Babylon 5 S2E22 Script

The Fall of Night (1995)

[dramatic music]

Target acquired. Lock it on.




(female #1) 'That's a fox one, C and C.'

(Ivanova) 'Confirmed, Delta Seven.'

'You're dead, Zeta leader.'

Damn it!

Good shooting, Delta Seven. Are you okay?

(female #1) 'I started to black out, for a second, but it passed.'

Alright, everyone pay attention and learn from Zeta leader's mistakes.

Now, if the enemy does something unexpected don't try and keep the lock on get out of the line of fire

'before you try re-acquiring your target.'

And remember this, some aliens can handle G-forces better than we can, and the Centauri are willing to put their fighters on autopilot and risk blacking out if it gives them the optimum firing position when they come out.


(Ivanova) 'Captain, this is C and C, we've got an emergency back here.'

'Recommend you head back to the barn.'

Alright. On my way.

Zeta leader, you and the rest of Zeta Squadron continue practicing this maneuver until you get it right.

(male #1) 'Yes, sir.'

[indistinct chatter]

Sometimes I get so close and yet it seems I'm shut out of the important things.

It's a useless feeling.

The ambassador is definitely going through some changes.

He even looks different. Indeed.

And now with the military starting to stampede over everyone and everything.

People coming and going and secret meetings.

You never know what it's all about until later when it's too late.

And they never listen to us.

Makes me nervous. Makes me nervous.

Same time tomorrow?


Captain? Yeah?

The Drazi and Pak'ma'ra ambassadors are waiting in your office.

They say it's absolutely urgent.

Oh. How's the squad doing?

Good, but they should be better.

I want all our fighters put through training exercises three times a week, from now on.

With everything that's going on we need them in top fighting condition.

I'll see to it personally and if they don't get any better I'll start issuing live ammo.

That should have a very inspirational effect.

Are you sure about this, ambassador?

Yes, most sure. You do not mistake.

The Centauri have invaded both our territories.

They have taken one of our listening posts.

They say they have liberated it.

We hear, they are preparing to attack other races, other worlds.

War is spreading. Soon, perhaps they even attack you.

(Sheridan) The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace.

A self-contained world five miles long located in neutral territory.

A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens..

..a shining beacon in space all alone in the night.

It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind the year the Great War came upon us all.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon Stations.

The year is 2259.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[dramatic music]

Ambassador Mollari, as you requested.

Captain, I will have you know, I was in the middle--

What the hell do you think you are doing?

Do not address me in that tone of voice.

I came here out of good will. Because I was told--

Your forces are moving in on the Drazi and the Pak'ma'ra.

You are destabilizing the whole area.

What's wrong?

Bombing the Narn back to the Stone Age wasn't enough for you?

We are trying to stabilize the region, captain.

Putting a buffer zone around the Centauri Republic will lessen tensions and decrease the risk of conflict.

You call it a buffer zone. The Drazi call it an invasion.

They're exaggerating.

We are merely establishing a presence.

'Well, where does that presence end?'

Tell me that, ambassador.

Show me on the map where it's going to end.


[sighs] Everything is falling apart and the Centauri are at the center of it all.

Can't your people see that? see that?

I do not have to listen to this.

Your authority ends at Babylon 5, captain.

Do not start getting delusions of grandeur.

You will not survive them.

He's not the Londo I used to know anymore.

He used to be you could talk to the guy you could reason with him.

Okay, he was a pain in the butt but he was our pain in the butt. And now..

You're the closest thing he has to a friend here.

Is there any way to get through to him?

Not as long as he's afraid.

As long as he's afraid?


Look into his eyes sometime.

He can see how fast things are moving.

For Londo, it's like being stuck on a wild horse.

You don't want to get thrown, so you hang on ever harder.

He's trapped, you know, half the time I'm so furious with the guy, I could break his neck.

The other half, I feel sorry for him.

[clicks tongue] So, what do you figure on doing about this?

I made a full report to Earthdome.


They could ignore the problem as long as it was just the Narn and Centauri fighting it up but with the other races getting involved..



(Ivanova) 'We just had an Earthforce ship'

'carrying a VIP come through the gate.'

'It's Frederick Lantz from the Ministry of Peace.'

On my way.

Well, what do you know?

Maybe somebody actually read my report for a change.

Don't hold your breath.

Oh, I could sleep for a week.

Every time I close my eyes, all I see are tac displays and firing solutions.

Just wish I knew what's got the captain's so rattled.

Maybe it's the ghost. What ghost?

Oh, a couple of guys say they saw something in hyperspace coming back from a job in Sector 14.

'Sounds like they've been sucking down thruster fumes.'

Anybody else see it? No, just them.

Said it looked like a cross between a spider and your worst nightmare.

Get your hand off me. Don't touch me!

[indistinct chatter]

(male #2) 'Honey, this is nuts..'

Mr. Lantz, welcome. It's good to see you.

Thank you, captain.

This is Mr. Welles, my co-director.

He's in charge of the Night Watch program.

Pleasure, captain. Commander Ivanova.

Charmed, I want you to set aside an office made to interview the Centauri Ambassador and those in the league of non-aligned worlds whose territory has been infringed.

Already done. Good.

As long as we're here I'd like to check in on the local members of the Night Watch. If that's alright.

No, it's not a problem.

I've assigned Commander Ivanova as your liaison.

If there's anything you need, just ask.

Excellent. Excellent, thank you.

I must say I'm relieved to see you.

I was afraid Earth was never gonna get involved in the Centauri problem.

We can't stand by forever, you know.

Our voice has to be heard.

But, it never hurts to get a first hand look to see what's really going on out there.

Just to be sure we're doing the right thing.

Hey, Mitch.

How's it going?

I thought you Zeta Squadron types were too good to hangout with the rest of us.

Oh. Come on. Who told you that?

Well, one of your crew called our Furies bunch of old rust buckets.

Okay, so we didn't have our fighters hand delivered by the president.

Whoa, whoa. I'm not getting into any of this.

I got no problem with anybody who jumps into a Starfury and rides fire.

Besides, Scuttlebutt is that we're getting new Furies in next year and you're next in line to get them.

'Come on. I just want to talk.'

About what?

The ghost.

I don't have to-- It was jet black.

A shade of black so deep, your eye just kinda slides off it and it shimmered when you looked at it.

A spider big as death and twice as ugly.

When it flies past, it's like you hear a scream in your mind.

I saw it, too.

Go on.

It killed Commander Galus.

I heard about Galus.

Not about this.

I filed a report, but when it happened my systems were blown out, so I couldn't record anything.

There was nobody out there to back me up. No evidence.

'They figured he got hit by a hyperspace shock wave.'

I swore I'd prove something was out there like nothing we've ever seen before.

I tried looking for it on my own but the captain told me to lay off.

I got to find it, prove what happened.

Look, pal, if you really saw this thing you'd have to be out of your mind to go out looking for it.


I've set aside the council chambers for separate interviews with the Drazi and Pak'ma'ra ambassadors.

You'll have complete privacy.

Good. Uh, pen, pen.

Ah, pen.

'Ah, thank you.'

Looks like an antique.

My wife gave it to me last Christmas.

Do you realize it's almost Christmas back home?

It's easy to forget out here.

We don't have seasons in Babylon 5.

But I noticed.

Have you ever been to the Winter Solstice Festival in Geneva?

It's quite marvelous fireworks, and songs, and costumes and food as far as the eye can see.

And the children.

How many grandchildren do you have?

Hmm? Oh.

Does it show?

Yeah, in the dark.

Well, that's why I'm here, you know.

To give them a legacy from the old man..

...a better world.

And you, any children?

Oh, no, no.

'But family, though, yes?'

No, not anymore.

The war?

Among other things, yes.

So you understand.

Yes, there's been enough death.

Time for something better.

Well, we must hurry.

Uh.. Ah.

Don't want to keep anyone waiting.

Captain, picking up a jump point forming in Sector 39.

That's on the other side of the planet where nobody but us can see it.

Yes, sir.

Whoever it is doesn't want to be noticed.

Opening now.

Reading one Narn heavy cruiser. She's hailing us.

Put her through.

This is War Leader Na'kal of the Star Cruiser G'tok.

'Are you Captain Sheridan?'

Yes...if you'll forgive my saying so I didn't know any Narn heavy cruisers had survived the war.

We were on deep patrol, evaluating potential targets when the Centauri struck Homeworld.

Since then, we have been fighting for our lives.

Alone, without reinforcements we will eventually be hunted down and destroyed..

...but with the support of others we may one day help liberate Homeworld.

To achieve that end, we must remain free and Babylon 5 is our only hope.

We have expended the last of our energy in getting here.

We request sanctuary.

[doorbell rings]


Commander, I hope I'm not disturbing you.

No. It's fine. What can I do for you?

I just thought we could talk for a moment, informally.

Well, this is about as informal as I get. Please, have a seat.

Would you like some tea? Thank you, no.

Tell me, commander, are you happy here?

Happy? Yes, I suppose so.

We've been so busy around here lately I really haven't given it much thought.

Oh, I wish you would.

You see I like to know as much as I possibly can about the people I work with, and your record is exemplary.

You've worked your way up through the ranks without a patron, without connections just through hard work and now you're a commander on a high-profile base like this.

'You should be proud.'

Well, thank you.

So, I was wondering what you thought your next step might be.

Well, for the time being I'm very happy right here.

Five years down the road..

I don't know.

Maybe running Babylon 5 if the captain decides to move on.

Although the idea of captaining a starship has a certain appeal.


Well, the Night Watch is becoming more important back home.

We have considerable support within Earthdome.

The way you're going, I have every confidence that you'll get that starship within five years or so but...why not shave a year or two off that?

We could do that for you.

In exchange for?

Your support, your help.

Your position here could benefit us as much as we can help you.

You have access to certain information certain reports about the comings and goings of various ships, people, and cargo activities which may strike you as potentially dangerous or disloyal.

You could be of great service to Earth.

Does Mr. Lantz know about this conversation?

No, no, no, no.

The Night Watch is a separate division of the ministry.

I just thought we should be discreet.

Of course.

Mr. Wells.. you say I have access to a great deal of information so I've been very much aware of the Night Watch for some time now.

What I saw worried me.

And now I see that my worries were justified.

Oh, commander--

I've gotten where I am through hard work and loyalty.

Loyalty to the people I work with loyalty to Earth, and loyalty to the ideals of the alliance.

What you're asking violates all three.

Okay, so maybe it takes me a few more years to get my own ship but one way or another I'll get there and when I do, I'll have done it honestly without selling out a friend or betraying a confidence.

My hands are clean. Are yours?


You really don't understand, but that's alright.

The offer will remain open indefinitely.



[door opens]

And no one else knows of this? Not yet.

The ship is holding position on the other side of Epsilon 3 where incoming ships won't see it.

Since all outside data comes through here no one will see it until we want them to.

Oh, thank you, captain.

This is the first good news I've had since the occupation began.

Will you give them sanctuary?

I can't see any reason why not.

Right now we're giving them equipment to make repairs.

After that's done, I'll formally notify Mr. Lantz.

Mr. Lantz?

He's here from the Ministry of Peace back home.

He's looking into the Centauri problem.

Then Earth is ready to take sides?

I sure hope so.

Do you think I could speak to him?

Hmm. I don't see why not.

He'll be in the council chambers till 7:00.

Thank you, captain. I'll go and prepare.

[dramatic music]

So this is strictly an informal meeting.

I'm glad to see we're adding new members to the Night Watch even though I don't recall seeing any recent reports from you, Mr. Allen.

Well, there hasn't been much to report.

How strange.

Your associates have filed reports.

One of them describes potentially disloyal acts on the part of a store owner in the Zocalo one Xavier Darabuto?

Well, he said he thought the new regs on imports were a little nuts, but I don't think--

Sedition comes in small packages as well as large ones, Mr. Allen.

Now, perhaps this store owner is nothing more than a vaguely dissatisfied citizen but how can we tell the real troublemakers from the innocent bystanders unless we're kept informed.

Well, I thought we could exercise our own discretion.

Of course you can.

But the Night Watch exists to protect our people from misinformation and harmful ideas.

Sometimes those harmful ideas can be very subtle.

You might not recognize them, but we will.

I know. I just..

I have reports from the others on dock workers consistently late for work, sabotaging efficiency.

'Several of your lurkers have spoken to reporters' about poor conditions here and at home.

Two more shop owners have openly criticized presidential decisions.

Have you nothing to report?

Well, I guess, uh..

I guess I haven't been thinking in those terms I'm not sure I'm really comfortable with it.

Well, let's make it easy for you, shall we?

Can you verify the report about the store owner that I mentioned?

He's already been named, so you wouldn't be adding anything new, just confirming what we already know.


I guess, uh..

I mean, yeah, yeah, I heard him talking but it's just talk.

That's fine.

There, you see?

That wasn't so bad.

You learn. You're flexible.

You show great promise, Mr. Allen.

Great promise, indeed.

[dramatic music]

I brought it.

Wasn't able to get my gun camera around in time to get a picture but my sensors picked up a change in local hyperspace when we went by.

It left behind a trail of neutrino emissions

'like nothing I've ever seen before.'

It's all here.

Just configure your sensors to look for the signature emissions.

If it's there, sooner or later, you'll find it.

Thanks. Don't thank me.

You go out looking for that thing you're looking for death.

From now on, I've got no part in this.

Well, thank you again, ambassador.

You've been most helpful.

That covers everyone in the league of non-aligned worlds.

Yes, I think I'm now ready to speak with Ambassador Mollari if you'd take me.

Ah, Commander Ivanova, I've been looking for you.

I take it this is Mr. Lantz.

Uh, yes, yes. How can I help you?

This is G'kar formerly Ambassador G'kar of the Narn regime.

I understand you've come here to investigate the situation with the Centauri.

Uh, well, yes, within certain guidelines.

If I could speak to you for just five minutes.

No, I'm afraid that's not possible at the moment.

But if you'll just-- No, I'm sorry.

Maybe later. Commander.


The repairs are going slowly.

With our energy resources down to almost nothing our medical systems are barely functioning.

We are unable to give proper care and attention to the sick and wounded.

What if you took your jump engines off-line?

If we shut down the engines it would take some time to reactivate them.

'It would leave us open and vulnerable to attack.'

As long as you're in Babylon 5 Space, we'll protect you.

You have my word.

Take care of your people.

We will take the engines off-line now.

Thank you, captain.

(Lantz) Captain Sheridan.

Uh, Mr. Lantz. What can I do for you?

I've just received some very disturbing reports.

And I was hoping you could shed some light on them.

I understand you've been conducting fighter exercises all week.

That's correct. We have to keep our squads at peak efficiency.

A-and I've heard from Mr. Welles that you have been using Centauri combat models.

How did you find-- 'That's not important.'

Is it true?

Have you been teaching your forces to fight the Centauri?

Well, with everything that's been going on it seemed prudent.

No. Now this must stop at once.

This jeopardizes everything, my entire mission.

I don't understand, you were sent here to investigate the Centauri.

Yes, well, I had to look at the situation before I could proceed.

However, I'm satisfied with what I've seen.

I've contacted Earthdome and they have authorized me to proceed.

Proceed with what?

I'm here to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Centauri.

Before I leave here there will be an Earth-Centauri alliance

'that will guarantee peace for Earth.'

We will, at last know peace in our time.

[dramatic music]

Mr. Welles, I'm sorry I missed the meeting but there's something you should know.

I can't believe it.

A non-aggression treaty with the Centauri?

I mean, that's like trying to make nice with a piranha.

Sooner or later it's gonna turn around and bite you.

All this does is get us out of the way so the Centauri can move in on the other worlds.

Earth wants peace and they're willing to sacrifice everybody else in order to get it.

You know, I can remember the first time I put on this uniform.

I felt ten feet tall whole galaxy before breakfast.

Now I look at it, it's just cloth.

I don't know what it means anymore, what it stands for.

You know, it's going to be a new year in little over a week.

Maybe 2260 is the year that we redefine it

'make it mean something again.'

Which reminds me..

Merry Christmas.

Happy Hanukkah. Whatever.

What.. Oh, I-I can't.

Yeah, you can.

Thank you.

Really, I, uh..

I don't really have one of these.

[clears throat]


What is it?

It's shrapnel from the Black Star.

I checked with the Earthforce archives they actually had a few pieces in storage.

Took a little doing but I managed to talk them into giving me one.


Everyone said it was impossible to take out a Minbari war cruiser, but you did it.

The way things are going, I figured it would might be nice to have a reminder that the impossible is possible.

Captain Sheridan.

I demand to speak with you at once.

What is it now, ambassador?

I have just been informed that you have been sheltering a Narn heavy cruiser.

'You will turn it and its crew over to us at once.'

I'm sorry, ambassador.

Your signal is breaking up, I'll have to call you back.

Captain-- 'End.'

Run diagnostic.


How the hell did he find out?

It must've been Welles.

He's got people everywhere.

Damn it! Come on.

Londo wouldn't come out in the open with this unless he'd already warned his government.

Company is coming.

Open up a channel to the Narn ship.

Got to get him out of here fast.


Na'kal, how long before your jump engines are repaired?

Not for some time. Why?

The Centauri know you're here.

Can you navigate at all? Yes, but--

Jump point opening.

[dramatic music]

Centauri battle cruiser is demanding we turn over the Narn warship to their custody.

Stand by. Keep this channel open.

They're taking their position between us and the jumpgate blocking the way out.

I've got Ambassador Mollari on the link.

(Sheridan) 'Stall him.'

I gave him my word that we would protect them as long as they're in our jurisdiction.

I'm not about to break that promise.

Launch Zeta Squad, tell them to surround the Narn ship.

Scrambling fighters.

[alarm blaring]

[indistinct clamoring]


Captain, what are you doing? I just heard--

The treaty hasn't been announced or formalized yet.

I promised them sanctuary.

And once again you're jeopardizing everything I've worked for!

I'm sorry.

Will someone please escort Mr. Lantz off the command deck?

(Ivanova) 'Zeta Squadron ready for launch.'



Put Ambassador Mollari through.

Captain Sheridan.

The Narn warship is under my protection.

I have guaranteed the right of free passage.

Once its engines are repaired it will leave Babylon 5 space.

After that, it's no business of ours.

'I've assigned a squad of fighters to escort the cruiser'

'safely out of Babylon 5 space.'

You tell your cruiser to withdraw at once.

They open fire on any of our fighters I will respond with deadly force.


Send a copy of that last transmission to the Centauri Battle Cruiser then activate defense grid.

[instrumental music]

Our fighters are in position.

Can you move toward the jumpgate?

Yes, but not very quickly.

(Sheridan) 'Give me the best you can.'

[dramatic music]

Centauri Battle Cruiser is changing position

'moving to intercept.'

'Weapons system is active' gun ports are open.

Are they targeting our fighters?

Targeting the Narn vessel Zeta Squadron...and us.

Return the favor. Target their ship.

(Ivanova) 'Targeting, aye.'

Zeta Squadron, stand by. Continue escorting her out.

If you are fired upon, return fire.

'Fire at will.' Confirmed, Babylon Control.

Heat 'em up, people.

Close blast doors.

(male #3) 'Centauri Weapons System locking on.'

They're trying to provoke us into making the first move.

I don't think so. They got an energy spike.

Oh, hell.


Interceptors, fire!

[gunfire continues]

Zeta One through Five, break and attack.

'Everybody else with me.'

Interceptors running hot.

Ninety percent capacity and dropping.

They're getting through.

[gunfire continues]


Launch everything we've got! Time on target.

Time on target, aye. Hold on.


[intense music]

Registering massive damage to Centauri vessel.

Scramble all medical ships. There's still time.

It's too late.


Oh, my God.

[music continues]

The Centauri are furious over this incident.

What was I supposed to do stand by and let them blow this place to bits?

You destroyed a Centauri warship!

You're damn straight!

And if I hadn't, you and I wouldn't be here to have this conversation.

They fired first, Mr. Lantz.

I have an obligation to protect this station.

You had no business helping a Narn cruiser.

Are you telling me to disobey regulations?

What regulations?

General order 47, Earthforce personnel are required to answer distress calls and assist any vessel not currently involved in hostilities against Earth.

'Now, it may not have been politically convenient' but morally and legally it was the right decision.

The Centauri Government accuses you of moving Babylon 5 from neutrality to a pro-Narn position.

If I may interject.

Captain Sheridan is correct in his assessment.

He acted in accord with Earthforce regulations.

I've spoken with the joint chiefs

'and they support his actions.'

Thank you.

However, the decisions leading up to those actions are another matter entirely.

Had we been informed as soon as the Narn cruiser appeared there would've been time to inform the Centauri.

Who wouldn't have had to find out about it second-hand.

In the spirit of our newly formed treaty we then could've turned over the warship while allowing the crew itself sanctuary.

They wouldn't have cooperated they'd have just shown up earlier and done the same thing.

You can't reason with them.

Now, you're quite wrong there, captain.

We have reasoned with them and they've shown great patience.

Now, despite their loss, and given the fact that their ship did fire first they're willing to drop the whole matter in exchange for an apology.

Apologize for doing my job? Like hell.

(Welles) 'This isn't a request, captain.'

It's a direct order from the joint chiefs and the president.

Now, you have two choices, apologize or disobey a direct order from your superiors.

As this would be an act of insubordination you would be removed from your position and someone more...reasonable would be installed to replace you.

We've arranged for a meeting of the various ambassadors in one hour, in the Zen Garden.

As settings go, it's better suited to offering the olive branch and more public.


I suppose this, uh..

...apology is already written.

No need. You can phrase the apology any way you see fit.

As with everything else it's the thought that counts.

(female #2) 'Zeta leader, any idea how long'

'we're supposed to stay with this thing?'

Just until she's clear of another gate and we're sure nobody is following us.

[computer beeping]

Computer, what have you got?

[automated message] 'Registering unusual changes in local hyperspace'

'matching provided specifications.'

'Neutrino emissions up eight percent.'

This is Zeta leader.

Breaking off to investigate something.

Stay on course. I'll catch up.

(female #2) 'Confirmed.'


[clears throat]

I apologize.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry we had to defend ourselves against an unwarranted attack.

I'm sorry that your crew was stupid enough to fire on a station filled with a quarter million civilians including your own people.

And I'm sorry I waited as long as I did before I blew them all straight to hell.

As with everything else..'s the thought that counts.

[computer beeping]


Computer, follow unidentified ship.

Begin recording.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

[instrumental music]

[chatter continues]

G'kar, you shouldn't be here.

I heard what happened.

I thought if I spoke on Sheridan's behalf.

That may not be wise.

I still have a few supporters in the league, they would listen.

[automated message] 'Being scanned by unidentified ship.'

'Changing course.'

Attach homing beacon and eject system record.


(man on PA) Welcome to Coretrans. Please watch your step.

This is a low gravity area.

Please hold handrails at all times.

[speaking in foreign language]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

(woman on PA) Approaching station two.

Please stand away from the doors.

[music continues]

[indistinct chatter]


Computer, emergency override.

Open shuttle doors!



[indistinct chatter]

In Valen's name.

Oh, my God.

Emergency alert. We've had an explosion in the core shuttle.

We need rescue jet packs, and we need 'em now.

What are you trying to do?

He's is more or less weightless but the ground is rotating at 60 miles an hour if we can't catch him he'll be killed by the impact.

But you won't have time.

Kosh, you know what is at stake.

If you're going to do anything, you must do it now.


(female #3) 'Suiting up. We'll get there in two minutes.'

We don't have two minutes, you've got 30 seconds.

(female #3) 'We can't do it.'

[instrumental music]




[music continues]

[music continues]


[doorbell rings]


I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Fine. Fine.

The whole station is talking about what happened.

Every race that was in the garden saw something different yet...the same.

A being of light.


Each according to his or her type.

But it was Kosh, wasn't it?

That's what he meant when he said that if he left his encounter suit he'd be recognized by everybody.

For millions of years the Vorlons have visited other worlds guided them, and, uh..

Manipulated us?

Programmed us so that when we saw them we would react the right way?

It is, as you say, a matter of perspective.

What matters is that he has revealed himself to those who understand you, me, and those who have been watching.

The shadows will know what Kosh has done.

They will worry, afraid that he would not reveal himself unless the Vorlons were prepared to stand against them.

Are they? I do not think so.

But as long as the shadows believe the rest of us are unaware of their existence we have time to prepare.

Then I just hope that nobody finds out about them until..

Captain, Zeta Squad just got back.

Lieutenant Keffer is missing.

[dramatic music]

It was G'lan. I saw him with my own eyes.

He swooped down as was told in the old stories.

No. Not G'lan.

Droshalla, whose light fills the world.

Doesn't matter. It was a good sign for the coming year.

This place has been blessed.

And you, Ambassador Mollari, what did you see?


I saw..


(Ivanova) It was the end of the Earth year 2259.

And the war was upon us.

As anticipated, a few days after the Earth-Centauri treaty was announced the Centauri widened their war to include many of the non-aligned worlds.

And there was another war brewing closer to home.

A personal one whose cost would be higher than any of us could imagine.

[indistinct chatter]

(Ivanova) We came to this place because Babylon 5 was our last best hope for peace.

By the end of 2259, we knew that it had failed.

But in so doing, it became something greater.

As the war expanded, it became our last best hope for victory.

Because sometimes peace is another word for surrender and because secrets have a way of getting out.

(male #4) 'When our ship encountered a distress beacon'

'attached to an Earthforce recording device'

'these images, released exclusively to ISN'

'were found on that recording.'

'Strategic analysts in Earthdome have indicated'

'they don't know who this new race might be'

'but promised to find out.'

[theme music]