Badlapur (2015) Script

What's the price? How much for the potato?

Rs.17 a kilo.

Give me a fair price.

How much you want? Both of us want to buy.

So, give us a fair price.

I want a kilo.

I will give it to you for Rs.10.

Chill. Do you also want?

Which story do I tell you now? Which one?

How much for that?

Rs. 50.

Give me a quarter kilo of that. How about half a kilo?

No, no, no, just give me a quarter kilo. Come on hurry Give it.

Anything else? No. This is enough.

Take this.

Come on.

Shall we?

Careful! Careful! Careful!





Go. Run!

Come. Come. Come. Come, come fast.

Come on. Sit in the front.

Come back.


Hey. Who are you?

How dare you get into the car! Get out... please.


Stop it!

Hey, please help.

Mama. Who are you two?

Shut up. You'll be fine.

Faster. Faster.

Hey.. I said shut up.

My kid Sit down.

How dare you hit him? Let go.

Let him go. I want my son.


Let us go...please...

Faster! Faster! Faster!

Mom! . Shut up!



Robin. Mom!

Ah.. Robin.

Robin. Shut up!

He will fall down.



Stop the car! Stop the car!

Stop the car! Stop the car!

Stop the car! Stop the car!

Stop the car! Stop the car!

My kid has fallen. Stop the car!

Stop the car!

I think she's dead. Don't worry. - What are you doing?

Take the gun. Put it in the same bag with the money.

Get out when I tell you to.

Slow down! Slow down!

Not this way. That way.

When I say. Okay?

Jump! G0!

I didn't do anything, sir. lam just the driver.

The other guy did all this. He escaped.

Take him away.

Take him.

Lock him up.

Call an ambulance!

"O crazy guys, recognize me."

"O crazy guys, recognize me."

"Oh.. yeah.."

"Who am l?"

"O crazy guys, recognize me."

"Oh.. yeah.."

"O crazy guys, recognize me."

"Oh.. yeah.."


Okay, okay. Now out with the truth. How was it?

How was it? I think it's a fabulous idea.

Superb. I hope the boss finds it fabulous too.

You know how he is. "O Raghu..."

You are sassing me.

Where did you copy this from?'s original.

She's going to live for a 100 years.

Yeah, baby!

Where's the emergency ward? Sir...Sir..

Mr. Raghu. Yes.

Your wife's in room no. 320. Thank you.

Sir, I received a phone call..

..saying that my wife Misha met with an accident. - Please, come.

It wasn't an accident.

It's a robbery case.

She was shot.

The patient is critical, you need to come this way.



Where is Robin?


You'll be okay, baby.

Everything will be fine.

L...l can't see anything.

I can't see you. lam right here, Misha. Where are you?

Right here. I am here.


Here, baby.

I am scared.

Misha, I am here.





I can't see anything.


Misha, I am here. Raghu.

Relax. - Raghu. Misha.





Can you.. Can you call the doctor?

Can you call the doc..

Pulse absent.

My son Robin, where is he?

It's a murder case now.

I told him not to carry a gun.

He said it was not loaded. He said just do your job. Drive.

Who? Who is your accomplice?

Jayu! His name's Jayu. Jayant!

Jayant? Yes.

Everyone calls him Jayu. Where does he live?

He lives in Yerwada. Huh!

Close to Gunjan Talkies.

What the..

Close to the Xerox... He lives close to the Xerox-shop.

I see.

How long have you known him? Since 3 weeks, sir.

That is it. I wanted a job.

He said he could get me a job in the Middle East!

On one condition.... First I had to help him do this robbery.

I didn't know he had a loaded gun. -Who fired the gun?

I was driving, sir. Huh! You were driving?

So who fired the gun? -He did. lsee? Yes.

I was driving. -I am just a driver.

I see.

He was supposed to get me a job in the Gulf.

I didn't know it was loaded. I didn't know.

Sir...they're showing it on TV.

How long? Well, the Police are doing their job.

We are on the job.

Catching the criminal, and we're doing that.

We'll inform you as soon as we get any information. Okay.

Are you hiding anything? Sir..


Extremely sorry, son.

The cremation is tomorrow at 4 pm.

That's a lot of kidney beans.

Are you planning to serve this all week?

It's Chilli-Corn Carne...Mexican.

Robbie, come eat your dinner quickly.

You still have to finish your homework, don't you? Come.

I will either eat...or do my homework.

Get off that Casio right away.


Come here.

If you eat this, I'll take you to the dentist on Saturday.

And if you don't, then I'll take you to the movies.


No, I didn't.

Mom, what's papa saying?

I wish I understood, son.

How is it? Very nice.

Scrumplicious I made a little too much.

If you love me you'll eat it all week!

Did you find him, sir?

He killed them, and ran away with the loot...

..why are you hitting me?.

Give me two clays, I'll find him.

I heard him talking to some girl.


He called up Kalpana.

She was a tall girl.


Can I get some weed?

It helps me think better.

You want weed?

Son, why don't you come back with us to Delhi?

Come stay with us.

We'll take care of you...

And this place...

I mean...there's no rush.

You can take your time. Yeah!

Yes, son. Papa's right.

Come with us to Delhi. Drink some juice.

Look, Raghu. Your in-laws aren't eating anything either.

Listen...rush to the supermarket..

..and get some South Indian instant food packets.

I'll cook them a curry.. Have you lost your mind?

You're thinking about food at this time.

But they are not eating anything.

But.. I am not like you... to hide behind the newspaper.

Who's hiding behind the newspaper? Be quiet.

Son, drink some juice.


Last night we called our artist.. make a sketch of his partner.

And the result was this.

Do you know who he is?

Ranjeet! The actor!

He's taking us for a ride.

Sir, can I meet him?

I know how you are feeling Sir...

I can feel your pain.

I can feel your pain.

What happened was terrible.

Jayu shot her, I already told the inspector.


Can I have a minute with him?

May I?

I think they bumped off Jayu.

And took the entire loot.

I don't trust these cops.

Maybe they split the loot 50-50.


I didn't shoot her.

You rogue.

You were there too.

Hold him!

Why did you kill her? Leave him.

Let go off.

It was you.

You're the culprit. You rogue.

Stop, Raghu!

Have you lost your mind? You want to kill him?

I will lose my job because of you.

Take him away.

Take him away.

What are you staring at?


The phone's ringing?

Nobody's picking up.

Nobody's picking up the phone.

Maybe he's not home.

ls Mr. Joshi at home? Come in.


R Joshi, private detective. That's me.

Sorry. I didn't attend my yoga class today.

This is the best exercise, to keep fit.

Come in. lam sorry about your family..

The cops couldn't get the accomplice in all these think I can?

Hey...want a drink?

In here?

Name it and you can get it here Want some? Come on.

Michael sir, salute him.

Cheers. Cheers! - Cheers!

Come here.

Where's the loot? Who has it?

Will you speak up... or do we make you the local Draupadi?

You didn't get it? Explain it to him.

Come on.

Round...turn around..



Come here...gorgeous.

Where is the loot?

Can I get a drink?

She wants a drink eh? ldi0t..

Get him!

Check the bag.

You can go in.


You good for nothing!

Tell me.

Shame on you... You haven't stopped your antics in here too.

How did you get hurt? Speak up.

Are you clone? Have you brought my clothes?

I did. It's outside.

How long are they going to keep you here?

I don't know how long. I haven't clone anything.

Are you guilty of killing that woman and child?

I said it a thousand times. I haven't clone anything.

I didn't kill them. Swear on me.

You think they'll free me if I do?

Go back to the shop.

Hello...excuse me.

Are you heading towards the station? Yes.

Can we go together?

We can share the fare.

Okay. Yes.


I own a tea shop myself. I see.

What are you doing here?

My sister-in-law framed my brother.

I swear my brother's a noble man.

He's been sentenced for 5 years..

I swear he hasn't clone anything. It's okay.

What are you doing here? My son..

Good for nothing guy wants to marry a w***e...

A Wm”, e?

What is your daughter-in-law's business?

You are a woman, you should know what business she will be having.

Where did he find this awful girl?

Real name Jhimli.

Professional name...Shabnum.

She charges 5000 for 2 hours.

And I charge 2000 for 24 hours. How about that?

Liak and she were born in the same village.

Grew up in the same neighborhood.

Childhood friends. Liak is crazy about her.

She operates from Mumbai.

There's a Shagun Beauty Parlor near Regal Cinema.

Ask for Mukesh aka ‘Mamu’.

He's the pimp.

I want to meet Shabnam. 10,000 for 2 hours.

Get to this address by 8.

I've sent a freshie. Charged him double.

Strip him clean.

"My youth glitters like gold, sweetheart."

First time?

"The world's crazy about my silky body."

"Is it my fault, sweetheart?"

"Is it my fault, sweetheart?"

"..that I blossomed at such a tender age."

"The world weighed my beauty with pearls."

"They made many excuses to cajole me."

"The world weighed my beauty with pearls."

"They made excuses to entice me."

Can I tie you up?

"I've many fans."

Like in the English movies, huh?

"I've many fans."

It will cost you 2000 extra. Okay.


Extra for tearing up my dress.


They are expensive, not the cheap stuff one gets on Fashion Street.

My top's worth 4000.

How much do you make in a clay, Jhimli?

Who are you?

How do you know my name?

What is Liak's partner's name?

Liak who?

Your boyfriend.

I don't have a boyfriend.

Everyone here is my boyfriend.

Untie me or I will scream. Scream!

Call the police.

Who are you?

Who are you?

I am the one whose wife and kid died in the bank that clay.


Sir...forgive me.

I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything.

I know Liak.

He's a friend...for many years.

He loves me too.

But he didn't like me working here.

No one does this job willingly.

But I was helpless.

2 months ago Liak paid a visit.

He said he'll get me out of here.

And two clays later I saw on TV..

He's a fraudster and thief....

...but he's no murderer.


I got 3.5 million on my son's life-insurance.

You can take it all.

Just tell me who Liak's partner is.

Warshid Akhtar.

Liak Mohammed.

Anand Kamble.


What have you clone?

I didn't kill them.

I'm tired of telling everyone. But no one's ready to listen.

If you didn't kill them, then why are you protecting him?

Become an approver. You'll face lesser sentence.

I am ready, but where will I find him.

The Police have killed him and kept the loot.

Forget it, say something dirty. Come on.


You know... these clays I talk to you a lot I speak your lines too. -Which lines?

The noises you make.... Please, no! Please, no!

Please, no! Are you crazy?

You're in jail. Come on.

Do it.

Just once.

Raghav visited me yesterday.

He knows my name.

How did he find you?

He was asking for your partner's name.

He said he'll pay me.

Otherwise he was threatening to go to the police.


So what will you do now?

He said he same things he told the police.

He didn't say anything more.

I am sorry.

Did you tell him about me?

Why would I tell him about you?

I just asked him generally.

Did he say anything else?

He just kept staring at me for a while.

He was happy to see me.

You're happy too?

Were you haPPV?

Look...l went there because you asked me to.

And I don't think he's clone anything.

The poor guy's is innocent. Trapped.

And he won't lie to me.

Don't waste your time and money.

And cough up my money too.

I've to pay commission to Mukesh as well.

And so many other expenses too.

Thank you.

Thank you.

"My youth glitters like gold, sweetheart."

You please everyone, don't you?

Now please me.

"World is crazy after my beauty."

"What's my mistake, sweetheart?"

"What's my mistake, sweetheart?"

What are you thinking? Dance.

"I turned young at such a tender age."

ls this how you dance for Liak?

"My youth glitters like gold, sweetheart."

"The world weighed my beauty with pearls."

"They made many excuses to cajole me."

"The world weighed my beauty with pearls."

"They made excuses to entice me."

"lam like a bud...and many bees are after me.."

Next time you meet Liak, tell him about me!

The Court sentences Liak to 20 years imprisonment..

..for loot and murder!

Don't worry.

I'll do something. Move.

I'll come see you.



Come on, move.. move..

How many times do I tell you?


Any message for Jhimli?

Come on!

Don't go ahead. Sir.. sir..

What did you say?


Go back.

Keep him back.

Get inside.

Move.. move away.

Mr. Raghav, your wife and child died..

..during the Jan-Laxmi Sahakari Bank heist.

The Court has sentenced Liak to 20 years of imprisonment.

How do you feel?

Do you think you have got justice?

How do you feel, sir? 20 years... How do you feel?

Answer us, sir.

Did you get the justice, sir?

Say something, sir. Sir.. sir.. 20 years.

How many pages left?


I read the murderer's name while you were bathing.

The man hiding behind the cupboard.. Raghu!

Don't do that. lam telling you, don't do that.

(in Tamil) Don't pester me

"I don't know what you say."

"I don't know...don't know what you say."

"But I want to play the game of love.." lam at the climax, please don't disturb me. Vamoose!

I can give you a better climax.

Oh really?

So let's see what you got!

Yeah! Yeah!

I am waiting.

Uncle. Uncle. Uncle.

I've seen you on TV.


Isn't he from that TV serial?

Why would a TV actor travel on a train?

If we can, so can he! He can't!

Mister, aren't you Kusum's husband from that TV serial?

Did you take part in "Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who wants to be a Millionaire"?

Yes, I think I had seen him.

I think he was one of the contestants on that show.

Must be! Looks familiar.

Aren't you the guy whose wife and kid were killed..

..during the bank heist.

Don't you have any manners at all?!

"I search for my sweetheart."

Have you lost your mind?


Are you crazy?

"But he is nowhere to be found"

"His memory is a wound in my soul..."

"Separation is my eternal destiny."

Can't you understand?

"It's lost...lost.."

"What we stole away from time."

"And hid in our dreams."

"it's lost...lost.."

"What we stole away from time."

"And hid in our dreams."

"The body's finely woven like a cloth."

"My eyes are drenched." Stand up. What happened?

"The body's finely woven like a cloth."

"My eyes are drenched."

What happened? Stand up...what happened?

"My eyes are drenched."

Name? Raghu.

Where are you from? Pune.

How long will you stay? 20 years.

After 20 years in jail.. won't remember anything, Gabbar.

No jail on earth... can keep Gabbar caged for 20 years.

And the clay I escape..

Done yet? Be quick!

This is all we have.

And the others?

Stop.. stop..

Cabbage on Tuesdays.

Gourds on Wednesdays.

Eggplants on Friday.

Potatoes on Saturday.

Eggs on Sunday.

A Beating on Monday.

What clay is it today?

Hey...what clay is it today?


Chicken curry!


Mutton-leg soup!

Bread. Whose birthday is it?

It's my birthday, get in the line. Happy birthday to you!

Move on.


Wage, come in, There's a crow electrocuted at picket no.3.

We'll need to cut-off the power-supply for 10-15 minutes.

So we can get the crow out.

Get him!

I did meet Tiharjail. -Who?

Charles Shobraj.

What a deadly man.

Amazing personality.

He escaped from jail 14 times What are you saying?


He even broke out of Tihar. I see.

And this Kaalia..

Hey Kaalia..

"It's impossible to restrain anyone.."

"The hunter's a bit eccentric."

"The bird will fly free one day.."

Congratulations, Liak.

This time you made it out of the gates.

Keep at will definitely make it to the bus stop in another 10-12 years.

Hey, you..

Catch him. Catch him.

Catch him someone..

I didn't do anything.

He just fell down!

Come and drench me, O rain!

Come and drench me, O rain!

Wash over me and cleanse my mind Wash over me and cleanse my mind Come and drench me, O rain!

Come and drench me, O rain!

How long can I hold back?

How long can I hold back?

The flute yearns to sing.

The flute yearns to sing.

How long can I hold back?

How long can I hold back?

The flute yearns to sing.

The flute yearns to sing.

It calls me..

Mr. Raghav?

Thank God! I should be given a medal for finding you.

May I come in?

I don't want to buy anything. No, I am not selling anything.


Thank you.


I run a NGO. Prayaas.

We work towards rehabilitating jail inmates.


I am here because of Liak.

Liak Tungekar.

He's got stomach cancer.

He's got only a year.

What do you want?

He can be released on medical grounds.

Seek treatment.

He can live the rest of his life respectably. give him a pardon letter.

ls he in pain? Excuse me?


Not yet, but... he's undergoing Chemo.

He should have been publicly hanged 15 years ago.

But this isn't bad either.

He'll die a slow death.'ve come all the way here.. to give me this news, so thank you Ms...? Shobha.


I feel like celebrating today.

I might order a Chinese meal.

Raghav, Liak's been in jail for 15 years.

He's sick, and he's dying.

And all he asks is to die outside jail.

In his own home, close to his mother.

Only you can fulfill his last wish.

So p|ease...forgive him.

Do you have kids, Ms. Shobha.

I have a daughter...Nitasha.

She's in the 4th grade.

Imagine if someone like Liak abducts your daughter, and kills her.

And you have see her dissected body.. the postmortem room of some hospital.

Will you forgive? Because it's been 15 years?

I don't know.

But I do know...

...that people can change after spending time in jail.

Meet him once.

See for yourself, and then decide.

I've brought his reports.

I just want to show you all these things.


I've left my card.

In case you change your mind.

Be careful at the over-bridge.

It gets foggy during the monsoons.

With or without your help... Liak will find release in a year.

That's the decision of God.

But what about you?

You don't even have a picture of your wife and child in this house.

You're in a prison yourself.

Mr. Raghav?

Govind Mishra, remember?

Three promotions, two bypass surgeries!

I am retiring at the end of the month.

But an open case still hurts.

If Liak is released, he will surely contact his partner.

And then you will catch him, right?

Madam, fruits aren't allowed inside.

Let him take it.

Okay. Thank you.


Thank you, sir.

If you forgive me, I can get out of here.

They say I've got only one year left to live.

My life's..

My life's ruined.

I feel terrible about what happened to your family.

I've heard all this 15 years ago.

Tell me something new.

Shall I?

I feel so terrible about your family..

The first thing I'll do after getting out is meet my partner..

..take my share of the loot.

And have a good time with Jhimli for 10 months.

No, Liak.

There's just one way to get out of here.

Tell me the name of your partner How can I tell you what I don't know?

I tried telling the police.. You're going to die here.

You have a family?

A Daughter.

Don't you find this job tough? Yes.


Excuse me.

"As you set foot on the threshold of my heart."

"I dedicated my life to you forever, beloved."

"I learned to"

"I learned how to live, sweetheart."

"I don't know how to liven"

"I don't know how to live without you, sweetheart."

"Every word I said about true."

"Straight from my heart."

"Since we met..."

" world feels beautiful, my love."

"I've finally found my sky."

"We complete each other."

"I dedicated my life to you forever, beloved."

"I learned to"

"I learned how to liven"

Sir, I am Liak's mother.

Forgive me, but I am not signing any letter.

Sir.. Sorry.

Sir, I know who was Liak's partner in crime.


I know...his partner's name.

Did Liak send you? No, sir.

He'll kill me if he finds out.

Last week he called me from jail.

He told me his partner's name..

..and asked me to contact him.

I've got his phone number and address.

Don't let my son die in jail.

Come in.

Forgive him. Come in.

You know his partner's name and address, don't you?

Yes, sir. Come...p|ease sit.


Sir, I have been blessed with a baby girl. Sweets for you.

Congrats. Thank you, sir.

Sir, you've to come over for the naming ceremony.

Sorry, I am going on a break. Are you going home?


On 27thMay, 2000 Liak Tungekar..

..and his missing accomplice murdered my wife Misha and son Robin.

..during a bank heist.

The court sentenced Liak to 20 years in prison..

..of which he has served 15.

Last week I was informed that Liak is suffering from cancer.

I can never forgive him... the senseless deaths of my wife and child...

And yet, Liak dying in jail won't give me any solace.

I request the court to cut short the remainder of Liak's sentence.

I want him to be released.. that he can receive treatment and live the rest of his.. with dignity.

lam the bus stop.

And then straight to Bangkok.

I'll get all the massages. Thai...Sandwich...the works!

Give him a good foot massage ok...

Do it correctly, okay?


But why did you break the legs?

They're foreigners; they want the entire roast chicken.


Good morning, sir. It's on the third floor.

See you.


Excuse me, do you need help.

No, I am fine. Thanks.


Listen...l said I don't need help.

My husband's on his way to pick me up.

You can...go.

Do you read the papers? What?

This area isn't safe.

Recently there's been a few robberies and a murder.

Don't worry, I'll wait here until your husband arrives.

No, no, no, I am fine. Really.

If you wish, I'll wait by your car.

You can take my car.

There's a petrol pump up ahead, you can get help.

Do you watch films? Sometimes.

When a girl asks for a lift on a deserted road at night... either the driver's a serial killer, or the girl's a ghost.

You think negative.

It can be a romantic film too.

"I met a beautiful stranger.."

Okay, okay...

I've a big-tough husband, and he has your number.

Really? Of course, I just messaged him.

Whether you're a lover or a killer, you'll be caught.

Already caught, madam. Oh, you're married.

Thank God for that.

I was really scared.


And he's so adorable.

What are their names? Misha. Robin.

Oh...very cute.

Was it a love-marriage? sorry. I am just returning from a wedding, so..

..that's the only thing on my mind.

You don't have to answer that at all. Love marriage.

Ours was a love-marriage too.

It's here?

Yes, on the left.

Thank you. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Coffee? Won't your husband be at home?

Actually, we own a restaurant.

Konkan Queen. ls that yours?

Yes, it's in Vimaan Nagar.

It's the best sea food in Pune.

Why don't you bring Misha and Robin along? - Yeah.

Please come. Okay.

Kanchan. Raghu.

Take care, Kanchan.

Hi. Surprise!

Oh, my God. What a pleasant surprise.

Did you meet Harman? No.

Hold on.

This is RaghumHarman.

He dropped me home last night.

Hello, Harman.

Thank you.

Sit. Yeah.

You didn't bring Misha and Robin along?

They are no more. What?

Actually, they died 15 years ago during a bank heist.

I am so sorry.

I didn't get the opportunity to tell you last night.

And you were already so stressed.

I didn't want to bring up the past.

Oh my God. I am really sorry. What a tragedy.

No, the real tragedy is that it's been 15 years..

..and the murderer is still at large.

lam very hungry. What's the specialty here?

I'll just get it. You'll love it.


Have we met before?

You have met my wife and child.

Main Street, Bank robbery.

What rubbish.


I know everything, Harman. What do you know?

You know nothing.

If you know, why don't you go to the police? What are you doing here?

I wanted to get a good look at you..

..before I go to the police.



What do you want?

You need to eat this by hand, for better taste.

Thank you.

By the way, your husband has invited me home tomorrow..

..for lunch. Oh, that's wonderful.

I forgot the sauce.

I'll be back in a bit. Okay.

She doesn't know anything.

Please don't involve my wife. See you tomorrow.

At lunch.

Where did he go?

He got an urgent phone call.

Hi, Raghu.

Liak will be released tomorrow.

I was thinking about... meeting you personally". say thank you.

When can we meet?

Hello, Harman. Hi.

Please sit.

Lunch was a great idea, thank you.

I am so sorry!

I really am sorry.

Harman told me everything last night.

I don't..

Look, I admit I was involved in that bank robbery.

But I didn't murder your wife and kid.

I swear.

Liak fired the gun.

I was in the back seat.

I didn't know that gun was loaded.

Liak says the same thing.

I am really sorry.

Nice house.

Misha would've really liked this house.

Misha loved these things.

Everywhere we went, she collected these things.

But never took them out.

She would say that Robin might break it, or... Pune's too dusty..

She liked all this.

What do you want from us?

What can you give?


No.. No..

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

No.. No.. No..


You'll give me money?

How much can you give?

10 million. You have 20 seconds.

Give me a better answer, Or I'm calling the police.

25 million.

I've Liak's share as well. You can take that too. - Take everything.

Everything. The hotel, house...everything. l...know Harman. He can never kill anyone.

I am sorry. I am sorry.

Forgive us, please.

Harman. Kanchan loves you a lot.

Apologize to her.

Say "I am a murderer, Kanchan".

"Yet you want to save me. Thank you." Okay.

Say it!

Say it!

Kanchan, I am a murderer.

Yet you want to save me.

Thank you.

"I forgive you, Harman."

Say it.

I forgive you, Harman.

"But in return." Say it.

But in return... I want to sleep with Raghu.

Please stop..

I am ready. I am ready.

I am ready. I am ready. Raghu...

Koko! Go away. I am ready.

Go away Koko. Have you lost your mind? Will you leave us alone then?

What are you saying? Just shut up!

Do you want him to go to the police?

Come, the bedroom's upstairs.

Have you lost your mind?

Come on. Koko.

I'm ready to do anything you want. Koko.

Just shut up!

Now you...try and forget this!

No... Koko!!

Take your clothes off.

Right here.

What the hell is wrong with you?

You're ready to sleep with me to save a murderer?

He killed a child.

He's a murderer. No, no..

He.. No.

Harman didn't kill Misha and Robin.

I believe him, please trust me.


Let's have some fun.

If you fall down the stairs outside...

You'll hurt your leg, won't you? Yes.

How will you scream?






Say my name. Raghu.

Raghu. Raghu.


Scream. Scream. Scream.

Scream. Raghu.

Yes, Kanchan!

Yes, Kanchan! Raghu.

Yes, Kanchan!

Liak is being released tomorrow.

What was the agreement between you two?

I have to keep his money and passport ready.

He said he'll call me once he's out.

When Liak calls, you'll tell me, right?


Lunch was good.

I'll be back.

Nothing happened.

Nothing happened, Harman.

He didn't even touch me.

I think he's trying to torture us.

He's completely insane.

Nothing happened.

Greetings, auntie.


Greetings. Hello.

Recognize me?

Hey, Liak. Wilson.

Idiot, you became a priest.

Drop in at the Church.

You were supposed to come tomorrow.

Fine, I'll come tomorrow.

Come on in.

I had prayed to Ajmer Sharif.

Now that you're back, We must go...

Who'll look after the tea shop?

Pakya, get me some soda.

Jhimli who?

She was also called Shabnum.

She worked here 15 years ago.

This isn't Maratha Mandir?

Want me instead?

Yes... No..


When did they release you?

Didn't you hear?

It was in the newspapers. What?

I did some good deeds in jail.., they released me early.

Won't you invite me in?

Did you break-out of jail? veggies

Will you eat something?

Nice flat.

This is a classy pad. Wow Who gave you the address?

I went to the old haunt Why did you go there?

I went looking for you.

How about a drink?

Do you drink so much? No, he gets it.

He can't take it home.

This is Patill sir's home.

Lives in Jalna with his family.

He comes here once a week.

ls Patil a...politician or gangster? He is loaded.

Wants to be a politician.

Jhimli, I needed to borrow some money, I'll return it.

How much?

Whatever you can lend me.

I'll return it with interest.


You cannot pay my interest.

Tell me something..

How is Pat“ as a person ?

He's fine. Didn't I tell you?

You did?

Does he love you?

What do you care?

Tell me.

Does he love you like I do?

Do you love him?


...once upon a time you and I made an amazing couple.

I so looked forward to meeting you...

.. spending time with you.

And you do it all by going to jail.

Take this money and get lost.

You're right. Back then we were an item.

I'll return this money.

Enjoying? lam. I am.

Will you come back again? lwill.

Advance booking.

Thank you.

Count the money.

Come now...get lost.

I'm going to Pune now.

You'll follow me.

Let's go together and share the fare.

We'll save some money too.


Where were you? Where have you been? lam not a kid to tell you everything.

It's very late, get some sleep.

If only you would let me sleep.

You're a real pain..


Harman's become a gentleman. Liak.

I heard that you own a restaurant now.

And you even got married.

Where are you calling from?

Your number can be tracked. Whose number is this?

I didn't utter your name for 15 years I won't get you in trouble now.

ls my passport and money ready?

How much?

Say that again.

25 million. And passport?

That's ready too, I just need your photo.

Where do we meet? Won't you invite me home?

Introduce me to your wife? ls she close-by?

Give her the phone.

Hello. - Hello, bhabhi I am Liak, Harman's friend.

I was in South Africa for 15 years. I just returned to India.

How are you? I am fine.

I've heard a lot about you.

Please come home someday.

10 o'clock, Bus Depot.

Call Raghu.

Let me think.

There's nothing to think. Call Raghu.

You're concerned about Raghu a lot. I am concerned about Raghu?


Call him.

I am meeting Liak tomorrow.

Then I'll call Raghu.


Whatever Liak is doing is for himself. Koko.

Koko. Don't try to save him.

Damn you!

Raghu, Kanchan here.

Liak called. Harman wants to talk to you.

Talk to him!


What did he say?

I am meeting him tomorrow at 10 at the bus depot.

You will not meet him. lwill.

I'll collect his share of the money from you. Meanwhile...

Book two tickets to Shirdi. Atone for your sins.

It's okay.

It's a great deal, Raghu.

Two years in Europe. It's fantastic.

And you'll be working with the main agency.

You'll get a great exposure. Superb exposure.

Fantastic. I am very happy.

You look very happy. What?


What are you worried about? You?

How can I live without you for 2 years?

We can't meet, I can't see you. How will we..


It's okay. It's just two years.

In two years we'll know..

..whether we're really serious about each other or not.

Who might find a nice, sexy French girl.

You know a lot of girls hit on me and stuff.

But I want you.. I love you..

No, I am not letting go. I am..


I have news for you. What?

I am pregnant. Come on.

I am pregnant.

Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

This is the first thing you should have said. - You didn't ask.

Why are you worried? We have options.

No abortion.

Who's talking about abortion?

Let's get married. lam 22 and you're 21, Misha. -So?

Together we're 43.

There is a tide in the affairs of men..

..which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.



I'll refuse the job offer, let's have a baby.

Let's have a baby. Really..

I want a baby now.

We're going to have a baby. No, no.

We're going to have a baby. Please.

I have clone it. Stop.

lam in Pune.

Can we meet tomorrow for lunch?


"Rip mY body apart."

"Rip mY body apart."

"Rip mY body apart."

"Pump those bullets in my heart, because.."

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"Make my life hell."

"Make my life hell."

"Make my life hell."

"I want to die with a smile."

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

I should apologies for that clay.

But I won't.

I understand.

You gave us a second chance.

Thank you.

Please sit. Would you like something? Tea, coffee?

Harman will be back by 2 o'clock.

So...we've very little time. Lets go!


The bedroom.

Keep the wine in the fridge.

Go take a shower, and wear this.


Hello, Harman. Where are you?

He's here.

No, he's having tea. Everything's fine.

No, I'll handle it. I am fine.

Okay. Bye.


Where's Kanchan? Upstairs.


Passport...and money. Here you go.


Where are you?



Koko. Koko.

Koko. Koko.

Koko. Koko.

She's alive. She's alive.

Oh God!

I'll call the ambulance. Ambulance.

The ambulance did come.

They even took her to the ICU.

The doctors did everything.

But she still died.

Koko. Koko. Harman.



Koko. Koko.

Her eyes were open, but she couldn't see me.

And she died.

Hi. Hi, Shobha.

You're late, but I forgive you. Come.


So she's Natasha. Yes.

She studies in a hostel. Just went back yesterday.

And husband?


I talked to Liak, he was happy.

He's getting good treatment.

All because of you. Because of you.

Not just Liak, you saved me as well.

For the first time in 15 years, lam out on a date.

And I am...happy.

Thank you.

I am happy too.

Do you always play these kiddie games..

..or, are you interested in something else too?

My daughter plays this. So we always learn two new words every clay.

That's why we play this.

Would you like to play with me?

What's that? What?

This? What?

New shirt.

Shall I draw the curtains or we move to the bedroom?

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"I am an infidel for you."

"| changed..."

"My heart changed.."

"My God has changed."

"Everything changed..."

"When I changed myself.."

"My God has changed."

What's your name?

Raghu. What?


Have you been drinking?

No. Just committed a murder.

What rubbish. Get going.

What did he say? Joker.

"Oh my enemy.."

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"'re close to your end."

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"I am an infidel for you."

"| changed..."

"My heart changed.."

"My God has changed."

"My God has changed."

SP sir.

First you sent goons dressed as police.

"Sway it..."

"Sway it, sweetheart."

"My waist sways-J.

"My waist sways-J.

"When I sway to the left, I create a stir."

"When I sway to the right, I shake the entire district."

Sit down.


Kind attention..

If any undeclared or suspicious object found under the seat.

Hello, Liak.

What are you doing?

Just wanted to know how you're doing.

How are you?


Are you waiting for someone?


Your friend's not coming. What friend?

Where's Harman?

He's gone to Shire“ with the missus.



Liak's been visiting Konkan Queen Restaurant for the past few clays.

Yesterday he went there twice.

ls the food good?

It's spicy... Tasty!

You're bound to get a promotion. Send Kadam.

Sir, they've been missing for 5 clays.

Their mobiles are switched off too.

They booked a room at the Sun N Sand hotel, Shirdi.

But they never checked in.

The car's missing, and the house locked too.

Why do you visit Konkan Queen so often?

Their prawns are really good.

You travel 12 kilometers for their sea-food.

You're quite the food buff.

Why did you evade my man at the cinema hall that clay?

Did you come here?

I went to get some weed. I am ill.

Your people follow me around, no one sells me the stuff.

What happened here?

What do you think?

I feel".

Hold on.


What's he doing here?

I gave Mrs Harman a lift once.

And she invited me to the restaurant.

Good homely food.

Liak was praising the food as well.

What do you want to say?

15 years ago, Harman worked in a small garage.

Salary, only 2000.

But suddenly he hit some jackpot..

..and now owns a posh restaurant.

So you mean... Harman is Liak's partner.

Congratulations, sir. Finally you found him.

Found him? Not really

The couple's been missing since the 5th.


You were in Pune on the 5th, right?


Where were you?

I was on a lunch date.

With Shobha.

At her home.

How long?

8 pm.

8 pm.

8 pm is my dinner time.

See you.

Bye, sir.

Did you tell anyone about Harman?

I never told anyone.

Be honest, and I won't harm you.

I said I didn't tell anyone...

Yes, I did.

I told Raghav.

And that's the reason you're out here.

You didn't do a thing for last 14 years.

And now you're threatening your mother.

What did you tell the inspector? We had sex?

All I said that when I left you were asleep.

What for?

You know he asked me such absurd questions.

No one ever dared to speak to me like that.. This is a police investigation.

I will have to answer all their questions.

I don't believe this.

I thought there was something between us.

I really liked you. Maybe I didn't like you.

You sympathize with the criminals in jail, don't you?

But what about the people whose lives they ruined?

You used me, right?

Maybe the inspector's right.

You are involved in some murder.

He might arrest me.

Put me in jail.

Then you'll come visit me. Hold my hands.

Relieve my pain.

Sympathize with me.

And we can even have sex in the doctor's cabin.

How dare..

Where's the money? Where's the money?

Where's my money?

Where's my money?

My friend?

I killed Harman and his wife.

You killed?

How did you kill them?

With a hammer.

In their own bedroom.

Do you want to know how? How I did it? Do you want to hear?

First I covered the room with plastic.

When his wife stepped out after a shower..

...I severed a blow to her head.

She fell unconscious.

Next, when Harman returned with the money, I killed him too.

You really killed them?

Your friend, whose name you didn't utter for 15 years..

..was ready to give me your share of the money.

And his wife was ready to sleep with save him.

Are you telling the truth?

I buried them in Khadakvasla sector 3.

And you will never find that money.

And now you're going to kill me too. You're already dead.

You're just going to rot for few more months.

Harman didn't kill your wife, I did.

I was confused. I went crazy for a moment.

Your kid fell out and your wife was screaming.

Suddenly I pulled out the gun and shot her.

I had blown a fuse.

But you had a cool mind.

You murdered two people... with a hammer.

Innocent people.

What is the difference.. between you and me

You've gone crazy.

Get yourself treated.

What happened to you?

What happened?

Show me.

Your face is completely swollen.

You're back to your old ways, right?

What are you looking at?

Jhimli. lam going to die.


That's why I was released from jail. I've got cancer.

I've just one year to live.


I was scared to know.

When I was released, I thought I'll get my share..

..because I didn't utter my partner's name for 15 years.

And we'll travel, have fun for 1 O months with that money.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

I wanted to surprise you.


Okay, madam... I'll change this.

Chicken noodles, right? Hey...stop.

Who are you?

Sameer. From Uncle's Kitchen.


How's Tony?

He's fine, okay. Okay?

Give him my regards, alright? Okay.

Tell him I was missing him. Fine.

Tony died a month ago.

Who is he?

You misunderstand, sir.. Shut up.

He's a friend, we're meeting after a long time.

Your friend calls himself a delivery boy..

..and walks out with the parcel, and you just watch.

You think I am a fool.

What are you staring at?

Are you back to whoring again?

Why you.. Liak! Liak!

Stop it.

Keep it down.

Liak, let go. Liak! Get lost.

Get out. Go.

Hey... Go inside!

Go inside!


Wait. Wait.

Are you okay?

I told him about your cancer.


I don't want it. Keep it.

Keep it, it's for your treatment.

I'm getting free treatment from the government.

Don't worry. Keep it.

I'm sure you have other expenses.

Yeah, I do...if you come along.

Will you? l...can't come now.

He'll be here till Monday.

After that

Say something dirty.

What was it?


If you bite I'll slap you tight.

Keep the money.

I was supposed to get 25 million.

But Raghu killed my partner and his wife.

Now watch what I do to him....

Don't do anything. Wait..

I committed a murder.

I am a convicted killer.

If you ever hit her again, I will kill you. Goodnight.

Where are you going?

Cleaning my house.

What brings you here?

I'd like a cup of tea.

You didn't tell me that you went to Harman's home too.

Fingerprints. Perfect match.

They invited me for lunch.

You get a lot of invitations for lunch.

Where's the money? What money?

Don't play that game with me.

Liak's share of money.

From the bank robbery You're clearly visible in the CC camera at Aundh signal.

In Harman's car.

You murdered Harman and his wife.

What will you prove in the court?

That l, whose wife and kid were killed..

..first pardoned Liak, and then murdered his partner.

For money?


You might escape death sentence.

But jail term is guaranteed.

Give me the money...

...I'll erase all evidence.

Or else..

Looking for your retirement fund.

Call it what you may.

I'm retiring on Monday.

You have until Monday, 11 o'clock.

These clays I've no clue about your whereabouts.

You're just like your father.

Go have your dinner,

You always curse my father.

There must be something good about him.

Tell me.

What do I say?

There must be something good about him.

Why are you trying to stir up the past.

Forget it.

Forget it.

I specifically said a bouquet worth 500 rupees...

What's going on? What's all this?

Sir, it's your send-off today.

Good. ls it clone?

Liak, listen.

Go back to your stall. Stop following me.

Get back to the stall. Listen.


If anyone asks if there's something good about your son.. you will tell them, won't you?

Please do.

Yes, sir.

My last clay at work today.

What have you decided? You won't get the money.

Congratulations for your retirement.

Don't be smart. lam coming there. Do what you want.

Where's my driver?

Sir, he's gone home to fetch your family.

Come on, get the car. Sir, please don't go.

It's a small program. I'll be back soon.

I killed Harman and his wife.


I killed those two.

I barged in their bedroom.

Covered the floor with plastic..

..and hammered them to death. They're both dead.

He said he won't give me my share.

He refused to recognize me.

The bodies are at Khadakvasla sector 3.

I know you didn't commit the murders.

What's your game?

Tell me.

Say you didn't kill them.

Say you didn't kill them.

Say you didn't kill them!

You didn't kill them!

Say you didn't kill them! Say it!

Say you didn't kill them!

You didn't kill them!

Say you didn't kill them!

Please move back.

Please move back.

Sir, you finally solved a 15 year old case....

On the clay of your retirement. How do you feel? Please tell us.

Feeling good.

It's a historic clay for you, sir. How do you feel?

Was Liak taken to jail?

How will you recover the stolen money?

By selling Konkan Queen, or do you have another option?

How long will he be sentenced to now?

Please sir...p|ease.

Please tell us...please..


Pick that up, take it.

Pawan, I asked you to get cigarettes.

I've got it. - Did you?

I had a great time in Bangkok.

He committed two murders.

You didn't go today either.

I've told you many times. Chemo will help you relieve the pain.

And what happened last night?

You fainted again, didn't you?

No, it was just.. I pretend to be in pain.

So they give me some weed.

Why are you working on a Sunday?

Nobody else is.

I make one chair in four clays.

And outside it sells for...3000 rupees.

You're good at it, keep this one for me.

Will you get me a discount?

Your wife and kid's killer is dead.

I know.

So you must know...why he turned himself over to the police?

Took the blame for your crimes.

To give you a second chance.

Everyone doesn't get a second chance.

Liak didn't get it, I didn't.

But you did.

Don't waste it.

And anyway"- got your revenge.

So, what will you do now?

"Let me ward off your bad luck."

"And bless you with good luck."

"Take me away this time."

"Because my breath feels lost."

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"Rip mY body apart."

"Rip mY body apart."

"Rip mY body apart."

"Pump those bullets in my heart, because.."

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"Make my life hell."

"Make my life hell."

"Make my life hell."

"I want to die with a smile."

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"Lord...summon me to Your threshold someday."

"And give me the rest of the pain."

"And make my cry."

"I wish to.."

"I wish to.."

"I wish to.."

"For a single glimpse of you.."

"For a single glimpse of you.."

"For a single glimpse of you.."

"I can die a thousand times."

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"Let me ward off your bad luck."

"And bless you with good luck."

"Take me away this time."

"Because my breath feels lost."

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"I wish to...die today!"

"Rip mY body apart."

"Make my life hell."

"Rip mY body apart."

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"I am an infidel for you."

"| changed..."

"My heart changed.."

"My God has changed."

"Everything changed..."

"When I changed myself.."

"My God has changed."

"| changed..."

"My heart changed.."

"My God has changed."

"Everything changed..."

"When I changed myself.."

"My God has changed."

"| changed..."

"You are not required in this world."

"There's a lot of peace in the other world."

"You are not required in this world."

"There's a lot of peace in the other world."

"Oh my enemy.."

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"'re close to your end."

"Oh my enemy.."

"'re close to your end."

"I am an infidel for you."

"| changed..."

"My heart changed.."

"My God has changed."

"Everything changed..."

"When I changed myself.."

"My God has changed."

"My God has changed."

"| changed..."

"My God has changed."