Bacterium (2006) Script

Mission control, this is Bloodhound Alpha, Bloodhound Alpha.

No sign of the target in Sector 5.

Repeat, no sign of the target...

Sector 7-B also negative.

That's a negative for Sector 7-B.

This is a God damn waste of time.

He could be a thousand miles away by now.

Not in his condition.


Mission control, this is Bloodhound Alpha.

We're on his tail.

Got it.

Did you touch the sample?

Did you touch the sample?

You shouldn't have touched it.

You know better.



Had that coming, you bastard.

Ooh, no fair, you're dead!

No, I killed you fair and square, you son of a bitch.

How many times have I told you not to curse?

How many times have I told you to keep your hands to yourself?

All right, easy, killer.

That'll teach you to strike a defenseless woman.

I'm not your girlfriend, you know.

No, she's still out there somewhere.

Her and Travis.

What do you say we gang up on 'em?

Isn't that cheating?

You know what they about love and war.

And this is both of 'em.

Let's get 'em.


Who the hell are they?

Must be another team.

I say we rush 'em.

Too many.


Don't be offensive, besides, we're after Travis and Brook.

Focus on the objective.

"Focus on the objective," Gee, Jiggs, couple weeks in the Reserves and you're John Wayne or something.


That's what I wanna know. Quiet.

Looks deserted.

Make a good hiding place, wouldn't it?

What if they found it first?

I bet they did.

Brook, anyway.

She likes to ambush.

Split up, you take that side, I'll go the other way.

Who's givin' the orders around here?

I am.

You're so tough.



What the hell are you doing to him?

No funny moves.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

You're one of them, aren't you?

Put your hands behind your head.

Now get moving, that way, nice and easy.

I'll use this thing if I have to, I swear.

I'll.. I'll blow your freakin' head off.

What about my friend?

He's okay.

I checked him out, don't worry about him.

What's this all about anyway?

Bah, like you don't know.

No more talk, now just get going.

Take off your clothes.


You heard me, all of them, now.

I knew you were a pervert the minute I saw you.

Chuck 'em in there.

Gonna have some fun with them later?

Just do it.

Had a black lace number you might have liked even better.

Shut up.

I'm taking a chance letting you live at all.

Never mind, it wouldn't have fit you anyway.

What's this all about?

No more talking.

In there.

Let me out!

Let me out, please!

Please let me out!

Only two of you left.

Who's gonna be the next one to give his life for science, huh?

Sorry, little fella, it can't be helped.

It's a couple of lab rats versus five billion human beings.

Sometimes it doesn't seem like a fair trade.

Oh well.

I might not be far behind you.

In you go.


Please, please!

Hey Jiggs?



Are you okay?

Yeah, I guess so.

What the hell is going on here?

No clue.

I saw.. I saw a big guy, like a bug man.

Yeah, I saw him too.

Come on, let's get somewhere safe.

Man, that's a hell of a bump.

I think you're gonna be okay though.

Where's Beth?

I thought she was with you.

That guy must have got her.

What, the bug man?

Yeah, the bug man.

There's some seriously weird and dangerous shit goin' on here.

Well, let's just find Beth and get the hell out of here.

I don't think we can.

What do you mean?

I tried to get out like an hour ago and some guy shot at me, real bullets.

He almost blew my head off.



What about Travis?

Travis, he's still outside.

He was trying to ambush the guys in the woods.

Well, at least he's safe.

Look at these guys.

I bet you think you're hot stuff.

Let's see how good you really are.

What a bunch of amateurs.

Game on.


Somebody get a garbage detail in here.

Shit, shit, shit, shit!

I'm such an idiot sometimes.

What are we gonna do?

We're gonna get Beth back and get the hell out of here.


One thing at a time.

He's got a gun.

So do I.

He's got a real gun.

Yeah, well, maybe he won't know we're bluffing.

Yeah, or maybe he'll blow our freakin' heads off.

What are you doing?

I get to ask the questions now.

I knew you were one of them.

I knew it! Let me out of here!

You don't understand the danger you're in!

Shut up!


For God's sakes, shut up!

Shut up!

Did you hear that?

Yeah, I think it came from this way.





Over here, look.

Oh my God.

What the hell is happening here?

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Who are those people outside and why are they shooting at us?

Like you don't know.

We don't know!

Why are you carrying those weapons?

It's a paintball gun, it's a game.

You think this is a game?

The future of the entire planet depends on what happens here in the next few hours.

Oh, for God's sake.

This isn't any paintball gun.


Well, I want some straight answers.

You can't kill me.

I'm the only hope the human race has.

If I don't finish my work here, it's over.

You can't finish your work tied to a chair, can you?

Of course not.

So why don't you tell us what's going on and we'll let you go?

Well... okay.

All right.

My name is Dr. Philip Boskovic.

I was in charge of a government project to... to develop a biological weapon for military use that could be contained.

Kill everything within a prescribed radius and then die out within a predetermined time period before it could spread beyond the target area.


Oh, don't get all self righteous with me!

We've all done stuff we're ashamed of.

Yeah, I hear you.. I stole a Spiderman comic when I was nine, I haven't been the same since.

So what went wrong?

It mutated unpredictably.

In its present form, no one fully understands its properties, but it is a potentially unstoppable contagion that could devastate life on this planet if it gets out of control.

It's the dingus..


Why do you keep staring at it?

Stay away from that.

So you created this super virus all by yourself in this dump?

Of course not.

My partner and I escaped with the only samples.

God, I don't know what happened to him.

I hid here until I could find a means to render the virus harmless, but now they've found me.

One more question.

Who are those guys outside that won't let us go?

Government troops.

They don't look like military.

They're not supposed to.

They don't want any panic.

Why don't they just rush in and take you out?

I don't know!

Maybe they finally believe me, I don't know.

They seem content for the moment just to bide their time until they figure out their next move.

Keep me contained here, just like you.

You might also be contaminated.


You guys wanna join me outside for a minute?

Wait a second!

You said you were gonna let me go!

We'll be right back.

You said you were gonna let me go!

You said you were gonna.. I knew it!

I knew you were one of them, you lying bastard!

Well, you know what, I'm not gonna do your dirty work anymore.

I'm not gonna do..

What do you think?

What do I think?

I think his mom left him at the Trekkie Convention too long, that's what I think.

Are you buying that crap he's spouting?

No, no, I'm not.

I just.. I don't know.

I don't see anybody.

I do.

Behind that tree over there.

There are at least two others there and there.

Those are the guys that shot at you?

Close enough.

Let's see.

Hold on.

Oh God, Beth!

Oh God, Beth, for God's sake, get back.


Oh my God!

I guess they don't want us going out there.

Are you okay?

I don't know.. ow!

That looks like it just passed through some baby fat.

Shut up.

Ow.. ow!

Jiggs, you're hurting her.

Nah, she's tough.

I think we just need to stop the bleeding.

All right.

Oh God.

I'm not really sure what to do.

Oh, give me that.

You need a doctor.


Jiggs, what are we gonna do?

Call 911.

Why didn't you stop and come back in when they started shooting at you?

I wanted to see if they were bluffing.

Well, now you know, don't you?


Hello, yes, listen, I'm with some friends of mine.

We're in the old house out on Halloran Road.

Yeah, there's some whackos with guns, some militia group or something.

They have us trapped and they shot one of my friends.

Of course it's serious, she's been shot, she's bleeding, and.. yeah, there's three of us.

Yeah, the old empty house on Halloran.

Okay, right.

Thank you.

They said sit tight, help is on the way.

Major Larson.

Captain, status report?

Boskovic is inside the house.

He has the alpha sample with him.

We have the area secure and surrounded by our personnel.

We intercepted a 911 call from within the house.

Appears to be that there are three civilians inside with Boskovic.

How did they get past the sentries?

That's unknown, but one of them was wounded attempting escape.

So much for keeping this low-key.

Orders were to prevent anyone from exiting the building at any cost, Major.

Orders were to prevent anyone from entering the building as well.

What about Clarkson and the beta sample?

Intercepted attempting to flee and liquidated.

And the sample?

Liquidated as well. Incinerated.

I thought that was contraindicated.

They're still arguing about that, Major.

Latest briefing has it that temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and above would effectively destroy the contagion.

But they're not sure?

They're not sure of anything, Major.


We can't release the stuff, we can't destroy it.

We can't take Boskovic and we can't interfere with him.

What the hell are we supposed to do here, Diane?

We're supposed to hang tight.

I don't imagine you have anything to drink around here?

Oh, you know me.

Suppose you can't tell me what the big boys upstairs have planned?

I can tell you I don't know.

There's talk of a secret weapon bein' brought into play.

How's Leslie?

Well, she's fine.

I haven't seen much of her that past two months, but she's used to that by now, I suppose.

How's Matt?

Matt who?

What we gonna do about those civilians, Diane?

Keep a lid on 'em until we get further information.

One's been shot.

Not much we can do about that.

Do we have any idea what Boskovic is doing in there?

We're working on it.

I have a pair of operatives infiltrating the building through a secret tunnel in the basement.

The house is supposed to be under strict quarantine.

We've taken every precaution.

They have the sa.. No one goes in.

General Ackerman's orders, Major.


What's that?

Who knows?

It's irritating.

It'll stop soon.

How do you know?

Go check it out.

Forget it, it's nothing.

The beeping stopped.

See, I told you it was nothing.


Jesus, I wish he would shut up.


I had a friend who worked as an intern at the psycho ward.

He could never sleep at night because of the loonies howling.

If he doesn't shut up soon, I'll give him something to howl about.

What was that?

He stopped screaming.

That's what I meant.

Something must have happened to him.

All right, I'll check it out.

No, don't touch me, don't come near me.

It's too late, it's too late, there's nothing anyone can do.

What are you.. what's happened?

I don't know, but it's loose.

It mutated again and it's loose and there's nothing anyone can do.

What's loose? What are you talking about?

Get out, maybe it's not too late for you.

No, don't touch me.

Get out, get out, get out!

We heard shouts. Get out!

What the hell's going on?

Something's happened to him.

You should have seen it.

His skin, it's all slimy, it looks like it's gonna fall off the bone.

I think maybe he wasn't as full of crap as we thought.

Oh God, do you think that biological warfare stuff was for real?

I don't know, but he kept shouting, "Don't touch me, don't touch me," and I think we'd better leave him alone, wait till the authorities get here and let them handle it.

We need to stay as far away from him as we can.

I don't want to wait for any authorities.

I say we look for another way out right now.

Well, how are you doing?

I'm okay, I.. I think the bleeding stopped.

Okay, let's check out the rest of the house.

Oh God.

Oh, sure, you're okay, you're doin' just fine.

Look, you two stay here, I'll check out the rest of the house.

I don't need a babysitter.

Brook, you go on with him.

Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

I'll be fine.

Go on, take off.

I can use the peace and quiet.

Okay, let's go.

What exactly are we looking for?

A way out those goons don't know about.

Such as?

We'll see, won't we?

This will come in handy.

What for?

Breaking down doors, breaking skulls.

What are you talking about?

We may have to defend ourselves, Brook.

Against who?

Jiggs, I don't like this.

Oh, you don't like this?

We're in an old house with a killer virus and a crazy scientist, surrounded by armed goons, and you don't like this?

Oh, there's just no pleasing you, is there?

I don't like the way you and Beth are acting, talking about shooting people and whacking them with hatchets?

Beth's been shot, for God's sake.

And what's your excuse?

Well think of the circumstance.

I remember reading some of these old houses had secret passageways underneath, you know, underground railroad and all that?

I always wondered how they could fit an entire train underneath a house.

It wasn't an actual railroad.

I know that, it was a kid.

Anyway, I don't think the odds are very good we're gonna find anything like that around here.

No, you're probably right.

I don't believe this.

How did you know?

Lucky guess.

Oh, come on.

My mom.

She was president of the Historical Society.

I'm not gonna get a straight answer out of you, am I?


I wish I had a flashlight.


You didn't have to do that.

He's got a gun!

It's a paintball gun.

Hey, he'll be okay.

Look out!

Everybody freeze.

All right, everybody, play time's over.

Where's Boskovic?

Boskovic who?

Don't get cute.

Let's all keep calm.

We're not your enemies.

Tell him that.

Boskovic's in his lab.

There's something wrong with him.

What sort of something?

I don't know.

Let's go, take us to him.

You didn't say please.


What about her?

She needs help.

There's nothing we can do.

Not right now.

No one can leave this house.

I'm sorry.

Let's go to this lab.

This way.

What happened in there?

We don't know.

He was doing some kind of experiment and when we came back, we found him like that.

Taped to a chair?

I did that, he was getting out of control.


Professor Boskovic?

I can get you some help.

But you need to cooperate.

I need some answers.

Where is it?

Where is the specimen?

It's inside of me.

Using me up.

Raw material.

Pretty soon, I'll be gone and it'll be loose.

And then there'll be no stopping it.

What is it?

Talk to me.

Dr. Rayburn is here.



Want me to bring her in?

No, don't bring her in here.


You crazy bitch!

Central Control, this is Dr. Rayburn, are you reading me?

Reading you.

Chandler's dead.

Chandler and Boskovic both.

Are you receiving video transmission?


What the hell is that?

I think it's what's left of the two men.

Someone get the Captain and Major Larson.


Captain Forrester, Major Larson.

We're getting transmission from the house.

Sir, it's Dr. Rayburn, she's transmitting from the house.

It's trying to find a way out of the room.

But the door seems tight.

I think Boskovic was prepared for something like this.

You have any idea what the hell that thing is?

No idea.

This is Major Larson.

Give us your best guess, Doctor.

It looks like some kind of giant unicellular organism.

That can't be.

Maybe it's a colony.

A colony?

Like certain species of jellyfish.

But that can't be right, either.

I don't know.

No guess, ma'am.

I have no idea at all.

Can you see that?

It seems to be searching the area, it's probing its surroundings.

It's looking for food.

It's feeding on the lab animals.

Are you sure that thing is contained?

It seems to be.

Maintain communication.

Observe and keep us posted.

Understood, Major.

If that thing shows any sign at all of getting loose, let me know immediately.

Yes, ma'am.

Can we transmit this video feed to headquarters?

Yes, Sir.

Do it.

Tell your men anyone leaving the house is to be terminated.


She's looking worse.

Jesus, she's on fire.

Did I hear him call you doctor?


Can you get over here and take a look at her?

I can't.

What do you mean, you can't?

You're a doctor.

This woman could be dying.

I'm sorry, this is more important.

More important, my ass.

Look, the thing's not even moving.

I'll baby-sit your monster.

I'll tell you the second it twitches.

Just get over there.


How did this happen?

She stepped outside and one of your guys shot her.

They're not my guys.

Does this hurt?

A little.

How about this?

The wound itself isn't so bad.

She's lost a lot of blood.

And clearly, there's infection.

Can't you do something?

I'm not prepared for this.

I don't have anything to work with.

Can't they fly something in?

I mean, even if we can't leave, can't they send in some supplies?

Central Control, this is Dr. Rayburn.

Are you reading me?

Reading you, Dr. Rayburn.

Any change?

The thing appears to be dormant.

There's a chance it could atrophy without a food supply, but I can't be sure.

Listen, one of the civilians was wounded attempting to leave the area.

She's lost a lot of blood and there's intra-abdominal infection.

Is there any way you can get me some supplies so that I can provide treatment?

That would be a negative, Doctor.

There must be something that you can do!

Can't you drop me the supplies by air?

That would be a negative also, Doctor.

Look, I understand the need for isolation.

But surely, there must be..

Oh, no.

Dr. Rayburn.

Dr. Rayburn, what's happening?

Dr. Rayburn, can you read me?

It's reproducing.

Can you see what's happening?

It reproduces by a sort of exponential fission. the original organism divides into countless smaller organisms which presumably, upon maturing, will divide the same way until..

In 18 hours, there will be over 250,000 of those things.

That's a lot of blobs.

Assuming nothing can stop them, and at this point, we're not sure if anything can, in just over 48 hours, the massive organisms will cover the entire surface of the planet.

Is that including the oceans?

Yes it is.

But that's assuming a constant food supply.

In order to reproduce, they have to ingest..

We're not sure what constitutes food for them.

Well, we know t hat they absorb organic material.

Is that all they feed on?

Remember, this is fundamentally different life form.

We can't assume anything.

What it lives on, say, nitrogen You mean air? How is that possible?

It doesn't share DNA with any previously known organism, anything's possible.

Gentlemen, please.

I appreciate your input, but what we have to do now is correlate the data we have, whatever that may be, transmit it back to headquarters, where they'll make a final decision in a calm and rational matter.

This is your fault!

Please, please, Boss, this is not accomplishing anything!

I don't know what the problem is.

We've isolated the enemy, now we strike.

It isn't as simple as that.

We're not sure how this organism propagates.

I hear what you've been saying, I'm not deaf.

The only way to make sure that the threat is eliminated, especially in light of what we've just seen is to destroy every last molecule.

So we nuke it.

The temperature at the center of a nuclear explosion is ten million degrees.

Won't be a lot of molecules left.

Wait a minute now.

Who's going to take the responsibility for setting off an atomic weapon on U.S. soil?

I'll tell you who.

The terrorists, that's who, and nobody will bat an eye.

This is no time to lie to the American people.

What are you saying?

Announce that we've set off a nuclear weapon to counteract a biological weapon that got out of control?

Announce it? Boy, I can tell that you have never run for re-election.

If we don't act fast, there won't be any more elections.

Every man, woman, and child on this planet will have to kiss his and/or her ass good-bye.

That's a lot of hogwash.

Maybe it is or maybe it isn't.

The point is we don't know.

We make the wrong decision, in 48 hours, life on this planet is finished.

Now I know that sounds far-fetched.

We're talking about one organism loose in one small house, but that's what we're up against.

We've been dicking with this planet for decades.

We've been careless, but we've been lucky.

Well, maybe we've finally pushed it too far.

By the time we're sure, it could be too late.

I say nuke it.

Professor Ethelred.

You have an alternative proposal?

Has anyone heard of the Tunguska Project?


Isn't that the place in Russia where the giant meteor hit?

In Siberia.

In 1908, an explosion of unexplained origin leveled 2,000 square kilometers of forest.

And speculation about what caused it ranges from meteor impact to a UFO crashing to the possible collision of a small black hole with the earth.


The Tunguska Project grew out of attempts to produce miniature black holes using particle accelerators to promote super high energy collisions between protons.

What the hell are you talking about?

In the process, we may have found a way to form controllable singularities of limited but profound destructive capacity.

Excuse me, professor.

But are you talking about... a black hole bomb?

Something like that.

Is there any running water in this place?

We could flush out the wound and keep it as clean as possible.

I'll go look.

I need something to use as bandages.

Everything in here is so filthy.

This okay?

It's not exactly sterile, but... better than nothing.

What the hell?


Rayburn here.

There's been a change in the situation.

The organism is no longer in visual proximity.


It's gone.

Well, at least I can't see it any longer.

Major Larson here.

When did it disappear?

Where did it go?

Um, I'm not sure, Major.


You were supposed to be watching it.

I'm sorry, I..

I was occupied.


I'm tending to the wounded civilian.

That's not what you're there for.

I'm sorry.

Get inside the lab, find out what happened, where the thing went.

Inside the lab?

You heard me.

You screwed up once.

Don't screw up again.

No, ma'am.

What's she doing?

Take care of her.

Don't do that!

Didn't you see the blob?

Rayburn here.

Reading you, Dr. Rayburn.

Any change?

There was a single unit of the organism remaining in the room.

It escaped through a crack in the wall.

Where I assume the rest of it went as well.

Could be anywhere in the house now, or outside, for that matter.

I know that.

This experiment wasn't conducted under ideal conditions.

Boskovic would have to contain one of these things.

I can't do that.

I can't.

I'm a doctor, for God's sake.

What's happening, what were you doing in there?

The organism.. organisms.. got out through a chink in the wall.

Now basically they're running around loose.

They could be anywhere.

Then there's no point in keeping us quarantined anymore.

In a manner of speaking.

Meaning what?

My orders are to go back for decontamination.

After neutralizing the three of you.

Rayburn here.

Are you listening?

All right.

It's done.

I'm on my way.

Stinks in these things after a while.

I'm an exobiologist, for God's sake, not a hit man.

This was a civilian project when I signed on.

Boskovic was studying the feasibility of non-carbon based life forms.

Ammonia-based microorganisms on Ganymede, that kind of thing.

And then the military found some of his results and before you know it, wham!

I'm a bioterrorist!

I'm gonna take that before you hurt somebody.

What the hell am I gonna do?

We can't stay here.

Not with those things loose.

We can get out through that tunnel.

The other end is crawling with guards.

We need outside help.

Give me your phone.

No, they'll intercept it like the last time.

You mean help isn't on the way?


Use mine, it's encrypted.

Go ahead, I'm one of you now.

Sir, there's an outgoing call emanating from the house.

Patch it through, let's hear it.

No can do, Sir, it's some kind of encrypted frequency.

Can't you find out where it'd going to?

Trying, Sir.

Pick up the phone.


Yeah, he's here, hold on.

Hey, it's for you.

Hey, wake up!

You have a phone call.

I told you to keep those things out of my face.

It's for you.


Oh, hey.


You're shittin' me.

You gotta be shittin' me.

You're shittin' me.

Are you shittin' me?

Yeah, I know the place.


But you better not be shittin' me.

Who was that?

Mind your own business.

That was another girlfriend?

Used to be.

Is she prettier than me?

You got a better ass.

What did she want?

Some guy shot her and she's trapped in a house.

I gotta go help her out.


Have fun.

Now what?

I've been thinking, we may be safer back in the tunnel.

At least those things can't ambush us there.

Suits me, let's just get the hell out of here.

What are your bosses up to anyway?

They can't keep a lid on this place forever.

They got to have something planned.

Well, they do, but I have no idea what it is.

The technicians who work here and our government liaison know about this facility.

The technology is based on German experiments dating back to the 1920s.

This tank contains 50,000 metric tons of low-density klystron plasma.

It's necessary to maintain the stability of the magnetic envelopes that contain the singularities.

Those glowing orbs you see in the center contain two quantum singularities of near-critical mass.

The magnetic envelopes keep them separate.

If they were to come into contact, their masses would combine, pushing them past the gravitational threshold, creating a vortex in the space-time line, which will feed on surrounding matter, essentially reducing it to nothingness.

A black hole.

No, not a black hole.

A black hole is a region of space where mass is so compressed that nothing can escape its gravitational pull.

A black hole the size of a pea would require the mass of this entire planet.

What we have here is an entirely different principle.

Listen, we don't have time for a physics lecture.

We wouldn't understand it anyway.

Just what is it you suppose we do with this thing?

Once removed from the safety of this tank, the magnetic envelopes would maintain stability for only a matter of hours.

The singularities would combine and the resulting mega-singularity would feed on surrounding matter until the effect of Hawking radiation rendered it stable, essentially reducing it to nothing.

And this would take how long?

A matter of minutes.

How many minutes?

No less than three, but no more than 15.

And what is the damage estimate?

Best case scenario, everything within a radius of seven to 13 miles would cease to exist.

I hate to ask this, what would the worst case scenario be?

It's been discussed, although I personally think the chances of this are insignificant.

But it's been suggested that the singularity would continue to grow, feeding on surrounding matter until this entire planet was absorbed.

The end of the world?

Let me point out that the same sort of thing was suggested before the first atomic bomb tested in Alamogordo.

And yet the planet's still here.

Ah, well.

That's comforting.

Can I speak to you in private?

Excuse us.

Look, I don't understand what any of this stuff means.

Neither do I, but I can tell you one thing for sure, you and I both understand that a lot better than the commander in chief ever could, and he's gonna base what he does on what we tell him.

I don't know what to tell him.

Hell, even these damn geniuses that created this stuff don't understand it.

If we don't use the bomb, the earth's overwhelmed with blobs, or maybe not.

If we do use the bomb, there may be no planet left or maybe not.

As far as I can tell, we may as well be sitting here with our thumbs up our asses doing nothing.

Yeah, well we can't advise that.


I think there's only one thing we can do.

Heads, we use the bomb.

Tails, we don't.

After, uh, grave and serious deliberation, we've come to a decision.

Think those things can see?

I doubt it.

I doubt they have any sensory organs.

The most they can probably do is detect vibrations.

I think you're right.

I think it can hear us.


Take my hand.

I'm gonna go downstairs and see if there's a way through by now.

All right.

Let's go!

Wait, Jiggs.

If we go through the tunnel, there'll be no place to run.

What if they're already in there?

I'm not going through there, they're gonna get us for sure!

We can't stay here, it's our only chance.

I'm not gonna go back.

I can't, I can't.


Go on, run!

I can't see!

Just run!

Stop right there.

No, you've got to let us go.

Turn around and go back the way you came.

You don't know what's back there, man.

It killed your people, it'll kill us all if you don't let us out of here.

No one leaves the house.

For God's sake, listen to me!

What was that?

I think I heard something outside.

Go check it out.


What the hell is going on here?

Our guards are under attack.

I can see that, you idiot.

Can't they defend themselves against a bunch of thugs?

We weren't expecting anything like this.

We've got to clear the area.

Those people may be contaminated.

We can't let them leave the area.

We have all the roads blocked.

They've got to be terminated.

We don't have time to deal with them.

We've got to get our own people out of there.

Terminate the civilians and evacuate.

The device has reached destination, ma'am.

How long until detonation?

Implosion, ma'am.

Whatever, how long?

Unknown, ma'am.

The device became unstable the moment it was removed from the container tank, Major.

There's no way of knowing when it will reach critical mass.

So what you're saying, and correct me if I'm wrong, you saying it goes off when it goes off?

Exactly, Sir. Jesus.

Tell those men to unload the device as quickly as possible and get the hell out of there.

Yes, ma'am.

What's the estimated range on the device?

Approximately seven to 13 miles, ma'am.

And what's our distance from the implosion center?

17.3 miles.

It's cuttin' it a little close.

What the hell is that?

I don't know, a thunderstorm?

That's it, we're outta here.

Come on, let's move.

Take it easy, we're going.

Come on, come on!


Jesus Christ!

Come on, thing, let's go.

Relax, it can't follow us.

Come on!


Implosion reaching 1.5 miles.


Five miles.

7.2 miles.

Eight miles.


13.5 miles.

Seven to 13 miles, they said.


Fifteen miles.

16.2 miles.

Hurricane force winds were reported over the entire northeast coast.

There was still a great deal of speculation over what has caused the cataclysm, which is almost certainly the worst natural disaster in the last 70 million years.

We go now to our science correspondent, Robert Coker.

Robert, in your best guess, what do you think has caused this unimaginable destruction?

First of all, I'd like to put to rest any ideas that this was an atomic weapon or any other sort of man-made disaster.

This was clearly some sort of an unprecedented natural phenomenon.

There's been speculation that a small piece of antimatter entered the earth's atmosphere, similar to what may have happened in the Tunguska region of Siberia nearly a century ago.

It's also been suggested that a miniature black hole may have collided with the earth.

Now, excuse me, Bob, is that possible?

It's certainly possible.

For years, physicists have theorized that mini black holes are frequent natural occurrence, only at scales so minute they..

You know, I heard that if you get caught in a black hole, it messes with your sense of time, so it feels like

200,000 years before you die.

That would serve some people right, wouldn't it?

I hope nobody got caught in that thing.

Just look at all the people who got killed by that collateral destruction.

What the hell is the point of any of it?

You are asking way too sensible a question.

It's progress.

You know, we used to have angry gods who would send down destruction if we pissed them off.

Now we just do it ourselves.


I guess there's something to be said for self-sufficiency.

There you go.

At least it's all over now.


Sure it is.