Babylon 5 S2E4 Script

A Distant Star (1994)

[instrumental music]

Repair crews report they'll be finished by 1500 hours.

Good, I wanna send a message to Babylon 5 attention of Captain John Sheridan.

And, uh..

...take this down exactly.

Oh, good, captain, I was about to call you.

We just received a message for you.

It's captain Maynard of the Cortez.

It's, uh, rather rude, sir. Rude?

Unless all your friends call you "Swamp Rat."


Oh, that's an old nickname and a long story.

I have to tell you about it sometime.

The Cortez is coming here for resupply.

She sent in the requisition separately.

She's asking for a lot. Must've been out a long time.

Yeah, at least five years.

How many Explorer class ships have ever visited Babylon 5.

None. Until now. You're in for a real treat.

Explorer ship coming through the gate, commander.


[dramatic music]


[music continues]


Take a good look, people.

If you're supremely lucky, you may see two ships like her in your lifetime.

Captain, I believe your friend Stinky has arrived.

(male narrator) The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace.

A self-contained world five miles long located in neutral territory.

A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens.

A shining beacon in space all alone in the night.

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind the year the Great War came upon us all.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2259.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

It's really great to see you, Jack.

Yeah. You, too, John.

Last I heard, you were heading for the Rim.

Yeah, we spent two years mapping most of sector 900.

You'll probably get the updated star charts in about a month.

I saw you on the news when they announced your posting here.

Don't tell me you get ISN all the way out on the Rim now?

[chuckles] Hell, no. No, no.

We got called back in to do a repair on one of the Euphrates' gates.

Well, we had to do a resupply anyway so, when I heard the news, thought we ought to stop in.

Captain, there you are. Yes, ambassador.

Jack, this Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari Federation.

Ambassador, Captain Jack Maynard.

Ambassador. Captain.

I was hoping to convene a meeting of the council later this week to discuss the problems in sector 19.

No problem, I'll rearrange my calendar.

Let me know when and I'll be there.

Thank you. Captain.

John, she's Minbari? Uh-huh.

Well, she doesn't look like one.

I mean, she does, but, but she doesn't.

I mean, what's the deal?

Still trying to figure that out.

There's the story she told us, but, then the Minbari never tell you the whole truth.

I know what you mean.

Ah, this is some kind of setup you're running here, John.

Yeah, it's big, beautiful, and crazy-making.

There's more going on here every minute of every day than anywhere else I've ever served.

Yeah, it's quite a job.

Never thought I'd see you in one like it.

Listen, doc, I appreciate your concern but I eat what I want, when I want, as much as I want.

That's before you were shot.

Right now you still have iron deficiency.

Your blood pressure's always been a little high.

I'm prescribing you presslocomp and putting you on a restricted diet so you'll mend faster.

Oh, but it's time for me to make my favorite meal, bagna cauda.

What is it? It's a kind of Italian fondue.

So you start with a pint of olive oil, extra virgin.

Yeah, then you melt about a quarter pound of butter into it.

Oh, man, then you take garlic, lots and lots of garlic and anchovies--

Anchovies? Forget it.

Too much salt. And no bread.

Come on, doc! No salt, no bread, no anchovies?

No bagna cauda. Tough.

Here's a list of things I want you to try to avoid.

But I-I like all this stuff, es-es-especially..

Oh, c-come on.

Doc. Doc. Doc. Doc. Doc. Hmm?

There's nothing left. Oh, sure there is.


Here, this is what you can eat. See, all kinds of things.

You're serious about this, aren't you?

Well, I'm not only serious about you following the plan, but this gives me the perfect excuse to call all ranking station personnel for an atherogenic factor profile.

People don't eat right, skip meals eat strange things at odd hours.

I mean, someone has to look after your health.


Okay, fine. Diet.

No, no, no. Food plan. Got it.

Mr. Garibaldi.

You'll be needing these.

And Mr. Garibaldi? I will be monitoring you closely.

[instrumental music]

The Narn and Centauri were at each other's throats.

The Vorlons had some kind of an agenda that no one can understand.

The Minbari leadership hated me immediately and unconditionally.

And Ambassador Delenn was hibernating in some kind of a cocoon.

And that was just the end of the first day.


So are you handling it?

One day at a time.

I always figured we'd be having this drink out on the Rim somewhere.

You always said you wanted an Explorer ship.

Yeah, well, when the president calls it's kind of hard to say no.

Funny he should pick someone that the Minbari don't particularly like.

Well, I, I try to accord them every courtesy so they can't complain.

Not too much anyway. What about you, Johnny?

This isn't exactly what you trained for.

It's not really what you wanted.

Jack, I can make a difference here.

It's important.

I suppose.

I just never figured that a die-hard spacer like you would wind up tied to a desk.

Well, it's a hell of a desk to be tied to.

To a good visit on Babylon 5. Babylon 5.

(Garibaldi) 'The Glory Shop, Green Tiger'

Finagle's Place they've all filed written complaints.

And the cart vendors have been bending my ear about it everytime I walk through the Zocalo.

So, what're you doing about it?

We're running checking security-system videos in the stores to see if we pick up familiar faces.

I've doubled the Zocalo watch in the rush hours.

But hasn't helped so far.

Sounds like a petty shoplifting wave, Mr. Garibaldi.

Surely you can handle it.

Yes, I can, but I just thought you'd wanna be informed.

I appreciate that, but it's your job.

I'll expect a full report when you've apprehend the thieves.


But I thought you wanted to know everything that went on in the station Everything important, Mr. Garibaldi.

I expect you to handle the details in terms of security.

Yes, sir.

But I-I'd rather hear your stories.

I mean, you gotta remember, I hear the same ones over and over again for years on my ship.

The only relief I get is when we make supply a stop.

Yeah, but your stories are much more interesting.

Not necessarily. Well..

Well, there was that time that you took leave on Mars and that dancer, as I recall..

Uh, Captain Sheridan? Yes, Captain Maynard?

July 12, uh, 2253.

Oh, forget I said anything.


So where are you headed next, captain?

Oh, back out to the Rim. The new Rim.

Now that we've finished mapping Sector 900.

We're hoping to build two new jumpgates by the end

'of the year and then have Earth follow up'

'with, uh, survey ships.'

Captain, you've done a lot more traveling in hyperspace than just about anybody else here.

Is there any truth to the stories?

What stories? 'Well, you know.'

Things happen out there. People see weird things.

"Universe Today" had a story a couple of months ago asking if something was living in hyperspace.

Nothing can live in hyperspace.

Well, what do you say, captain?

Well, living? I don't know about that, lieutenant.

But there's something out there.

And I think it's stranger than any one of us can imagine.

[instrumenal music]

Were you serious when you said something was out there in hyperspace?

Serious? What do you mean?

You weren't just yanking their chains a little building up a story to tweak their imaginations?

No, no. I saw something once.

Go on.

Well, it wasn't in hyperspace, though.

But you know, things can get kind of weird out on the Rim too.

It's funny, you never know what you're gonna find when you look over the edge of what's known and into what's not.

We were in Sector 857, I took my NAV officer Lieutenant Patrick with me for a look-around in one of our scout ships.

And? 'Well.'

I noticed that we'd gotten out of sight of the Cortez and I was, I was just about ready to turn back when I saw something.

It was maybe 1000 kilometers away black against space.

Now, the reason that I know it was there is that it blotted out the stars behind it.

I don't know the exact shape of it but it was big.

I turned to Pat, asked him if he could see it and when I looked back, it had vanished.

You are the second person in a month to tell me that there's something strange going on out on the Rim.

Did your NAV officer see it?

Oh, h-he says he saw a..

...blink, a change in space.

Ah! He doesn't know what it was any more than I do.

But it's there. And it was real.

Oh, it still sends a shiver up my back when I think about it.

[instrumental music]

No, no, no. I don't see how I can do this, Garibaldi.

Look, if it's the credits you're worried about my account can handle it.

Money's not the issue and you know it.

What you want is heavy. You won't use substitutes.

And the reals stuff's hard to come by.

Freighters don't like to carry stuff this

'cause they can give space to lighter weight items.

Man, I'm gonna have to hump to get this, even if I can get it at all.

Alright, alright, look.

There's a bonus in it.

Look, I'm working on it. That's all I can say.

Alright, good enough. Oh!

One last thing. Don't mention this to Dr. Franklin, okay?

Oh, okay, no problem. But that's gonna cost you.

It's gonna cost me for you to say nothing to somebody?

How much for you to say nothing to everybody?

Oh, you couldn't afford it.

Ten pounds?

Well, a 10-pound gain isn't too bad.

You could afford to lose it.

Here's a list of foods I want you to avoid.

No meat, low fat, lots of vegetables.

That's rabbit food.

Well, it's only for a little while, captain.

We'll get those 10 pounds off in no time.

Who's we?

Well, a doctor and his patient are a team, captain.

Don't you agree? Sure.

And since we're a team, why don't you do the diet part?

I'm not sure I understand the intent of this meeting, Teronn.

I have been delegated by others who..

Delenn, there is concern among our people here on Babylon 5.

Meaning no disrespect.

They worry that you are no longer one of us.

I am more "one of us" at this moment than I have ever been.

More than you will ever know.

I appreciate your concern, there is nothing I can tell you at this time.

Later. This cannot wait.

We need to understand what is happening.

Understanding is not required, only obedience.

To our own kind, yes.

But that is the question.

Are you any longer our own kind? We have a right to know.

If you cannot give us what we need, we will ask permission to send a representative to speak directly with the Grey Council.

Unless you object? No.

No, I have no objections. Is there anything else?

No. Thank you.

[instrumental music]

If everything's satisfactory, doctor, I'll be returning to my duties.

Just one last thing, commander.

I worked out this food plan for you.

Are you telling me to go on a diet?

I'll have you know, I don't have an ounce of fat on my body.

I exercise vigorously once a day and despite my injury--

B-but when you eat, you don't eat enough of the right things.

'You have deficiencies in calcium'

'iron and several other minerals' and it's hampering recovery.

Now, I recommend iron supplements and an increased diet.

Uh, food plan to replenish your system.

I'll gain weight! Well, briefly, yes.

Figures. All my life I've fought against imperialism.

Now suddenly, I am the expanding Russian frontier.

But with very nice borders.

(male #1) 'Central Supply, we need a final data check on issued supplies.'

(male #2) 'Roger that, Cortez, we've got..'

I'll see you when you come back this way again.

Well, it might be a few years.

I sure wish I were going with you.

Yeah, the big empty has a way of grabbing at a man.

It's still just a-a job to get done, you know.

Duty hours, routine. Dull stuff half the time.

Every once in a while, something interesting happens but, uh, you know, the adventure's all in the mind.

Well, as my chief of security would say that is a load of horse hockey.

The adventure is out there, Jack. A man has to go meet it.

Well, sometimes it comes to you. Wait for it, Johnny.

(man on PA) 'Captain Maynard, please report to the Cortez.'

'You are wanted aboard.'

'Captain Maynard, to the Cortez, please.'

That'll be my exec, pestering me with paperwork.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Now, listen, Swamp Rat.

You hold this place together, you hear me?

'I'd like to come back to it.'

[instrumental music]

(female #1) 'Babylon Control, this is the Cortez.'

'C-1-niner-niner. We are ready for jump.'

May I?

This is Babylon Control, Cortez. You are cleared for jump.

[instrumental music]

(John) 'I thought this sort of thing was supposed to be'

'your area of concern, commander.'

Yes, sir. Ordinarily it would be.

The Tokati ambassador objects to having a new consular group from Pak'ma'ra quartered next to him.

He claims they smell bad.

Which of course, they do. And that he's downwind of them.

I assume you explained that our air is recycled and there is no wind up or down on the station?

Repeatedly, but he insists he smells something offensive and that something must be his neighbors.

He also insists that you and only you can straighten out this matter to his satisfaction.


The Abbai delegation is as large as the Pak'ma'ra group and they're two corridors over.

Have them swap quarters.

And you tell the ambassador that's as upwind as it gets on Babylon 5, huh.

Done and done.

Is there something else, commander?

If I may speak frankly? Yeah.

Ever since the Cortez arrived, you just haven't been yourself.

I thought perhaps you'd like to talk about it.

I command starships, Susan, not cities in space.

These problems, the, the petty complaints the endless bickering, the constant negotiations.

Jack Maynard said this isn't what I was trained for and he's right.

I mean, I am constantly sandbagged, swamped, drowned an-and snowed under by nothing but trivia!

I mean, look at this desk.

I can't find a thing on it. You know me.

Is this me? Huh?

Starships run on details. You've always run a tight ship.

That's an admirable trait.

B5 can never run in quite the same way.

But you've had to settle your share of crew squabbles in your time, so forgive me for saying this but it must be something more than just that.


[instrumental music]

Maynard is right.

I've been beached. Hardly.

Running B5 takes just as much energy, intelligence and patience as it does to command a starship.

But there is a difference.

They have turned me into a bureaucrat, a politician.

I'll tell you one thing, if the primates that we came from had known that someday politicians would come out of the, the gene pool they'd have stayed up in the trees and written evolution off as a bad idea!

Hell, I always thought the opposable thumb was overrated.

You're here because the president thought you could handle it.

As your executive officer, I have the right to know...was he wrong?

I don't know.

Maybe he was, and it's just taken this long to sink in.

Look, uh..

...take those alien delegations and switch them around.

And see if you can smooth any ruffled feathers.

Um, refresh my memory.

Does the Tokati ambassador have feathers?

No, sir. I'll take care of it.


[intense music]

What's our ETA on the other side of the..


Emergency power! All stations report.

XO's hurt bad, sir!

'Well, then get Dr. Hunter up here on the double' and check for more casualties.

Pat, what's our flight status? Power's down 30%!

We're flying blind.

After we jumped the fusion reactor spiked when it came back online.

The system wasn't ready to handle it, the EMP blew out the entire tracking system.

Meaning we lost the lock-on signal from the jumpgate.

Yes, sir, without it, we can't find our way out of hyperspace.

[instrumental music]

(Garibaldi) 'It all turned out to be a bunch of kids stealing on a dare.'

Some kind of initiation thing.

We couldn't get a lock on them because it was never the same one twice.

So I slipped some security guards in as salespeople and they nailed one of the kids in the act.

He talked his mouth off. That was it.

What did you do with him? I spaced him.

[chuckling] No.

I made them give back all the stolen stuff and assigned him to community service.

Seems rather mild punishment.

Not if the community service is cleaning out the garbage recycling unit.

This is all his fault, you know.

Wait a minute-- I agree.

This whole diet thing is your fault.

Food plan.

Whatever. Whatever.

Well, what're we gonna do about it?


Do it nicely. Oh.

[clears throat]


[indistinct chatter]


Anything? Power's coming back.

But the navigation's shot to hell, captain.

Can you fix it? We have the parts.

But not the time, it'll take 48 hours minimum.

By that time, we'll be swept so off-course we'll never find the lock-on signal.

Well, stay with it. Yes, sir.

Start transmitting a mayday.

Our transmission's pretty iffy this far into hyperspace.

Well, send it anyhow.

Something may get through.

[instrumental music]

Sir, we're getting a message from the Cortez.

It's a mayday.

Put it on the speaker.

(female #1) 'This is the Cortez, there's been an accident'

'to navig...instruments.'

'No lock on signal, we are..'

'stranded in hyperspace.. Lost..'

'Please respond. Mayday. May..'

'Please respond. Mayday.'

'Mayday. Mayday. Mayday.'

Take it off speaker. Keep recording.

Some other pieces may come through in the clear.

Send this response immediately.

Your signal has been received and help is on the way.

Keep sending that. Yes, sir.

I want available pilots in the squadron bay in 20 minutes.

I shouldn't need to remind you no ship lost in hyperspace has ever been found again.

I know.

I do not understand the necessity of these frequent examinations, doctor.

I am fine.

Ambassador, you've been through quite a change.

Even if I weren't curious from a scientific point of view I'm still a doctor and you're my patient.

I have to make sure you're not suffering any side effects of your transition.

So.. Nothing of consequence.

Momentary dizziness. Fatigue. That's all.

Nothing else is bothering you?

How are the other Minbari reacting to your situation?


They accept this without question?

Of course.

So when does the new delegation arrive?

What new delegation? I don't know.

I only heard Mr. Garibaldi mention to someone that he was awaiting their arrival.

I believe they're called bagna cauda?

Commander Ivanova has briefed you on the situation.

All we know from the Cortez's mayday is that something has brought her down in hyperspace.

As the commander has reminded me no one has ever recovered a ship from hyperspace.

But I'm determined to try. How far out is she?

Unknown. We can't pick up a trace of her lock-on signal.

The further off the lock-on signal a ship is pulled the more distorted her signals.

Now, the first message we got from the Cortez was fairly strong, but it's fading.

So we have to move on this fast.

But if we don't know where she is, how do we find her?

I have an idea on that.

But it's risky.

There's a strong chance that

'some or all of the rescue ships..'

'...might not make it back.'

We know there is a drift in hyperspace..

...that can pull a powerless ship down the gravitational incline.

The Cortez still has power.

She can hold her position a little longer.


...we are going to borrow a page from the lifeboat service.

When a ship foundered in bad weather they'd go out in huge dories to save the crew and passengers.

They'd form a line of lifeboats from the ship to the shore.

As a kind of lifeline.

The first fighter will stop just inside the gate and lock on to the gate signal.

The second fighter will proceed 1000 kilometers further in and lock on to the signal of the first one.

The third fighter will lock on to the signal of the second one, and so on.

Which leaves the last man hanging in midair.

But if he's broadcasting a search signal in all directions there's a chance the Cortez will pick it up.

If they're still in range.

We extend the range by moving the fighters further out like an expanding telescope.

It's a long shot.

But it's their only chance.

Any questions?

[together] No, sir.

Good. You'll hit space in five minutes.

Good luck.

[intense music]

I'd give anything to be going with them right now.

So would I.

(Ivanova) 'Zeta Wing, commence drop sequence check.'

'Power up to standby. Initiate drop sequence.'

Zeta Squadron. Zeta Squadron, standing by.

An old friend of mine once quoted me a ancient Egyptian blessing.

"God be between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk."

Bring the Cortez home.


[intense music]


Communication status?

Nothing from the Cortez now, sir.

Your message is being relayed from fighter to fighter in hyperspace.

The pilots report no response yet.


Captain. I'm getting a signal from Babylon 5.

It's very faint, sir. On speaker.

(John) 'Cortez, this is Babylon Control.'

'If you can hear us, please respond.'

'We are sending help. Cortez, this is Babylon Control.'

'If you can hear us, please respond.'

Send this.

'Babylon Control, this is the Cortez.'

'Babylon Control, this is the Cortez.'

'Lock on still not functioning.'

Cortez, this is Babylon Control.

Keep on broadcasting your mayday.

'We're homing in on it and sending a sheepdog'

'to lead you home.'



You got the signal, Warren?

Hard to get a beat on it, sir.

Radio locator doesn't want to settle.

Keep scanning. 'Yes, sir.'

[indistinct chatter]

Alright, what's happening?

It's gotten scratchy again, sir.

I can't even hear the pilots now.


Alright. Carry on. Why don't you take a break?

Why don't you? Sir.

I can't.

Jack's too old a friend.

If this turns into a wake, I wanna be here.

Is he the one that told you about the Egyptian blessing?


He was my first commanding officer.

The old Moon-Mars Patrol before the war.

Damn, I thought he knew everything.

He did too.

Captain Maynard knows the risks he takes every time he orders his ship out.

So if it's a wake, I'll drink with you.

But until it is, why don't we just remember that blessing?

[instrumental music]


(female #1) 'Mayday. May.. This is the Cortez.'

Commander, I've got the signal.

And locking on. Go. I'll hold here.

Yes, sir.



Captain, captain!

I do believe that's our sheepdog.

[intense music]




[automated message] Navigation system inoperative. Communication disrupted.

Engaging lateral thrusters. Negative function.


Where is he? Where's the fighter?

Increasing range and scanning.

Scanning. Got him.

[intense music]

What's going on?

Come on, come on. Figure it out!

What the hell's he doing? What's he shooting at?

I don't know. He keeps firing in the same direction.

But there's nothing out there.

Except...the way home.

He's firing in the direction he wants us to go.

Can you calculate that? I'm on it.

Communication to Starfury restored.

(Keffer) 'Cortez, get out of here now!'

Starfury, this is the Cortez.

We can come after you. Do you copy?

(Keffer) 'NAV system not functioning. Engines down.'

If you come after me we'll both get lost. Go!

Thanks, Starfury.


Lay in the course. Follow the trail.

Yes, sir.

[instrumental music]


Ships coming through. How many?

Three. No, four.

[intense music]

Cortez, this is Babylon Control.

Where are the other two fighters?

I'm sorry, Johnny. They didn't make it.

[music continues]

Nice of you to join me finally.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm late. I know.

Did you get it?

Look, the supply-ship cargo master begrudged every extra ounce of every inch of space.

But I called in some favors.

You're lucky I have a few to spare, Garibaldi.

Yeah, so bill me. Where is it?


Yes, yes, yes. Okay? Alright?

So I asked myself, now, who on the station could pull together the ingredients of bagna cauda so far from Earth?

Your qualifications precede you, Mr. Orwell.

Mr. Garibaldi.

Doc. Give me a minute.

It's for my birthday. Honest. You can check the date.

Alright, it's your birthday, so what?

So.. father always made bagna cauda for me on my birthday.

My pop was a great cook, and bagna was his specialty.

And when he used to cook it, I mean, the smell oh, man, the smell would fill the whole place.

It's funny, you know, when I watched him cook I knew he was doing it because he loved me.

He just could never say it.

And so he did that instead.

He's been gone a long time.

So now I make it myself once a year.

Honoring him, you know?

It's the only part of him I got left.

Well, in that case..

...why don't you make enough for two.



I can come back if you wish to be alone.

No, no, no. Please.

I heard the news. I'm sorry for your loss.

That's the hard part, isn't it?

Sending young people out to die.

But they saved others.

At the right moment, they were in the right place and knew what to do. As you did.

What makes you think this is the right place for me?

The universe puts us in places where we can learn.

They're never easy places, but they are right.

Wherever we are is the right place and the right time.

The pain that sometimes comes.. part of the process of constantly being born.

You sound like you've been doing some thinking about this on your own.


We are both, I suppose, going through transitions.

But the universe knows what it's doing.

I wish I had your faith in the universe.


I just don't see it sometimes.

Then I will tell you a great secret, captain.

Perhaps the greatest of all time.

The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make up this station and the nebula outside that burn inside the stars themselves.

We are star stuff, we are the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out.

And as we have both learned sometimes the universe requires a change of perspective.

[instrumental music]


[automated message] 'Thrusters back online. No lock-on signal detected.'

Estimate remaining oxygen. '32.5 minutes.'

We've been through a lot together, haven't we?

Who would've thought?

[intense music]

Computer, analyze flight path of unknown object.

Correlate to last sighting. 'Stand by.'

Sorry, captain.

Jumpgate activated.

(Keffer) 'Babylon Control..'

...request permission to dock.

Permission granted.

Welcome home. Thank you, sir.

[instrumental music]

Commander Galus. The best squadron leader I ever had.

To Galus. To Galus.

So, lieutenant, do you have any idea at all what caused the disruption that nearly wrecked you?

And saved me.

When I saw it again, just for a second I figured it must be riding its lock-on even though the direction was nothing like I've ever seen before.

'When it came through the first time' it was on a right angle to the gates position.

Once I figured that out, I just struck out in what seemed like the right direction.

As for what it was, I don't know.

'There was just this feeling that something'

'dark and dangerous had gone by.'

You know that feeling, like somebody just walked on your grave?

That's the only way I can describe it.

(Jack) 'This feeling that something's out there.'

You just never forget it.

I wanna know what it is.

I'm sure we'll find out one of these days.

At the moment, that investigation isn't our first order of business.

There is one other.

Lieutenant, I know this isn't a very good time for this but Zeta Squadron needs a new commander.

I've decided to give it to you.


Say, uh, isn't John supposed to be here?

Yes, he is. That reminds me, where's Garibaldi?

Trust me, doc. You are gonna love this.

I can feel my arteries hardening just being in the same room with it.


That's good. Mm-hm. Told you.

That is very good. Hm! You think that's good.

Wait till dessert. Now, wait a minute.

I didn't authorize dessert. No?

Then you can't have any. What is it?

Doesn't matter. You're not getting any.

No, no, no. L-let's not be hasty.

No, no, no, no, no. Too late.

This is great.

I see you're hard at it, sir.

I've decided it's time to get back to work.

The station doesn't run itself.

Captain Maynard, Lieutenant Keffer and the rest of the pilots would like you to join them in the officers club.

Okay, give me an hour, and I'll have everything under control here.

Yes, sir.

'Ever had a long talk' with Ambassador Delenn, commander?

From time to time. Why?

She and the universe seem to have a special relationship.

Don't we all?

[instrumental music]

Star stuff.

[theme music]