Bad Man's River (1971) Script

Meet the baddest man on Bad Man's River.

When did you put that in?

Right after the last King Gang holdup.

It's fire proof, burglary proof... and only I know the combination.

Might turning around, please.

Come on in and have a look.




Boys, drop your guns. Come on.

Angel, get them.

And one, two, three, one, two, three...

You are hopeless! King?



Excuse me gentlemen, but we're coming at the Omaha.

Odie, here's your share.

You have to get off here?

My childhood's sweetheart is waiting.

And she's been waiting for a long time! So you better hurry up.


Where you're going, you won't need this.

Kansas City.

Why don't you come with me to Chicago. I have got big plans.

I have got little ones, a house full of little ones.

I think I'll maybe marry with her now.

You're gonna blow all of that on one woman?

Her name is Annie. She was made in heaven.

You look worried.

I once knew an Annie in Kansas City.

"Anytime Annie."

We got to stick together, old pal.

Come on!

Look at that.

Come on!

Oh, forgive me. I thought this was the dining car.

Hold it, lady!

Nice car...

You must be a very important man.

I watch this picture all here.

What business are you in, Mr. King?

Banking. I transfer funds from one place to another.

What do you admire most in a woman?

Well, actually, all parts.

What do you look for in a man?

Honesty. And second?

How long have you been a widow, Alicia?

Since the 4th of July.

That night we were celebrating, Charlie and I.

We could see the firecrackers from the bedroom window.

Well, Charlie got a little too exited you might say... he went out just like those firecrackers.

Goodbye, Charlie.

A lady like you shouldn't be traveling alone.

I am not.

So you're the lucky man.

Happy, darling?

A fine gentleman would take off his hat. There's a lady present.

We are gathered here...

A penny for you thoughts, Mrs. King?

Are there any cases of insanity in your family?

You can't do this to me!

We're supposed to be married!

How long you think he will be admitted, doctor?

At least 6 months.

Here. I want him to see that... he has the best of... the best of care.

Bye bye, darling.

What will you have?

A beer. A big one. Make it three.

I think he's crazy bringing us back to this town.

We didn't rob that bank not twice, but over three times.

Maybe he ain't coming. Maybe he never send for us.

Maybe it's a trap. We have no guns.

Let's go before they recognize us. Wait a minute! Go where?

Who is paying?

Ah, we're waiting. We got an appointment.

With a very important man. Yeah...

Listen, bumps. Either you pay or I use this.

The party's upstairs, boys.

You took your time getting here.

What is your proposal?

Half for me, and half for you.

Bull, there is one of you and there's eight of us.

That gives you one share. That makes 11% or $ 2,750.

It's my town. I send for you.

I won't take less than $ 5,000.

$ 4,000.

That's my final offer.

It's a deal.

Friends, to the dying day. Add some days more!

To the end. To the end.

But to what business are we in?

Yeah, I can hardly wait to start working.

It will be a new experience. What business are we in?

Personal Service.

Personal? Sounds great.

Are we gonna start a revolution?

The "Ariel". It will be docked about 10 minutes.

Boys, we're gonna take a boat ride.

Oh, help yourselves.

Where is everybody? Hey, wait here.

Give me a drink, will you? Just one.

Come on, one.

Come on.

Give me a drink, will you?

Everything is set, Mr. King.

I wanted to hear right from you, Mr. Montero.

Come here.

Tomorrow night, at this time...

Mr. King, please!

Listen. Tomorrow night at this time the boat will have carried us 20km ... of the St. Joseph Mission.

That's the place. That's it. That's what? Hey, King!

The Mexican army uses the mission as arsenal.

What senor Montero wants us to do is to blow it up.

Why does he want us to blow it up?

What the hell we do care? If we're getting paid we'll to blow it up.

Uh, when we get paid?

Senor Montero says we get paid when we get back to the boat.

$ 1,0000 in gold. How do we know he will pay?

I know about Montero. If he gives his word, that's enough for me. Right, King?

I've been expecting you.

I had a hard day at work.

I did you dirty. Easy come, easy go.

You a quick man to forgive. You forgot everything.

My conscience still bothers me.

You're deep sensitive.

I couldn't get you out of my mind. So you married Montero.

I had to forget you. We never did our honeymoon.

I'm afraid I wasn't a very good wife. Why makes you say that?

I could have tried harder. True.

But I did get you this job.

I still think you owe me a little something.

I often wondered what'd happen if we had a second chance?

We will.

Aren't you getting familiar?

We've met before.

My husband is right out there.

Then don't make a noise.

You're looking for trouble. I've come to the right place.

There's the sheep. I am very thirsty. Can I...?

Be quick about it.

Sit down. Let go, you pig.

I'll buy you a drink.

I only drink with officers. I have gold.

Move, old man. What is your name?

Angel. I am Conchita.

I think I like you. That's good!

You only got one piece of gold? Maybe two?

Maybe three, four, maybe even five.

How would you like me to get ...real friendly?

Maybe we could visit the church. That's the arsenal.

Going there you could die.

But we'll find a place. Conchita!

Time to feed the animals.

Having fun?

Come up, let's go upstairs. I truly like you. Come on.

Not so fast.

You pay me now all of the money you got or I'll scream.


Would you like to kiss?

I don't trust you.

What are you doing here? What's going on here?

Son of a dog. You and your family.

First things first.

He came to the pastor.

Who are you?

Search him!

Check the arsenal.

Make him talk.

Talk, my friend.

Give us a hand.

Sergeant, we need help here.

Hold it!

Come on!


Odie! Yeah?

All clear. Come on! Right!

They are passing us by, King.

It will only get and hour before they start catching up with us.

This is no place to make a stand.

They better pick us up. One man's on our pay-roll.

Why don't you pull the trigger?

We still need him. I can't swim.

I ought to stay with him, King.

I don't think it will be necessary. Will it, Captain?

You will cross to the American side.

Yes, and we're gonna chase them on both sides of the river.

If the American cavalry catches you, I will dishonor you completely.

What, Excellency? Even I can become useful toMexico.

If the revolutionaries had gold... you would be Working for them. Yes, Your Excellency.

You're nothing but a bandit. Yes, Your Excellency.

Remember, Canales. When the revolution is over...

I promise to hang you. Yes, Your Excellency.

Where is the 10,000? There is no 10,000.

It's a million or nothing. Is that good, King?

Okay, I'll level with you.

Why do you think we have to blow up the arsenal?

To win the revolution.

Stupid The guns to be destroyed ... will have to be replaced by the Mexican government, right?

Right. Right.

And where is the 1 million? Yes, get us to it again.

The Mexican government is sending $ 1 million to El Paso... to buy new guns.

The Mexican government is sending $ 1 million to El Paso... to buy new guns.

And we grab the million. And we grab the million!

That's good!

How? Montero is a revolutionary.

But he is also an agent for the Mexican government.

By taking the check and cashing it, he serves the revolution...

And even makes him patriotic.

Exactly. And then we split 50-50.

50-50? 50! Great!

Why do we need Montero?

Boat his landing.

So why do you need us? I don't trust him.

That's bad.

Your own husband? Not for a $ 1 million.

She doesn't trust her husband. Got it.


I think we've been stuck at it again.

Is mister Montero here? Number 3.

Is he alone? There's another man with him.

Dreaming of $ 25,000? Cut it, Odie.

Who is he?

I guess he had the money.

Come on! Come on!



Let's go.


Surround them. They have the check.

Bring me "Adelita".

This is a trap.

Right. You can go in now and collect the bodies.

Tiburcio, Luiz ... go inside and you will find a check for $ 1 million!

Mr. King! I hear you.

I do not wish to fight with you.

I can tell that. I'm coming. Here I come.

Come on. Has he brought the check?

He didn't have it on him.

You know about the check too?

Everyone knows. All these dead and no money.

I would like you to make you a deal, King.

I've already got a deal.

Look, I'm a bandit and you rob banks, right?

Get to the point.

So we both want the same thing. Other people's money. Right?

So you and I are on the same side. We are amigos.

Listen, where does that money come from?

The Mexican government.

And who is the Mexican government?

The Mexican people. And who is the Mexican people?

I'm a Mexican person, and so are you, my friend.

So what can I do for you, amigo?

Listen, that Ms. Montero, she is not to be trusted.

A bad woman.

You give her to me, and I'll find the money. OK?

How will you do that? You know!

Yeah. I'd rather do it myself.

Did you... did you catch him? We caught him.

Is he dead? You're a widow again.

Oh, I'm just bad luck. You mustn't blame yourself.

I'll never marry again. Don't punish yourself.

I'm better off dead. You mustn't give up hope.

If only I had one good reason to go on...

You got millions of good reasons.

He had the check on him?

I'm not looking for a change of underwear!

You know damn well he never had that check.

You've had figured tat if we would kill Montero and the bandits would kill us.

You could have flown with the whole million and leave two dead husbands.

I never figured Canales...

I'm sorry. Go on.

He never wanted me, he wants you.

To marry me?

No, the money. He says you have the money.

Search me.

I will. You wouldn't.

I never loved.

He forced you to marry.

I had reached the end of my rope. He took advantage.

If only I knew where I'd find to you ...

It was not so difficult. I hope it's not too late.

I better start at the bottom. I'll scrub floors for you.

And I'll climb mountains for you.

You're all I ever wanted.

We'll make history... together.

You stay here.

He did get shot?

I slapped him. He was steering us right into that bandit's arms.

You slapped him pretty hard.

He's tough. Like a board.

Now, don't tell me you're the chamber-maid. - All right.

I'm not the chamber-maid.

What are you looking for? A man.

You can do better than that!? I'm looking for Montero.

You're looking in the wrong place. He's dead.

He's alive and he is on this boat.

If the Montero was not dead... he was putting on one hell of an act.

The Montero you saw was an impersonator. What makes you say that?

You didn't find the bank draft? What the hell are you talking about?

Does everybody know about the bank draft?

You can't keep $ 1 million in secret.

I want to look in your eyes. Why?

Damn liar! What is it this time?

Where did you hide the real Montero?

He's back in Mexico. You're lying again! Where is he?

Safe from you.

Safe from me? You worried about him?

He got what he wanted, then he staked you out as a hostage ... and you're worried about him?

It bothers you, does it?

A man like that ought to be shot.

Because of the money or because he is my husband?

Not in there.


Getting stuffy in here. You appeared not a second too soon.

You're gonna shoot me, Mr. King?

You killed the man in that closet. Now let's take your turn now.

I didn't kill anybody, but I know what killed that man: politics.

You're still is a killer.

A man who kills for political reasons is not a killer, he's an assassin.

I don't like to be associated with killers.

Now I'll trouble you for that bank-draft.

I don't have it. Where is it?

It's a little complicated. Make it simple.

Perhaps you noticed the "Wells Fargo" when the boat was landing?

I saw the place.

That's where I cast the draft and had the money shipped to Laredo.

Ship to who?

Why? To me, of course. Who else would I trust?

That's a gun you're reaching for. No. It's my receipt.

It states that the receiver... must be positively identified as Francisco Montero.

You see? I told you he was safe from you.

Okay, Montero. We'll reaching for Laredo together.

We're not going to reach Laredo, not by boat.

The engines stopped running a while back. We are just drifting with the currency.

You had to hire your ex-husband?

When I married him he was so softly.

The engine is wrecked. Somebody threw in a wrench.

Do we make it to Laredo?

We don't seem. The bandits can take us.

Tell Odie to stick at the Mexican side.

That's a mistake.

You better go to the bandits on the American side?

That will be a fatal error. The better chance we have to take, sweetheart.

Surrender, amigo.

You are a prisoner of the revolution.

You have all been denounced. For what?

For enemies of the revolution there is only one punishment.

She can't be.

This lady is my wife. She's my wife!

A marriage dispute? I'll settle it.

Shoot the lady.

Lieutenant, I want to speak to the commander yet.

You know the commander?

Colonel Fierro was created at the Academy.

Well, how times have changed!

Yes, for old times sake...

I'll ask the Colonel to have you shot.

If you're a friend of the Colonel...

Henry! Paco!

It's good we meet again. Once more on the wrong side.

There you have the prisoners.

Forgive me.

I know you.

Stop the firing-squad! Where are we?

Perhaps you saw my face on a poster.

In America he's a famous bandit.

And how much are you worth?

$ 10,000, the last time.

And... your friends?

$ 25,000, all together.

I think you're holding out on me.

Oh Luiz, how many times must I tell you... not to interrupt when I'm interrogating?

I forget, You Excellency. Oh, remember, remember.

Dolores, come here darling!

Tell me again about the $ 1 million bank-draft payment in Laredo.

I delivered the chickens. Don't break the eggs.

Smart girl!

Lock them up.

Don't you think we'd be all better off if we behaved in a more civilized manner?

What's that mean? What the hell did she see in you?

I'm afraid you could never understand.

I'm gonna do it now. No. Wait!

I tell you what Montero, you talk about being civilized.

I got a proposition.

We share. We share what?

We share everything, including the woman.

With all the money we're gonna get, we'd have plenty to live in Paris.

You speak French?

You hear what he called you! You're gonna stand...?

You see, you have a language problem. And there they drink wine.

To you that taste like perfume.

The only excitement is the opera and stroll at the Bois de Bologne... a park to you... where you live it up by feeding the swans.

No, you wouldn't be happy with this. Well, I think I'd rather be dead!

You see?

Get out of the way!

Open the door!

Come on!

I wonder what Napoleon would do, at a time like this?

Soldiers of the Revolution, your moment of glory has arrived!

You're about to become a legend!

Your names will be for ever in the books of heroes!

Because of what you're about to do, bells will ring throughout the land!


Senor Montero tells me you know something about explosives.

We've blown up a few things.

The federal cannon...

I find it very annoying.

Silence the Cannon... and I'll release you.

It's a deal.

First tell your plan.

Well, I'm not gonna attack with a sword.

No, I'm sure your devilish mind is better equipped for treachery.

It takes one to know one.

Come on.

Right here.

We are not bandits.

We respect the flag of truce. Let them through.

Are you the boss, amigo? Excellency. Call him Excellency.


Wait, Excellency! I know these men.

But where?

Who is your spokesman?

Me, Excellency.

Why does he not speak? Yeah, Why don't you speak?

What kind of officers are you? Where do you come from?

He is my cousin. We come from the same village.

Excellency, now I remember. Sure!

I saw those faces a little time back. I'm positive.

I know that man like my own brother!

But who is he?

Tell the colonel that I only accept an unconditional surrender.

No terms.

You understand what that means: unconditional surrender?

Anyway, we didn't come to talk about surrender but we came for something else.

What else?

Well, Excellency, it's about the cannon.

It's very annoying to the Colonel.

So you came to ask me to stop firing the cannon?

Yeah, si, we want to buy the cannon.

You hear that? Our friend wants to buy our cannon.

And what will you pay for it?

$ 1 million.

Of course. Montero and the $ 1 million.

You have Montero in the fort.

Tell Fierro that I'm not interested in his offer.

No, with my cannon I will pulverize the fort.

We'll get the money, Montero...

I will hang Fierro, and kill you!

Remember the flag of truce, Excellency.

One minute to get back to the fort!

Look out! What you're doing?

Come on! Idiota!

Caution! Sergeant!


Fire! Fire! Kill them all! Fire!

Excellency, now I remember! What? Shoot!

You know who they are? Who?

I never forget a face!

We won! We won!

We lost! We lost!

Do you think they would mind going there again?

I remember very well, Excellency. The King gang.

The four gringos who blew up the mission.

So why do you do this to me?

I told you, I told you...

I never forget a face.

You know the general who is besieging us?

Duarte? We went to the Academy together.

Is he rich?

His family owns half of Mexico.

Is he married?


The battle is going badly, Colonel.

Last night you said you loved me.

Let's be practical.

What do you want me to do? Surrender.

To Duarte? Never!

I used to polish his boots at the Academy.

Do it for me then.


They are bringing the cannons. Where's the colonel?

Whoever built this fort is a stupid. It is a prison for everybody inside.

I promised to release you, not a safe journey to Laredo.

Where is Montero? Well, I told you to watch him.

Why didn't you watch him yourself? Worried about me, gentlemen?

Look what I've found. What is it?

What looks like? An old map of the fort.

Put your foot on that corner, you over there. colonel, if you please.

What do you see?

Looks like a tunnel.

Where does it lead?

To the river. And where does it start?

In the church. What does that suggest to you?

Come now, even you're the infantry, it should mean something to you.

I've got it! He's got it.

If the well runs dry, we can get water from the river.

It's an escape route. It's an escape route!

That's what I said!

Are you afraid of the dark, my dear? The only thing she's afraid of is poverty.

Do you see anything, soldier? I don't know, EXcellencia.

They are very busy up there building something.

Building what? I can't really figure it out.

Don't you hear it?

Silence! Silence!

It sounds like sawing wood and hammering nails.

They're spending their last few hours to make their own coffins.

I dreamed of riding in that car down the boulevard in Mexico City.

The crowd cheering: "Fierro! Long live the president!"

Who did you steal it from?

It's a gift, from a dead banker.

Come with us, Enrique.

You already have two husbands. What would you do with me?

I'll think of something.

What do you see? They're watching us.

Goodbye, Enrique. Do you have any last message for your wife?

Remember, Enrique...

A brave man dies only once.

Remember the Alamo. The Alamo? The Alamo?

That's the battle we won.

I know!

The guns are ready.

Now we'll blast those gates open.

Fire! Fire at will!

Hey, I'm a bandit, but you!

How did you get here?

It wasn't easy.

You two should be friends. You have a lot in common: me.

How do we share you?

What do you suggesting? A picnic?

Oh, what do you think I am? Shall we answer that?

In a few minutes you'll be rich. You can have any girl you want.

I got to work on you while you're still poor.

First thing I'm gonna do is buy you a new velvet dress.

One that comes off easy.

Mr. Francisco Montero.

Sign here.

The signature checks.

Correct identification.

Sign here, Mr. Montero.

Stick them up.

Stick them up!

Are you coming, darling? I'll be right with you, Jesse.

How am I doing, papa?

Just like your dear mother.