Baishe Srabon (2011) Script

Dedicated to all the poets who died unsung.

Shrikant Mohta presents Shrikant Mohta presents A Shree Venkatesh Films Production Cast: Proseniit Chatterjee P Parambrata Chatterjee Raima Sen Abir Chattering and Gautam Ghose

For a thousand years, I've been wandering upon the earth For a thousand years, I've been wandering upon the earth From the Ceylonese ocean to the seas of Malaya, I've traversed it all I've even been to the ashen worlds of Emperor Bimbisara & Asoka And gone further into the darkness of the city of Vidharbha I am but a weary soul And as the ocean of life foams around me I've found my moments of peace with Natore's Banalata Sen Hey you! What do you want?

Nothing is happening tonight.

We're closed for the day. And anyway I am not well.

What is so funny about that?

Weird! Don't you read what I say?

How many times do I haveto tell you?

Jibonanondo? - Yes.

Printed in the same font, but no fingerprints.

What nonsense!

The police is not a magician.

It can't solve cases overnight.

Sir, Pakrashi has been sitting on this case for almost 8 months.

Would you call that "overnight"?- So what do I do?

Do I remove him from the case?- I'm not saying that, Sir...

Sir, please have a word with him.

I know it's an internal issue of the detective department.

But the entire police force is under pressure.

4 murders in 8 months, the same pattern, same method.

People are scared of going out at night.

Once the press gets to know the entire case detail...

Listen Debu, I can't insult Pakrashi by teaching him his job!

Have you seen his track record?

Can you name another guy who's as patient...

...& intelligent as him?

Which means you'll swipe the card again?

No way! Call your manager.

Call him! I need to talk to him! Idiot!

Where the hell is your manager?

I got stuck!

What's wrong?- Ma'm, it was a mistake...

No! They are simply trying to bluff me!

Thank goodness I checked the bill carefully!

How much is it? I'll pay. No, why should you?

Are we here for charity.'

How is it a charity?

Come, tell me the amount, and give me a void slip.

Bunch of lazy bums!

Why can't they do their job properly?

This is not an easy job, it'll take time.

But we have to expedite it.

We have to find out a way.

Sir, may be he needs some guidance?

As in?

Serial killing is a special kind of crime.

It has it's own rules and methods of investigation.

And as far as experience of cracking such cases is involved...


But why Sir?

You know why.

But Sir, that was long time ago in the past..

And I will not repeat any mistakes from the past.

Sorry Sir, but you can easily handle the issue if you want.

You know your classmate very well.

Is he really that difficult to handle?


Take it from me, as I know him.

Okay Sir.

Do what you feel is right.

But there's one thing we both are sure of.

There's only one person who can crack this case... the entire country, let alone this state.

So... did he hand you a thrashing?

What else? You think I was born lame...

I did not ask for your father's name!

Where's Khokon?- He's no more.

What do you mean?

I'm there because I squealed. Khokon didn't, so he's not there.

The basic thing you need to understand is that...

...I know everything.

Once you get that, you're through.

Understand?- Yes Sir.

Very good! Then you'll be talking in here.

We needn't go to that room, right?

What do I talk about?

That means you did not understand.

Oh God!

Believe me Sir, I wasn't there.

I didn't do anything Sir. I swear.

That area belongs to that rascal, Mohin.

Sir please listen to me, let me go please.

I am not involved in all this Sir.

Was creating a scene necessary?

Yes, it was.

I'm not the stoic, impassive kind.


Stoic... forget it.

Get off the road!

Hey move!

Weird! People celebrate the World Cup victory...

...while a murderer is on the prowl!

You're venting your work related frustration elsewhere.

As in?


Tell me what it is, come clean.

I want to know.

What exactly did you imply by that?

I'm not trying to create any scene Mam!

I have a very simple question.

Do all cases have to be solved within a week?

And work for me isn't an office, bullets move here, not files.

Mafia is a 'Powerpoint, & not a presentation. Micro, no soft works here.

Don't blabber in English! Irritating!

Hey, wait! What the hell!

Had enough of a geeky boyfriend, is it?

Okay, I'm requesting in English!

Hey! What's going on here?

I'm playing hockey! Want to join?

Rascal! I'll play with your dad! Which Police station?


Which Police station?

Sorry Sir, I didn't know. Why not?

Because don't look like a meat shop?

No Sir. But that's what Hindi films tell you.

Could you get me a cab?- No!

Get into the car!

Will you get me a cab?- Am rim, get into the car!

Please sit Mam.


Hey, 90". go...

On each of your head, the crow craps everyday You can't clean it with your hands, hence you look for paper Do you want some puffed rice?

You look for dry leaves Will you kindly go take a bath?

You hate your own excreta, & you don't know how to take a bath!

You keep blabbering, I have to cook.

What fish?- What?

What fish have you brought?- -'Telapia'.

What do I do?

There's no money. Do you expect me to get lobsters?

I'll go mad some day.

I abhor lobsters!

Personally detest them!

Same bull crap!

You just watch!

One day they will have to publish my poems.

Mark m y words.

Writing bull crap all the day, and speaking bull crap too.

Wasting my life too!

Is Rabindranath there?

Yes, this is Nibaran! Nibaran Chakraborty!

Come here young man, let's test your skull with my penetroscope Come here young man, let's test your skull with my penetroscope What portion of your brain is dull, & what gives ground for hope I'll quantify the withered cells that clog your active tissues And defiltrate the fizzy gels from solid worthwhile issues Lines from this Sukumar Hay poem were found...

...beside the body, on 11th September.

The victim was known by all.

Connection with the poem?

Sukumar Sukumar.

Head smashed in by a stone.

Second murder.

22nd October 2010. Harkata Lane.

Malati Kundu alias Rosie.

A prostitute.

Hit on the head first And then, strangulation.

This poem was found beside her.

For a thousand years, I've been wandering upon the earth From the Ceylonese ocean to the seas of Malaya, I've traversed it all I've even been to the ashen worlds of Emperor Bimbisara & Asoka And gone further into the darkness of the city of Vidharbha

I am but a weary soul And as the ocean of life foams around me

I've found my moments of peace with Natore's Banalata Sen Jibonanondo?- Yes.

Printed in the same font, but no fingerprints.

Third case.

11th December, 2010.

The lane next to Keoratola Crematorium.

Victim's name, Shubaran Dhol.

Grave digger by profession.

He was drunk.

Hun over by a car.

But, not just once.



A chit was lying beside him, that read...

A bright fish flew once Only to sink again into the visibly blue, but actually transparent water Having seen this pleasant sight, a fruit blushed red Ripening in a deep abyss of pain Oh God!

What's the connection?

The name of the poetry book.

"Phire Esho Chaka".

Binoy Majumder.

No, thank you.

"Phire Esho Chaka" in "Come Back O Wheel".


The fourth & the last one.

23rd March.

A notorious goon. Near Garden Reach.

Stabbed on the back with a knife.

After that, the body was chopped into pieces.

No fingerprints.

Some Shakti Chatter ii lines were found beside the body.

The boy erred in breaking hard stones Human beings were softer Could've have broken them instead into pieces

The boy was blind & hence the stony roads went vain Roads know where they're headed for, high on their opinions Human beings are cheap, the boy could've torn them into pieces

Is that you?


Almost done.

A few more.

What are you up to these days...

...out so late at night?

Mind your own business, you fool!

What do you know about poetry?

Where does poetry feature in this?

Listen, don't stay out so late.

It's on 'l'.V., crime is on the rise.

Shut up!

Don't lecture me.

This was destined to happen.

Go off to sleep.

I have a lot of work.

I've to take dates.

Who will you call up so late at night?

That fellow...


11 arrests.

...8 of whom you have already released.

The rest are under observation.

The forensic lab is failing to get any lead.

Same with the agents.

Even I have people to answer to.

Even in your department...

...your meteoric rise may not... taken very well.

What is Debu da saying?

To remove me?

Why will Debu say anything?

I know.

I want you to work on this case.

And I know, you'll crack it.

But, may be...

I think you've lost faith in me.

So, what I'd suggest is... should remove me.

No. One minute Sir.

I cannot follow somebody, like a sidekick.

Why are you taking it that way?

Listen, this is just about a guidance.

You will lead.

Take it as...

Prabir was my classmate...

We sat for the IPS examination together.

Scion of a feudal family.

One second.

Prabir as in, Prabir Roy Chowdhury?

The one, who was dismissed from the force?

Prabir had a problem.

His temper.

He took every criminal...

...doesn't matter proved guilty or not...

...for his personal enemy.

And if he realized...

...that a criminal couldn't be convicted...


One such incident occurred in 1999.

Monty Halder, an influential promoter's son, died.

Rather Prabir killed him in the name of encounter.

As usual...

...the media got involved.

People testified against him.

And you want to bring him back?

That too, for this case?


I'll talk to the higher authority in Delhi.

But why all of this?

And in every case, the special investigation squad...

...had one member in common...

This classmate of your's?

Not just serial killing...

...he is immensely knowledgeable about everything.

Sheer brilliance!


Very bad-mouthed and abusive.

He may provoke you.

He might insult you as well.

If you can be patient, you'll learn a lot.

Go to him Pakrashi.

Yes, I will, but...

...will the Bengali audience prefer a morning tea...

...with "Jack, the Ripper"?

We have to ensure that, with the way we serve it.

It's also about the awareness.

13 episodes...

...about the world's most infamous serial killers.

On one hand the public will watch the latest news...

...and on the other, they'll relive a little bit of history.

All the cases are very violent.

Butchered bodies, sexual organs...

Will people watch?

Oh they will.

They sure will.

Like kids watch horror movies...

...with half open eyes, or from behind trembling fingers...

Shurjo, we love to get scared.

If you talk about showing violence... you know what the viewership rating was...

...when Gulf War was being aired on T.V.?

Though the curfew has not yet been declared...

When my city is scared of the sunset...

"what should I show on my channel?

Or cute love triangles?

Let's finalize the names of the serial killers for the program.

For sure Jack the Ripper.

The biggest celebrity in the world of serial killers.

Rather, the trendsetter.

And then... Boston strangler

Whose lover?

No, nothing, I was just...

...reading Browning's poetry last night.

Similarity of the poem's lover's & Boston Strangler's modus operandi...

Forget it, you continue.

It'll get a nice literary angle.

Tell me...

...have Sharatchandra, Bankim, or Rabindranath...

...written anything on serial killing?

I'm not sure, I'll have to check.

Please check, it'll be a big USP if we can cross refer.

...not 13.

Finalize 12 names.

We'll dig out the 13th episode, not from the pages of history...

...but the pages of police records. As in?

With a real life serial killer, in flesh & blood.

What I'm saying is, we can talk this out.

You're talking all crap. And listen, one second...

The pronunciation is "Phaltu".

There is no "F" in Bengali! No such alphabet.

What do you mean by that?

Enough is enough! I cannot drag this!

Please come down and collect your things. Yes!

Take care!

Kanai. Hey Kanai!

You lazy asshole!

You anyway just come for an hour!

I'm not paying you so you can smoke your opium here!

Come. I'll pummel the living daylights out of you.

How many times have I told you not to...

What do you want? Donation?

No donation.

And if you fool around with me...

...or else I'll lock you up for the rest of life.

I had called you up.

I am Abhijeet. I've come here, to discuss a case.


I missed the lane.

12 minutes.

In the last 12 minutes, the sunlight has traveled... and fro the earth, 18¢ a halftimes.

The little humming bird has flapped it's wings 72,000 times.

According to the reports, there have been 8 rape cases in India... the last 12 minutes, and you...

...just missed the right lane? what'!?

No, I don't drink.


No. Thank you.


So, tell me.

How may I waste my time?

It's regarding a case.

I mean, these murders that are happening in the city.

We were wondering if you could guide us a little about that.


...the truth is...

...we have not yet been able to find any proper lead till now.


No suggestions in the test paper, is it?

What do you mean?

That's how it works these days right?

Either donation, or reference, or simple cheating.

Whether it be a doctor or a police's work... can't solve such cases without using your brain.

No, Abhijeet.

I'd rather suggest, you catch petty thieves.

Or, go become a security guard for some politician.

Just a second.

We have already progressed a lot with our investigation. Okay?

We have a lot of preliminary evidence.

Quite a few arrests... -investigation, my foot.

Arrests, my foot.

See Prabir babu, you've been... Sir. what?

Not Prabir babu. Sir.

I am not a grocer.

I've been trying to make a very simple proposal for along time.

Please tell me if you would accept it.

Or else, we shall... Or else what?

Or else I shall finish another drink and... shall go back home in your white car... release all your frustration in the bed.

A sick maggot shall kill ..a few more people and...

...the department will not be able to do anything. Nothing at all.

You should see a doctor Sir, you have a problem.

Yes,I do.

Because over the years the department... getting infested with brainless morons.

And listen!

Tell Amit that this is no brothel that...

...pimps will walk in to bargain.

Ask him me to meet me in person.

Then, I'll think about it.

Now get lost.

It was a stormy, windy night

A starry night

A night that was soaring high, like a violent sea

It was a stormy, windy night

I shall take the rest tomorrow.

The keys are with the guard.

O great life, no more poetry should you knit

Bring on the rigid, crude prose Let rhyme, rhythm & rhetoric wash away Pound the hard hammer of prose There's no need for the soft poetic pleonasm Poetry... I now bid you adieu The hungry world is decked with prosaic fiction

He said... I mean what he said was...

...he said he will only give it a thought if you go meet him.

Is this the way he said it?

More or less.

Bull crap!

He'll not use such decent words even for his father.

The question is, are you going?

Are you going?


And when you realized Monty Halder is not going to confess...

...what exactly did you do?

I passionately kissed him, Sir.


Your passion is very evident in the postmortem report.

According to your friend & colleague...

...Amit Kumar Srivastav's testimony...

...this is not the first time this has happened.

You have broken the law several times...

...& displayed a violent way of...

Did I say anything funny.'

You guys are weird!

Your servant will clean your loo...

...& you'll complain with a frown that...

...the phenyl was too poisonous?

I have nothing else to say.

Clearly, all the accusations against Prabir Hay Chowdhury are true.

He doesn't regret insulting the court of law... -

No, I don't.

It's simple maths.

I hate criminals & to destroy their existence...

...I can go to any extent.

I've already lost enough, & may lose again if the...

...cause requires.

I don't give a damn.

You scoundrel! How dare you!

How dare you call me a lunatic! Leave me!

The killer poet strikes again.

On the Ballygunje foot bridge, a beggar woman.

Smashing the head with a stone, in the 'Stoneman Style'.

A poem was found beside the body.

I'll have to leave right now. See you soon Sir.

And listen...

...keep yourself free in the evening.

Why Sir?

I have a reunion with an old friend.

Another fight?- That's what she says.

And this time it's serious.

Good if it is.

I don't want a cop for a son-in-law.

You know what?

Take the opportunity, and propose to her.

Strike the iron when it's hot?- Absolutely!

I don't understand this dram a.

You have grown up together.

You spend all the day in each other's house.

Why don't you guys get married?

Moth er.


Why are you lazing around? Come on, finish your work.

Forget it. I have a headache.

I can't read all of this at one go.

I'm feeling pukish.

What was mom saying?

She was saying it is time, we got married.

Not again!

Love, marriage, honeymoon, kids.

This is all an entire race bothers about!

Another fight?

Oh God!

Don't you get fed UP?

This is the 5th time in the last 8 months.

Forget it.

Make up with him.

Abhijeet is a good man.

May be the second best in your life.

But still, he is good.

You really want me to hit you?

No, believe me!

The guy is after all a good prospective groom.

A little dumb.

Dry and short tempered.

It's not his mistake.

He spends the entire day with thieves and dacoits(robbers).

Hey! Don't you speak nonsense about him.

Cut the drama.

Isn't he "not that important anymore"?

You're so irritating!

Hey Amu... much does a sex change operation cost?

What! No...

You flirt!

You don't worry. You're position remains intact.

You mean, 'Platonic love'?

Only hearts, no hormone.

Who are you fooling?

What about the kiss, on the 31 st December of 2001?

And what about that rainy afternoon in this balcony?

That's because you pounced on me! Me?

Besides we were young. Drunk and doped...-

...that dope... -We're investigating it thoroughly.

We are hoping we shall reach a solution soon.

Any message for the public from the Kolkata Police?

And I am arranging for the 13th episode.

Thank you.

This is the 5th murder. People are getting desperate.

We just heard what the Kolkata Police has to say.

But will they succeed in putting an end to these mysterious killings?

With Parthosharathi at the camera, this is Purushottam Pandit.

Star Ananda, Kolkata.

Hey you!

What do you want here?

What are you doing?

Didn't you see?

I scattered it all away in the wind.

My words.

My poetry.

I'm down, so I came to the...

...riverside for some fresh air.

You too have come...

...for the fresh air of the Ganges.

Same here.

I feel so demoralized.

Why so?

What else?

They don't like any of it.

They rejected all of these.

They say, it's becoming predictable.

What the hell man!

Is this some detective story?

Or poetic prose?

I got so angry to hear that. So I... so?



But a few he liked a lot.

My book will surely get published!

And do you know who will publish the book?

Who'll do the proof reading?



That is wonderful!

You'll be awarded the Nobel Prize one day.

Mark m y words.

And you will steal it, right?

Anyway, listen.

Amongst the few ones approved...

...I am reading you one.

Do you want to listen?

Yes, read it.

Obscene poetry & sedition this is what they were accused of The poets were taken away in chains aided by leading intellectuals.

From behind the veil, 'Victorian morality smirked at this spectacle as Macaulay's bastard children danced unbashed on...

...the stage set by the hangman.

Fifty years have passed since..

...blowing the bugle of the largest democracy The reds, yellows, saffrons & greens scream & gurgle

'this is for the plebians!'

As the fangs clash merrily"

"paper tigers appear making nooses out of red tape And in the land of red earth Queen Draupadi sings and toils the whole day long

Com e.

Come in.


Amit Kumar Srivastav is here!

How are you? Good.

And you?

Exactly the way you saw me last time.



Let bygones be bygones.

Let's discuss work.


That's a word I haven't heard in a very long time.


You know something Amit...

...I have hung curtains all around the verandah, for years now.

I sit there in the afternoons.

I don't want my neighbours to see that...

...a police officer honored with the President's medal... sitting at home, because he has gone nuts.

I want you to take up this case.

I want you to join...

That, is what you want.

And what does your department want?

Let's say, I am the department?

Oh good!

You're a big guy!

So Abhijeet... about some whiskey today.'

I don't drink.

Talking of serial killers...

...there's only one name I can think of right now.

Rafiq Ahmed.

But after staying here for somedays, he was transferred to "Tihar Jail.

And I don't know if you will be able to interview him.


He has been in the jail for 18 years now.

He has hardly spoken to anyone during this period.

Can I go meet him at Tihar once?

I can arrange for that at my personal risk.

But I don't think it will be of any help.

I'd rather suggest you to...

...research about him properly.

From his file?

This has the prelim evidence and the postmortem reports.

This has the prelim evidence and the postmortem reports.

"Prelim" as in?

Pre... Preliminary.

Hope you intelligently utilize the time you save?

I try, Sir.

We shall see.


Kanai .


Oh no.

He is off from work today.

I have only one servant.

He comes twice a week, for an hour.

Get the suitcase kept at the God's corner from your chair.

Put it here.

A tight fit.

How do I look?

I've grown old.

Not you.

I will not report to anyone, but myself.

My decision is final.

I'll need a police jeep for traveling.

I will need a separate room to myself.

Right now, the department doesn't have vacant...

Whose file is this?

During his stay here, Hafiz made only... friend here.

He was the only one Hafiz would talk to.

He, too, was a convict Was he convicted for murder too?

Well, not directly.

The fire that broke out in the book fair in 1997...

...was later proved to be caused by him.

Apart from one lac books that burned to ashes... person lost his life in the stampede.

What a strange man!

He claim ed that he was a poet.

In his confession he said he was involved in some movement.

O great life, no more poetry should you knit Bring on rigid, crude prose Let rhyme, rhythm & rhetoric wash away.

Pound the hard hammer of prose There's no need for the soft bower of poetic pleonasm Poetry, I now bid you adieu The hungry world is decked with prosaic fiction The full moon is but scalded flat bread This is by Shukanto, right?

Yes, by the very well known poet, Shukanto.

Yes, whatever.


No contribution to the society.

Just wasting paper & time.

We have to get some of these useless books from the library.

We'll have to do a detailed study.

They couldn’t even get an air conditioner in the room.

That means...

...the hard hammer of prose pounded on the hungry world...

...translates to a huge stone smashed on the head.

And it was a full moon night.

The problem is, the locations he chooses are...

...scattered all over the city.

So, we cannot really follow any particular radius.

Is there anyway we could connect the locations?

Dumdum, Harkata Lane, Keoratola Crematorium, Garden Reach, Ballygunje.

It covers a huge area.

2 of the victims are female and 3 are male, thus...

...the sexual angle too, doesn't stand as a motive.

There is just one pattern.

The obvious one.

The association of the victim with poetry.

A certain similarity.

A certain connection between the...

...poem's lines & the method of killing.

And yes...

...all the poet's whose poetry he uses, are dead.

But all that is not good enough to help us.

The probable victim & Bengali poetry, both are infinite sets.

There can be no pattern to predict them.

As in?

Let say, the murderer does not repeat... the way whose poems have been used?

Jibonanondo Das, Shakti Chatter ii...

...Sukumar Hay, Shukanto Bhattacharya, Binoy Majumder.


Even apart from them...

...the number of dead Bengali poets is huge.

Then calculate each one's total number of poems.

It would be much easier if only the murderer was Punjabi or Marwari.

Are you always this regional in your opinions?

Not "regional". The right adjective would be, "correct".


There's another pattern...

...that you've overlooked.

And, what might that be?

All victims are from the lower rung of our social ladder.

And this profiling...

...shall help immensely in building the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad?

What's that?

Oh God!

Illiteracy all over!

You've taken a serial killing's case.

You don't know what a Suicide Squad is?


But I want to know.

Only if you would tell me.

Yes !

Since I have opened a school here, I'm bound to teach.

I hope you know...

...a pawn is needed to hunt for a tiger?

Now don't say... don't know as you haven't hunted a tiger yet!

Yes, I did not get that chance.

But I did get what you're saying.

Did you now?

Let's hear you then.

We have to select some police officers who'll...

...look & dress up like his target victims...

...& scatter them all over the city. That's it.

Bravo! No one can stop you from being awarded the "Bharat Ratna"!

Now go.

Find them.

With that kind of salary slip...'ll find loads of malnourished idiots in the police force.

Now rush.

And listen.

Apart from that, we'll need "Khochors" too.

You know 'Khochor'?

Or do I have to say "Agent" or "Mole"...

...for your colonial hangover?- I know Sir.

I have some too.

Those are useless.

We'll need a proficient one. We'll sit over it.

There's a pimp in Shonagachi.

He's pretty good.

And there's a pickpocket.

He is an absolute artist!

Can I ask you something?

Yes, sweet child of mine, go ahead.

You hate criminals, right?

“My then, do you have them work for you?

Listen kid.

Basically we're all pimps.

Some pimp ministers, some pimp God... pimp our laws.

Far more decent... to pimp women.

At least it lacks hypocrisy.

Poor Ratan may be exhausting...

---People's pockets.

And what about the powerful ones who exploit the country... the name of ideology?

Are you sure it's here?

What were you expecting?

A jailbird will reside in South City Apartments?

Did I say that?

I don't think the shopkeeper said it was this far.

That's because you weren't concentrating.

That pretty girl who was drying her clothes in the...

...verandah, you were busy eyeing her.


...will you be equally possessive after our marriage?

Haven't things changed a lot?


It's all the same.

Some guys are...

...sleeping & some are doing all the work.

No one is noticing.

What do you think about Abhijeet?

I've started with some basic set ups.

Though the real case will get solved in the armchair, I'm sure.

That does not move.

The rook is there.

More like a mind game you mean?


We have to enter the mind of the murderer... know why he is doing these murders.

Only then can we find out...

...when & how he'll go for the next kill.

Can I ask you a question?

Why one? Ask me lots.

Go on. You know I love babbling

Do you blame me for that incident even today.'


I used to.

But then, I realized...

...such things are painful, but are a part & parcel of a cop's job.

And imagine my luck.

You weren't on duty and I had to stand in for you.

It happens.

See, I always thought...

...I mean I had this feeling from the very beginning...that...

...were dangerous. They could do anything.

I know.

They did.

Anybody home?

We... we're here to meet Mr. Nibaran Chakraborty.

Is he home?

What for?

We are from a T.V. channel.

We need a byte for a program.

Yes. Please come in.

Please come.

Please come.

Come on. Please com e.

We've come from a channel...

Nothing has been finalized.

We're still deciding on things.

Swapan! What the hell is wrong with you?

Haven't you told them?

No,I mean, we are...

See, you'll be informed when it's finalized.

All I can reveal is...'s releasing in this book fair.

Rabindranath has given me his word.


...has given you his word?

I guess there's been some misunderstanding.

What exactly are you talking about?

My book of poems!


What are you here for? Oh no.

...we need some information about a person.

Probably you know him.

And my poems?

My book?

Is it not important?

Because am not Mr. Sunil Ganguly...'ll ignore me?

Isn't it? Tell me! What the hell!

No, see, all I'm saying is...

No way. I'm don't know anything.

I can't tell you anything.

Please let me...

Are you sure your book is releasing in this year's book fair?

Of course!

I mean...

...that's what they are saying.

You should not trust anyone. Sit down.

We've come here to warn you.

Right now, do not trust anyone.

Neither Rabindranath Tagore, nor Nazrul.

Yes, I know.

It's been 33 years, but... one has kept his word You guys are right!


Absolutely right!

Those swines...

You will...

...cover my book release, right?

Or, are you bluffing?

No, see... We're carrying the contract with us.

But there's a clause in it.

There's a condition.

Condition? What condition?

I will recite the poem I want to.

Then don't come up with personal requests!

"Please read that once, Sir!"

I will not tolerate all that.

I don't do cabaret.

I'm a poet.

That will be your call.

There's something else where we need your help.

What sort of help?

We need some information regarding a friend of yours.

There's no milk at home.

But there's sugar.

Do you like sugar in your tea?

Hey, I'll give you one tight slap!

You fool!

Didn't I ask you to put your hand in the pocket?

Your such a scatter-brain!

Go home! Get lost!

Only use your hands, not voice!


But now that you're back Sir...

...I'll be alert.

If you see or hear anything suspicious...

...inform me or him.

He's my student. He is learning the job from me.


What are you doing these days?

You already know everything Sir.

As always.

But I am growing old now.

I've got hold of students.

I tutor them at home.

So, Abhijeet?

Do you realize the importance of...

...private tutions in the educational system of our country?

By the way"-

...we need to allot him a particular area, right?

You wouldn't say that if you knew his network.

He knows everyone, from the small fry to the big fish. what?

Why are you laughing like a clown?

You're exaggerating, Sir.

But, I do know a few people, Sir.

I know that.

That's it for today then, we'll leave now.

You're getting old, be careful with your work.

Skills wither away with time. And if you're caught...

...I'll beat the hell out of you!

You are embarrassing me Sir.

You are my Godfather.

But even today, a thrashing from you...

...keeps me assured of your love, Sir.


But, I haven't yet grown so old as yet, Sir.

Hey! This is mine!

What the...

Initially, he wouldn't speak to me.

Then, suddenly one night, he started talking.

I started listening to him.

And then, gradually, I started speaking too.

With time, he started opening up.

What did he tell you about himself?

He lost his mother in his childhood.

Just like me.

His father was a 'Maulvi'.

They were very poor.

His father used to beat him up daily.

His childhood was subject to a lot of perversion!

Poor kid, couldn't do anything about it.

And then, one day, he killed a lot of people.




Yes! Suddenly!

I mean...

He used to dream of a different world.

A world with mesmerizing beauty...

...overflowing joy...

...celebrations... music...

He was damn right in killing them all.

He had the courage to call a spade a spade...

...& the spine to revolt he did!

Do you have the guts?


But why did you set the book fair on fire?

What crusade was behind that?

Kindly leave, if you're done with the tea.

I've a lot of work.

I have to call Rabindranath and much more.

Tell me one thing...

...who has send you?

What else are we left with?

Suicide Squad is ready.

The faces in the Suicide Squad were making me suicidal though!

The agents have been planted.

Police posting too has been... Oh, ignore that.

You can't track down a serial killer like this.

For how long & where all will you post those lampoons!

The solution will be found, sitting in the drawing room itself.

Just one pattern that would help anticipating the next kill.

Just one mapping. Just one.

The poetry books need to be read thoroughly Abhijeet.

But from our side we are...

Yes, go on...

What happened to you?

No, nothing happened.

Then why are you stammering like an idiot?

I just said nothing's wrong.

Then why are you cranky, and why that frown?

Are you menstruating?

Stop the car Ramu.


Don't stop the car, keep driving Ramu!

Can't you hear me, Ramu? Stop the car!

Keep driving straight!- You will stop the car!

You are not going anywhere!

Ramu, you'll stop the car right now!

Keep driving! You are not going anywhere!

I'm your senior.

You swine! Don't you dare fool around with me!

Show that attitude somewhere else!

I suspend you!

Come & collect the letter tomorrow!

Why did you have to piss him off needlessly?

He was gradually opening up anyway.

It was not intentional.

It just slipped out.

You know what...

...he's no better than your serial killer.

He burns down the book fair...

...& then claims that, he needs to call Rabindranath!

He's totally nuts!

Anyway, we'll get some more information next day.

And then the final interview, at Tihar.

That, only if Mr. Hafiz speaks up, at all.

Only if Mr. Nibaran Chakraborty could've been the murderer...

...things would be so much easier.

We could finish the interview in Kolkata itself.

Just think about it...

...poet plus serial killer.

Bengalis would've just lapped it up.

I'd not really mind one.

Anyway, chuck that.

I'll get to doing what I brought you here for.

There's a grave issue we need to address.

Get serious, will you!

Okay, let's get to work then.

I have decided that...

...I'll propose to you day after. what?

What happened?

Why are you laughing?

I am serious!

I'm telling you beforehand, so you are prepared.

Don't give me that cliched girlie reaction!

Please, I never do that!

Don't you give me those airs!

Why the hell are you laughing like an idiot?

If I accept the proposal...

Hey there...

...your names please!

We're from the press. One minute.

What?- Shurjo Sinha.

What's your business here?

What?- Let me handle this.

What did she just say?

No, nothing.

I said, "Kindly mind your own business"

Oh really? Okay, if you insist.

Come on, let's get to business then. - See...

Come, let's go to the police station!

Kanai, how many times have I told you, inform me before you...

What do you want now?

Your suspension order is ready.

There's no point cribbing now.

I shall not tolerate insubordination at any cost!

I have handled much bigger smart asses Abhijeet!

You are no big deal for me!

Don't you mess around with me!


Why are you standing like the Gateway of India?

Could I have some whiskey?

We were cootchie-cooing.

Will you please shut up!- Yes for sure!

I do have a problem!

During this time of the day...

...couples are found doing all the wrong things.

Hence, we have to keep a check you know.

Listen, let alone chatting up.

But slapping a cop too, is a punishable of fence..

...according to the IPC.

Name please! And the channel's too.

I've seen you somewhere, I can't remember where though.

He'd booze up every night.

Then, he'd shout & abuse.

Every night he created a scene.

Otherwise, he was a good man.

I mean, he was very good.

But, after a couple of drinks...

Alcohol is such a..

-...great thing!

It was your father's problem if he couldn't handle it.

Neither the alcohol's, nor yours.


...the man deserted us.

...the man deserted us.

...14 back then.

My mother was left alone... that house.

And then...

...I shifted to...



I was very... very... alone.

Good that he left.

Very good in fact.

It's better to part & behave like humans...

...than to live together, like animals.


What size bra do you wear?

Why are you weeping like women?

Don't try to tell me what sorrow is.

I've cremated my wife & child, with my own hands.

The next morning I reported at the police station.

Always remember... are the luckiest on earth.

There's someone, somewhere always unluckier than you.

That way, life seems... a cakewalk.

You... don't have anyone?

As in, someone...

Someone as in ?


I have.

I have many girlfriends.

All of them stay together

At Shonagachi(brothel).

No strings attached. No expectations.

Just...give& take.

Don't you have...

Yes, I have one.

I mean...l had one.

“My past tense?

We broke up.

We were together for quite a few days.

It didn't work out.

Why were you blaming your father?

Didn't you do the same thing?

No. But they were...

...married to each other, but weiusi had a... relationship.

Bull crap!

That too is a marriage...

...according to the 'Gandharva' way.

The Veda has 8 types of marriage written in it, you fool.

Prajopatwo' isn't the only one.

That "live-in" of your's...

...hasn't been imported from America!

We had it since thousands of years.

Okay. In that case we got...

...divorced according to the 'Gandharva' way.

Amidst huge fights...

...violent and emotional ones...

...have you ever felt like...

“hugging her suddenly?

But how is that...

Buy a bunch of roses tomorrow morning.

Don't even think of orchids or carnations.

Some cliches have no equals.

And along with the flowers...

...a Cadbury.

Swiss chocolates won't work.

Your phone is ringing.

Yes, Abhijeet?

Could you come down?

What's wrong, so late in the night?

Nothing much.

We've had to bring your girlfriend to the station.

They got into a mess with a cop.

There's a guy with her too.

We could do things faster if you'd come down.

I'll be there.

And, any progress on that case?

Oh crap.

The call got disconnected.

He's coming. Meanwhile, tea, coffee... or anything?

I'm okay.

Take him home,I don't know where he lives.

We'll take him, Sir. I know his house.

I know where he lives.

I am absolutely in my senses.

I am alright!- Okay, come on now.

The car... keys...

I am alright!

Be careful.

You go sit with him.

Listen !

You're Amrita, right?

Learn to differentiate between Dal-Rice and Biriyani.

The former is a necessity.

The latter, a luxury.

Mind your steps.

Just a minute.

What's wrong?

Why did you drink when you're not used to it?

I 'm okay. Come.

I was hungry... ...besides I'm not used to it.

That proposal is temporarily postponed.

Let's see after 20 years or so, if you're single again...

...I’ll try again.

We'll fight in the evening & part our beds at night For weeks we'll be staunch enemies till we make sudden love in a midnight Crazy woman with you, I'll give in to abstinence Crazy woman with you, I'll play your Adam & you my Eve Joy Goswami.

In which year was Bishnu De honored with the Gyanpith?

1970.. sorry, 1971 , the year of Bangladesh's freedom war.

Good! You seem to have memorized it all!

Now, tell me.. is the Hungrealist movement...

...related to Bengali poetry?

Through history.

In 1960 this Hungryalist or Hungry Generation movement was launched.

It's propounders were... Malay Hay Chowdhury...

Samir Hay Chowdhury...

...Tridib Mitra...

Subimal Ghose, Shaileshwar Ghose, etc. poets.

Their poetry challenged the stability of the establishment.

Very hard hitting...


...poetic language that declared war against corruption & the system.

A lot of their work was banned...

...on grounds of obscenity.

The state filed a case against them.

Some of the famous poets...

...were involved in it as state witnesses.

Yes, a coffee. Make that two.

You're having coffee?

When and how did Jibonanondo Das die?

He was hit by the tram. Year...

...l don't remember the year exactly...

...1955 or 1956... and the month was...

22nd October. Yes, 22nd October.

22nd October!

How could I miss it? I just read it yesterday!

The 2nd murder, that poem beside the dead body!

So? Does that mean, all the rest of them too...

Does your phone have internet? No, let's go to office.

No. Let's not waste time.

Right behind you.

Give me the dates & the names of the poets whose poems he used...

10th September, Sukumar Hay. 22nd October is already confirmed.

11th December, Binoy Majumder. 23rd March, Shakti Chatter ii.

Wait. Just a second...

Death, 1923.

Now we're talking.

Wait, let's confirm the others.

11th December, Binoy.

23rd March, Shakti, and...

...13th May, Shukanto, right?

They'll match. They're bound to match.

No more guessing, Abhijeet.

Matched. Confirmed!

Now when'!?

Now the dates have to be narrowed down.

Mark the death anniversaries of all famous Bengali poets after 13th May.

Who's left? Whose death comes up next in the calender?

See, there's Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from him...


...Nazrul's is in August After that...

...Bishnu De, that's much later, in December.

Hey wait!

I was just about to miss him!


Michael Madhusudan Dutta.

You're not publishing it?

Is this a joke?

I've met you so many times. You promised!

What the hell!

Excuse me? Wait a second!


And who decides that? You?

What do know of poetry?

You just know how to rhyme words in the name of poetry!

Damn you Rabindranath!


Do you really have to go?

I told my mom, I'll be late, but I'll dine at home.

At least that... Tell me something...

...your mother, does not...

"approve of me at all, right?

...she is a little scared of the kind of work to you.

We've broken up 5 times in a year!

She is confused.

But this time, I really got scared.

You had a nice time with Shurjo all this while, didn't you?

Don't be a jiealous cat! Of course I did!

Besides... he's been interested in you eternally.

If you stop speaking crap, I'll give you a fantastic news!

There's no "F" in Bengali. There is no alphabet, yes.

I can give you a fantastic news!

Shurjo & I went to the slum for some work &...

...this is confidential. Will you start?

Come in.

Sorry to disturb you Sir...

...a man called Ratan has come to meet you.

Send him in.

Okay, you get to work. I'll leave for home.

Com e.

Come in.

Sir, my spy from Khalashitawla informed me.

After hearing him, I thought he might be of help to you.

He's very scared. He was not willing to come to you.

I forced him to come down.

You wait outside, I'll talk to him.

What got you so agitated?

It's finally ringing!

Yes Probir-da, Abhijeet here.

Sorry to disturb you so late.


I've been trying your number as well.

The line was engaged.

Probir-da, I think we found our man.

I'll come down & update you. I am coming now.

Yes, I'll be there right now.

Where are you going?

He was not like this earlier.

As in, he was not as ill.

Now a days, he often goes out from the house at night.

God knows who all he keeps calling.

A few days back, I returned from the market to find...

...he had shattered everything in the house.

He was crying, lying on the floor & saying...

...that he'll kill the man who refused to publish his book.

Sometimes he was saying, he himself will die.

I'm quite scared, Sir.

I sleep right there, near his room.

What if he... No, wait.

Who does he want to kill, & who did he keep calling?

I don't know the names Sir, but often...

...he talks to a man named...

...Rabin... Rabi...


Oh 'yes!

Yes,that's him.

In which year was he jailed?

That was long back... Which year?

It's been around 15 years.

He was alright back then.

He was not insane.

Dig out Nibaran Chakraborty's entire history from the file.

You'll find it in the old store room.

As far as I remember, his case was under me.

Swapan, we'll meet that chap...

...l mean your master, day after tomorrow.

But the situation at home right now...

We need to examine this very situation.

Otherwise, we'll not be able to cure his insanity.

Don't worry.

We'll not disclose our real identifies.

Don't be scared.

We gather your master won't suffer any spell of madness till 29th June.


---but Why?

Day after tomorrow, 10 am.

We work for a magazine.

We're publishing a special issue on the...

...history of Bengali poetry.

We would be obliged if..

...we could publish an...

...interview with you in it.

Since you hold astounding knowledge regarding our subject, so...

Another two like you had come that day.

So... our first question would be...

...why did the poetry of the Hungry generation or the...

...Hungryalist movement, fail in Bengali poetry?

Who says it failed?

You? Or him?

No, but... 1965...

Get it clear kid.

The movement was not a failure.

Rather, the society failed.

The literature failed.

They failed to understand us.

But that doesn’t matter at all.

If they don't understand simply...

...then, we have other ways.

Is it true, that you set the book fair on fire, because...

...your book was refused a doesn’t due to it's obscene content?

If they can have Dr. Binayak Sen imprisoned for life...

...what else can I expect from them?

Hell, yes I did it!

An infected system!

Every human being is rotting here.

Corpses are wandering around.

Don't you get the foul smell?

Yes I can. But to get rid of that".

...foul smell is the job of the police, the law. Not the poet's.

Which idiot says that?

Are we some piece of crap?

Are we to tolerate everything like vegetables?

We will be raped, and we will...

...we'll write! We'll shout.

And if the system has a problem with that...

...we care a damn!

Do you know, that this...

...doctrine of destruction that you espouse...

...has no place in a Democracy?


Swapan .

What is Democracy?

What is Democracy!

The vote... that is happening in the next month...

Got the picture?

For 80 % of our country's entire population...

...democracy stands for, just, the right to vote.

All the other rights are under your control.

If I am stopped from writing...

...l shall avenge it in my own way.

If my pen is strangled...

...l shall strangulate as well.

No regrets?


I'm glad I did it.

I'll do it again.

Call it my way of revolting.

Stop me if you can!

That means... You must leave now!

Come on, get lost!

I need some darkness A dense darkness masks the sky a darkness as mysterious as the light like the woman I haven't ever seen but the beauty of whose face I have always adored That darkness deepens into the sky of the spring


He's mad! I think he's completely insane!

Insanity depends on which side of the lunatic asylum you reside.

Are you defending a criminal?

You think so!

I'll not even think twice before finishing him.

He's sick, & it's my duty to get rid of him.

But the man did have a point...

There's only one obstacle in our way.

Nothing but circumstantial evidence will work in his case.

May be we know that he is the killer, but...

I know.

Thus we need to catch him red handed.

Get prepared for 29th June.

Do or die. Come on.

Take your position.

Here, chew the cud.

Come on,take it!

Now, com e!

After me.

Is he going to the police station? God knows!

Let's not take a chance! Come on!

Stop you scoundrel! Or I'll shoot!

Hey you! Freeze at once! Or I'll shoot! Freeze!

You? What are you doing here?

My master has gone mad, Sir!

Something disastrous is about to happen!

He's burning down all his poems!

He is going to destroy everything!

He is going to destroy everything!

Please save me Sir! Please save me!

We don't have time! Get the jeep! Quick!

Probably we've lost him.


Not again!

We were right.

We lost him.

Not just a suicide.

He has left his epitaph.

He's maintained his pattern...

...even in the last murder.

Stop a while traveler!

Should Mother Bengal claim thee for her son As a child takes repose on his mother's Elysian lap Even so here in the Long Home on the bosom of the earth enjoys the sweet eternal sleep Poet Madhusudan of the Duttas

A month later...

Tomorrow is 22nd of the month of Sraban.

Rabindranath Tagore's death anniversary.

On this occasion various programs have been organized...

Good morning.

Good morning.

Whats up? Nothing much. Care for some tea?

Not really, in a hurry. Where's our lady, not ready yet?

In the process.

She's inside.

Last minute touch-ups.


You look as pretty as the quintessential neighbor's wife!

Listen, heat up last night's left over for lunch.

I'll be late.

And whose turn is it now?

They've built the set at Kobordanga.

Sir called up. lam meeting him tonight, let's see.

He said something important has come up.

Say hi to Prabir-da.

It can rain any moment.

I will if I remember to.

Come on! Yes.


...don't flirt too much.

Are you nuts?

She is Mrs. Inspector after all!


...l value my life!

Moron! Get going!

Oh yes,welcome!

You've become punctual!

Sit, give me 2 minutes.

Do you have any payment pending?

No Sir.

Just the overtime in the month of February...

No, you must take it now.

Who can predict the future.

Do you write, "Ha" or "Ho"?

I'll take your leave then?

Yes, please.

Oh yes.

Let me introduce.


He works for Kolkata Police.

My colleague-cum-friend.

Hello. -cum-Student.

Very bright student.

And he is Rabindranath Maitra.

He runs a printing press...

...and publishes a little magazine.

He is himself a poet too.

He is doing me favour regarding an issue.

You're embarrassing me Sir.

I've known you for so long!

I've just tried to contribute within my meager means.

To help the Police is our...

That's enough.

You may leave now.

I don't quite get this.

Are you coming up with a poetry book now?

Are you being smart with me?

I'll give you one... No but...

...what's with this printing press, little mag...

"and you?

Don't act smart with me Horatio.

There are many a wonders in the world that you still don't know of.


Acting smart again?


Forget Kanai.

He must have bunked work like usual.

I've never seen his face till date.

Get us a couple of drinks.


Told you Horatio!

There are many such wonders.

Don't be surprised.

It's a long story.

I tell you over the drink.

No, but...

...who is this guy?

Kanai or Swapan?

First tell me, what have you meager from me in all these days?

Any observation?


Yes, I've...

...meager to...

...follow a pre-confirmed method to...

Oh no!

Again that same bookish language!

Did anything strike you?

No, nothing in particular.


...there's this one thing.

Everything fell into place, I mean" a jigsaw.

The right people came out with the right lead at the right time... like some... the script of a naive Bengali thriller. Right?

Quite so.

Another point to be noted would be..

...I mean...

...I’ll bring it up only if you allow...

With pleasure.

When you took up the case... you said...'ll issue some books on Bengali poetry from the library.

I was just going through those books.

The right pages are folded according to the case..

...they've been marked, but that's natural.

Strangely, all the books have been issued...

...since May, last year.

But you took up the case only this year.

Elementary my dear Watson!

Here it comes.

You may go.

Now would you...

Enough poetry.

Let me tell you a story in proper prose.

A story of a...

...strict & ruthless man.

The prime priority in his life was.. annihilate criminals.

People were terrorized by him.

And those who were not terrorized enough...

You could do away with the pronoun.

I know this man very well.

Do you now?

Tell me, what was his favourite smell?


You don't know him at all.

Neither that of the wet soil after a rain...

...nor that of new books, not even that of petrol.

It was the pungent smell of the dark, murky, walls of the jail...

"stained by the piss of countless criminals.

The smell of the Constable's salty sweat...

...rising up from a heap of dusty files...

...during hours of long power failures.

And that interrogation room? Amazing!

That was a dreamland!

Little droplets of blood...

...mixed with a few droplets of tears.

A few whispers.

A little bit of painful scream...


Already scared, are you?

No, please continue.

In one such interrogation room, I broke a criminal's useless leg.

Those spineless reptiles from that gang...

...barged into my house.

My wife and & kid were at home.

I was standing in for Amit, who was... sucking up to some minister.

When I came back home...

...everything was over.

Two ice-cold dead bodies.

I wasn't aware...

Oh please don't bother.

Why should you be sorry?

That loss tore me apart.


...what could I have done?

We are cops.

If we sit and brood...

"who will protect the city?

I reported straight at the duty, from the crematorium.

You see, it's a violent story.

I was skeptical about your reaction as an audience.

Sol had to drug you.


Think about it Abhi.

What have I not sacrificed for this Police force?

I've worked day & night, like a prostitute.

One fine morning these traitors call me & say...

..."Thank You Sir."

..."Your services will not be required anymore"!

So, one day I decided...

...that I'll create a situation... that those maggots will have to come back.

They'll go down on their knees.

They'll beg me, to rejoin.

Is it hurting too much?

Serial killing was the only option I had.

What else would they need me for?

And what else could I have designed so flawlessly?

You know very well...

"that it's my..

You mean...

...all those innocent people...

What could I have done?

I did not have another way out.

A goon, a beggar, a completely insane poet...

...killing whomever was convenient, you know.

But why are you getting so bothered?

The guinea-pigs you murdered during your biology practicals?

Can I call you a murderer then?

So, Nibaran Chakraborty didn't commit suicide?


A false case needs a...

...false serial killer.

And until & unless the false killer dies... am I to get all the credit to solve the case?

Think about it.

Nibaran's case had been under me.

It was very easy for me to frame him.

I got Nibaran busy with Mr.Maitra.

He'd often go out late in the night, regarding his book.

And then, Mr. Maitra him self created the reason for the suicide.

He refused to publish the book.

And what about Swapan?

An erstwhile butcher.

Then he was imprisoned for a murder.

He'll do anything for money.

And now, he's our only witness.

Kanai is very a useful chap.

He kept an eye on Nibaran.

He led you to the prime suspect too!

And in the end... He poisoned his tea!

Now I understand why you closed the case so hurriedly.

...nothing was examined properly.

So, you killed them all?

Oh no.

I've grown old.

I'd explain everything to Kanai.

I'd give him the poems. He executed it all.

So, you didn't kill with your own hands...


What about the brain?

If I have planned the murders, then I am the murderer.

Simple maths.


...I’ll commit the last murder, myself.

But you just said...

...Swapan poisoned Nibaran's tea!

Idiot! Don't be silly!

That was not the last murder, it's going to happen today!

Today is the 22nd of Sraban!

That means...'s my turn.


You have a lot of work to do.

You have to arrest Kanai.

You have to close the case file.

You have to purge the society from it's impurities.

I had thought... son would grow up to be a...

...strict cop...

...just like me.

But he too...

...ditched me. can do that.

On the contrary...

...I’m almost done.

After being dismissed from the force...

...there was only one objective in my life.

And that's done now. No! What the hell do you mean?

I have died long time back, Abhijeet.

I've been haunting my own house for years now.

I was just waiting to settle the scores.

It's even now.

You need to see a doctor!

I am there! We're all there, with you!

What are you saying!

She's a great girl! Don't fight with her.

You'll regret if she goes away. Will you shut up!

Is this a joke!

It's true I don't have any regrets.

But I am a murderer.

What the hell do you think you're saying?

Hush! Listen to the wheels of time-

Someone else killed for you!

His chariot rushes invisible You're mentally ill.

Crushing under wheel the despairing blackness from whose fractured heart spring stars like teardrops

O my friend that onrush of time ensnared..

...& lifted me onto his chariot on a path of reckless adventure

far away, far from you far-whirling beyond countless deaths You're not doing this Prabir-da!

Far- to this sunrise-kissed mountain peek You are not doing this! - and behind us flapping in the wind".

...trailing in the vortex of the chariot traces of my name, myself

Today across the path of no return if you catch a glimpse from afar you will know me not

My friend

Farewell !

Prabir-da, just listen to me.

Prabir-da, just listen to me once.