Babylon 5 S5E7 Script

Secrets of the Soul (1998)

[instrumental music]

(Stephen) Doctor's personal log.

Every day brings us something new at Babylon 5.

Unfortunately, sometimes it also brings along a new strain of bacteria or a new virus.

My job now is to catalog all those possible infections for the new alliance and compile a complete medical profile on all the member races.

It's gonna be a big job, but I'm looking forward to it.

Alright, now breathe in slowly.

That's it.



You know, one of the reasons why I wanted to see you is that even though your people are carrion-eaters so that you're constantly being exposed to, uh, alien bacteria you seem almost impervious to outside infection.

Pak'Ma'Ra are chosen of God.

Very special.

We can eat of all the creatures who walk and fly and crawl.

But not of the fish in the sea.

So you can handle mammals of all kind even reptiles, but no fish.


Your system may be set up to destroy harmful bacteria on a selective basis.

'I'd like to do an analysis of your upper intestinal system.'

'This..' a barium compound.

It's perfectly harmless.

It'll help me track how your system handles outside material.

Not on approved list.

Well, everything you eat doesn't have to be dead for five days.

Alright, this is a non-organic compound and it does not fall in the same category.

So don't worry, now. You'll be fine.

We do this all the time. Here.

Can you help him here, please?

[instrumental music]

So far everyone has been extremely cooperative.

Even the Pak'Ma'Ra.

It goes a long way toward restoring my faith in Babylon 5's mission.

Alright, you ready?


That's why we're all here.

To better understand one another and treat each other with sympathy and compassion.

Commodities which are all too often in short supply.

Okay, what's the problem?

Travel violation.

They don't have any money, any transit papers.

Half of them don't even have any current ID.

We are with-with-with Byron.

We were told we could c-c-c-come here.

More telepaths. Great.

This is not the right...p-place?

This is where we are-we are gathering.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's the right place.

But this is getting out of hand.

How many more of you people are coming here?

(Byron) 'How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?'

That question baffled religious thinkers for centuries.

Until someone finally hit upon the answer.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

As many as want to.

How many of my brother and sister telepaths are coming?

As many as want to.

Yeah, well, captain--

Is under orders from President Sheridan to allow us in.

As with all the rest who have already arrived we will provide you with all the paperwork you require for our friends here.

You have my word.

Alright. Go on.

Come on. Move! Go! Go!



...can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Those guys are gonna be trouble yet. You just watch and see.

There's more going on here than they're telling us.

[instrumental music]

It's good to see you again, Peter.

And you, B-Byron.

I've been p-p-practicing a great deal since I s-saw you last.

I'm much better now.


Would-would you like to see?

Of course, Peter. Show me.

[music continues]


That was very good, Peter.

Very, very good.

(Kosh) And so it begins.

There's a hole in your mind. What do you want?

(G'Kar) No one here is exactly what he appears.

(Sinclair) Nothing's the same anymore.

(Hague) Commander Sinclair is being reassigned.

Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn homeworld?

I see a great hand reaching out of the stars.

(Sebastian) Who are you?

President Clark has signed a decree today declaring..

(Sheridan) These orders have forced us to declare independence..

Unless your people get of their encounter suited butts and do..

(Zathras) You're the one who was.

(Kosh) If you go to Z'Ha'Dum, you will die.

(Lorien) Why are you here?

Do you have anything worth living for?

(Delenn) I think of my beautiful city in flames.

(Sheridan) Giants in the playground.

Now, get the hell out of our galaxy!

We are here to place President Clark under arrest.

[theme music]

[music continues]

I know you're busy, but, uh, this won't take long.

No, it's fine, Zack. What can I do for you?

What the hell are you doing with those people?

What? What people?

Byron, the others.


Those people are telepaths, same as me.

Oh, no, not the same.

The way they hang together like that, I just..

I don't like it.

And that Byron guy's the worst of the bunch.

Byron is a sweet, charming, sympathetic man who's trying to create a better world.

He's trouble and I don't think you should be seeing him anymore.

Who said I was seeing him?

Lyta, I'm head of security. I don't miss much.

So you've been spying on me?

I didn't say that.

You're jealous. No, I am not jealous.

No? Care to give me permission to peek inside and find out?

You don't understand. No, I understand, Zack.

I understand plenty.

You and the others needed my help during the Shadow war, and I did that.

I put my life on the line. And what did I get?

You were gonna boot me into smaller quarters because I couldn't afford anything better?

The only way I got out of that was to rejoin the Psi-Corps and you don't even wanna know the deal I had to make to pull that one off.

Lyta-- I'm not finished.

After all that, you had the nerve to ask me to risk my life a second time during the civil war back home.

And stupid me, I did it.

And what did I get out of that? zip, zilch.

I got no life, no hope, no prospects.

Now, along comes Byron.

And for the first time in a long while, I feel like someone actually cares about what happens to me.

I care what happens to you, Lyta.

Yeah, well, maybe that's true.

But talk is cheap, Zack.

Byron is putting his life on the line to create something for his people.

And I'm one of 'em.

He's given us back a sense of dignity..

...and community.

I'm proud of that and I'm proud of him.

If you can't handle that, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do about it.


...if you could just give me five minutes--


...if Byron asked me to follow him into hell..

...I'd do it gladly with a smile on my face.

Because I believe in him.

What could you possibly say in five minutes that would change that?

[instrumental music]

Here they come again.

Look just like crows, don't they? All in black.

What happened? Somebody die?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

Obviously, but I was not talking to you.

We were just passing through and wish to continue.

Well, I don't wish you to continue.

Who the hell do you think you're talking to?

You think you're a big shot, don't you?

All of you damn teeps, you come down here parade around like you're in charge of the place.

Get free room and board and you think you're better than us?

The president has allowed us to stay here.

Yeah? Big fragging deal.

I been here two years and let me tell you, it ain't no honor.

It's a joke, and so are you.

Fine. You've had your say. I'd like to pass now.

I'd like to kick your ass. What do you think of that?

It's okay. Let him come. No.

Hit me.

What? I said, hit me!

[intense music]




Was one the same as three?

Was three the same as one and two?


Was there any difference between one, two and three?

And what would you expect to get out of four, five and six that you did not get out of one, two and three?

Your anger has nothing to do with me.

What will satisfy your anger will never come from me or anyone else here.

I'm afraid you must look for it elsewhere.

[instrumental music]

Nothing! It was nothing.

Must have been some kind of teep trick.

Come on!

I appreciate you seeing me, ambassador.

I did nothing but relay your request to the Grand Council of Elders.

The Ssh-Ba himself approved your request.

The Ssh-Ba?

Doesn't that translate to "oldest of the old?"

Yes, we were geritocracy ruled by the oldest of our people who are wise enough to guide us properly.


Ah, there you are.

Doctor, this is my attaché, Kirrin.

My apologies for being late.

Forgiven. Please sit.

The doctor was just explaining what he needs from us.

Well, it-it-it's nothing major.

At least at this stage.

We would like access to your genetic records

'and medical files so that we could better' understand your people and any dangers that might come to us or to you from other species.

Until now, we have kept our medical information to ourselves to prevent others from using it against us.

We've never given it to an outsider.

I appreciate that.

You have my personal guarantee that nothing of a compromising nature will ever be released.

As a doctor, I'm bound by an oath of confidentiality.

So whatever you give me will be considered privileged information.

And if you are captured by another and given the choice of betraying us or dying which would you choose?

Kirrin! My apologies.

But it is a fair question.

He is asking us to risk our lives on his promise.

Is it wrong to ask the same of him?

All the information will be kept in one file.

Triple encoded and there are no copies.

No one else has the pass code.

If anyone enters the wrong code, just once the program will delete itself.

But if someone placed a gun to your head and told you to give me the pass code would you die for us?

You aren't asking anything that I haven't already considered and the answer is yes.

I would die before I allow my work to be used in biogenetic warfare.

Anything else, Kirrin?

No. Thank you, doctor.

I will arrange to have as many of our medical files as possible transferred to your system.

The material should be there by the time you get back to Medlab.

Thank you, ambassador.


This is a mistake.

The Elders have spoken.

It is not your place to question them or me.

This information is required if we are to remain part of the alliance.

And our people need that edge if we are to compete.

But what if he finds out?

If it is the will of Oshi-Ta..

...then we must accept it.

[instrumental music]

And if he betrays us..

...then he will die.

Oh, God.

'Are you alright?' Fine.

Yeah, you look fine.

Why isn't somebody taking care of you?

Because they understand at times like this I prefer not to be disturbed.

Just a minute.

(Lyta) 'Now, I heard about what happened.'

There were as many of you as there were of them.

So why did you let them do that to you?

Because then there would have been seven of our people hurt instead of just one.

Violence is not our way, Lyta.

Yeah, well.. times like this, it is mine.


Violence is their way.

The way of the mundanes who would use us, control us and in the end, kill us because they're afraid of us.

The Psi-Corps has adopted their ways.

Treating us as the mundanes treat them because they're afraid of themselves..

...and because they don't know any other way.

They don't understand.

Understand what?

No tyranny has ever really lasted.

No government based on violence has endured.

Sooner or later, they all fall.

We're here to build a new life for ourselves.

A home among the stars.

Would you build a home on a foundation you knew would not last?

No, of course not.

Then why should we use the same tools of violence and fear that they use?

But when they do this doesn't it, doesn't it make you mad?

I mean, don't you wanna strike back? Cou.. Ju-ju..

What? What's so funny?

Do you know what you are?



A brightly colored fast moving object.

You don't just walk into a room.

You blaze in and blaze out again like a comet.

There's so much more to you than meets the eye.

If you only knew.

Stop smiling. Then go away.

If you're here, I'm afraid I can't help myself.


What am I gonna do with you?

I sometimes wonder the same thing about you.

Well, when you figure it out, let me know.

You first.

[instrumental music]

I'll, uh..

...I'll go to see Dr. Franklin and get something for your bruises.

Should make them go away by tomorrow.

They're already gone.

I can still see them.

Only on the outside.

Well, I should go.

You leave us every night. Why?

I-I don't feel like I belong here.

Not yet anyway.

Yes, you do.

Stay with us tonight.

No, I-I can't, Byron.

I-I want to, but..

[music continues]

Lyta does not yet feel she truly belongs among us.

What do you say?

[music continues]

[door opens]

These are the last of the files you wanted, doctor.

Thank you. Just-just, uh, set them down right there.

Thank you very much.


There's something I don't understand about these records.

Now, your civilization has been around for 7000 years.

But-but these files on your evolution and medical history only go back about 800 years.


Well, it would be helpful if I had something a little more comprehensive.

All the conclusions and results of the previous years are there.

Are they not?

Yes, but it's important to know the historical process that led to those conclusions.

Now, if I could just-- I'm sorry, doctor.

Those are all the files I was given.

You will have to make do with what you have.

[instrumental music]

Computer, check Hyach historical archives.

How far back do we have records of their society their culture, their government?

(female automated announcer) 'Checking, records date back'

'between 750 years and 820 years.'

That's it?

There is no recorded history of the Hyach before about 800 years?


They're hiding something.

But what?

More important, why?

[music continues]

You-you go on ahead. I'll-I'll catch up.

What the hell are you doing down here, freak?

I was ju-I was ju..

"I was ju.."

He was ju-he was ju..

Hey, you brought lunch. Let me see.

Let me see!

[dramatic music]

'What are you looking at, freak?'

I said, what are you loo..

'Oh, look out!'


You think that's funny, huh, freak?

I'll show you what's funny.

Take it easy. Easy. Get on! I'm gonna do it!


(Stephen) 'Alright, people, let's move now, let's move.'

'Fifty CCs of hydromorphozine.'

'IV, stat.'

'Let's get the scanners on him quick!'

'Let's move, people. Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!'

Bring it on in!

(male #1) 'Breathing is erratic. Analyzing.'

How is he? Not good.

Oh. But I think he'll live.

Why aren't you working on him?

I've got my best trauma team handling his case.

Alright? If they can't handle it, nobody can.

Now, do you know what happened?

Yes, he was attacked by one of you for the crime of being who he is and what he is.

Alright, did you get a description of who did this?

No, but I believe we know who was responsible.

Well, we're gonna need more than that to go after him.

My people won't. That troubles me.

They're not gonna do anything stupid now, are they?

Well, not if Byron can stop them.

Well, if they're so upset, where are they?

They're here.

(Stephen) 'Has his breathing improved?'

(male #1) 'Slightly, but it's still erratic.'

(female #1) 'Uh, 20 CCs of diodram.'

(Stephen) 'Wait a minute.'

'There's a flutter on the brain scan.'

(Byron) 'Doctor!'

Take good care of him.

He's a very special case.

(male #1) 'He's now responsive.'

(Stephen) 'Good. Just watch him. He may go into shock.'

'What the hell?' 'Watch it!'

As I said, a very special case.

Come on. We have to hurry.



'Aah. No. No more.'

'I didn't do anything!'


Make it stop! Make it stop!

Make it stop!


I didn't do anything!


'Make it stop. Make it stop!'

It's me.

It's me!

Be still. Let it go.

Do it for me.



Hold it right there. Zack, stop.

Let him go. Listen to me. He didn't do anything.

Yeah? Doesn't look that way to me.

It's alright, Lyta. It's alright.

Alright. Get him out of here.

Get a med team down here, stat.


...anything new on the search for Hyach records?

'Negative results on search.'


Alright. Alright.

Let's-let's try this another way.

Uh.. all available files for any records from any of the other races.

Some of them have been in contact with the Hyach for a long time.

Maybe they've got something we don't.

'Stand by.'



'Yeah?' I-I need to see my people.

Mr. Alan promised-- 'First thing in the morning.'

This can't wait. I need to talk to them, calm them down.

If I don't speak to them something terribly wrong is going to happen.

(male #2) 'Yeah, yeah. Whatever.'



[instrumental music]

[computer beeps]

[automated message] 'Records found.'

Hmm. Oh.


Let's see what we got here.

[speaking in foreign language]

Initiate translation program.

[computer beeping]

Picked up another shipment of Kiligrain for dark moon ceremony.

We had a sighting of Hyach-Doh.

'Very rare.'

'Came into our encampment and asked to come with us.'

'Per our contract, we refused'

'and notified those in charge of collection.'

'Expect to arrive in homeland in 24--'


We had a sighting of Hyach-Doh. Very rare.

'Came into our encampment and asked to come with us.'

'Per our contract, we refused'

'and notified those in charge of collection.'


Computer, is there any reference to Hyach-Doh in any of the current Hyach literature?

(female automated announcer) 'Negative.'

Alright, check alien records.

Cross reference with Hyach-Doh.

Include all variant spellings. Give me a hard copy readout.

'Stand by.'

[instrumental music]

Do as I tell you or die.


Far enough.

Let me see.

(Stephen) I can save you time, Kirrin.

I know your secret.

The Hyach-Doh, they're all dead, aren't they?

'It was a case of parallel evolution.'

Two sentient races developed on your world.

The other race splitting off from the main line about a million years ago.

Like the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon on Earth.

Except in your case..

...they didn't die out.


At first, we competed for living space.


Then we learned to live together..

...for a time.

And all the while there was intermarrying between the two sides, wasn't there?

It was a great scandal.

But it continued throughout our history.

Until 1200 of your years ago.

Religious laws were passed that made it immoral for one line to marry into the other.

Then immoral became illegal.

Then illegal, punishable by death.

And then..

And then it just became more efficient for you to wipe out the entire race.

It took us centuries.

They were hunted down in every corner of our world.

There were bounties placed on their heads.

They were forbidden to leave our homeland.

They tried to slip away.

But any captain found transporting them was subject to arrest and execution.

Forty million of them.

The funeral pyres burned night and day.

It was a long time ago.

We are not responsible.

But we pay the price, Kirrin.

What price?

Well, you must've known I'd stumble onto this.

What price?

Give him back his papers.

Do as I say.

Take a look at the numbers for our population growth.

No. They're not growing. They're shrinking.

The birth rate is down nearly 20%.

Looks like it's been decreasing steadily for centuries, but..

Something in your biological makeup is breaking down.


You needed the Hyach-Doh, didn't you?

You needed something in their DNA to keep your species growing through interbreeding.

Without it-- We are dying.

We killed the Hyach-Doh and in so doing, we killed ourselves.

It took us a long time to discover the cause but now, there is nowhere to go.

We are a dying people.

Unless you help us.


You hold us responsible for those who were killed.


Even though we ourselves were not yet born?

You helped hide the truth about what happened by revising your history.

Cutting out the parts you didn't like.

Now, as far as I'm concerned that makes you an accomplice after the fact.

It's our shame.

We won't have it exposed.

Well, that's your choice.

But what it means is, morally, I can't help you.

Besides, something as massive as this it's beyond my capabilities.

It would take the resources of several league worlds to conduct studies on your biology.

Find out what was lost.

Develop a means of restoring it on a planetary basis.

It's too big of a job to be finished in my lifetime.

But we could get started.

It may not work.

But if you keep this a secret nothing will be done.

And your people, your race, will eventually die out.

Let him go.

But, Tal..

It is the decision of the Elders.

They could not reveal our shame to others.

But now that another has discovered our truth we may as well acknowledge it.

It is too high a price to pay to do otherwise.

[instrumental music]


...someday.. may forgive us for what our ancestors did.

I can't forgive you.

It's not my place to speak for the dead.

The only forgiveness can come from the Hyach-Doh.

Too bad they're all dead.

The guy that got attacked woke up about an hour ago.

Didn't remember who did it to him.

Only thing he does seem to remember is you tried to help him.

His story confirms what you told us.

Then I can go now. You can go.

Thing is, the guy worked for Carl Townsend.

Real pain in the ass in down below.

First class thug.

My guys found Carl's body about an hour ago.

Not a pretty sight.

No. I would imagine not.

Word is, he and the other guy who got attacked hassled your bunch the other day.

Maybe even attacked one of your guys.

Now one's in serious condition.

The other's dead.

Don't suppose you know anything about that.

How would I? I've been in here the whole time.

One thing.

I suspect if you'd not kept me locked up here all day there might be one less dead body in your morgue.

Please, try and remember that next time.

[instrumental music]

Are you sure you're gonna be alright?


I worked so hard to teach them, Lyta.

I wanted so much for them to understand.


And yet, they continue.

They killed that man, Lyta.

Not all of them.

I don't know which ones, but I..

...I could feel it when it happened.

Through 14 decks..

...layers of steel and wire and doors I could feel it!

And I was ashamed.

It's not their fault.

I should have taught them better somehow.

He was a violent, dangerous man.

Now, I-I can't condone what they did but I understand it.

You did everything you could.

Then I must learn to do more.

That's where you're wrong.

You have done more for these people than you will ever understand.

And for me.

I wish I could believe that.

So do I.

Because it's true.

Five lifetimes ago, you said I was your willow.

Offering you shade..

...and rest.


Then rest in me.

Even if it's only for a little while.

[instrumental music]

There's something you should know before we..

I haven't been with anyone since..

Byron, the Vorlons changed me.

More than you could possibly know.

I-I don't know what it'll do once you get past my barriers and I get past yours.

It could burn you.

Then let it burn.

[music continues]

(Lyta) I can feel them.

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

It was the Vorlons. Yes.

They created telepaths on a hundred worlds.

Interfered with their genetic development.

Took people from their home worlds and adjusted them over the course of the centuries.


Because they needed telepaths in their war against the Shadows.

Needed us as cannon fodder.


We would be normal.

We would have lives.

We would be able to walk and live and work among normals without fear of persecution if the Vorlons had not interfered with our normal development.

We were made for their benefit.

To save them.

We were told that our abilities were our gift and our curse.

And that we were somehow responsible for it.

But we're not.

We're not.

The Vorlons are gone, Byron.

There's no one left to settle the score.

No, but the other races are still here.

We were made telepathic to serve their cause.

Save their worlds.

Now, they have to recognize that.

They have to understand that they are responsible for us.

For our condition.

They have to make it right, Lyta.

We'll force them to make it right.


By giving us a homeland of our own.

We don't fit here because we're different.

Because we were made different.

They owe us a place where we can be among our own kind.

We'll ask to speak to the Alliance.

Put our case before them.

See if they can be persuaded to do the right thing.

And if they can't?

[instrumental music]

Then we'll make sure they have no other choice.

[theme music]