Balto III: Wings of Change (2004) Script


(music) The wind across the water

(music) A cloud across the skies

(music) The music in the echo

(music) Of the eagle as she cries

(music) The winter light at sunset

(music) The full moon on the rise

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) A mother's prayers to heaven

(music) A young boy's paper kite

(music) The breeze that brings the morning

(music) A comet through the night

(music) Aurora borealis

(music) As it sweeps across the skies

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) Time and stars and innocence

(music) Childhood's waking dream

(music) The spark that leaves a dying fire

(music) The trout that breaks the stream

(music) Oh, oh, oh, yeah

(music) La-la, la-la, la, la-la

(music) The sound of children's laughter

(music) When they're having fun... (music)

Whoa, there!

(music) The pride that leaps from heart to heart

(music) When a job has been well done

(music) The love of friends and family

(music) Shining from their eyes

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) Ah, ooh-ooh-ooh

(music) Ah, ooh-ooh-ooh (music)


It?ll come. You'll see.

It'll come.

Why does that have such a familiar ring to it?

I know. We've been coming here for the last three days.

At the crack of dawn. So it's been a little early.

But that's when I saw it.

Trust me. It'll be worth it.

(Chuckles) Well, wake me up when it arrives.

(Airplane engine growling)

That's louder than a wild-eyed grizzly!

Isn't it beautiful? Come on, Jenna.


(Jenna, panting) OK. It was... worth it.

Even if I am going to have a heart attack. Phew!

What is it?

(Balto) I don't know. But look at it go.

Don't you ever wonder what it's like up there, looking down on the world?

No, not me. I don't get how that big steel whatever-it-is can fly like a bird.

But what a feeling.

You wanna be up there, flying?

Sometimes, in my dreams, I'm soaring above the clouds, free.

(Yapping and panting)

(Bell ringing)

(Man) Dipsy!

You're not getting into anything, now, are you girl?

Didn't think so. Good girl.

It's a disaster, mayhem, a catastrophe.

Hey, Mel. I brought you a treat from the store.

Thanks, Dipsy, but I can't eat a thing.


Nervous stomach. Good.

I already ate it. So, what's news?

News? Don't you know the mail is late?

Honey, it's late at least once a week. Why worry?

I'm not worried. I'm just reasonably concerned.

I'm frantic. Why are the dogs late with the mail?

Uh, they're playing bridge? No. I'll tell you why.

Something terrible must have happened.

What if the dogs went right over a cliff?


Or they coulda been buried in an avalanche.

Mel, calm down.


No, they're probably out there right now, bleeding and torn to shreds after a vicious attack by grizzlies.

Oh, my.


I think I feel a migraine coming on.

I think I'll join you. (Airplane approaching)

What in the name of Yukon Jack is that?

What the heck is it?

(Mel) Trouble. That's what it is.

Yah! Yah!



Mush! Mush!

(Dogs barking)

Whoa, whoa!

We're late again. What's the big deal?

We're just running the mail, not saving the town.

Like your old man. Zip it, Ralph.

We would have been on time if you hadn't been dragging your butt.

Me? I've got a broken toenail and it's driving me crazy.

Besides, Kirby kept yanking to the right.

I had a lousy breakfast this morning. I got no energy.

It wasn't our fault. Hello. The ice was slippery.

Everybody knows the snow is treacherous in the spring.

Yeah. That's it. The snow's getting soft.

Warmer weather, mushier snow.


But that's no excuse for being late.

Everyone counts on us.

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor hail will stop the U.S. Mail.

Yeah. What are they gonna do? Fire us?


Rookies. They're all the same.

Look, Kodi. Bottom line - we got the mail to Nome.

Enough said.

(Man) Mail's here, Mr. Conner. Hey there, Mr. Simpson.



I'm OK.

Looks like the mail finally arrived today.

(Chuckles) Very funny, Balto. You know Kodi is proud of his new job.

He does get that gleam in his eye.

Hi, Dad. Hi, Mom.

Looking good out there, son. You think so?

I've been practicing on the beach. I'm kind of...

Well, I'm hoping to get a chance at lead dog. Like you, Dad.

Well, you keep working hard and I'm sure you'll get there.

It's here. My God, it's here.

What's here?

Hey, boy. A dog welcoming committee, huh?

Why don't you guard my plane?

I'll be back soon.

What is that thing? Watch it, Balto.

Dad, don't go getting any ideas.


You think I'd just hop in and go for a flight?

Yes. You're right. I would if I could.

I got a bad feeling about this.

When don't you have a bad feeling?

(Geese honking)

Guess we can agree that spring is officially here.

So where's Boris?

(music) Boris singing heartily in Russian)

(music) Singing continues)

(music) Gargly singing and laughter)

(Female voice) (music) Be-ba-ba ba-doo ba

(music) Wah-wah, mmm

(music) Ba-ba-a-am (music)


(music) Ba-wah-wah, whoa (music)

Morning, big boy.

Your moving is getting me grooving.

Oh, you cannot see I'm taking personal bath here?

You bet your little patootie.

But I figure two in a bath is a whole lot more fun than one.

The name's Stella.

I just flew in for the summer.

It's my first trip to Nome and I like what I see so far.

What's your name, big boy?

Boris. But my friends are calling me...


All right, honey. Boris it is.

That's a strong, handsome name for a strong, handsome goose.

(Chuckles) So, where are you from, Boris?

I can tell it's not from around here.

I am living in Nome for a long, long time but I was born in Russia.

Really? Cos you don't have an accent at all.

I was hoping to see the picturesque sites here.

Then later, you can show me this one-horse town.

That can be arranged.


(Laughter and whooping)

Hold it! Hold it!

Uncle Boris!

Enough. Enough! Put me down.


Play with us, Uncle Boris. Give it a go, please?

No. No!

Not another game of... Slosh!

Absolutely not. No slosh. No.

No. No.

All right, Luc, on three. Maximum velocity.

One... No!

Two... No! Nyet! Hold!


(Boris) No! No! Nooo!

(Boris screaming)


Enough! Enough! Enough!

How many times am I telling you? Stop what you are doing.

But wasn't that fun, Uncle Boris?

Fun? Fun is birthday party.

That was big pain in tush.

I say "stop", you go.

I say "no more", you do more.

What? You have rocks in your head?

(Muc) No. I'm all clear. Can't say the same for Luc, though.

(Boris) Sit down when I am talking to you.

There's a goose with guts.

Now, go away and do not come back for 40 or 50 years!

Yes, Uncle Boris. Right away.

See you tomorrow.

Phew. My, my. Boris, baby.

You weren't afraid of those big, bad bears.

You are one loose goose.

Afraid of Muc and Luc?

They are just a c...

No, of course not.

What should a goose fear from a bear?

We are more smart, more bold...

And more cute.

So, big boy, what do you say we do a little flying together?

Say, around sunset?


Fly with you?

Is that a yes?

Uh... Wh...

See you then, hot stuff.

Oh! What have I done?

Balto! Balto!

Wake up. Eyes open.

What? What? What's up?

Repeat after me -

"Boris, come right away. It's an emergency."

What emergency?

No. Say like this -

"Boris, come right away. It's an emergency!"

Now you go.

First tell me what's going on.

Is terrible. I'm going on date with gorgeous goose.

Now, that is scary.

And she's wanting me to fly with her but I do not fly.


Boris, you goof. Why don't you just call it off?

I... I...

You're really hooked, aren't you?


Wow. She must be something.

Here is my plan. I go on date, I charm Stella, then you come, get me before she finds out I do not fly.

Is good, no?

Here's my plan. You learn to fly.

Is terrible plan.

Why? What's wrong with it? I already know how to fly.

You're kidding, right? Not right.

You know how to fly? Since when?

Look at me. I am bird. All birds can fly.

You just came here begging for my help because you can't fly.

I do not fly. I did not say I could not fly.

All right. I'll bite. What's the deal here?

I'd give my eye teeth to fly just once.

Why don't you?

The flying part is not hard.

It's where you go when you do it.


I hate heights.


Wait a minute. Are you saying that you're afraid of heights?

No. Of course not.

Just a little.

Come on, Boris. I have an idea.

(Balto) Don't worry. This'll work.

(Boris) "Don't worry," he says. Ha!

There. What do you see?

Nothing. What do you think I see?

Flap around like this for a while and you'll get used to the feel of flying.

Then you'll forget that you're up in the air.

You know, this makes sense, in absurd, illogical way.

(Boris) Ah! Ahhh!

That's it! You're doing it.

You're doing great! How does it feel?

Not bad, except I have no idea where I'm going!

(Loud crash, Boris yells)


Keep going! Keep going!

Is working! Is working!

You got it. Now, open your eyes.


Ah! What do you know? I am flying.


I am one hot goose.

I'm not sure Stella's gonna see it that way.


I am good. I am the goose.

(Crash, Boris screams)

(Mr. Conner) Duke, you make a good argument.

Maybe we should give it a try.

(Duke) it?ll be an honor to work for you and the U.S. Mail, Mr. Conner.

OK, this is really horrible. Devastating.

Besides that, give me the particulars.

We gotta spread the word. And what word would that be?

That the mail is gonna be delivered by that flying whatever.

The sled dogs are through. Canned. Fired. Out on their butts.


Dipsy, we're gonna have to activate the E.D.A.S.

And what would that be?

Numbskull! The Emergency Dog Alert System.

Ohhh. Oh, yeah.


(Barking continues)

(Resounding barking)



(Tapping sounds, icicles shattering)

(Dogs barking)


(Barking continues)


(Dogs barking)

(Barking increases)

(Dogs howling)

(Barking in distance)




Oh, now what?

(Kodi) We have to deliver the mail. (Kirby) Dogs have always done it.

I don't know how to do anything else.

If we don't deliver the mail, who will want us?

(Man) Mr. Conner, there must be something we can do to keep delivering the mail.

(Mr. Conner) The bush pilot makes a good case.

(Man) It isn't fair. (2nd man) It's not right.

(3rd man) We need our jobs. (4th man) We've always delivered...

(Kodi) What are they saying? Tell us.

Is it good news, bad news, what?

OK. The mushers are talking to Conner.

That's bad. That's gotta be bad.

And, he's saying that airplanes are faster than dogs.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Now he's saying air mail is the wave of the future.

Oh! It's worse than I thought.

Hold on a minute. OK.

All right. This could be interesting.

Oh, my. Oh! Um... Huh?

What the...? Whoa.

(Dipsy) Yikes.

Oh, my.

(All) What?

The postmaster's agreed to a race to see who's faster, the bush plane or the dogs.

We're saved. We'll beat the tail off of that bush plane.

Are you crazy? Have you seen how fast that monster flies?

We can't afford to lose. No kidding.

We need somebody fast and experienced to lead us in the race.

You can count on me.

What? What?

Well, Kirby, it's just...

We don't need fast, we need really, really fast.


Oh, yeah. Yeah, you're right.

The fastest dog in Nome.

The most famous dog in Nome.

My dad.

That's... Oh! That's good.

Now back. Stay down, brows.

Get bee wax, maybe make better.

Now I looking good.


Not good now.

(Stella) Well, hi there, flyboy.

You're right on time.

I did not want to miss a minute with you.

Mmm, a goose with intelligence.

Let's hit the skies, big boy.

Why rush things? Let us take time to be getting to know each other first.

We can catch up in the air.

Flying really gets my feathers tingling.


Wait, I am... I cannot... I have...

I have a crick in wing.


No. I am meaning my other wing.

Ah! Ow! Oh! Ah...

Sit down, Boris.

Let me tell you something.

(music) I've been around the pond a time or two

(music) I've done my share of migrating

(music) When I look at you, I enjoy the view

(music) You set my little wishbone to palpitating

(Honking) Come on down, boys.

(music) I'm a goose

(music) On the loose

(music) On the prowl for a handsome fowl

(music) You've got the style, got the form

(music) Got the big strong wings to keep me warm

(music) I know what I like

(music) And I like what I see (Boris giggles)

(music) How'd you like to do a little flying with me?


(music) I ain't no quail (music) Wah-wah-ooh

(music) You ain't no chicken

(music) Wah-wah-wah-waaah

(music) You've got my heart doing more than ticking

(music) I'd like to rest against your chest

(music) Aah-ooh (music) We could build ourselves a sugar nest

(music) Oh, can't you feel we've got some chemistry?

(music) Don't you wanna try a little flying with me?

(music) Wah-wah-wah (music) Beak to beak

(music) Wing to wing (music) Wah!

(music) We could have ourselves quite a fling

(music) Tail to tail, feather to feather

(music) Don't you think we oughta flock together?

(Geese) (music) Wah-wah wah-waaah

(music) I'm the goose (music) Goose

(music) With the juice (music) Juice

(music) Wah-ooh (music) Mr. Gander, let's meander

(music) On my own up here in Nome

(music) I'm a chick who's oh-so-far from home Awww!

(music) We could honk in harmony

(music) Come on up and do a little flying with me

(music) Where the air is rare

(music) And the wind blows free

(music) Come on up and do a little...

(music) Do a little

(music) Come on up and do a little...

(music) Flying with me (music)

Let's you and I get down and fly, flyboy.

(Geese) (music) Bye-bye! (music)

(Balto) Boris! Boris! Huh?

It's an emergency.

Balto! It's about time.

Ah, is Balto. Always in trouble, this dog.

If I'm not bailing him out, then he is kaput.

Maybe we fly some other time.

But, but, but...

You must be the famous Stella.

And you must be the famous Balto.

The trouble dog. Boris...

Come. We take care of emergency. Come.

Goodbye, Stella! Huh?

Bye... Boris.

Bravo, Balto. Magnificent.

Except for talking too much at end.

Hee-hee! We fooled her.

Boris, I wasn't faking it.

There really is an emergency.

A big race. The mail dogs against the bush plane.

Whoever wins gets to deliver the mail to Nome.

They want me to lead the dogsled team.

So what is problem?

I've chased that bush plane. I can't beat it.

That could be problem.

(Dogs cheering)

(Ralphy) We'll beat that plane paws down, now that you're lead dog.

Listen... We're behind you 100 percent.

(Dipsy) To the max! 100 percent!

If anyone can do it, you can.

Everyone, listen. I've seen it fly.

We have to consider the possibility...

Let's do the call!

(All howling and barking)

(Howling and barking continues)

Yes, this is good. Very good.

You think a bunch of dogs can beat an airplane?

Of course not. Is impossible.

Oh. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

If you think we're gonna lose, why are you so happy?

Because I have solved my Stella problem.


Let me guess. You're gonna tell her the truth.

Are you crazy?

Ah! Oy! The pain!

The pain! Oh!

An old migratory injury is back.

What migratory injury? You've never migrated anywhere.

What does it matter? If I'm in pain, I cannot fly, yes?

(Dog howling)

What are you doing here? It's late.

I just thought I'd say hello.

(Laughs) You couldn't wait until morning?

I thought you'd miss me too much.

Always. So, what's up?

With me? Nothing.


I don't know. It's just...

Well, you saw that plane. It's so fast.

I can't...

There's no way to keep up with it.

How can I look Kodi in the eyes if we lose?

You're his father. He loves you.

He knows me as the town hero.

The great Balto who saved Nome.

What happens when I'm the same Balto who loses the mail run?

Oh, Balto.

(music) You don't have to be a hero

(music) You just have to be there

(music) He doesn't need to know you're perfect

(music) He needs to know you care

(music) And when the race is over

(music) You've done all you can do

(music) Be a father, not a hero

(music) That's all he needs from you

(music) You don't have to be a winner

(music) If you give it your best

(music) Believe in who you are

(music) And then time can do the rest

(music) Your heart is his example

(music) Brave and strong and true

(music) You don't have to be a hero

(music) You just have to be you

(music) Trust in your son

(music) He's more than he seems

(music) Like you, he can run

(music) Like you, he has dreams

(music) Ooh-ooh-ooh

Whatever happens, Balto, you'll always be his hero.

(music) Have faith in yourself, my love

(music) Have faith in him too

(music) He will always have a hero

(music) He will always have a hero

(music) For he'll always have you (music)



It's OK, boy. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Wait a minute, I saw you this morning. Balto?

Heh. Heard a lot about you, boy.

Quite a hero around here.

You saved a lot of lives in that diphtheria scare.

I can't figure out how you found your way back here with the medicine.

That was some storm.


Come on. It's OK.

You seem to like my plane, huh, boy?

I call her the Tundra Express.

Nothing can beat being up there, soaring above the clouds, free.

(Stella) More seeds, Boris?

(Boris) Maybe just a few.

Is that better?

A little.

That must have been some fight you were in, hot stuff, if you're still feeling it all these years later.

You've heard of bald eagle?

He wasn't bald till I finished with him.


So, honey, what else can I do to get you back on your wings?

Well, I do have this itch.


Oh... oh...

Little to the left.


To the right.

How's this?


When you're better, we can fly around.

Who knows what could happen then?

Say, tomorrow?

The pain! Oh, the pain!

Oh, it's excruciating.

Ohh. Mmm.

(People chatting excitedly)

Are you ready? I'm ready. Are you ready? Cos I'm ready.

Something tells me he's ready.

This is gonna be great, Dad.

Good luck, you two.

Luck? Ha! Like that will make a difference.

Mr. Optimism.

That's why I like having you around.

Always a pleasure.

Why are you here, anyway? I thought you'd be with Stella.

Believe me, I'm going right away back.

Did she fall for that ridiculous story of yours?

I have her eating out of wing.

(Clears throat)

Oh, oh, the pain!

(Laughs) I tell you, Balto, I am having cake and eating it too.

(Balto) Uh, Boris...

Whoever called me a silly goose will eat his words.

Boris! Stella is treating me like a king.

I just have to keep this up for summer.

I am made in the shade.

I am a genius.


It is a miracle! I am suddenly all better.

So, you're a big, fat liar.

You're just another slick bird honking out of both sides of his beak.

Stella, listen to me.

And make a bigger fool of myself?

No. Your goose is cooked. (Honks angrily)

Ouch. I-I can explain.

You don't know whole story. (Stella honking)


(Boris) Ow! No! Oh! Ooh!

Well, well, couldn't happen to a nicer bird.

Have a good ride, flyboy.

(Boris, muffled) Hey!

Hello! Anybody!

Here's your mail, Mr. Simpson. Good luck to you.

Thanks, Mr. Conner. (Dogs barking)


Attention. Attention, everybody.

The U.S. Mail is now aboard both the dogsled and the bush plane.

The winner'll be the competitor who is first to deliver the mail safely to the town of White Mountain then returns to Nome with the new bag of mail.

(All cheering) All right, everybody. On your mark, get set...

(All cheering) Ha! Hey! Hey!


(Switches clicking)


Come on. (Engine growls, then stutters)

Come on.

(Starter motor whirring)

(Engine starts)


Go! Go! Go!

Hey! Ow! Ahh!


Ooh! Ooh!

My toenail. It's killing me.

We gotta slow down.

Or not.

Kirby, you're pulling me again.

Me? You gotta be kidding.

Keep in line, boys. (Kirby) You got it, Balto


(Balto) All right, everybody. Move those feet.

(Kodi) Come on, everybody.

(Balto) White Mountain. There it is.

Oh, no.

(Kodi) I don't believe it. (Kirby) How'd he do that?

(Dusty) What are we gonna do now?

Hey, the race is only half over.

Don't give up now.

Ha! Hey!

Mail delivery, sir.


Thanks, Duke. Here's the return batch.

(Starter motor whirring)

(Engine stuttering)


(Engine starts)


Wait a minute. Hold the wire. Where am I?



(Engine stuttering)

(Engine stops)

Here's the mail from Nome, sir.

Thanks. Let's load you up for the return trip.

White Mountain? How did this disaster happen?

This mail goes right back to Nome.

Good luck to you.

Balto! Balto! Take me home!

(Dogs barking)

No! No!

I am stuck in White Mountain.

I'm going to spend the rest of my days in White Mountain.

I'm going to die of boredom in White Mountain.

(Banging) I am...


Going home!

Sled team already left. What's your holdup?

Ice. Gotta get it off the wings before I can fly.


(Starter motor whirring)

(Engine stuttering)

(Engine starts)



Oh, I wonder how far they are by now?

Well, assuming they didn't get lost or get attacked by bears or Balto didn't break his leg or the mail didn't fall out of the sled or Kodi didn't barf or...

Never mind.

Look at what the dog dragged in.

Triple A, number one, first quality beef jerky.

And did old Guntersson see a thing? Absolutely not.

You know, I am getting so good, I scare myself. Anyone?

Eat? At a time like this?

Go ahead, Dipsy. (Muffled) Thanks.

I don't mind if I do.

(Humming and munching)

(Dogs barking)

I can't see my nose in front of my face.

That's good. Cos it's ugly. Very funny, wise guy.

What if we don't catch up? What if we lose?

(Dusty) That plane's gotta be halfway to Nome by now.

Nobody quits on my team.

Nobody. Move, move, move!

(Howling and barking)


Other reason I do not like to fly.

I'm about to lose my lunch.

(Balto) Do you hear that? (Kodi) The plane engine?

We're catching up.

I can't see it. It's up there, all right.

And we're beating it.


(Howling and barking)

Whoa, there.

Come on, Dusty. You got it.

I'm OK.

Do you hear the plane anymore, Dad?


Where the heck am I?

Come on, baby.


(Mel) They should have been back by now.

I knew it. They're in trouble.

Please, Mel, don't get started.

(Grinding sounds)

The plane. It's gonna win?

Oh, brother.

Well, where is it?


Wait. What happened? (Grinding)

Wait a minute. That's the sawmill.

Not the plane?

(Howling and barking)



(Jenna) They won! (Dipsy) They did it?

I don't believe it.

(People cheering)

Easy, easy.

(Cheering continues)

Did we beat the plane, Mr. Conner?

Congratulations, Mr. Simpson. You've done it.

You're the winners.


(People cheering, dogs barking)

(Kodi) Yeah, we beat that plane. Kicked its tail.

Yeah! If this doesn't prove us dogs rule... what does?

Thanks for saving our jobs, Dad.

For the time being.

What do you mean?

I don't think that's the last of the bush planes, son.

Their day is coming.

How can you say that? We beat him.

This time, Kodi.

But I've seen them. We can't do this every time.

You're just wrong.

It's what I think.

You know how much this job means to him.

Yeah, I know.

Where's Boris?

I thought Mr. Positive would be here celebrating with us.

Maybe he made up with his new girlfriend.


You know, I don't get it.

Duke should be here by now.

A little bad weather and that yellow-bellied plane flies south for winter.

He'll show up with his tail between his wings.

I know what's wrong. He's a sore loser.

(All laughing)

What could be wrong? We still have our jobs.

Yeah. Yeah, we do.

And we're gonna keep them. Come on, let's go.

What are you doing out here? The party's on the beach.

I'm just wondering what happened to Duke.

Are you really worried?

Balto! Balto!

(Panting) It was awful. It was terrible.

Did I say it was awful?

There we were, fishing the river, just minding or own business when it... attacked!

What attacked?

The monster.

(Growling and shrieking)

Wait a minute. A monster?

We could barely see it through the fog but we could hear it getting closer and closer.

We didn't stick around to introduce ourselves. We bolted!

But it chased us, growling and snarling, until finally, it pounced out of the sky.

If Luc hadn't yanked me out of the way, we would have been... crushed. (Both wail and sob)

Where's this... monster now?

Out there.

Stuck in the snow.

That's how we escaped.

It pounced out of the sky?

And the snarling, was it really loud?

Loud? It was louder than a wild-eyed grizzly.

(Both) The bush plane.

(Thudding and creaking)

(Boris moaning)

Ay! Ow! Oh!

I must get help.


(Wind whistling)

(Kirby) Balto, you don't even know the plane is out there.

Your sources are a couple of mentally challenged polar bears talking about a monster.

Need I say more?

I just have a hunch.

It's worth finding out, right?

I don't get it. We won the race, fair and square, and now you want us to help the enemy?

He's not the enemy.

He's a man. A nice one.

But Dad, he is the enemy.

He wants to take away our jobs.

It's not our fault that plane's unreliable.

Not to mention loud and smelly.

Yeah, kinda like you, Ralphy boy.

(All laughing)

This is serious.

That plane is out there somewhere.

We're the only ones who can help. That just proves our point.

The difference between a dog and a machine is dogs are tough and reliable.

I thought the difference is only one has a heart.

I'm not gonna let Duke freeze to death.

Who's coming with me?


I don't even think he's out there.

But my job is to deliver the mail.

I'm sorry you see it that way.

Dad, wait.

Balto the trouble dog, right?

Hey, Stella. Sorry, but I'm kinda busy.

Tell Boris that I'll be gone for a while.

But Boris is why I'm coming to see you.

Not that I'm interested but did you see the bum come back?

Come back? Where'd he go? I thought he was with you.

Let's say he took an unscheduled flight on that bush plane.

Served him right, the stinker.

Boris was on the plane?

I saw him get packed on myself. Don't ask.

Stella, I think...

Well, I think the plane crashed.


As fast as you can, boys. It's gonna be a cold night.

Er, you're positive when we get back there the monster won't get us? Trust me.

I don't even know why I'm going on this rescue operation, that lying, untrustworthy ball of feathers.

You know, he's nuts about you. Really?

Did he say something?

He only said that you were more beautiful than a wild rose and more luminous than the northern lights.

He didn't say that.

No, he didn't, but I know it's what he thought.

And how do you know so much?

I've known Boris since I was a pup.

He may be a pain in the butt but he's...

He's the dad I never had.

Yeah, a pain. That's what he is, all right.

I wish I'd never laid eyes on that lying beak of his or that little cute waddle when he walks or that feather that sticks out in that funny way on his neck, you know?

I was the one who chased him onto that plane.

If anything happens to him, I'll never forgive myself.

At this rate, we won't get there till next spring.

Say, fellas, why don't you tell me where the plane went down so I can fly there?

Good idea.

Let's see. The frightening monster ran amok at...

I mean, the bush plane attacked us by Bear Claw Rock, just past Falcon's Peak.

Got it. Bear Rock, Falcon's Peak.

Wish me luck, boys.

(Laughs) Good one, Luc. Got beat by the spring snow.

There's gotta be soft patches all over the...


Would you look at that? Stella's found them already.

She's better than I thought.

Bear Peak, Falcon Rock?

Whatever it was you told me, I have no clue where I'm going.

I'm just here on vacation.

I guess that leaves you out as our tour guide, then.

Come on. Let's get going.


(Man) Something's happened to the plane. (Woman) Let's send out a search party.

(2nd man) Where to look? (3rd man) It could be anywhere.

Do you know how much open territory there is between us and White Mountain?

No, but I bet you're gonna tell us. Millions of miles.

They'll be looking for it for weeks.

Listen, if anyone can find him, Balto can.


Kodiak, come here.

Yeah, Mom.

I thought you went with your dad.

No, I didn't.

You mean your dad's out there alone?

Why didn't you go? Well, I...

I don't know. I don't know why he's even looking.

There is a man out there, maybe dying.

We could have lost our jobs because of that man.

You think your job is worth more than a life?


I should have gone with Balto.

Do you think Uncle Boris is OK?

He's probably griping about what's taking us so long.

Come on, let's pick up the pace.

Right. Onward. Onward.




Their hearts are in the right place.

They are kinda cute, if you have a thing for polar bears.




(All screaming)

This is no time to be playing games.

(Muc) Help! Stella!

Quick, grab my leg.

What was I thinking?

Hang on, Balto!

Muc! Luc!

Hang in there, boys. There's got to be a way out.

I'll fly ahead and look for something.


Reverse! Reverse!

Go the other way! Trouble ahead?

Depends how you feel about waterfalls.


What are you trying to do? Give me a stroke?

Because you did. That's it.

No more white water adventures. No more.


It's a deal.


I ache in places I didn't know I had.

Come on, you sore from that little run?

And you aren't? Me?

Don't be ridiculous. (Twang)

The big talker.

Hey-hey. Our newest teammate.

Listen, guys, I've been thinking.

Maybe the pilot really is lost.

Joining the other side?

Of course not. I'm one of you. It's just...

(Kodi) Well... the temperature's dropping.

He's just a human. He could freeze to death.

So? He shoulda thought of the risks before he challenged us to a race.

Yeah, but... You're either with us or against us.

All I ever wanted to do was be a part of your team.

Bringing the mail and supplies is about helping everyone.

And when somebody really needs our help, we're sitting on our butts.

If this is what it means to be a mail dog, I'm not sure that's what I wanna be.

Any more, Balto? Sorry, Stella.

So, now what?

Well, I think I know where we are.

Think? Why don't I like the sound of that?

(Muc) I know where we are. Much too close to moose territory.

You have a thing about mooses?

Everybody knows bull moose are mean. (Whimpering)

Mean and stubborn. And did I mention those antlers?

Sharp and big. Sharp and strong.



See how dangerous they are?

I'm guessing the river pushed us past Bear Rock.

I can't tell from here how far we need to backtrack.

Stella, can you take a look around?

Bear Rock looks like... well, a giant bear.

You don't say.

Back in a flash, fellas.

I see it! I see it! I'm going over.

(Gasps) Boris...


Where are you?

It's there. I saw it. The plane.

No sign of Boris.

Come on, let's go.

Through moose territory?

(Luc whimpering)

Luc says we're doomed if we meet one of those bull moose.

The faster we go in, the faster we come out.

Come on.

(Muc) You know, they only have two moods - angry and very angry.

Move those buns, fellas.

(Balto) No. (Muc) Uncle Boris.



Look, we don't want any trouble.

We're just passing through.

You talkin' to me?

Our friend down there might be hurt.

You talkin' to me?

We just wanna get by.

I just wanna know if you're talkin' to me.

Here's a newsflash, genius.

We're talking to you!


Whoa, whoa, buddy, please.

This is an emergency. We don't want any trouble.

I think you're talkin' to me.

Now he gets it.

(Both screaming)

Pull, Luc. Pull harder.

You talkin' to me? No. Course not.

Just talking amongst ourselves.

I think you're talkin' to me.





Balto, talk to me, honey.

Come on, sugar. This isn't a good time for a snooze.


Hey, lamebrain! >


You're standin' on my turf.

You talkin' to me?

Am I here to amuse you?

You see any other lamebrain moose here?

Yeah. I'm lookin' at one.

(Thunderous crashing)


He's alive. Boris?

Where are you?

Maybe he wasn't on the plane after all.

But I could swear he...


Boris? Can you hear us?

Uncle Boris! Uncle Boris!

(Stella) Flyboy?



Luc says he's found him.


(Deflated honk)


Boris. Boris.

Come on. Wake up.

Come on, big boy. Don't you give up!

You owe me an apology!

What...? What... What am I doing here?

Uncle Boris.

(Laughing gleefully)

What? What? All right, already.

I almost die once. It was enough.

Easy does it, Luc.


Oh, the plane. It was terrible.



We'd better get him home.

What about the pilot?

Duke! You guys go on ahead.

But what about you? It's getting cold out.

I'll be fine. Just take care of Boris.

Come on, we're going to take Uncle Boris home.



What are you doing here? How...?

How did you know?


Darn leg.

Guess I won't be walking back to Nome.



(Cracking and rumbling)


Hang in there, boy.


(Rope creaking)

(Dogs howling)

Now what?



We heard you had a special delivery for Nome.


Right on time, son.

(Dipsy) Whoo! It is cold, cold, cold, huh?

I don't know. Balto's been gone a while.

Eight hours, 41 minutes and counting.

Don't count him out.




(All howling)




(Man) I don't believe it! (Woman) Hallelujah!

(Excited chatter)

Balto saved my life. He and the other dogs.

Good dogs.

Good boy, Balto.

That's my team.

(Woman) I can't believe it!


I knew he could do it. I lost my appetite.

(Boris) I still am not believing you came looking for me.

Is it maybe because you still like me?


Or maybe it's because I had a few more things to get off my chest.

I forgot to say you were a rotten, lying, good-for-nothing snow goose.

Wait, wait! Stella!

Bye, Boris. It's been an education.

No, Stella, come back!

Do not go. Please. Stella!


Now, that's more like it.

I... Well...

The truth is I am a low-altitude flyer.

What are you talking about?

I hate heights.

That is why I lied to you.

That was the problem?

It wasn't me? You?

What could be wrong with you?

You are perfect.

So you did notice.

Now, let me get this straight.

All this fuss was because you don't like to fly?

No matter what I answer, I sound foolish.

Well, the way I see it, having a grounded goose for a boyfriend sure beats having a lying, cheating, double-talking, no good, high-flying, fair-weather fowl...

Did you say boyfriend?

Among other things.


Would you do me the honor of joining me for a little midnight swim?

Swimming at midnight?

I like it already.

(Geese honking)

(Chuckles) Did Dad tell you when he saw you leading the others it was one of the proudest moments of his life?

Yeah, well, not in so many words but I got it.

Hey. Hey, there he is!

(Airplane approaching)

Living out a dream.

Nothing like it, huh, boy?

(music) The wind across the water

(music) A cloud across the skies

(music) The music in the echo

(music) Of the eagle as she cries

(music) The winter land at sunset

(music) The full moon on the rise

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) A deer across the meadow

(music) A rabbit on the run

(music) The young colt with a flashing tail

(music) Leaping for the sun

(music) A million crystal snowflakes

(music) Dance before your eyes

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) Time and stars and innocence

(music) Childhood's waking dream

(music) The spark that leaves a dying fire

(music) The trout that breaks the stream

(music) A mother's prayers to heaven

(music) A young boy's paper kite

(music) The breeze that brings the morning

(music) A comet through the night

(music) Aurora borealis

(music) As it sweeps across the skies

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) The moment that we first appear something in us sees

(music) We tell the world with arms unfurled

(music) Give me sky, give me wings

(music) Oooh-ooh-ooh

(music) When we lift a heart with goodness or lend a helping hand

(music) We share the load upon the road

(music) Through despair and fragile lands

(music) The things that keep us earthbound

(music) Melt before our eyes

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) Everything flies

(music) Everything flies

(music) Everything, everything flies

(music) Everything flies

(music) Everything flies... (music)