Bandhan (1998) Script

Look! Mom and Dad are working over there. - Where?

Mom! - Hello, dear. - It's ready. We'll have it there. - Okay.

I'll give you some money. Get some groceries.

Give me some extra money. I want to buy a shirt for Raju.

Why does he need to cover himself? He's a boy. - Mom!

My brother goes about shirtless. It pains me to see that.

We're saving for your marriage. Then I won't get married!

There! - Okay. I'll give you the money to buy a shirt.

It's so late. Why isn't Raju home as yet?

Help me with the basket, please. Is the dinner ready, my dear?

Where are you, my dear? I'm asking about the dinner.

You and your dinner! Raju hasn't returned from the tailor.

And till you see that shirt on him, you won't be at ease!

I've yet to see a sister so mad about her brother! - True.

Why so late? Do you know, I was so worried about you?

Let's see how my brother looks in a new shirt.

What's this? I gave this to stitch a shirt.

And you got a blouse made? It's for you, sister.

Nobody bothers if I go bare, but everybody eyes your torn blouse.

That's why I got a blouse made instead.

Bless you. What about that case concerning your inheritance?

Lt'll be decided today. I hear this Goddess is powerful.

That's why I came to take her blessing.

What are you saying? It's true.

It was a very auspicious time when he saw your daughter.

That's why he won the case which was going on for years.

Then naturally, he who was a confirmed bachelor for years...

...decided there and then, that if he weds, it'll be your daughter.

I've come here with his proposal!

Mom, look what... Hello, dear. You're so lucky.

Suraj Pratap of Chandanpur, has asked your hand in marriage.

Sir, your marriage heralds nothing but success.

If we poor have erred in any way, please forgive us.

Oh come on, you're like a father to me. - I'll just come.

It's time to bid goodbye to the bride. - I'll just come.

What's this? You're giving these old things in her dowry?

Then shall I send her empty handed? Silly!

All these broken things are in our poor lot! Not hers.

Look. There's so much love in this gift of a poor mother...

Nothing in this world can buy it! - So okay, but hurry!

You're always in a hurry. You tend to guests, leave this to me

Excuse me...

What is it? I want to say something.


My parents wish to give you as a dowry...

...this whole village!

But they've nothing.

But there's an invaluable thing in this house.

If you don't mind, may I take it with me?

If it's so dear to you, why should I mind? Take it

This is that dear thing. My brother, Raju.

So! This is that invaluable thing!

Listen, Raju. From today, he's the world to me.

You'll do as he says, So brother-in-law...

...will you come with us? Whatever you say, is fine with me.

Bless you.

This is my sister, Jyoti.

She was just 6 months old when our parents died.

She has never known parental love she doesn't even know a mother.

Or mother's love. A girl, who loves her brother so deeply...

...can also love my sister just as much.

When on that day, I saw you at the temple, I felt... though God had sent mother's love to my Jyoti.

Jyoti, she's your sister-in-law.

Who's he? He's my brother-in-law, Raju.

So! You're here to play with me, eh?

Where are you, Raju? I'm here.

Why are you making a noise? I've come to show you magic!

Now close your eyes. But why?

Close your eyes first, please.

Okay. Here you are.

Now open your eyes.

Wow! It's just for you. And it took me 3 days.

Wonderful! It's marvelous. Well done, my boy.

His name is, "HIRA". Salute them, Hira!

Hira, will you take us all for a ride?

Will you dance at a marriage?

Will you eat peanuts from our fields?

Then how about eating from other people's fields?

He's such a faithful soul, I've made half a man out of him.

Why not fully? - If I had, he'd have become disloyal.

You did this for me, by toiling night and day?

I've but one duty for 24 hours. To obey you... do your work, serve you, and to take care of you.

How many times do I tell you, that your place is not at my feet...

It's in my heart. Can't help it. It's a habit.

Will you just chat, or come to the temple too?

Forget it! Until you both go there, everything will be held up.

How I wish Jyoti was here! When her exams get over, she will.

Very soon, too. - Ready? Yes. - Come, Hira.

Greetings sir. How are you? I'm fine, sir.

Hello, sir, - How was your cane this year? - Good, by god's grace.

Are your kids admitted in school? Yes, thanks to you.

Not really. It's all due to the Holy Mother.

Greetings, sir. - Greetings. You too, Madam. - Greetings.

Is everything ready? Nearly. Like every year...

...l've to take the cloth from your wife and put it on the Mother.

Here I am. Yes? My sister's coming!

What's the matter? Jyoti's coming.

So why are you shouting? Till I don't tell this to others...

...this stomach of mine will not stop aching.

Listen, this wire is late. She must be at the bus stop.

Go and get her quick! Okay. I'll tell people enroute

What is it? Your darling Jyoti's coming.

So why yell the place down? Ramdin, did you hear?

Jyoti's coming home.

Have you seen my brother-in-law's sister. - Your brother-in-law?

You mean you don't know him? Who made you a conductor, eh?

I think I've seen you before. I'm Jyoti!

You've seen me since I was a kid. Remove those glares.

What happened to you? You're a big shot's sister...

...and you wear such short clothes? Were you short of money...

...or did the tailor steal the cloth? Pull it down!

What are you doing? Somebody may see. - Really?

Even a blind man will stare at you in this attire!

This is the latest fashion. Not fashion, but, "tension"!

Oh sweet pudding of mine! You're so lovable.

Get lost! Pudding of mine! Will you eat me up then?

One day I will for sure! Your brother and my sis await you.

Wonderful! You whistled and the horse came in reverse!

I obey my brother-in-law, and, Hira does, what I tell him to.

Now sit in the buggy which I made with my own hands.

Because this is a village, not the city. Understand?

How were your exams? Ist class, I'm asking my sis.

I asked her the same on the way. She said "Ist class"

So I told you the same. That is, Ist class. Right?

Tell him. - Yes, brother. 100/ Ist class. - Good.

Come inside. - No! Why not? - Just a minute.

May no evil eye be cast from here, there...

...inside, outside or anywhere Now spit! On this, silly.

Now go in without looking here and there. - What's all this?

You don't know it but all the evil eyes...

...from this village have been cast on Jyoti.

Has it been seen to? Then shall we go in? Looking back?

No, no. Look ahead. Ahead. Not behind?

Then let's go in. Hurry.

Jyoti has put on weight in quintals. So I think...

...from today she should stop eating rice and rotis!!

I think there's trouble ahead.

You sit here, I'll go... No!

You wait here. I'll find out.

I'll do whatever he tells me to.

Stop! Sir, have mercy and save us.

These police are forcing our men to work at illicit liquor joints.

Today they are forcing our men to make illicit liquor...

If a case comes up tomorrow, they'll have our men jailed!

Well Constable, what's going on? Keepers of the law making hooch?

Who are you to question this?

Great! That's the way. Look, whoever you are... better keep far away from this matter.

I think you're new here...

Else you wouldn't dare be so insolent with me.

This is Sir Suraj Pratap I see.

What will he do to us? Will he set the sun forever?

Will he darken our lives? What will he do?

I'm respecting you because you're wearing a police uniform.

Learn to respect others. He wants respect. Okay.

Here it is... Go on...

He lifted his hand at you. Let him go, didn't you say...

...that you do as I tell you to? Then let him go.

You escaped this time because I do what he tells me to.

Welcome. Welcome... She has come to your village.

The Sheen of Beauty... The very pulse of the youth...

An action of grace... "Vaishali."

One good news for all. After her colorful dance...

Vaishali will throw a garland. In who's ever neck...

...that garland falls, will brighten his luck with Vaishali Come one, come all. Hurry up and come.

Wow! One dance from my sis... It has rained money for me.

You're right. There's lots of money here. - That's why I fixed this.

I'll see that we empty the safe of every rich man here No trouble, I hope. This uniform commands power.

Me first. - No, me... don't invite trouble.

Don't threaten! - I'll break your bones. - I'll unscrew your head.

Who is it? It's us. - I'm Millu.

A big landlord from Millupur. I'm Tillu. - A small man.

The garland is around your neck. So, come on over.

You've seen the dance. So what do you want? - I've come to put on.

What! - A ring. May I? Where will you put it on?

There's no room. I'll make a place for it.

I'll put it on your toe. Oh? And what if it doesn't fit?

I'll try. - Try, eh? Come outside. I'll fry you!

Your wish. Hurry up though. But where do I put my foot?

Here, like this. Go on, put it on.

Does it hurt?

My dear, this ring is a good omen.

I'll will all my money, property on your name.

Really? Please don't leave this village.

We both shall...

This guy's turned to statue at her mere touch!

What will he do further? If I get a chance I'll crack bones!

Out with you!

Where are you off to?

I want to meet your folks. Take me to your village Now? - Yes. Sorry. I've a lot of work to do.

We'll hurry there and back. I don't have the time.

I've got to attend to the fields. If you want you go.

Kallu, what are you doing? Give water to the buffalo

Go, keep this.

Yes? - Leave everything and take my sis to your parents.

Yes. - Hurry up now. Sure. I'll do whatever he says.

What is it? - Come on. You wanted to meet my parents.

No, not now. You've to attend to the fields, markets...

You've a lot of work, right? Work will never stop.

Come along, your brother has ordered me. So go we must.

He and his brother-in-law! What? - Nothing. Come along.

Where are you going?

Raju was feeling homesick. So he asked me to tag along too.

So I said okay. Isn't it?

Have you just come? Yes. Why?

She impersonated your voice and made a fool out of me.

She wants me to take her to my parents. How can I, with this work?

Look, brother, I've brought some presents for his parents.

I've been requesting him for ages. Please ask him to take me.

Go, but hurry back. I won't go if you say so - Go!

You've got presents for my folks but what about me? - For you...

...l've got such a nice one that you'll sway all your life!

I know. You've got a necklace of huge beads for my bullocks!

I don't know when you'll mature. Why? - You don't understand!

As if you do! We'd have reached earlier had we crossed the river.

You made me take the longer route. We can talk more that way.

Sweet nothings. But I won't let you go.

Why did you stop the cycle? I can't control it any more.

You better sit on the bar. Why? Did something happen?

Nothing. Only the air is leaking by and by. Sit here. - Okay.

What now? Get down. - Tell me.

The point is, the village is here Let's walk. - Walk?

Yes - It was fun sitting in the front. - For you, not me.

I was feeling tensed. Now let's move!

Look! Cold drinks. Let's have one.

Wait. Why waste money on this? We'll go home and drink butter milk.

You're a scrooge? A miser! I'm not a miser.

I think about the future.

If a landlord proposes to you, he'd want 2 million as dowry.

If a doctor is approached he'll ask for 11/2 million. And...

...if you waste money on drinks what will we give?


I see! So you'll get a groom for me, eh? We'll see about that.

Our Jyoti is grown up now. Yes.

She must get married too. But Raju's also eligible.

Why don't you get him married? We will, if he'll listen.

He just runs away! Won't do! He must wed this year.

You're right. Find a girl.

Which girl? - You make all the arrangements. The girl will agree.

There must be a girl in our relatives.

Where is such a girl in our relations?

May be in far off relation, or even a near relation.

Or your own daughters? Our daughter's family?

Is there such a girl? There must be!

Must have gone to the city for studies, and come home too.

And she must be pining to get married! - I know!

Who is it? Our daughter's village...

She's talking about that school master's daughter. Right?

That black kettle married 3 years ago and has 6 kids already!

My God! 6 kids in 3 years? Yes. Twice in a year!

Goodness! Which girl do you mean?

How do I tell you now? You're sitting here? Come on.

I don't know when you come and when you go! - Hug me, Mom.

My respects, father. Bless you. Son, - Come on, you!

What's that in the bag? Veg. Seeds. I bought some here.

They're for your garden... Yes. Come on, you!

Eat something and go. No, sis will be waiting for me.

Have one morsel from my hands too. - Okay, feed me.

Mom, takes so much time in feeding. That's why I avoid coming.

Son, this is your home too. Oh yes! I forgot completely.

Give me some more then. Here.

And what about, sis?

This is for your, Sis? My dear...

...he went to your house and he has forgotten us! - Don't worry.

I'll remind him! My foot, you will!

Hold this. It's for your sis-in-law. Bye, Dad. Come on.

I'm not a miser at all. I think of the future ahead.

Some landlord may ask for 2 million for your hand in marriage.

A doctor may demand 11/2 million. And if... waste money like this, what will we give him? This?

Ghost! A Ghost!

Jyoti! I wondered how a ghost weighing 350 Kgs fell on me?

But why are you here now? Don't yell, if brother finds out...

...we'll be in trouble. - What! To hear what I've to say...'ll have to brace yourself.

Brace myself? This brawn you see is a facade. I'm a real softy.

What's the problem? The problem is, I...

...for the past 3 months I... What! What the hell, Jyoti...

We never expected this from you. Your family will be devastated!

It's not what you think! Then what is it?

For the past 3 months, after 7 P. M...

...I can't see anything

Night blindness! O dear God... did this happen to Jyoti? What a catastrophe!

I'm not understanding at all. I'll go and tell your brother.

Let go of my neck! Don't tell him about this.

Why not? He'll get a shock of his life!

Don't be afraid. I've heard...

...there's a doctor in the city. Dr. Shyam Bajaj - Him?

I've gone to other famous doctors too.

They all said the same thing. There's no cure to this ailment

O Lord! Why this...

Now that I've got this night blindness...

...will anyone marry me? Why not, damn it? Just say yes...

I'll have those landlords standing in a line. But later, they'll say...

...bloody blind, unfortunate girl. Then you'll go to jail.

I'll kill them if they do that. Then you'll go to jail.

Even get hanged. Then all of us will cry.

The best thing will be that, you marry me! - Me?

Yes. - How can that be? You're a city-educated girl.

And I'm a son of the soil. This can never happen.

I know why you're refusing to marry me.

What? - Because I'm blind and can't see at night. Isn't it?

I don't mind marrying a blind girl. Then you will marry me, won't you?

If nobody else marries you, I'll think about it.

What! You'll think about it, only if others refuse me?

Okay, Okay I'll marry you.

Enough! Go upstairs and sleep. I'm very sleepy; I'll sleep here.

Cool breeze, darling Raju... Go and sleep upstairs I'm blind, how can I go up? Go up as you came down.

Now even I'm going blind. I won't go up.

Shall I holler for your brother? I'm going... - Go!

Nobody helps a blind person.

O Father in Heaven. Why do you distress us earthlings?

Give Jyoti her sight again.

Hey Vaishali, we're waiting here. When will you come out?

I never saw so many oxen ever after my buffaloes!

And look at them! They're out before the sun rise!

Yes? Are all these Vaishali's fans?

No. They're all street dogs. Like you!

...I'll break your bones, you son of a gun!

Who the hell is this?

Hey gramophone, what happened to the Chillu from Chillupur?

He drowned in a cup of water!

This voice, this tone, seems familiar.

Saved! He didn't recognize me.

Greetings, sir. Greetings!

So! You're Chillu. The landlord of Chillupur.

How did you guess? By your style of sweeping!

Cad! Your body is like a tar-drum.

Your walk like some boar covered... with mud!

How will I not recognize you? I'll break your bones yet!

Believe me Millu, I gave this ancestral house of mine...

...and 60 acres of land to Vaishali. That's why I'm like this.

Else I'm the same Chillu landlord. Shut up!

A man who stole shoes from temples calls himself landlord Chillu!

Whom are you talking to? I'm praising you to the public.

Public? Where is it? Right here!

Well, sister... see how they bleat like goats!

Tell me. Whom do you choose?

My whole baby is gold! Tarnished type!

Who's this bird-brain? Millu. A landlord from Millupur.

He's the lone owner of 700 acres.

Then keep the basket of flowers in his carriage.

See Chillu? - What? The power of 700 acres!

I'll break her bones today!

Give alms to the blind.

Stop! My Vaishali will offer prayers at this temple.

Welcome, welcome. It's old me. Come...


Hey, look! It's Vaishali! Look!

Give alms to the lame.

Why did you hit me? You can ogle at my Vaishali.

And on seeing us, you become blind. To see a thing like Vaishali... needs to have eyes! Not to see ugly ducklings like you!

He's calling you ugly. Not me, but you! - Quiet!

I mean the both of you!

Give alms to the blind. To the lame.

Give alms to the blind. He beats even us at this game.

Whose buggy is this? A landlord from this village.

He just went in. He's the patron of this temple.

He's no man, but a reincarnation of God!

He didn't give me a second look even!

My horse is white. Not a black one like this.

I know. You both go, and sit in the carriage I'll just come.

Go on!

Let's go, Biharibabu. Yes, sir.

What's the matter? He won't move. - Hira! Go!

Let's go now.

Hey... Go slowly, will you?

What happened, sir?

My buggy over-turned. Not the buggy.

But it seems, the man certainly has!

You're seriously hurt. No. I'm alright.

Careful now.

Come, I'll give you a lift. No. I'll go on my own.

How will you go in this condition? Such adamancy is not nice.

Come along... Oh, come on.

Stop! Get down!

You both get his buggy repaired. Come on, driver.

Your carriage, and her passenger!

I'll break your bones! Come on.

This is my house. Please come in.

No. I'll go now. Why? Is my house out of bounds?

Nothing like that. I'll come some other time.

You'll have to come now! You're badly hurt.

I'll have to put something on it. Please come in.

What are you thinking about? Nothing. - Then come on in.

Please sit here. Go on.

What will you have? I said, what will you drink?

You're staring as though you'd like to eat me!

Let it be. Why?

See how it's bleeding. Let me... serve you a little.

What are you looking at? I... Nothing.

Liar! You saw alright.

Your stare has pierced my breast.

My beauty lies in my body. And yours... these moustaches! I've liked you very much.

I'm such a lovely trouble. I'm surrendering myself to you.

And there you are... Hesitating!

Why? Have you lost your virility?

O Lord, what a calamity. Take my sight if you want.

But give Jyoti hers.

How did this happen to you?

Never mind, if that's what God wants. Who can defy it?

I believe you didn't eat anything today. - Not a thing.

You poor thing... Let's go.

Jyoti! Get up.

What happened? You can't see, so you slipped.

Then I must have mud all over my body.

Since you fell in mud, it can't be cream on you! - Then clean me up.

Me? No I can't do that. Then I'll go in like this only.

Okay, I'll clean you up. Sit down.

My God! - What is it? You're uncovered. Sit properly.

I'm blind. - But I'm not! Now cover yourself.

Okay. I'm respectable now. Let's go.

Now what? - You pulled my "lungi". I thought it was a towel.

Being blind you can make errors. You want a towel? Here.

O Holy Mother... by hook or by crook...

...let Jyoti get back her sight.

Hey, come here. What is it?

Take matches from my pocket, and light this camphor. - No, I won't.

Light it!

What's the matter? The temple. Raju... - What happened?

Come, Jyoti. Wait, Raju.

Wait, Raju!

Why did you do that?

Forgive me, Raju. What are you saying?

I lied to you.

Lied to me? Yes. That night blindness.

That ailment. It was all a lie!

I've loved you since I was a child.

But you always said you'd get me married to some landlord!

Thus, to marry you, I did all this.

For that you told me such a blatant lie!

Do you know how worried I was! The night I came to know...

...I didn't sleep a wink! I spent the whole night thinking.

I went to every temple to pray. Then I heard about this.

That by climbing the steps on ones knees, one can ask anything.

All the ailments are cured. That's why I climbed for you.

And you lied to me! But Raju, I...

I don't want to hear anything. I can endure anything.

But not lies and dishonesty. I don't want to see your face!

But didn't you promise to marry me? - Yes, I did.

Thinking that you're struck with blindness!

You mean you'd marry me if I became blind. Right?

Okay. I need you, Raju. Not these eyes of mine.

Let go of me! Let go!

You won't forget, will you? No, I won't. I'll bring it...

...and put it in your nose myself. It'll be a balm to my eyes!

Why are you sitting in this? Why? How does it upset you?

Because this buggy belongs to my brother-in-low. - Oh, I see.

Brother-in-law, eh? That makes you my relative too!

Come on then. You are entitled. That's my sister's place.

How did you dare to sit there? Will you get down or do I pull you?

So... you were just wanting an excuse to touch my hand!

I can't help it. People just long to touch me.

Yearn to possess me! Anyway one more to that list!

Let's go! - Stop! Where are you going? Get off!

Poor girl... He threw her down!

Why you! You dare throw my sister?

If you had been a man, today I'd have!!

Raju! What the hell did you do?

Don't you know we respect ladies? You throw Vaishali down in public?

I can't bear it see any other woman sitting in my sister's place.

I'll decide who's to sit in my buggy.

Go and apologize to Vaishali this very moment.

No! I won't go and apologize to her.

Where has Raju erred for him to apologize to her?

He had made that buggy for you both to see...

...a where sitting... Shut up! City education, eh?

You argue with your brother? You side with Raju?

Wonderful, dear wife! What an upbringing you gave!

Not just your brothers, but you made my sister rude too.

My word has no value in my own house!

Where are you going, sister? To apologize to Vaishali. - What!

That down whore, Who can't hold a candle to you. You're going to her?

You may be feeling humiliated to go at her door, but I don't.

Somebody has to respect your brother-in-law in this house.

No, sister! I won't let you go there.

I'll go and apologize. Raju! How can you!

Whatever... Whatever I've done till today...

...has always been to save the honor of this household.

I've nothing to lose.

I don't even have the guts to talk against my brother-in-law.

Whatever he orders me to do, I'll do it.

I'll do it. Whatever he tells me to!

Why did you lock the door? The door to my heart opened...

...that's why I shut this door.

You bashed up my brother I didn't feel angry at all.

In fact, I fell in love.

Your passionate outburst... your strength...

Your manliness. I simply loved it!

And whatever Vaishali fancies...

Vaishali makes sure she gets it!

I came to apologize because I was asked to. But let alone a "Sorry"... are not worth talking to!

Have you returned apologizing to that great woman?

How long will you live like some puppet?

Will you go on doing whatever he tells you to?

Yes! I can do anything.

For my sister's sake even if I'll have to risk my life...

...I won't think twice. Know why?

How will you know? Even Sister doesn't know this secret.

When God brought my sister into this world...

He thought over it, said, how did I err here?

I've made this girl so simple, and innocent...

How will she survive in the world? He then sent me to earth...

...and said, "Look, Raju..."

Stay with your Sister like a shadow, be her guardian.

See that she doesn't have to toil and sweat.

I've come in this world with such a big responsibility.

I was born for my sister.

Jyoti, I can bear anything.

But I can't bear to see tears in my sister's eyes. I can't!

What if I take a peep? Okay I won't. You can if you wish.

Look! That idiot is coming.

It's really very shameful. Very shameful indeed!

That Raju, he beat up my man. Like a dog, and humiliated me!

He's coming... And these village folks...

...they listened to all this like some film story.

If the one who was bashed up isn't bothered, why should we?

How can I just forget you? I'll choke him with my stick!

My Gajendra's... you've come?

I've not only come, but, I've heard it too, - Don't mind...

He insulted you, and my blood boiled!

I got scalded! Forget that Raju.

That landlord Suraj Pratap... Did he show them any respect?

No! He's always coming at night and going in the might.

He comes and goes.

That too... Secretly.

Did he go round the village with Vaishali? - No.

If I had been in his place...

I'd have taken them around with great regards to Vaishali and brother.

And I'd have declared openly that Vaishali is my world!

And this stud-bull here, is my future brother-in-law!

Caretaker to my estate. I'd have made Vaishali a mother...

...and made this goon my partner! - He has gone!

Now it's my turn. That landlord is in bad books!

What you're doing is bad. Meaning?

You come here, and go back every night, on the sly...

Have you even taken her our for a ride, even once?

She's eager to go out with you but she feels shy to tell you.

Go on, Sister. Tell him. Forget it, brother.

If he roams around with me his reputation will go to dogs.

That's not it. When the time comes, I'll take her out for sure.

Hurry up! He's waiting in the temple.

You're always in a hurry. Come on, now. Hurry!

See? He has come without that Vaishali.

Now he and her brother will fight! - And she'll be yours!

Don't laugh! The Goddess will get scared.

You came alone, sir? She's coming.

He said "She's coming". Who's coming? - His wife.

What's the matter? Look over there.

We're here, Sir. Hey, Sister...

...stand here next to him Take this.

Take this and start the prayers.

Vaishali, give it to him. Stop!

This cloth will not be offered to the Holy Mother! That's the one.

Take it and start. Come, Sister. Every cloth is the same to Mother.

Today Vaishali will have the honor.

Whatever you are doing is wrong! Stop Raju! - Why should I?

I've always done whatever he has asked me to do.

He asked me to apologize to her I did. And today, before my eyes...

...when my Sister is being insulted so badly, I can't bear it.

Today, I'll not obey him. In fact, he'll have to obey me!

You bite the very hard that fed you? - It's true you fed me.

That's why I'm stopping you. Who are you to stop me?

Gajendra... Yes, Sir...

You dare step forward and I'll cut you up! - Really?

Do you have the guts? Then go ahead and cut me up!

What's this, Sir? What's going on?

It's none of your business! Keep quiet! - Why should I?

You'll come to this Holy shrine and fight. And we'll just watch?

This is not your private matter. Agreed you're the patron here...

But that doesn't mean you let this fallen woman offer the prayers!

We won't allow it! We won't let this happen.

Having such a pure and pious wife, you come here with this whore?

We won't allow her to offer prayers here!

Comes to pray with Vaishali! Great in name, petty in deeds.

Stop! If you take another step...

Brother-in-law... What! Whose brother-in-law?

You're just a servant of this household.

You had nothing to eat. Nothing to wear.

I took pity on you, and, gave you a place to stay here.

You forgot your manners? Your status around here?

You insulted me in public? You dared to do this?

No... It's not like that. Don't say a word!

Else, I'll kill you. Now, get out of here!

Okay. If that's how it's to be, then send Jyoti with me.

She can't live without me.

My sister, with you? You scoundrel!

Jyoti, come with me.

Where shall I go with you?

Why should I come with you? Who are you to order me?

I'm not your wife, you know.

I'm your Master's sister!

Brother, this man has served us. We fed him 3 times a day.

I think that wasn't enough. Give him some cash. He'll go!

Hear that? She's my sister!

Heard what your husband said to me, sister?

He called me a servant of this household.

Am I really a servant here?

Tell me, Sister. Am I a servant? Yes!

You were a servant. And he is the Master.

He kept you because your services were needed. Today it's not so.

That's why you're thrown out! Didn't you hear what Jyoti said?

Why harbor dreams about her? What's keeping you here?

It was my fault. Just as things are brought as a dowry...

...I brought you along like that.

I've been most unfair to you. What haven't you done for us all?

You toiled to your bones. What award did you get?

Why are you still standing before me? Get going!

Forget this unfortunate sister!

Leave me to my lot. And don't ever come here again.

Now go away! For God's sake, go Raju.

Go, I say!

See Hira? They threw me out of the house.

I didn't mind that. But then my own sister threw me out too!

I'm going now. But I'm going with a big burden on you.

Take care of my sister, and her husband.

Okay then. I'll go now.

Isn't there any difference between men worth 70 acres and 700 acres?

Gajendra, don't I have anything better to do than play cards?

When will my 'inside' job be done? My sister is having a cold bath.

I think you stand a chance this time!

Come, son, eat something. No, Mom, sister must be...

After all that's happened. You still pine for your Sister Silly boy!

Our son-in-law and Jyoti have insulted you so badly.

Anyway, they're not of our blood. But your sister is, isn't she?

She should've taken your side. But she yelled at you instead!

Didn't you feel hurt?

It wasn't just me who was hurt. Sister must've been hurt too!

Jyoti, I can endure anything, but not my Sister's tears!

I just can't!

What is it? - Do you know what I've got for you? - What?

But first keep your foot on my Jeans. - Why?

Go on, keep it. Okay.

Silver anklets! There! I've put them on you.

How lovely! Now put the other one on too.

Go on, put it on.

What is it, Raju? I've brought just one! - What!

I had gone to the city and there I saw this sparkling anklet.

I went in the shop, and asked its price.

He said Rs. 400/- Now, I had just Rs. 200/- on me.

Then I got an idea! I kept the 200/- on the counter...

...took the anklet and ran out! Why? - He can't sell one anklet!

Now, when I have he money, I'll buy it and put it on you!

How do like my idea? I like it!

You left me! Now have you come to return my gift too?

This is not the one you gave. It's the anklet...

...which you were to get for me. I want you to put it on me

A new act, eh? Aren't you satisfied by insulting me that day?

This is no act. What I did that day, was an act.

I've come to apologize. Seeing my brother's wrath then...

...and that sword, I got scared. That's why I had to abuse you!

Tell me truthfully. Did I do anything wrong?

No, you didn't. You behaved the way...

...a master's sister should, with an ordinary servant.

It's my fault. I had crossed my limits.

Try to understand... I've understood everything.

No more. Raju...

Was I wrong in doing what I did then?

No, my dear. You did right. No...

Don't cry like this. Look...

Dark clouds will go away. The tears on your lashes will dry.

It'll rain happiness... - When? That only time will tell.

This girl is crying her eyes out and you talk all nonsense?

But what did I say? I rightly said...

Time will tell what'll happen. Time, my foot! I'll decide!

Come, my dear.

Where are you taking me? Just come with me.

What will we do here? Do you love Raju? - Yes!

Are you sure? - Yes. Then go drown!

Jyoti's drowning? Anyone there? Why did you push me?

Go down in the water girl! Pretend you are drowning.

Raju! Jyoti's in the water! It's going over her head!

Hurry up, son. She's drowning. I'm coming. Hold on.

Save her, son. I'll save her! I'll dive in...

You will, eh? If you say so, dear...

Trying to be young, eh? Get aside!

You go under the water. She's going...

Hey Raju... your Sister's sister-in-law is drowning!

I've signed the stamp paper. Go and tell your brother...

...and get my 20 acres of mango-orchards done on your name.

Millu! Come here. What is it?

See this! Suraj Pratap has signed all his estate on my name.

You thought I was a fool, eh? Now see what I do!

What will be do? Now we'll do something!

I'll fix it in such a way, that Vaishali and the Thakur will split.

Raju! We're in trouble...

It's time to decide! Gajendra has thrown us out!

He says he's in-charge of your brother-in-law's estate now!

That where is the root of all this! She's eating us all like a termite.

And this won't stop here. It'll continue to grow.

First, because of her, you were thrown out!

And today, these poor laborers were evicted from their fields.

If you continue to do nothing, one day, your Sister...

...and then Jyoti, will both be shown the door too!

I'll kill them both! No, Raju.

Don't take such a drastic step. We've to kill the foe with brains!

Yes! That Vaishali is practicing prostitution!

You report to the police, and she and her brother will be jailed.

And the whole village will be rid of her!

And your sister's home will be saved from ruin.

Today, your brother-in-law has gone out of town.

You won't get a better chance.

Police! Police! Get up, silly.

We were gambling for fun. We don't have the money for it.

Why are you here, Inspector? Look, Gajendra...

...there's a complaint, that you're forcing your sister in prostitution.

Prostitution? In my house?

That's a dirty allegation, Inspector.

But if you've a doubt, search the place. - We will!

What is it? You are practicing prostitution!

That's the complaint made.

Anybody else in there? Come out. Yes, come on out.

What's the matter? Why all the noise?

So! It's you who's with her!

Arrest him, Constable. Arrest? Why?

For being caught red-handed with a prostitute!

A prostitute? - Yes! The one who wears your ring...

...and lives with you, is known as one's wife.

But this kind of relationship is known as an illicit relation.

You're insulting me because of an old feud. - Why should I?

To do that, there's your dear brother-in-law here!

Yes! He only complained that you should be arrested for debauchery.

No. I didn't even dream that he'd be here tonight.

I'll take my report back. Finish this case here. - Why?

Is the law for your brother-in-law different from other people?

The law is same for all. Constable! Arrest him!

When I take you around town with handcuffs on your wrists...

...your wife will be cut to size. Come here!

What are you waiting for? Stop!

No! Listen to me. Don't do this injustice to sister. I beg you.

Get lost! My sister's life will be ruined.

You are the root of all this! You!

Didn't you say our relationship was illicit without "Mangalsutra"?

I've made it legal now. What do you have to say now?

Come on everybody. With you all being here... daughter is being treated so callously.

And you all keep quiet? Nobody has the guts to question him?

Does he think he's not answerable to anybody? - Mom!

Shut up! What do you know? How your sister must be suffering!

Hey you, Richie Rich... Come on out!

Coming here like this at your age. Gathering people and making noise.

Aren't you ashamed? Who should be ashamed, I say?

The one who gave you her lovely daughter in marriage...

...or the one who illegally wedded a whore on the sly? - Wrong!

I married her in your son's presence. Didn't he tell you?

He did. That's why we're here to question you.

Where did my daughter err? Which rule did she break?

Did she ever raise her voice in your presence?

She looked upon you as God Almighty and served you.

How could you do such enormous injustice to her?


Just because I'm keeping quiet, you can't go on raving like this!

Son-in-law... - Really? If you really cared about me...

...would you have insulted me like this?

I've brought up your son. If he truly cared for me...

...would he have reported against me to the police?

The people who, at one time, didn't dare to stand before me... brought them all here? Trampled my prestige?

A house, which couldn't even afford a decent meal...

I made an alliance with it. Is this how you reward me?

No! I don't want such relatives.

I don't want such relations. Our relation is over from today!

Sir, how can you say that? Shut up! It doesn't concern you.

Didn't you say that day, that it was not a private matter?

Well, today it's a personal matter. A private matter.

Nobody need interfere in this. Now go! Get out of here...

Please forgive me. I made a grave mistake.

Your brother-in-law is dead!

Your sister is a widow!

All the bonds are broken!

Now there's just one rite remaining. When a woman becomes a widow...

...her father gives her a white sari to wear.

Take this as that white sari, and take your sister and get lost!

I admit that I've committed a grave mistake.

But don't punish my sister for it.

I'll leave right now. And never come back.

But, this sari... With my own hands... can I... to my sister?

Brother-in-law... Sister! Sister!

Make him understand.

If you love your people more than you love me, then you may go.

But if you wish to remain my wife then take that sari and come in.

Also! You'll never go to your parents house again!

Nor go to their village, or even utter their name!

Think hard and decide. Come, Jyoti. Come along!

What's the point in staying here now?

Come, my dear. Let's go home.

A girl leaves her parents' home in a palaquin.

...and leaves her husband's home on a bier!

That's the only journey a woman takes in her lifetime.

Her honor lies in staying at her husband's home as his wife.

I can't come with you.

Forgive me, please.

What kind of a justice is this?

Come, Father... Widow's weeds?

Widow's weeds for her?

Let's go. Let's go from here.

No, no! Listen to me, please.

You're uprooting such a long life for that slut Vaishali?

Anyway, it's your funeral. Since you're bent on it, Amen!

Hey Millu! I've just had a brain-wave.

Look, your life has been a waste anyway.

But I won't let your corpse go waste.

I'll take it to a Government hospital.

I'll donate your eyes to someone. And your heart to another.

Even your kidneys to somebody. And also your... No!

That is totally useless. Nobody will accept it.

I'll donate every part of your body with my own hands.

Don't you worry. But die in a hurry!

What's this? So much time, for such a small job?

One shouldn't waste time. I'll fix...

...this noose for you. It'll hold.

Right. This is your correct size.

By giving me a 3rd rate idea... forced that Thakur to marry my Vaishali?

You'll send my body to a Government hospital, eh?

I'll not send your rotting body to a hospital.

I'll throw it in a gutter instead.

Crows and kites will eat your eyes!

And your tongue will be chewed by a black dog!

And what about my brain? Brain? You don't have one!

Watch. I'll put some sense in your head. Watch!

Pooja! My dear daughter.

Pooja... dear child.



Stop, Pooja! You'll never step in your parental home again.

You won't go to their village, nor utter their name!

Think very hard and decide.

Is anybody else expected for a final goodbye?

She hasn't come.

It's getting late. It's better we don't wait any longer.

You took her name till your last breath.

But she didn't even come to bid you a final farewell.

Father! O, Father!

I've come, Father...

Father! I've come, father.

Forgive me, father. Listen.

Remove the wood from his face. Let her see him once.

It's written that once the wood is placed, it can't be removed.

A daughter has come to see her father for the last time.

Why talk of scriptures? Please remove the wood.

Let her see him.

Look, my dear. See your father for the last time.

He's gone! He left me alone and went away.

Son, a person who does the last rites is presented...

...with a new cloth from his sister's house to ward off evil.

Has that cloth come?

That cloth will never come. Better carry on with the rites.

Immerse this, son.

Accept it, Raju. Yes, take it.

I awaited March most eagerly. Now will I be an April-fool?

Why do you fret so? You'll get my sister for sure?

When? When I'm gone? Will she dance on my grave?

It's my turn to dance for now.

If you sit in the sun you'll get dark. Come on.

Mind your tongue. I'll break your jaw!

Break my jaw, but not my heart. Why do you waste time?

Just pull her and dump her in the jeep! - Let me go!

How dare you touch Jyoti! She's my would-be wife.

Is what you're saying the truth? Yes, sir.

I swear on my sister's head. Raju abused you most filthily.

And he respects you so much that his blood boiled.

But that scoundrel Raju, beat him into a pulp!

Not only that. He has challenged you, that...

...he'll marry your sister! Hey softie...

Tell him everything he said. I can't!

I'll tell him then. I'm not a coward. Sir...

He said even if you interfere in their love affair...

...he won't think twice to chop you to pieces!

Jyoti will marry you!

Tomorrow you'll be betrothed.

Coming... - Pooja... What is it?

Today Jyoti is getting betrothed.

Get her ready and bring her down!

My respects, sir. - Be seated. Sit down everyone.

What's going on, Brother?

You're getting engaged to Gajendra. Engaged? Without telling me?

In our family we don't seek the girl's opinion about marriage!

You'll have to change all that now. I'll never agree to it!

I'll marry only Raju! Stop this nonsense!

Don't utter that ungrateful boy's name.

I hate him many times more than I love you!

But that won't lessen my love for him! - What was that?

Stop it! Whatever you've done to me till today...

...l've endured it. But if anyone does injustice to her...

...I won't keep quiet. What will you do?

I won't allow this marriage! With what right?

The right of a mother's love! Are you the only one who loves her?

Don't I love my sister? If you had an iota of love...

...would you have fixed this? Did you ask our opinion about it?

Did you ever think what we undergo because of your decisions?

What haven't you done, by letting your temper get the better of you?

I lost my very dear brother. I didn't say anything.

You hurt my parents so badly! I kept quiet.

But I won't keep silent today. Because it doesn't concern me.

It concerns Jyoti's life, and I'll never give her to this butcher!

You call me a butcher? You shut up! Listen...

This man is a rascal! A man who sells his sister...

...can make his wife a slut too! Do you wish...

...that tomorrow your sister also becomes a prostitute?

A man who sells his own sister, will make his wife a prostitute!

You want your sister to become a prostitute?

Listen. The whole village looks up to you in reverence.

You've given shelter to a lot of lives.

Don't turn your innocent sister's life into devastation.

Don't let anger force you to take a wrong decision...

...which will make us repent all our lives.

Sir, this woman's just blabbering. Why listen to her?

We are getting late. Start the betrothal ceremony.

Come, sir. You too, girl. Gajendra!

How dare you touch my sister?

If you stay here a minute more, I'll kill you! Now get out!

See? I was right, wasn't I?

Sir, if anybody has to leave this place, it's you. Not me!

This house is mine now! I'll kill you!

No! No! Don't, brother.

No! No, please. Let me go!

Prancing about, isn't he? You'll shoot us all, eh?

Go on, shoot! I'll get you too!

I'm Millu, remember. I always knew it...

...that you'll create a ruckus. So I also brought the papers.

Look! This is a stamp paper.

In it you've stated that all your estate is Gajendra now.

And you're turning him out?

Hey, you literate Headman. Come here and read this.

It states that all your wealth, property, now belongs to Gajendra.

It's written here very clearly that he's the owner now.

Make him understand this.

Did you hear? Now get lost from here!

Such treason! I won't spare you.

Don't do that. It's all Vaishali's fault.

I won't let her get away. No, don't... - Listen to me.

Whatever has happened... for God's sake just forget it We want only you, not this wealth and estate.

Are you listening? Let's go. Come, brother. - Let's go.

This house is ours now. What a magnificent house!

Sister! O, Sister! Raju...

Why are you weeping, sister? I'm here for you.

Come, brother-in-law. All will be fine.

O Mom! Dear child...

Son-in-law! Please come in.

Please forgive me.

Don't say that, son. That was just a bad phase.

It's over now. My daughter got you back...

...l'm very content. Please come in.

Sit down please. Jyoti, get some water.

Raju, come here. Please be seated.

There's nothing in the house, so I'm going. Look after them.

Okay. Don't you worry. Take care.

Raju! Wait, son.

My God!

Pooja... - Yes Mom? Raju has taken a big sickle...

I think he'll kill Vaishali. Hush, Mom.

If he hears, there'll be trouble. I'll go and get Raju.

Shut up! You threw that great man out?

How dare you!

Prostitutes don't talk about morality.

Even though I was a fallen woman he married me.

Having a wife at home, he gave me the status of a wife.

I can never pay him back for this obligation.

Sister, we conned many people. He was one of them. So what?

We never met a man like him before.

Had I met anyone like him in the beginning...

I'd not be a prostitute!

I'll return all his papers, and beg his forgiveness.

Come on, sister. You really took your marriage seriously, eh?

Let go of me!

Sister, he tied this little black thread in your neck...

Put a pinch of vermilion on you, and you became totally his?

You've become very dangerous.

That man had threatened to kill you in public.

Now I'll kill you, and he'll get arrested.

That woman's escaping. Catch her!

That Raju's after your life. Our men stopped him...

...but he started beating everybody!

Your brother-in-law is arrested for the murder of Vaishali.

Hello... Anybody home?

Bad news, my dear! On a charge of Vaishali's murder...

...they arrested your husband! What!

No, Mom. He didn't murder her.

Where are you going, dear? Stop her, Jyoti.

Inspector... Please release him.

What! Release him? Are you crazy?

That man inside has killed a dancer by the name of Vaishali.

No, sir. He didn't kill her. I did!

He had hit me! Now he's trapped.

This time I'll beat the breath out of him.

Constable! - Yes? Release that man.

And lock this one up.

Why did you murder her?

You're so matured. Why did you kill Vaishali?

Well son, why did you do this?

So that you and sister can live happily ever after.

Where is she going? Stop her!

Stop my dear, stop!

Can you hear me? Hey, brother...

Let go of me? Where have they brought us?

Let go of my daughter. Let go, I say!

Hello! How was the journey? No trouble enroute, I hope.

Don't laugh! Let us go, I say! Shut up, you old hag!

Else I'll throttle you. Throttle me, my foot!

If my son comes to know. He'll mince you!

May you rot away! May maggots eat you!

May you gasp and die of thirst. May you sprout skin disease.

May you die issueless! May you be born as a pig!

May your corpse be kicked by dogs and eaten by crows and kites.

May you have kids who are lame, blind and bald.

May you go to dogs in next birth... Of course I'm not saying all this.

It's what this old hag wishes to say!

Had she said this long dialogue in one breath...

...she'd have died and stopped the wedding. That's why I said it.

If she starts off again I'll join her. Don't mind.

Let him speak, else the wedding will be held up.

Dear old hag, I mean... where did you learn such vintage abuse?

In which school? The one your father attended!

No tantrums now, dear bride. I had come at your door to wed you.

But you created chaos! Now I'll wed you forcibly.

Aren't you ashamed to force yourself on a girl?

Shamelessness is in their genes. I was just mouthing her thoughts.

Now don't interrupt. Else I'll suffocate you! - Great!

Why should I get blamed? Why will I open my mouth?

No! Hey you mad girl...

Do you think he's marrying you to take you on a honeymoon?

No! This sister-in-law of yours...

...who goes on jabbering all day. It's to shut her trap.

Well, jabber now dear sister-in-law.

How you ran with these 2, to the police station to report!

Run now. Go on. But the time is passing.

First let him put this symbol of marriage round her neck.

Let him be your son-in-law, then go and make a report.

Two birds with one stone.

He'll get hanged and your lovely Jyoti will have no husband.

She'll be a widow, like this rotten hag here.

Why are you standing around? Put that thing round her neck.

No! - Jyoti. No... let me go!

Vaishali was murdered by her own brother, not my husband.

In the temple on the hill, Gajendra is forcibly marrying Jyoti.

Wherever you are, come and save us.

My husband's in severe trouble.

Mom and Jyoti are also... Cut that wire and get her!

Hurry! Come quickly. Shut that door!

Talk over the microphone eh? Wonderful! Great!

First your husband was to kill us all! Look, we're dead!

And now your brother will come and break our bones!

Now hurry up and put that necklace round her neck!

Go get that necklace from there. How can I get it?

It fell in a snake-hole. I think they got married.

And now they have a baby too, I suppose? - Baby...

Why get another one? There's one right here.

Great! What an eye-sight. Right on the target.

Snatch from her, and grab her!

You wretch! Don't you touch my daughter.

The Holy Mother won't spare you.

It slipped from my hands. Look over there.

Why are you twisting her wrist? Go and break his bones.

I'll break your bones now.

Got bashed? Not at all.

Then how did you fall? What happened was...

...there was a banana peel there. I slipped on it and fell.

But I just saw a young girl and a beautiful old woman...

...beating you like a pile of clothes. - That was Jyoti...

...and that rotten old hag and that coy coquette...

They all begged and asked for forgiveness.

Don't kill him. Just shower your choicest abuses.

He'll die right here. You worm from a gutter...

...may you be infested with maggots which have rotted.

Enough. He can't live with those abuses.

See? He really has gone nuts!


I'll do whatever he tells me to.

Stop Raju! Else I'll shoot. No, Inspector.

My brother didn't murder Vaishali. This Gajendra killed her.

I'm an eye witness to it. I'll even tell this in the court.

But arrest him. He's the murderer.

Don't come any further.

Will you stay alive to stand as a witness in the court?

You're alright, aren't you?

It's all right. I just felt a bit dizzy.

Don't cry, Jyoti. Nothing will happen to your Raju.

We'll give them a grand wedding. And very soon too!

I'll do all this. Go and send Raju in.

You're in a hurry, aren't you? Today's girls are like this. Go!

Raju, go inside.

Mom, tell him! Go in, son.

No I won't.

He's my brother-in-law!

Whatever he tells me to do...