Babylon 5 S4E9 Script

Atonement (1997)

[instrumental music]

(Zack) 'Ouch.'

'I'm telling you, I can't take'

'much more of this.'

Just a little longer.

It is necessary.

Yeah, says who?

'Mr. Allan, you are now the head of security.'

The rest of the command staff accepted Delenn's gift of these new uniforms.

Do you not wish to fit in?

Oh, I never have before, why should I start now.

Besides, this stuff itches. What-what is this, anyway?

The fabrics all have different names and purposes.

The stitching on the center panel is Zerka thread.

It's very difficult to obtain.

It's grown on a few small ceremonial plants in Minbar.

It still itches.

It is an honor to wear Zerka fabric.

Well, it doesn't sit right on my shoulders. Here, look.

It looks fine.

Oh, yeah, I should listen to a Minbari about fashion.

[Zack chuckles]

'I mean, robes, hoods.'

I mean, no offense, but..

...I've seen Vorlons with more fashion sense.

Ouch, hey!

She did that on purpose.

Yes, I believe she did. I will deal with this.

[speaking in Minbari]

Yeah, and don't you forget it.

Mr. Allan, if I may observe.

Your problem with the new uniform is not the new uniform, is it?

Eh, I don't know.

I just feel like if I take his uniform I'm admitting the chief's never coming back to his job.

And I wish I could wait a little longer.

But the captain says, it's important for things to get back to normal, but that won't happen until the chief's back where he belongs.

And if Mr. Garibaldi does not take back his job?

He will. He will.

[instrumental music]


Are you ready to leave?

I, uh..

...I wish to request another day.

I need to be with John for a little while when we are not both, distracted and occupied.

Will you tell him you're leaving?


But not why.

That is, of course, your decision but were I in your position I would tell Sheridan the truth.

He should know that if the dreaming does not go well you will not be allowed to return to him.

[instrumental music]

(Lennier) It was the year of fire.

(Zack) The year of destruction.

(G'Kar) The year we took back what was ours.

(Lyta) It was the year of rebirth.

(Vir) The year of great sadness.

(Marcus) The year of pain..

(Delenn) And the year of joy.

(Londo) It was a new age.

(Franklin) It was the end of history.

(Ivanova) It was the year everything changed.

(Garibaldi) The year is 2261.

The place..

(Sheridan) Babylon 5.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

[machine beeps]

Ivanova here. 'Commander.'

(female #1) 'Maintenance wants to know when'

'you can meet with them about equipment shortages.'

Um, tell them we'll have to do it tomorrow.

The Drazi ambassador invited me to some religious festival.

It's supposed to be a hell of a party. I'm on my way now.

Nice and easy now.

Nice and easy.

There we go.

Local anesthetic still holding out?

Mm-hm, more or less.

I think I've got It.

Just as long as it isn't in backwards.

I've peered into my own soul more than enough lately.

Alright, I need you to close both your eyes for a moment and open them slowly when I tell you.

I'm going to lower the lights now so don't worry if you can't see much at first.

Now I'm activating the prosthetic eye.

Aah! Ohh!

Are you alright?

It burned for a moment.

That's the last relay cutting into place should be the worst of it.


Now.. your eyes.


'Take your time.'

'That's it.'

'There you go.'

How does it feel?

The burning has stopped.

Can you see me?


Not as well as before, but, yes, I can see you.

Mm. It'll take some getting used to.

Uh, G'Kar. Huh?

Because the eye was made for humans, not Narns I had to make some temporary adjustments for it to work.

It is not my proper color. 'Oh, I can take care of that.'

We'll continue to adjust it over the next couple of weeks as you get used to it.

Now the important thing is..

...that it works.

Oh, yes.

It uses a lot of energy so you'll have to take it out at night and recharge it.

This can be removed? Yes, yes.

The area behind it's completely sealed, so it is safe.

Just wash the eye carefully before you put it back in.

And you will have to turn it off when you take it out otherwise it will continue to send images to the neural net at the back of your eye and that could be disorienting.

It-it-it can work, outside of me?



[computer beeps]

Excuse me. Franklin, go.

(Sheridan) 'Doc, can you swing by my office in about an hour?'

'I need to talk to you about a few things.'

'And bring Marcus with you.'

Will do.

Yes, very interesting indeed.


What the-- Don't...even, ask.


(Delenn) 'Yes?'

It's me. Uh, I heard you wanted to see me.

I was just on my way to..


Where did you say you were going?

I was, uh..

I was just going to..


Nowhere that can't wait for a little while.

Is there some occasion I should know about?

No, I just thought when I finish getting ready you could join me for dinner.

We haven't gone out for dinner in a very long time.

It, um..

...also occurred to me..

As I told you, it is tradition for Minbari to spend three nights together. The female--

Watches, and the male sleeps until his true face is revealed, I know.

Uh, whatever you see in a face mashed against a pillow and drooling, I don't know, but, uh I try not to be judgmental about alien cultures when they are dressed like that.

But what does this have to do with, um..

Our first night together was on the White Star.

Our second, in your quarters before you left for Z'ha'dum.

If we are going to be complete you owe me a third night.


Um, that's-that's gonna be a bad time.

I've got late meetings.

I can wait.

Something is up, isn't it?


I'm going back to Minbar tomorrow.

I may be there for some time.

Anything serious? If I can help, I--

No, no, just some old business I must attend to, but, uh..

It may, uh, take me away from here for some time.

It matters to me a great deal that we finish this, John.


I'll, uh..

I'll be here at, uh, 7:00 for dinner.

I'll, uh, I'll see you then.

[instrumental music]

For the past couple of weeks President Clark's been beating the crap out of us with his propaganda war.

The problem with the big lie is that if you repeat it long enough people start to believe it and we can't let that happen.

So, we're gonna have to start going against him sooner than we thought.

You know that's what they want.

They're trying to provoke us into moving before we're ready.

I know, but if we wait too long we won't be able to move at all.

They'll have wiped out whatever credibility we have left.

And this quarantine is making things even more difficult for us.

I mean, with all direct traffic to earth cut off every signal being intercepted.

I mean, we are blind, deaf, and stranded.

Well, if we can't go through them, let's go around them.

Establish some alternate lines of communication and transit.


And that's where you two come in.

I need you to meet with our allies in the Mars colony.

Start coordinating things make sure they are ready to help and then let them know where we stand.

Now, I'd prefer to do this myself but they've got my face on every wanted poster from here to Proxima Centauri.

Well, why us?

Because the resistance will need to know they're dealing with someone credible.

And you can represent the command staff without drawing too much attention.

Now, Marcus here will go along as a bodyguard.

It's gonna be a very long trip.

With all direct shipping routes cut off we'll have to take the long way around.

Change ships every other day to prevent anyone from becoming suspicious.

I figure it's gonna take two, two an a half weeks each way.

Better get going.

I've uploaded the information on your contacts in the resistance in your personal files.

Now don't tell anyone where you're going.

I trust our people, but let's not push our luck.

Any questions?


I'll see you when you get back.


Captain. Hm.

I saw that report on ISN about your father being missing.

Now, I know Mars is a long way away but, uh, since we're there I-I thought I could, ask some questions.


Our resources are spread thin enough as it is.

I won't use them for personal inquiries.

That's why they broadcast that information.

They've probably got Nightwatch all over town.

If our people show up, they'll be arrested, interrogated..

[sighs] No.

Sheridans are survivors, always have been.

If they had my dad, they'd have said so found some way to use him against me.

But they didn't.

So it means he's still free.

But we can't afford to waste any more time, Steven for his sake and ours.

Good luck.

[instrumental music]

I wondered if you were going to leave without telling me.

My place.. at your side, Delenn.

Not tonight. Always.

If you go, you will learn things about me that may change your opinion of me.

Delenn, I have pledged myself to your side come fire or storm or darkness or death.

Can understanding be a greater danger?

In this case..


They're waiting for us.

[instrumental music]

[bells chiming]

Delenn, you understand why you have been brought here to stand before your clan?

I do.

In the long history of our world no Minbari has ever taken an off-worlder as lover or mate.

It has been forbidden since our people first made contact with other species.

Without consultation or approval from the other members of your own clan

'you made yourself genetically compatible with the humans' and have now embraced one of them as a prospective mate.

This has caused us concern.

I must follow the calling of my heart.

What affects only you is your decision but not if it affects the history and laws and rules of our society.

We must determine if it is the calling of your heart or something else.

What else could there be?

That is what we must discover.

We have gathered the leaders of your clan to hear your case.

You will tell us why you should be allowed to continue on the path you have chosen.

If we decide to end your relationship with the human you must give us your word that you will honor our decision.

I will abide by the decision of my clan.

We are not trying to be cruel, Delenn.

We want to help you understand yourself.

Why you have done this and if it is truly the right thing for you and for our world.

If I say I love him.. that not enough?

No, you must convince us on other grounds.

But what other grounds could there be?

If you set the rules and you have already decided that this is wrong what hope do I have of convincing you?

That is what you must discover.

You may find you have reasons for what you are doing that you do not even realize.

You may even find that they are the wrong reasons.

It will be difficult but what you have asked us to accept is equally difficult.

It will begin by purifying your thoughts.

You will enter the dreaming.

We will speak again when you emerge.

Is there a second who will stay with her through the dreaming protect her and guide her?

I will.

Then we will prepare the whisper gallery.

[bells chiming]

[instrumental music]

[door clatters]


You have..

...entered the dreaming before?

Only once..

Before I joined the Grey council.

I was protector..

...and guide for another.



He, who was the greatest of us.

I was an Acolyte.

I was inexperienced.

I was terrified.

[instrumental music]

I am alive.

I'm sorry, master, I..

...I didn't mean to intrude.

You were not breathing, and..

Of course I was.

Sit beside me.

What was your name, child?




Of the family of Mir?

Yes, master.

You have a proud heritage, Delenn of Mir prouder than you know.

There is nothing to fear in the dreaming only that which we bring with us.

The dreaming takes us forward and the dreaming takes us back.

Walk with me in the dreaming, Delenn.

[music continues]







Delenn, I'm here, Delenn.

I won't leave you.

No matter what?

(Lennier) No matter what.

[instrumental music]


Master? Come with me.

[instrumental music]

Have you ever before stood in the presence of the Grey Council, Delenn?

No, master.

And do you consider yourself their equal in wisdom judgment, maturity, and intelligence?

No. No, of course not.

Master, if I said or did anything--

You will speak when you are addressed.

For two days we have been debating an issue of some small importance.

We have from time to time heard of a race, known as humans.

The Centauri have had dealings with them for some time.

They're reportedly primitive, passionate..


The question.. we establish contact with these humans?

They have each said no all for different reasons.

Would you like to hear them?

Perhaps another might be better suited to.

The correct answer is yes.


The worker caste fears their position will be weakened by more sources of food and alien artifacts.

The religious caste is worried about the impact of strange, primitive ideas.

And the warrior caste says we should have nothing to do with violent, inferior cultures they are a waste of our time and resources.

What do you say?

I'm, I'm not qualified to judge.

You are an Acolyte ten years out of temple with a head full of notions.

You have been trained to think and believe.

Now put them to work.

Step into the circle and answer my question.

Valen said

"The greatest enemy is the one you do not know.

"You can predict the actions of those

"who are familiar to you.

"The one you cannot predict is the one who can harm you."

And what do you say?

If we do not know these humans then they're a mystery to us.

If the universe puts a mystery in front of us as a gift politeness requires that we at least try to solve it.


You're curious.

You'd like to know to simply understand.

Simple curiosity.

Ministers and counselors and warriors..

...and not one of you has the sense of curiosity of a simple Acolyte.

Are you so jaded, so superior, so smug in your complacency that you have lost the simplest of joys that of the child and the closed box?

Leave me.

Continue your meditations.

We'll discuss this again tomorrow.

[instrumental music]

You look as if you've been terrified into another and better incarnation.


Walk with me.


...may I ask a question?

Will you make contact? No.

The council will be even more determined now.

I could override their decision, but nothing would be served.

Authority should never be used as a club, Delenn.

But then why?

When others do a foolish thing you should tell them it is a foolish thing.

They can still continue to do it but at least the truth is where it needs to be.

They will be most upset with you now.

You have embarrassed them.

I apologize for that.

In my anger, I believe I may have caused you more problems in the future.

No, no, master.

It was an honor.

Don't interrupt when I'm being kind.

It does not happen often, Delenn.

Raise your eyes and look at me.

It is disrespectful.

I cannot have an aide who will not look up.

'You will be forever walking into things.'

Your aide?

Your spirit is strong.

And since I have now alienated everyone else who would be your mentor?

I will teach you myself.

We'll begin your training tomorrow after the council has once again explained its wisdom to me.

(Dukhat) 'Where this will all end, I don't know.'

'But there are still many years'

'ahead of us in which to find out.'

'I suspect the journey'

'will be a curious and fascinating one.'

'It always is.'

(Delenn) 'I am become Grey.'

I stand between the darkness..

...and the light.

Between the candle..

...and the star.

I was passing by on my way to sleep.

But I wanted to congratulate you again on being accepted into the Grey Council.

I am very proud of you, Delenn.

You've come so far.

Thanks to you.

Everything I am everything I shall ever be I owe to you.

I'm not so sure.

You seem troubled. Why?

When I touched the Triluminary it glowed briefly.

From your reaction may I assume that it hasn't done that before?

It confirmed something I've have suspected for some time.

The Triluminaries were a gift from Valen.

They came to us from long ago a thousand years in our past.

There is a story that they also came to us from a time far in our future.

Until today, I wasn't sure.

Now that you are with the Grey Council you should know I did not choose you by accident.

There was a purpose in my selection.

Your heritage..

That's strange.


[bells chiming]

What is it?

We detected these alien ships approaching our space.

I've never seen those markings before, who are they?

'Unknown, master.' I believe they are the humans.

I have investigated them on my own.

They have tried to contact us but we do not understand their language.

As is our custom, we are approaching with gun ports open.

By whose order?

Master, that is the tradition of the warrior caste.

A gesture of strength and respect.

They can see our weapons, they can see we approach them open-handed.

Master, there.

Soul Hunters.

Soul Hunters come, only where there's great death.

Close the gun ports. If we do not provoke them..




Somebody, help me!

Help me!

[indistinct chatter]


Delenn, we need to strike back but the council is divided.

Do we follow them back to their base and take revenge or do we wait, try to find out what happened?

'Yours is the deciding vote, Delenn.'

He was the best of us.

They struck without provocation.

There was no reason.



They deserve no mercy.

Strike them down!

Follow them to their base and and kill them, all of them!

All of them!

No mercy!

No mercy!

No mercy! No mercy!

Then it was your order that began our war with the humans.


The council was divided.

Mine was the deciding vote.

They killed Dukhat.

I was furious.

I never knew myself capable of such rage.

All I could see was death.

Is this what you were afraid I would see?

Then you were not thinking clearly, Delenn.

The fault is not yours.

The humans misinterpreted the gesture of respect.

They thought it to be a prelude to an attack.

You were..

The one who gave the order.

Nothing can change that, Lennier.

Our brothers?


They have been avenged, at least in part.

The greater debt will be paid soon.

Word of the attack has spread throughout Minbar.

Our people have gone mad with grief and rage.

We told them no mercy.. they showed us no mercy.

No mercy..

...but perhaps wisdom.

Are you changing your vote, Delenn?

I was enraged, grief stricken.

I didn't consider my words.

Both sides have now endured great loss.

Perhaps there is time to avoid even greater loss.

We can at least try to speak to them.

Find another way. It's too late.

It's a holy war now, Delenn.

It has taken on a life of it's own.

We are a world gone mad and it is only our rage that gives us purpose any longer.

That rage cannot be stopped it can only exhaust itself in blood!

He was right.

We should have made contact with the humans.

A moment of rage.

I have spent the last ten years of my life trying to make up for it.

And that is why you have agreed to become one with Sheridan.

You're still grieving for your actions still guilty over the death of so many humans trying to atone for your mistake.

You cannot believe that.

Not after we've been through so much.

You've seen. Yes, I have.

And, no, I do not believe it but we cannot lie about the dreaming.

And when we tell them what the dreaming has shown us this is what they will say and that is what they will believe.

But why would the dreaming show me this of all things?

Why this?

The dreaming is finished.

You must rest now.

In the morning you will tell us what you have seen.

Then we will render our decision.

[instrumental music]

I cannot have an aide who will not look up.

(Dukhat) You have a proud heritage, Delenn of Mir.

Prouder than you know.

You should know I did not choose you by accident.

Somebody, help me!

Help me!

Somebody, help me!

Help me!

There was a purpose in my selection.

Your heritage.

[intense music]



Delenn, what are you doing?

Going back. This cannot be allowed!

The dreaming is over.

We must now wait until morning.

No, we are going back, and you are going with us.

Do you want to see? Do you want to know the truth?

Then come and see, touch and feel what I have seen.

Then you'll understand.

[dramatic music]

This is not as things are done, Delenn.

You know this.

Take it.

There's nothing to fear in the dreaming.

Only that which we bring with us.

Walk with me in the dreaming, Callenn.


Somebody, help me!

Help me!

[indistinct chattering]

(Delenn) I could not hear him then.

This is what the dreaming wanted me to see.

Listen. Listen.

There was a purpose in my selection.

Your heritage.


You are..

...a child of Valen.


Did you hear?

I heard.

A child of Valen.

Did you get the records?

The guards resisted at first.

The Grey Council has disbanded but their security remains.

I managed to explain matters to them.

They will recover in time.

Many of our records were lost during the last great war a thousand years ago but some were kept in the archives of the Grey Council.

This proves what I suspected.

Do you wish to see?

Delenn, I-I'm not sure I understand.

Valen, who created the Grey Council defeated the Shadows.

A Minbari not born of Minbari we know was Jeffrey Sinclair, a human who became Minbari genetically altered by the Triluminary he received from Epsilon III.

Little is known of his activities after the war.

Even his death remains a mystery.

His body never found.

But Dukhat knew.

Dukhat had seen these records.

We knew that after his change human and Minbari souls began to merge.

But that was not all that merged.

Valen was still partly human as I am partly Minbari.

After the war, Valen married and had children.

They left Minbar to escape those who would persecute them.

After Valen died, his children returned to Minbar.

They married and had more children.

Human DNA entered into our race.

And over a thousand years how many of our people carry his legacy?

They cannot be counted.

You knew, didn't you?

You would destroy the purity of our race!

I could not let it happen again!

But our race is not pure!

Many of our people carry human DNA in our blood and in our cells.

I'm one of them.

That's why the Triluminary glowed when I touched it.

It was programmed for Sinclair's DNA and a trace of that is still within me.

That will be my defense.

If I am not pure Minbari it doesn't matter if I marry Sheridan.

My children will never be pure Minbari either way so there is nothing to lose.


Delenn, I beg of you if others knew of this it would cause great confusion.

It must remain secret for the good of everyone.

You demanded, I show you a reason.

I have done so.


'There is another way.'

It was our tradition, long ago when we still warred amongst ourselves..

...after the war was over each side would give one of its own to the other in marriage.

The victorious side gave a female of its clan to the one that lost that suffered the most deaths

'as a symbol of life and hope.'


I...can explain this to our people as a similar offering to the humans who died during our war.

You are willing to pledge yourself as a symbol of life.

It is a great sacrifice I imagine.

[instrumental music]

Hey. John.

What, what are you doing here?

Well, I just I-I heard that your ship was docking and I wanted to make sure you were on it.

I'll go and see to our things, Delenn.


Well, is everything alright back home?

Did you take care of whatever was you where going to deal with?

Yes. Everything's fine now.


And you're still not going to tell me what it was, are you?

Anything happen while I was gone?

Ah, not much.

Franklin and Marcus are still on route to Mars.

Been about a week.

Have you heard from them recently?

Not in about three days.

But we figured they'd be out of touch, though.

Knowing those two guys, probably stopping off to see the sights

'turn it into a real vacation.'

Is this really the best ship you could find?


Smells like the inside of a Martian pleasure dome on Sunday morning.

Wouldn't know about that.

Look, don't make me come over there and take that thing from you.

Helps me relax.

Marcus, this is the kind of conversation that can only end in a gunshot.

Would you like me to sing instead?


You haven't heard me. Marcus, please.

♪ I am the very model of a modern Major General ♪

♪ I've information vegetable animal and mineral ♪

♪ I know the Kings of England ♪

♪ And I quote the fact historical ♪

♪ From Marathon to Waterloo ♪

♪ In order categorical ♪

♪ I'm very well acquainted too with matters mathematical ♪

♪ I understand equations.. ♪♪

♪ I am the very model of a modern Major General ♪

♪ I've information vegetable animal and mineral ♪

♪ I know the Kings of England ♪

♪ And I quote the fact historical ♪

♪ From Marathon to Waterloo ♪ in order categorical ♪

♪ I'm very well acquainted too with matters mathematical ♪

♪ I understand equations ♪

♪ About the simple and quadratical ♪

♪ About binomial theorem I'm teaming with a lot of news ♪

♪ With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse ♪

♪ Very cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse ♪

♪ Many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse ♪

[Franklin screams]

♪ I'm very well acquainted to it.. ♪♪

'Cut.' 'What! [bleep]'