Babylon 5 S3E12 Script

Sic Transit Vir (1996)

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chattering]

[door whirring]

(Susan) 'Good morning.'

'Now, let's take a look at the manifests.'

'See who's coming in today.'


'Couple of Drazi ships.'

'Minbari personal transport.'

Even a few Vree.

Still not quite where we used to be but it's a start.

Alright, put me online with the first ship and let's get this show on the road.



Is there a problem?






God, I hate dreams like that.

(automated message) 'Good morning. The time is 0530 EST'

'July 3rd, 2260.'

'Have a nice day.'

[instrumental music]

[door latch clicking]

'There you are!' Oh!

I was just looking, really.

I-I didn't touch a thing, it's.. Well, maybe the drapes, a bit but there was this large flying thing that I tried to, you know, swat.

The Emperor has just finished reviewing your reports from Minbar.

He asked me to convey his compliments on your hard work even if some parts of it do read as if they were written by Ambassador Mollari.

He advised me on a few things. I thought as much.

Londo belongs to the old school.

He thinks we must be protected from the truth.

But these are perilous times.

We must have accurate information about what other worlds are doing.

You would do well to follow your own judgment in future.

Thank you, minister.

Oh, we have arranged for a ship to take you back to Babylon 5 as soon as you are ready to travel.

From there, you will continue to Minbar.

Well, I'll let you go back to your room now so that you can pack.

Yes, sir. Oh! I heard a new joke.


W-w-what is more dangerous than a locked room full of angry Narns?


I don't know, what is more dangerous than a locked room full of angry Narns?

One angry Narn with the key.

[both laughing]


[laughing continues]

W-w-with the key.


[gibberish] I don't..

[instrumental music]

(Susan) The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace.

It failed.

[dramatic music]

But in the year of the Shadow War it became something greater.

Our last best hope..

...for victory.

The year is 2260.

The place, Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

Same thing. Night after night.

I mean, one bad dream after another.

You know, I-I get the one where your your teeth are breaking off or falling out and you wake up going, aah!

You know? Oh, yeah. I know that one.

Or you're lost in a maze somewhere or I'm someplace where I've never been before.

This morning I dreamt that I walked into C and C totally..

...unprepared for my work.


Interested in a little dime store psychoanalysis?

No, I'm just baring my soul as a preface to asking you to give me some silverware.


Every one of these dreams puts you in unfamiliar territory.

A maze or some strange place.

Well, that is kind of like where we are right now.

When did you join Earthforce?



Alright, so we're talking 13 years.

'We're both career military.'

'That means we define who we are by what we do.'

We left all of that behind when we broke away from Earth.

Yeah, but I've already dealt with all that.

Hmm, consciously.

But from what you were saying subconsciously, you're still trying to work it all through.

You don't know where you fit anymore

'harder to find yourself.'

'You're feeling vulnerable'

'lost and exposed.'

It's all perfectly obvious and completely understandable.

I suppose, I just..

...just hate waking up in the middle of the night not knowing who I am, or where I am, or..

...even what I am.

[chuckling] It'll pass.

Your subconscious just needs to work it all through.

Hey, it could be worse, you could be having dreams where you're showing up to work naked.

[both chuckling]

'Then you'd be in real trouble.'

[John laughing]

You know, I'm gonna get some more of this...whatever it is.

You want anything? No. I'm fine.

Ah, alright. Thanks.


[instrumental music]

[insects screeching]


[insects screeching]

Where are you now, hmm?

[insects screeching]





[device beeping]

(male #1) 'Maintenance. Can I help you?'

Yes, you can help me.

Two hours ago.

Two hours ago I called you.

I told you there is..

...a-a bug.

An insect in my quarters.

(male #1) 'Uh, we've been a little busy.'

Now, you listen to me.

I do not like insects.

I do not like little brown things with eight legs.

I do not like anything with eight legs.

Well, except for the Vinzini.

But only because they are terrible at cards something to do with compound eyes I think.

I want this thing dead!

(male #1) 'Sorry, ambassador, but due to recent changes in our status'

'we've had to cut back on inspectors'

'and time to time, insects are gonna get in.'

'We'll get somebody there soon as we can.'

No, don't hang up on me.

Don't hang up on me!

[device beeping]

Hung up on me.


[insects screeching]



[chuckling softly]

[sword clanking]


Die! Die! Die!



There, you see?

This will teach you to trifle with a Centauri you triple-damned..

Do you know that..

Do you know that you are smaller than I thought you were?


You are smaller.

[whimpering] There are more of you.

There are more of you!

[doorbell chiming]


[door whirring]

You are Ambassador Mollari?

My dear lady.

For you, I would be..

...anyone you want me to be.

Hm. Please, come in.

Come in.

(automated message) 'May I have your attention, please?'

'Please consult your transport agency'

'for schedule information.'

Excuse me. Have you seen Ambassador Mollari?

He always meets me here.

[exhaling deeply]

Morning, Delenn.


How are things with your government?

Well, for the moment blissfully quiet.

At least so far as we're concerned.

Uh, President Clark's having a hard time keeping everything bottled up back home.

So, we're not on the top of his list of priorities right now.

The resistance?

Gathering their forces, putting their people into place.

With everybody busy planning their next move we get a break.

It'll be short, but I'll take it.

[chuckling softly] Which brings me to you.

Me? Yes.

You know, every time that I have seen you lately we've been in the middle of a crisis a revolution.

I mean, it's the first time in months that it's been this quiet.

It won't last. It never does.

But as long as it's here..

...I'd like to see you tonight.


Are you not seeing me now?

I would think that you see me every time we meet.

Unless I have become translucent or, um, insubstantial and nobody has thought to inform me until now.

Then let me say I'd like to see you in a different light.

Candlelight, for instance.

Over dinner. Tonight?

'Uh, tomorrow we maybe involved at another crisis'

'another battle.'

This may be the last chance we'll get for a while.

You know, back home, we have an old saying..

"Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die."

[chuckling softly]

Humans can be a very depressing people.

Only if we get turned down for dinner.

Well, we cannot have that, now, can we?

[doorbell chiming]

[doorbell chiming]


[door whirring]


Ah, greetings, Vir.

How was your flight?

Very good. I managed to get some sleep this time.

And how are things at the royal court?

Oh, you know, collusion, politicking scheming, innuendo, gossip..

Same old thing. Good, good.

Oh, and your reports?

I assume they went over well? Yes, uh, very well.

Well, did you tell them I helped you with your reports?

Oh, there was no need to. They noticed it right off.

Ah. Well, good.


Anything interesting happened while you were there?


N-not a.. No, nothing.


Vir. Yes.

I have a surprise for you.

A surprise?

You can come out now.

[Londo laughing]

Hello, Vir.

Is it not glorious, Vir?

Your wife has come all this way just to see you.

Londo, I'm not married. No, not yet.

But in a few days, you will be.

And if you ask me, she's far too good for you.

Alright. Come on, Vir.

Say hello.

Her name is Lyndisty, and you will be spending the rest of your life with her.

(Vir) 'How can we be married? I've never even met you before.'

It was all arranged through your uncle and my mother, the Lady Drusella.

'They feel it would be a perfect union'

'of our two houses.'

You know nothing about me.

I know that you are now the liaison to Minbar.

I know that your reports are in favor at the royal court and that your star seems to be in ascendance.

'I know that in your face'

'I see a gentleness'

'and a kindness of spirit.'

While I was waiting for you Ambassador Mollari told me everything about you.

(Mollari) 'Oh, don't worry, Vir.'

I only told her the good parts.

It was a very short conversation.

[insects screeching]

[chuckling softly]



They're getting faster.

I swear they are evolving right before my eyes.

If you see something this big with eight legs coming your way, let me know.

I have to kill it before it develops language skills.

When I marry, I want it to be for love.

Oh, a radical.

I'm sorry, that's just the way that I feel.

If you give me a chance, I promise you when we cross beneath the swords and boughs it will be for love.

[door whirring]

Good afternoon, Sergeant Allan.

Commander. Here you go.

Don't usually see you up here.

No. I, uh, hardly ever get the chance.


It's quite a view, isn't it?

I know. I can never get enough of it.

Standing here in front of the stars like this looking out down, up, all at once.

Kind of makes you feel naked in front of the universe.

[clearing throat] Was there something that I could do for you, sergeant?

Oh, yeah. Uh, I'm sorry.

I was gonna run this by the chief but this is more your area than his.

We've had a lot more Narns than usual come through here lately.

Most of them escaping the homeworld.

Well, so far, I don't see a problem.

The more they can get away from the Centauri, the better.

No, hey. I agree.

It's just that I was going over their papers of transit and I noticed the name of the Centauri who approved them.

"Abrahamo Lincolni"? You gotta be kidding me.

Since when is that a Centauri name?

Yeah, well, that was my reaction, too.

Let me see that. Whose office did these come through?


(Vir) 'So, what did my uncle tell you about me?'

Oh, that you were smarter than you appeared and that you had several virtues but that I should not hold this against you.

He said that you were capable of a quite enchanting and well-deserved humility.

I'm not entirely sure what he meant by that but I'm sure it was good.

[chuckling softly]

Do you think it will take you very long to love me?

You know, it's-it's really hard to say.

I've always considered time to be very important.

I've often thought that when we are born we are given time in a multitude of tiny boxes.. small that when we need them most they're nowhere to be found.

I-I don't think we should rush things.

You know, y-you may find I-I'm not suited to you.


But we will grow together.

You shall be the logical conclusion to all my happy thoughts.

And the borders of my world circumscribed by your two arms.

Do you think I'm pretty? Oh, yes.


But I always associated delirium with fever so, there you are.

Then let me be a fever from which you never recover and our night's an anarchy of pleasure.


[moaning softly]


I-if kisses could kill that one would have flattened several small towns.


Our marriage has already been arranged.

The ceremony is just for show.

Everything that must be done has been done.

Except between us.

If you send me away I will still be your wife in name, if not in fact.

And I think you will find me a most pleasant fact.

Mr. Cotto, you're late.

I'm sorry. I was otherwise engaged.

But engaged and married, as it is.

Not that I knew about it or anythi--

You're not making sense.

I imagine I'm not, but that's the kind of day I'm having.

So let me-let me tell you the reason why I'm here to talk to you.

Abrahamo Lincolni?

I was hoping to tell you before you found out about it yourself.

Too late.

We noticed that the papers of transit came from your office on Minbar.

Considering you're the only person there who knows much about Earth history I figured you must be responsible.

Now, would you like to tell me what this is all about?

I needed a name to put on the papers.

I don't have the authority to approve transfers from the Narn homeworld, so I invented somebody who did.

'I-it's part of our work program back home.'

We bring Narns from their homeworld to work in construction and help in the factories.

Work camps. 'In a sense.'

It's much better than being back on Narn.

The conditions there are very bad, I'm told.

You say these Narns go voluntarily?

Absolutely. Yes.

Well, then why the forgery, the fake names and falsified transit papers?

There are many Centauri who would rather see the Narns suffer back home than be given comfortable quarters too close to Centauri Prime.

We're trying to help in our own way.

(John) 'I hope that's the right kind of table.'

'I don't do a lot of entertaining here.'

I usually just grab a bite on my way in.

(Delenn) 'It's fine.'

I didn't come for the decor.

Well, I hope you didn't come for the cuisine, either because unlike Mr. Garibaldi I am not exactly a gourmet cook.


But what I lack in finesse I make up in..



Uh, barely edible, but lots of it.

Flarn. Yeah.

You learned to cook flarn?

Well, after I tried it at your place I found I kinda liked it.

[both chuckling]

Um, it might need a little salt.

Stop apologizing. Let's sit and eat.

I'm sorry. I just wanna make sure it's okay.

Oh, it looks fine.

[clearing throat]


Um. I, I like that picture over there.

Oh, yeah, that's..

...that's a favorite of mine, too.

'So..' is the flarn?

'Enough salt?'

Just right. Good.

[door whirring]

Vir! There you are.

I've been looking for you.

But did your meeting with the commander go well?

As well as could be expected.

Is there a problem?

I'd like to know more about what you do so that I can be a good wife to you.

I knew if I followed you long enough I would find the murderer.

Vir! Get behind me.

Look, I don't know what you..


[dramatic music]

You really did like it.

(woman on radio) 'Security to all personnel near green two.'

'We've got an assault in process.'

'Repeat. Assault in process. Green 2.'

Just one level down near Londo's quarters.

I'll be right back.

[both grunting]

No, Vir!

Vir. Lyndisty, run!

No, not without you.




Oh, my..

Put it down! Now!

Ragatsa Shon-kar!


And Vir had no explanation for the attack?

(John) 'None.'

He said it was a complete mystery.

Well, maybe it was just a random terrorist attack at a Centauri.

It's not like they need a reason these days.

(John) 'I'm not so sure.'

'Just before he came at them the last time'



That's a Narn blood oath.

Exactly. Meaning it's a personal grudge.

'I can't imagine why anyone'

'would wanna kill someone like Vir.'

But you better run a check on the Narn, anyway.

'See what you can dig up.'

Will do. You take care of that arm.

(Vir) 'I just don't understand it.'

Every time I show my face around here lately somebody hits me.

First, G'Kar, then the riots. Now this.

So brave of you.

Putting yourself in front of me like that.

Even terrified.

I'm so proud of you.

I-I just don't understand why he did it.

With the Narns, who can say?

You know how they are.

Yeah, but he, uh-- Shh. Shh. Shh.

You rest now.

You've earned it.

You've been the hero long enough today.

I've never been a hero before.

I won't let them hurt you, Lyndisty.

I promise.

Bad news, Vir. We think there may be an other Narn out to finish what the first one started.

What? How can you be sure?

We checked the ID on the Narn who attacked you.

He arrived here with his pouch brother. is a blood oath.

If one family member fails to carry it out

'it devolves into the next in line.'

Vir, if a Narn declares a blood oath there's usually a damn good reason.

Is there anything you haven't told me?

No. No, nothing.

I heard there was a woman was with you. Is she alright?

Yes, uh, Lyndisty. My wife.

'Well, soon to be.'

You know, it-it's done, but it's not really done.

But, uh, you know, it's a, it's a long, long story.

But, you know, at first, you know, I didn't think but now, well, she's, well..

You know what, can I ask you a question as long as you're here?

Um...I suppose.


What do women want when things get, um you know, uh, um..

...intimate, you know?


I-I really don't think that that we should be having this conversation, Vir.

I mean, I.. Isn't there someone else?

There's-there's only Londo, but I don't think that's a good idea and since, you know, you're a woman I thought maybe you might have some ideas.

Well, I mean, it depends. I mean..

There's no single answer to that, Vir.

I mean, every woman is different.

But, uh, i-if she's your wife well, you, you must know a-a few things about her.

Blank slate.

Oh. Well, um..

Well, there must have been other women before this.

There were other women, but I never got past one.

You mean first base.

(Vir) 'No, no. I-I mean one.'

You see, we have six, uh..

We have six, you see and each one is a different level of intimacy and pleasure.

'So, you know, first you have one and that's..

Yeah, you know.. And then there's two and then by the time you get to five, it's a..

[breathing heavily]

Uh-uh, Vir, I got it, I got, I got it. Okay.

Uh, I-I really don't know what to tell you, Vir.

I mean..

...I've never really gotten this relationship thing down myself, okay?

So I-I'm the last person in the world who should be giving out advice on..

...on this sort of thing.

'All I can say is..'

...that enthusiasm sincerity, uh genuine compassion and humor can carry you through any lack of prior experience with..

...high numerical value.


I'm gonna remember that.

Thank you.

Thank you.


[inhaling deeply]


[exhaling sharply]

[slamming hand]

[doorbell chiming]


[door whirring]

I wanted to see how you are doing.

Ah, I've had worse.

I'm just sorry it interrupted our dinner.

There will be other dinners but if you keep doing this you will get killed one of these days.

And then there'll be no more dinners.

It was happening right under my feet.

I had to do something.

[chuckling softly]

Besides, I-I'm-I'm fine.

Ow. Let me.

Mmm! No, uh, Delenn-Delenn.

Listen, I have been dressing myself for a long time now.

Yes, but your arm is hurt and why put more strain on it?

I hear that when it happened Vir was with a woman.

Apparently, they're to be married soon.

So, I understand.

Must be the shortest courtship on record.

She just got here yesterday.

Perhaps you should check the air recycling system.

It may be as you say..

...something in the air.

Maybe there is at that.

(Susan) 'Captain, I..'

Oh. I-I'm sorry, I-I..

No, no. I didn't-I didn't mean to.

It's alright. It's alright. Um, what is it?

I think you'd better meet me in Londo's quarters, ASAP.

It turns out we've got a serious problem with Vir.

On my way.


I have to..

I know.

Of course. Um..

I should go.


[door whirring]

(Londo) 'I hope there's a good reason'

'for this interruption, commander.'

(Susan) 'There is.'

In the course of our investigation into the attack yesterday we've learned something very disturbing.

Over the past couple of months Vir has been forging travel papers for as many as 2,000 Narns authorizing them to leave their homeworld for so-called "work camps."

Commander! What?

Londo, please. Don't pretend you don't know anything about this.

I don't. This is a complete surprise to me.

What makes you think I would know anything about this?

Well, for starters, it's the kind of thing that only you could think of, Londo.

Second, there's only one logical reason why another Narn would declare and try and kill him.


We ran a check on all the Narns who left Narn using Vir's travel papers.

According to the transit and relocation files every one of them, all 2,000 Narns all of them...are dead.

'That's 2,000 murders, Vir.'

No wonder the Narns are after you and anyone close to you.

[dramatic music]

Two thousand dead Narns.

Well, it's a start.

Good to see you showing some initiative, Vir.


It's murder.

You say that as if it were a bad thing.

Remember it's Narns we're talking about here.

A few dead, more or less.

They're not dead!

They're not? They're not?

Well, then you do have some explaining to do.

Can't count on anything anymore.

But the records, Vir.

I altered the records so nobody would go looking for them.

Why? Because I had to do something.

'There were females and children.'

Some of the local leaders the..

...the ones who kept their language and their beliefs most of them were injured from us bombing their world and sending them to forced labor camps.

They weren't getting proper treatment.

If I hadn't gotten them out, they would've died.

'Instead, I...had them sent to other worlds.'

Got them medical care, and when they were healthier I had them filtered back here to Babylon 5 or sent elsewhere.

Then why do the records say they died?

Because, back home, nobody cares about dead Narns only living ones.

While I was here, there was nothing that I could do.

But while I was running the diplomatic mission on Minbar I had the chance to do something.

And I took it.

My only regret is that I couldn't have saved more of them.

Do you realize what you have done to me, Vir?

I was the one who pushed to get you this position position you have abused.

If this comes out..

...the scandal would hurt both of us.

Now, I will have to deal with this, Vir, and with you.

(John) 'Just one thing.'

If Vir is telling the truth and none of these Narns have been killed why did one of them attack him?

They are Narns, captain.

They don't need a reason for murder.

Ah! Vir, there you are.

I've been looking everywhere for you.

You're troubled.

I can tell from your expression.

Can you tell me what is troubling you?

I thought I was doing something good.

And I was.

Only now, it's something quite bad.

For me, at least.

Well, that covers effect but I'm reasonably sure that I'm no nearer cause than I was when I sat down.

It's a long story. It has to do with the Narns.

Ah, I should've expected that.

Well, whatever it is, Vir, I'm sure that it's not your fault.

How can you say that? I mean..

You don't even know what the situation is.


Everyone knows that wherever there's trouble there's always a Narn at the center of it.

'That's all they are, you know, trouble.'

It's not their fault.

They're simply inferior.

It's genetics.

They're lazy.

They foul their own nests.

Everything they touch falls apart.

Hence, my original conclusion.

'The sooner they're dealt with the better for everyone.'

Especially if they've caused you any kind of trouble.

You don't really mean that, do you?

Yes, of course I do.

My dearest Vir, don't be silly.


You're having fun with me, aren't you?

Playing with me.

Well, I can play, too. That's why I came to find you.

I have something for you.

Please, come. I-I can't, really.

I'm not in the mood.

Oh, but this would cheer you up.

Please, we don't have a lot of time. Please come.


[door whirring]

Two steps in.

And stop.

You can open your eyes now.

It's dark.

Lights, gently, please.

Lyndisty! 'I knew you'd be surprised.'


He's still alive.

Yes, of course!

I saved him for you.

I almost didn't.

After all, he did intend to kill me.

But I set a little trap for him.

I have been trained quite well.

I almost finished him all myself but--

Why did he wanna kill you?

At first, I wasn't sure.

But then, when he was unconscious..

...I studied him for a very long time until I remembered I saw him on Narn.

My father and I went there after the war.

He was in charge of culling the herds.

"Culling the herds"?

Oh, yes. Quite necessary for pacification.

He would test their villages and find out which populations had the greatest tendency toward aggression.

You cure future aggression by cutting out that part of the gene pool.

Our soldiers would bring them in ten, twenty at a time and we'd put them to sleep.

'It was more humane than they deserved, really.'

Hmm, but father's always been overly charitable.

Sometimes we'd find whole villages where the aggression was just too deeply rooted and we had to take it all out.

'Oh, you could-you could see'

'the flames rising up'

'into the night like..'

...brilliant flowers embracing the spring.

Bright buds opening and spreading wider.

This one..

'I remember. He escaped with his brother'

'from one of the villages we purified.'

That must be why they tried to kill me.

He was going to use this.

But I saved it and him for you.

'As head of our new household'

'it is your right.'


Oh, Vir, it's not like he's really aware.

'And after the first few'

'it's really quite easy.'

I've done it hundreds of times myself.


Accept this one as a token of my love for you..

...and a testimony of our marriage.

(Londo) 'I have spent'

'the last hour' on the line with certain friends in the Centauri who owe me favors.

I've not told them everything.

Just what is required for their cooperation.

It is not as if this was the first time this happened.

'Oh, no. Our last envoy to Minbar also went native.'

Too much exposure to those those damn Minbari can have strange effects.


...we are going to pretend that this entire unfortunate incident never took place.

'All records will be destroyed.'

And you are forbidden to speak about it to anyone!

'Do you understand?'


[exhaling sharply]

I must say that I am personally very disappointed in you, Vir.

'I had expected better of you.'


...I suppose, uh, it is my own fault as much as yours.

I was foolish in sending you to Minbar before I had finished your training.

'You fell in with bad company.'

Free thinkers, anarchists, Minbari!

They took advantage of your naivety.

Well, it happens.

Sometimes the bird leaves the nest and flies away.

And sometimes it falls onto its beak and needs to be helped back into the nest for a while.

That is you.

'Your tenure as our liaison to Minbar is over.'

'You'll stay here now.'

Away from temptation and the authority that you misused.

And I will continue your instruction in what it means to be Centauri.

'You can start by telling your wife goodbye.'

Lyndisty? What happened?

Do her parents know? No, no.

They, they only know that there's been some kind of unfortunate misunderstanding and that your place is not as high as it was a few days ago.

They have not canceled the marriage but they are reconsidering it for a while.

I suggest you go and make up to her as best as you can.

She's a good woman.

A true Centauri.

[sighing] That she is.

[door whirring]

Good morning, commander.


(John) 'Uh, something I can do for you?'

Uh, this is my office, after all.

I know, I was just using your security clearances to finish up a few things.

Ah, such as?


Getting rid of some bad dreams.



What do you think?

That's me as a Centauri.

(Susan) 'Nope.'

'That's Abrahamo Lincolni'

'of the Centauri Relocation Bureau.'

Vir did a very good job creating a fake bureaucrat.

Londo doesn't know about him and he's still authorized to issue travel papers.

So, I figured, why not take advantage of it?

'Keep him around for a while.'

So, I added a few details.

A photo from your file.

Yeah, I've noticed.

I'm not sure I like the coat.

So how many Narns do you think old Lincolni here can get out of danger before the Centauri figure it out?

Beats me. But it seems like even one would be a victory.

What does this have to do with your dreams?

(Susan) 'I just realized that I was' looking for a direction of some kind.

I mean, something to do for the station or for us.

I mean, ever since we broke away I've been mostly parking ships and running inventories.

You know, but operating behind the scenes running numbers like this, using our resources to help other races, I..

I feel like I've got some new options now.

And to tell you the truth, I, I hate to say this but, uh..

I think I'd really enjoy being a sneak.

Then I hereby appoint you the official Babylon 5 sneak-in-residence.

Well, thank you.

Now, get the hell out of my chair.

Yes, sir!

And may I say, sir, from the bottom of my heart that you make an absolutely charming Centauri.

I-I know we had some problems towards the end there and I definitely think we need to talk about it.

But I think you can change.

It's some of your ideas they need...rehabilitation.

They say the same about you.

They say that you are confused but that you will get better in time.

Oh, I hope not.

Well, either way, I will wait for you.

You don't have to do that. No, but I will.

So, I take your gentle face with me transmuted into memory by the alchemy of my affection as deposit on our wedding night.

[instrumental music]

I will see you again, Vir.


[exhaling deeply]


What relationships don't have their ups and downs?

[theme music]

[music continues]

[theme music]

[music continues]