Bai fa mo nu zhuan zhi ming yue tian guo (2014) Script



The Feather Raid.



Be careful.

Down you go.

You win.

Mount Wudang is a mysterious place.

Wind and snow happens in no time.


The new Head of Wudang.

My pupil, Zhuo Yihang.


This must be a mistake.

How could I be the new Head?

The Feather Raid is a trial for the new Head.

But I lost.

The result is not the key.

The Raid is just a game.

You sacrifice yourself for the big picture.

That makes you the perfect leader.



I'm not mature enough.

I may not be fit for this duty.

It is not about leading Wudang.

It's about serving Wudang for life.


Get up.


Your grandfather is Zhuo Zhonglian.

The governor of Chuan-Shan.

That's right.


The new Head is chosen.

Let him submit the Red Pills to His Majesty.


His Majesty would love... to meet this new Head.

We shall follow your advice.

We'll prepare for the trip to the Palace.



After submitting the Red Pills, you should visit your grandfather.

Yes, Master.

Submitting the Red Pills to His Majesty... is the utmost honor for Wudang.

This is essential.

You have to guard them well.

The Freezing Light Sword.

The icon of leadership.

The spirit of Wudang.

I'm giving it to you.




Thank you.

He's handsome.

Stop looking.

If you say so.

Lady, why do you strike to kill?

Who told you to look at something you shouldn't?

I said stop.

Why do you learn the deadly Scroll of Apathy?

You know nothing.


Is the deadliest poison.

Did your lover hurt and disfigure you?


I'm Zhuo Yihang from Wudang.

My name is from the tale of Dharma.

May I know your name, please?

What name?

I have none.

Stop it.

Should we meet again, I'd think of a perfect name for you.

Look! Our relief supplies from the Palace.

Zhuo Zhonglian, Governor of Chuan-Shan Food.

Give us food.

Come down.

Drop it.

How dare they steal the Imperial supplies?

Arrest all the rioters. Get them.

Jin Duyi, Deputy General of Chuan-Shan

Murong Chong, Head of Chuan-Shan Guards What a gust.

Captain Murong.

What are you doing here?

My duty is to arrest the Jade Rakshasa.

You're just a puny guard.

How dare you be in my path?

General Jin.

My duty is to arrest... criminals wanted by the Palace.

This is under the watch of the Chuan-Shan army.

You have no value here.


If he doesn't need us, let him be.


How can I forgo my duty?

His Majesty needs that girl alive.


We'll wait.

Bow to the Prince.

Clear the path.

His Majesty is not well.

He's not to be bothered.

Leave the Red Pills.

Envoy of Wudang, you may go.

Your Excellency.

Wei Zhongxian

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

His Majesty has passed away.

In 1620, Emperor Guangzhong was poisoned after 29 days on the throne.

Chaos ensued from the infamous "Case of the Red Pills".


Bow once.


Bow twice.


Bow thrice.

Long live Your Majesty.

What next?


Head of Secret Squad.

Here's your order.


...Zhuo Yihang of Wudang.


Fort Luna.

Strategically built on the hilltop.

Jade Rakshasa and her gang called it "Lunar Kingdom".

My master is conducting business at the capital.

If you allow us to pass through your fortress, all these treasures are yours.

You need not know... anything else.

Jade Rakshasa?

Look at him.

You're next.

No good will come to you, if you don't tell the truth.

Who sent you?

We're real businessmen.

It's Huang Taiji, Prince of Jin.

Your Excellency.

Once we capture Fort Luna, we march straight to the Palace.

But Fort Luna is protected by the cliff.

A direct attack is not optimal.

Huang Taiji of Aisin Gioro

Go and tell Huang Taiji.

This road... is closed.



Escort them down the hill.

Use the gold to trade for some food.

Give the food to the starving people.


Report from our scout.

A Jin platoon is marching from the northwest.

They seemingly can avoid our defense line.

We have a traitor in the army.

Find this traitor... with all endeavors.

Release all the rioters.


Get up.

Up. Governor is setting you free.

Wake up.


Their bodies have turned cold.

All dead.

It's a plague.


An assassin.

Quick! Over there.

Get her.

We need her alive.


Go to Hell.


If you mistreat the people again, I will take your life.

I respect you, but I have to kill you.

We are outnumbered. What to do?




Don't let her go.

General, we will avenge Governor Zhuo.

Lock down all paths to Fort Luna.

Arrest Jade Rakshasa.


Hand over Zhuo Yihang.

Ask my sword.

Stand down.

How dare you disobey His Majesty?

Mind your manners.


We'd like to accompany the Secret Squad to find Yihang.

We'll prove Wudang's innocence.


Give us food.

There's food.

Give me some.


Are you cooking?

May I have some?

This kid is starving.

Isn't this human bone?

How can you burn it?

Too busy surviving to care for the dead.

Back off.

Back off. Leave.

Are you deaf?


Come on.



What now?


These men rob the supplies. They'll be executed.

They only took some rice.

And you're accusing them of robbing?

These are relief supplies.

Their lives are worth less than rice?


For a handful of rice, how could you kill without mercy?

What? Shut up. That's right.

Jade Rakshasa is here.

Get them.

Back off.





You're here to rescue, not kill.

Get her.


Get on.




Rakshasa, freeze.

You want to die?

Come on if you like to die.



Why let her go?

A chance to get near her.


Get on.



Soldiers, stop them.


What a pity.

We let her go.



Do we really let her go?

No worries.

In a few days, Fort Luna will be destroyed by the plague.

Coral is back.


We thought you found a husband.

Who would want her?

Unless she captures one.

Don't wake my daughter.

Why aren't you sleeping?


Do we act tonight?

Tonight? You want to be carried out?

Why am I being carried out?

Because you'd be dead.

Go and check the landscape first.


Then, we wait, wait and wait.

Yes, Captain.

If you like to stay, you help.

We'll escort those who don't stay.


Your daughter is sick.

How many patients like this?

More than a dozen today.

Typhoid fever.

If it's typhoid fever, we have to burn their bodies.

Or else, the fort is done.


What is it?

Typhoid fever.

Take them to the lakeside.

Get the pine oil and torches.

They're burning us alive.

Let us go.



I learnt medicine in Wudang.

I could cure them.

I can't risk the lives of everyone... in this fort.

Gather all the patients here.

Even those who were in contact with them.

Give me three days.

If I fail, I'll die With them.

You won't be infected.

Line up.

One by one.

The tusu wine that you need.

Fairy drop.

Snow water from deep Winter.

Morning dew from first day of Spring.

For the rest, look for them in the Infernal Cave.


You're lost too?

This is forbidden area.

I've never come here.

We could die here if we're lost.


Our guide will be here.


Here's our guide.

You speak wolf?

I was raised by wolves.

Where are we?

So serene.


It's the border beyond.

The army of Jin is hiding there.

They want to invade through here.

Serenity won't last forever.

You won't let them through.

Let's go.

Head of Secret Squad is here.

Deputy General Jin Duyi... at your service.

May I ask why you're here?

To capture the wanted criminal, Zhuo Yihang.

Mr. Zhuo.


He's taken by the Jade Rakshasa. His life is in danger.

I heard, she murdered Governor Zhuo.


This dart is from the Governor's corpse.

It belongs to her.

The Nonagon Dart.

We have to save Yihang.

Fort Luna is built to defend.

We would have taken it if it's easy.

A simple fort, cannot stop us.



If you like, the Chuan-Shan army... would be glad to help.

The Secret Squad needs no help.

There's no need, General Jin.

Up there.

These herbs can fight typhoid fever.

Lian Nishang (Silk Fairy).

Have you forgotten?

I promise you a pretty name.

A pretty name for a pretty girl.

In this world, nobody deserves this name... other than you.

That day on the hill.

I saw you playing the flute.

You stood in the breeze.

Your belt fluttered like silk; you, like a fairy.


Let me tell you.

If you can't save Fort Luna, I'll take your life in a heartbeat.

Lian Nishang.

I won't give you the chance.

Could the medicine... stop the typhoid fever?

If it fails, we have to kill them all.

Is the medicine ready?


Take them over there.

Why do you think, love... is the deadliest poison?

My master said so.

She fell for a man years ago.

They were engaged secretly.

But that man betrayed her.

She was devastated.

She never saw him again.

This is a token of their love.

Actually, Hatred... is also poison.

If you let hatred go, life will be much better.

I hate the man who tormented my master.

I'm hungry-

You're hungry?

I've saved some food for you.


Come. One more.

I'm hungry too. Let me have some.

He's hungry too.

Brothers, there are lots of food.

I'll show you.

Let's go.

Let's eat.

They're all hungry.

Give us food.

This is the Kong Ming Lantern.

If you miss someone, set the lantern up in the sky.

That person will know.


Make a wish to the ones you miss.

They can hear you.



Thanks for saving them.

Or else, they'll all die.

You're not heartless.

You don't know everything.


I like that name.

Lian Nishang.



Come and meet my grandfather.


He's the only family I have.

I'm sure he'd like you.

Will we come back?


This is my Lunar Kingdom too.

I promise.

Who's there?

Give us Yihang.

Breaking into Fort Luna?

You're dead.



You've been held captive indeed.

Zhuo Yihang.

You murdered His Majesty with Red Pills.

Come to the Palace with me for justice.

Or everyone in Wudang... will be executed.

Go With him.

Clear Wudang's name.

The authority doesn't care about justice.

How could you clear your name?

If you try to get anyone out of here, there will be blood.


If you interfere with the Secret Squad, I'll level Fort Luna.

Just try.

Hold it. Stop.

She's not a witch.

Her name is Lian Nishang.

And she's my woman.

I'm here... to protect her.

This witch... murdered your grandfather.

Why don't you avenge him?

What did you say?

Grandfather is dead?

She did it.

You're framing her.

We didn't kill him.

I didn't kill your grandfather.

We have proof.

This is your own dart.

Stop lying-

You witch.

Why are you seducing our leader?

What do you want?


Take the sword.

It's my dart.

But I didn't kill your grandfather.

Don't you trust me?

If you have the slightest doubt, Zhuo Yihang.

Then I shouldn't be yours.

You won't regret being my woman.

But I must find the real murderer.

Wudang is in trouble.

I must go.


Wait for me.

I'll be back.

Your Majesty.

The culprit of the Red Pills.

Zhuo Yihang has been captured.


This carving is magnificent.

It's alright.

It's spectacular.

Your Majesty.

The Wudang elders have been kneeling for four hours.

You take care of it.


Don't worry.

The real culprit of the Red Pills... will be found.

Thanks, Your Excellency.

We've come to this.

Someone has to take the fall.

Either Yihang or the entire Wudang.

Wudang must live on.

But sacrificing Yihang, knowing he's innocent, Wudang will live in shame.

Aiya, my friend.


You are here, to let Wudang take the blame.


You promise?



Please report to His Majesty, Wudang is innocent.

Wudang is magnanimous.


Oh no.

Isn't this... the Wudang envoy with the Red Pills?

Who are you?

Who are you then?

Xiong Tingbi, Military Minister of Liaodong.

Zhuo Yihang from Wudang.


Get the Top Scholar candy.


Why are you unharmed here?

Because they need me.

If I'm still alive, they could use me to threaten Wudang and the world, forcing them to obey the eunuchs.

But I'd rather die, than to join the eunuchs.

You can't die.

Everyone knows about the Red Pills incident.

But there must be a transition in everything.

The Palace has been kind to Wudang.

In times like this, we hope the Head of Wudang can help.

What would Your Excellency need?

Please let me know.

Xiong has been contacting the Jin clan, to rebel against the Palace.

He's been executed.

If you could take his head... Xiong's men, to warn them not to rebel.

You'll no longer be seen as a suspect.

You're the key... Wudang's future.

I agree.

I almost forgot, your master Ziyang has passed away.

There's a bright side to this.

Nobody will be telling you what to do.


Are you married?

I've sworn to serve Wudang all my life.

Let me tell you a secret.

I had a family, before I became a eunuch.

I have a daughter.

Her name is Tingting.

This is Zhuo Yihang, Head of Wudang.

These are nice snacks.

Take them to Xiong's man, Yuan Chonghuan, as reward from the Palace.


Are you going to Liaodong?


Do you know, General Xiong is a patriot?

I do.

Do you know, Wudang... has never done any harm.

I do.

Why are you still going?


You want to go?

You'll have to get past us.



Stand down.


The Red Pills case.

Wudang left me to die.

You are aware of this.

From now on, I'm no longer with Wudang.

We don't owe each other.

This sword.

I'm returning it.

From today, whatever I do or say, is no longer your business.


Zhuo Yihang.

You're now a stranger to Wudang.

Why are you doing this?

You can't die.

If you die, Wudang will forever be associated with... the murder of His Majesty.

The Palace... is full of corrupt officials.

The Jin army is at our border.

It's a matter of life and death... for our nation.

Wudang is nothing compared to it.

I've written a book on strategies.

"The Profile of Liaodong".

It's my life's work.

It documented my men's experience, fighting against the Jin army.

Follow the strategies in the book, the Jin army... will never cross our border.

No matter how many troops they send.



Yuan Chonghuan, Superintendent of Liaodong.

Here to greet the Royal Envoy.

Please have tea.

Put it there.

I'm here to deliver snacks on behalf of His Excellency.

Top Scholar candy from the Palace.

Minister Xiong.

He's my mentor.

I wonder, if this would whet your appetite.

The Top Scholar candy tastes good, but can be very sticky.

Have a bite, and your career... will be attached to the Palace.

I hope General Yuan...

...would hang Xiong's head above the camp.

Don't decline the kindness... from His Excellency.

This way, you could stay in Liaodong.

Do you understand?

I do.

If you do, why don't you speak up?

Yuan Chonghuan, will accept.


You'll be blamed for delivering my corpse.

I'm sorry.

Zhuo Yihang.

You're now a stranger to Wudang.


If I could avenge my master's death and rid of the eunuchs, I'll take it.

Yihang is on Wei's side now.

He brought Xiong's head, to warn Liaodong.

Wei even said, when Yihang comes back, he'd marry Wei's daughter.

He told me he'd come back.

I trust him.

Men like him, are not worth waiting.

Don't forget what your master went through.

That heartless man has ruined you.

You must forget him.

Don't make my mistakes.

It's late.

My veil should be lifted.

There's someone else in my heart.

You told me you'd return.

You asked me to wait for you.

Why didn't you keep your promise?

You still don't trust me.

You think I killed your grandfather.

Is it because of her?

Zhuo Yihang.

You want to marry this woman?


I want to marry her.

I was wrong about you.

From now on, we don't owe each other.

Don't forget what your master went through.

Love is the deadliest poison.


Who are you? I'm asking you.


Come on.

There's an intruder.

What's going on?


Wait for me.

I'll be back.

You want to marry this woman?


Hit her.

Anyone touches her again, I'll kill him.

She may be an assassin.

Let her go.

Miss, if His Excellency finds out...

I said, let her go.

Get out.

Take her with you.


Why did you marry me?

I need to kill someone.

My father?

To avenge my master's death, and for the nation.

But you haven't killed him yet.

You're afraid Wudang would be implicated.

So you've been waiting for a chance.

Zhuo Yihang.

My father became a eunuch, so he could pay for my freedom.

He's been suffering all these years for me.

I don't care how everybody sees him.

Nor how everybody sees me.

My father loves me with all his heart.

I'm begging you.

Don't hurt him.

Would you?

I have failed you.

I should be punished.

Seeing you after praying... ruins my day.

Please let us clear our guilt, by leveling Wudang and killing Zhuo.

A lovesick man is no leader.

Let him be.

Wudang has close ties with the Palace.

With Ziyang taking the fall, let's be forgiving.

Your Excellency is too kind.

I'll obey.


Did that witch hurt you?

Yihang blocked it for me.

Don't feel bad.

He doesn't deserve you.

Who wouldn't want to marry my daughter?

A man whose heart isn't with me, should be let go.

I just don't want this... to ruin your mood.


What happened?

Zhuo Yihang.

How's Jade Rakshasa?

Why didn't you stop her?

Cure her quickly.


You need the Udumbara to save her.

Where is it?

The Infernal Cave.

Return before the incense burns out.


Do you remember the Scroll of Apathy?

I do.

Once you've learnt it, your power would be elevated.

Nothing can harm you.

You will never need to be rescued.

Follow my words.




I can't.

I can't continue.

You still can't let go.


Is the deadliest poison.

But hatred, isn't it a poison too?

You still don't understand.

The only one you can rely on, is yourself.



It's fate.


Don't be scared.

I'll be with you.

We'll never be apart.


You're the first thing that I see.

It's too good to be true.

If love is the deadliest poison, for you, I'll take it without hesitation.

Your Royal Highness.

Huang Taiji is leading the Yellow and Blue clans.

They're on the way.

Ask him to meet me outside the border.

On January 6th, at dawn, I'll take down Fort Luna, and reunite with our Jin warriors.

Take this blade.

Bring it to Huang.

Tell him, my father gave his to me.

It's been sharpened for a decade.

Time to sheathe.


The Jin army is ferocious.

With our manpower in Fort Luna, we do not stand a chance.

This is a critical time for our nation.

Let's forgo our differences, and work with the Palace.


We have never worked with the officials.

It's our ancestors' rule.

But this time,

we have to break the rule.


The Chuan-Shan troops followed my grandfather for years.

Let me convince them.

We're here, Yihang.


We're wrong about you.

We'll fight with you.



You've sacrificed yourself, for the bigger picture.

Here's the Freezing Light Sword.

It's yours.


You're weakened by the Udumbara poison.

I'll go with you.

If Fort Luna and the army join forces, the Jin troops will never cross the border.

I can lead our troops, flank to the back and surround the enemy.

This will drive them off.

But, it takes five days, to climb these mountains.

There's a passage behind Fort Luna, it'll lead to the back of the enemies.


You should engage them at the front.

I'll get to their back.

Give them a surprise.

Time is of the essence.

We'll go at dawn.

Put the linen sacks there.

Put them inside.


Any more?




Looks like it's time to go.

We're not arresting her?

If we get her, who's defending the people here?

We have a common enemy.

Not the time to be fighting among ourselves.

What if she runs away?

What if she dies for our country?

You're here.

I've been looking for you.

Do you know why?


Because I'm leaving.

It means, I won't come back.

Will you miss me?



How much?

This much?

I'll miss you very much.

See you later.

Thanks for trusting me.

If you miss me, light a lantern.

I will see it.

General Jin.

Our time is tight.

Any delay and our nation will fall.

Attention, Chuan-Shan army.


Take over Fort Luna.

Your fencing is akin to horseback attack.

You're from the Jin clan.

Nishang only wounded my grandfather.

But you took the chance to kill him.

Then control his troops.

You're taking over Fort Luna, to let the Jin troops in.

For your grandfather's sake, I won't kill you.


Why aren't our troops here?

Jade Rakshasa.

Jade Rakshasa.




Fort Luna is in trouble.


Go back.

I'll guard here.

Be careful.




Just go.

Just go.

Jade Rakshasa.

I've been waiting.

Turn yourself in.

Jin Duyi.

To catch me, you would endanger the country... and kill hundreds of us?

You've brought this... to yourself.


Take her.


Just go.

Just go.

Leave me.






Fort Luna has fallen.

Our troops invaded it.

They went mad and killed everyone.

Even elders and children.

Weren't they fighting together?

Let's go back.

You can't go.



The lantern.

It's her.

She's alive.

There's hope.

Get on your horses.

Get on. Captain.

Jin Duyi has planned this.

He has many troops.

We're outnumbered.

We'll perish.

Go and get help.




Do you know?

The first day I saw you, my life became colorful.

Knowing you, has taught me the meaning of longing.

Would we feel anything after death?

Would we remember, whom we love?

If we both die now,

then nobody would know, how in love we have been.

By learning the Scroll of Apathy, you'll have the power to keep him alive.

Do you accept?

I do.

You do?

What do you mean?

Afterwards, you'll forget everything.

You will love him no more.

Do you accept?

I don't.

But I have no choice.

What are you saying?

If one day,

I get old, and I've lost my memory.

Promise me.

You must remember for me.


I promise.

If one day, you can't remember anything.

I'll tell you our story, once a day.

Every day.

Every month.

Every year.


If one day,

you chances upon a ferocious woman.

Don't blame her.

What are you doing?

You must know,

that's not her intention.

Are you learning the Scroll?


You can't do it.

You're mine.

Revenge is not worth your forgetting me.

I just want you to live.

I do not want you to forget me.

If we can't be together,

what's the point of living?

1626, Nurhaci led 130,000 men to attack Ningyuan City, but was defeated by Yuan Chonghuan.


General, the enemy is retreating.

Shall we follow them?


We follow the "Profile of Liaodong".

We stay put.

We've got Fort Luna.

Why aren't the troops marching in?

We have learnt, Yuan changed his strategies.

We suffered a huge defeat.

Father was injured.

Is he alright?

Don't worry.

However, Yuan Chonghuan... is pressing on with his cavalry.

Hetuala is in danger.

I'm rushing back.

I'll go with you, brother.

If we join forces, we'll defeat Yuan.


You need to stay here.

Ally with the eunuchs.

When the time comes, you turn Fort Luna over... to Wei Zhongxian.

When that happens, Yuan will be... dealt with by their own people.

Huang Taiji.

Is this our father's order, or your own?

Our clan needs you here.

Do you know, how I've spent the past decade?

I can't be a Jin.

I'm not a Han.

I've betrayed everyone.

Why should I suffer like this?

I know you want to be a warrior like our father.

You've done good.

Keep going.

I just want to be like you.

A warrior with glory, and die in my homeland.

Don't forget, without our father's order, you cannot leave.

Our clan needs you here.

You and I, we have our own destiny.


Will wait for that day.

All of you.

You've killed so many.

Tell me now.

Who murdered Governor Zhuo?

Who did it?


You've sworn to serve the Palace.

But you're not killing our enemies.

You're killing the innocent.

You're following a traitor.



Let's go.


What happened, is forgetten.

This woman is bewitched.

She cannot recognize you.

This is your fate.

It's destiny.

Just like your grandfather.

You would be killed by me.

Don't you remember me?


I'm Zhuo Yihang.

The first time we met, was at Yellow Dragon Cave.

You didn't have a name.

You said love, was the deadliest poison.

At the hilltop, I saw you playing the flute.

Your belt fluttered in the breeze.

Your dress...

So beautiful.

I was thinking,

your name would be,

Lian Nishang.

Die with me.