Babylon 5 S3E16 Script

War Without End: Part One (1996)

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]



I was sent to find you.

The ancient books taught us that, on this day no sooner, no later we were to enter the sanctuary and open this.

We did not know what was inside.

It has waited locked and sealed for over 900 years.

We do not understand how or why.

We know only that it is.

How did he know that you would be here?

How did he know your name?

[dramatic music]

Commander, we're picking up a distress call.

Identify? I can't.

It's not coming from a ship.

There's no physical source for the signal, just an area.

Sector 14. That's impossible.

Sector 14's been under quarantine for almost three years.

That's where Babylon 4 disappeared.

Let me hear it.

(Ivanova on radio) 'They're coming through!'

'Repeat, they're coming through!'

'This is Earth Alliance Station Babylon 5.'

'They're all over the place!'


Commander, that's your voice.

It can't be.

'Computer voice-scan confirms it.'

That's you.

[Ivanova panting on radio]

(Ivanova on radio) 'They're killing us!'

'Can anyone hear me?'

'They're killing us!'

(Ivanova) The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace.

It failed.

[dramatic music]

But in the year of the Shadow War it became something greater.

Our last best hope for victory.

The year is 2260.

The place, Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[instrumental music]

Your ship is ready, Entil'Zha.

'The letter seems to have disturbed you.'

Perhaps if you told me what it says I might be able--


This was meant for me alone.

Tell the others to continue their work in my absence.

Nothing must interfere with that.

Yes, Entil'Zha.

Thank you for everything you've done, Rathenn.

When I first came here I don't think anyone really trusted me.

You were the first.

Where Delenn points I follow.

She pointed to you.

I have done nothing worthy of praise.

Well...with your help we've created something bigger than we are.

It has a life of its own.

Come what may, the Rangers will finish the work ahead.

Take care, Rathenn.

[instrumental music]

I have the strangest feeling I will never see him again.

He is the closed circle.

He is returning to the beginning.

The beginning of what?

[instrumental music]

(Ivanova on radio) 'They're coming through!'

'Repeat, they're coming through!'

'This is Earth Alliance Station Babylon 5.'

'They're all over the place!'

'They're killing us!'

'Can anyone hear me?'

'They're killing us!'

Computer analysis confirms it matches your voice.

It's a fake. I've never sent out a distress call like that.

Maybe you just haven't sent it yet.

The signal's coming from Sector 14.

That's where Babylon 4 disappeared.

Ever since it was yanked through time to where ever the hell it was going the area's been a mess.

Time doesn't work right in there.

What if this signal is from the future?

Our future?

When Babylon 4 reappeared two years ago Commander Sinclair and I went aboard to evacuate her crew.

And while I was there, I had this flash.

I saw a fire fight here on the station.

Something was invading Babylon 5.

We were putting up a pretty good fight, but..

...we were losing. Bad.

So you think that's where the signal's coming from?

The fall of Babylon 5?

'Sure sounds like it to me.'

Captain, I'd like to check it out.

Aside from Sinclair, I've got more personal experience with this stuff than anybody else.

Since he's not here, that leaves it to me.

If this really is coming from the future maybe we can find out what's gonna happen, prepare for it.


I'll authorize it.

It's a three-hour trip in normal space so get your gear together and leave as soon as you're ready.

Thanks. Okay, okay.

Now, everybody from the non-aligned worlds get in line so we can process your IDs, thank you.

If you're from one of the worlds we don't have a treaty with yet, step over there and have your travel papers ready.

Thank you. Come on, move it along. Move it along.

Thank you. Very good. Move it along.

That's alright. That's alright. Thank you.

Commander Sinclair.

Ambassador Sinclair now.

Well, up until all hell broke loose back home.

It's Zack, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

I came aboard just before you were promoted.

It's good to see you again, sir.

Thank you.

It's good to be back.

Will you be staying long?

That's a far more interesting question than you might suspect.


Yeah. Go on. Move along.

So Ivanova, want me to bring you back anything from the future?

Some bagels? Fresh milk?

'All crew must evacuate launch bay.'

How about the winning numbers from the new Vegas lottery?

I'll split it with you 50-50.

Hah. 60-40, you got a deal.

Done and done.

I'll see you in about eight hours.

[dramatic music]

[door beeps]


Delenn, I..


Where are you?

(Delenn) 'He's here, isn't he?'


Then it's time.

We are grey.

We stand between the candle and the star.

He is my friend, Lennier.

I know.

But it must be done or the dream will die and countless others will die with it.

I wish I had more time.

But now, time is all we have.

[instrumental music]

We haven't had a Shadow attack in nearly eight days.

My guess is they're reconsidering their strategy after the Vorlons got involved.

They're worried, that means they'll hit us twice as hard when they come back.

Assuming a worst-case scenario.

The way things have been going lately I've decided to start taking Ivanova lessons.

Captain, I'm sorry to interrupt you but you must come with me to the White Star at once.

We were finishing up something here--

(Delenn) 'This cannot wait. I'm sorry, Captain.'

Marcus, we will need you to come along as well.

Also Ivanova.

And one other.


Well, looks like I got here just in time.

Captain Sheridan. Jeffrey Sinclair.

Good to see you again.

I'll be. And you.

I haven't seen you since the Mars riots.

Hello, Marcus. Respects, Entil-zha.

This is a surprise. I've heard a lot about you since I got here.

Same here. You've done a good job looking after the place.

I couldn't have wished for better.

Delenn, how did you know--


Never lets you finish a sentence, does it?

You noticed that, huh? Sheridan. Go.

Captain, we've got Mr. Garibaldi on channel two.

Put him through.

Captain, I'm about two hours from Sector 14 So I thought I'd try a long-range scan.

The temporal rift is twice as big as it was before.

Any idea what's responsible? Yeah.

It's being caused by an extremely powerful tachyon field being transmitted into the center of the rift.

And captain, it's coming from Epsilon 3.



You see?

Just as Zathras said not good.

Definitely not good.

We must tell Draal. No!

Is taking all of Draal's concentration to control great machine.

If we distract very bad.

Disrupt time field.

Everyone die.

Draal told Zathras what to do.

So Zathras will do.

Or much, much dyings.

Delenn, if the temporal rift is being affected by transmissions from the planet below us, isn't that where we should be going instead of hooking up with the White Star?

It will take too much time.

We must leave for Sector 14 now.

Why? Why right now?

Because this is the time we are supposed to leave.

That's circular reasoning.

Once we arrive at the White Star I will explain everything.

John, I have rarely asked you for anything.

Now I'm asking.

Computer, adjust long-range scanners.

Scan for full range of frequencies.

(Ivanova) 'They're coming through! Repeat! They're coming through!'

'This is Earth Alliance station Babylon 5!'

'They're all over the place!'

Nuts. Let's try to boost the signal.

Transfer power from auxiliary systems to scanners.

(Ivanova) Shuttle 2 to shuttle 1, we're clear to proceed.

Confirmed, shuttle 2.

You know, back at the station, I was pretty surprised to see you walk into the war room.

When an ambassador comes to visit we usually have some advance warning.

There wasn't time.

And believe me, my being here is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.

Is it?

Delenn either knew you were here or knew you were coming.

Your timing seems like more than a coincidence.

There are no coincidences, captain.

That's not much of an answer.

'Captain, if I were you'

'I'd quit while I was ahead.'

Back on Minbar, there was a saying among the other Rangers.

Only way to get a straight answer out of Ranger one was to look at every reply in a mirror while hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Did it work?

Oddly enough, yes.

Or after a while, you passed out and had a vision.

Either way, the result was pretty much the same.

Damn. Still nothing.

Alright, cut life support 15%.

Maybe that will give us enough power to pull in a signal.

That's got it.

Oh, hell.

They're killing us.

Can anyone hear me?

(Ivanova) 'They're killing us.'

'Does anyone out there hear me?'

Jeez! Begin recording.

Can anyone help us? This is Commander Susan Ivanova Babylon 5, to any ships in grid Epsilon.

We are under attack.

I repeat, we are under attack.

The captain's dead.

Defense grid is down.

They're boarding us. They're coming in all over the place.

We've tried to evacuate as many as we can and Garibaldi has rigged the fusion reactor. But..

[alarm blaring]

Oh, my God. Hear they come.

Switch to external cameras.

[dramatic music]

They've got weapons lock.

Here it comes.

Here it comes!


Alright, Delenn. We're all here.

Now, would you mind explaining what it is we're supposed to be doing?

Do you trust me, John?

What kind of a question is that?

It is the most important question I have ever asked.

Do you trust me?

With my life.


Then sit.

All of you, please.

I became aware of the transmission from Epsilon 3 a few hours before we left.

At the same time some other information came into my possession.

As you know, our last great war against the Shadows was a thousand years ago.

With the help of the Vorlons and a few others we were able to defeat them driving them from their homeworld, Z'ha'dum.

But there is something you do not know.

'What you are about to see'

'has never been shown to anyone outside the Grey Council.'

This is one of the few surviving records from that war.

Toward the end the tide of battle had turned against us.

Our greatest starbase, the center of our efforts in the war, had been destroyed by the Shadows.

Without a long-range base of operations from which to launch our forces we were doomed to lose the war.

Then, as if in answer to our prayers a replacement arrived.

Babylon 4.

My God, we always knew that Babylon 4 had been taken somewhere in time.

But we assumed it was into the future.

No, it was taken into the distant past where it helped us defeat the Shadows.

Without Babylon 4, we would have lost the war.

Or it would have ended in a stalemate.

So you're saying the Minbari..

...that you stole Babylon 4.

Not quite.

Before coming to you I received two additional records from Draal.

Remember, the great machine on Epsilon 3 has been there for over 500 years.

During that time, it recorded much of what happened in this area of space.

After Babylon 4 vanished six years ago it reappeared again two years ago.

Ambassador Sinclair and Mr. Garibaldi traveled there at great personal risk to help evacuate her crew before it vanished again.

It was a close call. We almost didn't get out.

We never did find out who was behind it.

'And that is about to change.'

This was recorded shortly before the station first disappeared six years ago.

As Babylon 4 neared completion the allies of the Shadows recognized it for what it was and sent these ships to destroy it.

By striking without warning they would have succeeded in their attack.

But something stopped them.

The White Star?

Delenn, are you saying we stole Babylon 4?

But that was years ago.

Yes, and that is exactly where we must go.

At this moment, the great machine is using all its power to enlarge the temporal rift in Sector 14.

We will use it to go back six years into the past.

Once there, we must prevent the destruction of Babylon 4 and take the station with us through time.

Because if we fail to save Babylon 4 Babylon 5 will also be destroyed.

Delenn, the question of who stole Babylon 4 is the biggest mystery of the last decade.

Now you're telling me it was me?

Is me? Is going to be me?

You can't be serious.

John, with Babylon 4 we will be able to save my people and yours.

It is history. It has already been done.

All we have to do now is make sure that we do it then.

How long have you known about this?

Not long. Until I came to Babylon 5 none of us knew where the station had come from.

We knew only that it helped us win the war.

Once I learned the truth I was afraid to say anything in case I might accidentally change the future.

Delenn, I still don't understand how taking Babylon 4 will prevent the destruction of Babylon 5.

When we defeated the Shadows we destroyed most of their fleet of ships.

That's why they're moving slowly.

It's taking them time to rebuild their ships.

Without Babylon 4, the Shadows would not have been defeated and driven from Z'ha'dum.

Instead they would have dug in and waited with three times the amount of ships they would have had otherwise.

She's telling the truth, captain.

If we don't go along, we'll change history and the Shadows will come out of the last war stronger than they should be.

We won't stand a chance against odds like that.

Would you like to tell me what you base that on?

Let's just say that my information comes from a very reliable source.

So, you believe this?

I believe it.

If Entil-zha believes it, I believe it.

I'll be in the car.

John, we're less than two hours from Sector 14.

If we do not proceed, a possible future will become the true future.

In that future the Shadows have most of their fleet intact.

And in their next major attack Babylon 5 is destroyed.

So that's what I picked up in C&C?

My voice in this alternate future calling out for help?

Sheridan to C&C. Patch me through to Garibaldi.


'Chief, are you out in Sector 14?'

I got here about an hour ago.

Been running those scanners recording everything I can.

(Sheridan) 'What have you found?'

It's the same sequence over again.

I've just seen Babylon 5 destroyed four times each time, the same.

The time stamped on the message is dated eight days from now.

'I've checked the subchannel ID to verify the transmission.'

'And it's legit, alright.'

Eight days from now, we go straight to hell.

Unless you've found some way to stop it.

Stand by.

I've come a long way to be here for this.

I'd hate to turn around and go back again.

Besides, I think we'd work well together like Butch and Sundance Lois and Clark..

...Lucy and Ethel.

Well, when I joined Earthforce the sign said, "Greatest adventure of all."

If they only knew.

Alright, let's do it.

Lucy and Ethel?

Sheridan to Garibaldi, we're on it.

Head on back to the barn.

Roger that.

[dramatic music]

Delenn, it appears we're being followed.

Put it on screen.

'It appeared on the screen shortly after we left.'

'I believe it came from Epsilon 3.'

Good. It carries the cargo we need for our journey.

My people may be more technically advanced than yours but even we do not have the technology for controlling a time field as unstable as this one.

Only the great machine on Epsilon 3 has such equipment.

Slow 1/3. Allow the ship to dock.

[dramatic music]

According to Draal the time-shifting mechanism needs a clearly defined target.

We must place a homing device in the central power core of Babylon 4.

Once that's done, we can begin moving it through time.

Is that Draal on the ship? No.

He's busy keeping the great machine under control.

It's quite a strain.

He said he was sending along one of his aides.

[Zathras screaming]

Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry. Much apologizings.

Zathras has great responsibilities.

'Was thinking great thoughts.'

'Did not see you.'

'Was looking for the one.'

'Was thinking great thoughts.'

'Very sorry. Very sorry.'



(male #1) Says his name is Zathras.

We don't know how he got aboard, where he came from or what race he is.

I've never seen an alien like him before.


Not the one.

Not the one what?

You're not the one.

'There you are.'

Being very honored to meet you.

I am being called..


We've met before on Babylon 4.


Zathras does not--

It was my past, your future.

Zathras, this is very important.

When you meet me again, it will be me but it won't be me now.

So you're not to say anything to me that might change the past.

Do you understand?

Yeah. Zathras understand.

No, Zathras not understand but Zathras do.

Zathras good at doings, not understandings.

Zathras honored to meet you..

...for many reasons.

Zathras also honored to meet you

'...for other reasons.'

Uh, such as?

Ah. Oh, no.

Draal gave Zathras list of things not to say.

This was one.

No, not good.

Not supposed to mention one.

'Or the one. Oh.'

You never heard that.

What else is on this list of things you're not supposed to mention?

Zathras does not remember.

But if Zathras remember later Zathras tells you.

That'll be fine.

Isn't that fine, captain?

Oh, fine, ambassador.

The ship has been locked down and the equipment is being unloaded.

We may proceed.

Good. Good.

Zathras is ready.

We go.

Hurryings is very important.

One last thing, captain.

On our way out, I'm going to need a favor.

[intense music]

Sheridan to Garibaldi.

Captain. What are you doing out here?

'We're proceeding to Sector 14.'

Report back to the station.

Keep an eye on things while we're gone.

'What are you talkin' about? I should go with you.'

Negative. Report to base.

We can't take the whole command staff on this one.

You've done your job.


That's an order, Mr. Garibaldi.

Yes, sir.


I'll see you at the barn when we get back.

Alright, I did as you asked.

I sent him home and didn't tell him you were here.

Why the secrecy? Didn't you want to talk to him?

More than you'll ever know.

Told you.


[dramatic music]

Goodbye, old friend.

[guns zapping]


[wick hissing]

They've burned through levels seven and eight.

Can't stop 'em! They're everywhere!


I've rigged the fusion reactors. But there's not much time.

Get going. I'll hold them as long as I can.

Look, come on, this isn't a conversation.

Jeff, it's okay. I finally understand.

It's the moment I was born for.

Now, go. Go!


Wait, wait!

They're coming through!

[music continues]



It won't happen.

I won't let it happen.

Please to taking.

When we travel in time we pass through great waves of tachyon impulses.

You can become unstuck in time..

...unless there is anchor.

These will keep you from drifting.

Also, protect you.

Time distortion can do terrible harm.

I know. The last time Babylon 4 appeared a pilot we sent out to investigate died of old age.

I guess you got lucky.

Well, looks like this is it.

Everybody, get ready.

Mr. Lennier..

...move us into the rift.


[intense music]


Hey Zack, how's it going? Fine, fine.

Hey, hey. You missed all the excitement.

Ambassador Sinclair was here.

What? You're kidding, right?

No. Where is he?

Gone, he took off with the captain and everybody else on the White Star.

No, he wouldn't come all this way then just leave without telling me.

Did he leave any kind of message?

'I'm sorry, no.'

At least he didn't say anything to me about it.


[intense music]

Alright, scanners at maximum.

If those Shadow fighters really are here somewhere we have to find them.

I've got something.

Show me.


What the hell is that?


Picking up high levels of radiation, magnetic grapples.

Looks like a fusion bomb.

They probably intend to grapple it onto the reactor then run like hell before it blows.

And make it look like an accident.

How far are they from Babylon 4?

Three thousand kilometers.

Plot a course to intercept. Give me everything you've got.


Computer, any messages for me?

(female automated announcer) 'Confirmed. Two status reports from station house.'

'One message from maintenance.'

'One from Jeffrey Sinclair.'

Stop. Display message from Sinclair.

'Unable to comply.'

'Password required for access.'

Password? What password?

'Unable to comply.'

[dramatic music]

They've seen us.

Three fighters breaking off, heading our way.

Stand by, forward batteries. Fire!




Damage is minimal.

(Lennier) 'The White Star is based on Vorlon organic technology.'

'It learns from experience. Changes, evolves.'

'The skin of the ship now uses the Vorlon defense system.'

Most of the energy is reflected away leaving only the physical impact.

Well, as my great-grandfather used to say, cool.

Bring us in on the primary target.

Nisi du zafann drok.


Jeff. Jeffrey.

'Negative on password.'

'Unable to deliver.'

Peek-a-boo. Susan. Michael. Socks. Fasten. Zip.

'Negative on password.'

'Unable to comply.'

Damn it.

What would he think of?

Password, phrase, three words. Hello, old friend.

'Password confirmed. Stand by.'

Hello Michael, by the time you get this I should be long gone.

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you I was here.

Sorry I couldn't see you.

But if I told you what was up, you'd want to come along even knowing the price, and..

I can't allow that.

But I had to leave something.

I couldn't leave without saying ...goodbye.

You see, Michael, I won't be coming back from Babylon 4.

And if you went with me you wouldn't make it back, either.

[dramatic music]

Distance to target?

Still outside optimum firing range for automatic systems.

Captain, if that thing gets closer to Babylon 4 we risk damaging the station when it blows.

Can you hit it from here on manual?

I can try. Do so.


'Babylon 4 now within estimated blast range.'

But then so are we.

In that case, hang onto your socks.


Lennier, get us out of here!

It's too late!

[intense music]


(Ivanova) His stabilizer! It's hit!



[whispers] John.

(Ivanova) W-w-what happened to him?

Time stabilizer damaged.

He is unstuck in time.

Zathras warn, but no one listen to Zathras, no.

What do you mean, unstuck in time?

Where is he, in the past, in the future?

Cannot say. Saying, I would know.

Do not know, so cannot say.

Very damaged.

Zathras can never have anything nice.

We must find him.

Later. Babylon 4-- Can wait.

No, it can't. Sheridan knew the risks the same as we did.

All of us are expendable. What counts is the mission.

He'd want us to continue.

We may be able to pull him back, but first we have to get to Babylon 4.

The explosion sent out enough EMP to blow out their scanners for a while.

We have one chance to get on board.

If we wait too long, we'll lose it.

Susan, if we don't follow through

'then Sheridan went through this for nothing.'

Putting the future back on track may be our only chance to save him.

What's our status?

Power's up to 70% of capacity. We can maneuver.

Good. We came here to do a job.

And by God, one way or another we're going to finish it.

Neshalla, wa. Zeni!




'I think he's awake again, excellency.'

Would you like to see?


What.. what am I doing here?

Welcome back from the abyss, Sheridan.

Your timing, as always is quite exceptional.

Just in time to die.

Babylon 4 scanners are still down.

Recommend we go in, find a stable area where we can grapple on and burn our way through.

I agree. Bring us in.

This was not part of the plan.

I did not expect this.

We cannot even know where in time Sheridan has gone.

He'll be alright.

[speaking Minbari]

All my life I've had doubts about who I am..

...where I belong.


I'm like the arrow that springs from the bow.

No hesitation, no doubts.

The path is clear.

[intense music]


What am I doing here? What are you--

What I am doing is what someone should have done a long time ago.

Putting you out of my misery.

Fitting punishment for your crimes.

What crimes? I--

The crime of neglect!

'The crime of convenience.'

During your little war you drove away the Shadows, oh, yes.

But you did not think to clean up your mess!

The few of their minions their dark servants came to Centauri Prime. Well..

Where is the harm in that, yes?



'You want to see the harm?'

Do you?


[intense music]

(Londo) 'There's the legacy of your war.'


Configuration's a little different than Babylon 5.

My guess is we can get to the reactor system that way.

Getting there isn't the hard part.

Getting all that equipment into position without being seen.

That's gonna be tough. I agree.

We need to secure one of the primary corridors.

Can you handle it? I have an idea.

But I gonna need some help.

You've got it. Come on.

I need Lennier to stay with the ship.

Can you get the equipment up here by yourself?

Why, yes, yes.

Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people's needs.

Very sad life.

Probably have very sad death.

But at least there is symmetry.

Go, go. Zathras take care.


Why do your people always ask if someone is ready right before you're going to do something massively unwise?


[theme music]