Babylon 5 S5E6 Script

Strange Relations (1998)

[instrumental music]

Good morning, captain. Oh, good morning, ambassador.

Do you mind if I walk with you for a moment?

No, no, not at all.

Is there, uh, something I can do for you?

I spoke with John last night.

He told me why he chose you for this position.

Well, he wanted someone from Earthforce to show the folks back home..

No. In addition to that.

I'm sorry.

I wish he hadn't told you without giving me some advance warning.

No, it's alright. I forced the issue.

I just wanted you to know that I understand his reasons.

You were the correct, logical choice and I support his decision.

I appreciate that, ambassador.

But since others might not be quite so understanding I would, uh, really prefer to keep this between the two..

The three of us.


I, uh, don't think anyone else really needs to know.

[instrumental music]

Londo, there you are.

I was gonna tell you your ship just arrived but I guess you can see that for yourself.

Would you like me to tell you what I see, Mr. Allan?

I see..

What is that quaint human phrase?

"The end of the line?"


The Regent is not well.

For the next few months I will be at his side as much as time allows.

I will go there and come back here..

...but when he leaves us the Centaurum will turn to me to fill that void.

When that day comes, Mr. Allan, I shall not return.

Barring the occasional state visit I shall never lay eyes on Babylon 5 again.

I didn't think you'd mind that part.

Neither did I.

Strange that.

Yeah, but you'll be the emperor.

That's gotta be a great feeling Emperor Mollari, the first.

The second.

There was one before you?

Yes, long ago.

He too...ended badly.

Now, come on, you've got your whole life ahead of you.

Why would you say a thing like that?

Because I know.

My people always know.

I don't know why or how or where but I can feel it to the very core of my being, Mr. Allan.

This is where it begins to go badly for all of us.

(Corwin) 'Babylon Control to transport 1-1-7-1-9.'

You've turned off autopilot.

Please return control to B5 C and C at once.

(male #1 on radio) 'We're having navigation problems.'

'Backing up for another try.'

Negative. Do not activate thrusters.

We cannot get the pressure doors open in time.

(male #1 on radio) 'Systems failure!'

'We've gotta pull back or we'll hit the walls!'

Negative! I say again, do not fire thrusters.

(Kosh) And so it begins..

There is a hole in your mind. What do you want?

(G'Kar) No one here is exactly what he appears.

(Hague) Commander Sinclair is being reassigned.

(Londo) Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn Homeworld..

(Elric) I see a great hand reaching out of the star.

(female #1) President Clark has signed a decree today declaring..

(Sheridan) These orders have forced us to declare independence..

Unless your people get off their encounter-suited butts and do something.

(Zathras) You're the one who was.

(Kosh) If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die.

(Lorien) Why are you here?

Do you have anything worth living for?

(Delenn) I think of my beautiful city in flames.

(Sheridan) Giants in the playground.

Now, get the hell out of our galaxy!

We are here to place President Clark under arrest.

[theme music]

[music continues]

(male #2 on radio) 'Earth transport Marks to Babylon Control.'

'Any idea how much longer we're gonna have to wait out here?'

Unknown. The captain's out inspecting the damage now.

(Lochley) 'What a mess.'

Lochley to repair team.

How long until you can fix this thing?

(male #2 on radio) 'We've got debris all through the main elevator shafts.'

'Totally gummed up the works.'

'Figure 12, 13 hours.'

Come on, you guys are on time and a half as it is.

Killin' me here.

I'll tell you what.

Get it done in 11 hours and I'll pretend that I didn't see that extremely non-regulation picture hanging in your locker.

You know, the one from your bachelor party. You know, the--

(male #2 on radio) 'You've got a deal.'


Alright, C and C, I'm heading in.

I'll come around back. Are the emergency air doors clear?

(male #2 on radio) 'We've got some other official transports coming in the back'

'but we'll keep them out until you're in.'

Oh, this is..

Finding everything you need?

Oh, let me guess now.

This must be for the telepaths living in Downbelow, right?

They don't have anything, Stephen.

They're, they're short on clothes, food, medical supplies.

Well, tell them to come on up here.

You know, I wondered where this got off to.

Some of them have been through some pretty tough Psi Corps medical experiments, so..

...they don't trust doctors.

Besides, they prefer to be self-sufficient.

Well, I wouldn't call asking you to steal stuff for them self-sufficient.

I am not stealing.

This stuff was all earmarked for the lurkers in Downbelow.

Charity cases.

You weren't getting paid for it anyway.

Besides, they didn't ask me to do anything.

I came here on my own.

You really believe in what they're doing, don't you?

They're not here to cause trouble, Stephen.

They're just trying to find a place to call home.

Not just for themselves, but for all telepaths.

Nobody else wants us.

We may as well try and make a place for ourselves.

So, yeah, I believe in them.

Byron has a dream for all telepaths.

I wanna help make it come true.


Franklin, go.

(Delenn) 'Doctor, I'd like to come talk to you in an hour'

'if you have time.'

Yeah, no problem. I'll see you then.

So, uh, you need a hand with that?

No, I got it. Thanks.

Alright. Well, next time you need something, just ask.

I found some more supplies. I thought they might help.

You've no idea.

[indistinct chatter]

And these are for you.

What are they?


They should go to the children.

They're too strong for children.

Then they should go to the sick.

Which is what you're going to be if you don't slow down and start taking care of yourself.

When was the last time that you slept?

Really slept.

It was three no, four lifetimes ago.

I was a coppersmith.

And at the end of a long day I'd lay out under the stars, beside the river and my dearest love cradled my head in her lap.

She ran her fingers against my temples and forehead.

Soft and cool and delicate.

And I slept.

I slept as I have never slept before or since.

I slept full measure enough to sustain me through five eternities.

When I awoke, she was gone.

And there was a tall tree standing where she had been the night before.

A willow.

Its delicate branches touching my face like tears.

It remained there by the river long after I had gone to dust.

If there was a straight answer buried in there somewhere I sure as hell didn't see it.

It was a parable.


The willow is deceptively strong.

It bends, but it does not break.

Its roots are deep and can withstand the worst storm.

It promises rest and shade and cool breezes to those who would find rest beneath it.

You have become my willow.

And we have all found shelter in your kindness.

Thank you.

That was probably the most elegant attempt to change the topic I have ever heard.

Sleep, Byron?

Sleep isn't the issue.

We sleep too much.

It's the dreaming we don't do enough of.

[dramatic music]

What is it? Can't you feel it?

Open your thoughts.

Take down the walls the mundanes forced us to live inside.

Open your senses and feel.

[footsteps trotting]

Bloodhound units.


He's here.

[music continues]

[theme music]

Chief around? Uh, no.

He had to hit the head. What's up?

I don't think I'm supposed to tell you.

Tell me what?

Come on, this is me.

Bester just came onboard.

'Said he's here to see the captain. I..'

[man grunts]

And the bartender says to Rene Descartes, "Another beer?"

And Descartes says, "I think not," and disappears.

[both laughing]



You son of a-- What the hell do you think--

Get out of my way! Back off, mister!

I said back off!

You don't understand! He..



Escort Mr. Garibaldi here to the brig and do not cut him loose until I say so.

Just for the record, gentlemen you are now exactly five seconds away from a court martial so make the best of them.

[sighs] My apologies for the interruption, Mr. Bester.

Not at all, captain. I'm used to it.

Now, where were we?

You want me to quit Medlab?

Not quit.

Just delegate some of your responsibilities to your staff to make room for other things.

What kind of other things?

With the creation of this new Alliance there will be even more interaction between races from different worlds and some diseases can cross from one species to another.

Yeah, I know. It worries me.

Literature on cross-species infection is still growing.

There hasn't been much opportunity for real research in that area.

Well, now there is.

As advisory council for the new Alliance we want you to put together the definitive work in this area.

(Delenn) 'Your work here on Babylon 5 was a good start.'

You've had access to the medical conditions of dozens of races.

Now we want to send you out to member worlds to do first-hand research.

Where that is impractical we will put you in contact with their ambassadors here.

It is a condition of membership that medical information be made available to you.

Obviously there are certain dangers.

Many of the other races want to keep their medical histories confidential but we'd love to have you take on the job if you're willing.

Hell, yeah. Where do I sign up?

He will be a fine addition to our team, very fine.

I agree.

So why are you troubled?

I do not feel as if I am doing enough for the Alliance, Delenn.

Be careful, G'Kar.

When the universe hears you say something like that it tends to answer in the most surprising ways.

Captain, good, I was just about to call you.

I understand you got into a bit of a dust-up with Mr. Garibaldi.

That's correct, Mr. President.

He burst in on a meeting and attempted to assault my guest. guest got inside Mr. Garibaldi's head reprogrammed him, messed up his life.

Hell, he almost got both of us killed.

I'm aware of that, sir.

The reports do a very good job of putting across his side, and yours.

Now, would you like to hear my side or would you rather continue shouting?

If the latter, please let me know so I can sit down and get comfortable.

[clears throat]

Go on.

Despite my objections, you gave the telepaths permission to form a colony here.

You did not, however, grant them immunity from prosecution.

They're wanted on a variety of charges by the Psi Corps.

Also known as fascists are us. Granted.

Nonetheless, they are a part of the government and I am still accountable to that government.

Bester is here on direct orders from EarthGov.

Now, you and Delenn said very specifically that the Interstellar Alliance grants sovereignty to each world

'to govern its people the way it sees fit.'

And since EarthGov is part of the Alliance you have to respect their internal policies.

How am I doing so far?

Annoyingly logical. Thank you.

It wasn't a compliment.

I can't ignore him or throw him out until he breaks the rules.

Whatever past relationship you and Garibaldi have with him I have to behave according to what he does on my watch.

If I judged everyone according to what was reported to me by others I would have concluded that you were a traitor to Earth during the war and shot you on sight, sir.

Look, I give you my word if he breaks the rules so much as an inch he's out of here, but until then I have got to do this my way.


I suppose you're right.

Yeah, if I contravene our policies for my own convenience it'll give our enemies something to point to and say we're hypocrites.

If I violate my promise to the telepaths our enemies will latch on to that just as well.

I'm caught in a web of my own good intentions.

Well, the road to hell is paved with them, sir.

I know, but why does it have to go through this office?

He can't have them, captain. I won't allow it.

Well, at least give me a reason to say no other than "I don't want to" and I'll stick him on the next transport out of town.

I gave them my word.

Well, that may not be enough.

Find a way to make it enough.

You're not going to make this easy on me, are you, sir?

It's not my job.

(male #3 on radio) 'Centauri liner to Babylon control.'

'We can't wait around any longer for you to finish your repairs.'

'We have a schedule to keep.' Understood.

Ambassador Mollari will just have to catch the next liner to Centauri Prime.

Turning orbital control back to your system.

(male #3 on radio) 'Confirmed, setting navigational controls'

'to locate Centauri Prime main beacon, 44369.'


(Lochley) 'Any idea yet what happened to that cruiser?'

We found a trace of a chemical explosive material and a detonator.

It's hard to be sure, but it looked like the bomb was hooked into the ship's navigational system.

My guess is it was programmed to explode when the nav system was set for a particular destination.

Oh, well, they just programmed a series of jumps that would take them to the Centauri transit beacon when the explosion hit.

Somebody didn't want that liner going home.

Yeah, well, whoever it was they weren't from around here.

The chemical composition of that explosive was definitely Centauri so it was definitely planted there.

Well, we were the liner's last stop so if the bomb was programmed to go off when the beacon was set for the return voyage then the target has to be someone getting onboard here.

Any VIPs leaving?

Just Londo.

Oh, that's what I was afraid of.

Alright, I will go talk to the ambassador see if he can narrow down the list of suspects to just, oh, a few thousand of the enemies he's made over the years.

Oh, and I'll need copies of all your computer reports.

I'll back-check the analysis make sure we haven't missed anything.

Yeah, take these. Thanks. Oh.

Uh, by the way, captain, just curious, uh..

How long did you plan to leave Garibaldi in the brig?

I haven't decided yet. Why?

Well, I can understand why he went fusion like that.

That's not the point.

This is a matter of discipline and protocol.

You just don't walk into somebody's office and start a fight unless invited to do so.


You know, this is the most amazing base I've ever been posted to.

Everybody here's either trying to kill each other or pound each other into a pulp.

I, I don't know what kind of way that is to run..

Something wrong?

Well, this status report, it says the system was used to pull someone's classified personnel file.


Mine. Security access code number 0-1-7-1-3-5-9.

Garibaldi? Yeah.

'Where are you going?'

To pound someone, Mr. Allan, you win.

I just decided if you can't join them, beat them.

They're not here.

Yes, I'd heard you've been spending time with them.

Compassion is a lovely thing, taken in moderation.

Tell me you haven't gone over to their side.

I thought telepaths were all on the same side.

Oh, don't play games, Lyta.

Whether you know it or not, these people are dangerous.

They're on nobody's side but their own.

Tell me where they are.

No. You have the bloodhounds.

Go find them yourself.


Wait, wait, nothing. Nothing at all.

This is a crowded area.

Even if the blips weren't here you'd still be picking up something. were being jammed.

For a moment, I forgot how strong you are.

I won't make that mistake again.

I suggest you leave, now.

Check the hall.


I said get out!

I am a duly authorized officer of the law.

Stand aside or..

Or what?

Not bad.

Tell me, is that really telekinesis or are you just pushing the nerve endings making them feel as if they've been slapped?

Either way, it's taken a lot out of you, Lyta.

You're sweating, flushed.

How many times can you do that, Lyta?

Can you do just one at a time?

'Maybe two? How about three?'

How about a half dozen of us?

I don't know.

Like you said, I'm new at this.

I could even make a mistake.

Maybe even pop a blood vessel in someone's head by accident by pushing too hard.

Feel like playing the odds, Mr. Bester?

Unnecessary, Ms. Alexander.

Things have changed.

This time, I have allies in the chain of command around here.

'We'll be back with several dozen security guards.'

I doubt you'll be very effective against so many.

If your friends are still here, they'll be arrested.

If they scatter, it'll make our job easier since you can't shield them that way.

Either way, we're taking them back with us.

I'll be seeing you, Lyta.

I saw what you did. How did you..

I can't talk about it now, Byron.

Um, tell your people get going fast!

Spread out all over the station.

It's their only chance.

I know some places that might work.

For a while, anyway.

Thank you.

What was that for?

For believing.

Now come on, we have to go.

Alright, Mr. Garibaldi either we thrash this out once and for all or one of us is gonna go and I can assure you it won't be me.

As far as I'm concerned, you can do your job just as well on Mars.

Now, you have been riding me since the day I got here.

What the hell is your problem?

For starters, I don't know you, therefore I don't trust you.

The world's full of people you don't know.

I worry about that all the time.

Tough. Get over it. What else?

Why were you so chummy with Bester?

I was stationed at an Earthforce base near a mining company several years ago.

A rogue telepath was messing with my people.

First, cheating them in the casino and later, he killed two of them because they found out what he was.

We couldn't find him. Bester did.

And he saved the lives of two of my crew.

Now, I don't actually like him and I sure as hell don't trust him but so far he has not done anything unpleasant to me.

I'm sure he will, because this place seems to bring that out in everyone but until then, I have an obligation to be courteous.

And I have an obligation to shove his face through a bulkhead.

Your hobbies are your concern, Mr. Garibaldi.

Just do it where I can't see it, and do it quietly.


Now, now for the big one.

Why did Sheridan pick you to run this place?

There's something between you. What is it?

Is that why you went ransacking through my personnel file?

Looking for something that I'm holding over the president?

Blackmail or some covert political agenda?

'Are you really that dead inside'

'that you can't even imagine another reason?'

Alright, alright, obviously, we got off on the wrong foot.

Maybe it's my fault.

I crawled up your butt more than a few times when I got here.

Maybe it's your fault.

Yeah, it's definitely more your fault than mine, but..

I'm here because Sheridan wanted a symbol.

Somebody who was on the other side.

He figured it would bring the folks back home together.

He also wanted someone he knew he could trust.

Someone he didn't have to worry about sandbagging him or stabbing him in the back when he wasn't looking.

Someone who would argue with him when necessary but would back him all the way when he was right.

And that's you. That's me.


It can't leave this room.

I am the soul of discretion.

A very long time ago, Sheridan and I were married for all of about three months.

Get out of town.


How many wives has he got?

Just three.

[sighs] We met fresh out of officer training school.

We hit it off.

Fell crazy in love.

Got married.

Realized we'd made a terrible mistake fell crazy out of love, and split up.

You see, in a relationship you gotta take turns being in charge but we both wanted to be in charge all the time.

'We had arguments that could peel paint off the wall.'

But it was over a long time ago.

He's not carrying a torch for me I'm not carrying one for him.

But the bottom line is he knows he can trust me and I know I can trust him, and that's why I'm here.


What's so amusing?

You. Me.

All of this.


If I had a 100 years, I couldn't have come up with that one.

Well, that's very true.

And maybe that's something you ought to think about Mr. Garibaldi.

So, uh, I guess I can go now, right?


Not as long as Bester's still here.

'It's not that I don't trust you'

'but I don't trust you.'

[beeping] Lochley, go.

(Zack on radio) 'Captain, we have an official request from Bester'

'for security personnel to help him round up those telepaths.'

'What do I tell him?'

Where did it come from?

(Zack) 'Direct from Earthdome.'

Then we can't refuse then.

[sighs] Give him what he needs, but no more.

Now the fun really starts.

Help me! Help me, please!


[intense music]

[instrumental music]


[indistinct chatter]

[music continues]

(Byron) Lyta.

[music continues]


You called me?


To say goodbye.

Half my people have been captured.

The rest will fall soon. My place is with them.


We can fight them.

Violence is not our way.

We must aspire to be better than that.

They know you were in charge.

They'll kill you!

It is a distinct possibility but perhaps there is a rough justice in that.

It is not your fault, Byron.

Yes, it is!

I should've known better by now.

I was wrong to bring them here, wrong to trust in others.

And perhaps I was most wrong of all to hold out the possibility of hope to them, to myself...and to you.



You can stay with me.

I could hide you.

I believe you could.

I believe you would protect me until the stars themselves went cold and dead.

But my people need me, and I must go to them.

You have been kind to us.

Carry out the legacy to others out there like us and for me, that will be enough.

Goodbye, Lyta.

(Corwin) 'And we finally got the cargo lifts operating' at 100% capacity.

Ms. Connelly expects the backlog should be cleared in a couple of hours.

Good. Good.

So, uh.. goes the witch hunt?

Ah, Bester's people have almost all the rogue telepaths in custody.

We figure there's maybe half a dozen left plus the leader.

They should have them in hand by the end of the day.

Any response from Earth on our request to delay turning over the prisoners to Bester's custody?

Negative, and I wouldn't expect one until after they've already left.

Have Bester's people broken any station regs uh, roughed anybody up, arrested the wrong people?

No, they've kept their noses so clean you could eat off them.

Not an image I wanted this early in the morning but thank you very much, Mr. Allan.

Uh, any other reports?

Alright. Dismissed.

Uh, captain, one thing.

The other day, Delenn asked if I'd be willing to work with her on putting together a medical catalog of the other races.

Genetic diseases, cross-species infection rates the whole nine yards.

Well, I hope you said yes. Sounds like a big deal.

It is, and since it means spending more time outside of Medlab I figured I'd clear it with you first.

Not a problem.

Dr. Hobbs can pick up any slack should there be an emer..

Did you say cross-species infection rates?


I-it's not a big problem yet but alien biologies range all over the place and there's not much common ground but it has been known to happen.

To humans?

On occasion, yeah.

That's why we had to come up with a system of standardizing lengths of quarantine and developing vaccines, and..

Could you put that in writing for me?

Yeah, I guess I could.

Good. Have it on my desk in half an hour.

And thank Delenn for the idea.

I gotta go ruin somebody's day.

[instrumental music]

I was thinking about what you said the other day about wanting to serve the Alliance more than you do which is already considerable.

As you may know, the cruiser that was going to take Londo back to Centauri Prime was sabotaged and destroyed.

'He has many enemies in the Royal Court.'

He has many enemies everywhere.

It's what he does best.

If we lose the Centauri we lose one of our most important allies so we cannot allow anything to happen to him.

I agree.

He should have a bodyguard assigned to him at all times while he is there.

Someone we can rely on, someone, uh..

Someone we can trust.

'Someone strong.'

Strong enough to..


You can't be serious.

Just think.

What a symbol it would make.

To have a Narn guarding the life of the Centauri.

Well, yes, it would mean my people will now have two targets to shoot at instead of just the one.

Or they will learn from your example.

The Alliance is about learning to overcome our distrust and form a new community.

Can you think of a better symbol?

No, and I'm trying, believe me.

You would naturally have to accompany him on all state business, and be there to guard him.

In the palace. In the Royal Court.

A Narn in the Centauri Royal Court?


It is a curiously satisfying image, Delenn.

Yes, it is.

Alright, Delenn, I accept if only to see their faces.

Thank you.

This is the greatest challenge of my life.

Why I'm thanking you for that, I don't know, but there it is.

Thank you.

Oh, captain.

You'll be pleased to know we're just about finished.

The prisoners have all been located and arrested and will be on the next shuttle out.

Good. Good. I can't wait to get them out of here.

Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a complication.

What complication?

These telepaths have been traveling around for upwards of three, four years.

They've been in and out of every federation in the cluster.

Hell, they've been to planets that aren't even on the charts.

They're drifters, captain. It goes with the territory.

I understand, but we can't turn them over to your custody until they've had a full medical workup.

We have to make sure they're not carrying any unidentified viruses.

You can't be serious.

"Earth Alliance medical routine, number 7-2-5-I-T-7."

Dr. Franklin just hit me with the paperwork a couple of hours ago.

"No interstellar traveler

"who's been in unknown space shall be allowed

"within the borders of Earth-controlled space until after a 60 day quarantine period."

I have to follow the rules, Mr. Bester, same as you.

So you're saying..

...I can't take them?

I'm saying you can't take them now.

Look, I'm just as distressed over this as you are.

Come back in 60 days, and they're all yours.

(Bester) Let me at least take him.

I wish I could, but I can't.

Look, I'm on your side here.

I've worked with you, now I'm asking you to work with me just, just for a little while.

I want your personal guarantee that you won't let them go that you'll keep them in custody.

Especially this one. You have it.

They will not be allowed to leave Babylon 5.

I'll put it in writing if you like.


As a down payment on what I hope will be a long and rewarding relationship

'I'll wait the 60 days.'

I've waited this long, another month or two won't matter.

Just keep an eye on them, captain.

Don't trust them for a second because sooner or later they will turn on you.

You know all about that, don't you, Byron?

See you in 60 days.

Wait until their ship has left, and then, uh..

...leave the key to the cell where they can find it.

Then turn your back for, say, ten minutes.

I have just stuck my neck out for you, Byron.

I don't like doing it, but I have my orders.

I've gotten you a 60-day reprieve.

That's all I could do. That's all I had to do.

After 60 days, maybe we'll figure out something else. If not--

I understand. Thank you.

And one more thing.

Now that I've just promised him that you or your people will not leave the station I too am stuck with that promise, and so are you.

[sighs] Get on over to Medlab, and have Dr. Franklin have a look at you.

I will.

After the rest of my people are freed.

Good day.

He's an interesting man.

He's a martyr. I've seen it before.

We had a guy on IO just like him.

Real charismatic.

Got this whole movement going around him.

Well, there's nothing more appealing than knowing that someone's willing to lay down their life for you.

And nothing more dangerous.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

(Londo) 'G'Kar?'

You've assigned G'Kar as my bodyguard?

Yes, I think your generosity in working with him will be an excellent symbol of unity for all the other races who could have joined the Alliance.

A symbol. Yes.

And you tried this line on G'Kar?

I did. And did it work?


Great Maker.

Alright, alright, Delenn but mark my word, this is going to be trouble.

Everything of value is, Londo.

Have a good flight.

I want the aisle seat.

Oh, no, no, no. You sit on the inside.

I want the aisle.

If you sit on the aisle, I cannot protect you.

But I don't like the inside.

It's too cramped.

I become nauseous.

I'll make sure they have a supply of space sickness bags.

[Londo sighs]


Oh, lieutenant. Care to join me?

I'm just having a quick bite before I crash.

No, it's okay.

I ate, ate something a little while ago.

I just want to say that I heard how you handled the telepath problem.

That was good thinking. Adequate.

Solves the immediate problem, but that's all I had to do.

I learned that on my last command.

You don't have to solve every problem all at once.

Problems are solved in pieces.

If you're on the seventh floor of a burning building you can either die or jump out the window.

Once you're out the window you're alive for another two seconds, during which time you figure out the solution to the next problem and so on and so on.

Ah, but this, this telepath problem it's gonna take me a while to unravel.

Well, you did the right thing.

That's what matters.

I hope so. I really do.

But to tell you the truth I get this nagging suspicion that maybe Bester was right.

This thing will blow up in our face.

It worries me.

I also have this nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something.

I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Goodnight, captain.

Goodnight, lieutenant.

Oh, no.

Lochley to security. 'Security here.'

(Garibaldi) 'I said let me the hell out of here!'

Uh, you can release Mr. Garibaldi now.

(Garibaldi) 'About time!'

♪ And we will all come together ♪

♪ In a better place ♪

♪ A better place than this ♪

♪ My love will guide you ♪

♪ My love will hold you ♪

♪ And my love will show you the way ♪

♪ There will come a tomorrow ♪

♪ Where we're free ♪

♪ From our sorrows ♪

♪ And our love will show us the way ♪

♪ We are strong in each other ♪

♪ We are sister ♪

♪ And brother ♪

♪ And we will all come together ♪

♪ In a better place ♪

♪ A better place than this ♪

♪ My love will guide you ♪

♪ My love will hold you ♪

♪ And my love will show you the way ♪

♪ There will come a tomorrow ♪

♪ Where we're free ♪

♪ From our sorrows.. ♪♪

[instrumental music]

[theme music]