Babylon 5 S3E2 Script

Convictions (1995)

[instrumental music]

(Garibaldi) 'Now, let me get this straight you two are missionaries?'

Yes. Great sigh.

We hear you have recent visitation by Drazi higher being.

Uh, yeah, yeah, uh, Drebunka.

Droshala. Whatever.

Appeared in garden, we hear.

Droshala, lights the way.

Yeah, great, look, we're up-- Chief? Got a minute?

Sure, Zack, do me a favor and explain the missionary, uh, position to these folks.

Yeah, sure thing, chief.

Okay, so here's how this.. What're you doing?

Droshala visitation means station blessed.

Everything here blessed.

You also blessed.

We touch to share your blessing.

Oh, don't poke me. I-I don't like it.

I don't wanna share my blessing, okay?

You see that plant over there?

'Now, that was in the garden' when your people saw this Drobawa.


Right. Anyway, it was real close.

So, it's got to be more blessed than me.

So here, why don't you go poke the plant for a while while I take care of your entry visas, okay?


[indistinct chatter]

(Ivanova) 'You don't know what it means for three anonymous messages' have come into C&C in the last three hours.

'First one said "Chaos is four hours away."'

Second one came an hour later and said

"Chaos is three hours away."

Then two hours. Anything after that?

No, they all came from a public Babcom unit.

Audio only. Hmm. Sounds like a crank.

But, uh, I'll look into it. Thanks.

Nothing! Check over there.

There's got to be something around here we can sell.

'I got nothing here.' 'Nah.'

(male #1) 'There's nothing but chopping wood.'

[indistinct chatter]

Check this out.


(Ivanova) The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace.

It failed.

[dramatic music]

But in the year of the Shadow War it became something greater.

Our last best hope for victory.

The year is 2260.

The place, Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

Jake, we just had an explosion in Downbelow.

I need you to get ten more guys down there.

Stat for crowd control. Alright, will do.

Uh, listen, before you go we uh, just got another ship in and, uh, I think you'd better come have a look.

Yeah, okay, let's go.

[clears throat]


I'm Brother Theo.

We're going to be staying here for a while.

[dramatic music]

[indistinct chatter]

(Garibaldi) 'Captain, over here.'

'Any progress?' 'We found two more bodies.'

That's four dead so far.

Doc thinks there may still be some live ones buried in the rubble so we're being extra careful.

She didn't see anything.

Said she was just walking past the hall when all hell broke loose.

You got any idea what happened?

No, not yet, place is full of old pipe and junk wires been messed with.

Any number of things could've gone wrong.

So, you're ruling out a bombing?

After what we've been through lately. Not a chance.

Now, the thing is nine times outta ten you got a bomb you got a political statement.

There's nothing down here worth blowing up.

Should know a little more when forensic team gets through.

Alright, keep digging.

Let me know as soon as you find anything.


I'm sorry, I'm late. We've had a bit of a problem.

Oh, yes, I heard.

Is there anything we can do? No.

Not at this time. But thank you. Please.

So, I take it you're Brother Theo.

Yes, my brothers and I are from New Mallory back home.

We have applied to Earthdome for permanent resident status on Babylon 5.

The documents and permissions from Archbishop Francis are all right there.

You wanna live here? Yes.

Is that so extraordinary? You live here, after all.

I'm stationed here.

Just about everyone who lives here works here.

The dockers, the shop owners environmental specialists that sorta thing.

The rest are just short-term visitors.

Businessmen-- Yes, yes.

We've studied Babylon 5 very carefully.

It's perfect for our needs.

Which are.. To learn.

And to teach.

The Bible says that even the smallest sparrow does not fall without God seeing it.

What then of all these other races on distant worlds?

Would he abandon them?

Or reveal himself in some other way?

God goes by many names.

'Perhaps some are alien-sounding'

'different faces and history' but all describing the same creator.

We've come here to learn all those names.

In hopes of better understanding the one who is behind them.

Well, that's fine, but..

Why here?

To visit all the other worlds would take centuries.

With all the aliens who come through Babylon 5 we can accomplish our task in four or five decades.

Oh, we are used to being patient.

Whether it's illuminating manuscripts or programming a system analysis our work has always been very detailed.

Brother Theo, I understand the idea but we really don't want the aliens that come through here being harassed.

Well, that is not our intent.

We'll simply be here for those who wish to talk and to listen.

We don't have a lotta space.

We'll live in what you call Downbelow.

We can pay for modest rooms.

We're not used to fancy accommodations a cot, a table.

I'm gonna have a hard time justif--

We're prepared to earn our keep by providing services to others.

I've chosen my companions carefully.

They're highly sought-after experts in computer research biogenetics physics, chemistry, engineering--

With all do respect, if these people are so much in demand why are they involved with this spiritual exchange program of yours?

They also believe.

[instrumental music]

Morishi, come here.

Check this out.

From the pattern of the debris I'd say this was the center point for the blast.

Looks like it. Scoring on the wall indicates tremendous force.

Yeah, we haven't been able to find anything around here that could've caused this naturally.

Bomb? Bomb.

There goes my vacation. One week off in three years.

Whoever's behind this has really honked me off now.

Okay, listen up.

I want this all area sealed off security personnel only.

Tell the environmental cleanup crew that they can wait.

Do what you can to reconstruct this thing.

Will do. Good, I'll tell the captain.

He ain't going to like this.

(male #2) 'I said, "Sheila," "Sheila, I says'

'"you change that good channel once more time' and I'm out of here, you got it?"

Well, she did, I did, and here I am.

You should've seen the look on her face.

Let me tell you.

But, it's great, I get to meet all kinds of people.

I mean, look me sitting next to you a Minbari.

You know, us and that war and all.

But, uh, I don't hold a grudge. No, sir.

You know, I say live and let live.

You know, look, I got hair. You got a bone.


So, where you going?

Home. I have been diagnosed with Netar's Syndrome.

Since I have only seven days to live I thought I would return home to put my affairs in order before the end.

Netar's Syndrome?

I've, I've had a few syndromes but I've, I've never heard of that one.

Neither had I.

Apparently, it's passed by physical contact.

Uh, I got to make a call.

[sighs] I will do penance later.

(male announcer) 'Passengers on Minbari liner Za'Fal'

'are now disembarking through customs.'

Delenn, how was your journey? Very productive.


[automated] 'Code green. Dropping pressure doors.'


[intense music]

Lennier? Lennier!

Lennier! Lennier!

[sobbing] Lennier!

(Franklin) 'Bring it on. Come on, take it out.'

BP slow. Pulse is a little shallow.

Tell medlab we're coming in. Let's move now! Come on.

Doctor, how is he?

We won't know until we get him into medlab.

He was hit pretty badly.

You will give him the best of care.

He saved my life, he could've gone through and saved himself, but he waited for me.

Look, we'll do everything we can, alright?

Doctor.. Please. No, move!

(Garibaldi) We've established that the same type of device was used in both explosions.

'Now, there aren't any significant structures'

'I'd consider targets in either area.'

But they're both heavily trafficked areas which confirms what I've been afraid of.

The bombings are targeting people, plain and simple.

Our tests indicate that the bomb contained a highly explosive form of iridium nitrate concentrated explosive similar to plastique.

It's available through several commercial manufacturers.

All commercial explosives have a molecular code that let's you backtrack. Where it came from? Who bought it?

We're analyzing it now to try and trace it.

Any chance this is Home Guard or Free Mars?

(Garibaldi) 'Yeah, there's always that chance.'

I've got Earth Central putting together a list of terrorists groups that might be expanding their range of operations, but my gut says that ain't it.


We now have a total of seven dead and nineteen injured including Mr. Lennier.

'news of the attacks just spread all over the station.'

People are scared out of their wits.

The sheer randomness of it.

How do you get on with your life not knowing when or where the next blast is gonna come.

Which fits in with what I told Garibaldi earlier.

We received several anonymous calls at C&C just before the first explosion.

All they said was, "Chaos is coming."

Yeah, well, we've got plenty of that, alright.

So, we will assume that there is a connection until we hear otherwise.

As of right now, this is our number one priority.

Do whatever you have to do but I want this stopped.

Until this is over I want halls cleared of groups larger than ten.

There's no point in providing easy targets.

Unidentified packages will be confiscated and scanned.

Anyone found in a restricted area without proper authorization will be taken in for questioning.

Now, whoever's responsible I want them found and found fast.

(Delenn) 'Do you have any idea how long he'll remain unconscious?'

Not yet.

He was hit pretty hard.

Hairline fracture of skull and shoulder, concussion.

The only thing that saved his life was the external bone structure covering the interior lobe.

All we can do now is wait.

What kind of monster would do such a thing?

To do all this without reason?


Franklin. 'Ivanova here.'

'Is Delenn there?' Right here.

'Ambassador, the next of kin of some of the Minbari'

'killed in the explosion are waiting for you.'

Thank you, commander. We'll be right there.

You will keep me informed of his condition?

I'll let you know the second anything changes.

(G'Kar) It's obvious the Centauri are the ones planting these bombs.

G'Kar, we are considering all leads.

But saying it doesn't make it so.

You don't have any evidence.

The explosion that almost killed your captain was caused by a Centauri.

That was an isolated incident and there's no reason to believe it had anything to do with this.

Oh, no, no. Of course not.

Uh, I suppose we've had a convention of mad bombers arrive here at the station. Yes, that must be it.

From now on I must remember to check the Babylon 5 social calendar more often.


This is obviously the beginning of a campaign of terror by the Centauri.

Several Narns have been killed in these recent explosions.

And so have two Centauri.

Oh, a Narn ship had just arrived.

And a Centauri ship was leaving.

There! You see!

Their rage against us is so irrational that they'll sacrifice their own people to get to us, don't you see?

It is perfectly obvious to anyone that the Narns are responsible for these atrocities.

There have been similar incidents of terror back on their Home World directed against our forces of liberation.

This is one of the few places they can gather freely, ambassador. Why would they wanna damage it?

But they are an irrational people, captain.

I've told you that before.

Now, that Earth has wisely signed a non-aggression treaty with my government it's only natural that they begin do to you

'what they have been doing to us all this time.'

Now you see what we have been going through? Yes?

At this stage, I think it's a little early to start pointing fingers.

'And I would hate to think' that anyone would try to use this tragic situation to their own political advantage.

There's nothing political about the truth, captain as you will discover soon enough.

How is it out there? 'Bad.'

People are afraid to leave their quarters.

There's no telling where the next bombing is going to happen.

There's no pattern to it. No one's claiming responsibility.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Not to us, no, but to whoever is doing it it sure makes sense.

You know, Garibaldi was right when he said

"When you've got a bomb, nine times out of ten someone's trying to send you a message."

Now, what we've got to do is figured out what the message means..

...and who's trying to send it.

Well, I'm not sure you should be here.

Well, of course, I should.

Dr. Franklin has given his approval.

Do you know that sometimes talking to someone who has been injured like this can help them to, to come around?

Oh, I can't help everything else that is going on.

But talking..

...that I can do.

Alright. I'll check back later.

Hey! Try not to touch anything.


It is a strange thing, Lennier.

As I think of it, I realize no one has ever saved my life before.

Thank you for that.

And so, here I am. It is the least I can do.

If I were in your position I am sure that you would do the same for me.

Of course, if, if I were in your position and you were still in your position neither one of us could do very much for the other.

So, I suppose, properly, I should say that if I were in your position and you were in my position you would do the same.

Of course, if both of us were in my position and neither of us were in your position there would not be the need for anyone to do...anything.

I'm not sure that actually made sense but I'm afraid that if I try to go back and figure it out I will start bleeding from my ears.


I heard a joke today.

I probably should not repeat it, but, uh..

Who are you going to tell, hm?

How many Centauri does it take too, uh screw in a light bulb?

Just one.

But in the great old days of the republic hundreds of servants would change a thousand light bulbs at the slightest whim.


Oh, well..

[sighs] I guess you had to be there.

I'm going to take a break now and wait for you to talk.

And if you don't I will just start talking again.

And we wouldn't want that now, would we?

Take your time.

No pressure.

I'll wait.

We just had another hit this time in Brown 7.

Fatalities? No, we got lucky.

One of my team found the bomb seconds before it went off.

We were able to clear the place out.

A couple of small injuries, nothing major.

Were you able to find out anything about the bomb before it went off?

Not much. It looked pretty primitive.

So, I don't think we're dealing with a pro.

The question is why? What's in it for him?

You know I've been thinking about that?

We've been looking for political agendas.

So far all of his targets have been general.

He's been striking out at people randomly.

Yeah, and he's got everybody terrified.

Maybe that's what he wants. Create fear.

Maybe that's the message. 'Chief, you there?'

Yeah, right here Morishi. What's up?

We just finished our analysis on what was left of the explosives.

Molecular coding was in tact on enough of it to get a trace.

So, where'd the stuff come from?

Seems it was stolen from a ice mining operation on Vega 7.

When we dug into it we found out the same batch of explosives were used in a series of bombs on Proxima 3.

Little creep gets around.

Thanks, Morishi. I'll get back to you.

Run a check on all the ships that have come in from Proxima 3 in the last two weeks.

I want passenger manifests, cargo, everything.

And run the names against station records and see who's still here.

You'll have it in an hour. 'One more thing.'

If whoever's behind these bombings wants to create fear and chaos he might just be sticking around afterwards to see the results first hand.

That's a good thought.

We should go over the security camera records for a period of two or three hours after the bombings see if there's the same face more than once.

Uh, captain, you're talking of a hell of a lot of video.

We sent in ten extra recorders in each blast site to help find survivors.

And monitor the damage. Use a computer.

Well, you're still gonna have to give the system some parameters.

I mean, we've got partial faces, backs of heads.

'You cant just tell it to search all the recordings' and look for the same face.

We're talking pure human instinct.

We've gotta be detailed-- Chief. Chief.

I think I know just the people. Come with me.

Excuse me.

What is the time?

16:00 hours.

Thank you.

I have an errand to take care of.

I will be back soon.

So, what we needed to do is go over all the footage taken after the bombings, and see if anyone appears in more than one. It's not going to be very easy.

You've got people going and coming and--

That's all then? Well, yes, then--

We'll call you as soon as we have him.

Good day.

May I be the first to say that this is the nuttiest idea you've ever had?

Thank you. Shh!

[instrumental music]

[door opens]

Never mind. I'll wait for the next one.



[G'Kar coughing]

[electricity crackling]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

'How bad is it?' 'We don't know.'

(Stephen) 'Explosion blew out most of Red 15.'

'We can't even get down there.'

'We think there might be ten, maybe twenty people'

'still left in the hallway.'

'Three transport tubes are down.'

Anyone still inside? Unknown.

Green 2.

Green 2!



Is there anyone out there?

Can anyone hear me?

There's no one there.

It would appear that we are on our own.

I-I don't know how long I have been unconscious.

Two standard hours.

Two hours?

'And you have done nothing?'

I will point out to you that this door is extremely hot!

There is a very good chance there is a fire out there and even if the fire doesn't get in here the smoke and heat will eventually make it impossible to breath and we will die in here.


With enough effort we can probably force our way through the ceiling.


Perhaps I have not made myself sufficiently clear.

There is no telling when help will come.

Unless we get ourselves out of here on our own we'll probably die here.


'So we must work together!'



What do you mean, no? No.


Do you want to live as much as I, hmm?

Oh-oh, yes, but I would much rather see you dead.

I see.

Well, here I am. Come on, kill me.

Come kill me!

You forget the terms of our surrender.

The penalty for the killing of any Centauri by any Narn will be the death of 500 Narns including the perpetrator's own family!

But I don't have to kill you.

I don't have to do anything and I still get to watch you die.

I find this most appealing.

This is insane!

We must work together!

No, as the humans say

"Up yours, die."


I don't believe it.



You are mad! You know that?

We're in here!

Can anyone hear us? I hear you.


In here! We're in here.

[instrumental music]

Okay, this better be good, we got all hell breaking lose out there.

That one.

We found him at the site of every explosion.

Just watching.

Are you sure about this?


Let's cross-reference his face against the passenger manifest that came in from the last two ships from Proxima 3 the last place hit by these bombs.

[automated] 'Match found.'

'Subject, Robert J. Carlson.'

'Hired by engineering and station maintenance division.'

'11 January, 2260.'

'Personal quarters located on Blue 95.'

Oh, great. Great, he's been working here.

[sighs] Okay, pull his employee jacket.

Give me everything we've got on this guy and scramble a TAC team. Full armor.

I want that area clear before we get there.

♪ Not ♪

♪ Many fishes ♪

♪ Left in the sea ♪

♪ Not many fishes ♪

♪ Just Londo and me ♪

♪ Not ♪

♪ Many fishes ♪

♪ Left in the sea ♪

♪ Not many fishes ♪

♪ Just Londo and me ♪♪

[G'Kar chuckling]

Captain. What have you got?

According to his personnel file he's a loner, quiet guy.

Save me from loners and quiet guys.

Yeah, but a real bad temper, now, he's got several disciplinary notes in his jacket and according to his supervisor he hasn't been able to keep his mind on his job.

Now we know why. Yeah, alright. Everybody out?

Great, now look, we're gonna play this by the book.


Somebody just rewrote the book.

Hit the deck!


[indistinct chatter]

Really bad temper. Yeah.

(Robert) 'Listen up, out there.'

'I'm holding a dead man's switch.'

'Anything happens to me anybody tries to rush the door'

'and you've got an explosion big enough to the blow the station.'

'Do you hear me?'

(Garibaldi) 'Oh, yeah. We hear you.'

Alright, look we both know you can't get out of here so why don't we talk this over.

'No talk.'

'Is Sheridan out there?'

Yes. No!

'I want you in here, captain.'

'You've got 30 seconds, or I drop the hammer' on the biggest one yet.

And, captain..

...leave the link.

What're you doing? You heard him.

We can buy some time and figure out what he's up to.

'Twenty seconds!'

'And don't try and follow him in.'

'The door's wired from the inside.'

That's no good, stick it inside your shirt he's gonna find it.

Well, where do you suggest I put it?

Alright, you'll hear me?

We jack up the volume, we'll be able to tell what you had for lunch.


Alright, you find that bomb, Michael.

We will. Just don't do anything stupid.

Too late.

Garibaldi to C&C. 'C&C online.'

I've opened the captain's link. Receive only, max volume.

And you get me secure link to Morishi and the bomb squad and whatever the hell you do you don't let anyone page the captain.

You hear me? 'Confirmed.'

(Robert) 'Move away from the door.'

'Take off your jacket.'

Open your shirt.

'I wanted to make sure we could talk privately.'

You satisfied?

For now.

Where's the bomb?

Somewhere you'll never find it.

As long as the trigger keeps transmitting no boom.

But if it stops.. I understand.

Now, what do you want?

I want you to get me out of here, Sheridan.

You're going to escort me to a ship.

And then I'm going to leave here.

You got to know we can't do that.

'Yes, you can.'

Because if you don't I'll let this go and this whole place will go up in an explosion as bright as the sun.

(Sheridan) 'Well, you do that, and you're gonna die'

'along with the rest of us.'

You arrest me, I'm dead already.

The way I see it I've got nothing to lose.

And you've got everything to lose.

Garibaldi here. Morishi? 'Standing by.'

Alright, listen the guy just said something about an explosion bright as the sun, but his stuff he's got isn't capable of anything that big. I got a hunch.

Scramble a Zero-G team and check out the fusion reactor.

If he worked maintenance in engineering.

He might've had access. 'Will do.'

(Sheridan) 'Okay, let's say I give you what you want.'

'It's going to take time.'

Now, that hand of yours is going to get tired holding that remote.

So why don't we just settle this between us, huh?

You got me.

Security is not going to open the fire if I am a hostage so why bring other people into it?

Why not?

I suffered. Why shouldn't they?

Because they didn't do anything to you.

They're an audience.

And what good is an artist without an audience?

What're you saying? Now, look around!

These are chaotic times, captain!

I'm simply an instrument of my time.

People need to understand fear.

Do you understand fear?

Do you?


No, wait!

Won't kill his audience. Not yet.

(Robert) 'Yes, I see you do.'

'You know, back home I was no one.'


My wife walked out on me.

I lost my job, my apartment.

Couldn't pay the bills.

People walked all over me because they could because they like it when you are afraid.

So now it's my turn.

When I was fired, when they took away my apartment they all said, it's nothing personal.

It's just the times.

Well, it's nothing personal, cap'n.

It's just the times.

(male #4) 'Opening hatch. Going in.'

'Anybody back there got any ideas where the bomb might be?'

(male #5) 'We've got an awful lot of ground to cover here.'

(Garibaldi) 'Not yet, keep looking. Scanners at maximum.'

(Robert) 'I'm not gonna ask you again.'

Get on that damn line and get me a ship!

You seem awfully nervous for someone who is so prepared to die.

I tell you what.

I'll make you a deal.

You tell me where that bomb is I will get you that ship.

Not a chance.

Well, then why should I cooperate?

I mean, how do I know there even is another bomb?

There is, trust me.

It's there.

[dramatic music]

I got something.

Oh, man, this thing is big enough to blow straight through the reactor core.

Alright, can you see any wires or panels?

'Negative, the whole thing is welded shut.'

Okay, You're gonna have to try and move it out of there.

This guy isn't a pro so he probably didn't it setup with any vibration detectors.

Probably hoping we wouldn't find it until it was too late.

'You're sure about that?' Hell, no.

'But we're running out of options here.'

'Okay, let's see what we can do.'

Carlson, this isn't going to work.

Look, even if you do get off-station you really think you're gonna get away with this?

We've got your ID flagged to every Earth base for 30 light years in every direction.

There's nowhere you can go.

That's enough!

Sit down, you're making me nervous.

I'd rather stand. I said sit down!


What the hell was that? Oh, damn, we lost him!

Garibaldi to the TAC team, we got troubles.

You get that bomb and you get it out now!

You lied to me.

Just like all the others, you lied to me!

'Set me up!'

You've had 'em workin' all this time.

Spying on me.

Well, to hell with you.

To hell with all of you! Yeah!


[intense music]




See you in hell, captain.



No. It didn't.

It's not fair.

I-it's not fair!

What can I say?

Life's tough sometimes.


You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Alright, pick that creep up and throw him in the brig.

Be careful, check out the area in case he left any surprises behind.

You found the big one, huh? Yeah, just barely.

A few seconds earlier..

Yeah, everybody else okay? Yeah, I think so.

We're still clearing out the debris from the last explosion.

But, they think they got everybody out.

[Londo coughing]


Oh, ambassador, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.

I was just going to-- Yes, yes.

Is there any change?

No, not yet. Not that I've noticed.

Is there any word?

They caught the bomber 20 minutes ago.

A human.

He will be judged and punished for his crimes.


I was hoping it wasn't a Centauri.

The way things are going around here that's the last thing we need.

You know, I, uh..

...heard a joke a little while ago.

How many Centauri does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Well, just one, but in the great old days..

The great old days of the republic hundreds of servants would leap to change a thousand bulbs at your slightest whim.

Heard it.

Welcome back. Hmm.

How do you feel?

As though a great many heavy objects had fallen on me.

But I suspect I will live.

I just spoke with Ambassador Mollari a little while ago.

He's most grateful for what you did.

The Centaurum will probably want to give you a medal for this.

Oh, I should have stayed in the coma.

Come on, Lennier, you saved his life.

You deserve a little recognition.

I did what I did..

...because all life is sacred.

But when the object of your actions does not share that belief.

I fear I have served the present by sacrificing the future.

[metal clanging]

Hey! In here! We got two more!


'Get that spanner over here fast!'

[chuckles] There, you see?

I'm going to live.

So it would seem.

Well, it is an imperfect universe.

Bastard. Monster.

Fanatic. Murderer.

You are insane!

And that is why we'll win.

(Londo) Go be the ambassador to Babylon 5, they say.

It will be an easy assignment.

[sighs] I hate my life.

So do I. Shut up!

[theme music]