Back to the Future Part II (1989) Script

How can you leave dad for him!

Leave dad?

Marty, are you feeling all right? -No!

No! I'm not feeling all right. I don't understand what damned things are going on around here?

Why nobody can give me a simple straight answer!

Oh, they must have hit you over the head hard this time.

Mum, I just want to know one thing.

Where's my father? Where's George Mcfly?

Marty...George your father Hasn't been for the same place for the past 12 years.

Over the park cemetery.



This can't be happening March 15 1973 No!

Please god no!

Please god no!

This can't be happening!

This can't be happening!

I'm afraid it is happening, all of it Doc?

When I learn about you father I figured you came here.

You know what happened to them?

You know what happened? March 15 1973?

Yes Marty, I know.

I went to the public libary to make sense out of all the madness.

The place is shut down so I broke in.

And borrowed some newspaper I don't get it Doc?

How can these be happening?

Is like we're in hell or something.

Is Hill-Valley. I can image hell can be much worst!

I'm sorry boy.

The lab is in awful, awful mess.

Obviously, The Time continual has been disrupted.

Created this new temporary events Sequence resulting alternate relatively.

English Doc. -Here, Here,

Imagin this line represent time. Here the present 1985 The future, the past.

From this point of time. Somewhere in the past, The time line has skirl into this tension created alternated 1985 Alternate to you, me and Einstein. But reality for everyone else.

Recognised this?

Is the bag the sport book came in.

I know. Because the receipt was still inside I found it in the time machine. Along with this.

That the top of Biff's cane.

I mean the old Biff from the future.


It was in the time machine Biff was in a time machine With the sport Almanac. -Holy shit!

You see, while we were in the future.

Biff got the sport Almanac, stole the time machine And back in time And gave the book to himself at some point in the past Look, It said right here, That Biff made his first million betting on horses race at 1958 He wasn't just lucky, he knew.

Because he had all the race results in the sport Almanac Winning his entire fortune.

Look at it with an magnify glass.

Yeah is the Almanac.

Son of a bitch! Stole my idea.

He must had been listening.

It was my fault, the whole thing was my fault, If I only hasn't bought that damned book!

This would never happened.

It all the past -You mean the future?

One of them That demonstrated.

Precisely, how the time machine travel can be misused The time machine must be destroy After we restrict all this out.

We go back to the future and stop him from stealing the time machine We can't, because if we travel into the future.

From this point of time it will be the future.

Of this...reality.

Which Biff has corrupted a poweful and a marriage with your mother.

And in which... this has happened to me!

Now, our only chance to repair the present is in the past At the point where the time line has skirl into the tension.

All the input universal that has been remembered.

Get back to our reality, We had to find out the exact date, And pacific circled on how where and when.

Young Biff has got his hand on that sport book.

I'll ask him.

What a great flick, The guy is brilliant.

What the hell are you doing in here?

Party over, Biff!

Sorry ladies.

How did you get past my security downstair?

It doesn't matter, we need to talk about this.

Right Marty forget it! No.

Not enough money, great sport Almanac!

You heard him girl. Party over.

Stop talking kid, what else do ya know about that book?

First you tell me how you got it.

How, where and when?

All right, take a seat.

Sit down!

November 12th 1955. That was when.

November 12th 1955.

That was the date I when back...

That...was the date of the famous Hill-Valley lighting storm.

You know your history. Very good I never forget that Saturday I just pick my car up from the shelter I rode in the drive way a few days earlier.

I thought you crashed into your truck How do you know about that?

My father told me about it... -Your father?

Before he died.

Oh yeah right.

There it was mine and mind old business.

This crazy old car shown up and he said I was his distant relative.

I don't see any resemblance.

So he said how you like to be rich I said sure.

So he laid this book on me.

He said this book will tell me every outcome results of the sport events Till the end of the century.

All I had to do is bet on the winning and I'll never lose.

I said what the catch?

He said no catch but keep it a secret.

That man disappeared.

Marty, he told me one more thing.

Someday a crazy old wild scientist or a kid Will ask me about that book.

If that ever happen...funny.

I never thought it would be you Oh yeah, Biff you forgot one thing...

What the hell is that?

You son of a bitch!

Go a head kid!


Suicide will be nice and neat.

What if I don't?

Blood poisoning!

What about the police Biff?

They'll match up the bullet with that gun Can! I own the police!

Beside they couldn't match up the bullet which killed your old man.

You son of a bitch!

George Mcfly with the same gun!

What the hell?

Nice shot Doc!

I don't believe it, we can go back to 1955.

I don't believe it.

That's right Doc, we can go back to 12th 1955!


Old Biff told you that date.

It could mean that pointed time herein contained some sort significant.

Almost if it was temporary jink space time continual.

Amazingly coincidence.

Got to fix that thing, Alright time circuit on.

What do you mean time circuit on?

Doc, we aren't going back now.


What about Jennifer? What about Einstein?

We can't just leave them here!

Don't worry Marty, as soon as we succeeded.

This alternate 1985 will be change back to the real 1985 Instantaneously tranformating around Jennifer and Einstein Jennifer and Einstein will be fine.

They will have absolutely no memory of this horrible place.

Doc, what if we don't succeed?

We must succeed!

Er this is heavy doc, It seem like we were here yesterday.

We were here yesterday, we were!

Amazing isn't?

Alright, the sun rise should in about 22 minutes You go to town and track down young Biff.

You stay with him.

Sometime today old Biff will shown up to give young Biff the Almanac.

You mustn't denied any field without any events You must let him believe that he had succeed so he will leave 1955 and bring them all back to the future.


Once, old Biff is gone Grab the Almanac anywhere that you can Remember our future depends on this.

You don't have to remind me of that, Doc.

A walkie talkie so we can keep in contact.

I'll stay here and repair the time circuit.

Don't risk anywhere else stealing my time machine.

I won't accidently running into my another self Another self?

Yes, there are now two of me here.

There are two of you here.

The other me Dr Emmett Brown from 1955 The other me helps the other you get back to 1985 Remember the bolt of lighting from the clock tower.

Yeah! -That doesn't happen till tonight.

So you must be very careful not to run into the your other self.

I give you some money, Marty,

I have to leave them out for the possibility Get your self some fiftys folks.

Got that.

Doc coming Doc. This is Marty over.

Marty this is Doc, are you there?

Yes Doc!

I mapped the address

I don't think this is Biff's house.

Looks like some old lady lives here

Where you going Biff? -I'm going to get my car grandma When are you coming back?

I need you to sweep the floor Shut up old bang!

Go and get it!

Doc, it is Biff house.

Good, -I couldn't get her started

I got to get have her right now.

It come to 300 and 2 dollars

300 bucks?

300 bucks for a couple of horse shit?

That bullshit! -No that horse shit.

The whole car is full of horse shit.

I don't get something for that!

Get something for that?

You can called inside!

You can called your men!

300 bucks. If I catch the guy who caused this, I'll break his neck.

I remembered that.

For 300 dollars job!

It looks so good.

Look what we have here?

Nice dress Lorraine. Is better if you wear nothing at all Biff why don't you take a long to the store here?

Listen Lorraine, there the dance after school tonight.

Right now my car is all fix, I thought I'll catch you at break.

And give you an honour of going with the best look guy Well, I'm busy! -Doing what?

Washing my hair

Somebody already asked me to the dance Who? The butthead Mcfly?

I am going with Calvin Klein, okay?

Calvin Klein? is no okay You go with me, understand?

Get your filthy hand off me.

You are my girl.

No, I won't be your girl Even you have million dollars

Yes, you will

I got to marry you someday, Lorraine Someday you will be my wife

You always did that to the women Get that hell out of my car, old man You want to marry that girl, Biff?

I can help make that happen Oh...yeah Who are you?

Just get into the car, butthead You called me butthead, butthead How do you know how to do it?

Nobody can start this car, but me.

You just get into the car, today is your lucky day

It cost me 300 hundreds bucks Would you shut up about the car?

I don't know one thing How do you know where I live?

Let just said we are related, Biff.

I got a present for ya. In another case Something that makes you rich.

You want to be rich don't ya? -Oh yes, sure that's rich!

You gonna make me rich?

See this book, This book tell the future.

Tells the results of every major sports events.

Till the end of the century.

Footballs, Baseballs, Horseracing, betting.

The information in here worth millions.

And I'm giving it to you.

That's very nice, Thank you very much!

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here!

It leaves, you idiot!

Makes like a tree and leave.

You sound like a damned fool when you say it wrong All right then leave! And take your book with ya!

Don't you get it?

You can make a fortune with this book.

Let me shown ya.

That a million dollars that wins at 1970 Are you deaf old man, it said all over.

You lost! -Oh yeah?

What the catch?

How do you know what the results gonna be?

I told you the results is in this book All you had to do is bet on the winning and you'll never lose.

All right, I'll take a look at it.

You damned fool! Never leave this book laying around.

Don't you have a safe? No you don't have a safe.

Get a save! Keep it lock up.

Until then on ya like this Hey what you doing? -And don't tell anybody either.

And there this one more thing, Oneday, a crazy old wild old man claims to be a scientist will...

I'm trapped.

Doc. -What the reports?

Biff gone, he got the book and he old man gone too.

I'm locked in this garage.

I don't know how the hell to get out of here.

He down the street.

I can't figure out in daylight.

Don't worry Marty, somehow I'll get over there.

Wait a minute Hey Doc, Doc?


I told you grandma...

Marty? Marty?

Marty? Marty?

Marty? Marty?


Marty? Marty?


Doc? -What happened to you?

I when to Biff house and you aren't there.

I'm in the back of Biff's car He's on his way to the Enchantment under the sea dance.

Marty listen, It getting more dangerous.

Don't worry the book is in Biff jacket

Marty, you must be extremely careful not to run into your otherself.

My other self?

Yes, Remember your mother is at exactly the same dance with you?

Right This is getting heavy doc.

Marty, what ever happened you must not let the other half sees you The consequences can be disasters Excuse sir?

Yes? -Can you please lend me two bucks?

Fine mate! Don't you mean a few quarters You're right -I presume You're conducting some sort of weather experiment?

-That's right, how did you like that?

I happened to do some experiment here, Yes, I'm gonna see some lighting tonight.

But the weather man said there won't be any rain.

There be plenty of rains All right, Wind and lighting.

There will be hell of a storm.

Thanks nice talking to you.

Maybe, we'll bump into again in the future.

Or in the past.


Where that pumkin?

He cause 300 bucks damaged to my car, and I haven't got enough to sandwhich.

Keep going,

Well, well, well Mr Tannen How nice to see here.

Well, Mr Strickland is nice too see you sir.

Is that a liquor smell. -I wouldn't know I don't know what liquor smell like.

Because I'm too young too drink it. -I see And what have we here?

Sports statistics? What an interesting subject.

Homework Tannen? -No, it ain't homework Cause I ain't going home!

You got a real attitudes problem Just watch it, Tannen!

One day, I'll have you in detention.


Geez you smoke too?

You beinning to sound just like my mother.

We gonna take a little break, We'll be back in a while.




Marty what's up? -I'm in trouble, I blew it!

Where the book?

Biff still got it with him All I got is the damned cover.

Where Biff?

I don't know -Don't you have any ideas where he is?

I don't know, I mean he can be any where by now.

The entire future depend on you. Find Biff and get the book.

I just don't know,

Of course, I gonna go.

Is like a deja vu.

Okay everybody, lets back up now.

Back up now.

Give him a little bit of room.

A little bit of air.


Did you just take his wallet.

Doc success, I got it.

Great Marty, As soon as I genarated, I need you on the roof!

Hey he's here, -He in disguise

Where did he go?

Doc, -Marty, Listen when you see me, I'm gonna jump.

Well, get out of there.

Not me, the other me.

You won't get back to the future.

You're going to be in paradise You mean one of those thing which can destroy the univeral?

Not to be seen by your other self or your parent.

What the hell?

Where is he? -Who?

Calvin Klein -Who?

The guy with the hat! -I think he when that way.

I think he took his wallet.

I think he took his wallet.

I guess you guy aren't ready for that!

But you kid gonna love it.

Hey Doc, I succeed it.

Okay I'll be under the school roof in one minute.

I'll be there.

Lorraine! -Marty! that's very interesting music

I hope you don't mind George asked me to take me home.

Hey Butt head!

You think your disguise will get by me?

Let have it off.

You and me right now. -No thanks.

What the matter? -Where you going?

Are you chicken?

I said you're nothing but a little chicken

No buddy called me chicken!

What the hell? You steal my stuff.

Doc, Doc, I blew it! Biff took it and put it in his car.

What time is it now?

Which way did he go? Get him!

There he is Doc! Let land on him and cripple his car.

Marty, he would blew on us like tin foil.

So what do we do? -I have a plan.

Son of a bitch!

Let go of the car!

I'll teach him!

Hold on buddy!


I hate my life!

Doc, is everything all right over?

Marty, I have to terminate the landing of the direction I have to circle to make a long approach.

Have you got the book?

In my hand!

Doctor! Doctor! The newspaper changed My father is alive!

Everything is back to normal right?

Everything is okay right?

That's right Marty Let get the hell back to the future...

Doc! Doc are you alright?

I'm all right!

Now be careful you don't want to strike by lighting.




Doc do you read me? Doc do you read me come in?

Oh no!

He's gone! Doctor is gone!

Hey Mr Mcfly! -Huh?

Is your name Marty Mcfly?

Yeah? -I got something for you...

...a letter!

A letter for me that's impossible!

Who the hell are you?

Dr Junior, A bunch of us want you to share about this subject.

It's actually a possession from the past 70 years

It's was still in the West.

But the important instruction it had to deliver to...

A young man with the name Marty.

At the exact location, at the exact minute.

November 12th 1985.

We were thinking if the actual Marty gonna be here.

That why I laughed... Ha! Ha! Ha!

Did you say 70 years?

Yes 70 years. 70 years, 2 months, 12 days to be exacted.

There you are!

It from the Doc!

Dear Marty, If my calculation are correct you'll receive this letter immediately.

After I stuck by lighting.

First, let me show you I am alive and well.

I been living happily for the past eight months In the years 1885.

The lighting bolt... 1885!

September 1885!

Wait a minute. What this all about?

He's alive! The doctor is alive!

He said he's in the old West, he's alive!

All you alright? There only one man who can help me!


Relax it's me Marty.

It can't be, I'd just send you back to the future I know you send me back to the future but I'm back.