Backtrack (2015) Script


Hey. Peter...

Shh, just a dream.


It's just a dream. Hey.

Go on back to sleep. Back to sleep.


And what's your line of work, Felix?

I'm a musician.


What other kind of music is there?

You play anywhere?

Place called Ellington's.

Ellington's, on Brunswick Street?


You mean you used to play there.

No... no... I played there just last weekend.

Ellington's - the place with all the statues out the front?

That's the one.

If I'm not mistaken, that place has been gone for years.

Look, I... I really don't know what you're getting at.

Can you tell me who the President of the United States is, Felix?

What sort of a question is that?

Just curious.

Ronald Reagan.

And what year are we in?



Have we... have we met before?

Yes. Right here, last week.

So how's the new job?

Oh, don't get me wrong, Duncan, I appreciate you passing a few cases, but assessment work is like...

It reminds me of being your assistant.

You miss Sydney? No.

I miss analysis.

I miss my patients, even more than I thought I would.

What do you think? You need more help than they do now?

It's not easy, facing things.

And how would you face things?

Pete, I'm here to help you face it.

And I really appreciate it.

I wasn't even sure you'd be alive.


You marry the prettiest girl on campus, you take off to Sydney and you... disappear for years.

Oh, you know, life.


So how's Carol been through all this?


Are either of you able to... are you able to say her name?

Yes. Say her name, Pete.


Ev... Evie.


Oh, baby, cut yourself?

Oh, shh. Hmm. You'll live.

What was it that caught your attention?


You said you took your eyes off Evie that day.

What exactly was it that caught your attention?

Can't... can't remember.

It'll come to you.

I just need to sleep. I want to close my eyes and...

Just need to sleep.

I'm starting to hate people.

I don't want to be manic.

And it was so awful... the black, I mean.

Am I boring you? I'm listening.

People ignore me all the time, you know.

Like who? Benny.

Who's that? My daughter.

It's not a real name, it's just what I call her.

Although I don't know why I call her anything.

Sometimes I think I'm invisible.

Well, I see you.

I wonder what I'm doing here sometimes.

What do you mean by that? You know what I mean.

You mean you have thoughts of killing yourself?

I just can't do it.


Who are you here to see?

Oh. Is your mum or your dad here with you?

Want to come in?

Come in.

I'm Dr Bower. You can call me Peter.

Have a seat. Take your pick.

Good choice. The comfy one.

Have they given you a letter or something for me to read?

Elizabeth Valentine.

Lovely name.

Hello, Elizabeth.

Can you speak?

Well, I know you can read.

Can you write?

Don't worry. Don't worry. It's just a train.

Hey, wait.

Wait, wait!

What are you doing?

Nothing. Just... looking for an old... case file.

In her box of things?

I'm sorry. There's no need to apologise.

Did I wake you? No.

Been taking your pills? I slept all day.

I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't stop taking them.

So we can have a repeat of last time?

I'm sorry.

Stop apologising.


It's her anniversary next week.


Anniversary is something you celebrate.

Why did we move here, Peter?

You know why we moved here.

To move on.



How did you get in here?


What is it?


What do you see?

Hold on.

Elizabeth, listen to me.

Just try and speak, OK?

What is it? What is it?

What's over there? Huh?

Hey, no...

Come on.



I've got to be honest with you, Pete.

All I hear is a train, a lot of racket and you talking to yourself.

If it wasn't for this doll, you'd have a pretty hard time convincing me that you didn't just... imagine all of this.

Why would I... why would I imagine it?

How old would Evie be now? Come on, Dunc.

Elizabeth Valentine. That was her name, wasn't it?

Yes. That was on her train pass.

Where is her train pass? I gave it back to her.

I just want you to think for a bit.

Just take her initials. Whose?

The girl's, Elizabeth Valentine's.

Take her initials. E-V.

What about the doll? Where did that come from?

Anywhere. It could be...

Could be Evie's. Have you been through her things lately?

You're making it...

You're making it sound like something it's not.

Sit down.

It's OK, Pete. Doesn't feel OK.


As Jung would say, 'Now we're getting somewhere.'

So, just relax, and tell me exactly what you're feeling.

That's funny. I never noticed that before.


That painting.

I've been having dreams about that.

Winter Landscape With A Bird Trap.

Simple title.

But when you look closely at a Bruegel, you usually find there's something odd, some devil in the detail.

It's the bird trap.

You can't see the bird trapper hiding in the window.

That's what disturbs me in the dream.

The dream is asking a question.

Who's pulling the string?

Who is it that you don't want to see, Peter?


Who is it in that window?

We have her.



Missed your stop.

Erica. Your patient.

Erica... You've been sleeping.

What was the last station?

Do you remember what we talked about in your room the other day?

I've been thinking about it, how I can't kill myself.

Have you? I'm sorry. I need to...

I've realised why.

It's simple. I'm already...

Duncan, it's Peter.


I know it's late. Please give me a call.


The really weird thing is they all seem to have died within a day of each other.

July 12th? Yes.

Does that date mean anything to you?

No. You're sure?

Just think.

Look, Dunc, I wouldn't be bringing this up to you if I didn't think it was crazy myself, but...


These are the patients.

Here's the list.

You're not saying anything.

I know if I... I think logically...

...I must be hallucinating the whole thing.

Like there's a kind of breakdown.

But there are things that don't add up, even if that were the case.

Like what?

Like the fact that you referred me these patients.

Well, if I referred you your patients...

...what would that make me?


Well... Hi, Dad.

Come in.

Aren't you supposed to be busy?

You drive up?

No, took the train.

How's work?

Work's... whatever.

You ever throw anything out?

So what's happened?

What do you mean? What's really going on?

You turn up unannounced, no car, an overnight bag, without Carol.

You two OK?

I thought I was the shrink. Yeah.

I'm the cop.

Retired, remember? Mm.

I've still got a nose. Yeah.

I saw you took down the photos of Mum.

It's been ten years.

Don't touch that.

What do you do in here anyway?

Man stuff.

Man stuff!

You were always in here when I was a kid, avoiding us.

Sorry I didn't come to Evie's funeral.

I was too upset.

Is that what you're calling drunk these days?

How long are you staying? Couple of days.

Guess you want your room back.

Want something to eat?


Don't wait up.

Hi, Baz.

Jesus Christ.

Fuck, mate.

You've had a really shit couple of years.

It's good to see you, though.

Fuckin' life, ey?

I mean, I... I can't even imagine...

...what it is you must be going through.

It's made me think a lot about my past.

Addressing it, you know... the things I've done.

I wanted to talk to you about something.


About what happened.

What are you talking about?


1987, you know.

You're not talking about...

Shit. We promised... Yeah, we were young.

...we would never talk about that.

We were teenagers. Exactly. We were just kids.

I... can't help but think...

...Evie's death had something... some kind of...

...I don't know...

What? Some kind of what?

Look, I don't even really know what happened that night.

And neither do you. People died.

Can we please just drop this? People died!

Right, so, you come all the way back here just to dig this shit up.

I don't know... maybe.

Maybe I just had to clear my conscience.

With who? With who?

With the police?

I don't know... Look.

I'm not you, alright? I'm not rich.

I can't afford lawyers.

They put people in jail for this sort of shit for fucking years.

I got to live in this bloody town.

Do you believe in ghosts?

You know what? Fuck you, Peter.

Fuck you!

You stay the fuck away from me. Got it?

Remind me again. Why are we doing this?

Because we're 14 and we're virgins.

If this is a make-out place, don't we need chicks?

As if you'd know what to do with one.

How do you know about this place anyway?

Steve told me. Your brother?

And you believed him? Why wouldn't I?

He hates you. What would you know?

Just trust me.

You coming?

Oh! Check that out. Jackpot.

Dinner and a show.

How do you know it's not two blokes in there?

What's wrong with you?

I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't be watching this.

OK, Richie Cunningham. Then go.

I'll let you know how it ends.

What was that?


Do you think they saw us? Shh.

I think they saw us. Shh.

Did you hear that? Hear what?


Train. Shit, the bikes!





So you were the only one involved.

That's right.

You're... you're not related to Bill Bower, by any chance?

I'm his son.

Wasn't your dad sergeant at the time?

You never mentioned this to him?


So why bring it up now?

I just want to... put things to rest.


Can you excuse me for a second?

Sorry about that.

Is that your mum? Yeah.

She died in the accident.

I'm sorry. Well, it's no secret.

It... it must have been very hard for you to hear my statement.

Well, it's my job.

I meant, you know... Yeah, I know what you meant.

Not many people could have faced up to what you did.

I really appreciate your honesty.

I'll file a report with the coroner.

I can't imagine there'll be any charges.

You were just a teenager.

It was an act of negligence at worst.

Thank you.


I came to your house once.

Your dad invited me over right after the accident.

Mum was the only local who died in the accident.

He was very kind to me, your dad.

I think it was after that I wanted to be a cop.

Hi, sweetheart. I'm... I'm at my dad's.

I'm sorry I haven't called until now.

I had to come back and put something to rest here, something that happened a long time ago.

Things will get better, Carol. I promise.

I love you.

Thank you for using this messaging service.

Press star to continue or just hang up.


How's the throat?

Stay away.

That's no way to talk to an old friend, Peter.

Wha... what do you want?

It's not what I want. We're your ghosts, Peter.

You're the one that's holding on to us.

I put it to rest. I told the truth.

Then why are we still here?

Two bikes derailing a train engine.

Do you really think that's possible?

Listen, some memories are so unacceptable, we'll do anything we can to forget them.

And if that doesn't work, we change them.

Look at you.

You barely remember your own daughter's death.

What does that have to do with this?

Well, I don't know, but you must, somewhere inside.

Peter, what distracted you?

You said you looked away the day Evie died.

What was it?

What is it you don't want to remember?


Senior Constable Henning.

Don't touch a thing. I'll be right there.

So here we are again.

What happened?

I just found him there like that.

No, that's not what I meant.

This isn't a coincidence, is it?

We both left our bikes on the track.

I told... I told Barry last night that...

I was going to make a statement to the police.

He begged me not to mention him.

So what am I supposed to believe now? This story?

He begged me.

Or the one you spun me this morning?

He's a friend. I didn't want to drag him into this.

I'm sorry.

When you get your head clear, I expect a call.

Take him home.

Found this at the scene, some trinket between the floorboards.

Looks like it's been there a while. Goodnight.


I think she wasn't on the train.

I think I remember seeing her running from a car just before the accident.

You think you remember seeing her.

How do you know what she looks like?

You're going to think I'm crazy.


I lost my daughter last year.

I think... I think it opened me up to something.

I... I don't know.

But I see them...

...the people from the accident.

Look, I'm asking you to help me.

I don't think I can help you in the way that you need help.

Your mother, Erica, has an English accent.

She called you Benny.

She's got quite a temper.

Look, I don't know what you're playing at, Peter...

How would I know that? How?

Am I right?

You're not helping yourself or anyone at the moment.

You need to go home.

Just leave here and go home!

Please... show me.

Elizabeth... Elizabeth Valentine.


Barb. What time is it?

It's late.

If you're looking for Peter, he's not here.

It's probably a good thing.

Can we talk?

Thanks. What's on your mind?

I pulled out your old report on the train crash.

Do you remember it at all?

You're talking about something that happened 20 years ago.

You're right. I just want to clarify a few things.

Listen, Barb...

I understand you lost someone in the accident.

It's personal for you. But whatever was done is done.

And whatever way you cut it, it was still just an accident.

And I'm still obliged to investigate your son's statement.

Especially in light of Barry's suicide.

Two boys mistakenly leave their bikes on a train track.

It's, at best, manslaughter.

The State can't prosecute a manslaughter four years after the fact.

I'm not sure it happened exactly like that.

You say here that you received a call at the police station, and you proceeded to drive to the accident.

Yes. What road did you take?

Well, there's only one road. Oakstone.

Oakstone? Mm-hmm.

The level crossing at Oakstone Road was completely blocked by the wreckage.

So... how did you drive across the tracks?

The only way your car could have been on the other side of the tracks... if it was there before the accident.

They found this in the signal box this evening.

And I'm pretty sure it belongs to... this girl.

Elizabeth Valentine. Missing schoolgirl.

You remember the case, don't you?

You were in charge.

After they found her body in the wreckage, you closed the investigation.

Out of all the victims in the coroner's report, hers was the only inconclusive cause of death.

Come here.

I think your son saw something that night.

And I think you know what he saw.

Well, you'll have to ask Peter what he thinks he saw.

I stand by my original statement.

Do you mind if I wait here for Peter?

Be my guest.

Another cup of tea? No, thanks.


Please leave a message after the tone.

What are you doing up?

I was worried. You took my car.

Where have you been? What have you been up to?

Remembering. Remembering what?

I remembered everything.

What are you talking about?

Elizabeth Valentine.

I saw you...

I saw you... rape and kill her and throw her body in the wreck.

That's... That's crazy.

You're talking crazily.

You're upset. Come inside. It's freezing.

I'm giving you a chance, Dad.

I want you to call. Call who?


You're all mixed up.

Do it or I'll do it for you.

Who are you calling?

Don't do this, son.

I'm warning you.

What have you done?

Get in the garage.

I said get in the garage.

Hold your hands out.

How did it feel letting me believe it was my fault all these years?

Do you think you're so innocent?

You kept quiet about it too.

Apple doesn't fall that far from the tree.

I said hold out your hands.

How many other girls did you kill?

Go ahead, Dad. It's not going to make it go away.


Somebody, help!



Bill, let me out of here!


Come on!


Ah! Shit!


Peter! Help!

Help me!



Get down!

What are you thinking?

About kids.