'Do you have any idea'

'when Ambassador G'Kar' will decide to grace us with his presence?

For that matter, do you have any idea where he is?

Uh! There, you see?

One deserts his post without any explanation, the other one picks the most breathtakingly inconvenient moment possible to explore new career options.

Like, becoming a butterfly!

I move that we reprimand both governments and demand that they assign new representatives to this council.

Is there a second?

Well, seeing that the motion isn't carried and the rest of the agenda has been tabled

'I recommend that we adjourn for the rest of the day' and reconvene tomorrow at 9:00 and try this again.

[gavel strikes]

Na'Toth, you never answered my question.

Where is Ambassador G'Kar?

I've told you all I know.

He left to investigate the attack on our base in Quadrant 37.

And you've had no word from him since then.

Ambassador G'Kar is more than able to take care of himself.

[dramatic music]

Stay together. Just a little further to the gate.

(man #3) 'We're not going to make it!'

Yes, we will!

(man #3) 'No.'

'Leave us. Tell the others!'

'Warn them!'


'In death, we salute you.'

'Honor our names. Goodbye.'

G'Quan bless your names.

You will be remembered with honor.


Set jumpgate sequence.

Destination, Babylon 5.

(male narrator) The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace.

A self-contained world five miles long located in neutral territory.

A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens.

A shining beacon in space all alone in the night.

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind.

The year the great war came upon us all.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2259.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chattering]

Doctor, how's it going?

I thought you'd be off duty by now.

Uh, I'm running a little late.

Uh, can I talk to you for a minute?

Yeah. I can afford a minute.

My sister's coming for a visit and I have time before she arrives.

How is Mr. Garibaldi?

Frankly, not great.

That's what I wanna talk to you about.

I've pulled out every trick I know and nothing seems to work.

He's not coming out of that coma.

Now, there is one other option but it means performing an unauthorized procedure.

I see.

Have you tried contacting his next of kin?

Tried and failed.

And I'm afraid if we wait any longer, it won't do any good.

What's the procedure?

Alright, last year I came into possession of an alien device capable of draining the life energy from one person and giving it to somebody else.

It was used as a kind of death penalty.

Well, it sounds nasty.

Yes, but it could be used safely at lower settings to heal people.

Are you speaking from personal experience or--

No, no, no, I-I haven't done it myself.

But I have seen it used that way.

Still, there is a risk and I wanted your permission before trying it.

There's no other way?

It's his only hope.

We don't have much choice, do we?

Who are you going to hook up to the machine?

Well, I can't ask anyone else to take the risk if something goes wrong.

I'll do it.

[dramatic music]


(man on PA) 'Welcome to Babylon 5.'

'We are at your disposal with a range of onboard facilities..'


Lizzy. Lizzy, Lizzy.


Hi, big brother. Oh, it's good to see you.

How was your flight? Fine.

A little bumpy coming out of hyperspace.

But otherwise no complaints. Good.

You look like you've gained a little weight since the last time I saw you.

Ah, well, what can I say, huh?

After three years in deep patrol eating synthetics I took one look at the garden here and completely lost control.

Sounds great. I'm starved.

Well, good. Let's get you somethin' to eat.

I'll have your bags sent to your quarters, alright?

(Morden) 'I understand you were looking for me, ambassador.'

How can I be of service?

The destruction of the Narn base in Quadrant 37 is drawing quite a lot of attention.

Yes. That was the intent.

And you are absolutely certain that it cannot be traced back to me?

Oh, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The Narns will never be able to prove that it was done at your instigation.

And based on your promise to take care of it your government accepts your responsibility without question or hesitation.

Perfect symmetry.

I believe that this little demonstration will bring you some very interesting propositions.


But what happens if I'm asked for another of these little demonstrations?

Then we'll provide it.

Simply choose your target.

A colony, an outpost.


Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn homeworld while you're at it?

One thing at a time, ambassador.

'One thing at a time.'

Oh, one last thing.

A small favor in return for our good efforts on your behalf.

A person in an important position like yours hears many things.

And if you should hear about anything strange happening out on the rim..

...I'd appreciate being informed.

Even if it seems unimportant.

Good day, ambassador.

And it's certainly a big change from running the Agamemnon.

It's more like being a military governor of a small, self-contained country you know, with its own rules, a thousand different languages..

Everyone coming and going at all hours, uh..

Still, there's a terrific energy here.

A sense of really being on the frontier.

How's your salad? Oh, it's fine.

Huh. Fine.

You don't look fine.

It's just..

We haven't seen each other in two years.

And from the moment I got here you haven't stopped talking about work.

This is me, Johnny, remember?

I'm sorry. I, I just, uh..

Seeing you again.. brings it all back.

I know.

That's why I'm here.

Nothing has ever really been the same between us.

Not since Anna passed away.

[sighs] I need more time, that's all.


It's been two years.

Then why do I still have to remind myself that she's gone?

Why, when I see something interesting on the news I'll say to myself, "Oh, I gotta remember to mention this to Anna later on?"

Sometimes I will turn to say something to her.

She's not there, but just for a second I don't know why she's not there.

And then, I remember.

I miss her, Liz.

I miss her and love her as much right now as I did when she was still here.

I know. It's not easy.

She was my friend for a lot longer than you were married to her, and I miss her, too.

But if she were here right now, she'd be mad as hell at you.

She would want you to get on with your life and stop burying yourself in your work.

It's not about work.

What's it about?

I, I just don't wanna get into this thing right now, okay?

Can't we just table this for a while, huh?

I mean, can't we just.. for a while?

Get to know each other again and just ...catch up a little?


The discussion is tabled..

...until later.


[dramatic music]


Soon now.


(Sheridan) 'Doctor?'


You're up late.

I couldn't sleep.

I started thinking about life and death.

What we can do, what we can't do and...maybe what we should do

'when we have the chance.'

This is the device, huh? Correct. I was just about to--

Plug me in. No. I-I thought we agreed--

Look, I can't have you giving your life energy and operating this machine at the same time.

What happens if you pass out during the process, huh?

'It'll just keep taking your life energy'

'until you're dead, correct?'

I don't know. Exactly.

It's better you're running it and someone else is at this end.

He's my patient.

But when I took over B-5 he became my responsibility.

I don't think losing my head of security two weeks into the job will look good on my resume.

Alright, we split the difference.

We'll both do it in shifts, but I'll go first.

Make sure the configuration is correct. Deal?

Done and done.


(G'Kar) 'Close the door.'


Weep for the future, Na'Toth.

Weep for us all.

Are you alright?

I have looked into the darkness, Na'Toth.

You cannot do that and ever be quite the same again.

When you told me about the destruction of our base at Quadrant 37 I knew that only a major power could attempt an assault of that magnitude.

'But none of the governments here could have done it' which left only two possibilities.

A new race or an old race.

'A very old race.'

G'Quan spoke of a great war long ago against an enemy so terrible it nearly overwhelmed the stars themselves.

G'Quan said that before the enemy was thrown down it dwelled in the system at the rim of known space.

I searched for days going from one system to another.


...on dark, deserted worlds where there should be no life where no living thing has walked in over a thousand years something is moving..

...gathering its forces quietly.

Quietly, hoping to go unnoticed.

We must warn the others, Na'Toth.

After a thousand years, the darkness has come again.

[instrumental music]

[dramatic music]


What's up, doc?

Franklin to Ivanova. 'Ivanova. Go.'

I think you and the captain need to get down to Medlab.

Garibaldi's awake. 'On our way.'

(male #3 on radio) 'Sector 10, robbery down here.'

Garibaldi? 'Uh, yeah.'

How do you feel? It's not important.

Did you stop them?

They're gonna kill the president.

I'm afraid the president's dead.

Earth Dome is saying it was an accident.

Oh, no.

No, no. I got to see the commander.

He's not here, alright? He's been reassigned.


Oh, God!

I'm out of here for a few days, the whole place goes to hell.

Well, I hope I can prove otherwise.

Captain John Sheridan, your new CO.

I don't know you.


...but I think we'll get along just fine.


I know you're tired.

But do you remember what happened?

'Do you remember who shot you?'

Yeah, I-I keep trying.


No, I-I, I don't remember.

I was shot from behind, I..

I never saw who.

Center, this is security..

Ah, Ambassador G'Kar.

Back from your little expedition, I see.

Did you find anything interesting?

Yes, I'm going to call for a meeting of the council to discuss it.


Mollari...the grievances between my people and yours will never be resolved except with Centauri blood.

Accept that as a given.

Well, it's good to know we're appreciated.

But there may be some dangers that threaten both our peoples.

Not to mention the Minbari, the Earthers, the League and everyone else around here.

Except, possibly, the Vorlons.

I don't know what could threaten them, really.

Very soon, ambassador, I may require your help in the interests of all our governments.

Help? My help?

Well, this is astonishing.

Have you spoken to the others?

No. I was just on my way to speak with Delenn.

Ah, well, you may find that rather difficult at the moment.

You see, just after you left we discovered something happened to her.

What? Is she still alive?

That is a very good question.

[Delenn groaning]


[Delenn groaning]


Help me.





Dr. Franklin, could you please come to Ambassador Delenn's quarters at once?

Well, I'm kind of in the middle of things.

Mr. Garibaldi is awake.

Please. This is urgent.

I think something may be wrong with Ambassador Delenn.

Dr. Franklin, before we can allow you to proceed I must insist that anything you learn here in the next few minutes be kept strictly confidential.

Of course, you have my word.

But if she's sick I'm surprised you didn't call in one of your doctors.

(Delenn) I'm not ill..


What I have become..

...what I suffer..

...requires you..


[Delenn groaning]

Well, granted, I still get stir-crazy sometimes.

But the wonderful thing is..

...if I wanna see aliens I don't have to go lookin' for 'em.

They come here.

All I've to do is go out that door go down two levels..

...and there's always somethin' new.

Some new race I'd never heard of and, and never seen.

The only thing that could make it better..

[smirks] if Anna were here to share it.

And with that scientist mind of hers..

...she would've loved it.

What is it, Johnny?

[sighs] Damn it, Liz, it's my fault she's not here.

Oh, Johnny, stop that.

You've been carrying this guilt around for two years.

She died on a deep space exploration vessel that exploded.

'You had nothing to do with that.'

No, but I'm responsible for her being on that ship in the first place.

We were gonna get together on our anniversary.

She'd arranged to meet me when we pulled into space dock

'off of Centauri Prime.'

Well, we hadn't seen much of each other the year before.

You know what the military life is like.

Well...I'd gotten real busy.

I was up to my ears in inspections, drills and..

I had to call her and..

...tell her I couldn't make it.


I was too busy.

Too damn busy.

Well, right after I canceled she took that science officer's job on the Icarus.

"Just a two week survey."

Said she'd be back before I even noticed she was gone.

[instrumental music]

Well, she didn't come back.

And I've been noticing she's gone every minute..

...of every day.

You can't blame yourself, Johnny--

Yes, I can.

If I hadn't canceled out, if I hadn't driven her away she'd be here right now.

'But the thing is, the real killer is..'

When we used to talk to each other over long distance..

...we would say "I love you" at the end.

The last time I talked to her, I..

...I don't know, I was rushed.

I, I didn't say it and..

...I didn't even realize it.

And I figured, I'd, I'd make it up to her later on.

[music continues]

I never even got to say goodbye to her.

Oh, Lizzie, I miss her.

I just didn't want her to go without telling her I loved her.. last time.

[music continues]

[Delenn groaning]

Is it supposed to do that?

(Delenn) 'I do not know.'

[Delenn whimpering]

[intense music] I? I?


Which leads me to believe that the ancient race described in our holy books may have returned.

If true, this holds grave danger for all of us.

You say the dead worlds previously controlled by this force are inhabited again?

Maybe they've been colonized by someone else.

No. It's them. I'm sure of it.

The-the configuration of the ships that fired on us was too similar to the drawings made by G'Quan.

Then why have we heard nothing official from the Narn Homeworld confirming your opinion?

The Kha'Ri have certain reservations.

Then we're back where we started.

'We need proof.'

And I'm prepared to give you that proof.

Despite the misgivings of a few in the inner circle of my government, I have convinced them to send a ship to the heart of the enemy's old domain, located at the rim of known space.

'A dark and terrible place known as Z'ha'dum.'

It has been dead for a thousand years.

No one goes there. No one.

'Our ship will arrive in 12 hours' coming out of hyperspace as close to the enemy's homeworld is possible.

'They will scan the planet for signs of life' and return to hyperspace before anyone can attack.

And if someone is living there?

Then all our races stand on the edge of extinction.

[intense music]

(Morden) 'You wanted to see me, ambassador?'

You said I should tell you if I heard about anything unusual happening out on the rim.

The Narns have sent a military ship to investigate the world called Z'ha'dum.

Ah, I see you know it.

Only in passing.

Do you know by any chance know when it's scheduled to arrive?

Yes, in a little under ten hours.

Chief. Chief. I brought her like you asked.

Hey, Lou, good work.

He tell you?


Mr. Garibaldi, you have to understand that even if I go into your mind, even if I do find anything it's not admissible in court.

Oh, look, I know.

Look, I gotta find out who did this to me.

If there's anything in my memory, anything I missed or forgot, I mean, you can find it.

You may be placing too much faith in my abilities.

But I'll try.

Given your condition, this will have to be a deep scan.

It may cause you some discomfort.

Let's do it.

[intense music]

I told you not to poke around in things that are too big for you.

Yeah, well, it's a little late for that.

Now, up against the wall.

(Devereaux) I think not.

No! Oh, God, no.

What? What did you see?

Hey, you gotta come see this.

What is it? I'm kind of busy here.

Uh, Ambassador Delenn's out of that weird cocoon and-and-and she's got wings just like a butterfly.

You-you gotta come see.

(male #4 on radio) 'Teams two, three and eight, please report..'

[instrumental music]


Go ahead. Go for it!

Make my fraggin' solar year!

[intense music]

That was for the chief.

Alright, that's enough.

He's all yours, sir.

Unless you wanna walk around the block a few times and leave him to us.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Officer Welch but I don't think that'll be necessary.

'Put him in lockup under maximum security.'

I want checks every quarter hour.

(Lou) 'Yes, sir.'

Take him!

[music continues]


Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?

I have to get out of here.

Look, you are in no condition.

They caught the guy who shot you, alright--

Yeah, I know, I know, I know, but I have to see him.

I have to talk to him myself.

Look, you can see him later.

No, I can see him now!

Come here.

Look, why are you doing this to yourself, huh?

Because I have to.

Now, you can help me or you can get out of my way.

I trusted you.

I taught you everything I knew.

I gave you every break.

I even treated you like my own brother.


My God, why'd you do it?

I had my instructions.

'From who?'

There's a new order coming back home, Garibaldi.

You can either be part of it or you can be stepped on.

'A winner or a loser.'

I'm with the side that's gonna win.

Homeguard? 'Homeguard.'

They're a bunch of misfits.

You really don't have a clue, do you, Garibaldi?

Look, if I were you, I'd start talking straight because right now, you're in a whole world of trouble.

You don't even know what trouble is..

...but you're gonna find out real soon.

Yeah, well, while I'm worrying about that..

...roll this one around in your head.

Shooting a senior officer is an act of treason and mutiny.

The penalty is spacing.

'They put in an airlock, seal it and open the space door.'

You spend the next five minutes chewing vacuum until your lungs turn inside out, your eyeballs freeze and your heart explodes.

'It's the worst kind of death you can imagine.'

'And when that day comes..'

...I'll be there to push the button.

[intense music]

Hey, Garibaldi.

Be seeing ya.

'Yes.' Captain.

(John) 'I know, I know, the council meeting.'

I'm just trying to finish up a few things here before I--

It's the President. He's on Gold Channel One.

Wants to speak to you.

Unless you'd like me to have him call back later--


Yes, sir. Stand by.

Mr. President, to what do I owe the honor of this call.

Captain Sheridan, I've just read the report on your recent arrest.

Do you really think this individual was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate my predecessor?

It's a little early for that, sir.

All we have on him now is attempted murder of the senior officer who uncovered the alleged conspiracy.

I see. This is very serious, captain.

If there's the slightest chance this might be true we need to investigate fully.

Oh, I agree, sir. Good.

I want him put on the first prison shuttle to Earth.

I-I'm not sure I understand, sir.

We can't risk this being mishandled, captain.

During the time I served as vice president under Santiago, I grew to admire and appreciate the man.

I owe it to his memory to personally oversee any inquiry.

The first shuttle out, captain.

And I want all transcripts, vid and background material sent with him.

I need to have everything right at my fingertips.

Yes, sir. Of course, sir.

'You're a good man, Sheridan.' Thank you.

Good work on this.

To you and your chief of security.

I'll keep you informed of anything we find.

Earthdome, out.

[intense music]

[intense music]

We've reached the hyperspace intersection which corresponds to the target area, captain.

Very well.

Initiate jump point into normal space.


Pull back! Pull back!



I'm afraid to say that the ship dispatched to investigate Z'ha'dum has been destroyed.

They're reporting it as an accident with the jump engines since it happened just as they left hyperspace.

The Kha'Ri says it cannot afford to send another ship for sometime.

No, I won't accept this.

This cannot have been an accident.

When a warship jumps to normal space, it's briefly out of contact because of the energy drain.

It might've been attacked during that period.

But that couldn't happen unless..

...unless they knew the ship was coming and were waiting for it.

But no one knew except..

[dramatic music]

What exactly are you implying, ambassador?

[sighs] Nothing.

I'm too late.

Everything is too late.

If I may address the council?

Yes, Mr. Lennier?

Ambassador Delenn has been unavailable of late.

'She has now returned and wishes to know' if she may take back her seat on the council.

Well, well, yes. Of course.

Please, have her come in.

I've been looking forward to meeting her.

[instrumental music]

Ambassador Sinclair has been allowed to live on my world as an act of good faith.

To create a greater understanding between Minbari and humans.

'In return..'

...I have undergone this change with the blessings of my government.

'So that I may become a bridge between our worlds' in the hope that we will never know war between us again.

And all I could do was sit there my jaw on the floor, looking at her.

I can't say as I blame you.

Has her genetic structure changed as well or just her outward appearance?

I don't know, but, uh, she didn't seem too inclined to talk about it.

God, what a day.

Garibaldi, the President and now this.

And it's not quite over yet.


Uh, when I decided to come see you I brought something with me.

I've been debating over whether or not to show it to you.

'Not sure if it would open old wounds' but after our talk the other day and you blaming yourself for Anna taking that job on the Icarus..

...I think it's something you ought to see.

It's part of a message Anna sent to me about a week before she passed away.

I'll be in my quarters if you wanna talk.



(Anna on TV) 'Oh, well, maybe we'll have the chance' to try again later.

I'm really excited about signing onboard the Icarus next week.

John and I were suppose to spend some time together

'but Dr. Chang thinks he's found the ruins'

'to an ancient civilization nobody's ever heard of before.'

'The chance to be there when the discovery is confirmed' is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

I had already decided to put off our vacation and go when John called to tell me

'that he had to cancel, so it worked out just great.'

'But the poor dear looked so upset about breaking the news.'

'I wanted to tell him I was going away anyway' but I, we had so much else to cover and there's never enough time.

I'll just have to fill him in when I get back.


'You got quite a brother there, Liz.'

'I can't tell you how, how lucky I feel sometimes.'

'Even when he's not here.'

'I just..'

Someone said that love knows no borders..

...and ours certainly proves the point.

'Well, I'll check in with you when I get back.'

'But with any luck, you'll hear about it on the news first.'

My love to Danny and the kids. Bye.

[instrumental music]


I love you, Anna.

Listen, I want to thank you again for helpin' out.

It's not a problem.

It's still not admissible in court.

(Michael) 'Oh, don't worry about it.'

Now that you jogged the old memory loose I can take it from here.

And, uh, speakin' of takin' it from here, can I have a minute?

Oh, sure. I'll see you later.

If I you want I can-- No, no, no. It's okay.

I just didn't want her to hear this.

Well, I trust her as much as I trust any telepath but she's still Psi Corps.

What does the corps have to do with this?

I've been thinkin' about this little salute Jack gave me back in a cell, same as that Psi Cop Bester gave.

'It's like he was rubbin' my nose in something'

'he knew I could never prove.'

Remember the last election there was a big scandal about the corps endorsing Vice President Clark?

Sure, it was big news made all the nets.

Their charter prohibits them from recommending candidates to their members.


And Jack didn't admit anything.

But he did say that the Homeguard wasn't behind President Santiago's assassination.

But what if it was the Psi Corps?

'What if they wanted someone in office'

'who's sympathetic to the corps?'

Right before Earthforce One exploded the vice president got off at Mars saying he had the flu.

It's pretty convenient, isn't it?

You'll write every once in a while.

Let me know how you are. Yes, yes. Of course.

(male #5 on speaker) 'Earth cruiser Von Braun announcing final boarding.'

'Please proceed to gate 3.'

That's my ship.

Take care, Johnny.

You, too, huh?

Thanks for comin'.

Thanks for everything.

You're my brother.

[indistinct chatter]

[beeping] Sheridan.

(Susan over speaker) 'Ivanova to Sheridan. You're needed in C&C.'

Be right there.

Things have changed, Na'Toth.

And they will never be the same.

'But we are Narns.'

We have learned to cope with change.

To triumph in the face of adversity.

We will overcome this as well.

[chuckles] We have no other choice.

What is that?

A human book.

I've been studying their literature for a while and I came across this.

It would seem they may be wiser than we had thought.


"Things fall apart.

"The center cannot hold.

"Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

"The blood-dimmed tide is loosed.

'"And everywhere the ceremony of innocence'

"is drowned.

"And what rough beast..

"...its hour come round at last..

"...slouches toward Bethlehem..' be born."

So what's the problem?

On a hunch, I just checked on the ship taking the prisoner back to Earth.

He was transferred to another ship a half an hour ago.

It had Earthforce security markings it knew all the right access and identification codes..

...had papers authorizing the transfer.

But I just backtracked with Earth Central.

The ID codes don't match any ship registered to Earthforce.

Oh, great.

So he's gone and all the evidence with him.

I'm afraid so.

Have you notified President Clark?

He's not taking any calls.

[intense music]

Gets cold up here sometimes doesn't it, lieutenant commander?

Yes, sir.

It does indeed. Hmm.

[music continues]

[theme music]