Babylon 5 S4E20 Script

Endgame (1997)

[instrumental music]



The transport has arrived.

[sighs] We have to send her back to Babylon 5.

It's dangerous to keep her here.

We're almost at Mars.

She would want to be here for the battle conscious or otherwise.

I know..

...but we must do what's best for her.

She's dying.

What is there to do?

Make her comfortable, in her last hours.

'We cannot do that here.'

'On Babylon 5, they will see to all her needs..' long as she has them.

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

(Franklin) November 1st, 2261.

Doctor's personal log.

We're ready.

We're starting the final strike to free Earth and Mars.

I don't know if this is gonna work but it's gonna be one hell of a fight either way.

[indistinct chatter]

(male #1) 'You got us checked out?'

(male #2) 'Yeah, we're all set.'

What do you got? Ten just came through.

We got 20 more to check out.

It's more than we got time..

This is Kelley, our contact at the staging area.

It's good to meet you, now, you're sure that you can smuggle all these units on board the Destroyer?

I guess.

Don't guess.

It's just...not what I expected.

I figured you wanted me to smuggle on weapons or bombs not people.

No, no, no.

They'd pick up weapons in a minute, alright?

Just get 'em past the bio-scanners.

Everything will be alright.

I'll see to it.

I just can't figure out what one of these is gonna do against an entire Destroyer.

That's our problem, not yours.

Just remember one unit per ship, no more.

That's 30 ships total.

That's almost the entire fleet.

It's gonna be tricky.

The Destroyers never lands.

So we'll have to shuttle them up one at a time on their last supply run.

Then you better get going.

We're loading up the cryo units in the back.

Just tell my people where and how you want them delivered.

I really hope you know what you're doing.

We're only gonna get one shot at this.

It'll work. Where's Garibaldi?

He's scouting out the secondary target.

[instrumental music]

[wind whooshing]



Piece of cake?

Now, this is Grumpy to Sleepy, Sneezy and Doc.

We are in position, moving in on foot.

Which give us about, uh, two hours, then make your move.


Let's give 'em hell.

[dramatic music]


[wind whooshing]


[music continues]

[instrumental music]

(Lennier) It was the year of fire..

(Zack) The year of destruction..

(G'Kar) The year we took back what was ours.

(Lyta) It was the year of rebirth..

(Vir) The year of great sadness..

(Marcus) The year of pain..

(Delenn) And the year of joy.

(Londo) It was a new age.

(Franklin) It was the end of history.

(Ivanova) It was the year everything changed.

(Garibaldi) The year is 2261.

The place..

(Sheridan) 'Babylon 5.'

[theme music]

[music continues]


Anything on the perimeter? 'Negative, sir.'

Keep scanning, intel says Sheridan's gonna make his move soon and the resistance might try to take advantage of the confusion.

Yes, sir.

I wish I were up there.

This is gonna be the biggest gathering of Earth warships since the battle of the line.

Sheridan doesn't stand a chance.

Ground Station Alpha to Ground Station Bravo.

What's your status?

Ground Station Bravo, report.

What's wrong with GS Bravo?

Same thing that's wrong here.


(female #1) 'Hands behind your back!'

Hands behind your back, or we let you suffocate.

Okay. Let's go.


Good. Get 'em out of here. Move.

(male #3) Go, go.

(Garibaldi) Alright, get the airlock doors sealed and pressurized.


Did he get a chance to warn the base?

(female #1) 'Negative, assuming your people were able to take' the rest of the bunkers as efficiently as this one.

You now control the perimeter.

Excellent. Are we clear?

We're clear.

Alright, we can take 'em off.

[exhales deeply]

(Garibaldi) 'We got any more shuttles leaving on the supply run?'

Negative. That's the last batch.

They'll drop their cargos with the Destroyers in 45 minutes.


Make sure the outer door is secure.

Yes, sir.

Doc, you better get moving.


[dramatic music]

May I have your attention?

Captain James tells me we've reached the final staging area.

We're one jump from more trouble than most of you have seen during your years in Earthforce.

And it is my supreme hope..

...that in all the years after this we may never see a day like this again.

Man your stations. 'Yes, sir.'

Open up a channel for the rest of the fleet.

Signal coming through.

This is Captain John Sheridan to attack fleet.

'You all know what we expect of you.'

We can't hit Earth until we have taken care of the bases on Mars first, or..

...we risk exposing our flank to the enemy and fighting a battle on two fronts.

'The White Star fleet and the Earth Destroyers'

'that have joined with us'

'will lead the assault.'

'The League ships will provide tactical support and defense.'

'They will not engage unless fired upon.'

'Now, with luck..'

...their presence alone may be enough to discourage the enemy.

All ships will stand by until the final attack order is given.

Marcus, are you ready?

Standing by.

You're cleared for phase one as soon as you get the go-ahead order from Mr. Garibaldi.


[indistinct chatter]

The last of the supplies are aboard, general.

Good, captain. Then we can proceed.

Anything new from the hyperspace probes?

They've picked up something in the last few minutes but they're having a hard time getting a fix.

Is it Sheridan?

We can't be sure, but it's possible.

Do we go in after him?


There hasn't been an engagement in hyperspace yet that didn't turn into a disaster for both sides.

It's too volatile.

He has to come out sooner or later.

Open up a channel to the other ships.

Yes, sir.

General, permission to speak frankly?

Go on.

I was wondering why they sent you to take over this mission.

I've led the Apollo in over half a dozen major engagements. We've--

It's nothing to do with you, Charlie.

Your record's spotless.

You're a good captain and you'll make a good general someday.

No, they picked me because I'm from the old school that says a soldier doesn't take arms against his own government.. matter how justified you feel doing it.

And because Sheridan was one of my students back at the academy.

'I taught him everything he knows.'

I know how he thinks. I know how he fights.

And to tell you the truth, I've always admired him.

And now I'm going to have to kill him..

...and his ship..

...and everyone around him.

It's a terrible day, Charlie.

I wish to hell I'd never lived to see it.


This is fleet command.

General Robert Lefcourt to Destroyer group.

'We believe the enemy is standing by in hyperspace'

'awaiting final orders to engage.'

'Take position.'

You've been given a list of our ships that have defected to their sides and their friend-or-foe systems have been adjusted accordingly.

If a ship is on that list.. are authorized to open fire on that ship or any support vessel, alien or human.

You are to forget that these people were once friends associates, and fellow officers.

They are targets to be destroyed.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We are here to do a job.

Let's do it..

'...and God help all of us.'


Is it ready? Don't rush me.

If we don't get these neural connections just right it's not gonna work.

Okay, I'll just tell the fleet to go get some lunch.

Hang out for a while.

How's that?

It's alright.

I'll have to go outside, though.

Not a chance. You'll be seen.

I can't have any obstacles between me and the targets.

This is gonna be hard enough as it is because it's so far.

Alright, go.


Stay low, huh?


...that ought to do it.


This is Grumpy to Snow White.

I've got the coordinates for the Wicked Queen's castle.

We are in position.

You can break the mirror any time you want.

Stand by to receive.

You're thinking about Ivanova again?

I was just thinking how much she'd want to be here..

...but Delenn was right.

Back on Babylon 5, maybe they can help her.

It is the final refuge for last hopes.

There must be something they can do.

Marcus.. may not be wise to get your hopes up.

Our doctors--

(Marcus) Could be wrong.

Look, Sheridan practically came back from the dead.

We've all been through six kinds of hell in the last few years.

Don't tell me there's nothing we can do.

Since Franklin's planet side, I've put a call in to Dr. Hobbs.

'In all this time, they must have come up with something'

'to help deal with near fatal conditions.'


That was fast.

Hit by a divine revelation, were we?

Don't you even wanna check?

Don't you care?

Of course I care.

But there is nothing usable on Babylon 5.

What do you mean, nothing usable?

Marcus, we..

[machine beeping]

We're getting the attack data from Mr. Garibaldi.

He's given the all clear.

Alright, relay the data to Captain Sheridan.

Tell him we're going in.

[dramatic music]

Okay, everybody, let's move as far away from the windows as you can, grab a hold of your breathers.

When that jump point forms, the pressure change is gonna be pretty intense.

Jump point?

You can't form a jump point inside the atmosphere.

Not this close, they'll plow right into the ground.

They'll tear the whole place apart.

Well, you can if you've got location information accurate to within a few feet and I just made sure they got it.

Well, then I-I assume that you worked out that whole longitude-latitude thing.

I-I know you get confused, sometimes.

You're right, you're right. I-I keep mixing them up.

I got it right.

Well, I think I got it right, I mean..

Okay, fine. Which goes vertically?

Longitude or latitude?

Here it comes!


[intense music]



[music continues]

Do you have their defense grid on-line?

Take out tower number seven, fast!


General, the resistance has opened fire on four of our bases

'and the fifth base has come under attack' from one of Sheridan's fleet.

Our other ships are turning back to engage.

Negative. Belay that. It's a diversion.

He wants us planet bound closer to the gravity well, so we can't maneuver.

It's like forcing an enemy to fight with his back to the sea.

Tell the others to stay in formation.

It's a good first move.

But he wouldn't go on the offensive unless..

...he had an ace in the hole.

But, what is it?


(Sheridan) 'Lyta, we're ready. Do it.'

On it.

[firing continues]

[intense music]

Sheridan's given the word.

She's cleared to activate the packages.

What packages?

Telepaths we brought with us from Babylon 5.

Slipped them onto 30 of the Destroyers, one per ship.

[dramatic music]

What can one telepath do against an entire Destroyer?

[music continues]

Well, these aren't normal telepaths.

They've been modified by the Shadows who implanted devices in their brains that allowed them to merge with the Shadow vessels.

Function as their central processing units.

'They're probably waking up right now..'


...wondering where they are.

Looking for the machine.

'They'll start to move..'

'...looking for the first open computer relay'

'and when they find it, they'll merge with it.'

Become one with the machine.

The interference will shut down the Destroyer.

Let us do what we have to do.

My God.

You're using them.

Using these people as if they were weapons.


Yeah, we're using them..

...because they are weapons.

Because there are three dozen Destroyers out there with over 1,000 crew a piece and if they can disable those ships we risk 30 lives to save 30,000.

But how can you do this to them? You're a doctor.

(Franklin) 'We can't remove those implants' without the resources back home on earth.

If we don't win this war, they're dead either way.

Now, they're fighting for Earth the same as we are.

They just don't know they're doing it.

[electricity crackling]

Hey, doc.

It had to be done. Yeah.

[sighs] And it should work.

Assuming that Lyta can hold it together.

[intense music]


Got the launch order, the cargo's been delivered.

Stand by to open jump point. Standing by.

(male #4) 'Aye, sir.'

Form up.

Activate jump engines.

Aye, sir, jump engines on line.

Fleet standing by.


[instrumental music]

Enemy fleet coming into view, just as you expected.

Good. Tell the others to stay in position.

[alarm blaring]

What the hell is going on?

Computer system is failing.

Security overrides are down.

Sir, other Destroyers are reporting similar problems.

All of them? Almost.

Almost gives us some.

Tell them to advance on the enemy.

If they're all getting hit at once they must have slipped something on board.

Did we have any cargo drops before we left?

Aye, sir.

Find out where they are.


Sir, we've just lost contact with the rest of the Destroyer group.

Damn, I knew he had something up his sleeve, I knew it!

(John) 'Delenn, what's our situation?'

20 ships are disabled and five more are showing signs of losing control.

'That leaves ten.' Yes.

White Star tactical squadron you are cleared to open fire on hostile vessels still in operation.

Target engines and weapons systems.

I want them disabled, not destroyed.

[dramatic music]



[alarm blaring]



Delenn, we're ready to jump.

Now, tell the rest of the League ships to stay here and keep an eye on the Destroyers we've disabled.

If they get into any real trouble do what they can to help without compromising their own safety.

The jump engines back on line? Yes, sir.

Then let's move.

We've taken care of the enemy behind us.

Now there's just the enemy in front of us.

We have to hit them before the Destroyers figure out what we've done.

Marcus, we're jumping. Get up here.

(Marcus) 'We're on our way.'


You take the helm, Lennier.

I'll go check on a few things.

Computer, contact Babylon 5.

I want a full search of medical records.

Searching key words dealing with terminal illness..

...death, and extreme measures.

Download to my password only.



All ships, stand by to jump.

Target, Earth beacon 1-1-6-2-Niner.

(male #5) 'Aye-Aye, captain. Targeting earth beacon 1-1-6-2-Niner.'


[intense music]

[automated voice] 'Download from Babylon 5 complete.'

Let me see.

Have to issue a cause of death statement..

...for Cailyn James..

...age 36.

Profession, singer.

[sighs] Cause of death--

Skip to the next record.

He sustained severe internal injuries but at this time it does not seem that Marcus will require--

Next record.

At which point Captain Sheridan and I were able to revive Mr. Garibaldi after being shot in the back.

But, even this brief exposure, a few seconds a piece confirms that the alien healing device is extremely dangerous and should not be used again.

Even under extreme conditions..

...'till we can control it, more precisely--

Computer, stop.

Play all entries under this subject heading.

[automated voice] 'Stand by, arranging reports.'

And prepare a shuttle for launch.

[instrumental music]


We've eliminated the problem, but we still can't navigate.

Engineering is working to restore control.

Com systems?

Ship to ship is down. Internal com only.

We can't tell the other ships what we've figured out.

Engineering, this is General Lefcourt.

In case you didn't notice, the enemy just pulled our shorts up over our head and tied them in a knot.

You will get the ship under control ASAP or I will come down there and skin the hide off every last one of you!

Yes, Lennier, what is it?


You sent for me, Delenn.

No, no, you're mistaken.

Who? Marcus.


[music continues]

Captain, Delenn for you on Channel 4.

Delenn, what is it?

(Delenn) 'John, Marcus is gone.'


But he-he wasn't hit.

(Delenn) 'He left. Lennier believes to Babylon 5.'

What? Can't be.

Marcus would never run out in the middle of a battle.

What the hell's on Babylon 5?

(Delenn) 'John, I think you should take this privately.'

Go ahead.

Are you sure?

Can you get a signal to Babylon 5?

Negative. As soon as we got inside Mars' orbit we hit the jammers.

Captain, we're almost to earth.

Their probes will pick us up any second.

Either we go right now, or we abort.

There's nothing we can do.

Tell the others, we jump now.

Activate jump engines. Stand by to jump.

(male #6) 'Aye, sir.'

(James) 'Jump!'

I'm sorry, Delenn.

[dramatic music]

You're on.

This is Captain John Sheridan.

We are here on the authority of a multi planetary force that can no longer stand by and watch one of their greatest allies falling into darkness and despair.

We are here on behalf of the thousands of civilians murdered under orders from the current administration who have no one else to speak for them.

And on behalf of the Earthforce units that have joined us to oppose the tyranny earth ever since President Santiago was assassinated three years ago.

'We are here to place President Clark under arrest'

'to disband night watch'

'and return our government'

'to the hands of her people.'


Planetary defense grid is activated.

Getting a fix on our position.

We know that many in the government have wanted to act..

...but have been intimidated by threats of retaliation against your families, your friends.

You are not alone anymore.

We call upon you to rise up and do what's right.

We have drawn their forces away from earth and disabled them.

The time to act is now.

[intense music]

This is not the voice of treason.


...are your sons, your daughters

...whose loyalties have never wavered.

Whose beliefs in this alliance..

...has forced us to take extraordinary means..

...for justice, for peace..

...for the future.

We have come home.

[music continues]



Defense grid armed and firing.

Incoming red alert!

All ships, evasive action.

Launch Starfuries, target incoming missiles.

[music continues]


Destroyer group, target local defense platforms.

Fire at will.

Keep monitoring all channels.

Let me know the second you get an answer.


[banging on door]


[intense music]


I need to talk to Captain Sheridan.

Signal coming in from Earthdome.

Put it through and route it to the rest of the ships.

(Crosby) 'Captain Sheridan' this is an emergency transmission.

President Clark is dead.

He took his own life before we could arrest him.

But he left a message on his desk.

Two words, "Scorched Earth".

Captain, I believe he's turned the defense grid toward Earth.

We can't override the systems here.

If you don't stop them, they'll fire in ten minutes.

[music continues]

(Crosby) 'Captain, the particle beams on those defense platforms'

'can level 40% of the planet's surface.'

'You have to stop them before they can fire.'

Sheridan to attack fleet.

You heard the senator.

All ships, fire at will.

Delenn, we need you.

We are there.

[intense music]





Missiles impacting on all sides!

Continue firing!

I don't know how much more she can take!

Continue firing!

[intense music]



Forward guns are down. We can't fire.

Particle beams coming online for the nearest platform.

Ready to fire. Target?

North America.

It'll wipe out most of the eastern seaboard.

John, there's no one else close enough to stop it.

[dramatic music]

All power to engines.

Give me ramming speed.

Aye, sir.

[music continues]

Apollo to Agamemnon!

We have monitored the situation.

Hold on to your hats!



[gasps] John!

[music continues]

The last platform's been destroyed.



(Lefcourt) 'Sorry for the delay, captain' but we had some trouble on Mars.

You might have heard something about it.

Well, my apologies, general.

We're only doing our jobs.

Though you'll have to stand before a board of inquiry on this one, Sheridan..


...welcome home, John.

'Welcome home.'

[exhales deeply]

[dramatic music]

[spacecraft droning]


They want you in Earthdome as soon as you can get there.

I don't know if it will be a ticker tape parade but it should be interesting.


To all of us, captain. To all of us.

I suppose Ambassador Delenn and Dr. Franklin will be joining you planet side?

No, Delenn has some business to attend to and Stephen's heading back to Babylon 5.

Senator Crosby hasn't been able to shut down those jammers yet so Stephen's going out as fast as he can to get past the jammers.


To stop someone from making a terrible mistake.

[instrumental music]



I want to..

...welcome back our viewers.

We've been gone a long time.

[clears throat]

Over a year since, ISN was captured by elite forces sent by President Clark.

Over a year since martial law was declared.

Many of us, and our associates at other networks were imprisoned, interrogated, even killed.

All that changed last night.

At 1:45 a.m. Earth standard time a multi planetary force, led by ships loyal to a free Earth engaged Clark's forces directly.

'Under the command of John Sheridan'

'the incoming forces disabled or destroyed their opposition.'

'Then prevented further destruction by taking out'

'the planetary defense grid' whose lethal power was being turned toward Earth.

Earthgov is still working to compile the names of those injured or killed on either side of the battle.

If you have family members who may have been involved you can request information from a special Earthforce com-line.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those injured on both sides.

We are all equally sons and daughters of Earth and in the coming months we must continue to remember that if we are to heal and move on.

This is Dr. Franklin to Babylon 5. Please respond.

This is Franklin to Babylon 5. Please respond.


Keep sending it.

Let me see it again.

At which point, Captain Sheridan and I were able to revive Mr. Garibaldi

'after being shot in the back.'

This is the device, huh?

Correct. I was just about to-- Plug me in.

No, I-I thought we agreed--

I can't have you giving your life energy and operating this machine at the same time.

What happens if you pass out during the process, huh?

'It'll just keep taking your life energy'

'until you're dead, correct?'

I don't know. 'Exactly.'

(Franklin) 'Even this brief exposure, a few seconds a piece'

'confirms that the alien healing device' is extremely dangerous and should not be used again..

...even under extreme conditions..

...till we can control it more precisely..

'...or it will result in the death of whoever uses it.'

It was, after all designed as a means of capital punishment.

[dramatic music]

(Stephen) It does this by transferring life energy from one person to another.

The process is irreversible.

In cases of fatal illness or injury for one person to live..

...the other must die.

[music continues]

I love you.

[theme music]

[instrumental music]