Babylon 5 S3E17 Script

War Without End: Part Two (1996)

'There's the legacy of your war.'

The price we paid when you abandoned us to the enemies you escaped from.

[panting] But this couldn't happen not in this amount of time.

What year is this?

This is the last year..

...and the last day and the last hour of your life.

'Seventeen years since you began your great crusade.'



I am tired.

Take him back to his cell.

And, Sheridan..

...make your peace with whatever Gods you worship.

You will meet them next time I send for you.

'I cannot recall my world' from what it has become.

But I can thank you properly for your role in it.

[dramatic music]

How long until the scanners are back online?

Oh, we figure another hour, hour and a half.

Any word on that explosion?

MaintBot reports are coming in right now.

It's definitely thermonuclear in origin.

Alright, I want every inch of that blast area searched and double all patrols inside the station in case anyone tries to breach the hull.

(Ivanova) 'We need to find an access panel.'

Usually they're sealed up once the station goes operational.

This place just went online So, with any luck, there should be a couple still open.

Sorry, I don't believe in luck.

Well, luck's about the only thing we've got on our side right now.

Sure as hell don't have much of anything else.

Marcus? Oh, hell.


(Ivanova) The Babylon project was our last, best hope for peace.

It failed.

[dramatic music]

(Ivanova) But in the year of the Shadow war it became something greater our last, best hope for victory.

The year is 2260.

The place "Babylon 5."

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

[door opens]

What was that? What was what?



You said move! How'd you know they were coming?

Didn't, but right now would be the worst time to be discovered so it was logical that it would happen now.

Like I said, I don't believe in luck.

On the other hand..

[dramatic music]


Carry this, Zathras. Fix this, Zathras.

Poor Zathras. No one listen to Zathras.

In fact no one.

[dramatic music]




[indistinct chatter]

This will do. But we'll need to clear the place out first.

'Team one to team two. Ready?' Ready. Stand by.

Alright, let's see if this works.


What is it?

I'm not sure. It was the strangest feeling.

I think the way you describe it is.. if someone had just walked over my grave.

[Sheridan groans]

Who, who is it?

(Delenn) 'John? John?'

Delenn! John.


...what are you doing here?

I didn't tell them anything.

They tried to make me, but I didn't.

There's nothing they can do to me.

They know that now, so they say they're allowing us one last moment together before..


It's alright, John.

I accepted this fate a long time ago.

They cannot harm me.

I'm not afraid.

Not if you are with me.

Our son is safe. Son?

That's all that matters.

John, I love you.

[instrumental music]

[alarm blaring]

That's got it. Let's go.

(woman on PA) 'Hull breach in this area.'

'Evacuate immediately.' 'Come on, let's go!'

(woman on PA) 'Pressure doors dropping.'

[alarm blaring]

Pressure doors are down, we've got this area completely to ourselves till they can burn through.

Figure about an hour. It'll do.

Let's get the equipment. Alright.

Delenn honey, just listen to me.

This may not make any sense but I am not supposed to be here.

I'm not really here.

The last thing I remember, I was on the White Star and-and my time stabilizer was hit and..

...suddenly I was here.

In Valen's name..'s true, isn't it?

I can see it in your eyes.

You told me long ago that you had seen this moment in our future, but until now, I..

I never really believed.


...there's so much ahead of you.

So many changes, so much pain and grief.

I look in your eyes now, and I see the innocence that went away so many years ago.

But then, you don't know any of what's happened, do you?


From what Londo said..

...I get the impression that we won the war..

...but not completely.

The war is never completely won.

There are always new battles to be fought against the darkness.

Only the names change.

But we, we achieved everything we set out to achieve.

We created something that will endure for a thousand years.

But the price, John..

...the terrible, terrible price.

I didn't think I would see you again before the end.

Now, Delenn.. there anything that I can do to prevent this?

I mean, there's still a chance.

No, this future can only be changed by surrendering to the Shadows and that price is too high to pay.

But we have a son?

Yes. We have David.

David? David.

(male #1) Out! Now!

[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]

(Londo) Close enough.

You will excuse me if I do not stand.

I have had considerable to drink.

It is..

...the only way that we can be alone.

We do not wish to wake it.

Wake what?

Then you do not know.

You cannot see it while it is awake.

We all have our keepers, you see.

I gave a very good performance.


It was satisfied.

Doesn't care why I do what I do.. long as I do it.

As long as you are dead.

It cannot hold its liquor, you see.

[chuckles] 'I have learned' that if I drink just enough I can put it to sleep for a few minutes.

A few minutes where I am in charge of myself again.

But the few minutes have been growing shorter and shorter.

So, we do not have much time.


My almost over.

My world, all I hoped for, gone.

You two...are my last chance..

...for this place..

...for my people..

...for my own redemption.

'There is a ship hidden behind the palace.'

My guard will take you there.

In exchange for your lives..

...all I ask is that you and your allies.. to free my people.

I can do nothing more for them.

'Go now.'


You do not have much time.

I can...feel it beginning to wake up.

Hurry. Go on!

[Londo coughing]

You are there, my old friend?


They will never make it out alive, unless..

You see, my keeper will awaken any second and it will alert the others.

And my only hope will die..

'...and I will die soon after.'

They do not take betrayal lightly.

We have unfinished business between us, G'Kar.

Let us make an end of it quickly..

...before it stops me.

I am as tired of my life as you are.

[instrumental music]



What is it? What is it?

I'm being pulled back again.

Then take these words back with you to the past.

Treasure the moments you have.

Savor them for as long as you can for they will never come back again.

John, listen to me do not go to Z'ha'dum.

Do you understand? Do not go to Z'ha'dum!


[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]

(Marcus) Do you think you could lend us a hand?

Uh, no. Very, very busy.

Zathras has idea.

Saw him, Zathras did, so Zathras thinks perhaps power supply in suit will help activate time stabilizer.

Will not last though.

Then he will be lost again.

There! Finished.

Now we wait.


He's quite mad, you know.

He actually thinks that Sheridan's gonna materialize in there.

Marcus, we're stealing a station to fight in a war that was over a 1000 years ago.

We're all mad.

You know, I've been thinking, Delenn said that

'their great leader, Valen' came forward at about the same time.

And Lennier said that Valen was Minbari not born of Minbari. It's always intrigued me.

You think we'll get a chance to meet him?

I don't know, it'd be an honor though.

He's one of their holiest figures.

Defeated the Shadows, formed the Grey Council.


No one ever listens to Zathras.

"Quite mad," they say.

It is good that Zathras does not mind.

He's even grown to like it. Oh, yes.


Ah! Are you alright?


Yeah, yeah, I think so.

[groans] Feel like I could drift away any second but yeah, I'm okay.

Where's Sinclair?

Right here. Welcome back.

How was your trip? I'm not sure.

I'm gonna have to think about this for a while.

What's our status?

We've secured a path to the central power core.

We're ready to proceed.

Alright. Then let's do it.

John! John!

John, are you alright?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. No. No!

What is it?

Oh, it's a long story.

I'll have to tell you later.

Go on. Go on. Yes. Yes.

(Sheridan) Moving the last piece into the central power core.

Must being very careful.

Time-jump system, very delicate.

When finished, station will be stabilized for time travel.

Captain, I just finished rigging the scanners on B4 to detect a phony alert in the fusion reactor.

It'll make it look like the whole place is going critical.

'I should encourage the crew to evacuate'

'so we can move this thing.'

(Sheridan) Roger that.

Major, we have a 20 percent energy drop in the power core.

Increase output.

Sir, the system hasn't been fully checked out yet--

I know what I'm doing, lieutenant. Punch it!

We can't afford a brownout if we've got hostiles aboard.


We're picking up a surge of tachyon particles!

It's comin'..

[dramatic music]

[instrumental music]


Zathras know!

Zathras working. Not Zathras fault.

[Zathras panting]

Ah-ha! This works!

Stopping now!

What the hell was that?

Unknown. Time-track system shot all to hell.

We're surrounded by some kind of tachyon distortion field.

Is everyone okay? Yes.

Yes, I think so. What happened?

Time device activated prematurely.

Not good. Malfunction.

So where are we?

Readings indicate we have moved four years ahead.

Which is exactly when Babylon 4 reappeared the last time.

Well, so far everything's happening exactly the way it did before whether we want it to or not.

Danger though. Time system is not stable.

Very delicate.

Must adjust before we try again or become forever lost in time.

Very dangerous. Great.

Doesn't anything come under warranty anymore?

Ivanova to Sheridan.


(Sinclair) 'He's gone again.'

'And you better get up here.'

'There's been a slight problem.'

Major, the reactor core has become unstable.

Approaching critical. It's not gonna last very long.

We have to evacuate. No, not after all this.

Major, if this is as bad as it sounds we could lose the whole station.

We have nearly 2,000 workers on board.

And you don't wanna jeopardize their safety.

If it's safe, we can come back.

But if it's not..

Alright. Send out a distress signal--

We got another tachyon burst!

[instrumental music]

(Delenn) 'Hello.'

Delenn, are you--

I'm alright. What was that?

Time flash. See yourself forward or backward in time.

Zathras told you, system unstable.

Jeff! My, God! What-what happened?

What was bound to happen as soon as we went forward in time again.

When Garibaldi and I came to Babylon 4 the last time we passed through the time distortion field without any kind of protection.

I always wondered if it would have any long-term effects if we were exposed to the field again.

That's why I didn't want him along.

But we can fix it, right? I mean, uh..

You're not gonna keep getting older the closer we get to our own time, are you?

Is he?

Zathras does not know for certain, but.. good chance, yes.

Either way, we can't stop to worry about this now.

We've got a job to finish.

Sheridan disappeared again just as the field went up.

If we don't get him back soon we may lose him permanently.

Is there any way you can fix his time stabilizer?

I have components, but...need equipment.

Delicate, careful work.

I saw a work area when we were out earlier.

Maybe they've got what you need there.

Then get going. Come on.

I'll go back into the power core and try to readjust the equipment and see if we can stabilize this place.

Marcus, I'll need you and the rest to stay with the White Star and monitor the readings.

Tell me when it's ready.

We've got one last shot at this.

Let's make the best of it.

No, no, no, no, no.

Not good. No--

Come on, come on, find what you need and let's get out of here. We're running out of time.

Cannot run out of time.

There is infinite time.

You are finite, Zathras is finite this is wrong tool.

No. No, not good. No.

No. Never use this.

(Sinclair) 'How does it look?'

Readings are still unstable. I..


Ambassador Sinclair I'm picking something up on the external scanners.

I'm reading six. No, seven ships coming this way.

(Sinclair) I was wondering when they'd get here.

Who's on board? 'I am.'

(Sinclair) 'That's me and Garibaldi.'

'when we came here two years ago, our time'

'to answer a distress call from Babylon 4.'

Shuttle one to escort wing, take position 2.5 kilometers from the station and hold.

We'll go in and check it out first.

Once we know it's clear, we'll signal you to proceed with the evacuation.

Let's do it.

[dramatic music]

[metal clanking]




[alarm blaring]

Ah! Hello.

[clicks tongue]

I am Zathras.

Zathras got here by being Zathras.

Zathras wants nothing, so Zathras gets nothing.

'That is life.'

We got a problem, people. They've got Zathras.

How are the repairs going? Slowly.

We may have it in another couple of hours.

(Ivanova) 'It's too long. What if I can adjust the power from C-and-C?'

Great idea, if you can get there.

(Ivanova) 'I can do it, I just got to be careful.'

I've got company.

It started 24 hours after the station went operational.

We began noticing discrepancies in the time-track system.

We thought it was a computer glitch then all hell broke loose.

Anything else unusual happened before the station vanished?

Yeah. This.

Says his name is Zathras.

'We don't know how he got aboard, where he came from'

'or what race he is.'

'I've never seen an alien like him before.'



Oh! Not the one. No.

Not the one, what? Not the one.

Won't talk. Can't talk.

Not the one.

They told me. They did.

Zathras listens. He does, yes.

Zathras listens and does what he is told.

Okay, everybody, let's get out.

We're evacuating the station.

But, lieutenant, if we leave--

I set the system on automatic.

We can run the entire evacuation from the docking bay.

Let's move out. Move out!

[alarm blaring]

Okay, I'm in. Here goes.


Zathras warn, but no, no.

No one listen to poor Zathras. No.

[clicks tongue]

(Zathras) 'A great war' but great hope of peace.

Need place

'place to gather, to fight, to organize.'

You need Babylon 4 as a base of operations in a war, is that it?

[clicks tongue]

To help save galaxy on the side of light.

So they tell me..

...must have.. or it is the end of all.

The one leads us.

The one tells us to go. We go.

[dramatic music]

Major! It's back!

Oh, no!

There it is again.

(Sinclair) 'What the hell?'

Ah! Ah.

It is the one.

Okay, that should do it. I've got control of the core.

If you're finished down there, back off

'cause I'm gonna start her up.

(Sinclair) Roger that. Heading in.

Commander, don't.


Fixed. Zathras fixed.

Take. Hurry.


You must leave now.

Finished, we are.

There is no more time.

Leave or be trapped here forever.

[instrumental music]


What are you-- I don't know.

The last thing I remember was appearing here a little while ago then...then I passed out.

(Marcus) 'He must have fixed it.'

No, no. This isn't my stabilizer.

There's no sign of damage.

Someone must have put this on me.

Switched places.

But if you're here then who's running around out there in a blue suit?

[dramatic music]

We've gotta help him! Too late!

We've gotta get out of here!

We can't leave him. You think I want to?

We have to leave now, with or without you.

Go! Go now! Leave me!

I can't.

Go! You must listen to Zathras.

You have a destiny.



Go for Zathras.

[thunder rumbling]

[instrumental music]

Babylon 4 to Garibaldi.

Babylon 4 to shuttle one.

Garibaldi, do you read me?

Watch your back, Michael. Watch your back.

(woman on radio) 'Target is outside communication range. Unable to make contact.'




Zathras knew.. would not leave him.

'Zathras trusts the one.'

[dramatic music]

I tried.

I tried to warn them..

...but it all happened just the way I remembered.

I know.

It's time. We have to go.

They're waiting for us.

I've finished integrating the time-shifting controls

'so they can be adjusted from here. It's ready to go.'

Good. The rest of you head on back to the White Star.

I'll set it off, then come join you.

(Marcus) 'Entil'Zha..' always said half a truth was worse than a lie.

Don't disappoint me.

I don't know what you're talking about?

You've kept us going so fast we haven't had time to think.

But this system isn't fully automatic, is it?

'Someone has to ride this thing' back into the distant past. and it's a one-way ticket, isn't it?

Whoever goes isn't coming back.

Is this true?

Fine. I'll take her out.


..I'll take it back because I've always taken it and I always will.

It's already happened.

You don't know that.

Yes, I do.

You asked what brought me here.

Before I left Minbar, I was given a letter from 900 years ago.

Whose handwriting is this? 'Mine.'

I wrote this from the past. Nine hundred years ago.

I went. It's as simple as that.

He's telling the truth.

I received one as well.

No. I-I can't accept this.

If I go back to our time the aging effect will probably kill me.

Isn't it better to choose life?

Dammit, Jeff, I-- Susan, it's alright.

My whole life has been leading to this.

Could you and Marcus give us a minute here?

There's something we need to discuss..


Zathras, something I don't understand.

You said you followed the one but the one you pointed to was--

Was Delenn.

[laughs] Yes. Zathras knew.

Zathras is oldest living caretaker of Great Machine, 110 years old. Yeah.

Zathras has studied the Great Machine knows things even Draal

'does not know yet.'

And I know you.

And I know you.

And I know you.


All Minbari belief is around three.

Three castes.

Worker, Warrior, Religious.

Three languages.

Light, dark, and grey.

The nine of the Grey Council.

Three times three.

All is three.. you are three.. you are one.. you are..

..The One. Mm.

You are the one who was.

You are the one who is.

And you are the one who will be.

You are the beginning of the story..

...and the middle of the story..

...and the end of the story..

...that creates the next great story.

[clicks tongue] Ah!

In your heart you know what Zathras says is true.

Go now!

Zathras' place is with the one who was.

We have a destiny. Hmm.

[instrumental music]

Stand by to break seal.

'It's what he wants.'

Let's respect it.

Engines at maximum.

Let's go home.

[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]

Captain, the temporal rift is closing.

Guess Draal wants to make sure no one else gets trapped there.


That door is closed forever and it is not the only one.

Lennier told you that a 1000 years ago human and Minbari souls began to merge.

Minbari souls were being born in human bodies.

Something happened that opened that door between us.

My change was, in part, to even the scales and restore balance between our races using a device my people discovered a 1000 years ago.

You see..

...if my people had found Babylon 4 with a human aboard they would never have accepted it.

Dear God, a Minbari not born of Minbari.

(Sinclair) My whole life has been leading to this.

Don't you understand? They're using you.

They're using you!

I knew.. would come.

You should rest.

We were right..

...about you.

You talk like a Minbari, commander.

[dramatic music]

[instrumental music]

[Zarthas giggles]

[clicks tongue]



Zathras knew you would come.

This way.

This way.

Phew. Here we go.

[instrumental music]

I welcome you and present this place to you as a gift.

I am called Valen and we have much work ahead of us.

[instrumental music]

[theme music]