Bandh Darwaza (1990) Script

Here is the black mountain. Quiet and cursed, where a hideous monster is hiding in human form.

Breathing the poisoned air, ready to kill.

When the sun sets, this monster rises From his grave To satisfy his urges ... and passes through the darkness, in search of victims.

Thank you.

A year ago we prayed at the four sacred temples.

And I still have no children.

It seems that I languish all my life for a child.

Do not be discouraged. God's ways are inscrutable.

God gave me so much in life.

But it makes us languish for a child.

God's ways are mysterious.

But it trades fairly.

Keep the faith.

Soon your house will be filled with joy.

You must not come here.

If he sees you, there will be problems.

Tell the teacher I will keep my promise.


That's him!

He was a man of the black mountain.

He asked me the way to Rangu. Do not lie to me!

They worship a monster the Black Mountains.

It is one of those living in sin.

Despising the honor of their women.

Raising their daughters in shame.

One day I will destroy this cursed place.

Keeping in mind my words ...

And if I can still see with one of them ...

I will throw you out!



Hello, my aunt.

Where is your wife?

It asks.

Looks like.

She's cute.

So? Very nice.

She is the daughter of Jaipal. Wanna meet her?

But why? You know why.

You're married for 5 years and you still have no children.

But the priest said ... To hell with him!

The flowers do not grow in a sand bed.

How will our family survive if you do not have any descendants?

Your wife will be barren forever.

What can I do?

I make offerings in all sacred temples.

I went barefoot to pray.

I am not destined to have a child.

It is your destiny.

No, Mahua ...

I'm only a bed of sand the flowers can grow.

The flowers can bloom on stones.

Trust me, I'll show you.

So, show me.

You must accompany me, the Black Mountains.

At Black Mountain? Are you crazy?

No, but you will see ...

When another woman will take your bed.

No, he would never do that.

This is what he will.

It must have an heir, and why it will use another woman.

Listen to me, mistress. It should not be aware of.

We will leave at midnight and we will return at dawn.

That must remain a secret between you and me.

The master is not an ordinary man.

He has great powers.

You will carry a child.

But you must promise ...

If it's a boy, you shall keep it as a gift ...

But if it's a girl, then it will belong to the black mountain.

You will need to give it to us.

So ...

Do you agree?

Go to hell!

Why have I listened your evil plan?

I committed a sin!

When you see the child, your sins will become a blessing.

Pratap Congratulations!

Let me pass.

What's going on? Congratulations!

Your wife just gave birth.

Congratulations sir.

Thank you lord.

Congratulations sir.

Tell me it's a boy or a girl?

A daughter.

A girl?

A girl is like a goddess.

Look, it looks like you.

She has your features. I am so happy.

I want to tell the whole village.

Raghu, Balram, Savant ... prepare dinner.

You can go.

You too, midwife. I'll take care of them.

What a beautiful child.

He will return later. So what?

We must take him to master. No!

You never take me my child.

But you promised to master.

Hell will rage! No, Mahua.

We waited so long ...

This time.

Do not spoil our happiness.

If you do not keep your promise ...

The master unleash on you his demonic powers.

I want this child here!


Poisons this woman miserable.

Mistress ...

Your milk ...

Mahua, my husband came home?

Not yet.

Yes, master ...

I've poisoned.

Snake! You betrayed me ...

You left me no choice.

Your child belongs to the mountain black, and I'll take him there.

Come back here! Go to hell!

Raghu! Shankhar!

Stop it! She took my child!

Mahua stops! Wait!

For God's sake!

Forgive me Lord.

I moved away from your will.

But do not punish my child for my sins.

Mistress ...


What happened?

Mahua has poisoned me.

She has taken our child.


It ... She took her ... the Black Mountains.

You must stop him.

I will punish her!

Do not touch this child ...

Or I kill you.

Go! This child belongs the Black Mountains.

You will never have it!

You are not human ...

You are a demon!

Listen to me, Pratap Singh ...

Your daughter will return to these mountains.

It belongs to the black mountain.

It is the fruit of my flesh.

"Come to me, my love ..."

"Come to me, my love ..."

"My heart desperate calls ..."

Looks like Kaamya woke up.

How dare you? I'll tell my father!

You call yourself a movie star?

Sir, save me. What is happening?

This perverse came into my room.

I was doing my exercises and it dancing on the other side.

Well, Gopi?

I can not help it, sir.

Since I saw this movie last week.

My heart is packed.

This great star possessed my mind.

Whenever I hear music, I want to dance.

If I see you again in my room I'll break your head.

Calm down now. And Gopi, back to work.

Yes, sir.

What an idiot!

Go, Dad. I get dressed and I'll join you.

Kumar, I do not feel well.

What's wrong?

I'm hot, and my heart beats.

I can not relax.

I advise you a cold shower. That's what I did.

Our shower was broken. Can I use yours?

You make me laugh.

Where is breakfast, Mom? I'll be late.

Your lunch is served. You were on the phone.

It was Kaamya. What did she want?

You know her. She's crazy.

Take your breakfast my son.

Anand is already there. Finished at least lunch.

I'll eat later. I must hurry.

Hello, brother in law.

How dare you? You're not even married her.

But soon, do not worry.

Sapna has called Bombay.

She comes here for holidays.

When? Tonight.

I need a driver.

My car broke down. Are you listening?

Where can I take you? Not far.

In the black mountain. Come.

What's the matter? You seem nervous.

It's just that I'll be late.

Waiting for me.

You're not afraid alone at night in the jungle?

Not at all. I do not like the crowd.

What? Stop the car please.

Here we are.

Damn ... She forgot her book.

Oh, King of Darkness!

Emperor of evil!

Grant us the power! We beg you.

With your unlimited powers, Mahua your servant, brought back to life in the black mountain.

Oh lord forces limitless ...

Treat your slaves, power.

Who's there?

Hurry! Do not let it escape.

Run! Do not let it escape.


What there was Sapna?

What is happening? Say something.

Kumar, what happens to it Sapna?

Something had to scare him.

She is sweating.

Gopi. Go get some brandy.

Kumar, called his brother.

You're you happened Sapna? Tell me?

Listen ...

No matter what you saw, you had imagined.

I have not seen. Why you do not believe me?

I can say clearly what I saw.

I took a lady to stop and I taken to the black mountain.

You mean she wanted to die?

But why?

I can not explain it.

Wait, wait ...

If you're right, they will still be there.

And perhaps even the body of the girl.

If we do not find the body, there will be at least traces of blood.

Yes why not. Good!

Tomorrow we will go check on the spot.

You go to Black Mountain? Not just me, you'll come too.

So, I'll prove it was a dream.

This is where I made that girl, Kumar.

Looks like nobody is here for years.

No, Kumar. Expect.

I've told you.

Here there was the sacrifice.

She was lying here.

The man was standing here and has stabbed with a knife.

But there is no blood.

I saw him.

You still dreaming?


Now I know why you are the girl of my dreams.

You feel better now?


Little silly!

Kumar, look!

This is the book that I gave up, when I ran away.

So if it was a dream ...

How do you explain this?

Listen now there is even stronger ...

"Spirits of evil: The body decomposes after death ... "

"But the spirit remains alive."


No, Kumar.

What I saw that night was real.

There was a ceremony.

Continuing to believe and we will as crazy as you.

What I've seen ... What you have imagined was a bad dream. Forget it now.

Shall we?

It's really crazy.

Nice to meet you. I was on my way to see you.

It's my birthday and all are welcome.

Full of good things.

Sorry, I forgot to introduce you ... Kaamya, Sapna here.

My little sister.

She studied at Bombay.

Sapna, Kaamya here. A very good friend.

You must come too.

Otherwise you will be missed.

Since Kumar took over the factory, I am thinking about retiring.

But Kumar told any of you.

No, no, he worked hard.

Well the ridge ...

Glass is lucky ...

Having been kissed by your lips.

You are late. This is the fault of Sapna.

She has not stopped changing her dress: "Does Kumar love it?"


Come on I'll introduce you to the boss.

What do I look?


As an angel from heaven.

What do you say Kumar?

"From the river to the sea .."

"From the sea to the ocean ..."

"And this glass is deeper the ocean. "

"What is happening?"

"What has happened?"

"It happens all the time."

Kumar? You have a moment ...

Kaamya. Follow me!

Listen, Kaamya ...

You really are a very good friend.

But I have no feeling for you.

But I feel for you. I've always had ...

We could not have come here.

People are waiting for us downstairs.

I know what you mean ...

I come home, I do not feel well.

But where is Kumar? I do not have a clue.

I forgot my book in your car.

I tried to give you.

Where is he? My Home.

I need it.


Wait there. I'll get it.

Why did you leave the party?

Kumar, it's there. Who?

The girl in the black mountain. She is alive.

Where is she? Outside. In the car.

Show me.

There is no one.

This is the truth. She was with me in the car.

You do not believe me?

My God, what happened to me?

It's not you.

It's that damn book.

It's true, Sapna.

This girl is ready for all, to win my heart.

But if you knew what Kaamya felt for you ...

Why you told me nothing?

Kaamya feels that is not of love, just a silly obsession.

I feel nothing for her.

But Kumar ...

I saw how she looked at you.

She will not give up so easily.

Want to break up with me?

Sapna, you're the one I want.

Do not worry Kaamya.

It means nothing to me.

She can not do anything to break us.

What you wanted to tell me?

Kaamya, I like Sapna.

What is she older than me?

I can not live without you. You are mine.

I can not let you go!

Take me in your arms. Hold me ...

Take me, Kumar. I want you now ...

You dishonor your father with you in this way.

You have rejected the love of Kaamya ...

Now you'll discover his hatred.

A gift for the black mountain.

It belongs to the master ...

I pomperai so many poisons in your veins ...

That you soumettras to master.

Who are you? Why am I here?

It's nothing.

Here we do real miracles.

Look ...

We are the lords with the powers of darkness.

Those who lose faith in this world ...

Come here to fulfill their vows.

In return for your love, you have been rejected.

With the powers of the Black Mountain.

You will recover the love you lost.

But first, you must submit to our desires and our wills.

I would do anything you want ...

If I can recover Kumar.

Dad? You're still standing?

It's late. Where were you?

The brakes of the car gave out. I nearly had an accident.

At Black Mountain.

At Black Mountain?

Are you hurt?

No I have nothing.

What has my son there? You're sweating.

I felt like someone they spoke to me.

You had a nightmare.

Her man first.

You're not even her man! I did not give my consent.

And you act like her husband already.

Listen, when a couple is decided, the family can not stop it.

This way my son.

It's already so cold ...

And you want me even more cool?

I prefer something hot.

It is also empty.

I think he's drunk.

It is time for you to go As you hold up.

What do you say?

I'm just starting.

Really? You want another?

Do not worry, I'll find another.

Women should not touch alcohol.

Wake up my love. All the guests left.

What shall we do?

He is drunk. Better to stay here tonight.

No, I want to go home.

You can not drive in your state. You will not see the road.

I'll be fine.

Do not be stupid, Kumar. I have already told your mother.

Sapna, Kumar shows the guest bedroom.


And trying to sleep!

You have sobered or you want me to continue?

No, that's enough!

Put it and goes to bed.

I'm too tired. You can take my clothes off?


"The humid climate is tormenting me."

"And yet you refuse my advances."

"What can I do now?"

"No, you're the one that troubles me."

"You have awakened a mild pain in my heart. "

"What can I do now?"

"Every drop of rain caress your body. "

"You smell the sweet scent of jasmine."

"Your heart is on fire for fun."

"You enlaces a pillow late at night. "

"Waterproof your thirst on my lips."

"Teach me the pleasures of love."

"Why do you want to learn the pleasures of love? "

"Stick your body against mine."


Brother! Open the door!

Sapna, what's the matter?

I saw Kumar from driving.

What? But ...

Where did he go?

Stand still. This is Kumar's car.

What are you doing, in the middle of the cemetery?

A cemetery?

Come, let's go home.

Do not come here anymore. My father could see you.

I saw him leave.

What's the matter?

You must come the Black Mountains tonight.


This is one of the men I've seen the Black Mountains.

At this ceremony.

But ... Why was he here?

And Kaamya?

Maybe Kaamya conspires with them.

That would explain why I saw a picture of Kumar in the cemetery.

I do not know what you mean.

And I do not know how I found myself in this cemetery.

I'll tell you why.

Kaamya tries to bewitch you.

She conspires with people the black mountain.

This is absurd! It's the truth!

She uses black magic to you turn against me.

Are you crazy?

How dare you you behave this way?


I'll tell you.

Kumar lost control of his life.

He does not know what he does.

Anand! It's the truth!

Why were you in the cemetery last night?

You were not alone.

You have been enchanted by dark magic.

I can prove it.

Hey, check it out.

I found it last night ...

In the cemetery.

O lord of evil!

There is 18 years old, that same night ...

A man came here ...

And tried to destroy us!

That night the girl thereof is here ...

To quench your thirst!

You're lucky. Tonight you'll see the master.

The master? What master?

The prince of darkness.

The Lord of limitless powers.

You're not the daughter of Pratap Singh.

You belong to the black mountain.

Your mother refused to hand you the master.

And your father tried to destroy us.

You'll pay for their sins by becoming the slave of the master.

Let me go! Please!

You will stay here forever, behind those closed doors.


Yes ...

I am your Sapna.

I knew you would come back.

There are we here.

But I saw Kaamya. You've imagined.

I must be crazy. Let me go.

Okay ...

But you will not be able leave me alone.

"You give me back my love."

"My heart and my soul belong to you."

"Why I'm burning with desire?"

"Even my breath through me."

"To my love, I'd do anything. "

"Otherwise I will end my life."

"My body is on fire."

"Hold me with all your love."

"Take my hand, for one night."

"Allow me to give you pleasure."

"My love, my beloved, let us embrace. "

"She who is with you, will be a good girl. "

"Accept the beauty of my youth."

"How I wish you to come to me. "

"I feel your desire."

I was not sure, but now I'm sure.

The person who is behind all this, is Kaamya.

Last night I followed the Black Mountains.

It is a place of the Devil.

But I still can not believe it.

Come with me tonight. You will see by yourself.

Kumar's obsession led Kaamya on the path of evil.

She joined the cult of the Black Mountain.

We went to the rescue.

A wall collapsed and a monster came out.

There was fog everywhere. We saw nothing.

When the fog had lifted, Kaamya was gone ...

With the monster.

Kaamya, my child. Where are you?

Witch! You're still alive?

If I died, how I could rejoice in your suffering?


Where is Kaamya?

Kaamya forget. She left your world.

Tell me where is my child?

You never see her again.

It is now lost in darkness.

All you hear will its cries of agony.

You will only hear her screams for help.

"I used to shine. Now there is only darkness. "

"Who will deliver me of my chain? "

"Every breath that I emit." "Every breath I want."

"Deductions are behind these walls."

"I am a bud that will blossom never in the dark. "

"Who will deliver me of my chain? "

"As an undead, I consumed in solitude. "

"These walls are my grave, I will buried here. "

"Life has rejected me, where is death?"

"Who will hear my call?"

"There is only pain in my cries. "

You dared you away the path of God ...

To ask for help to this demon.

Now our children pay for your sins.

Do not worry. It will get better.

But how? She left for 2 days.

News from Kaamya? No.

I've looked everywhere around the black mountain.

No trace of her.

Where this monster was he hiding?

Now you're under my control.

Tonight at Black Mountain, the new slave master arrives.

You must bring him.



Where have you been?

Your father was worried about you.

I have problems, Bhanu. Help me.

What's the matter?

You gotta come with me now. We do not have much time.

Go where?

I'll explain. Come.

Where are we going?

Where the road ends. What do you mean?

It's so quiet here.

You can smell your own breath and hear the beating of your heart.

Stop! This is the car of Bhanu.

Anand? Yes, that's me.

You can tell us what happened?

I tried, my uncle ...

Kaamya came to me last night.

She told me she had problems and wanted my help.

I went with it.

She tried to take me the Black Mountains.

Tell all the world, if they see Kaamya ...

They shoot on sight.

Kaamya is possessed.

It is in the grip of this monster.

Kaamya! You?

I have problems, Sapna. Help me please.

What's wrong? You must follow me.

Now. This is urgent!

Get off me!

Follow me.

Wait, Sapna!


Open the door, Kumar!

Sapna! What is happening?

Kumar ... This monster ...

This demon is after me.

It is here to kill me!

Where is he? Where?

There ... the stairs. Show me.


He calls me. He wants me.

I must go to the black mountain.

What happened?

Tell me, what happened?

What happened to him?

She was raped by this monster.

It should not leave this house! Ever!

The master's orders. You have to let this girl locked here.

You have to look after her.

Look, it's Kaamya!

Kaamya Awake!

You failed, Kaamya was rescued.

You'll pay with your life.

Now we know at least he is afraid ...

Of daylight.

You know where do these bites?

No Master! No!

Forgive me! Forgive me please!

I made a mistake!

I'm disappointed.

Forgive me, please.

Spare my life, master.

I shed my blood you give it back to life.

So why kill me now?

My brother!

Bhanu is a party. Where?

At Black Mountain.

You did not stop? I tried, but ...

Get in the car.

Take this direction.


Leave me! I must go to the black mountain.

This mountain is a well of sin. You will drown.

The master! I must go to him!

I have ...

I must go to him!

This monster has poisoned the mind you.

I will not let you destroy.

Let me go! Never!

If my wife had not met the monster, my daughter would not be lost Now.

If an accident had happened Bhanu or to Sapna.

It may take my life back if it saves my child.

Be brave, sir. Nobody will harm you.

We will not let him win.

No, my son. You must not go.

There is 18 years old, with this hand I stabbed him in the heart.

It is not human ...

It's a demon.


Where are you?

No! It is not possible!

Bhanu not let me! You can not!

Try eating.

Not Sapna. I'm not hungry.

Bhanu is part ...

Now you must take care of yourself.

What do you want?

Kaamya rescuing the Black Mountains, You have put yourself in danger.

You must replace Kaamya ...

And become a slave to master.


Let me go!


Release it!


Tell me where is this monster! Bastard!

Tell me where is the den of this monster!

Tell me, or I'm gonna skin.



I tell you.

Behind the secret door, there was another closed door.

This door opens only when ...


Brother, do not leave us.

Stop, my child.

I am guilty of this.

I'm the one that caused all that horror.

Forgive me, my child.

Forgive me.

Poisonous snake!

You have poisoned our lives.

You have destroyed my family.

Today I'm going to end your sins.

Leave me alone!

The holy Koran.

We can take this path.

Disciple of Satan ...

I'll give you a death where your mind will not be at peace.

Listen to me.

If you kill me, you never know the secret of the master.

The secret?

What secret? I'll tell you ...

But you must promise me you spare me.


His life is protected.

At the heart of the Black Mountain ...

There is an idol shaped bat,

burn it and the master will be destroyed forever.

This is the truth.

Kumar, alert the villagers.

Do not let it escape.

I go to Black Mountain ...

To destroy this monster.

What comes from the earth return to dust.

With God's help, this monster was destroyed.

Whatever form of evil ...

God's will always triumphs in the end.