Babylon 5 S5E22 Script

Sleeping in Light (1998)

(Garibaldi) The Interstellar Alliance based on the Homeworld of the Minbari Federation was founded in the Earth year 2261 shortly after the end of the Shadow War..

...20 years ago.

20 years of history.

Those of us who survived have seen it all.

And those of us who understand have been waiting and dreading the arrival of this day.

(Lorien) Step into the abyss..

...and let go.

What if I die?

I cannot create life but I can breathe on the remaining embers.

It may not work.

But I can hope.

(Lorien) Hope is all that we have.

His life-force must be replenished.

I give of myself to replenish him..

...for a little while.

(Delenn) How long?

In human terms, barring injury and illness perhaps 20 years, but no more than that.

And then, one day, he will simply..


[breathing heavily]

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I just, ahem, need to get a little air, that's all.

You go back to sleep.

(Delenn) 'Hello.'

Well, I thought you were going back to sleep.

I decided to go out in search of the same air molecules you were looking for.

On the theory that if they were good enough to lure you out of our bed I should investigate my competition.

[chuckles] You've never had competition.

It's a pretty night.

Yes, it is.

I just wanna sit here..

[sighs] the sun come up.

It occurred to me that in all my time here I've never done that.

I wanna know what it looks like when it comes up over the horizon.

So I can carry a picture of it in my head.

You had the dream again?

It's the third night in a row.

I know.

It's possible that it may not mean what you think.


It does.

It was...20 years ago that I died on Z'ha'dum.

Lorien said that he could extend my life 20 years, no more.

I'm almost out of time, Delenn.

I can feel it in my blood, in my bones.

Just a little further to go..

...time enough.

Do you want me to send the messages?

Yes, send them.

The sun is coming up.

[instrumental music]

And at 2:00, you're scheduled to attend the opening of Memorial Park.

Most of the joint chiefs will be there and they'd like you to say something.

The usual about the sacrifices of our brave men and women young people saving the world for those who would follow..

Yadda-yadda-yadda, you can do it in your sleep.

(Ivanova) 'I have.'

This evening, there's a reception for the new ambassador from Narn, formal dress.

We'll have the press corps there just in case anyone says anything interesting.

[Ivanova chuckles] 'Like that's gonna happen.'

Well, it's a good photo opportunity.

I'm tired of them.

But, general, you're an important person.

I feel like an old war-horse trotted out after a parade so all the kids can point at it.

Besides, nobody gives a damn about anything I have to say.

Why should they? I certainly don't.

You're being much too modest. No, I'm not.

And if I hear one more patronizing

"Pat her on the head and everything will be fine" word out of your mouth, I'll kick your..

I'm sorry, general. He insisted on barging in.

I have a message.

I told him you were in a meeting.

Who from? I think you know.

I told you before, if a ranger shows up I want him brought to me immediately, no delays.

I was just following protocol, general.

'There's a time and a place and a way of doing things.'

'Frankly, I don't much care for'

'the attitude of some of these rangers.'

Thank you.

Thank you.

Tell him I'm on my way.

On your way where? Minbar.

I want a shuttle fueled and ready to go in 15 minutes.

[instrumental music]

[knock on door]

(Vir) 'What?'

Majesty, we've just received a courier from Minbar.


Majesty, we've just received a courier from Minbar.

I see.

I'm sorry.

Tell the prime minister to cancel all my appointments for the next several days.

But you didn't even read what the note says.

I don't have to. I already know.

[instrumental music]


Lousy Dodgers.

Please, Uncle Stephen, just one more game?

Just one, just one, come on. No. Not a chance.

But the interschool tennis match is tomorrow.

I have to practice.

Ohh! We already played three sets.

Ohh! Michael, this kid of yours is trying to kill me.

And they said the younger generation doesn't have goals.


Alright, come on, take it easy on your Uncle Stephen.

He's, he's old and decrepit.

He's led such a clean lifestyle he doesn't have the stamina to deal with life.

Now, I, on the other hand will be out in a minute to show you how the game is supposed to be played.

Uh-huh. Talk is cheap.

Let's see how you do on the court.

[chuckles] Go, go on! Get!


Oh, where's Lise?

I didn't get a chance to say good morning.

She's out shopping. She wanted to get an early start.

You know how nuts the stores get right before Independence Day.

Ahem. Comfortable? Yeah.

Oh. So..

How's the Edgars-Garibaldi empire doing today?

Oh. Stocks haven't moved up or down in over a week.

So you're steady. What's wrong with that?

Steady ain't sexy. Oh.

We need the capital to expand our resources back home.

And speaking of, when are you supposed to head back to Earth?

Booked a flight out tomorrow.

Well, hey, hey, that's the thing about being the chief of xenobiological research.

There's always another new alien virus coming off the next starship.

Well, I mean, you could at least stay around for Mary.

It's her first tournament, and the president can do without you for a few more days.

I can't, I mean, I just wanted to come by and see how you were doing, you know?

It's too long between visits.

I wanted to see Lise.

Dad? Yeah, hon?

There's someone here to see you.

Oh, yeah?

Thank you.

Is everything alright?

Yeah, fine, fine. Why don't you go on outside?

I'll be out there in just a minute, okay?

[instrumental music]

[sighs] Is that what I think it is?

Sheridan's dying.

[sighs] He wants us to come to Minbar for one last get-together before..

Well, before.

Alright, I'll call the office. They can wait.

Book a flight for one or two?

Well, Stephen, John and I may have had our differences in the past, but he is a good man and he's my friend.


[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]



Well, it's hard to..

I never understood what Lorien did to you or-or how the energy streams through your blood.

I, I don't know enough about them to make a completely accurate prognosis.

There's just too many variables.

Stephen...get to it.

How long have I got?

It's-it's hard to say exactly.

That's the point.

If I had to guess, I'd say, uh..

...four or five days, week at the outside.

[mellow music]

Done this sort of thing a 100 times and I still don't know what to say.

Well.. 'I'm sorry.'

How's Delenn taking it? Well, she's Minbari.

You know, sometimes I look at her and I know exactly what she's thinking.


...she's a mystery to me.

Oh, they're are a million years of difference between our cultures.

Try all you want you never completely overcome that, not in a 100 years, not in 20.

But she'll be okay.

She's a great council-in-training if not in fact anymore.

I don't think there's anything she can't handle.

John...I can come back.

No, no. I'm-I'm, I'm all done.

The others are waiting for me downstairs.

Well, you tell 'em I'll be right down.

And, Stephen.

Thank you.

John-- Did you get everything?

It-it took some doing. Uh-huh?

I believe it will be quite a party.

Well, that's exactly what I want, a celebration.

No sad smiles, no-no struggling for words.

John, John-- Shouldn't we get downstairs?

Can't keep our guests waiting.

Come on.

(Garibaldi) 'And him, him, he's got this drunk Pak'ma'ra.'

'He's got him on the deck and he's shaking him, saying'

"What did you do with the data crystal?

Where's the data crystal?"

Because, if you remember it was hidden inside..

A cat. A dead cat.

And he ate it.

And all of a sudden this Pak'ma'ra just goes, rraaaaaaa!

Just up all over him, it was the most horrible vile disgusting thing you'd ever seen in your life.

'And all John could do was stand there--'

You, you were no help at all. What?

He just stood there laughing his ass off.

It was funny.

Well, it was eating through my uniform.

And that was the funny part.

Where's my PPG?

Somebody get me a gun! Are you okay?

You know, Londo never liked the Pak'ma'ra.

I mean, they're stubborn, lazy, obnoxious, greedy.

Kind of look like an octopus that got run over by a truck.

That, too.

But one day, Londo and I were walking past their quarters and we heard them...singing.

Singing? They can sing?

Oh, there's nothing about that in the literature.

Apparently it's something they only do certain times of the year as part of their religious ceremonies.


You may not believe this but it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.

I-I couldn't make out the words but I knew that it was full of sadness and hope and wonder and a terrible sense of loss.

I-I looked at Londo and, this is the amazing part.

There was a tear running down his face.

I said, "Londo, we-we, we should leave.

I mean, this is upsetting you."

And...he just stood there and listened.

And when it was over, he turned to me and he said

"There are 49 Gods in our Pantheon, Vir.

"To tell you the truth, I never believed in any of them.

"But if only one of them exist

then God sings with that voice."


It's funny.

After everything we had been through all he did..

[mellow music]

...I miss him.

A toast.

To absent friends.. memory still bright.




Mar-- Marcus.

[music continues]


Susan, are you alright?

Yeah, I'm fine, I just..

I was just watching John.

You really can't tell by looking at him that he's..

...he's the same old John.

I cannot imagine how you're handling this.

We have had 20 years to talk about it and prepare.

I'm ready, as much as anyone can be ready.

But I'm going to miss him.

I'm going to miss him terribly, Susan.

So will I.

Is that why you were so quiet?

I've just..

I've buried so many friends, Delenn.

I'm beginning to resent it and I don't want to.

[sighs] It seems like some days..

...there's no one left to play with.

There's no joy anymore.

I don't know what I'm doing anymore or why.


I'm surprised that David's not here.

He's in a ranger training mission to Drazi space.

We'd interrupt his training but John doesn't want that.

The day he joined the rangers we agreed that he would not receive any special treatment.

No, no.

John's wish was to see his dear friends one more time the way they are.

And for David to remember his father the way he was, not..


There is something I need to talk to you about before you leave.


As you know, two years ago John refused to accept re-election to the presidency of the Interstellar Alliance.

But the committee chose me as his replacement.

My first instinct was to decline but John felt it was important to accept.

Well, he was right. You've done an excellent job, Delenn.


Since then, John dedicated most of his time to working with the rangers because I was now distracted.

When he..

...when he leaves us I will need someone to take his place as head of the rangers.

I would prefer a human in this role to maintain the balance we've created.

I was hoping you would consider the job.


Why me?

I know you're not happy with your responsibilities back home.

Here, you would have a chance to build something new answerable only to me. No politics, no bureaucracy.

Can I have some time to think about it?

Of course, all the time you need.

You're tired. No.

It's late. You should rest.

You're right.

Goodnight, Delenn.

Thank you for the offer ...for everything.

[mellow music]

John. Did you talk to her? well, do you think she will take it?

I think she might.

Where are the others?

They are putting Vir to bed which is where we should be.


[instrumental music]

I thought you would be asleep by now.

I'm not sleepy.

Do you know what tomorrow is?

In Earth time I mean.


When I was a kid every Sunday dad would take us out for a drive.

We never knew where we were going.

That was half the fun.

We'd just go.

He'd say, "Pick a direction."

And one of us would point we'd go.


Tomorrow is..

...Sunday, Delenn.

And I'm going out for a drive.



What about the others?

I'll-I'll leave early in the morning before they're up.

There's no point in waking them.

Mm, we had our time, said what we wanted to say.

Any more would... just get in the way.

I wanna feel space beneath me one last time.

It's where I belong.

It's where I've always belonged.

Besides, e-everything we've built here and with the Alliance..

...has, has become..

...half reality... half mythology.

And if it all ends here like it ends anywhere else..

...but if it ends out there..

...they'll remember it.

[mellow music]

It'll make it a little easier for you to keep the others in line.

Well, the other Minbari will approve.

Their idea of, of going to the sea and all-all that.

Always thinking strategy..

...even now.

Well, that's why you love me, isn't it?


There are many reasons..

...but that's not one of them.

One last thing..

Tomorrow there will be no talk of this.

I want it to be a good day...

...a happy day.

I want that.

I want it a great deal.

Then you will have it.

[music continues]

[instrumental music]



Good morning.

Good morning.

I haven't seen you in that in a long time.

It looks good. Thanks.

It feels a little snug in some places.

Must have shrunk while it was in storage.

Yes. I'm sure that must be it.

You look beautiful.

I'm told by a reasonably reliable source..

...that today is Sunday on the Earth calendar.

One dresses up on Sunday, does one not?

One does.

Have you been outside yet?

It's a pretty day.

The perfect day..

...for a Sunday drive.

It is..

...a perfect day.

The others will be awake soon.

If you go... you should go now while you still can.

[mellow music]


Goodnight, my love.

The brightest s-star in my sky.


To you..

...who were my sky..

...and my sun..

...and my moon.

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]



Commander William Nils, sir. I'm sorry.

No one told us you were coming.

Oh, it's alright. It's alright.

I was just in the neighborhood. Thought I'd stop in.

Where is everyone?

Well, there's just me, sir.

And the shut-down crew, and...a few others.

What shut-down crew? 'Oh, sorry.'

Uh, public announcement hasn't been made yet.

I think they're still working on the press release.

But since this place was turned back over to Earth Control a few years ago and what with the recent budget cutbacks and.. much of what Babylon 5 stands for being done now by the Alliance, well.. one comes here anymore, it's, heh..

...well, it's become sort of redundant.

[chuckles] Redundant.

Yes, sir. Hmm.

Earthdome says it's to be decommissioned and taken out.

Well, w-we can't just leave it here.

It would be a menace to navigation.

Of course.

Looks like we're still tied together, even now.


Nothing. Nothing.

Are, are you alright?

[mellow music]

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

I'm just tired. It was a long trip.

You're welcome to inspect the facilities.

I can have someone show you around.


I know the way, commander.


[music continues]

(Zack) Sheridan died trying to attack Z'ha'dum!

No one who goes there comes back alive!

We can end this!

Not just for now, not just for the next 1000 years but for ever!


We'll just stand together!

So you hear 'em too, huh?

Well, Zack!

[both laugh]

What the hell are you doing here?

I thought you went back to Earth.

Yeah, I did. Got bored.

Re-upped about six months ago.

I figure I'll be here till they turn the lights out.

Yeah. Well, that explains why the letter came back.

What letter? Ah, nothing. Nothing.

What was that you said about hearing them?

Ah, it's this place.

Quarter million people coming and going every day for 25 years.

Every part of this station has somebody's fingerprints on it.

Layers and layers of people's lives.

There were times..

...I thought none of us would get out alive.

Some of us didn't.

But...we did everything we said we were gonna do and nobody can take that away from us or this place.

So you staying for the ceremony?


Well, I figured that's why you came for the decommissioning ceremony.

No. No. I, uh, I can't stay.

I-I was just in the neighborhood.

Thought I'd stop in.

Well, I was just gonna get something to eat.

You wanna come with me?

And then, one day he will simply..


You okay?

I'm fine. Fine, Zack. Thanks.

You sure you don't wanna get something to eat?


Sure wish I could, but...I won't have time.

I just wanted to..

...come and have a last look around.

[instrumental music]

I should really be going.

Well, I'll walk you back to the docking bay.

Where you headed? Coriana system.

Where we won the Shadow war.

[both laugh]

[instrumental music]


...set course.

(automated message) 'Destination?'

Coriana VI.

Best speed.

[music continues]

(automated message) 'Approaching Coriana system.'

'Approaching Coriana system.'

Jump to normal space.

[mellow music]

(automated message) 'Warning. Pilot life sign's indicator entering danger zone.'

Monitors off.

Turn it all off.

There's too damn much noise.

[chuckles] Better.

[music continues]

(Lorien) Who are you? What do you want?

Why are you here?

'Where are you going?'


Did you think we had forgotten you?

We have been waiting for you.

Beyond the rim.


There's.. much I still don't understand.

As it should be.

Can I come back?

'No. This journey is ended.'

'Another begins. Time to rest now.'

[instrumental music]



...look at that.

The sun's coming up.

[music continues]

(Susan) An expedition to Coriana space found Sheridan's ship a few days later.

But they never found him.

All the air locks were sealed but there was no trace of him inside.

Some of the Minbari believe he'll come back someday but I never saw him again in my lifetime.

They're ready.


[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[switch clicks]

[music continues]


(Susan) Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations.

There would never be another.

It changed the future and it changed us.

It taught us that we have to create the future..

...or others will do it for us.

It showed us that we have to care for one another because if we don't, who will?

[music continues]

And that true strength sometimes comes from the most unlikely places.

Mostly, though I think it gave us hope that there can always be new beginnings..

...even for people like us.

As for Delenn..

...every morning for as long as she lived Delenn got up before dawn and watched the sun come up.

[instrumental music]

(female narrator) Funding for this program was made possible by grants from the Anla'shok Memorial Fund.

[theme music]