Babylon A.D. (2008) Script

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"Save the planet."

Whenever I've read\nthat bumper sticker\nI've had to laugh.

"Save the planet."

What for?

And from what, ourselves?

What about God?\nCan he help us?

I don't think so God gave us what we have\nto see how we'll use it.

Shit. Rats in a cage\nwould've done it better

"Life's a bitch\nand then you die."

Bumper-sticker philosophy Yeah, right Sometimes..

you get a second chance

For hundreds\nof thousands of people commuting\nto the Iranian capital, this morning began\njust like any other.

At least 52 people died,\nalong with four bombers and 700 were injured If the chief U.S. interest\nat this point is\nin combating terrorism.. as it emanates\nfrom Kazakhstan there really isn't\nanyone to deal with\nother than— Since Kazakhstan's\nindependence six years ago—

# Deuces is wild\nIt's a triple threat #

# Two-two with\nthe triple fat goose #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# You, you ain't\nnever seen a bigger threat #

# Deuces is wild getting\nwilly off a bag of ily #

# Iced out on the sand\nlike a chilly willy #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# Deuces is wild\nIt's a triple threat #

# In this world\nthat's been frozen\nthey come be Achozen #

# Rising from the dead\nOverthrow the opposin' #

# Forces of evil\ncontrolling our people #

# Deuces is wild\nand their wisdom is lethal #

# Four twenty-two\nstomping through\nI can see you #

# Strike a match, light the sun\nWatch the preview #

# Life is a game played once\nDon't refuse to #

# Three is the view\nand life we are true to #

# Deuces is wild\nIt's a triple threat #

# Two-two with\nthe triple fat goose #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# You, you ain't\nnever seen a bigger threat #

# This is how I really talk #

# Fuck what you\nreally thought #

# Now I'm really pop\nShit talk silly pot #

# I'd like to kill the cat #

# Ice like the polar caps\nJawra is ily raw #

# So fast you kill my rap #

# Your phantom power\nMy anthem will\nstrike the power#

# The truths of which I write\nand will be sanctum power#

# It's how I spit my night\nto this very time #

# An hour with disrespect\nA light we shine #

Get out here!

Come here!

Get back!

You remember me?

You sold me a gun\nthat don't work.

It almost got me killed.\nI paid $20 for this.\nI want my money back.

Give me that.

# Deuces is wild\nIt's a triple threat #

# Two-two with\nthe triple fat goose #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# You, you ain't\nnever seen a bigger threat ##


I owe you.

I'll save you some.

Hey, Toorop. Toorop.\nSomebody came by\nlooking for you.


If the chief\nU.S. interest at this point\nis in combating terrorism... that emanates\nfrom Kazakhstan--

Boy, what a massacre.

The victims\nwere killed as they were\nvisiting the factory... in a northeastern\nKazakhstan province.

The blast went off\nas the—

At the peak of the rush hour,\nbombs were detonated... in three crowded trains\nand aboard a bus.

At least 50—


Karl, is that you?

I thought you were in Sudan,\nkilling babies.

Remember\nthe last time we met?

I told you\nif you ever point\nthat gun at me again, I'd kill you.

Who would hire\na baby killer to get me--


No shit, Karl.

If you wanted me dead,\nyou would've blown up\nthe building. Who?


Karl, you're a disgrace\nto the profession.

You're not a mercenary.\nYou're a fucking terrorist.

You need two things\nto live in this business:\nyour balls and your word.

You don't have either.

Know the difference\nbetween you and me,\nKarl?

I still\ngot both.

Take it easy.

That was just personal\nbetween him and me.

Let me get my things.



See you, kid.\nThank you, Toorop.

You are a hard man\nto find, Toorop.

I'm not hiding.


You could've knocked.

I needed to be sure\nthat you were\nthe same idealist... who worked for me\n10 years ago.

So you knew\nI was gonna kill Karl.


I don't\nlike you, Gorsky.\nHmm.

You can't trust me,\nand I can't trust you.

This is not about trust.

This is about, uh,\nprofessionalism, ethics.


If it's about ethics,\nI should kill you right now.

And you think\nthat would make\nthe world a better place?

Look at you,\nstill in this shit-hole.

Surviving.\nSleeping with your gun No friends,\nno family, no future We are the same.

You and me.

We're not the same.\nWhat do you want?

I need a smuggler.

I don't\ndo refugees anymore.

Use your own cargo.

You own the borders\nanyway.\nOnly on this side.

This is\nan overseas delivery?\nA girl.

She needs to be\nin America in six days.

Why are you playing\nwith me?

You know I can't get back\ninto that country.

You know that U.N. passports\nare impossible to fake.

This is not a fake.

Inject it in your neck\nwhen you pass\nthe official border.

This is your new life.

Clean credit.

John Doe.

What's the catch?

You have to make a choice.

That's the catch.

I'll do it for half a mil.

I can make you\ndo it for free.

You can't make me\ndo shit, Gorsky.

But you can pay me\nwhat I need so I can\nget the job done right.

You got yourself\na deal.

A car will\npick you up outside.. to take you\nto the rendezvous point.

Cross me, and you'll have\nno place to hide anymore, Toorop.


That goes both ways, Gorsky.\nHuh.


Good morning You must be Toorop.

I am Sister Rebeka.

I just want to bring\nthree simple rules\nto your attention... before we start\nour journey.


I'm here\nto pick up one girl.

Wherever she goes, I go.\nThat is rule number one.

Rule number two: the less contact she has\nwith the outside world,\nthe better.

You're here to protect her\nfrom outside influences.

That includes seeing,\nhearing and feeling.

You know, it's a harsh world\nout there, Sister.

I know. That is\nwhy we live in here.

Ah, shit, okay.\nWhat's your third rule?

No foul language.

Do we have an agreement?

You listen to my one\nand only rule.

Don't fuck with me, or I'll leave you\nstanding in the middle\nof nowhere... with nothing but your ass to sell\nto get back here.

Your perfect world.

Do we have an agreement?

Obviously,\nyou are not a gentleman.

Obviously not.

Now that we have\nan understanding,\npick up the bags.



What's your name?\nMy name?

You don't have\nto talk to him.

You didn't\nintroduce yourself.

My name's Toorop.

Are you taking us\nto New York?

Yes. Now, please,\nget into the car.

Are you a killer,\nMr. Toorop?

Look, lady,\nI'm just a delivery boy.

And to me,\nyou're just a package I'm not your friend.\nI'm not your brother.\nI'm not your boyfriend In six days,\nI'm gonna deliver you\nand never see you again.

Sister Rebeka's right.

We shouldn't even talk.

Come on.


You wouldn't have\na light, would you?


Are you okay,\nbaby girl?

I've never been\nthis far.

Let's hurry up.\nThe train's gonna\nleave soon.

Take your bags.

Are you really going\nto need all that?

We could never have\nenough firepower, Sister.

In fact--

I've never touched\na gun in my life.

Now would be\nthe perfect moment\nto start.

No, thank you.\nI can defend myself.

Stay close.\nThis is the real world.

There's no mercy\nfor the weak.

Just because\nwe're peaceful, that\ndoesn't mean we're weak.

It does here.

Take this.


Change.\nWhat are you doing?

That's him.\nWe're locked on He's a big motherfucker\nLook at him.

That won't be a problem And that's Aurora.\nShe's cute Put this on.\nLet's stay\nconcentrated, guys.

Come on.

What do we do now?

No need to rush\nLet's give it time.

Hang on.

Okay, give me three.


Where are you going?

What are you doing?\nCome on.

Hey! Hey!

Hey, come here! Hey!

Hey, something's happening\nShe's on the run.

Aurora! Toorop!


Don't go.\nYou will die.

What are you doing?\nShe's felt it.

Don't go that way.\nShe's not used to crowds.

We have to go now.\nWe have no time.\n- We have to get away.

What is wrong with you?\nMake her walk,\nor I'll carry her.

Stop. Don't touch her.\n- Don't go that way.

We're going now.\n- We have to get away.

Don't touch her.

Come on.

We'll go\nto the train.

We need to catch it.\nCome on.

Come on. Move. Move.\nGet out of the way.\nMove!

Hey, guys, can I buy\nthese three seats\noff you?

Buy some more goats.

For you.

Those tigers in the cage-- they weren't real, right?

Siberian tigers\nwent extinct in 2017.

The last one died\nin the Moscow Zoo What is she,\na walking wildlife encyclopedia?

They were clones?

Second-generation clones,\nnot real tigers.

Copies of copies But they're living creatures,\nmade by God.

No. They were organic\nmachines made by man.

But God made man in his image.

So what man creates\nis also God's will.

Is this what you\nteach her in the convent?

Then God would be\npretty fucked up\nto make man in his image You wanna talk?\nTell me what happened\nat the marketplace.

If I'm gonna protect you, I need to know\nwhat's wrong with you.

She was scared.

It's the first time\nout of the convent, and you put us\nin that situation.

First time\nout of the convent, huh?

So I'm probably delivering you\nto some billionaire playboy... who purchased you off the Internet.

Stay close.

What are\nwe doing here?\nLooking for a friend.

Come on. Come on.

Sit over there.

I'll be\nright there in a minute.\nAnd, you, don't talk to anybody.

Yo, guys.\nThey're separating Don't do\nanything stupid. Wait Get up, motherfucker.\nHuh?

Hey! Toorop!

How are you?

How you doing?\nWhat you doing in this\nbeautiful part of Russia?


Working for who?\nHey, hey. Two shots.

Hold your positions.\nWe're gonna move in.\nGorsky.

He made me an offer\nI couldn't refuse.

What can I do for you?

I need three passes\non the boat... and two snow bikes\non the other side.

You crossing?\nI'm delivering.

The girl.

Her? Who is she?

I don't know.

Where you taking her?\nAmerica.

What America? You're\non a terrorist list there.\nYeah.

You need a passport.\nYou need an identity.

You're kidding me.\nYou got a passport?

Yeah, and I'm\nnot coming back.\nThat is a bold move.

I got 50 G's saying\nyou can help me out.



You don't have to look.

Who is he?

He's a lost soul

See you at the landing\nat 0600 sharp.

You got it.

Who was that?\nAn old friend.\nA good smuggler.

You trust him?\nI don't trust anybody.\nCome on.

Sorry, kids.\nThese girls are with me.

Just let her go, Toorop.\nHow do you know my name?

We know a lot of things\nyou don't know.\nYeah? Like what?

Like you don't know\nwhat you're doing.

I'm doing my job.\n- Fuck your job.

What?\n- One million, tax free

Take the money\nand walk out\nwithout a fight.

Make it easy\non yourself, Toorop.




No! Toorop!



Aurora!\nHey, man,\nlet the girl go.

Just let her go.\nLet her go.

Hey, man.\nHey. Hey. I don't--


Get over there!\nYou wanna fight?

Okay, man.

Come on!

Come on!



Stop it!

Stop it! Stop!

Don't kill him!

He doesn't want\nto hurt me.

He wanted to protect me!

Your father sent us.\nMy father?

Get away from her.\nGet away from her!

It's okay, Aurora.

I have to know.\nNo.



Aurora! Aurora!\nListen to me. Stop!

Toorop! Toorop!

Come on.

Let's go. Hurry up.

Move it.

Come on!

Go! Go!


Let her go!

Next one dies!

Come with us.\nThey're ready\nto die for you.

I don't want anybody\nto die for me.

What do you think\nyou're doing?

What's wrong with you?\n- You think this is a game?

Why did you shoot them?\n- You trying to get us killed?

Why didn't you let me go?\n- You don't know them!

Well, what are you gonna do,\nshoot me in the head?

Shoot me like an animal?\nStop it!

I told you I'd take you\nto New York, and I will.

This is way\ntoo many refugees, man.

The ice is getting\nthinner every year.

They're losing cargo\nall the time.

We're not gonna all\nget on the boat.

Make sure we do.

Ah, this goddamn\nglobal warming's\nbad for business.

What's happening?

Watch this.

There's not much time.

They don't wanna be\nspotted by satellites.

Hurry. Come on!

Come on!


Come on!



You can't do this!\nThey'll die out there!


You can't do this.\n- Get away from the controls.

What are you doing?\nStop it. Stop it.\nNo!

Don't do that. What's wrong?\n- Put it down.

No. Don't.\n- Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Take it easy.\n- Hey, take it easy.

We go back up Now Okay. Okay.


We go back up.\nEasy.



Calm down.

I feel them!

I feel them!

I feel them dying!

I feel them dying!

The whole Bering Sea is dead!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.\nWhat the fuck was that?

I was 17 years old,\nliving in San Francisco My life was a mess I met the wrong man I was lost in darkness But then the high priestess\nof our church opened\nthe doors... that led me\non to the path of light

I joined the Noelites and I ended up\nin the convent.

It was a haven for women\nwho needed to heal.

I worked\nin the orphanage.

She arrived.

A little baby Her father was dead Nobody knew anything\nabout the mother.

I took her as my own.

I fed her.\nI taught her.

Everything was fine... until three months ago.

The doctor came.\nHe gave her a pill.

He was with her\nfor 10 minutes, and then she slowly\nstarted to change.

But nothing—\nnothing as violent\nas what you saw today.

But something's\nnot making sense.

How could she know\nhow to operate\na 30-year-old Russian sub?

She's always known things\nthat she never experienced.

Aurora could speak\nwhen she was two years old.

A lot of kids speak at two--\nNineteen\ndifferent languages.

Who else knows\nabout this?

Nobody but the doctor.

He told me\nto keep it a secret\nto protect her.

He said... that we would get\nthe best medical help\nin America.

She needs help.

Get her ready.

You know,\ntwo years ago,\nin Uzbekistan...

I saw this\nviral bomb go off.

It was, uh--

It was incredible.\nEverybody died.

She's carrying,\nain't she?


All the symptoms fit.\nAll that weird behavior I'm telling you, man\nshe is carrying\na weapon.

You have any idea\nhow much money\nshe's worth?

If she's carrying a virus,

I'll kill her myself\nand burn the body.

What happened to them?\nFighter drones.

Anything that moves\nis shot on sight.

Now we're in the zone.\nIt's 10 miles to the D.M.Z.

Then let's make it\n10 fast miles. Let's go!

Toorop, they're coming!

Shit. Finn, we're spotted\nHit it!


Finn, get close to me!\nFinn, now!

Aurora, jump onto our bike.

I'll draw them off.\nYou three, hide here.

What are you doing?

Toorop cleared our way out.\nWe're almost at the border.

Toorop, we need you now!

It's gonna shoot us!\nToorop. Toorop!



He's not dead!

Ah, shit!

Hey, stay with me.

He's not reacting.\nHe's bleeding to death.

I need your help.\nOkay.

We gotta get outta here now.

It's a small piece of metal.\nI'm gonna take it out.

What do you need?\n-Just hold him.

Look, we don't\nhave time for this, okay?

They're gonna send more drones!


You got it?\n- I got it.

It's okay.\nGive me a bandage We should never\nhave turned back.

He knows the rules.

I'll sew it up later.


Now you and the passport\nare mine.

What are you doing?\n- You, I don't need.

Like I said,\ntrust no one.

It's good.\nWhere did you learn to cook?

Rule number one\nin the mercenary handbook.

You never had a woman\ntake care of you?



No, not in my line of work.

Ah!\nOh-- Finished.

She gets pleasure out of this.



Ooh. What is that?

Painkiller?\n- No, thank you.

Live a little.\nNo.

Aurora, stop!

Spit it out.


Yuck! Hmm Girls, we made it\nacross the border.

Here's to survival And thank you\nfor saving my life.

Maybe now\nyou can trust somebody

We protected each other\nlike family.

We are all going to die\nin New York.

Good night.

She's just scared.

Yeah, right.

Go back to sleep.

We still have\na long way ahead of us.

What are you doing?

We go through\ncustoms tomorrow.

I can't take these.

You know, when Sister Rebeka\nfirst held me as a baby, it was a night like this.

Aurora-- that's where I got my name.

From the chaos.\nIt suits you.

You're risking\nyour life for me. Why?

I've done my time.

All this killing\nand pain and... war--

For what?

I'm tired— tired of it all.

And you're my only chance\nout of this hell.

And go where?

27 Cedar Grove.

Near Canada.\nIt's upstate New York.

My parents had a farm-- more like a cabin\nwith a lot of land.

It's probably in ruins,\nbut I might be able\nto fix it up.

There is\nno place like home.

But Kansas ain't\nwhat it used to be.

The Wizard of Oz


That's right.


Are you really\ngoing to kill me\nand burn my body?

I hope I won't have to.

You have reached the limit\nof your water credit.

To purchase more credit,\nenter your room number now.

Thirty minutes.\nThe bus leaves in 30 minutes.

Last plane to New York\nin two hours.

Your Highness,\nthey've crossed\nthe Canadian border.

She's coming.

Let's pray.

A miracle in the making.

Trust. Invest in our new faith

Tomorrow is the dawn\nof our new age.

Right here, girls.

Welcome, Mr.Johnson.

Your multimedia system\nis loading.

We wish you a pleasant stay.\nIt's okay.

It's safe here.


Hey, there's no food.

Guess we're not\ngonna be here long.

What's wrong?\nThey are all dead.

Sources report the destruction\nin Kyrgyzstan... of a 1,000-year-old convent, one of the oldest\ncontinually functioning convents\nin Central Asia.

Now occupied by\nan ascetic branch\nof the Noelites, the convent was struck\nby a missile late last night.

There were no survivors.

Here, an initial reaction\nfrom the Noelites.

It is a tragedy to think\nthat even defenseless women.. who made the choice\nto withdraw from society.. and lead a life of purity... should suffer\nthe attacks of terrorists.. who have absolutely no respect\nfor the lives of decent,\nGod-fearing people.

We shall mourn our sisters... and continue their legacy\nfor world peace... through obedience,\npurification and hope... for the miracle\nwe so desperately need

Congratulations, my friend.

You made it safe and sound.\nGorsky.

Did you destroy\nthat convent?

I'm not a terrorist, Toorop.\nI'm a mercenary, like you.

Bullshit.\nWhat the hell is going--

What the hell\nis going on over here?

You didn't leave me a gun.\nYou've done your job.

A doctor is coming\nin a few minutes.

If she's okay,\nyou're home free.. and the tracking device\nin your passport\nwill be deactivated.

Don't make us use it.

Sometimes it's hard\nto understand, but I believe\nGod has a reason\nfor everything that happens.

What reason could there be?

They never hurt anybody.

Maybe it was an accident.

It was not an accident.

It was destroyed right after\nwe crossed the border.

Would you like to pray with me?

I don't feel\nlike praying anymore.

Toorop said\nI'm just a package to him.

Why did you bring me here?

'Cause I couldn't\ntake care of you anymore.

How is she?


Yeah. Well, she should be.

Who are they?\n- To the left, the Range Rover goons\nwork for your sect,\nthe Noelites.

To the right,\nthe bikers work for Gorsky.

They're all here\nto make sure I deliver And if we don't?

It's gonna be a free-for-all

Look, Sister, we traveled\n6,000 miles together.

The truth is\nthis has been a suicide mission\nfrom the beginning.

They won't let\neither one of us\nwalk out of here alive.

That's why\nthey destroyed the convent.\nThat's the doctor... that came to the convent\nthree months ago.


Good evening, Sister.\nGood evening.

Good evening.

Where is she?\nIn the room.


You're a bad man.

They're more powerful\nthan we expected.

Thank you, Aurora Thank you so much

How is she?\nShe's fine.

I have to\nrun some more tests.\nMore tests?

Standard--\nHey, you just ran your test.

What's wrong with her?\nExpect a call from--

What is wrong with her?

Toorop. Toorop.

Let him go.

If you please.

Thank you, Sister.

Get over here!\nWhat's wrong with you?

I want to know\neverything that you know.\nDon't you think... that if I knew anything\nI would tell you?

No, I don't think.\nYou're a Noelite.\nYou're like him.

You swore an oath.\nNot to them. To God.

God has nothing\nto do with it now!\nYou understand?

If she's carrying a virus,\nshe can annihilate\nhalf the city, and I'm not gonna\nhave it on my conscience!

How can you believe that?\nI don't know what\nI believe anymore!

I'm pregnant. Twins.

It's not possible.\nI've watched over you\nall your life.

No one's ever touched you.

And nobody has.


Toorop,\nthey just want my babies Yes.

Mr. Toorop?

This is\nthe Noelite Church C.E.O.\nI know who you are.

Thank you for doing such\na good job, Mr. Toorop.\nYou're welcome.

Please bring the girl\nto the limousine, and your mission\nis accomplished.

We're on our way out.

All right, guys.\nAre you ready?

Keep them in sight, guys

We can't\nlet her go, Toorop.

Look around.\nDo we have a choice?

She's your problem now.

Thank you, Toorop.

We're going\nin the subway.

What's wrong?

It's a missile\nlinked to my passport.

How can you stop it?\n- Only by death.

Get on the subway!




I need you to live.

He's back to life.

Scars are all gone.\nDoctor hasn't lost his touch.

Too bad he can't\nmake him pretty.

Where am I?

In paradise.\nWe'll take you to your maker.

Good evening, Mr. Toorop.\nI'm Dr. Darquandier,\nAurora's father.

Thought you were dead.

It's sometimes useful to be dead.\nIt allows one a second chance.

You'll see.

Oh, yes.\nYou were clinically dead\nfor two hours.

I fixed you up\nas best I could We lost quite a bit of time\ngetting you from the morgue And then you went\ninto a coma for five days Now, Mr. Toorop,\nI believe I owe you\nsome explanation.

You see, 20 years ago\nI was drummed out\nof the medical profession... for trying to\nimplant human babies\nwith artificial intelligence.

Around that time,\nthe Noelites came to me\nwith an unusual offer.

They wanted me to do\nexactly what the rest\nof the world was scared of.

That is, to create\na supernatural human being.. with the complete\nknowledge of the world\nimprinted in her memory So I built a supercomputer.. to be Aurora's\nartificial mother.

As a fetus,\nAurora learned\nto process information... just like a computer.

But when she was born, she became much more\nthan just an experiment.

You see, she became-- she became my daughter.

She was beautiful. She was\nunique. And I couldn't bring\nmyself to give her away.

That's when they hired\nGorsky to kill me.

Well,\nhe almost succeeded.

He took my baby away.

I searched for her for years.\nI couldn't find her.

I knew that one day\nthe Noelites would have\nto present their miracle... to the rest of the world.

What do you want from me?\nI want you\nto find my daughter.

We think she's alive\nand that she planned everything.

She even shot you\nwith a purpose.

You see,\nyou died with your eyes open.

But your brain recorded more\nthan you can actually remember.

We just need\nto rewind the tape\nand fiddle with your memory.

I was dead.


People are starving\nfor any kind of miracle We were the provider,\nand we had the copyright

250 million followers today\nTwo billion tomorrow.

This is what Aurora represented Our stock options were sky high and the whole world\nwas waiting for a revelation But not anymore.\nAurora was our trademark But now our trademark has\ndisappeared in a ball of fire\nlike a cheap magic trick!

And you morons can't even find\na single D.N.A. string\nto rebuild her.

We are finally\non the verge of becoming\na bona fide religion, and your incompetence\nhas thrown 20 years of\ncareful planning down the tubes.

Who gave the order\nto use guns to retrieve her?

You left Gorsky no choice!\nWhat were you thinking?

Try not to get upset,\nYour Highness. It's bad\nfor your blood pressure.

Stop fussing.\nWell?

Does anyone\nhave any suggestions?

What should we do?

Your Highness,\nwe want to launch a campaign... to inform the people\nthat we were targets\nof a terrorist attack.

We need to be proactive,\nnot victims!

In six months, we can offer\na closer look at God\nthrough our new space module We need a miracle,\nnot another gadget!


The body stolen\nfrom the morgue\nwas Toorop's.

The police found the van\nthat transported him\nin New Jersey.

Who would want to abduct\nthe body of a dead man?

What am I looking for?

What you missed the first time We'll guide your memory\nwith our computer.

Are you ready,\nMr. Toorop?

I hope so.

Fast forward.\nFast forward.\nNot too fast.

Those are his wars.\nDon't bring him too far back

We're losing control.\nHe's going back too far.\n- Kill!

That's his childhood.\nBring him back.\nDon't lead him there

Bring him forward.

Not on the Noelites.\nOn the bikers. On the bikers.

All right.

He's way past\nthe danger threshold.

Everyone, slow down.

Slow him down now!\nSlow down!

Let's wait.\nLet's wait. Let's wait!

I need you to live.

He's dead.

Wait.\nDon't bring him back yet.

Go home.

It's all right.\nIt's all right, Toorop.\nYou're back. You're safe.

"Go home."\nWhat does it mean?

How'd she survive the blast?

It's the babies, you see They're gaining power.

They're the ones\nguiding her.

Her capacity for survival\nis greater than anything\nwe could ever have imagined.

Survival of the fittest.

We're\na pathetic race, really.

We stopped evolving\nat a critical point.

Machines have evolved\ninfinitely further\nin the past 200 years.

And that's what\nI tried to correct\nwith Aurora.

Her babies\nare our future.

They are the real miracle.

You tried to correct mankind\nby creating a Virgin Mary.

The Noelites have found us.\nThey'll be here in two minutes Find my daughter.\nYou're the only one now.

Mr. Gorsky. I hoped I wouldn't\nhave to see you again.

Where is my money?\nYou still haven't paid me.

You have an odd way of killing people.\n- What are you talking about?

I'm on my way\nto see our old friend--\nDarquandier.

Impossible!\nI made his car explode myself.

Mr. Gorsky, when I kill,\nI kill for good.

Are you threatening me?\n- Bless your soul.

You need a nuke to kill me!


Our satellites\nhave spotted two vehicles\nleaving the compound.

It's too late to intercept them.\nI'm sick and tired\nof your damn excuses.

Hello, my dear.\nIt's lovely to see you.

Where's my daughter?\nI see you haven't\nfound her.

And you never will.

You selfish bastard.

Twenty years ago\nI gave you\nthe opportunity you wanted.

Now it's my moment.

Where is my daughter?\nShe's not your daughter.

She comes from me!\nI designed her!

For me!

She's my miracle!\nShe belongs to my church!

Your church is a lie!\nYou're peddling miracles\nfor your own profit!

Are you willing\nto die for her?



For a reason\nyou will never understand.


I understand love.

Find Toorop.\nHe knows where she is.

Wait here.


You're finally home.

What's left of it.

But I came back for you

Have a little faith.

I thought I had saved her

But I was wrong.

Aurora was designed to breed

The perfect holy virgin\ncan't live in flesh.

She was just a vessel a prototype\nthat wasn't built to last

She was programmed\nto create new life... and disappear.

They say she won't wake up\nbefore she gives birth.

But I'm here.. waiting


Thank you... for protecting us.

You're their father now.


That's the first time\nyou've said my name.

Save the planet... one child at a time Ain't that a bitch

# Take me home\nto where I'm from #

# Take me home\naway from Babylon #

# Take me back\nto where I'm from #

# Take me back\naway from Babylon #

# Don't be afraid\nof destiny or paradise #

# Your path is right above\nif you don't compromise #

# These are blessed in space\nand, hey, you decide #

# So real to you\nbut still we realize #

# Oh, take me home\nto where I'm from #

# Seems so far\nfrom where I've gone #

# Take me home\nto where I'm from #

# It takes a man to be alone #

# My mind is the mother ship #

# I can solve space\nbecause of it #

# The more further I fly\nthe deeper my subjects get #

# Sun eclipsed, stars align\nI see Mars when I rhyme #

# Knowledge is mine\nI got bars to burn #

# The pen is the tank\nThe fuel is the ink #

# Souls that think\nJust like my mind\nmove from the blink #

# Call the pages my runway\nThe book is my launchpad #

# Soon as the sun blazes\nRenaissance on glass #

# Virgin ears question\nall perception #

# The Achozen, resurrectin'\nthe resurrection #

# Paradigm shifts\nIndirection #

# Sharp swords slice\nthe immaculate deception #

# So fate propels us\nthrough that open door #

# That heart for show\nand so much\nmore room to grow #

# Human connection\nilluminates our mission\nMission #

# The past is after death\nSo never look back ##

# Deuces is wild\nIt's a triple threat #

# Two-two with\nthe triple fat goose #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# Deuces is wild getting\nwilly off a bag of ily #

# Iced out on the sand\nlike a chilly willy #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# Deuces is wild\nIt's a triple threat #

# In this world\nthat's been frozen\nthey come be Achozen #

# Rising from the dead\nOverthrow the opposin' #

# Forces of evil\ncontrolling our people #

# Deuces is wild\nand their wisdom is lethal #

# Four twenty-two\nstomping through\nI can see you #

# Strike a match\nlight the sun\nwatch the preview #

# Life is a game played once\nDon't refuse to #

# Three is the view\nand life we are true to #

# Deuces is wild\nIt's a triple threat #

# Two-two with\nthe triple fat goose #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat #

# You, you ain't never\nseen a bigger threat ##