Babylon 5 S5E15 Script

Darkness Ascending (1998)

[intense music]

(Franklin) Michael?

We needed you. We couldn't stop him.

We needed you.


[man laughing]

Who's out there?

Who did this? Who are you? Who are you?

Who's out there?

[man laughing]

Nobody. Yes, yes, yes.

'We did it all by ourselves.'

It's not true. It's, it's not true.

Oh, don't fight it.

No, you're not gonna win.

The more you fight it, the stronger it gets.




What are you doing here?

I've decided to stop hiding what the Vorlons did to me.

I'm testing to see what I can do.

How far I can go.

I had no idea.

You shouldn't have woken up.

This is just a dream.

This never happened.



[door opens]

Don't move.

Is that any way to welcome the love of your life, Michael?

(Kosh) And so it begins.

There is a hole in your mind. What do you want?

(G'Kar) No one here is exactly what he appears.

(Sinclair) Nothing's the same anymore.

(Hague) Commander Sinclair is being reassigned.

(Lorien) Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn Homeworld?

(Elric) I see a great hand reaching out of a star.

(Sebastian) Who are you?

(female #1) President Clark has signed a decree today, declaring--

(Sheridan) These orders have forced us to declare independence.

Unless your people get off their encounter-suited butts and do something..

(male #1) You're the one who was.

(Kosh) If you go to Z'ha'dum you will die.

(Lorien) Why are you here?

Do you have anything worth living for?

(Delenn) I think of my beautiful city in flames.

(Sheridan) Giants in the play ground.

Now, get the hell out of our galaxy .

We are here to place President Clark under arrest.

[theme music]

[music continues]


How did you get in here?

You gave me a copy of your passcode back on Mars, remember?

Right after you said, "Listen, hon

"I'm just going to Babylon 5 for a few weeks.

"Gonna help them get the place in shape.

"Then I'm coming right back.

"Meanwhile, you ever want to come and see me here's a key to my place."

I figured I'd surprise you.

Didn't think I'd scare you out of a year's growth.

Oh. I'm alright.

You didn't, uh..

...see anyone just leave here, did you?

No, why?

Was there another woman in here with you?


I sure as hell hope not.

So, uh, what are you doing here?

Would you stop being a detective long enough to stop asking questions and say hello properly?




So, what are you doing here?

Why do I need a reason?

It's been a long time, and I missed you.

I wanted to see you.

You look like hell, Michael. I was asleep.

You're usually up a hell of a lot earlier than this or I wouldn't have just walked in.

Are you feeling okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. I was..

I was going to get up in a little while..

...about an hour.

An hour?


Plenty of time.


(man on radio) 'This is C and C. Is Ambassador Delenn present?'


'Message from Lennier on a secure channel.'

'Do you wish to accept?'

Alright, send it to me here.

'Stand by.'




I wanted you to know.

There have been three more attacks on Alliance ships in this area in the last six days.

Any survivors?

'No. No survivors, witnesses, or evidence.'

The attacks continue to be random.

They're impossible to predict, but..

...I may have something.

Twenty hours prior to each attack we've intercepted coded Centauri signals.

Now I've yet to determine their location.

Or their destination.

But I believe they may be instructions for the attacks.

They can be many things.

We need proof, Lennier.

Do you think you can decode the signal?

Yes, I-I, in time, I think I can, but..

...I only worry about how many other lives will be lost the longer it takes me.

Has Sheridan found out about my mission yet?

No. Fortunately, he has been too busy keeping the Alliance from falling apart.

As soon as we have proof that the Centauri are responsible for these attacks.

We will bring him into it.

I understand.

I should go now, Delenn.

Captain Montoya is expecting me on the bridge for the next training exercise.

Be careful, Lennier.

You're far too close to the Centauri border for my comfort.

I will.

Be well.


Now, I'm sorry, Ms. Alexander, but there's nothing we can do about it.

I'm just asking you to consider it.

Imagine the possibilities.

And all your company has to do is provide us with a long-range explorer ship capable of holding one or 200 telepaths.

Rogue telepaths.

Who will have an advantage no one else has ever had before.

Instant communication with each other and whatever life forms they happen to encounter.

We have had teeps on board other deep-range missions before.

It is not a new idea.

But the Psi Corps will only let you have one telepath per ship and only to help out during first contact.

Look, your ships keep to a tight schedule with only a few days at each new planet to determine its value.

With 200 telepaths spreading out around a planet learning its resources and culture you'd learn ten times what any other crew could learn in the same amount of time.

In exchange for?

If they find a livable planet with no other sentient life forms we get to form a colony of our own.


It's an interesting idea, but we're a big company, Ms. Alexander and we employ a lot of telepaths who belong to the Psi Corps.

Well, they have to be members of the corps or our insurance policy wouldn't cover their activities.

If I did what you asked well, I'd violate our contract with the Psi Corps and, and they could yank our people and, you know, it would put us at a substantial disadvantage.

We could get you all the telepaths you need.

But not the ones I want.

Look, I understand your desire to create a homeworld for telepaths.

I'm not unsympathetic.

But what you're asking is beyond the capabilities of my company..

...or any others.

You need someone with a lot more resources and no contractual obligations to the Psi Corps.

Good luck trying to find him.


[automated voice] 'BabCom unit standing by.'

Access public scheduling databank.

I wanna schedule an appointment for later this afternoon with one of the ambassadors.

[automated voice] 'Identification required.'

Ambassador G'Kar.

[automated voice] 'Stand by.'

And we've had another request from the Royal Court for information on the trade deals with the Alliance worlds.

They would like the report of the timetables and the shipments by today, if possible.

Oh, I'm sure they would.

They can wait.

Besides, what difference does it make to the Royal Court?

They've never shown any interest in this before.

I only carry the message.

I've given up trying to make sense of anything long ago.

Wise choice. What else?

Uh, well, let's see, uh..

Actually, nothing.

What do you mean nothing?

I thought I had an appointment with the Drazi minister of finance?

Well, it was canceled.

Very well, what about the, uh, the photo opportunity for the Gaim ambassador?

They've kept after us for months.

It was either today or tomorrow.

Canceled. Everything's canceled.

And you don't find this in the least peculiar?

Well, since the other members of the Alliance said that they would take no more meetings until the problem of the attacks are solved I, I just assumed that everything was postponed.

No. these are day-to-day practical needs that have to be cared for regardless of one's position with the Alliance.

Then why would they cancel then?

I don't know.

You'd think they don't trust us.

I don't think anyone trusts anyone right now, Londo.

You say that as if it were a bad thing.

No one really trusts anyone, Vir.

It is the natural order of things.

But until now, it has never interfered with business.

I find this very strange.

Well, on the other hand, you have the rest of the day free.

I mean, you can do whatever you want.

It has been so long since I heard those words.

I don't know what they mean anymore.

Well, you could go to the casino.

Gambling no longer has any appeal for me.

When every day is a risk cards and dice are not quite as interesting as they used to be.

Well, I'm sure you'll find something to occupy your time for the rest of the day.

So, go-good day, Londo.

[indistinct chatter]


(Garibaldi) 'Oh, great, thank you. You used up all the hot water.'

I did not.

'Oh, then why are there icicles hanging from my nose?'

It must be the altitude.

Or the attitude.

I'm going to make some tea. You want some?

(Garibaldi) 'Sure.'

I was thinking, and I've decided what you need most right now is a dose of normality.

So tonight, you have the honor of taking me out on a date.

How does that sound?

'Sounds fine. Hey, I know a great place.'

'They've only thrown me out twice so far.'

[instrumental music]

(Garibaldi) 'That will wake you up.'


'Hello? You're kind of quiet out there.'

You must've found something to watch on TV or..


I think we should talk about this, Michael.

I don't.


What, you come all the way from Mars just to bust my chops about that?

Come on, it's nothing.


This stuff ruined your life twice before.

It took years to put it all back together after the last time.

I was a different person back then, Lise, I..

Listen to me..

...back then, I had nothing, I was a mess.

I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know where I was going.

My life was completely screwed up.

So, yeah, yeah, I was out of control.

But the thing about drinking is one of us has got to be in control.

And if it's not gonna be me, it's going to be the booze.

I am not the same person that I was.

I've got a good job now.

I'm a war hero, if you can believe that.

I've got you.

Then why is it here?

When did you start drinking again?

A lot has happened in the last six months.

You wouldn't know the half of it.

I tried, but you never returned my calls.

It wasn't an accusation.

No, no, I didn't return your calls.

I'm sorry.

Lise, just, tr-try to understand that I..

...I have had my mind messed with by Bester.

I was captured by the Mars resistance and I was within an inch of being executed and there was nothing that I could do about it.

I'm sorry. I don't want you to be sorry.

I don't want anybody's pity. I don't need anybody's pity.

All I know is that I am tired of being controlled.

Controlled by others, by fear, by my past by what everybody else expects of me, and it's enough!

It is enough!

Now this this is my own private little act of rebellion, yeah.

I may not be able to control what other people do to me.

But I can at least be in control of what I do to myself.

So you don't mind going off the road as long as you're behind the wheel when it happens is that it?

I'm not going off the road this time.

I told you, I'm not the same person I was.

This time, I'm in charge.

Then show me.

While I'm here, no booze.

That'll make you happy?

Not entirely.

But it's a start.


It's not a problem.

[dramatic music]


There you are.

I thought you'd be getting some rest.

I will rest later.

What have you got there?

A possibility.

Captain, I've been thinking about the coded signals we've been intercepting from the Centauri.

So far, I've only been able to decode three words

"Do Not Reply."

It probably means they have a ship out there somewhere and they don't want anyone tracking the frequency to figure out where they're going.

That's what I was thinking, at first.

What if the signal was going from a Centauri ship to a base of some kind?

Good point.

A stationary base would be vulnerable.

So you wouldn't want it to reply and give away its location.

Even if you were right, what good does it do you?

If they don't reply, you can't track the signal.

You can't find the base.

That's what I was working on when you came in.

Communication in hyperspace is very difficult.

It requires a great amount of power.

To aid transmission, a large base would keep a tachyon sub channel or carrier wave going through the jump beacons at all times.

It's too faint to pick up normally but if you catch it at the exact moment that the larger signal comes through then theoretically, you could lock onto the signal and track it back to its source.

It looks as if your theory's going to stay just that.

This is from Babylon 5.

We've been recalled immediately.

Who gave the order? President Sheridan.

(Delenn) Why did you recall White Star 27?

Because I found out it was operating on the border of Centauri space without my knowledge.

As head of the rangers I have discretionary power over their assignments.

I placed them there as part of their training maneuvers.

And you assigned Lennier to the crew on a covert mission to spy on them.

Delenn, it's absolutely inappropriate of you to pull a stunt like that without telling me.

I cannot have you making-- You are right.


Oh, damn it, Delenn.

I have been working up a good mad all day and I'm not about to let you undercut it by agreeing with me.

It was inappropriate for me to assign Lennier to that part of space without informing you just as it was inappropriate for you not to assign him there.

I admitted mine with perfect honesty.

Now you can admit yours.

Absolutely not.

For starters, it's unnecessary.

We have plenty of patrols there already.

'Lennier knows more about the Centauri than any other ranger.'

He will catch things that the others would miss.

Further, he will not stop.

Will not slow down, will not give up until he has proved that the Centauri are behind these attacks.

He's the perfect candidate.

Oh, you're just saying that because he is your friend.

You're right.

He's my friend. It's also true.

And that is why you did not assign him to that area.

Isn't it?

I called you in here to confront you about using the rangers to gather covert information without telling me.

So why am I, all of a sudden, having to defend myself?

I did not tell you, so you would have deniability in case things went badly.

You're being defensive because I'm right.

You did not send him because he's my friend.

Delenn, listen, uh.. the last year or so, we have both lost people that we cared about.

You in particular.

I mean, Marcus, Neroon, others.

I just wanted to protect you, that's all.

(man on radio) 'Mr. President, call for you from White Star 27.'

Uh, put it through.

(man on radio) 'Stand by.'

Yes, captain, what is it?

Ranger trainee Lennier is missing.

'He apparently took out a fighter'

'shortly after we jumped to hyperspace' turning off launch base scanners to avoid detection.

We doubled back to look for him and found nothing.

Frankly, Mr. President, he could be anywhere.

[dramatic music]

(Lennier) 'Ship, continue recording of personal journal.'

I continue to track the path of the tachyon signal that will, I hope, lead to a hidden Centauri base.

I've discovered that the distance from that location to any rendezvous point is longer than my supply of oxygen unless extreme measures are taken.

I am thus entering a meditative state which will allow me to conserve air and energy.

I've programmed the ship to continue on autopilot and monitor our situation.

It will alert me if anything attempts to intercept us.

This will be my last recording for a while.

Recording off.

[automated voice] 'Confirmed.'

I only hope I'm right.

[dramatic music]

[doorbell beeping]


Hello, G'Kar.

Ah, Ms. Alexander.

A pleasure to see you again.

I've noticed you here and there since you got back but in all this time I don't think we've ever had a chance to sit and talk.

Oh, it's been crazy. And call me Lyta.

Of course. Please, sit.

Thank you.

How long is it since you and I sat like this?

Five years?

Summer, 2257.

Right around the time Ambassador Kosh came aboard.

Six years, by G'Quan, where does the time go?

Uh, as I recall, you made me a proposition.

If I gave you access to my DNA to help your people develop telepaths you would see to it that I was..

Oh, how did you put it? Um..

That I would be compensated, quite handsomely.

Yes, it was to be either a cloning of your genetic material or a..

A direct mating.


We never did find out what your pleasure threshold is.

But that was long ago.

What can I do for you now, Lyta?


Oh, well, I don't know how long that offer was good for but...I just wanted to tell you that I..

...accept your proposition.

Which part?

The part where I give you access to my genetic material.


(Lyta) 'Assuming you're still interested.'

We have been trying to reacquire the telepathic gene ever since our own telepaths were wiped out by the Shadows as a protection against their return.

The Shadows are gone now, but we remain one of the few races without telepaths.

Look, G'Kar, I'll give it to you straight.

In return for certain considerations you'll get not only my DNA sequence you'll get the DNA from as many telepaths as you want until you find the sequence that combines well enough with your DNA to let your people start breeding telepaths.

And what are these considerations?

Number one, money.

A lot of it deposited into a private account on Mars.

Number two, at least five deep-range starships.

They don't have to be top-of-the-line just enough to carry a couple hundred people.

Three we do this in absolute secrecy.

There I may have a problem.

As members of Sheridan's new Alliance we have certain obligations.

I've been told that each world's internal affairs are considered private.

This is about as internal an affair as I can think of.

Think it over, G'Kar.

When you're ready to talk you know where to find me.

[door opens]

Oh, and you mentioned wondering what my pleasure threshold is.

I just recently found out..

...I don't have one.

Have a very, very nice day, G'Kar.

[door closes]


[indistinct chatter]

(Garibaldi) So, did I lie about the view?

(Lise) No, it's beautiful.

(Garibaldi) Just like you.

Do you come here often?

Sir? Thank you.

Uh, no, not in, uh, three, four years.

Last time when I was here it was me, Ivanova, and Sinclair.

We were celebrating his engagement to a surveyor named Catherine Sakai.

That same night, though, President Santiago was assassinated and I got shot in the back and nearly killed.

Next thing I know, Sinclair was gone.

Sakai, she disappeared over a year ago.

Now Ivanova's gone, and Franklin's heading back to Earth at the end of the year.

You know, sometimes I feel like the last soldier on the battlefield.

I'm looking around, and I'm wondering where the hell did everybody go?

Well, for a little while, at least.

It'll be good to have you back on Mars.

Ever since I inherited William's Corporation I've been trying to get up to speed.

But there are some things there I just don't understand.

And some of it worries me.

How did Sheridan react when you told him?

You know, the last time I was here they had this, uh Sirloin that was made from soybeans fake.

It's usually not very good.

But if you get them to cook it just right, it--

Michael? Yeah.

Did you tell them yet?


No. Look, I was just waiting for the right time.

Just in time.

Sir, and madam, would you care for anything to drink?

The house wine, whatever you've got as long as it's red.

Of course. Sir?

Uh, I'll just have some coffee.

I see. Coffee for after dinner.

And would you like anything to drink?


'No, I think sir misunderstands me.'

'Would you like anything to drink?'

Why don't you just get me a damn cup of coffee?



Is it me? Did I miss something?

Did I misunderstand something?

I mean, I could have sworn you said that you were coming here to help me relax to unwind, get rid of some of the tension.

Why do I feel like blowing my brains out?

You tell me.

I...don't want to have this conversation anymore.

Now why don't you and I just..

...have a romantic, quiet evening just the two of us?

And then we'll go back to my quarters and we'll make up for all that time that we've been missing.

What do you say?




What's wrong?

That is the worst cup..

I'll be right back.

Where are you going? This will just take a minute.

I see we were talking about the same thing after all.

And from now on, I will bring the, um special coffee, if that is what sir wants.



(man on radio) 'White Star 27'

'on the line for you, sir.'

Put him through.

(man on radio) 'Stand by.'

Montoya, what's the situation?

White Stars 7, 12, and 14 have been assisting us in a full-scale search for Lennier's fighter.

We found nothing.

Keep looking.

There's something else.

Minbari fighters are intended for short-range combat strike and return.

'They carry an emergency air supply'

'just in case they're left behind during a battle.'

Under normal conditions that can sustain a pilot for 36 hours.

It has now been almost 48 hours since Lennier took off.

'Now, it's possible to extend that period'

'by entering a state of meditation'

'to lower heartbeat and respiration.'

'That's part of their training.'

'And Lennier is very good at it.'

'Even so'

I wanted you to know because even under optimum conditions if he has not already run out of air he should be out anytime now.

[automated voice] 'Ship detected on approach vector'

'coming up from behind.'

'Angle of deflection indicates it is following'

'the tachyon stream.'


Engage full stealth mode.

[automated voice] 'Stealth mode confirmed.'


...ten degrees.. beacon.


...and allow the ship to pass.

[automated voice] 'Confirmed.'

Ship. S-ship.


As they pass..

...move up alongside.

Prepare to attach and sustain.

[automated voice] 'Confirmed.'

[dramatic music]


[automated voice] 'Attachment successful.'

'Refreshing oxygen supply from partner vessel.'

'Warning. Jump point forming.'

[dramatic music]

It was wrong of me to be upset with you when all of this came out.

You did what you thought was right under the circumstances.

An-and it was the right thing to do, Delenn.

I mean..

...of all the other rangers he was the right choice.

The logical choice.

I mean, you had no way of knowing.

'It is not your fault.'

He's not dead.


''s been over three days now.'

'His air would have run out--'

He's not dead until I see a body.

[instrumental music]


(Vir) 'Londo?'

[Londo groaning]

(Vir) 'Londo?'


What? What is it?

(Vir) 'You've got a message from the Homeworld.'

'They say it's urgent.'

Alright. In a minute.




What? What is it?

Mollari, our sources on the Drazi Homeworld and elsewhere have led us to conclude that Sheridan's people are attempting to blame us for the recent attacks on alliance shipping lanes.


'We believe'

'they are even willing to'

'fabricate evidence to that effect.'

No, I don't believe it. I know Sheridan.

He would never do that.

But that cannot be said for others.

Remember, the Narns are also members of the alliance and they have access to many of the ships and weapons we left behind on their Homeworld.

More than enough to fool others into believing we were involved.

You're saying G'Kar?


But many of his people consider him too close to us and have not informed him of their intentions.

'You must do everything you can to stop them' from blaming our people for these attacks.

If they attempt to move against us..

...we will fight back.

'This could be the first step towards war.'

[doorbell beeping]

(G'Kar) Yes?

[door opens]

You wanted to see me, G'Kar?


I have spoken with my government.

They will agree to your terms.

We will give you support and money even a couple of ships in exchange for access to telepath DNA with one stipulation.

They have asked me to ask you if you would be willing to have your people listen in on the thoughts of the other ambassadors from time to time and report in on what you find.

That's the condition?

That's the condition.

Then I'm gonna have to decline.

I've decided there's a lot of things I can do that I didn't think I could before.

But this?

There's still a little bit of decency left in me, G'Kar.

Even if it means blowing the deal I can't do this.

I'm sorry I wasted your time.

(G'Kar) 'Lyta, wait.'

There is no such condition.

I wanted to see how far you would go.

'If you had said yes, then there would be no deal' because I could not trust you.

No was the right answer.

Then we have a deal?

We have a deal.

[instrumental music]


[dramatic music]

[automated voice] 'Warning. Jump engines activated.'

Open all frequencies. Monitor and record.




(male #2) 'We surrender. Please. We've done nothing.'

'Take whatever you want, but please'

'we've got children onboard.'

'Don't you understand?'

'We've got children onboard. We've..'



[automated voice] 'Jump engines activated.'

Ship, stand by to disengage.

As soon as they're ready to jump move us into the field of debris.

With luck, they won't notice us with so much else floating around.

[automated voice] 'Confirmed.'



Did we get all of that?

[automated voice] 'Confirmed. Full video and audio records online.'

Send a distress signal.

[automated voice] 'Confirmed.'

'Will pilot be entering another meditative state'

'to conserve air supply?'


I think..

I think I will watch.

And pray for a while.

And we're en route to Babylon 5 at top speed.

We estimate our arrival at 0900 tomorrow morning, your time.

'Should I notify Ambassador Delenn?'

No. I'll tell her myself.

Thank you, captain.


Tell me what?

They found Lennier's fighter.

He's alive, Delenn.

He could barely stand up by the time they got him out but he's alive.

He found the proof we were looking for.

Of course.

As I said, I..

...I knew he would.

Excuse me.

[instrumental music]




Are you alright?

[music continues]


What is this for?

I have never done that in all the time you and I have been here.

And, uh, I think very soon we will never have another chance.

[music continues]

[indistinct chatter]

Greetings, Entil'Zha Delenn.

Oh, Lennier.


I should, um..

I should be very upset with you for disobeying a direct order.

But, uh, I have decided to overlook it for now.

Mr. President.

You did well, Lennier.

Thank you.

We live for the one. We die for the one.

Do you have the recordings?

Thank you.

Well, you should get some sleep. You've had a hard few days.

I will. Thank you.

Entil'Zha Delenn. Lennier.

[indistinct chatter]

You know, we have worked months to get this information.


And now that I have it a part of me wants to throw it through an airlock.

I was hoping we were wrong, Delenn.

Damn it. But I was hoping we were wrong.

So was I.

But now that we know the truth we have an obligation to follow where it leads.

I'll pass the word to the rest of the ambassadors.

Call for a closed session first thing tomorrow to consider the evidence.

Mr. President. Delenn.

I, uh, heard you were looking for me.

Yes, I was. I want you to get ahold of Stephen and G'Kar.

Meet me in my quarters in one hour.

I have something I wanna show you.

And after that..

...we're going to need you

'like we've never needed you before.'

Now, this catalog of various biologies will not be used for warfare, I assume?

Now, why does everyone ask that? No, it will not..

Londo, I need to speak with you for a moment.

In a minute, Vir. I am speaking to the doctor.

But this is very, um, important.

I'm sorry, doctor.

Well, Vir, what is it?

Delenn and Sheridan have called for a council meeting first thing tomorrow morning.

And since they said there would be no more meetings until they found out who was behind these attacks they must have found something.

Yes, well, it does not necessarily mean they will implicate us.

The minister's information could be wrong.

But I suppose we'll find out tomorrow, hm?

That's the point, Londo.

Everyone's been invited except you.

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, I don't like this.

I don't like this at all.

This is going to be bad.

[indistinct chatter]

[door opens]

Michael, good. I was wondering what was taking you so long.

I was thinking I could make--

Leave. What?

I want you to leave just as quick as you can.

Next transport out. The sooner the better.

No, I knew I shouldn't have eaten at that restaurant.

Every time I do, something awful happens.

What? You're not making any sense.

I want you to get out of this part of space and back home just as fast as you can.

Because, barring an act of God and since I don't believe in God that kind of narrows the odds a bit by this time tomorrow we're going to be at war with the Centauri.

[theme music]