Bakery in Brooklyn (2016) Script

The girl in front of me is Chloe. My dear cousin.

Although I consider her more like a sister.

She is Vivien. The epitome of patience My best adviser when I need some serenity.

A true friend and companion Support for what I need in life.

We have been inseparable since our parents died.

We are inseparable, at least until recently.

Good morning, Uncle Dave.

Good morning Ms. López How is your husband?

Is dead.

I was referring to her second husband ...


Good Days Before you say anything, you smell these cannolis Wow! This perfume is art.

Make a good cannoli But these can save your life. Is everything ready for the party?

I think so, but the wine is little, could you bring another bottle?

Not much. I do not want to get drunk What are they going to think of a lot of old drunks?

What is it? What do you want to tell me? I sold the whole collection.

The whole collection? It's fantastic!

Almost everything, except for one piece, this one.

Oh ... The last one is always for you.

Oh, treasure, the entire collection means that finally You have the money to go to Europe. To go to Europe!

But I can always wait for the situation to stabilize.

No, you'll leave immediately. Go and book the ticket.

Go ... And do not forget the wine!

To start the new season We would like to talk about food that allows us to live better.

We have the driver of \"Happy in the Kitchen\" with us:

Fernando Mendilibar.

The great Guy De Maupassant said: Cooking is the alchemy of love.

Every Monday we are going to show That eating well ... can make you happy. I want to explain why they changed the script?

I wanted to start with the salads And instead I see salmon on a bed of spinach!

The salads are soothing.

The salmon on a bed of spinach is disgusting.

With pistachio sauce. Which is worse.

Tell me why this show is called \"Happy in the Kitchen\"

And I am now angry!

It is very simple: Spinach is a natural relaxant Salmon has Omega 3, which controls the nervous system What you definitely need, and the pistachio raises the amino acids Stimulates circulation and gives the brain a small spark That prevents a fool like you from hurting yourself.

Exactly Chloe ... You think you're smart because You use big incomprehensible words that no one cares ...

But I am the star, and without me you are nothing!

But ... but ... the script!

Mao ... I need you to replace me tonight.

We celebrate the retirement of my uncle.

Do not.

Hello! Welcome, come in!

I joined the team in the same year as Mickey Pilone.

He used a baseball and you the mower I am sorry...

I have dedicated to the field of play 42 years of my life.

For 42 years I took charge of the grass stadium Like a Persian carpet.

And you always had time for your bossy sister.

I must be honest, I can not read this inscription.

I've lost my sight through the blades of grass on the stadium lawn.

Thanks to the gift that God has given me And the generous tip you will give me, I am ready to reveal ... your most intimate secret.

And to do it, I must touch your shoes Wow! Suede! An excellent choice, Vivien, excellent choice.

Guess what I have in my pocket?

To the left you have a pair of pliers.

Yes now.

Ahm ... And on the right what I was referring to You hide a ticket to Europe.

London, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon ...

I will do the trip I should have done five years ago.

The right occasion for a toast!

The wine!

I'll bring you something when I get back.

Gentlemen, a line behind me, who wants a slice of cake.

Yes, one at a time, please.

For the perfect hostess? No ... Thank you.

Come on.

Let's listen.

Jack, tell me the joke of the other days?



Take care ... the most precious thing we have.

No ...

No no no no!

The important thing is that salmon is rich in Omega 3 It controls the nervous system.

Spinach is a natural relaxant.

Pistachio sauce ... Mao, you have too much soy.

You have to redo it using more lemon and a pinch of garlic.

It does this because I did not want to replace it.

No, I do it because you sing better than you cook. Hello? Well, guys, we have 5 minutes to finish casting ... Chloe?

It's a bit shiny here.

Finish you.

No, no, not now!

Here we are! Sorry for the delay ...

The glucose level was high.

The sugar killed her.

This woman has dedicated her life to the sweet and finally killed her.

It's a sweet way to die, in the background.


Sorry, it's not the time not the place.

Show some respect! Isabelle is dead!

Long live Isabelle!

Do not worry, Dave have drunk a little too much.

Maybe its better this way.

She said she wanted a party at her funeral.

I want to drink something, I bring something to you?

Nothing thanks.

Who organized this funeral?

I want to hire him for my wife's.

Yes, it could happen from one moment to another

What do I bring?

A decaffeinated macchiato, with cream, little coffee and lots of sugar.

A cheese sandwich without ham and without basil.

Today, basil does not suit me.

It's a small bar, not a Upper West Side restaurant.

We do not personalize the orders. A decaf and a sandwich?

Sure ... - Okay.

I had ordered with extra ham and he said no.

I give you sugar in exchange for the ham, if you want.


Too much sugar is bad for your health.

Wow! My boss would say I'm not convincing enough.

You're not very convincing. But you're right.

Sorry, the coffee looks like poison, But I bet the sandwich is to die for.

Thank you ... I needed to laugh.

No problem. Every morning I try to make people laugh From the funeral home next door But with a different result.

Different? - Mm-hmm.

Excuse me, what are you doing there?

Oh, no, no, I do not work Actually, yes, I work ...

I work at the bank and the client I have to visit is there But. You know, he's ... dead.

And with them, what are you talking about? They will be very brief conversations.

Already. Yes, we talk about the money they owe and can not repay This is why your boss says you're not convincing.

It must be hard to get something from a dead client.

Yes, but I try, you know?

It's better than selling life insurance!

I leave the apartment of 98 of the street Humboldt to my brother Dave The shop for my granddaughters Chloe Moats And Vivien Parker Moats 50% each.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem there.

What is the problem?

Your aunt ... Stronger there, no ..., there!

Isabelle Moats has left a fortune in debt Because she was a bad administrator.

I warned him a thousand times.

Do not! Stronger, stronger ...

Could it not be interrupted all the time?

Miss could come down, so we can finish In short, Isabelle Moats owes the bank $ 600,000 And the bank has already embargoed the apartment It is very likely that they will confiscate the store as well.

Where is Uncle Dave going to live? - Yes! Yes!

With me, until we find a solution.

The only solution is to resume activities as soon as possible.

If the store is closed, the bank will remove them.

What else is going to happen this week?

Hello. - Hello Paul, it's Vivien Hey, \"no ham,\" right?

I would like professional advice. Please ask My aunt owes money to the bank and can lose what she has!

Well, if it's a business, it's hard to save it, but if it's a house It can be shown that she has no other place to stay In that case, the Bank will grant an extension of 3 months.

Look, I'm going to have a complicated meeting.

I'll call you when I'm done, okay? With a dead person?

No, I would.

These people are alive, kicking and ready to fight.

I'll call you later, okay?


Vivien, what are you doing here? This is my aunt's business.


Hello. I'm Chloe, and you are? It's the Bank Paul Russell. I work for the United East Coast Bank The bank that supports this business since it opened.

But he will stop doing it because the owner is deceased.

In fact, we have warned Isabelle Moats To whom we were giving large sums of money.

But she believed in this project and honestly, so did I.

I think it's absurd that he's gone.

I can give you a couple of hours to pack some souvenirs Vivien, I'm sorry, I ... You'll give us more than a few hours Uncle Dave lives here.

But it's a business, I can not do it.

But I knew nothing.

They have taken away the house and he does not know where to go.

You've said it yourself, we're 3 months old now.

At least bring a mattress or something.

How are we going to need it?

They are $ 230,000.

Thanks, see you in 3 months.

No, no, no, wait a minute. Ok ... 3 months With a condition.

I'm not going to dinner with Paul. He's the enemy.

Keep your friends close and your enemies even more.

But look how much trash. All things that are worth nothing.

I can not go to dinner with him only because he is the enemy.

Okay, we will not end up like this ... Vivien, what are you doing?

You hate this place. Why are you here?

You have the ticket for Europe. And it's your dream, what are you waiting for?

You're right, you should, but what are you going to do with Dave and the business?

You already have your job.

... Maybe that's what I always wanted.

Make it a little more modern. Put my ideas into operation.

Even if it's only for 3 months ... Fight.

Hi. Is still open ...

I got some fantastic frozen cream buns inside the van.

If they are interested ... I know that here things will change soon.

He knows that we have always made the sweets.

I do not see why we have to change now.

Sell ​​your plastic Cruasanes in the restaurant chains.

Nothing will change here.

Okay. Just asking.

All right ... Europe is going there.


Guys, please, clean around here.

No. No, no, I said in the middle, okay?

Although I know that for you that does not make sense.

Daniella! Oh, God! You are the person I was looking for.

I would like to propose new ideas But they want the same things always and forever I love your accent, it reminds me ... the avocado I have the perfect thing for you A bakery where you can give free rein to your creativity.

Do you know why we are redecorating?

Because of the catastrophe that Mao did when you left.

I'll talk to you later. - Okay.

And now we must make a total change of image because of you.

Oh, they should redecorate, right.

But I'm afraid he does not hide what he's denying you as a chef.

In any case, I also have a major change, I'm going You go? You can not do it.

Only I can say when you leave. I hired you Well, look closely, because as one chef would say:

\"I go with extra sauce And I leave you all alone ... with nothing beside. \"


What are you doing here?

Why did you wear that? I thought you were in Europe And I would have to manage the business.

Yes, but I promised Aunt Isabelle That I was going to take care of this place We'll pay the debt together, you see.

And I'm glad you came Because we were trying to see who will make the cakes and the bread.

Dave and I will take care of the customers.

Between us we know the whole neighborhood.

It was time for them to open Good Morning. - Good afternoon!

Good afternoon, Mrs. Auty.

Um ... we have not opened it again maybe you do not know what happened.

We are here for our croquembouche We do not have any croquembouche.

But I recommend the almond cakes.

It will increase the level of serotonin and even libido.

Miss, I'm a little old for libido I'd like to try one. Ah!

Please in Bye. - Bye.

Ok, I attend clients and you go do the croquembouche Um ... I think I broke the door.

I held the door handle in my hand.

Sir, you want to try a cannoli with cream ?, fresh out of the oven.

No, thanks, give me half a croissant.

Excuse me?

Medium Croissant to take away.

Okay. Wait a minute ... Vivien?

Yes one moment.

That idiot wants only half a croissant.

And this gentleman wants the other half.

Let's try not to do stupid things. Sure, boss.

Oh ... Mrs. Tarrell wants the usual?

No, I would like to try a fruit cake Thank you. - It is a pleasure.

Good choice.

How is your sister?

Now much better, thank you for asking.

Your aunt is so surprised, you know? Thanks, that's very sweet.

\"What are you doing?\" \"Come on, sell half a cake, Because this is my half and is not for sale.

Do not worry, Mrs. Tarrell, I'll bring you another one.


Vivien, it's better if I come back in a better time.

Do not! You will not leave without your half-fruit cake.

Thank you and enjoy!

I congratulate you!

Does not matter. - What? Do not!

Do not forget the other half of the pasta.

Courage, let's go if you do not see the time to do it!

Force Vivien, we all have a dark side.

Wow! I'm surprised, I thought

From here I only hit durum wheat sweets!

Goodnight everyone.

From here I can only offer you durum wheat sweets.

Thank you Dave, but tonight I wanted something with fruit ... a cake!

Wow! Wow!

Come on, grant me a victory, I beg you. Just for this time.

-Okay. I can, I can do it, listen, -Ian, Ian, Ian ... look, listen I left a pack of pills in your bathroom.

You did not throw it, did you?

Dimitry, I can not have your experimental drug in my house.

That thing is very good. Is it good?

Yes. Listen, with that you will speak in five languages I do not know the side effects for now But you should definitely try it. Should I try it?

Yes. - I'm trying!

At least once

Thanks to the special gift I was born with And the generous tip you put in my hand I will have the pleasure of revealing your most intimate secrets about you. And to do it I just touch your shoes.

Are they redecorating?

I can not reach anything from here.

I have brought the documents for the extension of 3 months.

I just need a signature.

I do not know what happened, but he lost his head It's a difficult time ...

So, what do I bring you?

What do you have? Pancakes?

Yes, he wants it with maple syrup Or does he put that crap in his hair?

It's hard for both of us. We've lived parallel lives.

Our parents died in the same accident We were orphaned and ... Isabelle ... took us with her.

Because I'm telling you? You're the enemy.

Vivien, I'll do my best to help you, okay?

Banks always cover their backs with a thousand clauses But you can skip many times Do you know what the problem is? I trust easily.

I do not know if you speak like someone I just met As if you were my best friend, and create a relationship with you And you attract me so much as to make my guard down and then I ...

The maple syrup.

You're right.

If I want to create a relationship with you, some details are missing

That's better.

Not yet.

If it is okay Bad luck Hey, I do not know if you're up there, but I really need a helping hand.

... maybe I have an angel ...

Maybe a female angel, beautiful, sexy ... with white wings ...

Nothing Gothic.

Sit down.


Easy ... I know what I'm doing.

Now you are free.


Thank you.

I hope you are able to walk.

Walking will not help me Now that I've seen you, I'm floating in ... a ... cloud I said silly, I regretted it immediately My name is Daniella.

Ian Torbinski ... son of Jan Torbinski.

Heir of fame and fortune Of \"Torbinski: Plaster for Walls and Ceilings\".

That, I fix things, mostly those that are broken I'm good at fixing things and I get along with all the machinery Less than with people ...

Now I must leave my hand ... Ok ...

It has been a pleasure to meet you.

Chloe, are you okay?

Daniella, thank God you're here.

Was it a robbery or what?

I love your accent it reminds me of strawberries Listen, I need your brilliant ideas.

Ian! - I do not wanna talk about the pills again.

Listen out...

I've invested so much sweat and time into those pills.

A lot of hours of creativity.

Okay. And I'm going to throw them down the toilet if you keep talking

You know, I'll follow every step you take.

Until you decide to give them back to me

Welcome to my 50%.

Chloe, this is crazy Not Vivien, that's how

This is how I am going to put my ideas No one can put limits on me.

I have rights just like you.

50%, right ... and I'm staying with Uncle Dave Oh my God, what's going on here.

You like? It was my idea.

Yes, no, wonderful.

Ian ... You're hired.

Oh great. Um ... Actually, now ... I have to run

Good Morning.

Excuse me ... - Lenny.

Lenny ... how good is it to keep a secret?

I'm looking for the Five Leaves.

It's on Bedford Avenue. Two blocks ahead.

Thank you.

Professor Zubal, Good Morning!

He's my client! Professor Zubal Try a scone for breakfast.

They are made of wheat and almonds with cocoa and soy Rich in magnesium, it gives energy and raises the oxygen level Wow, I should call her a teacher, after this explanation.

But I have my doubts that the pigeons of McCarren Park Enjoy the magnesium. Thanks Vivien.

Is beautiful.

Sit back, Ian, get comfortable Oh my God, but ... Daniella? What a strange coincidence.

I see you like old houses as much as I do.

Daniella, you scared us. Treasure, is that you?

Mr. Stove, I'm so happy to let me Renovate your house. I am very happy.

Daniella, to see the bright eyes of Laura, It takes me back in time. It makes me want to go out and ... have fun.

I would love to keep that fireplace.

Do what you want, but please do not touch the floor.

We've always liked it the way it is, is not it, Rebecca?

Stove, what an absurd name, huh?

They are called Stove (stove) and are disturbing.

First she called Laura and soon after Rebecca Do not you find it a little strange?

Do you know that it is strange? It is strange that a boy I met with the foot caught in a basket Is following me everywhere, as if we were dating together

About going out with you ...

In my country a man has to conquer a woman To be with her!

We use the word \"Conqueror\". Is it clear?

I think it could be a yes.

Hi, Good afternoon Croissant?

I would have some chocolate.

Do you want it in the bottle?

It means to loot, pillage.

Pillage? Are not you going to pay for it?

I do not think that means that.

Hey, I have $ 5 to pick up.

What do you have?

Be good or you'll get five in your face He spoke the hard.

The cupcake does not discriminate. It does not irritate but eat

You people are so petty bourgeois.

Take a walk in the city, open your eyes.

People are looking for new things ... new ideas ...

You may be right.

You can not be right, it's the enemy now.

About the trip to the city.

\"You want when Ian returns, better.\"

Went back.

Thank you.

No, I had ordered a roll with raisins I knew the store before the renovation Now I'm totally lost.

Mrs. La Porte, I can give you the cake here if you wish.

You are useless.

Why do I have to work in such a place.

I only understand herbs.

Excuse me ... I was wrong or said he understands only the grass?

Well, my specialty was Pennington We used it in the stadium, now they sell it all over the world.

I have always been very innovative.

You are the man I was looking for.

Chloe is right, my clients are old, but here the young They look like Martians. Listen, that's not the problem.

I have observed you well, you can adapt to everything.

Yesterday you had maple syrup on your head, Tomorrow you will take lessons from Marciano.

Ok lets go there The question is: Is it worth it?

It depends on your priorities. You have to understand what your dreams are.

And follow that which interests you the most.

Seriously? - Clear.

Tell me which one is yours.

It will not be going to the funeral home asking for money from the dead.


Do not say anything.

And only married couples and politicians do it And it is clear that we are neither of the two things.

It's true, do you know what I think? I'll tell you, okay?

It may seem a bit absurd but ...

Please, do not say anything. Why?

I do not want to know you.

We should not share personal things because we hardly do it We will not be able to go back and go through life wanting to become a politician.

Excuse me, but you have problems with politicians?

Do you see it? You ask too many questions. It's better not to know.

I do not want to know anything about you. Look...

What a coincidence, we came to the business We're back.

No, wait a second ... Wait, stop.

We're not there yet, okay?

And to be honest, I want to meet you.

For starters, I am willing to tell you my secrets.

Do not.

Come on!

If you were at least able to admit That all the ideas that have led you to success are mine, Then I might consider giving you a hand.

What's going on? - The success.

Success does not come from ideas, but from how you sell them.

My memory has a limited capacity.

If they renew the premises again, send me to a hospice.

No uncle, he's staying here He has nowhere else to go. They will calm down.

Does this have sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds?

Do you feel the pectin? Chloe ...

Yes, it is a good source of zinc.

Ingested in large doses can make you more humble!

I'll prepare things for tomorrow.

Yes. I must go too.

I feel more humble now.

I love your accent. I said again humbly.


Well, well, well. A real appearance.

To what ... should I ...

... this strange visit?

Well, great! At this price ...

I can predict three things. Okay.

You care about the people around you.

You have dedicated your whole life to taking care of them.

You can not stand the idea That something bad could happen to them.

You hate those who are late.

And you have a great, immense passion for chocolate.

You are deeply attracted to For the idea of ​​putting your finger in a jar of Nutella!

Thank you.

Hey Viv, I'm going home, but I leave you a video.

You will find it interesting.

It's ready, you just have to play Well, we were all friends of your aunt Goodnight.


I am going to cover you in Omega 3. It increases the activity of the brain.

Now I do not even know where my brain is.

No no no no. Wait.

Guarani marmalade.

Yes, it is a natural source of Theobromine It will give you a sense of happiness.

I feel like a slice of toast.



Okay, okay, wait, wait.

The sticky paste could ruin the taste.

Okay, try it yourself.

Look, do not do it, do not hurry.

Rule number one: The longer you devote to bread, the better it tastes.

Why do you give me a hand?

I do not give you a hand It makes me nervous to see something wrong.

Why do not you give me a hand?

Because you have not made the right decision.

And this also affects me.

I want to keep my promise to Isabelle.

If I try to go home like this All the dogs in the neighborhood will try to lick me.

Yes, laugh ... Tilt the hair to Latin.

We have too much self-love.

Of course I feel lost, I feel more useless every day

Oh, Dave, it must have been amazing to sell grass in such a big stadium.

Ah. It's a job like any other The important thing is to keep your feet on the ground And at the same time, be invisible.

You can say it strong, my friend Yes Eh ... you want?

No, I do not smoke. And you should not do it either.

Oh, I know, I know I fell into my own trap.

Do you know what I miss the most? Read.

People do not realize that when they lose sight You can not read more. It's a tragedy.

Especially because he was reading \"Crime and Punishment\"

And I'll never know how it ends.

Oh, my friend ... it's really sad.

Conqueror ... Conqueror .....

If only ... just a minute.

I'm going.

What do you do? You can see them all. It's disgusting!

Oh, come on ... would not you?

Is not it something that you are passionate about? Mh?

No, I do not do it any more ... Chloe, I'm sure.

Aunt Isabelle always did. Chocolate was her life ...

Then the chocolate took its life.

But you left a shoe there.

It's not mine, it was Aunt Isabelle's.

Good luck for today.

It's going to be very difficult.

Why do not you wear your aunt's shoes?

Maybe they can help inspire you.

Hey, the deal is: I help you sell more and you come back with me.

No, if you help me sell more, I help you find recipes.

Daniella? Hey, you should not work more for the Stove.

Ian, I do not have time for jokes now, okay?

I do not kid, I think they're delinquents.

That surname is ridiculous, it's a cover Yes, true, an old man walking with a cane And a sweet old lady who could be your grandmother.

I am here because you must explain to me the story of the conqueror I did a Google search and the only results are ...

Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler.

In short, if it is what you want, it is beyond my means ....


Ian, look, just try to do the opposite.

Of what you usually do, okay?

I got rid of the glasses, that's ...

The opposite of my face ...?

Mr. Hurman?

Sir, I have studied the Moats business archive better.

And my conclusion is that we can reach an agreement.

And you came to this conclusion for yourself, Paul?

Yes, I have seen that we could make a repayment plan Based on the benefits of the company, thus should not close.

But why do we sponsor them?

It always locks up and the logo is not visible.

You are right sir, it is a fair observation.

Lord, could we give these people a chance It would also be good publicity in times like these.

In times like these?

Fuck you, Paul!

Gains are not made by granting opportunities.

You must strangle ... eliminate oxygen.

The extension is a bitch. You know it and they know it.

Stop twirling and end this.

I want that place in the market at the end of the month.

Sure, thank you Mr. Hurman I do not bother you anymore.

Today we are in South Brooklyn In one of the most picturesque places of the city.

But I'm not here to talk about your products ...

We'll talk later. Hi. - Okay Olive oil, Spanish ham And other jewels of Mediterranean cuisine Source of protein, carbohydrates to delay absorption, Of good and polyphenols, Excellent for nerves and brain.

After the publicity we will prepare a famous dish of the Mediterranean:


Vivien, do you have a moment? I need to talk to you.

Why do not I have some famous friends?

I would have won this battle a long time ago.

I know everyone in the neighborhood ... What?

No, nothing, is that until a few moments ago I was not sure, But I remembered something I noticed in a meeting.

Sorry, now I must ask: Which thing?

Y: Participants were alive or dead?

Dead, that's the point.

Only the dead can no longer realize their dreams.

Sounds like a gothic poetry.

Do you want to dinner with me tonight?

Of course, not dressed like that, we would not be a good couple It would seem that I am going to a trial. Then, what time happened?

Ahh ... Six? - Six.

And thirty. - Six and a half.

Five. And thirty-five. All right ... See you later.

Chamois ... Good choice.

Refined, flexible and very light And also very delicate.

Listen out. I need you to give me 3 tips. Please.

Come on.

Remember a daily use of olive oil Extend your life and decrease your risk of heart disease Hello, have you seen Daniella?

He's gone, he's got another job.

Hey, hey ... You did not say our name.

Not now, Dimitry, I'm busy.

Listen, I just want to warn you.

That these pills no longer need them Consider them a small gift.

To show my gratitude for what they have done for me Since I've been in this country.

Hello dave Dimitry, how grateful to hear your voice.

\"And it was worth it, after all what had happened\"

To deal with these new trivial difficulties?

It was worth, for example, to maneuver

\"To make sure Svidrigáilov would not go to Profirij?\"

Wow, I did not expect this.

It is difficult for me not to read in my language. So hard.

I would have no problem reading the original version In Russian, but you would not understand a word, it's useless.

Believe me, your Russian accent is perfect for this novel Please continue reading.


\"Was it worth investigating to determine the facts?

To waste time with someone like Svidrigajilov ... \"

We can not go out like this.

Should not it happen late in the afternoon?


I look like a special envoy to Palestine.

Where are we going?

Dinner with me. I reserved a table In the strangest restaurant in the city. You will love it.

I have dinner waiting for me at home, in the fridge Come on ... You're the only woman in the world that rejects me Rejects me and rejects me. The only one in the world.

The reason? Why are you a cocky idiot Which has used me to make plays But my store will never win Why did not you mention it, and you did not say where it is.

You're right. I forgot ... But I promise I'll say it tomorrow.

Let's have dinner.

I go.

But only because I'm hungry.

Hurry up!


It's all in the van.

Let's go to the store and then talk about the other assignment.

I think I have everything.

You're crying?

Do you see it? It works.

Do you cry because the fireplace works?

In vino veritas.

The fireplace reminded me of my grandmother.

I had one like this.

Your grandmother's house would be huge.

It was a beautiful stay ...

On the outskirts of Torres del Paine in Chile.

In the middle of mountains and glaciers ... At the end of the world.

They were the most beautiful dawns you could imagine.

I miss them every day, every day

Is the price to pay to be here ... and make my dream come true.

In any case ...

Now I'm here and I want to stay.

Why are you here?

People use mats ... to cover expensive floors.

If the original can be restored, Stove will love it.

I want to surprise you.

You know what? I have decided that I will give you a hand.

I mean, I'd love to ...

With your permission, could you ... help you?

Yes, Ok Thank you.

Crazy that you have chosen this place without knowing me.

She was my favorite when I was a child. She was coming with my parents.

Really? They had good taste.

You will not believe it, but I always dream about this: a walk in the park With a stranger who holds my hand while we eat lobsters.

What a coincidence!

In my dreams I usually fall down a cliff or something.

However, for a period, in the dream, there was a variation:

A band of mariachis appeared in the middle of the park.

Strange, is not it?

Thank God it's something you do not see.


Yes, Mariachis in Brooklyn, how crazy.

Behold, I can eat things without knowing what they are Clear. But how does it differ from what you do in your program?

Oh, I've forgotten the flowers.

We were open up two seconds ago!

Do you give this value to my flowers?

The problem of American women It's that they do not take Latinos seriously.

Do you think we have romanticism in DNA?

That for us everything is easy?

That it is enough to snap your fingers and that by magic They appear mariachi that ...

Oh, please, have mercy!

It is by far the most romantic thing a man has ever done for me!

Do not tell anyone it's so sweet Like when you say \"humble.\" Humble.

The night was better than I imagined.

I think in the next 3 minutes I will listen to the dream you wanted to tell me.

Oh, would you do that for me? Will you give me 3 minutes?

I'm willing to give you even 4, if the dream is interesting.


Last year he was in Spain, after the trail of Hemingway I was in Pamplona, ​​in the Irati forest.

I have slept in the Hotel Florida in Madrid, I was in Valencia ...

My dream is to go to Europe.

Although I always find a reason to avoid it.

But you have made it come true.

It's true, it's true, but I got stuck at the last moment He was exactly in the place where Hemingway called his father To tell her from her first novel, \"Now the sun shines.\"

I had my own manuscript under my arm, just finished I pulled away.

I could not imagine being a writer for life

... So I buried it.

You buried it? Yes.

Like the ostrich? So?

Yes, like the ostrich, in a garden, near a tree

I mean ... you went to Europe and wrote a book?


Kiss Me.


This must be the taste of dreams.

We have to save the business!

So I will keep the promise to Isabelle And we are going to go hand in hand with Valencia. Vivien ...

We have two months.

Paul, are you ... now wordless for the kiss?

You're going to tell me you're married.

It's not the soil I expected.

I hope the boys manage to put on new carpets Before the return of the Stove.

Could not you just do what they asked for?

Come on, it's late.


we're standing on a real opportunity here.

Since when do you speak Spanish? Yes.

Yes what?

Since you started looking at me with those green eyes.

But love is not something you see, it's something you feel.

Neruda ... Of course.

What is the opportunity?

If we remove the linoleum find the real floor.

Okay, let's try.

The secret to making bread is time and love.

And the olive oil.

Extra Virgin. - Okay.

We can add aspirin as an anticoagulant.

Good idea. I'm not going anywhere You will have to drag me by force.

Vivien, what's wrong?

Ask him. It's all his fault.

Hey, how have you dressed?

The bank has taken advantage of the law Which prohibits living in a place open to the public.

They will be evicted on Monday.

Tomorrow they close the door, we can not open, We'll get the keys.

Vivien, I've done my best, I've tried everything.

You know what I know, Paul.

You were right you The dead can not pursue their dreams.

Do you know what else I know? You've done enough.

This place is still ours for 24 hours.

Now go away from the store.

Hey, think on the bright side, You can go back to my show And insult me ​​for hours in front of everyone.

Because the positive side is always in your favor?

On the plus side, it's the plus side!

Wow, you have a brilliant mind.

Men are like gifts, the best is the wrapping.

And women are like melons ...

Do not you dare to finish the sentence or you'll never set foot here.

Neither will you on Monday.

Outside! Get out of my shop! Get out! Disappear!

Humble, humble, Oh, what an idiot!


Look, it's beautiful.

Show me that face again, princess.

Sometimes love can be seen in a single expression.

When you quote Neruda it's as if Bill Gates sang Julio Iglesias.

Let us raise the past between us.

The Stove ... You have to make up an excuse.

A broken pipe.

Yes, that's why we had to break the floor No, no, no, no, let's tell them the truth.

Yes. They will be delighted.

Need help?

Where did you take them from? Mike gave them to me.

Mike, she's Daniella, Daniella, I'll introduce you to Mike.

Oh! OMG!

Shh ...

Take it easy, darling. What will our guests think?

Oh, dear, what a beautiful surprise.

We did not expect to find anyone at this time of night.

Oh, but, go ahead, make it your home That's Mike, but I do not know the name of the other two.

Martha, why do not you go fix the tea?

Martha? Did Laura call you the other day?

Sit down.

Actually, we should go now.

We have many things to do, decorate and then we must ...

They force me to insist.

With two teaspoons of sugar.

If we add our years we reach almost 60 So I think we deserve a bottle of wine Which is at least the same age.

It's the best idea you've had this week.

I wanted to fulfill Isabelle's wish And instead, I destroyed everything.

So much effort for nothing.

But ... we had fun.

I always wanted to ... put a cake in your face.

And see you wearing my apron It made me feel winning, but just a little bit.

This is your apron?

Yes look...

I wanted to take it off a couple of times, But I always said that maybe ...

If I had known you would do this, I would not have told you.

What is the problem? Let me go.

Chloe, I'm ... I'm so sorry.

Isabelle said ... \"Take care of him.

It's the most precious thing we have \"

And he gave me this ... I thought that he meant the store.


At least now I know what it meant to her Because every time we were alone, she would say:

\"Vivien can do this, Vivien can do the other\" ...

That's why I wanted to crush the meringue in your face.

We have to save this place.

If we join forces, we will be invincible.

You are the best chef in Brooklyn and I know all the customers.

I know almost every customer. You hardly know one.

I'm seriously.

All right ... Yes They want to put the door seal without warning.

Let us surprise ourselves first.

Tell Ian and Dave, we'll meet at my house.

Dave ...

Dave should be here.

And I should be in bed, but when you sleep, life flies by You always wake up in the past.


I'm calling Ian. - Okay.

Baby, darling, this will make you feel much better.

To be honest ... I have a little bit of nausea and I do not ...

Greta is famous in this area for her herbal tea.


Do not...

"If nothing can save us from death, at least may love save us from life."

Ah ... it's pleasantly strong.

Clarifies the ideas ... What put you inside?


Ah, really? Arsenic ...

Well ... I remembered we really have to leave now.

It's late because I live far from here In Flatbush, opposite Central Police I do not know if you know Chief Tuller.

It's a dear friend ... He and I ...

Put on the jacket We take a bagel in the morning to start the day.

I think he's calling me, so I better answer Before they distribute hundreds of brochures with my face.

Thank you for everything, see you soon, bye, bye!

What a strange young man, Katherine, strange, indeed Five, four, three,

We did it ... We're safe.

Oh my God! Help! Help!

You have a perfume that drives me crazy, you know?

Wait here. I'm coming back soon.

What are you doing here on Sunday?

Well, now I'm sure I'd say I'm ruining people's lives.

That's what I want to hear. And the only way to greatness.

If you want to build your future on solid foundations Leave corpses behind you.

And the faster you learn it, the further you'll get


He left an hour ago.

She's been here all day. I sent her home to rest.

I can not believe I'm alive ... I swallowed arsenic.

Well, apparently Earlier you took a substance that has neutralized arsenic.

And the Stove? What happened to them? Tell me about them.

Your friend Tuller tracked down the phone.

And he came upon a surprise.

Ian! Ian! Oh I'm very sorry.

I promise I will not do experiments with the pills For the rest of my life. Dimitry ...

What? - Dimitry ...

What is it?

I love you so. - I also.

We've had differences, but now you're like my brother.

Okay. Dimitry? Okay.

Ok ... You know, I love you If I too I love you so. I love you...

It's worse than I thought.

Listen to Ian Yeah?

Are you leaving?

Dave will explain, but we will save the business.

Ok, okay Meanwhile, try to rest.

Thank you.

Stay with him. Bye.

We will never open the door with this.


Our dreams came to an end.

Maybe I can help, there are tools here

It is a great relief, Thank you very much!

Green light Tell me exactly how my pills have saved your life.

I want to give Chloe and Vivien a hand.

Now you must rest.

No, no, no, I've ruined Daniella's project The least I can do is try to save the store.

You're right ... Let's make us useful.

It's just what I was thinking. It all depends on us!

Yes! - I wanted to hear you say that!

Hey, but you gotta give me a hand to ... get this ...

I have these things in my arm That's all, ladies. You can come in.

One less thing to worry about.

Lenny, you saved our lives.

I am always for you.

So we have a lot to do and a little time

Okay, we need a touch of pleasure, guys. force

First you.

Damn ... It's very nice.

Good Morning!

Now we have to go through the neighborhood.

And we have to tell everyone that we need your help.

The bank must find a full house.

Good. I'm inside.

Yes Good.

Hello. - Hello Clear.

This chocolate is excellent Thank you very much

That way Please.

You already have? - Yes

Hi Nathan Sorry, I should have told you before ...

I'm not going to Europe anymore.

It should be me who apologizes.

Something happened that you need to know.

Hey welcome Sorry, Chloe, wait.

Look around, I can not, I'll be back soon.

I want to lend a hand.

Do you think you can take advantage of it in any way?

It's okay? - Chloe ... I'm sorry.

I want to help seriously.

Okay ... but I can not leave this place.


Must be big Chloe, Vivien ...

There they are.

Take. Take, take !.

Vivien Parker Moats? - Chloe Moats?

Yes, it's me. And I'm Vivien Parker Moats No, before they say anything, right in front of you Two women who defend the generations who came before them.

And remember our faces like the faces of bankruptcy!

For your failure!

For not finding a way to help the people who work.

Are not they wonderful?

They are worthy heirs of the inheritance of the woman who brought us here today I recommend that you keep calm and look at this.

Just a question, - what is it trying to know?

They have always worked at the local favorite Of Mae Josephine Coughlin?

They were surprised to learn that Al Capone's woman was always here!

That's why you sell, even now, cannoli?


Daniella! Daniella!

Today a ray of light has illuminated our difficult years.

Isabelle Boulangerie was officially recognized Historic landmark of Brooklyn and you will not be forced to close.

It is certainly a very sweet day for your customers.

I suppose the protocol allows me to tell you ...


And I suppose we should say: Thank you.

Do not thank me.

Irony wants a former employee The \"least convincing\" of all It is the one who made it into cultural heritage, without my knowing it Paul?

I was still paying And what were you looking for? The only solution that could save your store Namely, transform it into a historical place.

Because the wife of Al Capone bought here the cannoli ...

This country is adrift.

A cannoli?

My good will is not for sale.

Anyway ... enjoy it while it lasts ...

Because this place was doomed from the beginning.

Good morning, Mr. Hurman

Finally? - Finally.

Have spoken?

Do not respond to calls or messages.

You will have broken the phone or lost it.

Or have you lost your broken phone ... Okay, I'll shut up now He is the typical guy who does the opposite What you want me to do.

Can you handle them without me?

Oh my God, if you change your mind, I'll kill you.

I'm exactly where I want to be And I'm exactly who I want to be with.

Including my \"humble\" friend, back there.

I understand ...

Take care, man I would tell you to come back soon but it is inappropriate So get out of here.

Okay. - It's okay.

I want to see you leave already.


Chloe ... are you crying?

Yes and what?

... Crying is good for your health People do not believe it, but we release endorphins.

And then we feel better ... Why are not you in the lab?

I have to go. The show starts in an hour, remember?

I am still the star ... But now I am a humble star.

Ok, go, so you come back soon.

I would like to help, but I have accepted the fact of being useless I have the soul in peace and I feel much better.

I'm glad, but before I officially declare you unhelpful I need your help one more time.

I do not know what to say.

Not helping people, makes life easier

Well ... here we are.

Now would you mind telling me what this is?

Yes, I realize that I did not have much of a conqueror Try to die for you ...

A conqueror sends his friends to die But, in fact, I have to make a confession ...

I am not a true conqueror.

Ok ... and you brought me here to tell me this?

No, I brought you here to show you what I really am.

Do you mind if I spin you?

No, certainly You have to look in that direction, okay?

Okay, look in that direction.



Look, it's the dawn ... in Torres del Paine.

The Rocky Mountains ...

I told Dimitry ... Listen Just kidding

It is my home.


It is, without doubt, the most beautiful That anyone has done for me.

Aside from risking his life facing two assassins Oh, it was nothing.

It was not difficult

Are you sure it does not make a difference?

Try it, just for once.

"It was I killed the old pawnbroker woman and her sister Lizaveta with an axe and robbed them.

Ilya Petrovitch opened his mouth.

People ran up on all sides.

Raskolnikov repeated his statement..."

The end.

What an ending.

The only problem is it's been so long since I started it.

I don't remember who Raskolnikov is anymore.

Sounds like a rifle, huh? Kalatznikov.

Chapter 1.

“On an exceptionally hot evening early in July...”

Now you must ask yourself if there really is a book under there.

Or if it was part of the plan After I decided to read your shoe.


If you had asked me, I would have told you everything.

Because I'm a coward ... like an ostrich.

A coward would not save a damsel To disappear at night Before she can thank you.

Thank you.

If you go here You'll see that the things I told you that night are true.

I do not need to dig ... I believe in your words.

And because I have my own way of discovering the truth.