Balto: Wolf Quest (2002) Script

[ Cawing ]

[ Panting ]

[ Cawing Continues ]

[ Cawing ]

[ Continues Cawing ]

[ Continues Cawing ]

[ Panting ]

[ Cawing Continues ]

[ Cawing Continues ]

[ Yelling ] Balto, wake up!

[ Gasping ] What? What? What's the matter?

[ Yiddish Accent ] The matter is, you were having dream again.

Aah! Ugh!

So what if I was? It's just a dream.

This "just a dream" is keeping you from a decent sleep.

And if your eyes get any droopier, you'll have to keep them open with toothpicks.

Boris, they'll stop drooping if you just go away and let me get some rest.

Wrong! You won't be getting rest-- not with that dream hanging 'round like... dark cloud.

[ Sighs ] I hate it when you get dramatic. How else to reach you?

I'm telling you, boychik, if you keep having same dream again and again. it means something!

[ Grunts ] Boris, dreams don't mean anything, they're just--

[ Yawns ] dreams.

Now, you wanna come with me?

I have to go check on jenna.

Of course I come! I'm not finished nagging you yet!

So, if dreams mean nothing, why does it always have raven and pack of wolves, huh?

Why not pickled herring?

Because herring would be in one of your dreams, not mine.

Precisely! Raven and wolves have meaning only to you.

[Gasps ] Balto, look!

On totem pole- there is raven and wolf!

Calm down, Boris. There's also a fox, a wolverine-

Oy, such scary creatures! They should only live and be well... far away from me.

And a bear and a caribou.

They're just wood carvings, Boris. Yes, I know, I know.

Humans use them to tell stories.

But of what, I don't know.

Balto, maybe seeing raven and wolf on totem pole... is making you dream something very important.

Well, like what? Like something you forgot. or maybe something you are supposed to know.

Look, Boris, all I know is that the totem pole marks the shortcut to jenna's. and that's good enough for me.

Oh, boy! Stubborn. Ach!

[ Yapping ]

[ Scottish Accent ] Brrr! Oh! There you are, laddies!

[Yapping] I've been smelling all over for you!

[ Continues Yapping ]

Would you stop with the bouncing and make with the talking?

I'm getting dizzy!

[ Yapping, Panting ]

The stork has landed. I repeat.

[ Yapping ] the stork has landed! jenna?jenna!

[ Yapping ]

What stork? I thought we were talking about raven.

Oh, boy. That stork. I'm coming, Balto!

[ Continues Yapping ]

[ Sighs ]

Hello, Balto. [ Gasps, Gulps ]

Well, come in. They don't bite-- at least not yet.

[ Whimpering ]

Oh, jenna. They're-- they're so beautiful. just like you.

[ Whimpering ]

And you.

Look at me! I'm an uncle.

[ Yapping ]

[ Giggling ]

[ Laughing, Barking ]

[ Cawing ]

[ Continues Cawing ]

Balto. jenna?

[ Continues Cawing ]

[Gasps ]

[ Panting ]

[ Sighs ]

Oh, I haven't had that dream for a while.

Balto! jenna?

Oh, no.

Good morning, sleepyhead.

Did you forget about watching the pups today while my girl and I go on a picnic?

What? Me? Forget?

[ Yawns ] Never.

[ Barking, Laughing ]

Balto, you look so tired. What's wrong?

Oh, nothing.

Hey, pups! Good to see you too.

[ Laughing ] Hey, watch it, now! Come on. That tickles!

[ Growling, Barking ]

Say, why don't they spend the night with me, and then tomorrow we can all go on a picnic?

Balto, don't you remember? Tomorrow is the day for our pups to find their new homes.

Tomorrow? But, jenna, they're-they're only eight weeks old.

I mean, whats the hurry?

I know how you feel, Balto. Puppy! Come to Uncle Boris!

[ Pups ] Uncle Boris! Uncle Boris!

Oh, but it's their time now. I was their age when I was adopted by my girl.

But I - I don't think I can let them go, jenna- not yet.

That's tickling me! Ow! Ow! Ow! [ Laughing ]

That's my wing! Balto, each of our children have their own lives to live.

[ Boris Yelling ]

It's our job to love them and then- Let go!

If we wait until they're older, it'll be harder for them to find homes.

You know how humans have a soft spot for puppies.

Yeah, and so do I.

Come on, Balto. All their humans will be from around here.

Oh! I've got to go meet my girl now. Enjoy them, Balto.

And watch out- they're teething.

No kidding! Come on now. Uncle Boris isn't a chew toy.

[ All Barking ]

[ Growling ] Hey, take it easy there, tiger.

Oooh, oh!

[ Giggling ]

[ Mock Growling ]

Strange-- her brothers and sisters look just like dogs. yet Aleu looks just like--

A dog. Aleu looks like a dog too.

[ Chuckling ] Funny, but from where I stand, I see daughter... who looks even more wolf than father.

Look, Boris, I just don't want her to be... different But she is different!

And vive la difference! [ Laughing ]

Come on. Being different is painful.

Nobody knows that better than me.

You know how some of the dogs around here still tease me because I'm half wolf?

оу. Aleu may look like a wolf, but she is going to be all dog.

[ Howling ]

I wouldn't count on it.

Daddy, Daddy, look at the puppies!

[ Howling ]

Aleu, honey, please don't howl like that.

[ Sighs ] Sorry, Mama.

It just happens when I'm excited.

I'm excited too! I can't wait to get a human... and chew on their socks! [ Giggles ]

Papa, are you gonna get a human too?

Nah. See, humans like cute little puppies like you. not old grizzly grownups like me.

These are Rosie's puppies, Daddy. jenna had 'em. [ Giggles]

I like this one.

I know that human. He'll be a good boy for Dingo. [ Puppies ]Bye! Bye-bye!

And my puppy can play with jenna when Rosie and I play together.

Mommy, Mommy, look-- puppies! [ Chuckling ] Okay.

[ Woman ] Somebody wants you Somebody needs you Someone is search ing for уour heart alone

Someone is dreaming waiting and watching Someone is coming to take you home Time, it will fly like the sun through the sky And what once was hello Turns to good-bye He's so cute! Oh, I love you!

Tomorrow is here now Sings in your ear now Child of my heart Your life is уour own Never you fear, now Your path is clear now Someone who loves you Someone who loves you Is taking you home

It's been a long day, jenna. Let's go home.

But we can't. Well, not until a human adopts Aleu.

Face it, jenna. Aleu looks more like a wolf than me No human is ever gonna want her.

That's not true!

We'll just have to keep trying.

[Gasps ]

Hmm? [ Snickers ]

[ Giggling ]

[ Both Chuckling ]

[ Both Scream ]

[ Whimpering ]

[ Panting ]

[ English Accent ] Right. Who knew a game of hide-and-seek could be so terrifyin'?

[ Snarling ] [ Whimpering ]

[ Snarling ] [ Whimpering ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Howling ]

[ Whimpering ]

Okay, okay already! Knock off the rough housing!

[ Whining ] Oh--

Aleu, how can I baby-sit if you won't sit?

You don't sit now here for more than five seconds!

That's "anywhere, " Uncle Boris. [ Chuckling ]

What's anywhere? Don't try to confuse me, young lady.

I'm your baby-sitter.

Uncle Boris, since I'm not a baby anymore, I don't need a baby-sitter.

And you can tell that to my father. Come on, Aleu.

You'll always be my baby, no matter how old you are.

Oh, you're hopeless.

Let's go.

What's going to happen when a human picks me up, huh. Papa?

Who are you going to baby then?

Come on, guys!

She's a good pup.

"Good, " yes. "Pup, " no.

At m ore than year old, Aleu should have home of her own.

When the right time comes, she'll find a home.

Yes, but when the right time comes. will you let her?

Oy, I hope so.

[ Laughing, Whooping ]

Wheel Ride 'em, cowboy!

Yippee! [ Laughs ]

[ Cawing ]

[ Cawing Continues ]

[ Sniffing ]

[Gasps ]

No, it's a human. He wouldn't hurt me. Maybe he'll wanna adopt me.

[ Cawing ]

[ Cawing ] [ Snarling ] [ Gun Firing ]

Sounds like trouble, mate. [ Whimpering ]

Bears to the rescue!

[ Snarling ] Papa, what's going on? Stop!

Goose to the rescue!

[ Boris Yelling ]

[ Shouting ] [ Whimpering ]

[ Crashing ]

[Balto ] Is everyone all right? [Gasps ]

Right as rain.

Come on. We've gotta get outta here!

Aleu, now!

Whatsa matter? You taking a nap?

Stand up! Come on! Hurry up!

[ Gasping, Panting ]

Those spirits must be trying to trick me.

I don't understand. Papa. Why did you attack him?

What if he wanted to adopt me?

Uh, guys?

Could you help mе out here? Oh, of course.

Oh! Uh, sorry, mate. but a wise polar bear always minds his own business.

[ Clears Throat ]

It is my opinion that- Waah!

Well? Okay.

See, that hunter was looking for wild animals to kill... for food and fur. So? I'm not a wild animal.

Well, he thought you were. [Gasps ] What? Why?

He thought you were a wolf. Oh.

I knew there was something wrong with me.

There is nothing wrong with you. You have a proud heritage. Oh, sure.

Your mother is a purebred Husky. Then what are you?

I-I'm the one who's part wolf. How could this happen?

Look, Aleu, my dad was a Husky who had pups with a wolf.

Great. My grandmother was a wild animal?

Did the wolf teach you how to know when a human wants to kill you?

I was accidentally separated from her when I was young. so, I-I never spent much time with... the wolf.

But I remember that she was as white as snow. that she had this warm voice that made me feel safe.

Well, then Boris took me in, and... after being raised by a goose, it's a wonder I don't honk instead of bark.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

Because... I wanted to protect you.

Protect me? From what-- from the fact that no human will ever want me because I'm part wild animal?

Aleu, I- And what about my brothers and sisters?

They've got wolf in them too. Why did humans want them?

Because they don't look it.

[ Sighs ] and you do.

It's not fair. I hate you!

[ Sobbing ] Aleu!

Aleu, come back! Leave me alone!

[ Sighs ]

[ Honking ]

[ Panting ]

Where do I belong?

[ Moaning ] What is it?

What do you want? [ Panting ]

[ Moans ]

[ Yelling ]

[ Cawing ]

[ Cawing Continues ]

[Female Voce] My son, you need to know the animal totems... who will help guide you now.

The fox— the cunning trickster.

The wolverine- your fears.

The bear inner knowing.

Cart bou- life.

[ Howling ]

[ Moaning ]

Huh? Oh.

[ Balto Sighs ]

[ Sniffing ]

Huh? [ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] What are you two doing?

Shh! We're here to play with Aleu.

[ Chuckles ] - [Crashing ]

But Aleu's not here to play. No, no, no, no.

[ Groans ] She's around here somewhere, I--

Wait a minute. You mean you can't find her?

Uh, no. No, no.

I just wanted to give her some time. I was sure she'd come home.

She's gotta be at her mother's.

[ Sniffling, Sobbing ]

I know. I wish we had a mum too. [ Both Sobbing ]


Balto! What are you doing here so early?

Is Aleu all right? I don't know.

I was hoping she was with you. She's... kinda mad at me.

Stay there.

Now, tell me what happened.

A hunter took aim at her. [Gasps ]

No, no, don't worry. We got away.

But I-- I finally had to tell her how humans see her.

You mean, you told her about being part--

Yes. We should have done it sooner. I know that now.

She's so angry with me.

She must have run away. Run away?

I'm sorry, jenna. I never thought it would turn out this way.

I thought I could keep her safe. But she's not safe now. She's running wild!

We've got to find her. No, not you, jenna.

This is my fault, and it's something that Aleu and I have to work out together.

Don't worry. I'll find her.


[ Sniffing ]

[Gasps ]

[ Cawing ]

You. What is it you want?

[ Continues Cawing ]

Am I supposed to follow you? [ Cawing ]

All right. But only if you help me find my daughter.

Wait! I can't follow you in this.

Where are you? [Female Voice] Wnere are you ?

Here. Keep talking, and I'll find you.

Uh- Mmm-

[Mother's Voice] A cunning trickster.

You look disappointed. Sorry. I--

I just thought you might be a raven.

And I thought that you might be a hunter.

But unlike you, I'm not disappointed.

Say, I'll help you find your daughter if you'll help me out of this trap.

How did you know I'm looking for my daughter? The raven told me.

What do you know about the raven? Less than you, I'm sure.

Now, do we have a deal, or don't we?

Yes. But no tricks.

[ Grunting ]

There. Now, how can you help me find my daughter?

Easy. By giving you a little push.

[ Yelling ]

[ Gasping ]

Why did you do that? Help me!

[ Chuckling ] Oh, but I did.

And now you must help yourself.

Are you crazy?

The current is too strong!

Then let the current take you!

[ Yelling ]

[ Burps ]

[ Chuckling ] [ Croaking ]


[ Inhaling ]

What are you meshugenah bears doing?

Uh, gee, Uncle Boris, Luc and me-- we was just tryin' to communicate with the toad.

Communicate with toad. Ribbit Yeah, see there?

Luc just asked it if it's seen Aleu.

[ Croaking ]

You bears are a bagel short of a bushel.

I don't know why I put up with you.

Sorry, Uncle Boris. Do you still need us?

Yes. Like a hole in the head.

Now, close your mouths... and keep nose out for them.

[ Sniffing ]

Ann! Ann! Ann!

[ Muffled Exclaiming ]

[ Muffled Shouting ]

Now what? You two have ants in pants?

[ Squawks ] Balto!

[Faint ] Balto, can you hear me? Boris?

Don't worry, boychik! Boris is coming!

What's happening, Uncle Boris? I don't know.

I can't see nothing. [ Shouting ] Balto!

Balto! Balto! [ Sniffing ] It's Aleu!

Answer me! Boris, I've got Aleu's trail.

Go back and tell jenna not to worry. I'm going to find Aleu and bring her home.

Oy. Come, we do as Balto says and go tell jenna.

But Uncle Boris, Luc and me wanted to go on a journey.

I'm sorry, boys, but this journey is for Balto and Aleu alone.

[jenna ] What do you mean, 'he just ran off"?

I mean, he's got Aleu's scent.

Told me to tell you not to worry, and away he went.

He's a wolf on a mission.

I'm going to go help him look. [Gasps ]

No, jenna! This is a journey for father and daughter.

You must have faith in them.

You're sure Balto has her trail?

Mm-hmm. And you're sure Balto's all right?

Don't worry, jenna. Remember, they're well-equipped.

They are both part wolf.

[Mother's Vote] Your fears.

I have no reason to fight the wolverine clan. What do you want?

You invade our territory. What do you want?

Only to pass through unharmed. I'm looking for my daughter.

He's looking for his daughter. [ Laughs Evilly ]

Yes, and he's following a raven.

A raven? Why not a fox?

Or did she outwit you?

[ Wolverines Laugh ]

Tell me, are you afraid?

[ All Laugh ]

No! [ Growling ] Come now.

Are you sure, huh? [ Snarls, Laughs ]

[ Growling ] Okay, okay, I'm afraid.

Of course you are! And you must listen to your fears.

Let them lead you back to the safety of your cozy little home.

[ Growling ]

Look how he's giving in to the fear.

Yes, soon he'll run home... like the whimpering dog that he is!

No! I'm afraid, but not of you.

[ Snarling Lessens ]

I'm afraid for my daughter, and I have to find her, so get out of my way!

Stop following the raven.

[ Echoing ] Go home! Go home!

[ Fading ] Go home!


[ Sniffing ]

It's like they were... never here.

[ Panting ]

What am I doing? I'm running away. but I have no idea where I'm going.

I've got to get out of the sun.

[ Cawing ] [Gasps ]

[ Sighs ] Are you following me?

[ Continues Cawing ] A cave.

At least it'll be dark and cool inside.

[ Singing, Faint ]

[ Continues ]

[ Continues, Louder ]

- [ Crunching] - [ Gasping ]

Praise for the red dawn Grass that we walk upon Praise for the river's whispered tune Praise for the wind brother Praise for the earth mother Praise for father sun And sister moon Praise for father sun And sister moon

Hey-ya, hey-ya, hey-ya

[ Howling ]

- Hey-ya, hey-ya, hey-ya [ Howling ]

Your singing is quite beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

Sometimes I just can't help myself.

I'm sorry. Did I interrupt you? Oh, no!

I love to hear wolves sing. It's one of your specialties.

[ Laughing ]

You also have such a keen sense of smell.

[ Sighs ] Such wonderful creatures you are.

I'm not a wolf.

Oh! Then that is why I'm not afraid of you. [ Chuckles ]

Why should I be afraid of one who does not know who she is?

I know who I am. I am Aleu, daughter of Balto and jenna. who happens to be a purebred Husky.

Who are you? [ Growls ]

I am Muru, son of Kahu and Quilac, both of them simple field mice.

This answer tells us what we are, but not who we are.

Okay. Then how do I find out who I am?

What... are you doing? Wow!

I am shedding light... where darkness lies.

When every creature in the world is born, a spirit stands beside them.

Why? To light their way through the long, dark night... and sing them songs to guide them. Why?

Because each of us has a destiny that sets us all apart.

The path is different for you and mе, but the journey begins in the heart.

You must go to the east. Go to the west The road is rocky and the way is far It's a dangerous trail a difficult quest If you want to know Who you really are There are voices all around you

То comfort and to guide you Fathers and teachers powerful creatures And a voice That sings inside you

[ Various Voices] Or you can turn back around Run along home Back to the place where уour friends are Perhaps that is best You need the rest Who wants to go on a ridiculous quest Unless you want to know You truly want to know Unless you want to know Wno you really are Wno are you Wno are you

Wno are you Wno are you Who are you

Who are you Who are you Who are you

Muru, are you my spirit guide?

Are you here to help me?

[ Мuru ] Have faith and trust in yourself.

And make the journey. Muru?


[ Gasps ] [ Snarling, Roaring ]

[ Panting ] [Roaring ]

[ Roaring ]


Glad you're still speaking to me. [ Roars ]

Save yourself. Papa! What? And miss all the excitement?

[ Grunting ]

[ Roaring ]

Oh, no, you don't!

[ Grunting ]

[ Gasping ] Papa!

[ Grunting ]

I'll hold him off. You run for it.

No, I'll hold him off and you run for it!

There's no time to argue. I'm your father. You do what I say!

And I say I'm too big to be ordered around!

[ Snarling ]

[ Panting ] How did you get so stubborn?

I take after you, remember?

[ Growling ]

[ Roars ]


[Mother's Voice] Inner knowing.

We've got to jump. [ Grunts ] But we'll be killed.

And we'll be killed if we don't. [ Barks ]

I hope you're right.

You knew the ledge was here. Yeah, I did, sorta.

How? I looked at the bear-- No.

I looked at his thoughts, and I saw it.

Why did you come and find me?

I came to bring you home, Aleu. No. I don't wanna go home-- not until I find out who I am.

[ Chuckles Softly ] That's ridiculous, Aleu. You know who you are.

No. I know what I am, but not who I am.

And I'm not stopping until I find out. Then I'm coming with you.

Oh, Papa. [ Sniffing ]

It's saltwater. Aleu, we're close to the ocean. Come on.

[ Cawing ]

[Balto ] I sure would like to know why I keep seeing that raven.

You've been following a raven?

Huh. Yeah. I know it sounds dumb.

I've been seeing this raven in my dreams.

Your dreams? Mm-hmm.

I only followed it because it promised to help me find you.

[ Exhales ] I've been seeing a raven too.

I wasn't sure if I was following it or- - You think that could be them?

[ Flies Buzzing ] [ Russian Accent ] It's "beating" me.

What do you think, Nuk, huh?

[ Growls ] I don't think. I just eat.

It's more filling. [ Snorting ]

What are you waiting for? Get them!

[ Whimpering ] [ Grumbling ]

[ Yells ]

Okay, okay. You don't have to yell.

[ Cawing ] Why a raven? Why here?

I wish I knew. [ Sniffing ]

What is it? Company. And it doesn't smell friendly.

[ Balto ] Let's get out of here.

See anything? No. Maybe I was wrong.

[Gasps ] Look, Papa!

Oh, I love it here. It's so wild. Come on!

Don't go out too far, Aleu. The tide's coming in fast.

I'll be fine.


I don't like you being out here. You could slip and fall.

Papa, you've got to stop worrying about me. [ Wolves Growling ]

And start worrying about us. [ Snickering ]

[ Growling ] Yes, us. because we're- [ Laughs Maniacally ] mean.

Right, Nuk?

Yeah, especially when I'm hungry.

Look, we don't want any trouble. This is your territory. We'll just go.

Sorry, but you are not going... nowhere!

That's "anywhere, " flea bag.

Aleu, I hardly think this is the time to be correcting his grammar.

Papa. [ All Growling ]

[ Cawing ]

[ Raven Caws ] [ All Yelling ]

At least we know the raven's on our side. Come on. We can take 'em.

Aleu, no! [ Aleu Grunts ]

[ Aleu Growling ]

[ Yelping ]

[ Growling ]

[ Gasping, Straining ]

[Nuk] Bye-bye, doggy.

- [Balto] Aleu! - Ow!

[ Straining ]

[ Wolves Growling ]

Aw, and I thought all doggies could swim. [ Flies Buzzing ]

Yeah, yeah. And don't they all go to heaven?

[ Laughing] "Doggies go to heaven. " [ Snorts ] Oops.

The tide is coming. [Gasps ] Get out of here!

[ All Gasping ] Get back there, you sniveling cowards.

But, Niju, the tide! We'll drown.

Yes, there's always that chance.

But, then, if you don't take it, I'll make sure you drown.

If those two live, they'll take what's left of our food.

[ All Murmuring, Growling ]

Stop! Clear a path for our visitors.

Now. [ Whimpering ]

[ Scoffs ] I will not let them go, Nava.

I will not let you, an aging fool, destroy us with your weakness!

I admire your passion, Niju, [ Snorts ] but do not mistake my old age for weakness, nor your youth for strength.

I ask again: Will you clear the way for our visitors?


[ Niju Barks ]

Some day your tricks will not be enough to save you.

[ Growling ] I am sorry it had to be this way, Niju.

Thanks for your help. You're welcome.

But it is I who thank you for coming at last.

You knew we were coming? Of course.

It was I who sent for you. [ Aleu Gasps ]

[ Wolf Howls, Distant ]

[ Wolves Murmuring ]

My brothers and sisters, our summer is almost passed, and I have listened to the trees and to the blades of grass.

And they have said this: The caribou will not return this year...

[ All Murmuring ] nor any other year, for they have crossed the Great Water.

[ Wolves Gasping ] If we are to survive, we must follow them.

[ Scoffs ] The old one believes that trees and grass can talk.

It is time to realize that our leader has lost his ability to lead.

[ Wolves Murmuring ]

How dare you say that! Yes, Nava has always led us well.

[ Growling ] Stop! Let him speak.

It is his right.

Nava would have us leave the land that has been our clan's home for generations.

So what if the caribou do not return this year?

This does not mean they will not come again. Niju could be right.

And he could be wrong. If we do stay, how will we survive without the caribou?

They bring us life. Simple. We take what we need from other clans.

Steal from others? It isn't right.

When you're hungry, there is no "right. " Yes, there is a "right"-- our right to survive.

And if we eat the food of other clans, what will they eat?

That is not our concern.

Is not the balance of our world the concern of all?

If we steal from other clans, those clans will be forced to steal as well.

Soon, we will all be fighting for less and less food.

Uh-oh. "Less and less food. " That sounds bad, doesn't it. Sumac?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Really bad. Unless you're on diet.

Who's on a diet?

Aniu, the white wolf, has come to me in dream visions... and has told me what we must do.

She said we must move on, and we must be led... by the one who is wolf and does not know.

Huh? Papa?

Look, I'm flattered. Really.

I mean, I've led a dog team before, but never a wolf pack.

[ Cackling ] See here.

Our wise leader, who visits with the great Aniu only in his dreams, has brought a mutt to guide us. [ All Laughing ]

What a "mutt"? Beats me. [ Aleu Growls ]

[ Both Growling ] - [Balto] It's all right, Aleu.

His blood may be pure, but his motives aren't.

[ Growling Continues ]

I say Niju is afraid to cross the Great Water.

-[ All Gasping ] -I am not afraid, but crossing the Great Water is impossible!

We cannot swim it. We would all die.

So now I, Niju, say Nava must step down, and let a true leader take his place.

I will step down, Niju, when a true leader takes my place.

[ Snarling ]

Show yourself, Nava. Your magic tricks will not stop me.

[ Growls ]

I will be a leader who does not depend on foolish dreams!

Those who will, follow me!

[ Wolves Murmuring ]

How did you do that?

I simply became one with the tree.

If I tried that, I'd get splinters.

Would you teach me? It is a thing that cannot be taught.

One just knows.

But now we must speak of how you will lead us to the caribou.

Nava, I don't understand how I can lead you anywhere.

[Aleu Thinking] Caribou.

I had these dreams, but I don't even know what they mean.

Each of us has a unique gift.

Perhaps your dreams show us the way.

[ Aleu Thinking ] Nava must be right.

[ Raven Cawing ]

This has gone too far, Aleu, and it isn't our battle.

But, Papa, I saw caribou.

Look, this could get very dangerous.

Despite my dreams or anything else, I will not put you in any danger.

But this isn't just about us anymore. Papa.

This is about something bigger. Don't you see? We're supposed to help them.

I'm sorry, but whether I stay or go should be my decision.

[ Wind Whistling] That wind is a sign that winter's coming early.

Your mother will be worried sick. We both leave in the morning.

[ Raven Cawing ]

[ Cawing ]

[Gasps ]

A star dies, and another is born.

All is a great dance of balance. You have questions.

Why is Niju so against moving the clan?

What is he afraid of? Niju is not a coward.

He is not afraid to die, but he is afraid of change.

He would rather face starvation than leave the land he believes is ours.

This world through which we wander... is wonderful and strange.

The only truth we can really know... is that everything will change.

[ Chorus ] Like the rain that fills the ocean Like the storm that shakes the pine

We are all a part... We are all a part of the grand design. Of the grand design

This has been our home forever! This is where the clan belongs.

[Thunderclap ]

[ Chorus ] We were born beside this river And we filled the night with songs

[ Howling ] - We must fight for what belongs to us What is уours and what is mine

We are all the masters of our own design.

The land no more belongs to us Than the eagle owns the sky

We must fight for our survival If we don't we'll surety die [ Howling ]

[Nava's Voice] We are one with what at surrounds us, brothers to all we see.

[Chorus Vocalizing]

[Niju's Voice ] We are wolves. We take what we need... to stay alive and free.

[ Wolves Howling ]

[ Chorus ] The one thing we will surety learn As we walk the path of timе No one can ever rise above We are wolves, the masters of!

[ Chorus ] We are all a part Of the grand design

[Chorus Vocalizing]

We strike the bear clan first. [All] Yeah I Yeah I

[ All Barking ]

-You're not striking anyone, Niju. -You're outnumbered, half-breed.

[ Growling ]

Papa! Nava is right, Aleu.

Following the caribou is choosing life. I can't ignore my dreams any longer.

Your dreams will lead to our deaths! No, I've seen it too, Niju.

We must follow the caribou across the water.

Staying here would mean starvation for the clan.

Hear that? She has seen it too. - Maybe Niju is the fool.

I've heard enough. You will not stop us. Take them!

[ Growling ]

[ Barks ]


Aniu told me the time to leave would come with the great breaking of the ice. but more than that, I do not know.

The ice floes are lining up.

It's like they're making a bridge. [Aleu ] A bridge to the caribou.

Last winter, the caribou crossed an ice bridge to land on the other side. and now that bridge is forming again.

Now I understand.

If we're to cross, we must go now. [ Murmuring ]

The old one spoke the truth about Balto.

We must go!

I'm running now. This is me running. [ Yelps ]

And just where do you think you three are going?

Urn, I know I don't usually... make thinking a habit, but Nava is right.

Besides, I'm hungry.

Come on, boys. Let's go find some caribou.

Get back here! I order you!

The ice path will only hold for a short time.

Buddy up, then stick with your partner in case either of you needs help.

I'll lead. Mush! Uh, I mean, move out!

No! You'll all die!


[Indistinct Murmuring]

[ Grunting ]

[ Wolf ] Let them go! [Balto] Aleu!

[Wolf #2 ] Nava!

[ Panting ]

[ Straining ]

[ Gasping ]

Aleu, are you all right?

Yes. You go on with the rest of the pack. I'll get Nava.

[ All Murmuring ]

Be careful, Aleu.

[ Growling ] [ Gasping ]

[ Gasps, Groans ] [ Snarling ]

The old ways will die along with you, old one.

[ Resumes Snarling ] [ Aleu ] Stop!

You! [ Growls ]

I will teach you to mind your place!

My place? [ Both Grunting, Growling ]

[ Panting ]

- Niju, leave her be! - Huh?

[ Gasps ] - Papa, you should be with the rest of the clan.

-You've got to lead them across. -I will, once I take care of him.

[ Growls ] [ Raven Caws]

[ Whimpering ]

[ Nava ] We must go. No!

No one's going anywhere. But the clan!

They've chosen their fate. Now they will die.

Nava, Aleu and I can hold Niju off while you get to the clan.

They need someone to lead them. But, Papa, Nava won't be able to make the swim.

She is right. Only my spirit is strong now.

You wanted to be a leader, Niju. Well, now's your chance.


[Gasps ]

I-- I-I won't. [ Groans ]

I'll never leave our land. Never!

[ Yells, Grunts ] [ Aleu Gasps ]

Papa! [ Grunting ]

[ Whimpering Continues ]

I can help you swim over, Nava.

No. You're right. You won't make it. I'll go.

No. You don't belong here. Papa.

You belong home with my mother.

But I do belong here.

It's my destiny.

Aniu told me it would be the one... who is wolf but does not know.

I believed it was you, but I was wrong.

It is your daughter.

Are you sure?

It's just so hard to let my baby go.

Papa, I'm not your--

Okay. So I'll always be your baby.

Good-bye, Papa.

Tell Mom I've finally found my home.

[Gasps ]

[ Howls ]

Good-bye, daughter.

[ All Howling ]

[ Howls ]

She will be a great leader. And now it is time for you to go home.

What about you? You're alone now. Where will you go?

I will find Niju. We are still a clan... and would not be whole without each other.

Good-bye, my brother.

[ Cawing ]

[ Groans ] Now what?

Only the journey home, my son.

Aniu, you're my--

[ Howls ]

Good-bye to you, too. Mother.

[ Woman ] Somebody wants you Somebody needs you Someone is searching for уour heart alone Someone is dreaming waiting and watching Someone is coming

То take you home Time, it will fly like the sun through the sky And what once was hello Turns to good-bye

Tomorrow is here now Sings in your ear now Child of my heart your life is уour own Never you fear, now Your path is clear now Someone who loves you Someone who loves you Is taking you home

[Man ] On-ho On, yeah Oh-ho Oh, yeah Oh-ho