Babylon 5 S2E5 Script

The Long Dark (1994)

[theme music]


(John) 'What have we got?'

We picked up a weak signal a short time ago coming out of deep space.

Not using the jumpgate?

No, and it's using a frequency I've never heard before.

Hmm. Alien?

Not exactly.

[automated message] 'This is the Copernicus. We come in peace.'

'This is the Copernicus. We come in peace.'



[both grunting]


Through the walls!

It's coming through the wa..

Oh. I need some ozones.

[heavy breathing]

No ozones.


Oh, no!

I'm stuck!

Get out of my head!

Where are you?

There you are.

There you are.

I see you.

Our Father, who is in heaven hallowed be the name thy kingdom is, uh, done.

Thy will is something on Earth as it is in-in space.


Hail Mary fu..



[dramatic music]

(male narrator) The Babylon Project was our last best hope for peace.

A self-contained world five miles long located in neutral territory.

A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens.

A shining beacon in space all alone in the night.

It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind.

The year the Great War came upon us all.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

The year is 2259.

The name of the place is Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[automated message] 'This is the Copernicus. We come in peace.'

'This is the Copernicus. We come in peace.'

'This is the Copernicu..'

Hear me, oh, Lord, and the rest of you miserable sinners and you non-humanoid types!

Judgment day is coming and it don't care what you look like.

And I have seen it.

An army of darkness, soldiers of the devil or something like that.

We're all in great danger!

'A pox upon this station.'


A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit unless it's got bad roots.

Oh, please, don't I have troubles enough?

I have walked in the valley of the--

Good! Keep on walking.

Hurry, ambassador, he's gaining.

You with the hair..

Oh, jeez.


Now, unless you have a Class C missionary license it's time for a little R&R.

You can't. You can't!

There is no shelter. It's coming! It's coming!


Just got the message. Any idea where it's from?

We're still trying to identify the design.

'But wherever it's been, it's taken a hell of a beating.'

Why didn't it use the jumpgate?

That's what we're trying to figure out.

(female #1) 'Maintenance, hold Bot 12 in position'

'for a longitudinal scan.'

(male #1) 'Roger, Control. We're trying for a visual ID now.'

Those look like letters. 'Mmm.'

It's English.



I've never seen this design before.

Hmm. Then check your history.

Ships like this were used in early deep-range exploration back before we got jumpgate technology

'from the Centauri.'

Well, that's was over a hundred years ago.

What's it doing way out here?

Things were pretty primitive back then.

Maybe it missed a thruster firing or went off course.

Wow. It's been adrift ever since.


That's a hell of a wrong turn to make.

Maybe it wasn't a wrong turn.

Why don't we ask the pilot?

(John) There is something alive in there.

Bring her in.

Sheridan to Medlab. 'Franklin.'

We may have a patient for you in Docking Bay 4.

[dramatic music]

[suspenseful music]

I got something over here.

Cryogenic freezer.

I've seen them at the Air and Space Museum.

Well, let's see if anybody's home.

(Michael) 'Oh. This one's dead.'

I've got life signs in this one right here.

Her signal's weakening.

Opening the ship must have triggered something.

(Stephen) 'We're gonna have to get her back to Medlab'

'or we'll lose her.'

Open it up.


[dramatic music]

(med tech) We're losing her pulse. thready.

She's gone into arrest.

50cc's of DeValera.

Still flat line.

Cardiac stimulator.

Ready, hit her.

Nothing. Try it again.

Go! Move!

(Amis) 'Incoming!'


Incoming! Incoming! In..

How long has he been like that?

Couple of hours now.

To the walls. Get to the walls.

Damn lurkers.

We ought to space all of them.

Oh, God, stop them. Hanson.


Were you in the war?

No, I missed it.

He didn't.

How do you know?


I've had that same dream.

[switch clicks]

[slams fist]

That's better.

[indistinct voice]


You alright?

I never felt better.

I'm a picture

Where am I?

Oh, God.


What did I do this time?

You don't remember?

Well, I found that life is in general, much easier if I forget most of the things that happen to me.

You were about to accuse the Centauri ambassador of being in league with the devil which might not be far from the truth.

Oh, God, my head hurts.

They've had to put you out.

Oh, I was that bad.

You were standing in the middle of the Plaza yelling that the day of judgment was coming.

Did it?

Not that I know, but I may have missed a staff meeting.

You ever done this before?


Hell, I-I've done everything before.


Where were you stationed?

Nowhere special.

Just here and there.

Just a gropo.

It was no big deal.

I figured you for a ground pounder.

Me too.

It looks like we both missed our chance to be heroes.

What about the dreams?

Dreams? Well, I-I...never dream.

You've been talking in your sleep.

Is there a reason that that door is open?

You can go.

I know some good counselors.

I've used them myself.

Now, what would a man with everything in the world do with one of them?


[device beeping]

When did it start?

Moments ago.

'Looks like a dream.'

Or a nightmare.


(Stephen) It's alright.

I'm a doctor.

Do you understand?

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I'll take care of you.

I ran a general diagnostic of all systems that still appear to be operating.

And then I found this.

'According to the system analysis'

'there's no malfunction of the other cryogenic tube.'

He should be alive.

You double checked it?

Three times.

Something or someone murdered him.

(Stephen) 'At the time of death, the victim's weight' appears to be have been about 90 pounds.

Given his height and bone structure his normal weight should have been 180.

But malnutrition wasn't what killed him.

'He died as a result of organ failure.'

Why? I don't know.

They're missing.

It's as if something reached inside of him and pulled everything out.

What happened to the organs? Hmm?

There's no evidence of them anywhere on the ship.

We ran a complete scan.

'If there was so much as a cell remaining'

'we would have found it.'

I think we better have a talk with the woman who was with him.

No, I don't think that's such a good idea yet.

A man's been murdered and the list of suspects is pretty short.

According to the ship's log she was in stasis the whole time.

She couldn't have done it.

Logs can be altered.

And it's a good bet he didn't reach down his throat and yank out his own heart.

(med tech) 'Dr. Franklin?'


'She's awake and asking for you.'

I have to go.

When she's ready, I wanna talk to her.

Finish up for me.

Lousy way to die, huh? Mmm.

Last I checked, there weren't too many good ways.


Looking a lot better.

Oh, I'm feeling a lot better thanks to you, Doctor..



If you don't mind answering a few questions?

What were you doing on that ship?

Will, my husband and I are part of a commercial research group.

They needed volunteers for a long-term deep-space mission and I jumped at the chance.

We were assigned to the Copernicus.

She was programmed to home in on any signal we might come across and wake us up.

I never thought the signal could be of human origin.

How long were we in stasis?

I think we should take this a day at a time.

That doesn't sound very good.

How long?

Well, I don't have the exact number..

...but over 100 years.

A hundred..

I'd like to see Will now.

'Something's wrong, isn't it?'

I'm afraid he died during the voyage.

'I'm sorry.'

Oh, God.

We still haven't been able to determine exactly what happened.

We just said goodnight to each other.

I can't cry.

Long-term stasis dries the tear ducts.


What have I done?

It says that the system's down.

You gotta check the reading.

I'm trying. 'What? See what it says?'

[instrumental music]

Holy mother.

(male #1) 'Hey, you!'

[dramatic music]

Never seen an alien before, have you?

There are indications of their other life forms but I never imagined anything like that.

I've missed so much.

Well, not all of it's been good.

A few years after your ship left Earth we finally made contact with another species.

The Centauri.

We opened up trade relations and they gave us jumpgate technology.

But before that, we'd been pretty much limited to our own solar system.

And after that we were out among the stars.

First, leasing time on alien jumpgates and then building our own.

So the cryogenic suspension the goodbyes..

...was all for nothing.

If we'd just waited a few more years.

Well, you couldn't have known.

What you did, it-it took.. It took courage.

What else have I missed?

Uh, the usual.

The good times and the bad times.

The revelations, the revolutions.

Outbreaks of hysteria, the parade of scandals promises, constitutions and the occasional war.

The last big ones were against the Dilgar, which we won and against the Minbari, which..

Well, that's a long story.

Then we still haven't outgrown violence?


It's gonna take a lot more than a 100 years to evolve a better human.

'Doctor.' Ambassador.

This must be our visitor from the past.

Mariah Cirrus, this is Ambassador G'kar of the Narn.

(G'kar) 'Take my advice and go back' to the time you came from.

The future isn't what it used to be.


(Stephen) 'Welcome back.'

Here, take it easy.

You passed out.

Where am I?

My quarters.

They were closer than Medlab.


I guess you came to my rescue again.


You were having a dream.

You cried out as if something were attacking you.

I did?


[exhales sharply]

I guess I just don't remember.

It seemed very frightening and violent.

Why are you interested in my dreams?

I haven't been completely candid with you about your husband.

What are you saying?

He didn't just die.

Something killed him. Something that was on that ship.

No, there were..

...there were just the...two of us.


You think I killed him.

No, no, no, no.

I think maybe something in your dreams might be able to tell us what did.

No. What kind of insanity is this?

It's gonna be alright. Oh!

It's gonna be alright.

I don't know where I am any more. I..

I'm all alone. No, you're not alone.

You're not alone.

You're not.

[instrumental music]

I, uh, I don't think this is appropriate at this particular time.

No, I..

...I guess not.

It's just that I'm a little scared.

I don't know, maybe more than just a little.

Why don't you, uh..

Why don't you just try and rest?

'Just try and rest.'



No. No thanks.

I'm trying to cut down.

You are all gonna die!

A soldier of darkness has come on that ship from the past.

'I have seen it.' Save me some dessert.

Don't close your eyes, don't sleep. It'll find you.

Brother Garibaldi, I was looking for you--

Let's take a walk, huh?

You're starting to make the Natives restless.

I'm not crazy. It's on this station.

What is?


It came off that ship from the past.

I followed it.

You sure of that? Yes.

I saw it do the same thing during the war.

[dramatic music]



(Stephen) Finished examining the victim.

Not one of his internal organs is still inside his body.

What happened to them?

I don't know.

There's no sign of an entry or exit wound.

In other words, he died the same way as Mariah's husband.


It's assuming that's who she really is.

What are you saying?

[sighs] I arrested a lurker named Amis who was stationed on a deep space listening post during the war.

Forty-seven men landed on that moon.

All of them were slaughtered except one.

Is there a point to this?

Amis thinks whoever wiped out his post came here on the Copernicus.

No. We ran a thorough scan on that ship.

If there was an alien onboard we would have found it.

Unless it's something we'd never seen before.

Something completely outside our experience.

I traced the ship's path.

It passed within the gravitational pull of the same moon that Amis was stationed on.

'Mariah Cirrus may not be what she appears.'

She had nothing to do with his death.

How can you be sure?

Because she was with me last night.

The whole night.

Oh. Moving kinda fast, aren't you, doc?

I don't sleep with my patients.

She's in pain and I'm helping her. That's all.

I want a watch put on her 24 hours a day and I don't mean you.

Are you suggesting I'm not doing my job?

I'm suggesting if something is threatening this station I'll do whatever is necessary to protect it.

All this on the word of a lurker?

I checked his war record.

They put enough ribbons on his chest to open a gift shop.

Word of this murder has spread among the alien community.

The Non-Aligned Worlds have asked for a council meeting to discuss the possibility that something came aboard this station from that ship.

Go over her bioscan again and then make sure you haven't missed something.

For what it's worth I hope you're right.

But if you're not be careful.

We insist this woman be removed from this station.

On what grounds?

She has brought something evil from the past.

A soldier of darkness.


That is rich.

Nothing like a good ghost story, huh?

Let him speak. I find this very interesting.

Go on.

The forces of darkness do not move openly.

They work through others, use others.

When the darkness was defeated long ago they scattered..

...hid themselves away in secret places and waited.

Now the dark hand is reaching out and recalling them from their sleep.

And you think this woman is one of these soldiers of darkness?

Evil sometimes wears a pleasant face.

All too true.

I believe we should consider what he is saying.

Why am I not surprised?

More of your superstition.

'I don't know.' Please.

Don't tell me you believe this?

There's an old human saying.

"Where's there's smoke, there's fire."

'If you ignore it, you get burned.'

Now I don't have to believe in this dark force to realize there is something strange going on.

Well, it's been nice having this little chat with you but I have more important things to do.

If there's something aboard this station find it and kill it.

It's that simple.

The rest is nonsense.


If you do nothing about her presence here..

...we will.

I don't like threats.

And as long as I am the law on B-5 I intend to see everyone is protected human and alien alike.


This meeting's adjourned.

Very smooth.

That bad?

What if something did get onboard the Copernicus when it passed that moon?

A soldier of darkness?

I'll believe it when I see it.

Let's hope we don't get the chance.


[deep breaths]

[exhales sharply]

Oh, hell.

Okay! Rise and shine, pal.

You know, everything in your Earthforce record suggests you're out of your mind.

Oh, that's a matter of some debate in the medical community.

I mean, there are those who give me the benefit of the doubt.

Just figure me for a compulsive liar.

You want me to believe you? Yeah.

Then this is your chance.

Take me to where you followed it.


Right now.

It was there.

What did it look like?

The past.


[suspenseful music]

Freeze! Huh!

I-I saw it. You have to believe me.

You want me, you bastard!

Well, I'm here!

Come on, let's finish it!

Come on!


During the war, there was a guy in my unit.

He kept telling everybody our perimeter was weak.

We laughed 'cause we checked it over and over.

'It was secure.'

'We all figured he was nuts.'

Until then, we'd never seen any action.

Then one night we stopped laughing.

Came through that perimeter like it was paper.

He was the first to die.

Saved our butts.

He was a nut..

...but he was right.

I believe you.

The honored did.

Tell me about the listening post.

We were an intelligence gathering unit not set up for heavy combat.

We'd heard the Minbari were setting up a command and control post so we slipped onto a small moon before they finished the perimeter scanners.

They set up camp in..

...old ruins of some kind.

'As far as we knew, it was a dead world.'

It came in the night during a storm.

We heard nothing, saw nothing.

It came right through the walls.. a hot wind.

'The first man died just meters from me.'

Never even screamed.

We ran.

We ran.

For a second, I thought I lost it.

'Then I saw it.'

Standing in the middle of a ball of lightning.

It looked like it had come straight from hell.

How did you survive?

I didn't.


It kept me alive.. a snack.

It becomes part of you feeding on you.

The lucky ones were the men who died on that moon.

What it took from me I can never get back.

When the rescue party showed up I weighed 85 pounds.

'That's how I knew it was on this station.'

A part of me is still inside that thing.

I can feel it.

But nobody ever believed me.

Until now.

This feeling, can it lead you to it?

I think.

I think maybe that's what it's been doing..

...all this time.

They're calling me, I think.

Maybe we have some unfinished business between us.




What are you doing here?

It's all I have now.

This.. memories..

...and you.

Or, maybe I'm assuming more than I should.

I just think this is happening a little fast, don't you?

You just lost your husband.

I know.

And I'd be lying if I said I don't miss him.

I do.

And I wanna find whatever killed him.

But I'd also be lying if I said things were perfect between us.

Before we left Earth Will and I must have split up half a dozen times.

After a while, all we had in common..

...were the stars..

...and dreams.

You can go far on that.

A 100 years.

What about you?

The same problem, I guess.

I mean, my work..

...comes first.

Always has.

Finding someone who understands that, uh..

Well, it hasn't been easy.

And this place isn't exactly ideal for raising a family.

No, it's not.

Maybe it's just as well Will never woke up.

I don't think he would have liked this world.


Whatever killed your husband is on this station and has taken another life.

Now I need to know everything that you know.

In my dreams..

...there's something in the life tube with me.

and I think it was using me to stay alive until it could find more food.

Babylon 5.

I've put everybody here in great danger.

[Amis screaming]

Official accounts of the massacre at the listening post blame the attack on the Minbari.

Amis may not be sure of much but he is sure of one thing.

That post was not attacked by the Minbari.

He said it was as if hell had been let loose.

Well, that doesn't help us much.

No, but he also said the alien took a part of him when he left his body.

T-that he could feel its presence on the station.

Some kind of symbiosis?

That may be.

Then if the same thing happened to Mariah she might be able to help us find it.

It's too risky.

Whatever's on the station came from her ship.

If what the lurker said is true and there is some kind of symbiotic relationship who knows what kind of influence it may have over her.

You know, she could be scouting for it without knowing what she's doing.

Well, if what happened on that listening post is happening here we're not gonna have to go looking for it.

It'll find us.

'Let's just make sure we're ready for it.'

[dramatic music]

Miss Cirrus.

Oh, Mr. Garibaldi.


I need your help to find a friend.

Dr. Franklin told me about him.

I'm sorry.

Can you find this thing?

Can you feel where it is?

I think so.

I can try.

Provided her doctor comes along.

We're getting reports of weapons fire in brown 90.

Then part of a signal came in.

I think it was Garibaldi. Then it was cut off.

Seal off the area.

I don't want anyone in there.

Sheridan to Franklin. I tried him.

He's not answering.

I'd say they found it.

Break out heavy weapons.

Have a security detail meet us down there.

[dramatic music]

'You alright?' Garibaldi pulled him out.

He went back in.

Alright. You two stay here with them.

You let us know if it doubles back.

I don't want it to escape.

You ready?

You got a plan?

Just try not to get killed. Brilliant.



Kill it! Kill it! Shoot! Shoot!

[gun zaps]

Get up!

Come on!

It's gotta be stopped.

You finished your tour of duty.

Get down!



It knows I'm here, and it's waiting for me.

These PPG's don't do much more than sting it.

Prowls around hurt for a while but it comes back stronger.


One bee sting may be a annoyance but a 100 of 'em can kill you.

Ivanova, you got a fix on my position?

(Susan) 'Confirmed. On our way.'

No, negative.

Triangulate your fire and stand by.

I wanna set up a kill zone, point-blank.

How's your charge?

I'm down to my last cap.

Well, let's hope that's enough.

(Amis) 'It won't work.'

It's too smart for that.

It can smell a trap.

It can wait.

It's patient.

It's patient.

You've gotta give it what it wants!

Amis, no! Hey!

Alright, I'm here!

You wanted me?

Here I am!

Let's finish it!

Come on!

No more dreams. Let's end it.

Amis, get clear! Amis!


Open fire!


[alien shrieking]

(Michael) We got it, Amis.

We got it.

No more bad dreams.

It's over.

It's over.

[dramatic music]

You sure he's gonna be okay?

He's just banged up.

I gave him something to help him sleep.

All he wanted was to be set free.

To forget.

Maybe now he can.

So, what about you?

What about me?

Well, you're gonna need a place to stay and this is good a place as any.

I can help.

I thought about it, but I-I can't.

Not yet, anyway.

I have a 100 years to catch up on.

I need to see Earth.

Bury Will..

...mourn for a while.

I just need time.

If I can, I'll come back.

If you're still interested.

I think there's a good chance of that.

Don't make promises life won't let you keep.

Take care, Stephen.

Captain, we just got finished analyzing the database onboard the Copernicus.

Took us a while to go through 100 years of routine entries but so far, everything she told us checks out.

I think we kind of figured that out by now.

Not entirely.

There's one more thing I figured you ought to know.

According to the ship's log the Copernicus lost 10% of its oxygen when it passed by a moon in Sector 18 by 70 by 59.

Which would have been caused when that thing came aboard.


But when it left that sector it was heading on a new course.

That thing must have been more intelligent than we thought.

Fortunately, it didn't know that the ship was also programmed to make contact with any signals it came across.

Otherwise, it would have just gone right by and we never would have known it was there.

You said the ship was reprogrammed to a new destination.


So, where was it going?

It was heading for the Rim.

Toward the exact place where ambassador G'kar told us an ancient enemy was gathering its forces.


Do you think it's a coincidence?

A few weeks ago, I probably would have said yes.

But, now, no.

Something's going on, commander.

I know.

Between you and me..'s scaring the hell out of me.

[suspenseful music]

[exhales sharply]

[theme music]