Band of the Hand (1986) Script

I want you to get something for me at the airport.

Will Ron Summers please pick-upthe white telephone?

Stop! Police!

What do you mean, go away?

What about now?

I'll break your teeth off Stupid bitch!

You wanna shoot? I dare you! Stop!

Come back ! Get down! Stop !

Get down here!

Open this gate!

Open it !

Give us our ball! What the hell are you doing?


He's your man. He's your man, darling!

Throw it to me! Throw it to me!

Let's go.

Very good !


This is the man! Watch out for the weed.

All right.On your feet.

Pacecho! Hey, Pacecho!

Knock it off.

Moss, Roosevelt.

MacEwen, James L.

Aragon, Carlos.

Bridger, Dorcey.

Pacecho, Ruben.

Let's go. Come on!

I got you now, man!

Get in ! Get in there!

Who do you wanna see?

Carlos , Aragon.

No file for Aragon, Carlosa.

I saw him here yesterday.

Knock it off, both of you!

You can't care, White boy What grows in the crack of this asshole? Moss!

Give it a rest, punks.

Oye, The pussy talks!

Yo, Offey!

What'd they get you for?


Oh, bad dude.

What about you, bro?

Don't "Bro" me. What do I look, Puerto Rican?

Hey, Cubano. King Cocaine.

What did you do? Nickels,Dimebags? You have small mind.

First chance comes,this boy's gone.

Hey, Loco, What'd they got you for?

Oye, pea brain!

Habla oster Engles?

Leave him alone. Kid killed his father.

Oh Yeah? Shrink's gonna love yo' ass.

You tell that sucker when you are horny, you be thinkin about yo momma!

-You'll be out. Yeah Mosso? What do you think about?

Your Papa?

Fuck you spic Man, what are you doing with us?

Fucking idiot!

Man, where are you taking us? Crazy!

Hey, let me go man! I'll bust your head open!

Get off of me! Get off of me!

You're wild, man! Get off of me!

Get off of me! You black nigger !

I'll kick your ass, bitch!

I have got a right to know. I wanna call my lawyer.

Get moving!

I'm not getting into no water. I'm not getting into ...


Say what? Out I ain't getting off the boat. Move it!

Yo man, Where's the facility? I said move it !

I gotta go back. I forgot my bathing suit.

That ain't all you forgot. Let's go.

Yo man,you guys ain't for real.

This is a jungle out here. Get off!

Yo man,you better watch out for them snakes in there.

Come on into the water. No man, no..

You are gonna ruin my suit.

Come on. Wha tis this, man?

God, something Caught my foot!

Get off of me!

Look at you! Big frog in the water!

It wasn't funny! Hey, don't laugh.

You look like a big bullfrog!


No, wait! No, man!

Where you are going ? Wait! Where you are going ? what are you doing'? I wanna come.

Oh, no! Oh, my god!

What's happening here?

I never heard of no juvenile facility in the middleof no lake.

Check this guy out. They got him here instead of crazies program.

Program, my ass! We're alligator food!

Check this! Lord of he 27th avenue players freaks out.

World's first negro swamp chicken.

Get off! Get off of me!

We start in the morning. I keep asking,where's the facility?

Yeah,where do we sleep?

I'm hungry, man. Food?

Everything you need is right there.

Hey, wait a minute. Hey, where you going?

Yo ! hold up dude! Wait a minute!

Wait a minute! What are you doing there? Come on!

Come back here! Wait a minute!

Come back here! Wait.

I ain't going in there.

Come back!

No matches.

Nothing to eat.

Check this knife out.

Nobody better mess with me tonight.

What is this? Where's the toilet?

Fire. Food.

Fish. I hate fish.

Yo , What am I supposed to do with this thing here? It's still flappin'

Clean it. Use your knife.

What's this,the boy Scouts? I'm the main man of Los Diablos.

You gonna tell us what's going down or what?

Look , Whatever you got there, they've tried on me.

Every speacial new program there is.

And I'll tell you upfront, to your face, You're wastin' your time here.

Hey, Asshole I asked the man a question..

We supposed to live out here? Nobody could live out here.

Nobody except some gators n snakes, and bugs..they're buzzin' your ass.

I mean there's quicksand out here ! it's dangerous..

How long? Long as it takes.

Takes to what? To learn.

To learn what? To live here.

Hey, Stop making circles ! Tell it straight!

Come on man, I'm not living in no jungle, man.

I gotta know what's happenin! You can't just leave me ...

Stop cleaning the fish!

This is you.

You are juveniles but the law decided you are such bad-asses they've decided to treat you like adults.

Instead of stashing you in some human warehouse,they gave you to me.

Criminal records, Psychological evaluations, Your criminal past,

This is now.

Learn to live ..or die.

That straight enough for you?

One sharp knife can feed you, clothe you, keep you warm and dry.

This will be base camp..

Clear the area.

YOU clear the area, Warden. I ain't clearin' nada!

Forced labor in chain gangs? No way legal for juveniles and you know it!

You guys slept good last night? Fine with me.

You are taking me outta here now!

Rub it in your skin,keeps the 'squitoes off.

What's that stuff? Jail-House tattoes.

You done time, huh?

Citronella oil. How you know all this shit, man?

Swamp Indian. Seminole.


Chanel for Men.

Hey, ofay!

What's that over your snake? Don't "treed" on me?

Tread, Moss-hole. Like tire tread.

Like my fist in your face, spick? - Oye, come on, maricón!

Come on, man!

Come on! Try me!

Let 'em kill each other. I'm tired of their nigger-spick bullshit.

You! You too. All of you.

You want it that way? You try me.

- Oye, man, where you going? Supermarket.

Try not to kill each other.

Yo, Crazy!

Let me check that out.

Too small for me.

Go do mine now.

Your ears don't work?

Go ahead!

You do good work.

The rest of you drag-asses, you need help?

When he's done with mine...

I might rent you Crazy here.

That's not bad. What's in here anyway?

Cattail, milkweed, wild onion, other things.

What's this chewy stuff?


Snails them worms in a shell?

Main course.

Worms! I can't eat this!

It's zoo food! I want a cheeseburger.

Escargot and frog legs.

You know what this would set you back at Regine's in the Grove?

About a hundred with the wine.

Next thing you know, he's having us eat turtle shit... alligator dick.

Joe, what's that white stuff? Termite eggs.


Anyone for seconds?

I want some black-eyed peas and rice.

Sweet potato pi...

Get me down from here! Crazy, I'm gonna kill you!

Get me down! I can't take it!

Crazy, that's it for you when I get down from here.

I'm getting sick!

Yo, I can't wait! God! Crazy, get me down from here!

It's gonna be your ass when I get down!

Hey, chango. Carlos! Wake up, man!

Rattler's gone. So's the Indian.

He got something! Come on!

Yo, let me have it! Don't let go of it! Come on!

Don't let go of it!

You're pulling it too tight! Yo, Carlos, man! Shut up!

What do you know about fishing? You don't know nothing either!

Let me pull it in! You gotta get in everything.

Let me pull... Don't let that fish go!

Don't, Moss!

That fish'll take one look at you, and run the other way!

Don't be stupid, man! You're gonna lose it!

Get it, Moss! Get it! I got it!

You're pulling it too tight!

Come on, Moss, man!

What do you mean, he's pulling it too tight?

Oh, shut up, Carlos, man! You don't know nothing about fishing!

All right! All right! Yeah!

He dead? What do you care?

He took two hits.

That's a lot of venom.

I shot him up. He's got a fifty-fifty chance.

Mi pana, Flaco, sitting right next to me.

Car came by full of Latin Kings.

Boom, boom! Dead.

I ain't got a scratch.

Here, grab his legs.

Grab his arms!

Okay. Okay, breathe.



Oye! El Rattler lives!

Nikki. Come in.

Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Quintana.

Sit down. Have a drink. Felix.

No, that's all right. Thank you, Mr. Quintana.

Maybe Perrier.

Have you heard from Carlos?

Not a word. Nothing.

I've been making calls. I can't find out where he is.

I thought you might know.

One day I went to see him at the youth hall.

The next day he was gone.

They tell me your family has money up in Palm Beach.

I don't talk to them.

They don't talk to each other, and they don't care what I do.

Works out fine.

How old are you?


Good. Smart girl.

You know how to handle yourself.

You think you'll be able to find out where Carlos is and get him out?

Sure. Sure I will.

Now you go upstairs into the bedroom.

Take off your clothes.

I got a few more things to take care of down here... and then I'll come up.

I said go upstairs, take off your fucking clothes.

A cloven hoof.

Wild boar.

We'll find other game. Nobody hunts boar.

Except a few wild men who think they're good eating.

Let's get out of here! Move it! Oh, shit!

Hurry up! Keep going, man!

It thinks we're stick people!


Hurry up, Moss!

Move guys! Shit!

Hey, wait a minute!

Get out of my way, man! Hey, come on!

Shit, that thing is ugly, man!

Come on, guys! Let's get him!

Man, barbecue!

All we need is some rib sauce from Mokey's on 27 th Avenue.

Man, this is a lot better than an alley cat.

I ate an alley cat once goin' through Detroit.

Detroit? Miami.

Calle Ocho, Little Havana!

27 th Avenue! Get down and boogie!

Nikki. Oh, man! Nikki again.

Lots of mommies happy when Ruben hits the streets.

And what's they doin' while you away, homie?

Improvin' themselves.

Like us. Ask this guy.

You can say that again.

Don't mess with the best. Exam time.

Map. Compass.

Destination is marked.

You track me, you should get out alive.

See ya.

He's joking, ain't he?

We've been through here already.

Which way's what, man?

Rattler's got the map.

I can't read.

Oh, shit!

Why didn't you tell us before, man? Because I didn't!

That way.

Oye, Carlos! Can you read, man?

Hey, wait up,J.L.

We gotta keep moving northeast. That way.

Man, you lostJoe's trail. Let me see.

Man, you don't know shit, man. Give me that compass!

Give me the compass! No way, Jose!

Now what you gonna do?

I'm gonna kill you this time, spick. Stop!

I'm gonna kill you!


What are you doin'?

If we don't learn to live, we're gonna die likeJoe said, man.

So come on!

Come on!

You lost the compass, find it!



Saw grass. Cut the shit outta you!

Piss on this. This is worse than work.

My turn. You're havin' all the fun.

Northeast, almost.

Whoever's snoring, shut the hell up!

Wake up!

Gimme a stick! Come on, guys!

Get outta here! Do something!

Get outta here! Yeah. Get out of here!

I done fought everything, but I never fought a bear! Get outta here!

Oh, Joe!

Hey, wake up! Smokey the Bear's gone.


Maybe the compass is broken.

Check it against the North Star.

There's no North Star! It's still daylight!

Check it against the sun. Another night.

And more water! More water!


Hey, look!

Joe! It's Joe!

Right there! Look! Joe!

We made it! All right!

How you doin', man?

Hey, we made it, man! Hey, man, we saw a panther!

Anyone else see a panther? How'd those guys do?

Weren't no others. What?

You're the first.

The first? What do you mean, the first?

We could've died out there.

We're the first, man.

That's right man. We're numero uno.

Yeah, we the best! We number one! All right!

We the shit!

You ready for Miami?

You mean, we're out? Free?


I got us a house.

Program's movin' to Miami.

This is it?

How'd you get this house? From the city. Dollar a year.

Well, you got screwed.

What are we supposed to do with them? Haitians is scurvy!

No shit. What do you wanna do with 'em?

Throw 'em out! Junkies too, man!

Hey, man, they're the worst! They'll sell you out for a nickel bag!

I am puertorriqueño, man! I ain't no raggedy-ass Haitian!

And look at this place. It's disgusting!

It's not so bad. Yeah, it looks like home to you.

Man, look, what are we doin', runnin' a hotel, here?

You guys afraid you haven't got enough to go around?

Around what?

Around the block for a bit of shit? Yo, there's junkies here!

Same question goes. What's that?

You got the balls? To what?

Cut it in Miami.

Cut the shit, okay, man? Man, what the hell does that mean?

Hey, man... Shut up!

Is that in our house?

What'd you take those boards down for?

We use this place the way it is. We're movin' in. You're movin' out.

Oh, yeah? Well, who's doin' the movin'?

We are!

I'll bust you upside your head!

You want us, we'll be in the park. Well, go on right now!

Get outta here! Give me a hand. He weighs a lot for a junkie.

Get your ass across the street.

I do not believe this.

I don't believe this!

This is who you let run you outta the house, man?

Five punks and Tonto.

What's this sign here?

Ain't no pimps and pushers around here. You see any?

Hey, who was that?

That's Cream. Everybody knows him. He runs this part of town.

Yo, nobody messes with that man, not even the police.

What are we gonna do about that? Nothing. Mail this.

Here's $125.

You take that to Power and Gas over on the Avenue.

The man will show you where to sign your name.

You learned that already.

Hey, Joe?

What's to keep me from takin' a hike?


I gotta go.

Hey, Aldo!

Hey, Carlos! My man! You look different, huh?

Gina, this is my main man, Carlos. We did some bad moves together.

Listen, your timing is perfect, man, okay?

Because Gina's got a little friend who's gonna be flyin' by later on.

You get a line on Nikki? Crystal's a major fox!

I gotta find Nikki. Okay, I'll be in touch.


I don't got a phone number, but I got an address. It's in the Grove.

You go dressed like that, you're gonna get busted for nothin'.

Come on up.

All right, all right.

You don't know how much I've been missing you.

Hey, whose place is this?


Talking to your father now?

Uh-uh. Never.

A condo like this is big dollars.

Well, it's not exactly mine.

Kathy, you know, my friend from Palm Beach?

She's in Europe. She lent it to me.

Men's cologne. This Kathy's? That's mine.

I use it. It's fun.

What's going down?

Why was it so hard to find you?

I'm in the business now.

I'm working for Nestor. Working for Nestor.

You're fucking him! No, Carlos. I swear.

You bitch! You lying whore! You puta!

Wait! Carlos, you don't know!

I know enough! Listen, please!

Carlos! Wait!

Carlito. You're looking good.

Nikki, come here.

Now you got nothin'.

Go on.

Get lost. You're out of Miami.

Hey, yo, man! Look, man! Hey, look, man!

Hey, man, we heard you livin' here with them.

You swore you were gonna waste that nigger!

Hey, man, you watch it!


I been waiting on them brushes. What's up?

You got it. Oh, what?

We don't take that shit. What you talkin' about?

Yo, cupcake!

You paint like my Aunt Mary! Hey, man, what you doin', paintin'?

Hey, look at that, man! Hey, yo, Rembrandt!

You ain't worth a shit, man!

Moss is painting himself yellow like a chicken!

Think you can do better, jack-off?

Home slice! You don't see those spots you missin'?

Got your contact lenses in? - Mira, Chooch.

Not on the glass, man, okay? And don't get the yellow on the pink!

What you wearin' a doo-rag like that? Yo! What you doing over here?

Yo, bubble butt! Yo, how's your sister Yolanda?

Yo, man, Moss, your guys are really bad, man.

Look what they doin', man. They gettin' paint everywhere.

Oye, the lover!

I knew you'd be back, man. You was just horny.

Catch them vines!

Silk, baby.

This Nikki, she got a sister? When we gonna see her?

Antoine's going to plant a garden.


I'm glad we could get... Hold on, hold on.

Get Harvey and Inez. Ask them if they want to eat at Cats tonight, okay?

Yes, Mr. Chavez.

You'reJoe Tigre. You've read the reports.

We're coming up for 90-day funding...

I haven't gotten to them. I'll try this weekend.

The funding review is set for Tuesday.

They said they'll meet you for dinner at 8:00.

Thank you. Sorry. You were saying?

The funding review is Tuesday. I'd like to know where you stand.

Campaigning, are we? Where do you stand?

How's it going? Good.

Is it all in the reports? Yes.

Well, then I don't have to read them, do I?

Then you'll approve?

Well, we try these programs on.

They look good on paper. Draws federal funds.

But the fact is we find out that half the personnel are moving junk.

Three months ago, we had a halfway house for girls... running an outcall service on the side.

Look, I'm running late, so... Listen, friend.

This program is important.

Last one you had, two of your kids got killed robbing a 7-Eleven.

That halfway house you had in Overtown, real successful.

Listen to me. Each of these kids has learned how to survive.

Each one of these kids has learned self-esteem.

Each of these kids means something to himself now.

Now that means that other people's lives... other people's rights mean something too.

You understand? They've changed.

We've broken down the gang barriers, the race barriers.

They work together. A team. A band. The program works.

How long you had these ideas?

What the hell is wrong with my ideas?

One of your kids gets busted... misdemeanor, spitting on the sidewalk...

I'm gonna put 'em all back where they belong.

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Stay out!

That's enough!

That's enough! I said that's enough!

Gotta teach 'em some respect! There's another way!

Get out of here, bitch!

Don't bring your ass back!

You mothers! Get out!

Carlos, cool it! Get off him! I said get off him!

Get outta here!

All right! All right!

They ran like skeeter-jeeter. You know it, baby!

I told you all to stay out of it. You want us to watch you get killed?

Move it out. Come on, give it back.

Let's go!

All right!

You have got to be kidding, right?

I mean, what you gonna do, Tonto?

You gonna take over my territory?

Don't you know this park is mine?

You lookin' to die, Tonto?

Yeah. Now you wisin' up.

Tell them to put down the guns.

Now! Put 'em down.

I said put 'em down.

All of'em. You heard him!

Collect 'em. Don't play with 'em.

You should've killed me, Tonto.

You should've killed me. You get outta here!

And you take this with you!

Move! Move! Get out!

That's enough!

You want to use a gun, you start with respect, not your barrio bullshit!

You pop off rounds, the only one gets hurt is a kid in an upstairs window.

I'm not backin' up anymore. What does that mean?

Too many losses.

Lost the guys. What guys?

The Band.

I lost the kids back to the streets.

They OD'd. Got shot down in nickel and dime robberies.

All the kids before you. All the programs.

I lost all the causes. I lost all the people.

I'm not backin' up anymore.

I'm not losing to Cream when he comes.

You changed.

The streets don't change. The streets will curve you back in.

You can't change the people without changing the environment.

We cleaned up this house. We cleaned out the park.

Next come the streets. It's a straight line, see?

What part of the program is this? This is my part of the program.

Since when? Since right now.

You kids are out. You're not part of this.

You got what they call "self-esteem" now.

Class is over. You graduated.

You kids are gonna boogie. That's okay.

I'll cover you in my reports as long as I can.

What about you? I stay.

This is where the war is.

That's heavy duty. That's what we are.

I'm with you.

Whatever. What do we do first?


Wind is from the right, allow three feet for wind plus one foot for drift.

That's four feet. Wind from the left... allow three feet for wind, subtract one foot for drift.

That's two feet. Clear?

You're spraying fire all over the place.

You're waiting ammo. You have a zone to cover. Cover it!

You're a perfect target. Zigzag. Use your body.

Bob and weave. Get over the wall. Get to cover!

So what's the big deal? L...

Each guy's life depends on all... on each man doing his job.

You cover your zone.

You know the man on your right has got your right covered.

You know the man on your left will kill everything on your left.

You're all part of each other.

Fingers on a hand.

A fire team!

Let's retake the house... again.

I hear you got problems with some street gang... and some strong-arm Indian moving in, put you in the hospital?

No, Mr. Quintana, you see, I'm on top of the situation.

It's nothing but a bunch of punk kids living across the street from the park.

So me and my people, we go and we torch the place.

We dust them off. You don't have to worry about your product...

'cause your sales be back to where they was in no time at all.

I guarantee it. Don't need you, man.

Your action is worth steady, serious money.

If you can't handle it, I've got people who can.

Nikki, cover yourself when there's niggers around.

You take care of business or get out of business.

Clean up the mess.

Come in.

Pretty sharp.

I'm leaving.

Not comin' back this time. You asking me or telling me?

I got another war.

Same war.

You're just changing sides.

Hey, I want what's mine. Drug business?

The life. Makes you feel like you're somebody.

You think you'll get your girl back that way?

I don't know what you're talking about. Yes, you do.

Carlos, I've been looking all over for you.

Wait a minute. I'm leavin'.

I've got $10,000 cash.

We can go away together.

Far away.

You think I want your money, you stupid bitch?

Go back to Nestor.

And fuck you too!

Let go of me! How much did he pay? You puta!

Jesus Christ!

Please calm down!

Hurry up. All right, this is it. You stay cool and you stay low.

What the hell's going on? I don't know. I can't see.

I've never been anywhere but Miami.

Well, Cuba, but I was a kid.

I can hardly remember. It's gonna be great.

I mean, we have enough money. We can go anywhere we want.

Yeah, Nestor. That cabron. I should kill him.

I'll never go back to Miami.

Today on the boat he put a knife through some guy's hand... because he was looking at me, he said.

But it was because of business.

Nestor was on the guy's boss, some huge black dude... because of some street kids and an Indian... causing trouble and cutting into sales. What was that?

Some house on a park near Little Havana. They're gonna hit it tonight.

What are you doing?

Where's Joe? He's out there.

Let's go.

Get out! Come on!

Fuck this! Come on!

How is he? Carlos!

Come on, man.

You all right? Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.

My God. Look at the house.

Where's Dorcey?

I'm okay!

He's not...

Get the jeep.

Get the jeep!

Get the guns.

So what now?

Back to the slam. Police get their hands on me.

Never. Not me.

We're on our own now.

Adios, amigos.

"Five... man...


unit... decorated..."

What's this word? "Posthumously."

It means after you're dead.

"Sole survivor of fire team awarded Medal of Honor."

"Band of the Hand."

Joe said we're all part of each other.

The fingers of a hand.

His signs.


Black magic.

Nestor the guy you worked for?

Cream was Nestor's trigger.

Nestor killed Joe.

Nestor's the man.

Let's take the man down.

Is everything set with the Colombian?

Yeah, yeah, don't worry.

In two weeks, I'm setting up the biggest processing plant in North Miami.

Don't give me this "Don't worry" crap.

So who's the courier for my money?

Flamingo Torres. Payoff's in Nassau.

I want him tailed until I fucking hear the deposits are in.

You got it? Yeah.

All right.

What about the kids? You wanna do anything?

When you get around to it, you take Nikki.

You do to her whatever you want, then kill her.


Nothin'. Nobody.

Maybe he's sick. Go to a big hospital, no clinic.

Stays two minutes each time.


Truck's moving.

Coffee beans, my ass.


Yo, mama, pay the man.

So what do you guys need this stuff for anyway?

We're gonna plant a garden and fertilize it with the nitrogen... and if there's gophers, we're going to get them with a trap.

If that doesn't work, we're gonna use the gopher gas.

And if that doesn't work, we're gonna cement it all in and paint it green.

There's no gophers in this area.

Who do you think you're talkin' to?

Armadillos. Those are the meanest suckers you're ever gonna want to see.

I'll tell you how you take care of'em.

Pour a little painting fluid out there and make 'em drink it, okay?

That cuts off the oxygen to their brain.

What you wanna do then is zap 'em with a little fluorescent paint... so you can see 'em in the dark.

Then you can get behind 'em with some reinforced tungsten steel... you can get it around 'em and... Johhny Ola.

Just cut their motor. But you gotta kill 'em the first time.

'Cause if you don't, they get this revenge thing in their mind... and they come back lookin' for you.

I grew up in Pecos. You know where that is, in Texas?

Well, down there, the armadillos grow to about nine feet tall.

They take babies away and... Things are dangerous.

LikeJoe said, it's zones.

So I'll be on top, covering the roof and front. Go.

I do my thing, then fall back. Then?

I get to the left corner of the house so I can cover the left flank. Meanwhile...

I cover the rights side of the house from the right porch corner so...

So I can make it to the front door.

If we don't make it to that front porch, we're dead.

How far we gotta be when it goes off? All the way back to the wire.

Oye, mano, it's a snap. If everything goes A-okay... we got maybe a one in a five chance of pulling this thing off.

The Colombian is here. All right. It's now. We're on.

Come on, we gotta go with what we got.

I need more time. We ain't got it. It's now or never.

Come on, bitch. Let the big boys know you're here.

What are we gonna do? Keep cutting.

You sure she's in heat?

Here they come.

Sure glad those dogs are horny.

They're probably after a squirrel. Yeah, I guess you're right.

It's nice, huh?

Air conditioning sucks the ether out.

Filters it clean. No smell outside.

There's nothing like this anywhere in the States.

The switch! The air conditioner! Turn it off!

Get him! Tommy, come here!

Who the fuck is out there?

On the roof!

Holy shit! I got 'em! I got 'em!

Motherfucker's over there! Let's do it!

Behind you!

Get behind there!

Come on, come on, come on!

Come on, let's go! Move it! Come on, let's go!

Yo, come on, man! Come on!

Give me the gun, Nikki.

Come on,J.L., blow it! Come on! Come on, blow it!

Joe should've been here.

We did what he wanted, didn't we?

There's nothing we can't do.

Hi, Officer. What happened back there?

Yeah. We could see that fire back in Homestead.

I don't know, kids. You know as much as I do. Where you headed?


We gotta jam! Yeah!

Easy on the beer, huh? Drive safe.

Thank you. Thanks, Officer!

See ya later! Have a good night, Officer!