Babylon 5 S5E4 Script

A View from the Gallery (1998)


[link beeps]

Lochley, go.

(Corwin) 'We've got something on the long-range'

'hyperspace probes, captain.'

Is it them? 'Could be.'

'They destroyed the probe before we could get much information.'

[sighs] On my way.

[automated message] 'System data sweep in progress.'

Anything else on the scanners?

Not yet. They're at maximum range as it is.

Keep scanning.

Alright, people, we don't have confirmation yet but this may be the Scout Fleet the Gaim warned us about.

Apparently, they're the advanced wing of a hostile alien force that's scouting out this sector for likely worlds to invade.

For likely read soft and vulnerable.

'Our task is to make sure they either don't leave here'

'or they leave convinced that we are neither soft nor vulnerable' and way too much trouble to invade.

We win this battle, they go away we save ourselves a great deal of trouble in the future.

We lose, this'll get a hell of a lot worse.

Let's get ready.

I want all civilian traffic moved out of the area.

President Sheridan been notified yet?

As soon as we got the signal.

I want a life pod set aside for him and Delenn in case things get out of control.

He won't leave. Neither will Delenn.

Oh, leave that to me. I'll talk to them.

If I have to personally knock them out and stick them in a pod I'll do it. Just get it ready.

Aye, captain.


Captain Lochley to Cobra Bays.

[Lochley on PA system] 'Launch defensive wing number one.'

'I confirm we are on standby for red alert.'

'Repeat, we are now on standby for red alert.'


(male #1) 'Come on, let's go!, let's go! pick it up, move it!'

(Lochley on PA system) '...on standby for red alert. This is not a drill.'

'All stations commanders, report to C&C.'

Looks like another red alert. Yep.

Third one this month.

Seems like every week something goes wrong around here.

And we have to clean it up.

Never think about that part, now do they?

No. Probably never even crosses their minds.

You got that right. Wonder what this one's about?

Don't know. Guess we'll find out in a little bit.

(Kosh) And so it begins.

(male #2) There is a hole in your mind.

(Sinclair) What do you want?

(G'Kar) No one here is exactly what he appears.

(Sinclair) Nothing's the same anymore.

(Hague) Commander Sinclair is being reassigned.

(Londo) Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn homeworld?

(Elric) I see a great hand reaching out of the stars.

(female #1) President Clark signed a decree today declaring martial law..

(Sheridan) These orders have forced us to declare independence.

Unless your people get of their encounter-suited butts and do something.

(Zathras) You are the one who was.

(Kosh) If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die.

(Lorien) Why are you here?

Do you have anything worth living for?

(Delenn) I think of my beautiful city in flames.

(Sheridan) Giants in the playground.

Now get the hell out of our galaxy.

We are here to place President Clark under arrest.

[theme music]

(Lochley) 'Mr. President, I insist--'

(Sheridan) You can insist till your heart's content.

I am not leaving, neither is Delenn.

Sir, we don't know what we're getting into here.

We have no information on the disposition of the enemy forces their weapons, their relative strengths and all the White Stars are out on missions.

They won't get back-- I understand.

No, sir, I don't think you do.

Now my job is to protect you and to protect this station.

Not necessarily in that order. That part I understand.

I can't do my job protecting the station if I have to worry about you two.

Just give me a little peace of mind on the one front, sir.

That'll give me the freedom to take care of all the rest.

'If our positions were reversed..'

...what would you do?

The same.

So you will link up to the life pod?

And we'll know your whereabouts at all times?

I'll do what I can.

Mr. President, it's vital..

You hear that, Bo? Yep.

That's why I like Sheridan.

Always have.

A lot of these bigwigs ah, they're only worried about protecting their own skin.

Sheridan, he's down in the trenches with everybody else.

He is that. You know, one day I was working Grey sector and he came running after this guy that stabbed Delenn.

You could see it in his eyes. He was ready to kill this guy.

Anybody else would have just let security take care of it.

But Sheridan chased him down and put him down so hard the guy didn't get up for three days.

[chuckles] Oh, you've seen him and Delenn together, right, huh?

Now that's true love, my friend.

You don't see that very often. Very true.

He's a good man. Yep. Good man.

I heard he was dead once.

Yeah, well, nobody's perfect, Bo.

Hey, Mack, can I ask you a question?


What the hell are these things for?

What do you mean?

I mean, what do they do?

Oh, what do you mean, what do they do?

You run 'em along the floor like this.

Okay. So what does it do? It's not any cleaner.

[sighs] I don't know.

Maybe it looks for cracks or it does something to the metal makes it stronger, I don't know.

So you don't know what it does either?



Guess it's time for lunch. Yep.

What you got there? Hard salami.

Hey, hey, hey, hard salami?

How the hell did you get hard salami up here?

I know a guy. Yeah, well, well..

Introduce me sometime, okay?

I'm a little tired of the same old, same old.

I'm a little desperate here.

I can tell. What is that stuff?

Well, it's this spoo everybody's talking about.

Oh, the Centauri love it.

Ten credits an ounce if you can believe that.

And what's it taste like?

[sighs] It's hard to say, Bo.

Um, kind of, um, spoo-ish, I guess.

No. you're supposed to say chicken.

Huh? 'That's the joke.'

Whenever you eat something strange and someone asks what's it taste like, you're supposed to say chicken.

It's funny that way. It doesn't taste like chicken.


Okay, never mind. Want half?

Trade you for the hard salami. I don't know--

Ah, come on, Bo, be a guy.

Oh, man.

This stuff is awful.

At ten credits an ounce if you can believe that.

The Centauri love it? Oh, they go nuts for it.

Man, no wonder their hair stands straight up.

(Corwin on PA system) 'All sectors.'

'Enemy scout ship is on vector to jumpgate.'

'Now entering full red alert.'

'Maintenance, we need someone in Medlab'

'and observation dome ASAP.'

How's the salami? Tastes like chicken.

(Franklin) 'Alright, listen up.'

I want everyone that can be moved cleared out of Medlabs 2 and 3.

Alright, we're gonna need the space.

I want a prep for radiation burns, exposure to space uh, trauma, lacerations.

Oh, oh, come here.

We got problems with the Isolab.

Alright, the console is only giving us standard atmosphere options.

Now we need to customize the system on the fly.

System's probably locked up.

Give me two minutes and I 'll get it back on line.

Thanks. Alright, listen up.

Check the protoblood stores see what we have on hand.

I want all synthetics on standby ready to adapt to whatever comes in. Alright? Let's go to work.

I just wish I knew what kind of life forms we're in for.

Makes it kind of hard to prepare.


Why what?

Nothing. I didn't mean-- No, no, no, no. Go ahead.

What were you saying?

It's just that why bother?

Whoever they are, whatever they are they're coming here to kill us.

If I see one of 'em floppin' on the deck, gasping for air I'm gonna let him buy it.

Well, that's your choice. I don't agree.

Why not?

Why not?

You know, some days, I wonder the same thing.

Sometimes it's like no one else is playing by the rules so why should we, right?

It does take it out of you after a while, believe me.

Even so.

Now, see, the thing is I wasn't always gonna be a doctor.

My father is career military just like his dad and his dad before him.

So it was just understood that I would go the same way.

I even bought into it myself.

And then one day, I..

You remember what happened to the Ares?

Yeah, yeah, that was right before the Dilgar War.

We got caught in the middle of a civil war between two midrange colonies.

Ares was shot down and captured by enemy forces.

My father was first officer on the Ares.

And when that ship went down, we were told that there wasn't much chance anybody would survive or that any survivors would be allowed to live by the enemy.

It took almost two months for our forces to retake that base.

I remember watching ISN when they opened up the enemy base and three injured soldiers came out.

One of them was my father.

'The base doctor had kept him alive' over the objections of the CO because he believed that life was sacred and had to be preserved.

When I saw him walk out, supported by the doctor I knew right then that's what I wanted to do with my life.

Of course, my father, he wasn't too happy about it but he always said we had to go our own way.

So I did.

So when this is all over I'll be out there looking for anybody I can save on our side or theirs, because that's what I do.

That's what I would want them to do for me..

...or for you.

So I, uh, need those atmospherics back online.

You'll have it. Alright.

Hey, doc. Yeah?

So what happened to the doctor that helped your dad?

Shot and killed by his own men.

Said he was a traitor.

[indistinct announcement]

What's the problem? I don't know.

It was working fine a moment ago and then the wiring just shorted out.

Yeah, let me take a look. Status?

We're working on the secondary targeting console.

Primaries are still online.

We read three scout vessels ahead of the main assault group.

Well, we can't let any of them get back to the main group.

Make sure that-- 'Here they come.'


I can't get a lock. They're going fast.

(Corwin) They're coming around.

Delta wing moving to intercept.

Defense grid, prepare to fire.

Defense grid, aye. Primaries locking on.



'Splash bogey one.' 'Target locked at bogey two.'


(Corwin) 'Direct hit on bogey two.'

They're scanning us, trying to access our defense information.

Scramble all the codes.

If we scramble the codes we won't be able to use the system--

If they download our codes the main fleet can shut us down.

Scramble those codes. Aye, captain.

Ah, there's your problem.


(Corwin) 'She's making a run for it.'

All fighters, I want that ship.

(Corwin) 'She's outrunning them.'

'Out of range of the primary weapons system.'

Ah, there you go. 'Secondary's back on line.'



(Mack) Yeah, that's your problem.

Had a bunch of these come in on a food transport about a year ago.

Always getting in the wiring.

Lieutenant, status?

Defense grid fully operational, captain.


Because that was only a taste of what's coming.

Just enough to soften us up and scout out the area.

The rest of them won't be far behind.

We're in serious guano here, lieutenant.

Better alert the ambassadors and go through emergency evac procedures.


While you do that, I'm gonna go have a little talk with Mr. Garibaldi.

Hey, how'd it go?

Another B15. In C&C?

Oh, man, we're gonna catch hell for that one.

Damned crawlers are all over the place.

Can you hand me that R-12? Yeah.

So you get a chance to see the new captain?

Yeah. What do you think?

Tastes like-- Don't go there.

[chuckles] Okay.

Hey, one thing's for sure.

If I needed somebody to watch my back in a fight I'd pick her. Oh, she's tough. She's smart.

I'm just glad she's on my side.

Yeah, maybe.

'What do you mean?' Nothing.

No, no, no, no, come on, come on, come on, you said it.

Uh, you must have meant somethin'.

You just hear things, rumors. Like what?

Well, back when we were fighting Earth trying to get rid of President Clark scuttlebutt is she was on the wrong side of the fight.

Yeah, well, so were a lot of people.

A lot of them followed orders because they had to.

And some of them followed them because they wanted to.

So what are you saying? I'm not saying anything.

You asked me what the rumor was and I told you.

You shouldn't listen to rumors, Bo.

This place is full of them.

Like, when Ivanova left, I..

Everywhere I turned, somebody had an opinion on that one.

One guy said that she left because she was heartbroken over that guy, uh, that guy, um, um--

Marcus. Marcus. Right, right.

Then somebody else said that she wanted a promotion.

Quit because she wasn't getting paid enough money.

So which is it?

Ah, what difference does it make?

That's the military life. People come, people go.

It's nobody else's business.

If I shouldn't listen to rumors then why the hell did you ask me to tell you what they were?

I just like to stay informed, that's all.

Brown 9.

Oh, man, we got Brown sector again?

I know. I know.

I thought Del Rey was working Brown sector today.

Del Rey's down sick, he--

Oh, damn it, captain. Blue 7.

I need all the information.

How the hell was I supposed to know that they could download our tactical system?

You're supposed to be head of covert intelligence.

Well, right now, I'm not seeing a hell of a lot of intelligence covert, overt or otherwise.

The Gaim didn't say anything about that part.

When his people got hit-- Did you ask him?

No, I didn't ask them if they could scan us.

I also didn't ask 'em if they could wax the hull or deliver pizza.

Now some of the questions I think about and some I don't.

You can't think of every possible question.

That's the nature of your job, Mr. Garibaldi.

If you can't handle it I'll tell president Sheridan to find someone who can.

Meanwhile, I suggest you go back to the Gaim and think up all those questions you didn't think up before because we have an assault fleet on the way here, mister and I'd like to have at least a fighting chance of surviving the next 12 hours.

Well, trust me, the odds on that are pretty damn small right about now.

Pizza sounds good.

Nah, can't get good pizza up here.

I know a guy. Ah, here we go again.

(Mack) 'I really hate it down here, Bo.'

'The crawlers?' Yeah.

They've been in here too, but that ain't the problem.

Looks like we've had seepage from the water reprocessing system again.

They keep tapping pipes for fresh and they never close 'em up right again.

Hand me those pliers. Sure.

You know, I was wondering why don't they just shut down the jump gate when this sort of thing happens?

When what happens?

Well, the captain was saying something about an alien fleet.

Here you go.

'They can't just shut down the gate.'

Thing takes four, five days to heat up and two days just to shut down.

Any faster and boom.

There's an awful lot of power in those things, Mack.

An awful lot.

Besides, if things get hot, you don't wanna close off your only route of escape out of here.



This is Mack.

(male #3) 'You guys take care of that M-17?'

Just finished, boss.

'Okay, you'd better get down to the sanctuary.'

'They need the place prepped for some religious ceremony.'

Headin' out.

They never give us a break around here.


We are strongly urging all residents to stay in your quarters until the current crisis has passed.

The first wing of the attack is coming through.

I repeat, the first wing is coming through.


(Mack) Maintenance, this is Mackie.

We're finished in here.

Going on break for a bit unless you need us.

(male #3) 'Uh, negative. you're clear for now.'


Almost pretty, isn't it?

Yeah, I suppose it is.

Sometimes it's easy to forget those are our guys fighting out there.

All you see is the light, the color.

When you see red, that's one of ours going up.

The green, that's the other guys.

How can you tell?

You can't have an explosion, you can't have fire unless you have some kind of atmosphere in the ship.

Our guys use oxygen, so when the fuel core blows it lights up red.

Those other guys must use some other atmosphere.

I don't know, carbon monoxide, somethin'.

So when the thing blows, it's different, green.

You figure this out all by yourself, did you?

Asked one of the pilots the other day.

He told me all about it.

Most of them act like we don't exist.

Yeah. Hotshots.

Yeah, but this one was okay.

Probably out there right now.

Hey, that was a red one.

When did you get religious? I'm not.

Just respect, that's all.

Every time we get a little red star born out there somebody's life ends.

All they ever were gonna be, all they were all the people they knew, all the people they loved it's all gone.

They're fighting for us, Mack.

Don't ever forget that.

Hey, hey, take a look.


Yeah! Yeah!

One of the White Stars.

Captain said they wouldn't be back for a while yet.

I guess this baby was a little closer to home than the others.

Sure looks pretty. You think?

Hell, yeah. What do you think?

Nah. I always thought they looked like plucked chickens.

What? Hey, look..

It's not my fault they were designed that way.

Uh-oh. Look.

That's a breaching pod.

Looks like we're gonna have us some guests.

(Corwin) 'Attention, all residents.'

'You are advised to move to the shelters at once.'

'We are being boarded.'

'I repeat, all personnel to the shelters.'

You heard the man.

[alarm beeping]

Computer, Blue 3.

Come on, Blue 3.

The system's shorted out. Oh, great.

Let's just hope we're not between levels.

Manual override.


Get down, get down. Close it up, close it up.

I can't. Get out of here.



[indistinct shouting]


What the hell are you guys doing here? Get out of here.

We'll cover you. Go on.


Hey, Bo. Yeah?

Next time we walk, man. I'm with you!


You're safe.

I suggest you remain here until the fighting stops.

Yeah, but the fighting's right outside.

Nonetheless, it is safe.

A fellow of infinite jest.

I knew him, Horatio.

It's, uh, Mack actually.

This is Bo. You knew this guy?

After the fact.

He was killed just outside that door.

His helmet rolled in here and stopped just where you're sitting.

At the moment of death, there is a passing of energy.

An explosion of consciousness.

It permeates everything in close proximity.

Your clothes, jewelry, anything.

We can still feel him.

What he was, what he did.

His hopes and fears and expectations.

It's still there for a few minutes.

Then it will disappear..

...joining him in silence.


The telepaths we heard about.

The ones that Sheridan let live down here.

Oh. Yeah, well.

Uh, we don't get assigned to Brown sector much anymore.

Uh, it's mainly the new guys who get stuck with it.

Uh, I didn't mean anything by that.

It's just that we didn't, uh..


Shouldn't you folks be in a shelter?

It's a lot less dangerous.

[dramatic music]

Though cruel and capricious bringing us into a world that fears us and hates us nature did not leave us entirely without protection.


Uh, yeah, maybe, so, uh, we should go.

Yeah, we should go.


Oh, man, this close to the hull.

I mean, you really feel it when we take a hit.

You know, this thing goes on much longer, Bo and, uh, we're gonna have a breach.

It's okay. Our guys will handle them.

Do you think so?

They're the best pilots in the sector.

I just wish I was out there with them.

Do you? Yeah.

Sincerely? Bo.

Yeah, I sincerely do.

Tell me that it matters to you.

Bo, I don't..

Yes, it matters to me.


What the hell?

[indistinct chatter]


(Mack) Bo.

Bo, Bo, you okay?

'I'd, uh, i-it's quiet outside.'

'Uh, the fighting seems to have moved down the hall.'

I think we should be going while we can.




(Londo) My life here.


'Absolutely intolerable. Completely inexcusable.'

'You would think we would be beyond this sort of thing' by now, wouldn't you?

And whose idea was it to send the White Stars away at a time like this?

They are still returning from guarding the Enfili homeworld, Mollari, as you well know.

I wasn't talking to you.

I was talking to the universe.

The universe.

The universe hates me, you know.

I don't know why.

I have never done anything to the universe to, uh..

Well, alright, a few things but after a while, you would think it would be enough.

Yes, we have had our, our little fun with Londo Mollari for now.

Perhaps it is time to move on and find someone else to play with.

You seem rather calm about all of this, hmm?

When I was a child, your people decided that the rebellion by my people needed to be discouraged.

So your people bombed seven of our major cities for six straight days, 31 hours a day.

You thought you could bomb us into submission.

It didn't work then and it didn't work later.

We spent our days in shelters we made ourselves.

We sang songs.

We prayed. We ate, we slept.

I spent my life in one such shelter or another.

I will tell you the truth, Mollari.

This is probably the closest thing I have.. a home.

Yes, well, uh, don't start singing.

You'll frighten the children.

We have enough misery to deal with as it is.

We don't need to add more.

And where did you grow up, Mollari?


It was a simple enough question.

While I was sitting in a bomb shelter learning to hate your people where were you spending your time as a child?

Playing in the imperial gardens learning Centauri table manners?

I was never a child.

I had responsibilities.

I've had responsibilities for as long as I can remember.

Duty, honor, family.


That explains a great deal.


And what exactly does it explain, G'Kar?

I spent my years in one shelter after another but sooner or later, I was able to leave the shelter and walk out into the daylight.

You do not have that luxury.

You carry your shelter with you every day.

You did not grow up.

You grew old.

I think I will see how things are going out there.

I'll go too. Good idea.

What, are you afraid I won't come back, G'Kar?

No, afraid you will.


So how long you figure they've been married?

(man on PA system) 'Attention, all personnel.'

'The second wave is coming through the gate.'

'Repeat, the second wave is coming through.'




Yeah? 'All hands needed on Red 1.'

'We have fires on the deck burning in from the hull.'

On our way. Let's go.

Yeah, alright. Alright.

Where's that support? Get it up here now.

Delenn, listen to me. No.

You have to get on the life pod.

I refuse to leave.

That's what I said to Lochley and I was wrong.

Now this isn't going well, Delenn.

I need to know that you are safe.

John, I-- You two.

Do you know where the life pods are?

Yes, sir.

Escort Ambassador Delenn there at once.

But, sir, we were told-- 'Doesn't matter.'

I need everyone in security on the firing line and that leaves you.

See to it she gets there safely and gets on the first available pod.

Yes, sir. Now go on.

Hey, look, with luck, the rest of the White Stars will get here on time and we won't even need the pods.

What if we do? What if the station falls?

Then as you said to me once..

...I'll see you again in the place where no shadows fall.

Go on.



The pods are this way.

What is your name? Ma'am?

That was not a difficult question.

No, it's just..

Well, folks at your level..

I mean, uh..

We don't get asked that a lot, ma'am.

We just get orders.

My name is Mack and this is Bo.

We're kind of a team.

Floaters, I guess you could say.

A lot of guys in maintenance have their own beat.

We get assigned to whatever needs doing.

Yeah, we keep the place running while the big boys are fighting or making all the big decisions.

Worker caste. Yeah.

I guess you could say that.

We're just about as worker caste as you're ever gonna find up here.

Now, if you don't mind, ma'am, the launch bays are this way.

I was, uh, I was going to ask you a question.


If I'm launched in a life pod and let us say, shortly after the launch the equipment is accidentally smashed from the inside what would happen to the pod?

It'd crash into Epsilon 3.

Or explode. It could explode.

Possible. Wouldn't be good either way, ma'am.

I see.

Understand, that while I'm not a prophet I can tell you that if I were going to be sent away in a life pod and forced to watch everything I love and have fought for die before my eyes without even a chance to keep it together the life pod would suffer just such a terrible accident.

Now time being circular if we know that this will happen then we may as well assume that it has happened already and that the life pod is not safe for me to enter.

(Bo) 'The president is right, ma'am.'

It's not safe here for either one of you.

I know, but it's home for both of us.

(Bo) 'Ma'am.'

You two really do love each other, don't you?

[sighs] Hey, did you see that smile?

I mean, it was like the sun coming out from behind a cloud.

I did indeed.

Suddenly, I think I understand Sheridan a lot better.

How so?

Well, dead or alive, I'd claw my way out of hell and straight through 10 miles of solid rock to see that smile again.

Yeah. Whoa! What the hell was that? A hit?

No, it didn't sound like one.

Oh, yeah. Alright.

What? What is it?

The cavalry's here! Yeah!


Is that amazing or what?

I mean, they look like angels swooping in out of the sky.

I thought you said they looked like plugged chickens.

Yeah, not right now, they don't.

Hey, do you ever wish you could be out there?

You know, riding fire with the rest of them?

Sometimes, yeah.

And sometimes no and sometimes I wonder what the hell I'm doing here.

All of this is bigger than you. It's bigger than me.

It's bigger than anyone should ever have to deal with.

Oh, yeah, I know what you mean.

Then I take a look at the rest of them.

Londo, G'Kar, Sheridan, Delenn and I think if they can handle it then I can handle it.

My mother used to tell me..

...God knows the age of every tree and the color of every flower and he knows just how wide your shoulders are and he'll never give you anything to carry that's bigger than you can handle.

Then maybe that's what this whole place is about.

Maybe that's what you have to do to get by in a place like this.

And what's that? Grow bigger shoulders.


Hey, looks like the fighting's stopped.


Best get back to work.

I guess so.


What a mess.

I hear you. It's like this all over the place.

Hull needs work, we got airlocks shot out all over Brown level and you don't even wanna know what the hazmat boys have waiting for them outside.

All that stuff.

Body parts, ship parts, fuel cores.

All of it has to be picked up and taken away or it'll just float around until it messes something up.

Yeah, typical.

They call all the shots they get all the glory we clean up all the mess.

[dramatic music]


...maybe not all the mess.

[instrumental music]

(Corwin) Cleanup detail is still working on Bays 3 and 7.

They figure they'll have the work done by 0900 hours.

Negative. We have a transport due in at 8:00.

They'll be done by then. Yes, captain.

So anything new from the hyperspace probes?

Nothing. It looks like we got them all.

Not even one of them made it out to report back on our weaknesses or situation.

Good. Mission accomplished.

They'll move on to the next target.

Let's just hope it doesn't have anything to do with us or anybody else in this sector.

Roger that.

Uh, Captain Lochley?



'Well, captain, uh..'

[clears throat]

I know you're new here and all, and, uh I just wanted to say..'re okay in my book, ma'am.

Thank you. Yeah.

(man on PA system) 'Medlab 4 reports a power loss. Get a tech team on it.'

Hello, Mack, Bo.

Bo? Yeah?

She remembered my name.

Our names.

I think I 'm in love. She's married.

Yeah, we could work somethin' out.

Will you come on? Yeah.

So lunch? Sure.

I'll treat. How about some spoo?

(Mack) 'At 15 credits an ounce? You're out of your..'

[theme music]