Babylon 5 S3E20 Script

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place (1996)

[dramatic music]

(Garibaldi) 'Indira, Magda, you're with the Pak'ma'ra.'

Sorry, try not to drink the water.

Na'karee, you're gonna be rendezvousing with the Narn Resistance in Sector 40. Thanks. Glendora..

(Ivanova) Commander's personal log, December 7, 2260.

We're shipping out telepaths as fast as we can to the races that have signed on against the Shadows.

Upon arrival, they'll be assigned to warships already on patrol because the Shadow Vessels are vulnerable to telepathic interference.

We hope this will even up the odds a little.

Sheridan's coordinated the defense with what's left of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

He hardly ever leaves the War Room anymore.

He tries not to show it, but.. can see the fatigue in his eyes.

Franklin's still on walkabout.

No one's seen him in over a week.

We hope he's alright and works this through soon.

We're gonna need him back in Medlab.

Though I don't share their belief I'm glad to have Brother Theo and rest of his monks on board.

Ever since we broke away from Earth they've been a wonderful stabilizing force working with people to keep them calm.

How he can be so annoying one moment and so comforting the next is beyond me.

A description which also applies to someone else I know.

I really don't see why this is such a difficult request, commander.

For every telepath you send to one of the other races I send along one of my Narns as bodyguard.

If their tactical value is as great as we suspect shouldn't they be protected?

Their safety's already been guaranteed.

I'm sure that will be great a comfort to their grief-stricken families when a Shadow agent carves them up into spare body parts.

With my people around, this will not happen.

My Narns are willing to go into great danger risk sacrificing themselves for you knowing that, in turn, we serve ourselves.

If the symmetry were any more perfect I should think one of us would break into tears.

(Londo) 'I have decided that G'Kar must be dealt with.'

I suppose so, eventually.

No, not eventually. As quickly as possible.

Londo, has it occurred to you that half the other races are at war?

We have to figure out what to do about them, about us and you're worried about G'Kar?

We have a lot bigger concerns here.

Big concerns grow from small concerns.

You plant them, water them with tears fertilize them with unconcern.

If you ignore them, they grow.

I have ignored this problem long enough.

Sheridan has given him sanctuary.

There is nothing you can do against him as long as he's here.

Yes, as long as he is here.

So...this, by you, is well done?

Good. So I have found a way to get him away from here, and back to Narn.

And once there, he can be arrested detained and executed.

And you, Vir, are going to help me.

[intense music]

(Ivanova) The Babylon Project was our last best hope for peace.

It failed.

[theme music]

But in the year of the Shadow War it became something greater our last best hope for victory.

[music continues]

The year is 2260. The place Babylon 5.

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

Good afternoon, commander.

Oh, Theo. How are you? Fine. Fine.

Pay no attention to the sound you'll be hearing in a few moments.

It's just the grinding of my teeth like tectonic plates.

Are you starting in already, Theo?

'I tell you, in 50 years of living' and 40 years of serving the Lord I have never met a sorrier soul than Brother Theo here.

Well, I wouldn't say-- Oh, thank you.

But I'd prefer to leave judgments as to the state of my soul to someone better qualified and perhaps a bit less loud.

But it says in the Bible to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

I've heard you sing, Will.

And take my word for it that is not what the good Lord had in mind when he said, "A joyful noise."

Hello? Neither is that.

Reverend William A. Dexter head of the True Gospel Mission Baptist Church.

Happy to meet you, commander. Nice to meet you.

And these are my associates, Mr. Chong Rashid Abdul and Rabbi Meyers.

It is a pleasure, commander. Well, thank you.

Now if you all just follow me, we've set up temporary quarters for each of you.


Nice word, isn't it?


[instrumental music]

[sighs] Ivanova sent me to find you.

She said you haven't been sleeping that you have barely been eating.

She said that you have been in her words, "Carrying on cranky."

I looked up the word cranky, it said, grouchy.

I looked up grouchy, it said, crotchety.

No wonder you have such an eccentric culture.

None of your words have their own meanings.

You have to look up one to understand another.

It never ends.

Something here doesn't make sense.

That is what I thought when I came across crotchety.

"This cannot be a real word," I said.

The Shadows keep attacking random targets.

Very illogical.

On the other hand, once engaged their tactics are very successful.

Very logical.'s a contradiction.

Unless the random attacks are logical in some way we haven't yet determined.


So you have been sitting here trying to think illogically about logical possibilities or logically about illogical possibilities?

Hm? Uh, yes, yes.

Well, no wonder you are cranky.


Never mind.

Your face just broke the language barrier.


I'm tired. I haven't had a good night's sleep since Kosh died.

I'm having the kind of nightmares that make your hair stand on end.

Well, that would explain the Centauri.

You need food and rest. Yeah.

The humans who you've been waiting for have arrived and would like to have dinner--

No, no, no, I don't have time.

If they want to come here-- So I told them yes.


Since Minbari do not lie except to save another my reputation is now at stake.

If you say no, I will be publicly dishonored.

[sighs] You don't fight fair.


Dinner is in two standard hours.

I will see you there.

Pain in the butt.


[instrumental music]

Londo, I just heard, Lord Refa--

Lord Refa is here with Minister Virini.

Yes, I know. I am on my way to see them.

You'll meet me there. I'm not going with you?

After you run an errand for me.

You remember G'Kar's aide, Na'Toth?

Remember? I still have the claw marks.

They were very close when she was here.

He lost track of her when we bombed Narn.

He assumed she was dead. I-is she?

I want you to go to G'Kar and tell him that Na'Toth is alive that she has been taken prisoner and is being kept in a cell beneath the building that once housed their ruling body, the Kha'Ri.

G'Kar is the last of the Kha'Ri still free and the only one who knows the layout of these underground cells.

Knowing G'Kar, once he hears this he'll return to Narn at once.

But how? You know every ship going to Narn is searched.

Vir, we're talking about G'Kar here.

He is annoying, but extremely capable.

He will find a way, and when he arrives he will attempt to free her and my forces will be there to arrest him.

No, no, no. It won't work, Londo.

He'll never believe me. Yes, he will.

He knows you helped his people when you were stationed on Minbar.

He trusts you as much as any of his kind can trust one of us.

He will believe that you have no reason to lie to him.

And I don't. I won't go. I won't do it!

Yes, you will!

You will do it because I asked you.

Because it will help our people.

Because if you do not I will reveal everything you have done on Minbar.

I will humiliate you, your family and your house.

I will drive them from honor and bankrupt them.

I will have them stripped naked and whipped through the streets of the capital at midday and in the end, I will destroy them.

So, yes, you will go, and you will do it.

[intense music]

I apologize for the facilities, minister but it's the best they can provide on such short notice.

They once asked us to recognize them, you know.

They seem to think that if our government recognized Babylon 5, they would have an easier time establishing their independence.

Not much to be independent about, is there, Lord Refa?

No, Excellency.

Makes one wonder why Mollari stays.

I think he is no longer suited for life back home, Excellency.

He has spent too much time among aliens.

He's out of touch.

You once claimed him as a valuable ally sided your house with his.

That was before. Things change.

And now your house is in competition with his.

He has had a great influx of funds to his house, Refa.

With money comes power.

And many have gone over to his side.

I still have more voices in the Centaurum and I have served the emperor very well.

I would remind His Excellency that it was I, not Londo who organized the attack on the Narn Homeworld.

'I, not Mollari' who removed Prime Minister Malachi and enabled Cartagia to take the throne.

'I--' Yes, yes.

And the emperor appreciates your part in his ascension.

But this division between two of our oldest noble houses serves no one.

It must end.

That's why I wanted you to come to see for yourself what Londo has become.

Your word can tilt the balance if you choose to give it.

[scoffs] I will give it..

...when I decide which side is more deserving.

[intense music]

Greetings, Excellency.

I need..

I need to see G'Kar.

I said, I need..

Hello, G'Kar.

I...n-need to talk to you. I-I...I have some information.

It''s about Na'Toth.

[intense music]

Ambassador, this rivalry between you and Lord Refa threatens to destabilize the Royal Court.

'There have been ugly rumors.'

They say you have tried to poison them and you say they have tried the same.

This cannot continue.

I agree, Excellency.

And I am sure Lord Refa has told you all the reasons I am not to be trusted.

I hear many things but the emperor has no preference in this.

He merely wants the matter ended.

Uh, Vir, good.

You did as I asked?


Minister, you're right.

This division must end..

...but by deeds, not words.

What if I could prove to Emperor Cartagia the value of House Mollari over that of House Refa?

What if I could rid the Royal Court of a problem that has been bothering it for quite some time?

An-an embarrassment, shall we say?

'Would that win his favor?' Perhaps.


When I am finished, this...rivalry will be over once and for all.

Good day, Excellency.

I don't believe this.

Is that why you're doing this?

To win favor at the Royal Court?

How can you do this to me?

To have G'Kar imprisoned or killed just to, to elevate your position?

You're young, Vir. You don't understand, but you will.

Gentlemen, I want to thank you for coming.

With all our ties with EarthGov cut off ISN putting out propaganda, we can't get reliable news about what's going on on Earth.

Not a problem.

Much as I like to give Theo here a hard time the fact is he coordinated the whole thing.

He said something nice about me.

I must write this down in my diary.

Before we left, Rabbi Meyer and the others gave me their data crystals.

I hid 'em in here.

(Meyer) 'We split the work up between us' in order to avoid drawing suspicion.

Abdul's people intercepted all governmental transmissions from the Russian consortium.

Will took the west and I covered the middle.

England, France, Australia, Geneva, others.

We also got our hands on most of the underground transmissions.

So the Resistance is still alive back home.

[chuckles] President Clark wants folks to think otherwise but...the Resistance is very much alive.

It's all there. Thanks.

This'll help.

What do they say about us back home?

That you're a bunch of renegades.

That you're pirates and traitors working with aliens to subvert Earth.

You took a big chance bringing this to us.

What if they would've been right about us?

I didn't think so, but if I was wrong, I was wrong.

I'd rather do something and make a mistake than be frightened into doing nothing.

'That's the problem with them back home.'

Folks have been conned into thinking they can't change the world. Have to accept what is.

I'll tell you something, my friends the world is changing every day.

The only question is, who's doing it?

Mr. Garibaldi, may I speak to you for a moment?

Sure, no problem. What's up?

I am in need of a favor.

Once before after my world fell to the Centauri I asked if you could bring me a message from there.

Yeah, that's right, we had the Rangers smuggle it out on a data crystal.

I now need something smuggled into my Homeworld.

Okay. How big?

Oh, about this big and this wide.

You? Me.

G'Kar...there's a standing warrant for your arrest back on Narn.

If you go home, you'll be stuck in prison or shot.

Nonetheless, I must go. Why?

It is a personal matter.

I need a ship that can slip in quietly and bring me in just outside the capital city and wait a few hours for my return.

I'll take it from there.

This isn't gonna be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

When? Immediately.

[intense music]



(Vir) Let go of me! What do you want from me?

'I didn't do anything!'

Correct, Vir, but you are about to do something.

You are going to tell me what Londo is planning or you will not leave this room alive.

[instrumental music]

I was thinking about our conversation earlier this evening.

Now, before I leave, I would like to hold an open church meeting, show the aliens around here something other than our.. Well..

He seems to think that if he does not say my name I will not know he is referring to me.

I can only assume someone has been spray-painting the word idiot on my back again.

I think it's a great idea.

Uh, we're a little tight for space right now but we could use the chapel.

Just tell me it'll be a nice, quiet, dignified prayer service.

Theo, folks around here need all the joy they can get and I intend to give it to them.

Oh, rapture.


What is Londo doing?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

My sources tell me he has come up with a way to elevate his position in the Royal my expense.

You know what it is? 'Tell me.'

[gulps] I can't.

He has not been very kind to you. Has he, Vir?

He has treated you badly

'thrown you aside, kept you down.'

I can change that for you.

I can have you appointed to the Royal Court.

You will be able to go home again have money, a title, a little power.

In time, Vir, I think you would come to see things my way but time is something I do not have.

Take it from his mind. No!

[sobbing] No. No. No.

I want you to go to G'Kar and tell him that Na'Toth is alive.

Knowing G'Kar, once he hears this he'll return to Narn at once.

And when he arrives, he will attempt to save her and my forces will be there to arrest him.


I know that was uncomfortable, but it was necessary.

It will also be necessary to keep you here until I have finished doing what needs to be done.

You will be attended to.

[intense music]

[instrumental music]

Oh, sorry, I saw the lights were out.

'I didn't think anyone was in here.'

I just couldn't sleep. Thought I'd do a little walking.

I can go. 'No, no, it's, it's fine.'

Would you like some tea? I find it helps me sleep.

Just a little. Thanks.

The legs get funny when you get older.

You're sitting, they wanna stand.

You stand, they wanna lay down.

You lay down, they wanna go for a walk.

'You still working this late?'

Daily reports, oxygen consumption logs recycling figures.

It never stops.

Sometimes I think I stay in the War Room as much to avoid this stuff as I do to keep track of the war.

It's a great responsibility. Isn't it?


And, uh..

...who do you share this great responsibility with?

Well, there's Ivanova, Garibaldi.., Franklin's still on walkabout, others.

The work gets spread around.

Now, I didn't say work. I said, responsibility.

I've watched your people since I came aboard.

They all come to you with questions, problems, concerns.

So who do you go to? Who do you talk to?


[chuckles] There isn't anybody.

It's my responsibility. I-I can't put it on anyone else.

I didn't say you should put it on anyone else either just talking about it

'sharing the burden as much as you can.'

You know, back during the Minbari War, I was a chaplain.

You could always tell the good officers from the bad ones.

The bad ones were loaded down with this sense of terrible responsibility.

It consumed them.

They wanted to do right by the men and women under their command, but after a while they just became more and more isolated unapproachable, downright unsociable.


Now, that's as good a word as any.

They were in such a fog of worry and self-doubt that nobody could get through.

When your worry tank gets full, people stop coming to you

'cause they don't wanna add to it.

Have to empty out your worry tank once in a while or you just get more isolated.

Is that what you think is happening to me?

'I was just looking at your eyes' and remembering that same look on a lot of the faces I saw during the last war, that's all.

Oh, and so now you'd like me to turn all of this over to God, right?

When God comes knocking at your door, you won't need me or anyone else to tell you what that sound is.

But you gotta remember after God created man, he created Eve because he knew we all need someone to talk to someone to help shoulder the burden.

She loves you, you know.

I saw it in her face at dinner, every time she looked at you.

I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Of course. I was just--

Delenn's been through a lot lately.

We all have.

She's got enough problems on her hands without giving her mine as well.

Thank you for your concern, reverend.

(Will) 'You know, before I got married'

'Emily used to come by sometimes'

'and help me clean out my apartment.'

Well, I asked her

"How come you're so eager to help clean up my place when your place is just as bad?" She said..

"Because cleaning up your place helps me to forget

"what a mess I've made of mine, and when I sweep my floor

"all I've done is sweep my floor

"but when I help you clean up your place I am helping you."

'Of course, the way I lived back then'

'sometimes the mess was too much for both of us' sure was nice to have the company.

Goodnight, captain.

[instrumental music]

Hello, G'Kar.

I heard you'd come. I didn't believe it at first.

Dust in the streets. The, the wind..

Is it always like this now?

Ever since the bombings.

The wind never stops.

They say it will take years for all the particulate matter to drift down out of the sky and back into the ground.

The days and nights are colder.

It never seems to feel warm anymore.

Did you get my message? Yes.

What you propose is dangerous, G'Kar.

What if your information is wrong?

It isn't.

We will proceed. Tell the others.

Bring them to me, and I will show them how to enter the underground tunnels.

We will proceed from there.

[wind howling]

Very nice, Drigo, almost identical to the Royal Palace.

It was, uh, Minister Virini's idea as a surprise for Emperor Cartagia when he comes to visit.

To make him feel more at home.

If anything I can do to make--

Yes, there is.

I need six.. No, seven of your best guards.

The last of the Kha'Ri is coming here.

May even be here already.

'He will probably move tonight.'

When that happens, I will be there.

The glory for capturing him will go to my house and you, good Drigo, will be compensated very well for your trouble.

Once we have this Narn..

...what shall we do with him?

Bring him back to Centauri Prime in chains as a gift for Emperor Cartagia..

...along with a silver plate upon which I will have the head of Londo Mollari.


You're right.

There's no pattern to the Shadow attacks.

No pattern at all.

I'm sorry. I wish I could see it.

Yeah, it's okay.


Sometimes it's just nice to have the company.

Put the three-dimensional grid back up again.

Display the attacks in sequence. Chronological order.

(Sheridan) 'Wait, did you see what I just saw?'

I think so, they started here then jumped across to this area. Stop.

Display full attack data.

Move the tactical display inward peeling off the attacks on the outer areas and show me the middle of this sector.


[Sheridan scoffs] 'Nothing.'

There have been no attacks in the center of this area.

But they've actually gone around this part to attack on the other side. Why?

Why leave it alone?

The Rangers say that many refugee ships fleeing the war have been heading towards this area of space because so far it hasn't been attacked.

It's interesting.

What if they wanted to drive the refugees into one area, corral them make it easier to hit them all at once?

Could be. The effect would be devastating, demoralizing.

That could be their intent.

Maybe this is as much about terror as it is about territory.

When we've had wars back home sometimes one side would leave a-a few areas of enemy territory undamaged.

That way you'd get maximum results when you finally hit them with something big.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, San Diego.

They could be doing the same thing here drawing in thousands of ships, escorts, and refugees from a dozen worlds in preparation for a major offensive.

It makes sense. It's what I'd do.


Well.. You know..

If I were the bad guys. I were them.

The only way we're going to beat them is to think like them.

Think like them? Yes.

No. You will come with me.

Well, no, no, wait. We, we just figured this out.

Reverend Dexter says you need some time away from this.

Right now I agree.

Well, Delenn, the battles, the war, they need me here.

Today the Shadows, tomorrow the galaxy..

Yes, John. Of course, John.

Whatever you say, John. Delenn, listen..

[instrumental music]

We are ready to proceed, G'kar.

They understand the target? They do.

Then follow me. I know the way.

[door beeps]


Aah. I sometimes think they choose guards for the amount of bone content in their heads.

Might as well hire Minbaris.

You alright, Vir? Yes.

But there's been a problem.

[dramatic music]

That's far enough, G'kar.

You have just taken your final step as a free Narn.


Every day, here and at home, we are warned about the enemy.

But who is the enemy?

'Is it the alien? Well..'

'We are all alien to one another.'

'Is it the one who believes differently than we do?'

No. Oh, no, my friends. The enemy is fear.

The enemy is ignorance.

The enemy is the one who tells you that you must hate that which is different because in the end, that hate will turn on you and that same hate will destroy you.

G'kar, I want alive.

The rest, do as you wish.

Go on. What are you waiting for?


Hello, Refa.

If you are seeing this message it is because in a very few minutes you will be dead.

I have made sure the guards assigned to you are loyal to House Mollari.

They will not obey you from this moment forward.

You have taken from me..

...that which I loved, Refa.

You also took the life of Prime Minister Malachi a good and dear friend.

You have inconvenienced me and threatened my position in the Royal Court and weakened our defenses by your constant warfare..

...none of which matters to G'kar or his associates.

But I think they do care about what you have done to them, Refa.

Yes, I think they care about that a great deal.

All, please rise.

I have given G'kar documents, which prove that you are the one who orchestrated the bombing of the Narn Homeworld against my advice.

That you personally were involved in the creation of death camps and genetic cleansing programs.

That you are personally responsible for the death of five or six million Narns.

And I think they would like to thank you personally for your efforts.

You can't believe him. He's lying.

On the off chance that G'kar might not believe me I have arranged for 2000 Narns now in custody to be freed.

Half in advance, half pending his cooperation.

More than sufficient inducement, I think.

You see.. is not enough for me to..

...simply kill you, Refa.

I could do that at home or here..

...but through your death on Narn I will discredit your house..

...and all opposition in the Royal Court.

Goodbye, Refa.


No, this is a mistake.

Come back!

Make sure this is found on his body.

Leave his face and head intact.

They will be needed later for identification.

The rest is yours.

♪ No hiding place down here ♪

♪ Down here ♪

♪ There's no hiding place down here ♪

♪ No hiding place ♪

♪ You know I went to the rock to hide my face ♪

♪ But the rock cried out no hiding place ♪

♪ There's no hiding place down here ♪

♪ Down here ♪

♪ You know the sinners gonna be runnin' ♪

♪ At the knowledge of their fate ♪

♪ They're gonna run to the rocks and the mountains ♪

♪ But their prayers will be too late ♪

♪ Yeah you know they forgot about Jesus ♪

♪ Not knowin' the end was nigh but they'll be runnin' ♪

♪ Tryin' to find a hiding place ♪

♪ When it comes their time to die ♪

♪ No hiding place on the mountain ♪

♪ No hiding place in the waters ♪

♪ No hiding place down here no hiding place ♪

♪ Yeah I went to the rock to hide my face ♪

♪ But the rock cried out no hiding place ♪

♪ There's no hiding place ♪

♪ Down here ♪ ♪ Down here ♪

♪ You know when the world catch on fire ♪

♪ They'll be no hiding place ♪

♪ Yeah when the water starts boilin' ♪

♪ There'll be no hiding place ♪

♪ When the lightning starts flashin' ♪

♪ There'll be no hiding place ♪

♪ Oh when the thunder starts rumbling ♪

♪ There'll be no hiding place ♪

♪ Can't you see the old gambler runnin' ♪

♪ Sayin' Lord save my soul ♪♪

And this data crystal was found on Lord Refa's body.

It contains information that would be very useful to the Narn Resistance.

He thought he could bargain with the Narns.

As the humans say, "Play both sides against the middle."

From what was left of his body when he was found he was quite wrong.

Refa, a traitor? I can't imagine it.

His loyalties were never to anyone but himself.

By helping the Narn Resistance encouraging acts of terror against our people he hoped to undermine the Royal Court create enough public outrage that he could move his own people into positions of power.

And where they go...he would not be far behind.

From what is here I suspect he was also planning to kill you

'just as he did Prime Minister Malachi.'

Apparently, he felt that you were getting in the way of his plans.

Yes, he seemed quite upset that I was questioning his authority.

I had no idea he would go so far.

He wanted power.

It's what I said from the start.

Sooner or later, it would destroy him or us.

Better it was him.

Well, thank you for bringing this to my attention, Mollari.

I'm sure Emperor Cartagia will be most grateful..

...for your assistance.

I live only to serve.

Good day, Excellency.

Alright, Vir, what is it? You have that look again.

You used me. Of course.

I knew Refa had a telepath with him.

If I told you the truth, he would've found out so I let you believe what I wanted him to believe.

It was the only way to lure him into the trap I had set for him.

Londo, they could have killed me.

Nonsense. You're not important enough to kill.

But I'm important enough for you to lie to.

I used to think I knew you, Londo but I never knew you at all, did I?

(Sheridan) 'I wish you would tell me what this is all about, Delenn.'

It's a surprise.

Now that we know what the Shadows have in mind we have an advantage for the first time.

We can rally all the other races prepare to launch a major counter-attack.

I thought you might like to know what resources you have.


Take a look.

[dramatic music]

Oh, my..

(Delenn) 'The White Star was never intended to be one of a kind.'

'It was only the first.'

'We've been working around the clock to construct them.'

I said we needed time to prepare.

This is why.

The first wave of ships is finished at last.

The Rangers will pilot them under our shared command.

We are as ready for them as we will ever be.

We finally have, as you say, a fighting chance.

I don't know what to say.

Then say nothing.

[instrumental music]

♪ Can't you see the old gambler runnin' ♪

♪ Sayin' Lord save my soul ♪

♪ Sayin' Lord Lord have mercy ♪

♪ Won't ya save my soul? ♪

♪ Sayin' Lord Lord have mercy ♪

♪ Won't ya save my soul? ♪

♪ No hiding place down here ♪

♪ No hiding place ♪

♪ There's no hiding place ♪

♪ Down here ♪

♪ Yeah I went to the rock to hide my face ♪

♪ But the rock cried out no hiding place ♪

♪ There's no hiding place down here ♪♪