Bad Boys For Life (2020) Script


What are you doing? Drive, Marcus.

Not so hard.

Four minutes? Harder.

So I have to go harder and slower at the same time?

I'm riding Collins.

We are approaching 22 Street.

Understood. We see them.

I have to throw up.

As long as you leave that. That is hand-stitched leather. Swallow it.

I turn off 6th Street.

You had to go to the right.

You are the navigator. That's why you're sitting there.

And where are your glasses? Put on your glasses.

I don't need that. You don't see a ball.

Relax. A bus.

Sorry, rich whites.

We are black, but also agents. We'll keep ourselves that way.

Even the Batmobile is not running so tightly.

I want to get out of here now, damn it.

Come on. You brush that away.

No, you are going to brush that away.

Law enforcement. Aside. Out of the way.


Funny jacket.

You are now pop-pop.

You should see him.

You can see it in his eyes.

And his ears.

And by the name, Marcus Miles Burnett.

That is my name. - His name too.

We named it after you for Reggie's idea.

It seemed respectful to me. I hope you like it.


But you still have to marry my daughter.

Uncle Mike. Do you want to hold the baby?

No, Uncle Mike doesn't want that.

Hold on.

No, Mike. - Stop it.

That's because of the baby. Stop the Greeks.

You should see the baby. I'll wait outside until you get back to normal.

Mike. The baby.


Come on, ladies.


Hurry up.



Hurry up.

What is this?

Stop the ambulance.


My son.

MEXICO CITY Don't grieve for his death.

Your father's soul is no longer behind bars.

This is the last thing he gave us before his death.

You are a man now. You are ready for what needs to happen.

Bring honor and respect back to our family.

Your father hid millions of dollars before he went to jail.

With this you can find it.

We take back what is due.

With that money we can finally take revenge.

We will chase the people who destroyed our family.

He must die last.

Come here, Marcus.

We are here to toast to one of our colleagues.

And I hope your namesake... ever follows in the footsteps of his old grandfather... to keep our beautiful city safe.


May the name Marcus Burnett frighten all the bastards for years to come.

Thanks everyone.

Mike and I have been working with the police for about 25 years.

And with success.

You are all toppers.

And I want to thank you. It was an enormous honor.


That money is well hidden. If there is nothing in it, you still have to pay.

Hidden treasures in the ocean. Not wrong.

This is more than enough for the cost of the materials.

This is the part that you can keep.

What do you say?

We had a deal.

I want to renegotiate.

Come here.

Look at me.

I do not renegotiate.

My family takes charge of this city again.

We need some loyal employees.

Who wants a job?

How is your dental insurance?

Say that again.


Give yourself a pay raise. Start with that pile there.


You work for me now.

Instruct your people. If you cooperate, I'll let you live.

Grab that money, guys. Forward.



It's ours.

That went quickly. We have a new base.

You have been there so long that you sound like a gringo.

I am done.

Here we go again. I mean it this time.

When I looked that baby in the eye, something changed.

I want to see that kid grow up.

Theresa doesn't want you to get fat at home and destroy things.

We have more time behind us than before us.

It is time for a change.

I'm having a great time now.

You paint your beard.

You paint your beard. - No.

That is Midnight Cocoa Bean. I know that.

Cut it off. Hack.

Do you want to be reminded of your cool shirts and your number of dead criminals?

It's all about family.

Hey, Grandpa. Rita.

No, pop-pop. That's how he wants to be called.

Do you have photos, pop-pop? Of course.

Let me see. Look.

Those ears.

My grandson. What a sweetheart. He is beautiful.

Very much, inspector. I hear you're going to lead AMMO.

Congratulations. What is AMMO? Advanced Miami Metro Operations.

A small team that uses new methods.

They are going to replace us oldies. Or teach them something new.

I'm really happy for you, Marcus.


What? She's perfect for you.

Very smart. Confident. Ambitious.

She was not the one.

What is that? Sad and dying alone?

You are jealous.

How long have you been married? 20 years? 26.

And when did you last have sex?

That doesn't concern you. Exactly.

How many great women do you let go?

You do it often, but have you ever been in love?

Of course.

I've been in love.


Long ago. You never told me.

I don't tell you everything.

I keep running after criminals until I am one hundred.

After the hospital you are not allowed to say anything about 'running'.

What do you mean? What happened there then?

When we ran to Marcus. I walked you out.

You've only seen my one good butt.

So you claim you ran faster than me?


Not really.

I find this a bit sad, though.

Don't stretch. That is unfair.

Who do you bet on, Cap? I'm putting 50 on a broken knee.

What do we bet on?

If I win, we will stop. Then we retire.

If I win, you will break those talks. Then we continue to the hole.

Bad boys for life.

You are not really boys anymore.

Get the ambulance ready. He needs an infusion and oxygen.

No, he.

Ready. Af.

You can do this, Marcus.

Come on. Where are you?


Keep breathing.

Where are you?

Get help. Agent shot.

Ocean Drive, in the 700 block.

Hold on.

Get help. Who did this?

Do not die.

Come on, Mike.

Call an ambulance.

I have him on the phone.

It'll be fine.

Don't die, man.

I'm here, Mike.

Dear God.

It's me, Marcus.

You have given me many beautiful things lately.

I haven't been to church in a while. At Easter, I believe.

But I'll be honest: I wasn't there with my head.

I still believe so.


I was ashamed of some of the things we had to do.

I know. 'You shall not kill.'

But they were crooks. All of them.

Mike has hardly had a real life yet.

No wife, no children.

Would you please give him one more chance?

He is my very best friend.

My brother.

If you save it, I swear... that I will never use violence again.

A famous officer fights for his life after a shelling.

Witnesses heard shots and saw a motorcycle driving away.

Mike Lowrey is in a critical condition.

Tell Cap what we know.

Kelly. The ballistics. The bullets in Lowrey were SS190s.

From a P90 Herstal. But these were specially made 5.7x28mm patterns.

Find out who the maker is.

We look at 4chan and compare that with info Yan the FBI.

Mike is like a son to me.

Find that bastard.

It's personal to me too.

Let's put everything on it, okay?


MEXICO CITY Lowrey should have died last.

I'm here. I learned how to do something like that.

You trained me.

That agent was a threat, but not the rest. Are you listening to me?

I wanted him to see the others die.

Finish it. Do what I say from now on.


Retired prosecutor Rodrigo Vargas was shot.


The DEA mourns Jack Weber's death... a very experienced forensic expert in Miami.


Another murder has been committed.

Judge Leon Sorenson was shot on Wednesday.

The war against law enforcement officers continues.

Three more people have been killed who have a link with our case.

War against the rule of law. The same shooter as with Mike.

What are the links? Cameras, witnesses, tire tracks.

Everything points to the same engine.


Thank you for being here. It means a lot to the family.

You are now married. You can kiss the bride.

I really have to stop with greens.

You are top.

Ladies and gentlemen, time for the first toast.

I give the floor to agent Mike Lowrey... who everyone here knows as Uncle Mike.

First: Reggie, I'm very surprised that you're still here.

I remember your first date with Megan.

Marcus and I have made every effort... to prevent you from coming back.

But believe me, love is not easy.

Your relationship will be tested.

Your father and I have endured many storms.

We have a mantra that we tell each other when things go wrong.

It brings us back together again.

Reggie and Megan, I want to share it with you.

We drive together, we die together.

Bad boys for life.


What do you mean no? You know that.

Even when I heard you were alive, I knew that this question would come.

Look at me, Mike. No.

You don't even know what I'm going to say. Yes, I know you.

AMMO is on top of it.

AMMO? Cap, with all due respect... but AMMO is a high school musical boy band with weapons.

They have nothing yet. How do you know that? They have something.

What then? They have something.

The bullets in your body were custom patterns from the P90 Herstal.

AMMO will search for the seller.


With first-class police work.


You are really desperate.

It does not work. I will not let you investigate your own case.

Then let me do the Vargas case.

I don't want Internal Affairs to ram a Hubble telescope in my ass.

You know the rules. Out with rules.

Put me and Marcus on this case.

Have you spoken to your partner?

Are you retired? My daughter is getting married. Is this necessary now?

I told you, right?

You have lost our race. You do not keep your promise.

Bad boys for life, right? For life, yes. And you're dead.

What are you talking about?

Your heart has stopped three times.

Marcus, that bastard took something from me and I want it back.

What then, Mike? You are still here.

He just stole the myth. "Bulletproof Mike."

But I've seen you bleed. You are human just like us.

That guy is bleeding too.

If you want to take revenge, people will die.

Count on that.

He shot me down. And now you are filled with hatred.

You must start thinking about your karma. This was a sign.

A sign to go fast, yes. Do I let that bag win?

'Go fast'? Are you sometimes 20?

You better go slower.

You know, Rita called me every day when you were in the hospital.

You have a future together.

My future is to grab that bastard.

Not mine.

For the record.

Someone shoots me on the street and you don't do a shit?

You just quit?

How dare you?

I sat next to your bed.

I wiped the drool off your chin.

You can't do this to me.

I'm asking you.

I beg you, man.

I need this.

Bad boys.


No, Mike.



He is not dead.

Did you want that?

He can only die if he has suffered just like us.

Don't kill him until I say so.

He will suffer.


A gift for your fans.

A video of a detective who is being shot went virally fast.

The video appeared on the Dark Net and was soon shown on social media.

The authorities think the shooter posted the video himself.

To slow.

You go backwards.

I still had the key.

What is it?

I hear you want to participate. That is of course not possible.

Who says that?

Michael, you were shot.

Yes, I always hear that.

Why do you think that is? Are you my psychologist now?

You always say that if you don't want to talk. No, if you are going to be a psychologist.

This case is exactly what AMMO was founded for.

You just have to trust me.

Come on. Why do you always do that?

This is not about whether or not I trust you.

Oh no?

Have you already recovered? Yes, it's fine.

Are you okay?

Are you sure?

You are flying ahead of me now.

If you do this, you make mistakes that you cannot reverse.

Hasta el fuego.

What does that mean? Why would you think that?

Until you burn? Until you die?

You know you shouldn't ask me to stop.

I am asking you precisely because I know you.

Because I care about you.

As a girlfriend.

Let us handle this.

Alexa, volume softer.

Marcus, leave the house.

Sorry honey. How about a day of wellness?

Is that Manny's car?

Where's Manny? Behind.

Shit, Mike Lowrey.

What are you doing here? You look like a ghost.

They say you're dead. I have to show you something.

On the street they say that police work is not for you.

Come work for me.

See, there you are shot.

And suddenly you are trending worldwide.

My hand, man.

The police cannot do this. Am I not being informed of my rights?

You should ask me questions and I will tell you that you can get lost.

My hand.

P90 Herstals, custom. Who makes them? I'm not in that business anymore.

My mistake.

Mike, chill.

Miami is full of vegans... and you have earned that expensive cart by selling pork chops?

I am a hardworking family man.

Do you put pork fat on my suit? Sorry, Mike.

Booker Grassie.

That's his name. Booker Grassie.

That's his name, man.

Mike, the handcuffs.

Booker Grassie. The only arms dealer who adjusts P90 Herstals.

What did I say? I can't investigate my own case.

But that bag has posted a video of that attack on me.

I can go get it myself or you let me participate.

Or I can shoot you myself.


Suppose I ask you for help and then you draw your own plan...

Know then that I am going to get a lot of shit over me.

No golden watch, no beautiful police house.

I am hanging on a thin thread.

A very thin thread in a storm.

And it's insane.

You mean to do it? I said that.

And imagine that I am very fat.

I can imagine it, Cap.

What is he doing here? He's coming to help.

I don't want him to work for me. I don't work for her.

He only gives advice. You're the boss.

You have a past, don't make it personal.

I'm the only professional here. You do what I say.

This is a bad idea. Otherwise he'll do it on his own.

This way we can control him.

I'm here, you know.

Mike gives advice. He observes. No more.

What do you have?

The maker of those patterns is going to do another deal.

Booker Grassie. Did you tell him more?

He told me that.

So I have not forgotten.

I like that. Teamwork.

Already a wonderful relationship.

Guys, this is Detective Michael Lowrey.

He will advise us.

The police have no suspects yet.

And the shooter is still...

Nice to meet you too. Thank you for recovering so quickly.

It's a lot better now, thanks.

You look good, Michael.

She calls me by my full name, but you can call me Mike.

Sure, Mike.

Great, Michael.

Are you one of those? There is always one.

Until he is no longer there.

What does that mean? It's Mike Lowrey.

Do normal once. - We go.

Can we still do something together?

Not with that. We're going with the Crawdaddy.

Take a look inside.

Need help, grandpa? Go do your thing, kid.

Do it nice and cool, you know.

Everyone is way too serious.

Invasions are fun. A kind of excursion with weapons.

This is not a raid. We're going to post.

To post? So we're just going to watch a crime?

We record how the deal takes place.

And then he will tell us everything we want to know.

Or: because he is there and we are there too... we can just pick it up. Thank you for your contribution.

Booker Grassie has sold the bullets that shot at Michael.

Can you stop calling me Michael where everyone is there?

That's your name.

Relax and clear your mind.

Use God's inspiration to bring people peace and tranquility... by invading their soul with your heart.

We are here.

Excuse me, Mr. Lowrey. Can I pass?

Of course.

You're the technician, aren't you?

Are they leaving you in the van?

Yes, I feel more comfortable here.

I'm sending Big Barry. Isn't that you?

That's our drone.

So you send the drone on it.

Just fly.

Barry is the only one who can do something fun.

Black pickup. Those are our H-77 Boyz.

Who are they?

Give me a wide-angle image.

Zoom in.

Booker sells them a 5.7x28mm crate.

That is Booker Grassie. It is going to happen.


This is it.

These shoot right through everything and everyone.

I offer a guarantee...

He's there. We can catch him.

No, that's too risky.

Out of it. - We are waiting.

You're the boss. - I know.

I just said that. And I confirm.

You had something, didn't you?

Not really. Something like that.

I want to see the money.

The money. Wait.

Something back. The guy.

That bag is empty.

There is no money in it. It's a rip deal.

They are going to kill him. We need Booker alive.

Come with him, Kelly.

Show the bodycams.

Michael, do nothing until the rest are in position.

Can we start counting the money? Beautiful number.

Put it harder.


Put it down.

Do you hear me?

Give me cover fire. We are coming your way.

If you want to stay alive, stay with me.

If you sew me, I'll shoot you.

I count to three.

Get the car. Get the things.

One two... three.

Look at me. Do not die.

P90 Herstals. Who bought it?

Call an ambulance.

Just let them come.

Calm. - Do what I say once.

He is dead.

Is that Diego or his twin brother? His twin brother. Don't, Carmelita.

Yes? With Carver Remy.

I'm just busy. Don't waste my time. Leave me alone.

It is important.

Keep an eye on my baby.

I am retired. I only talk to the rats in my basement.

Carmelita shot the wrong guy.

The guy who shot Mike wants to kill me.

I am followed by that guy on a black motorcycle who was on the news.

Would I lie to you? Yes, that's why you are no longer an informer.

What do you want from me? Put me in insured custody.

Or use me as bait. Do something.

The guy is after me.

Have you spoken to Mike? I called you.

19th and Miami. Third floor. I'm waiting for you.

What did I say? What did I say?

That you had to give advice, advise.

You must see this battlefield.

They did that to each other. Did you shoot anyone?

Yes of course. But they had already started.

You promised. - No.

I said I could imagine you as a fat guy on a thin thread. With sharks.

You would watch. And I saw things.

Cap, look. That bag is empty. No money.

He scratched his nose and then I saw that there was nothing in it.

Very impressive. I like her.

Without me, Grassie would have been dead.

Fortunately then, because he is lying in a body bag and looks pretty dead.

Good job, Mikey. Jochie, seriously.

Children must know their place.

I don't care about your opinion, Grandpa.

That I fucked your mother doesn't make me your grandfather.

Stop that. Nice and cool.

Stop it. I completely beat you up.

Then hit. Are you toddlers? Come with me.

I have time today.

Quiet. Walk on.

Excuse me. Go ahead.

Do you want... Go ahead.


What a sad thing.

Where's your car? The girls went to the spa with them.

Are you okay?

Yes fine. With you?

Better than ever.

You would, if you really wanted to... can drive the maximum speed.

We have been overtaken by a Prius.

And what is that? Are your balls in there sometimes?

None of my balls needs your company.

Do you take little Marcus on a murder investigation?

We drop it off at the spa.

Drop off at the spa?

Carver is scared. He won't wait. It's that way.

What does that guy who shot me with a tell-tale like Carver Remy do?

We're going to figure that out, jerk.

Sorry, little Marcus. Pop-pop cannot swear like that.

But with bastards like Mike Lowrey you have no choice.

Sorry, I'll do it again.

Take the baby inside. Look at it.

Then you will never know who wanted to kill you.

When I go inside, Theresa Burnett is going to kill me.

Grab your baby and go inside.

Mike, Carver is scared. He doesn't wait all day.

I finish Marcus completely.

To drive. What has she done?

What have you done? Is she coming? She's coming.

You've known Theresa for a long time. How angry was she?

On a scale of 1 to 10? 10 is then...

When I broke up with your sister? I was then at 10.

Why do you start about that?

A Theresa-10 is...

When you knocked over your coffee in my Ferrari. Yes, exactly.

Then she is on a 9.

Make it a 10.

I have forgotten the wipes. Horrible.

Are you stopping now?

The light was orange.

We are in a hurry.

Are you afraid they'll see you like that?

Mike Lowrey is here.

Mike Lowrey in a Nissan Quest.

Nobody cares, Mike. He's my Uber driver.

You must always be one step ahead of criminals.

You don't have to stop for pigeons. They do fly away.

I just hope that's a safe or a piano.

That car belongs to my wife. And that's Carver Remy.

You do not know. It can be anyone.

Cover the front door. I am retired. I'm a citizen.

This is a sign. A sign from God.

She knows it. She always knows.

A 3-15 at the Broadmoor Hotel.

God, I've asked you more than once to help Mike... but he really gets a beating.

Lord, give me a sign.

What are you doing?

Better than it goes with you when Theresa sees this car.

I had him.

I could have caught him.

I don't understand, mama. Armando.

With a bullet, the bag your father took from me gets away too easily.

He must suffer.

And only then should he die.

Do you hear me? Yes.

Pass the ball. Very well.

Very good, Callie. Make sure they prefer to play soccer.

You got rid of that case. I know.

If she makes a violation, you make one back.

There is a Buddhist.

He lives high in the mountains and walks down a winding road.

And from nowhere a man comes up to him on a horse.

Also a Buddhist, I think. I'm not sure.

Let's say they are both Buddhists.

The guy on that horse runs so fast for him... that he must dive to the side in order not to be trampled.

He stands up and says:

'Where are you going?'

And that guy on the horse says:

'I do not know. You have to ask the horse that. "

"Ask the horse?" Cool.

That's what I meant.

I looked that way too.

The horse represents all our fears and traumas.

That's why we just keep on going... so that we can no longer even answer a simple question.

'Where are you going?'

Where are you going, Mike?

No, Callie. Do not fit. Shoot.

Missing is in the family.

You have to take control of your life.

Grab the reins before your horse crashes into a ravine.

Come eat with us.

Callie will like that. And I tell a Buddhist story.

Are you going to cook again? Really.

I do order pizza. That seems fine.


Shoot him.

I can help. What should I do?

Shoot. Shut up.

Through her. Out of the way.

I can help. Behind that car.

What is wrong with you? You could shoot.

No innocent people.

You are insane.

Shots have been fired. Agent down.

The José Marti park.

Send a heli. This is Detective Mike Lowrey.

The Chief Inspector was shot.


To target. Fire.

You were right.

You said there would be deaths if I got involved.

Just one last time?

Just one last time.

They are all dead. Is it time now?

Kill him.

But first look him in the eye and say something to him on my behalf.

What, mama?

All Booker cover companies have the same accountant.

Picante Jenkins, CPA.

You don't hear that name often.

So we're just going to chat?

What is that all about?

What do you mean? You don't need a grenade launcher.

But I want one.

He is an accountant.

We're not going in there like that. How not?

We have been bad boys all our lives. Now we have to be good men.

Doesn't that sound like a meter?

Good men, what are you going to do?

If you sing it as if you mean it, it is quite successful.

Call and talk.

Yes. Knock Knock.

Law enforcement. To the ground.

What is this? We would knock and talk.

You destroyed my door.

Sorry about the door. With some super glue it will be fine.

Where's your order?

On your knees, with your hands behind your head.

If you don't stop, I'll shoot you in the head.

No. Yes.

He is an accountant. We just want to talk to him.

So you want to talk to a sniffed...

These are the latest figures.

Leave this to me.

I'm going to penetrate his soul with my heart.

Just pay attention.

Hey, ass lick. I'm going to fist you hard.

That is unpleasant.

I realize that this is a difficult situation.

Stay away from me. Stay away from him.

We only want your client's receipts.

Booker Grassie. Everything...

How deep did you get in his soul?

Sometimes you have to suffer for the good cause.

Don't turn the other cheek. Get off me.

I know you're scared.

We are all scared. Sometimes fear is...

What do you think?

That you should do this.

Seems better to me too.

MLK is doing it. Brother Malcolm takes over, say whatever you want.

You are the agent who was shot. It doesn't bother you, does it?

If you didn't have that gun, I would beat you rotten.

So this is the only thing that keeps you from doing that?

Bring it on.

Links safe. Cuff him.

What are you doing here?

I called them.

We would be bad boys one more time, right?

This is the last time. But this is the remix, Mike.

We now work together with AMMO.

Cut it off.

You have three seconds before I bite it off.

Fuck that finger.

Okay. Judge, prosecutor, informant, chief inspector and you.

What do you have in common? Hundreds of things.

847 overlapping cases between the victims.

Who wants to kill you?

Who not? And those are just the criminals.

I don't trust anyone who doesn't want to kill him. Put me there.

And thanks, Marcus.

And that accountant? His administration is a mess.

But I'm in his Keychain.

And thus? - All his socials.

Many dickpics, few clues.

Do a face recognition. Okay.

Three days before I was shot.

Go back to that necklace.

Zoom in.


Who is Zway-Lo? Lorenzo Rodriguez.

His nickname is Zway-Lo. I used to be his basketball coach before he became a criminal.

Sat on the couch at the competition for the title.

Are you putting a ten-year-old kid on the couch? He called me a jerk.

Did you win? No, he was our best man.

We lost 40 points difference. But there is no 'me' in 'team'.

In 'jerk' though. Shut up.

Zway-Lo deals in drugs and weapons. He is one of Taglin's lieutenants.

Taglin was murdered the night Mike was shot.

He's someone else's lieutenant now.

Lorenzo Rodriguez. No mortgage, no bank account.

But it's his birthday tomorrow.

There are three places where someone like him would celebrate: Ditto, Ice 45, Zillion.

Can you access their files?

Ice 45 does not have its internet security in order.

OK, Ice 45.



Over there. Rodriguez.

The party is tonight. In Zillion.

We meet in the club at eleven. Put on nice clothes.

We only hold him. In and out. There must be absolutely no deaths.

No deaths. Has anyone informed the bad guys?

Use rubber balls. You can shoot as many as you want.

Bad boys, bad boys, what are you going to do? if they come after you?

No not at all. You will never do that again.

And the text is incorrect. It takes a long time to learn.

So don't. I really don't.

Find your own number.



Keep your opinion nice for you.

Just leave me.

Hello ladies. Is Georgio there too?

I don't know who that is. The line starts there.

Nicole, Paige.


You look so good. So beautiful. You too.

That's my uncle Michael and his friend uncle Marcus.

Can they come in? He just got divorced.

How sad.

Come on in.

Come on. Mind your step.

It really is like that. No.

Where is our target?

Second floor. The VIP section. I see him.

Hey, baby.

Target confirmed.

You can only get in or out one way. He's trapped.

The man on the right has a weapon. Follow our plan.

Kelly, you take his bodyguard.

Mike, how can she turn like that? She must have strong buttock muscles.

I'm going to be honest with you. I haven't had sex in a long time.

Too long. I have really weird fantasies, Mike.

Marcus. I feel trapped since...

You know they can hear you, don't you? It's too loud. They don't hear us.

Sometimes I see really crazy things on the internet. Like a man who...

We can hear you.

That was just a joke. You haven't heard anything, have you?

In position. We're going to start.

Mike, Marcus, I see you upstairs.

Mike and Marcus on the right stairs.

Rita on the left staircase.

Everyone in position?

Ready. Ready.

Great dress. You really have style.



Not going. I'm with my girlfriends.

They may also come along. I can't go tonight.

A knee in his balls and gone.

From Tétouan.

Bye, baby.

That is not an undercover dress.

You should have put on something more undercover.

Happy Birthday.

OK people. Let you hear.

We have a special guest. It's his birthday. Congratulate him.

Three two one. - Happy Birthday.

We love you, Zway-Lo.

Really cool.

Warmly, jerk.

You go in jail, asshole.

I say "crook", you say "cell."

Law enforcement. No movement.

I already said he was sporty.

To jump. - Look at it.

He escapes. To jump.


Out of the way.

I need this.

Sorry. - What are you doing?

Do not. - Police matters.

This is my car. Out of the way.

What good is it to jump if you just take the stairs?

I said I didn't want to jump.

Zway-Lo turns left on 2nd Avenue.

Are you wearing your seat belt? Is it now like this? Really.

Number 1 is after me.

I enter Overtown.

That's left soup. Zway has dangerous guys there.

We are dangerous guys.

Stupid Nerf-gun with its rubber bullets. They shoot bullets, we make rubber bears.

Mike, stop for a moment. I have to tell you something.

Should I stop? Let's see if Zway cooperates.

Zway-Lo, Marcus wants to stop.

Can we take a time out? I have to tell you something.

What? I promised God something.

Who? God.

What the hell are you?

I promised God that I would renounce violence if you continued to live.

He knows that's bullshit. Violence is our thing.

It's about your soul.

We must protect and serve.

I'll do that jerk a favor.

Do you have to see that?

That guest is just like the Elephant Man.

Do you see that? - Yes I see it.

It calls me. I can not help it.

Stop. What is wrong with you? Stay away from it.

Do not touch. He'll soon be fine.

That's gross. Do not touch that.

Do not touch that. Again.

Overtown wakes up.

AMMO, where are you? We are now entering Overtown.

Pack your bags.


We have your husband.

I shoot him.

Wake up, Zway-Lo. Waking.

Wake up now.

Coach Burnett?


Do you still find me a jerk?

Who wants to kill me? Everyone.

I already said that.

Forget about me. Kill them.

What is he saying? Finish them both.

You both go for it. They are coming.

Thank God.

Why are you letting him escape?

Cover fire.

Get in. There is a pit bull.

Hurry up. Do you want to be bitten or shot?

Hurry up.

Shit. What is there?

It is just like the basement of an angry white man.

A hand grenade.

Pull out the pin. This is not Vietnam.

Then hold him. Jerk.

What else do you have?

Shoot that thing.

No, I have promised God to stop using violence.

Who do you think gave you that weapon?

That is God's weapon.

Yes? Because you are in need.

That's true.

Yes, you do God's work.

Just like David and Goliath. With his pendulum.

Yes, that's your pendulum.

To kill enemies.

You know, bad boys of the Bible.

Exactly. Amen. Amen.

Where's your glasses? I don't need glasses.

You don't touch anything.


Get that quad. I take it behind me.

Mike. What the hell are you doing?

I don't want to die like that.

My mistake. Really.

Out of the way. Get out the way.

Hasta el fuego.

Dorn, I need you.

I have experienced this before.

Very often. It will be fine.

Zway-Lo's telephone. Can you get in there?

Yes, what am I looking for? His contacts.

And it has to be a bit fast.

Then I have to do some illegal things.

Do you think that's okay?

Yes. Get started then.

Dorn is a big guy. How did he become so good at this?

In which? - Technical things.

He looks like a killer. That's right. He was a bouncer.

Someone was harassing a woman...

He slapped the guy and he fell down dead.

Since then he has avoided violence.

Got you.

The last two months.


What are you looking for?

Send the message 'Hasta el fuego' to all those numbers.

Happened. Let me go now.

Sure? - Yes, go.



We have to stop.

What do you mean? AMMO is canceled.


Everything will be fine. Trust me.

Everything will be fine.

Are you okay?

I think he's my son.

24 years ago, before we became partners...

Howard took me straight from the course. Nobody knew who I was.

He let me go undercover at the Aretas cartel.

Sorenson. Weber. Vargas. Carver.

All the victims were in that case. This is revenge.

You weren't in that case.

Not in name. It was that secret.

I was Ricky Rollins.

Benito Aretas. He is dead. He's not after you.

Not him, but his wife.


I was her driver. We had a very intense bond.

We talked about everything and she explained how everything worked.

How I should behave. How to dress.

She made Mike Lowrey.

We fell in love.

So the only time you...

Isabel Aretas. The only time.

We would take action. DEA, ATF. Everyone.

And I would disappear without a trace.

Isabel and I wanted to walk away together.

What came in between?

They call her "La Bruja."

The witch.

She did black magic.

Santa Muerte.

That woman was a merciless killer.

So I had to put my loved one behind bars for the rest of her life.

I chose the police and I still do that.

Did you fuck a married witch?

Is that your summary of what I just told you?

It is quite something. You think you know someone...

Now I understand why you look like a drug dealer.

Do you want to hear it or not?

You are not sure if he is your son. You don't know who that witch was doing.

Benito Aretas was infertile.

Isabel gave birth to her son, eight months after her arrest.

"Hasta el Fuego." He said that to me when I jumped from that heli.

Isabel and I made that up.

It is not even good Spanish. It was a joke.

Something of: together until we burn.

The traitor is coming.

Prepare yourself.

I will. Come with me.

He's the right age.

He is just as crazy, ruthless and fearless as I am.

He is the crazy version of me.

No, you are the crazy version of yourself.

You draw conclusions too quickly.

It will be fine by itself. Trust that.

You're right.

I love you, man.

And I yours.

I have to go.

Can I pass?

That's a good place.

I'm sitting there.

Can I come and see you? Remember your toes.

Very well.

I'm not letting you go on a suicide mission alone.

This is my thing. I don't want others to die as a result.

She is a 'bruja'.

She can melt your eyes in your head.

And let your dick fall off.

I meant penis. By the way, you interfere with your own affairs.

Marcus, please go home.

We fly together, we die together.

That is just something we say.

There is nothing wrong.

I understand that a bit...

Where do you come from?

What will you do when you see him? Are you going to put your son behind bars?

No. I kill him.

Are you really going to kill your own son?

I'm going to put it in a body bag.

Can we change places?

You know you're going to hell then.

I don't believe in hell.

Hell is in you. Killing your own son.

You will be completely swallowed up by that darkness.

Maybe I have already been swallowed.

I died, remember?

I'm putting an end to this.

I should have known it was your son. He really gave you a big beating.

A beating directly from your loins.

A supernatural beating.

Can I be the godfather?

Do you know what you can be?

What? Quiet.

Do I have to be quiet?

You made a witch baby with La Bruja... who wants to kill you, and me too... and who wants to suck our blood out, but I must be quiet.

Why do you fuck a witch without a condom?

Pack that thing, man.

We have to change seats.

We are now even again.

We go.

Did you call them again? Rita called me.

Everything good?

I feel better with them there. Me too.

How did you get that toy?

The DEA in Cuernavaca. If we catch her, they get the honor.

When we perish, they know nothing.

All eyes on me. I'm the bait.

We're going to Hidalgo Palace. An old hotel outside the city.

I'm talking to her, you're looking for the shooter.

And if she shoots you? No, she just wants to talk.

We have a past together.

We grab them and fly home before dawn.

Dorn, give me a map.

We can watch from the outside... and... from the inside.

Stay away from the shooter. That's mine.


You color outside the lines today, don't you?

Do not die.

Make sure we both come home.

No threats yet.

I keep an eye on everything inside. Outside I block everything.

She really isn't alone. This is the cartel. That is not nothing.

Marcus walks to the rear. We see your position from the air.

I don't see anything yet. I'm getting closer.

Hola, Ricky.

Or should I call you Mike?

Hola, Isabel.

Not very thorough.

You melted once when you touched me.

I finish her myself.

Keep it.

Where is he?

This was once our place.

I wanted to kill you... but you survived.

Maybe I made you too strong.

Or maybe...

Santa Muerte wants to tell us something.

We had to meet one more time.

This is fierce telenovela shit.

I already arranged that.

Everything is gone.

Marcus, can you hear me?

They disturb us. They know we are here. I still have Baby Barry.

Now we are alone.

Why didn't you say I had a son?

What did you do then?

Cared for him.

Like you took care of me?

It had to be a surprise. After we fled.

People are coming.

About 20, 30. We have to go there.

Other entrances?

That might be a ventilation shaft.

How could you do that to our son? My son.

Who does he think I am? What you are: a coward and traitor.

Do not do this.


Do you see that?

Let drop.

Bring it on.

What are you going to do?

Hasta el fuego.

Do not. That means fire, right? Cállate.

You must talk. This is a heavy shit.

Careful with that thing. Calm down, Marcus.

This is all because you are not talking.

He must tell you something. It is not pleasant, but it has to.

Mike, they're going to the heli.


Put on your glasses.

You just pitched badly.

Mike, be careful.

You were right with the glasses. I've been saying that for years.

It looks like hd.


12 o'clock contact.


Isabel and the shooter went up the stairs.

Can you cover us?

Kelly, right flank.

Rafe, to the left.

Dorn, follow Rafe.

Great guy, you have to hurt some people. I'll pay for your therapy.

I really need that. - Okay fine.

I will stay here. You go to the stairs. To the stairs.

Good job, inspector. You too.

You are not that stupid.

On my mark.


New weapon.

Come on.

Shoot them down.

Over there.

How did they get all those helis?


Shoot the pilot. On the rotor.

What are you shooting at? The pilot.

Shoot the rotor. If you shoot the pilot...


You have a crazy family, Mike.

The whole thing is collapsing. Get out.

Mike? Marcus?

On your knees, Isabel.

Let that be a lesson to you, witch.


you are my son.

You are my son.

I don't want to fight.

Stay down.

Stay down, I said.

I did not know. If I had known...

Mike, what are you doing?

I try to penetrate his soul with my heart.

No, Mike. I had a hard time then.

Who are you?

I already said that.


Your last chance.

Who are you?

Just ask your mother.

Is it true what he says?

Does not matter. He means nothing to you.

Do you see all those fuego?

Is this possible outside? Shut up.

Who is he? - Say it.

Say it, mama.

Is he my father?

Is he my father?


Finish him.


Lay down.

We have to get out of here. We have to leave. Now.

We have to get out of here.

Hold on. Hold on.

Do not let me go.

I have got you.

I can't come to you.

I don't like it.

To pull. I don't want to die like that.

I don't like it anymore.

Hurry up. My ass is almost done.

We have to get out of here.

Bullet wound in the chest. Give him medical assistance.

I got him. - Put it down.

Give him a trauma.


I can't promise that everything will be fine after what you did... but I will be there for you.

I'm your uncle Marcus.

But that will come later.

Boys. There he is.

Time to toast on our new Chief Inspector.

On our new chief inspector.

My mother's greetings. You keep reminding me of that, don't you?

I have news for you.

According to my therapist it is good to do a group session together.

It is really cool. - Yeah right.

Marcus, I want to talk to you. I will think about it.

He wants us to go into therapy.

I'm not going. Me neither.

We don't say these kinds of things to each other, but...


You do not have to thank me.

If you want to stop, I'm not going to stop you.

You've earned it. And I'm 100 percent behind you.

You forget one thing.

We said 'for life'.

For life, buddy.

There is my nephew. Little Marcus just woke up.

But first something else.

I have a surprise for you. Three days at the Marion Springs Resort.

As a saving grace for the time it didn't happen.

Yes, just the two of us.

But Megan and Reggie are on a honeymoon.

I have the baby this weekend. Together with AMMO.

Then you can go with Theresa. Do you still have those blue pills?

I don't need that. That's what you said about your glasses.

That baby looks good on you.

Yes, it fits you well.

Do you think? Yes.

You can manage, don't you? We're going, guys.

Wait a minute. We would do this together.

I have to work. I'll come by tomorrow. With wine.

Don't, Rita. We would all look after the baby.

I am in the car.

App my mother.

That is not...

We don't do that with the next generation.

You have to sing well.

I am gone.

How are you?

I'm serving my sentence.

A long sentence.

There may be a chance to make it a little shorter.


Yes man.