Babylon 5 S3E4 Script

Passing Through Gethsemane (1995)

[instrumental music]

You realize this is an extremely dangerous situation.

He's been through much worse.

I think he's doomed. Not a chance.

Care to put money on that?

Gambling is one of the lesser sins.

I've always thought if you're going to sin you may as well go for a really big ones--

(Theo) If you don't mind..

I'm trying to concentrate.


Concentrate all you want.

There's nowhere you can go.

I'd expect a comment like that from someone with no clearly defined pattern of faith.

I believe in a little of everything.



Rudderless, directionless cast adrift without compass on an ocean of ecclesiastical possibilities.

Tossed by the winds this way, that way.

Oh, I'm hearing a lot of talking.

You still haven't made a move.

Your Ambassador Delenn has a wonderful phrase..




And I do believe..



Ivanova. Go.

(female #1) 'Ambassador Kosh is about'

'to come out of hyperspace.'

'He'd like you to meet him in Bay 13.'

Tell him it's fine. I'm on my way.



You want to tell me where you learned that little move?

Divine inspiration.

Oh, and speaking of divine inspiration, Edward..

Edward, show the captain what you showed me.

Oh, I-I'm sure that the captain has better things to do with his time.

[chuckles] Not anymore.

What is it?


Oh. This is beautiful.

(Theo) 'I keep telling him he should sell them.'

A work of this quality could fetch quite a price and...the order could certainly use the money.

But he insists on giving them away.

The joy is first in the making and then in the giving.

I'm doubly blessed. Do you really like it?

Oh, absolutely.

Well, then when I've finished, it's yours.

If-if you'll have it.

I'd be honored. Thank you.


[instrumental music]

Ambassador. You wanted to see me?




You should be informed.

Informed of what?


[instrumental music]

Hello, commander. I said I'd be back.

(Ivanova) The Babylon Project was our last best hope for peace.

It failed.

[theme music]

But in the year of the shadow war it became something greater..

Our last best hope..

...for victory.

[music continues]

The year is 2260.

The place, Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

So, when I left here a month ago I found a ship willing to carry me to the border of the Vorlon Empire.

He wouldn't go any closer than that.

Smart man. No ship entering Vorlon space has ever come back.

Ever since I made contact with Ambassador Kosh I've been called there. I knew they'd let me in.

And did they? 'Not at first.'

We held position for three days beaming a signal into their territory.

No answer.

Finally, the pilot got nervous and wanted to come back.

I gave him the last of my money in exchange for a life pod.

He left me there with five days of air, food, and water.

[sighs] The signal wasn't doing any good so I tried sending a telepathic call out in every direction.

Five days later, I was lying on the floor the last of my air almost gone when a ship came alongside.

I must've passed out at that point.

The next thing I remember..

I was on the Vorlon Homeworld.

Well, come on. Tell us about it.

(Lyta) I can't.

I wish I could, but I'm not allowed to talk about most of what I saw.

The rest you wouldn't believe anyway.

Ambassador Kosh says you'll be working for him from now on.

Was this a condition for being released, or--

It's entirely my decision.

I'll be based here but I'll be gone much of the time.

You do realize that sooner or later the Psi-Corps gonna find out that you've come back.

When that happens, they'll come after you.

If you're on your own we may not be able to protect you.

You don't have to. He will.

Well, either way, you've been through a lot.

Now you seem fine, but I'd like Dr. Franklin to do a full work-up just to be sure.

Unless you have an objection. No, not at all.

I'll stop by as soon as I've settled?

Thank you.

Nobody's ever been to the Vorlon Homeworld and back again.

Yet she goes and comes back, like she just took a trip to the corner store.

And now she's working for Kosh.

Is anybody else as creeped out about this as I am?

[instrumental music]

And we can handle all your data transfer requirements for roughly half of what you're paying currently.

And you guarantee accuracy.

In our order our work is an offering, a kind of prayer so it has to be done properly.

A thousand years ago we were illuminating manuscripts transcribing the scriptures. Now we do this.

It earns us the money to continue our primary work here.

Which is?

Learning all the names and faces of God from our non-human brothers.

Well, if it makes you happy and we get what we need who am I to argue?

You can tell Brother Theo you've got a deal.

Thank you, and you will be very pleased.

I'll call the head office tell them to start the paperwork.

You should hear from them in a few days. an interesting good luck charm.

That's not mine. It fell from your bag.

I don't remember putting it there.

I think I would have remembered a black rose.

Then it appears you have a secret admirer.

Good seeing you, Brother Edward.

(man over TV) 'Interplanetary Expeditions is proud to sponsor'

'this segment of interstellar network news'

'winners of six platinum medals.'

Mr. Garibaldi, I was hoping you'd be here.

I need a favor. Shoot.

A Minbari trade delegation is coming here next week.

I know it's very short notice, but if you could provide them with added security..

No problem. Consider it done.

The Lester James Monroe murder trial has finally come to an end.

I've been waiting for this story. Volume.

The case concluded at 12:30 EST at which time the 12-person jury found Lester James Monroe guilty of seven murders committed during a 10-day killing spree

'in New Vegas. Deliberations in the case..'

Good. You wouldn't believe how smug this guy was during the trial ambassador, like nobody could touch him.

But they finally nailed him, that lying little rat-bastard.

Monroe has been sentenced to the death of personality.

The mind-wipe will take place Monday at midnight after which he will spend the rest of his life serving the community that he harmed.

In other news-- Off.

You know, guys like this make me long for the days of the electric chair.

[chuckles] Hell, sometimes I think we need electric bleachers.

What exactly is this "Death of personality"?

It started up when everybody decided the death penalty was a bad idea.

Instead, they mind-wipe the guy.

By erasing all his memories you destroy the personality that committed the murders, you then build a new personality and send him someplace where he won't run into the family of his victims.

And after that, he spends the rest of his life doing community service helping society.

Well, they say it's more humane and keeps the prisons from getting overcrowded.

But you don't agree.

Oh, I'm an eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth kind of guy, ambassador.

So you support the system that would leave everyone blind and toothless.

No, not everyone.

Just the bad guys.

(Stephen) Breathe in, please.

Hold it.




Interesting. What?

I did a medical profile on you just before you left.

You've been through a lot since then.

Oxygen deprivation stress, fatigue..

But according to the scanners you' better health than when you left.

Hell, according to this file..

...this is the best shape you've been in for five years.

I think you're exaggerating just a little, doctor.

Yeah? According to your record you have..

...a chronic iron deficiency. It's a congenital condition.

It's gone.

Your enlarged appendix is now normal size and a slight hiatal hernia has somehow fixed itself.

I'd love to know how you did it.

And I'd love to tell you, but I honestly don't have any idea what you're talking about.


I'd love to stay and chat but I've really got to unpack and get to work.

Based on your examination is there any reason I can't do that?

No, not yet.

There does seem to be an unusually high level of oxygen in your bloodstream.

Now, I can't quite see why that's happening--

Then I'd better get going.

I don't want to keep the ambassador waiting.

Good to see you again, Dr. Franklin.

[dramatic music]

I'm sorry to impose on you personally for this Mr. Garibaldi, but I didn't want to alarm Brother Theo and if others are brought into this whole thing--


There. It's right there.

[intense music]

It was right here. I saw it.

Someone had written it. Written in blood.

Maybe it was the trick of the lights.

No. No, not this.

I was standing right here.

It said, "Death walks among you."

I know what I saw.

Alright. Alright, you say it was there, it was there.

I'll get you into another quarters for tonight and, uh, my people will go over this place tomorrow see what they can find. Is that okay?

Okay. Alright.


Lyta.. Lyta Alexander!

As I live and breathe!

I suggest you remove your hand, ambassador or you won't be doing either for much longer.

I'm just surprised to see you that's all.

Do you know that I was thinking about you just the other day?

My extremely overpaid sources told me that you had been seen arriving here in a Vorlon transport.

Now, they are a profoundly unreliable pool of information on the best of days, so I said, "No, it cannot be her."

The Vorlons do not pick up hitchhikers not even one as attractive as you.

Besides, if it were you surely you would come by and say hello to your old friend Londo.

I'm sorry, ambassador-- No. Londo, please.

But I'm really very late. If you'll excuse me.

You have been to the Vorlon Homeworld, haven't you?

I would pay a great deal of money for an hour of your time to find out what you have seen there.


Lyta, I understand the Psi-Corps is looking for you!

I would hate very much for them to find you.

So would I.

Because I'm not with the Corps anymore.

That means I'm not bound by their rules.

So if someone were to turn me in I'd find him.

And before they took me I'd plant a nightmare deep in his mind where no one else could find or remove it and that person would spend every night for the rest of his life..



And keep your threats to yourself!

Nightmares. Huh.

The way my life has been going lately..

...who'd notice?

I really appreciate your taking this time to see me, Ambassador Delenn.

Among my people, it is considered an honor to aid any true seeker in his quest.

Do you mind if I record? No, not at all.

So, can you tell me a little bit about what your people believe?

Um, it is, um..

It is very hard to explain.

We do not believe in any individual God or Gods..

...but rather, we believe that the soul is, uh..

What is a good term?

A non-localized phenomenon.

I'm not sure I understand what that means.

Well, if I project a beam of light at the wall, you see the light on the wall.

But the wall is not the source of the light.

It comes in from somewhere else.

The soul is also a projection.

It does not exist inside us any more than the light exists inside the wall.

But...this shell is the only way

'we can perceive it.'

We believe that the universe itself is conscious in a way we can never truly understand.

It is engaged in a search for meaning.

So it breaks itself apart investing its own consciousness in every form of life.

We are the universe trying to understand itself.

May I..

May I ask you a question now?

Of course.

For you, personally what is the defining moment of your belief?

Not the history, the doctrines..

...but the emotional core of it?


On the night before our Lord was crucified he spent the night alone in the garden of Gethsemane.

And he knew that they were gonna come for him and in a moment of weakness he asked if this cup could pass from him if he could be spared the pain and death that would come with the morning.

And of course, the cup would not pass and the soldiers would come to Gethsemane but he did not have to be there when they arrived.

He could have chosen to leave.. postpone the inevitable for a few hours or even days.

He knew what would happen but he chose to stay to sacrifice himself and thus atone for the sins of others.

It's a very..

...fragile human moment.

'And I've...often thought about that night.'

And I..


...don't know if I would have had the courage to have stayed.

[instrumental music]

Again, I would like to thank you for your time, ambassador.

Perhaps, uh, we could continue our discussion in a few days.

I would very much like to hear about Valen sometime.

I would like that. As would I.

Valen was the greatest of us.

A thousand years ago, he came from nowhere formed the grey council, and brought peace to our people.

They say he was a Minbari not born of Minbari.

According to the-- Another time, Lennier.

I'm sure Brother Edward is tired.

Well, I-I am a bit.

Again, I want to thank both of you.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Brown 17, please.



It's alright.

(female #2) 'Aah!'


Hello? Hello?

(female #2) 'Help me! Please, someone, in God's name!'


[high-pitched whirring]

(female #2) 'Aah!'


[woman crying]

(male #1) 'Hey, Charlie.. Why'd you do it?'

'You killed her!'

'Charlie, Charlie..' 'You killed me.'

'Charlie.' 'Charlie!'

(male #1) 'Hey, Charlie.'

(female #2) 'Charlie!'

'Charlie!' 'Charlie!'

(male #1) 'Charlie?'

(female #2) 'Charlie!'


[dog barks]

[dog howls]

[intense music]

[police siren]

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

[police siren wailing]

[music continues]

(Theo) Edward, here you are.

We missed you at morning prayer.

I'm sorry. I forgot.

Are you alright? No. No, I'm not.

Things have been happening, Theo.

Terrible things, and I don't know if they're real or in my head.

[exhales] Last night, in the hall near here I saw some things, and they really frightened me.

I lost the bag.

The one you gave me. I'm sorry.

Oh, a bag can be replaced.

Right now, I'm more concerned with you.

Have you spoken to anyone else about this?

Mr. Garibaldi, but I don't think he can help me.


I'm having..


Memories of things I never did or-or thought I never did.

I-I don't know where they're coming from or what they mean--

Then perhaps it's best to leave them alone.

I can't.

I don't know if I'm losing my mind or..

Or what?

Nothing. Nothing.

Never mind.

Do you want me to stay with you a while?

No, no, it's alright. I'm fine.

[instrumental music]

Computer...cross-reference and analyze.

Items, the phrase, "Death walks among you" a black rose a name, Charlie or Charles a death, woman, murdered.

Check criminal records on Earth and associated colonies.

(computer) 'Processing, time required for comprehensive analysis..'

'...four hours.'

You wanted to see me?

Yes, captain.

One of my monks is having bad dreams.

Well, he has my sympathies, but I don't see what I can do--

He believes they are memories he cannot account for.

Memories of terrible things he may have done in the past.

When someone joins the order in New Mallory we tend not to inquire too deeply into their past.

Their reasons for joining, yes.

Their motives, their doctrinal beliefs..

But our resources are limited and we often rely on the word of those who come to us.

For eight years, Brother Edward has been the best of us.

He's been kind and gentle.

He's given aid and comfort to anyone who has required it without hesitation or expectation.

He is a good and decent man.

I would hate for him to discover that at some earlier time in his life he was something very different.

I-I can't believe it. Not him.

Neither can I.

And I hope..

I pray that I am wrong.

But I do not have the resources to find out.

You do.

If I know Edward he's certainly started digging into this on his own.

I need you to get there first.

'If it's nothing, then he's simply' under too much stress.

If there is something in his past we can work with him to overcome it.

We must get to the truth before he does or I fear for his life..

...and his sanity.

[intense music]

Brother Edward?

Are you okay?

I lost my bag somewhere around here.

Uh, there was a Centauri.

Perhaps he...saw it.

And then voices..

But he wasn't here then and then the words were right here, Mr. Garibaldi in blood, the same as in my quarters.


Look, uh, we got a preliminary report back on that.

The lab couldn't find any trace of blood on your wall.

I've got them checking for anything else but, uh, I just thought you should know.

Tell them not to bother.

Why would an uneasy conscience show up in a lab report?

Is Brother Theo-- Yeah-yeah.

He's...occupied elsewhere.

I'll be sure to tell him that you have asked after him.

Uh, thanks.

I'll, uh, put out the word about your bag.

If somebody swiped it, we'll find it when they try to sell it.

Of course. Thank you.

[dramatic music]

(computer) 'Analysis complete.'

'Match found.'

'Date, April 3, 2251.'

'Location, Earth colony three in Orion system.'

Show me.

At 12:05 tonight the death of personality was carried out against Charles Dexter

'also known as the Black Rose Killer' for the ritualistic mark left beside each of his victims.

'Nine people were murdered by Dexter'

'before he was found, arrested, and convicted.'

'Following the mind-wipe Dexter will be'

'transported out of the Orion system'

'and put to work serving the society'

'harmed by his actions.'

[dramatic music]

Captain, we just finished going over the records.

It's confirmed, Brother Edward was originally Charles Dexter

'also known as the Black Rose Killer.'

What happened? How did he end up in a monastery?

After they erased his memory they transferred him to an interim facility back home.

Apparently, there was a fire, and he was presumed killed.

'Obviously he survived with a new set of memories' and a personality programmed to serve society.

What better place to serve than in a religious order?

(Garibaldi) 'Exactly. Oh, captain, one other thing.'

According to station records the black rose archives were accessed about five hours ago the computer signature was the system in Brother Edward's quarters.

He knows.

'Theo?' Edward?

Edward, what are you doing? We've been looking for you.

You have to come with me.

I can't. I can't go back, Theo.

How could they do it? They say it's humane?


Do you know what it's like to wake up one day and discover you're a monster? A murderer?

Listen to me, Edward. We can work this out.

No. It's too late. What if..

What if I had died, Theo, never knowing what I had been?

How can I confess my sins to God if I don't even know what they are?

The mind forgets but the stain remains with the soul.

The blood of innocent people is still on my hands.

My memories are the creation of somebody else and my soul is the soul of a killer and everything that I have done has been a lie.

That's not true, Edward!

You've helped people, cared for people.

It's not enough.

Who knows what other crimes I may have committed that they never found out about that I don't remember?

I am a murderer, Theo.

The sins of my former life must be atoned for.

There must be justice.

I know that now. Edward. Edward!

If you ask God to forgive your sins he knows what they are even if you've forgotten.

Leave it in his hands.

Goodbye, Theo.

Hey, I got somethin'.

We just picked this up from a guy trying to sell this down in the bazaar. It's Brother Edward's bag.

And he forgot to turn off his comp-pad after talking to Delenn. It's a good thing, too.

It recorded voices in the hallway voices Edward thought were just in his head.

So I had my people check the area.

Somebody tapped into the PA System and used it to rattle him.

We also found traces of a chemical on the wall of his quarters that would look like blood for a few minutes then disappear.

Someone's here.

Someone who wants him to remember.

But that's not enough.

To shake a mind-wipe like this you'd need more..

You'd need-- A telepath?


But Psi-Corps has rules against breaking mind-wipes.

It would have to be alien.

Brother Edward said a Centauri bumped into him just before he went nuts.

Centauri don't hang around Downbelow.

Get ahold of Londo, he's bound to have a list of all Centauri telepaths on-station.

You got it.

I can't believe this.

But who would want to do this to Brother Edward deliberately?

What would they gonna get out of it?

Maybe the one thing they thought they didn't get when he was mind-wiped instead of executed..


[instrumental music]

[liturgical music]

I knew you would come.

We came, alright.

It took us nine years to find you.

But we finally ran you to ground.

Look around.

You know who we are?

I think so.

You're the sons and-and daughters and husbands of the women I murdered.

You escaped justice before.

You didn't pay for what you did but that's going to change.

But we wanted you to know what you had done.

We wanted you to remember it all so that you'd know why we did it.

So that it'd be fresh in your mind when you got to hell.

And now that we're here they don't have the guts to do what is necessary..

...but I do. Get up.

[instrumental music]

Who hired you?

Sorry. That information is confidential.

[scoffs] They're going to kill him, aren't they?

It's none of my concern. I did a job. That's the end of it.

You helped break down the mind-wipe so he'd remember.

Difficult assignment. The wipe was very complete.

'Fortunately, there's a great deal of redundancy' in the brain.

You just need to know human neuro-pathways well enough to be able to find them and stimulate them.

Look, we're running out of time.

Now, you're gonna tell me who they are?

And where they are or-- Or what?

What are you going to do, torture it out of me?

Not likely.

You have no jurisdiction over Centauri telepaths so you can't arrest me and you can't use another telepath to pull the information out of my brain.

Because your Psi-Corps has rules forbidding such activities.

Then we have a little surprise for you.

[intense music]


Do it.

Aah! Let it go!

Let it go, or I'll fry every synapse you've got!

Aah! Aah!

Sorry. He'll be fine. He just passed out.

Brown 42. They're in Brown 42.


Okay, that way.

Let's go over there and split up.

Let's search by quarters.

[intense music]

Oh, dear God. In here! Someone, help!

In here!

Med alert. Brown 42. We need a trauma team, stat!

I got it. Okay. Okay.


Okay. Got him?

Yeah. Alright. Nice and easy.

Nice and easy. Lay him down. Lay him down.


I.. Theo..

Don't, don't move, Edward. Help is on the way.

It's alright, Theo.

I knew what was going to happen.

I even waited for them to come so..

...forgive them for doing what had to be done.

I always wanted to know if I would have the courage to stay at the garden of Gethsemane.

[breathing heavily]

Now I know, Theo.

Now I know.

Captain, there's something you should see.

We caught him trying to sneaking out of back ways.

He's got blood on his hands and shirt.

You did this? Yeah. I don't deny it!

He had it comin' after all these years.

That murdering son of a-- Captain! Captain! Back off!

Get him down to lockup now! Move it!

Captain, calm down. Calm down.

[instrumental music]

(Edward) Theo..

I'm afraid.

Is there enough forgiveness for what I've done?

Always, Edward. Always.

Take my hand.

[breathing heavily]

Through the mysteries of our redemption may Almighty God release you from all punishments in this life and in the life to come.

May he open to you the gates of paradise and welcome you to everlasting joy.

Father, look with compassion on your servant Edward

'who has trusted in your promises.'

Welcome him to your kingdom in peace.

By the authority which the Apostolic See has given me..

...I grant you a full pardon and remission of all your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


(Susan) 'Welcome back. That was a short trip.'

The ambassador's errands aren't usually very complicated.

Thank you for keeping the area clear.

Oh, not a problem, keeping all this off the logs that's a problem, but I can deal with it.

Hey, speaking of ambassadors we've had several inquiries from Londo, it seems he was quite upset about some unnamed telepath that was abusing one of his own a couple of weeks ago.

We told him what we could, I think it'll be okay.

What about the man who murdered Brother Edward is he going to trial?

Oh, that's long over. He didn't even try to deny it.

Hell, he was proud of what he had done.

They pronounced sentence a few days ago.

So what happened?

(Theo) I was going through Edward's effects when I found this.

I know he wanted you to have it.

I'm afraid he never had the chance to finish it.

You take away a man's life and memory in payment for his crimes.

It's still not enough.

Where does revenge end and justice begin?

Forgiveness is a hard thing, isn't it, Theo?

I don't think anything can ever be more difficult.

I'll keep this in a place of honor.

Thank you.

Brother Theo, I'm ready to go now.

Good. Good.

I'll walk you to your ship.

Captain, this is Brother Malcolm.

'He has just joined the order'

'under most unusual circumstances.'

I asked for him specifically when I heard he wanted to serve others.

He's about to leave for the monastery back home where he'll be trained and trained well.

It is all that I've wanted to do my whole life as long as I can remember.

It is an honor to meet you, captain.

I've heard so much about you.

You must excuse the captain, Malcolm.

You interrupted his train of thought.

I believe you were saying that forgiveness is a hard thing but something ever to strive for.

Were you not, captain?


Yes, I was.

Good luck to you.

I hope things work out.

I'm sure it will. Thank you, sir.

We must be going along now. You'll miss your flight.

[instrumental music]


[music continues]

[theme music]

[theme music]