Banjaran (1991) Script

This land wasn't always so scorched..

...barren and parched.

There was a time..

...when clouds used to roam here too.

And this land use to be covered in green.

Crops used to grow here.

Flowers blossomed too.

And then one day a big sin took place here.

People say two lovers weren't allowed to meet by the locals.

Their sacred love was called sin and they were killed.

The day two innocents' blood fell on this ground"

...the greenery of the land turned pale.

Because clouds stopped passing from here.

Plants withered.

Wells dried up.

And the green land turned barren.

Colonies were deserted.

People migrated to other places.

Now besides these old faces..

...and hopeless eyes, nothing lies here.

These people keep looking at the sky..

...In hope that a cloud..

...might bring rain..

...and the scorching land might get some water.

I'll be back.

Where are you going?

Kunwar, do you see the temple?

A big sage lives here. Thakur Baba.

Nobody passes from here without seeking his blessings.

Listen to me. You took seek his blessings.

What bloody nonsense, Sarju! I don't believe in this.

What are you saying? He's a accomplished sage.

He may be.

You can go.

Okay, sir.

Strange! Even today people believe in these things.

Go away, fly!

Whenever I get life..

...l wish to get your love every time.

...l wish to get your love every time.

Whenever I get life..

...l wish to get your love every time.

...l wish to get your love every time.


Who is there?

I never saw you earlier.

Sage, he's Kunwar. He came with me.

But how did he come up?

You'? You're Sura}.


Sum}, you've returned'?

You returned to forgive us.

Please forgive us, Suraj.

What are you doing? I'm not Suraj. You're mistaken.

No.. you're Sura}.

My old eyes can't be mistaken.

I've been waiting for you for long.

I'm alive for this day.

Where is my Devi?


Yes, my child.

If you're here, why didn't she come?

Where did you leave her?

She promised me to come back with you.

Where is my daughter? -Sir..

...l don't understand you.

I'm not Suraj.

My name is.. Sage, he isn't what you think.

Let's go. -You're Sura}.

Sura}! Son" don't have me.

Tell me, where is my daughter? Suraj! -Sage has lost his mind.

Sarju, I had told you all this was nonsense.

Why was the sage calling me Suraj?

Sir, he's an accomplished sage. He keeps ranting such things.

We can't understand them.

Shut up! This is 21st century and yet you believe all this.

Ridiculous! -Drive home!

Rana, my horse ate your rook.

Didn't anyone tell you that horse is vegetarian.

If you even touch my rook, you'll lose.

When we play we friends, we're not alert.

I've lost to a friend.

So it makes no difference.

Greetings, brother.

Bless you. -Has Kumar come?

Why do you care? You keep playing chess.

You should've been chess' father instead of Kumar's father.

You should've thought of it.

Her majesty! Queen of my heart.

I've only arena of chess to win and lose.

I'm a Rajput (warrior). I can't quit fighting.

Son is coming, not a Mughal army to prepare.

You go. I'll finish the game.


Bless you, son!

What's this education that won't end!

Mother craves to see her son's face.

I've finished my studies. I'll stay with you now. Okay?

Come in, son.

After many days..


Come, Kumar.

Bless you. -Greetings, uncle.

Bless you, son. You made us wait very long.

I got bored of your studies.

Neha too is getting bored.

Come on, uncle.

Neha can bore others not get bored.

Hi, everybody.

She's here.

So the prince charming is here.

Can I ask, why did you come so late?


I've asked Sarju.

Neither there was flat tyre nor accident..

...nor engine trouble.

Correct. But I came late to escape from your rambling.

This is called check and mate, child Neha.

No, dad. You're sadly mistaken.

He's trying to make light of the matter.

I won't let it happen.

Why didn't you reply to my last letter?

So what?

Let them fight. Let's go to study.

Bring chess there. -Come.

Son. You sit.

I'll get tea for you. -Okay.

Kumar. -Yes?

Tell me, did you've any affair there?

I went to study..

...not for an affair.

Show me your suitcase. -Why?

Because since childhood you make pictures of every you like.

I want to see" four years how many pictures of girls you made.

I neither made pictures of girls..

...nor of a tree.

I know you don't lie.

So I accept it.

So tomorrow you'll make my portrait.

Okay, dear. Don't chew my brains.

Do you know when were in school..

...a photographer came to take our group photo.

I kept making him laugh.

And he was getting so furious.

How long will I've to sit like this, Kumar?

I've been sitting for an hour and half. I'm bored.

Is this pose right?

I think you're making a master piece.

Tell me, how do I look in your painting?

I can't sit for so long.

You didn't even look at me.

How are you making the portrait? Let me see.

What did you make? Who is she?

Kumar. Kumar.. whose portrait is this?


Whose portrait did I make?

You made it and you don't know.

Are you kidding me?

No, Neha. I'm telling the truth.

I don't know how this happened.

I was making your photo.


A gypsy waits for you.

When will you come, O traveller?

A gypsy waits for you. When will you come, O traveller?

When will you come, O traveller?

Everyone has come except you.

When will you come, O traveller?

Is your country in a faraway land?

Didn't you get my message?

Is your country in a faraway land?

Didn't you get my message?

O prince charming! Come without delay.

When will you come, O traveller?

I fear someone else might take my palanquin.

I fear someone else might take my palanquin.

I will die suffering.

When will you come, O traveller?

A gypsy waits for you. When will you come, O traveller?

You have shattered my dream. You've left me pining.

You have shattered my dream. You've left me pining.

Even the flowers feel like embers.

When will you come, O traveller?

When will you come, O traveller?

Everyone has come except you.

When will you come, O traveller?


Reshma, where did you go early mother? -Why?

Father is worried. He was looking for you. Come.

Where did you go?

I was looking for you since morning.

Don't go like this.

You know I get restless if you're not in front of me.

What's there to be worried, father?

If you mother had been alive, it would've been different.

Let it be, father. Come.

Chief, why do you get so worried for Reshma?

You know, Ambika, Reshma has nightmare every Full Moon night.

And today is Full Moon night.

Ambika, you know witchcraft and astrology.

Why can't you tell me why this night..

...Is so terrible for Reshma?

I don't understand anything, chief.

We're going to Udaipur tomorrow.

A sorcerer will come just Jaisalmer.

We'll take Reshma to him.

No. No, Ambika.

We're going to a shrine.

Gypsies from all over the countries will come.

I don't want to create a scene regarding my daughter.

I trust God. He'll cure her.

I wish this night passes peacefully.

Come, O beloved!

Child! What happened, child?

Again the same dream, father!

What's enmity Full Moon night has with me?

Nothing, child. Why fear dreams?

When you wake up, dreams vanish.

Why can't you see anything?

I think, chief, it's because of some spirit.

Let's take her to Udaipur to that sorcerer.

No, I don't trust them.

Not while going to Udaipur..

...but while returning we'll surely going to Thakur Baba.

I think with his blessing, Reshma will be cured.

We'll leave in the morning.

Welcome. Please sit.

Hail Bhawani! -Hail Bhawani!

Chief Dongar Singh. How are you?

Manik Singh, this is burden of loyalty of 400 years.. long will you carry it?

Chief, we're only wandering.. that people can know..

...there used to loyalty too in this country.

That's why we meet every year on this festival day.

People of Rana dynasty are still grateful to us.

Because when elder Rana was in trouble..

...our ancestors had helped him.

This is our identity.

The day we lose this identity, we'll be lost too.

Come! Come, daughter! Serve here.

Bless you.


Come, chief. Sit down.

Manik Singh.

Is she Reshma?


She has grown so big.

Did you think of her marriage?

I think.. but my daughter is ill.

So how can I make her daughter-in-law of some tribe?

What's her illness?

It can't be called illness.

On Full Moon night she sees a terrible dream.

And that dream troubles her whole month.

Listen to me. Get her married.

All her illness will be cured.

I'm ready to get my son Shakti Singh married to her.

I'll take everything in the dowry.

What are you thinking, chief?

Don't you know..

...his son had killed a lion with his bare hands once.

So he was named Shakti (power) Slngh.

It'll be an honor for me too.

But.. Reshma will decide about her marriage.

Listen.. send Shakti Singh to my tent tomorrow.

They'll meet and our work will become easy.

I'll send him tomorrow morning.

Greetings, chief. -Bless you.

I'm Shakti Singh. Chief Dongar Singh's son.

Father sent me to you.

Yes, come in and have some refreshments.

Chief, I'm here to meet Reshma.

Where is she?

Reshma will come too. Please sit first.

Where did she go early morning?

A gypsy waits for you.

When will you come, O traveller?

A gypsy waits for you.

When will you come, O traveller?

Everyone has come except you.

When will you come, O traveller?

You fool!

How dare you sit on this chair!

You didn't recognize me.

Why would I know a fool like you?

Get up from chair.

Listen.. -Keep the grapes down.

Look, you're insulting me.

What else should I do? Welcome you?

How did you come here from playing cards?

Cards? -Yes.

Don't you look like a joker?

Get lost.

Don't talk rubbish. Do you know me? -Who are you?

I'm chief Dongar's son..

...and to be son-in-law of this tribe..

...Shakti Singh.

Fool! My father won't marry his only..

...daughter to a fool like you.

Will you get lost or..

Reshma! Stop.

What are you doing, daughter?

I'll kill him, father.

He dared to sit on your chair and smoke your pipe.

Chief.. look.. Daughter, I had invited him.

I wanted you two to know each other well.

So that I can talk of your marriage? -What?

You found only this rat for me? Rat?

I had killed lion with my bare hands.

What are you saying?

I'm abusing. I can't say it loudly in front of father.

You can abuse as much as you wwnt.

But when you'll come to my tribes as my wife..

...I'll see how you abuse me.

Bye, sir. -Bless you.

This money wants to get married. Monkey?

Daughter.. -Of course.

Where did your son go early morning? -He must be around.

He's here.

Good morning, dad. Good morning, son.

Where did you go early morning?

A strange thing happened.

When I woke up in the morning"

...l heard a girl singing beautifully.

I felt as if the voice was calling me.

I went out following her voice.

So did you find the voice?

No, when I reached there the girl was missing. -Strange!

In this age everyone hears such voices.

But you shouldn't run after them..

...but make them run after you.

I think you're missing your youth..

Many gypsies have come here.

She must be a gypsy girl.

They sing very well. -Really?

Their voice has soul of our desert.

Why did the gypsies come here.

They come here every year from far away land.. celebrate the birthday of elder Rana.

We too join their celebration.

In the ground opposite to idol of elder Rana..

...there is a function of gypsies.

You too come with us.

Me? I'm going out today.

I've no time for such useless programs. -Don't say that, son.

They come from far. They respect us so much.

It's our duty to participate in their program.

But dad.. -If not in the day..

...there is a dance program at night.

You're especially invited.

We all should go there.


We change attires..

We change attires, we change land, but not hearts.

We don't change hearts.

We are gypsies! We're gypsies!


Come to me.

We're gypsies!

We change attires, we change land..

...but we don't remove the one in our hearts.

We change attires, we change land..

After many years this day has come..

...when I saw you, I remembered something.

A very old story.. which I had forgotten.

A very old saga" which I had forgotten.

We change names, we change glasses..

...but we don't remove the one in our hearts.

We change attires, we change land..

Strange face of the past..

...Isn't more unknown.

A gypsy has come for a trade.

Days and nts change..

...but we don't remove the one in our hearts.

We change attires, we change land..

Friends meet and separate.

This world keeps going round.

Love doesn't know life and death.

For many lifetimes, I've wandered in your lanes.

Colors and seasons change..

We don't change hearts.

Colors and seasons change..

Wow, son! Very good.

Come here, daughter.

Bless you.

You sing very well.

What's your name?

Ah.. Reshma..

Take this. -What is it, landlady.

Your prize. Take it.

What are you doing, Neha?

I too a surprised!

This portrait and that gypsy girl are mysteries for me.

How did you make the portrait without seeing the girl?

I'm asking the same question to myself.

Look at this portrait.

The face is the same, but it's not of a gypsy girl.

These jewelries and clothes..

Whose portrait is this?

I don't know.

You're lying.

I never lie, Neha.

The day I find the truth of the portrait, I'll tell you first.

Remember it!

You're looking very happy today.


Who told you to dance with Kunwar yesterday?

I don't need anyone's permission to dance.

You need it.

Now you won't do anything without asking me.

Why? Are you a policeman?

We're getting married.

Really? He wants to marry me.

Have you seen your face in the mirror?


Chief, look how happy Reshma looks today!

Yes. But this happiness is short lived.


Today is Full Moon night.

Reshma will see the same nightmare tonight.

And then she'll be in the same condition.



Father.. it's morning. -Morning?

Yes. Morning of the Full Moon night.

I slept soundly all night. I had no nightmares. -Really?

Father, I'm free from the custody of that nightmare.

Thanks a lot, God!


Do you know Goddess Bhavani had freed you from this nightmare?

Go to the temple and take Goddess' blessings.



Hey.. your clothes got dirty. Forgive me, daughter.

No.. it's not your fault.

It's the fault of the driver.

Are you Reshma?

You were singing with my son in yesterday's function?

Come with me.

I'll give you some clothes to change.

No.. I'll change at my tent.

It means you didn't forgive me.

No, it's not so.

But father must be waiting for me.

Tell her father she's going with me.

My car will drop her to the camp.

Okay, landlady. -Come.

Take this.

Let's go.

You recognized Kunwar.

Why won't I recognize him?

Just yesterday..

...he was dancing so merrily with you.

Come, daughter.

Come inside, daughter.

This doesn't suit you.

Not even they..

Yes.. this will be fine.

It will suit you very nicely. Wear this.

Wear these too.

No, please..

Child, wear them. You'll look very beautiful in them.

Wear them. I'll be back.

Turn around, Kunwar. I want to change.

What are you looking at, Kunwar?

Didn't you recognize me?

Why not?

I cudn't think I would find you here.

You're saying as if you were looking for me for years.

And when you found me you were amazed.

Can I say something?

I was making my friend's portrait.

You won't believe it.

No.. I'll believe you.

I hadn't seen you.

When the portrait was complete..

...It wasn't of that girl..

...but yours.


Yes. But you weren't in gypsy attires.

I gave her these clothes, son.

You've totally changed.

Kumar, can anyone say she's a gypsy?

I'm gypsy, landlady.

When I'll change my clothes in my camp..

...I'll be the same gypsy.

Okay, goodbye.

Wait. Our driver will drop you.

Mother, driver isn't there.

I'll drop her on my way.


Bye, aunt.


Why do you keep staring me?

Do you dream?

Everyone dreams.

I'm talking of those dreams..

...which are special..

...and which keep repeating.

No. I don't have such dreams.

So how did you make my portrait?

I wanted to ask you.

Me? -Yes.

When I never saw you.. how did I make the portrait?

When I saw you in the function..

...l was surprised.

I too was surprised to see you in the function.


Because since childhood I used to get one dream.

And only you used to be in that dream.

Me? In your dreams?


When I saw you in the function..

...l never had that dream.

Strange! I made your portrait without seeing you..

...and you used to dream of me without seeing me.

What does that mean?

Who are you? Who am I?

How did we lose our identities?

Why and when?

If we had known.. wudn't have made my portrait.

...and I wudn't have seen you in dreams.

Reshma, did your feel bad?

About what?

I sang and danced with you.


And people of your tribes?

Who cares for them?

Wow! You're very brave.

I'm chiefs daughter.

Yes, it shows.

Tell me..

...when I woke up one morning I heard the girl singing.

When I went t the garden behind the palace, nobody was there.

But tomorrow when I heard your voice..

...It felt you were the one.

Yes, I was singing that day.

I'm singing that song since I got mature.

But now I don't need to. -Why?

Why did you sing the song?

To wait for someone.

What happened now?

I think.. wait is over.

Whose wait?

You don't know.



Whom did you come to drop, Kunwar?

Why do you care?

I care.

Girls of our tribes aren't so cheap..

...that you can take them around in your car.

You're mistaken.

I just came to drop her.

Henceforth Reshma sudn't be seen in this car. Got it?


Do you own her?

Even you don't own her.

I don't want to see your jeep even close to her shadow.

Shut up and move aside!

Or else I'll throw you out of the city.


Try it.

Come and touch me.

Stay within your limits.

Have you gone mad?

Don't you know sir?

Forgive me, sir.

He doesn't know you.

Come to the tent, fool! What happened to you?

You can't control a girl.

What else can you do in life?

What can I do, father?

Whenever I talk to her, she gets furious.

You've killed lion with bare hands.

But you get scared of her anger and you flee!

There is a difference between a girl and a lion.

What does Reshma have? What's so special about her?

You don't know..

...but she's own pearls and diamonds.

Her father has a huge treasure.

He has priceless diamonds of old times.

You can get them as dowry if you marry Reshma.

Then we'll make a palace bigger than that of this Rana..

...and live with pride.

Son, work hard.

Don't lose Reshma.

Or else you'll repent forever.

Today my Reshma looks like a princess.

Where are you coming from? The palace.

Palace? -Yes.

And these clothes? Landlady gave them.

She's very nice. -It's true.

I understood it yesterday..

...when she gave you her necklace.

Who does this these days?

But the happiness on your face isn't..

...just because of these clothes.

I think there is some other secret too.

Tell me.

I came to tell you that secret, Ambika.

What's the secret?

The one whom I used to see in my dream is Kunwar.



I recognized him when I saw him.

But.. today when I saw him in the mansion"

...and he came to drop me here..

...l felt as if I know him for years.

Then he told me something..

...which puzzled me.

You too won't believe it.

Really? What is it?

Without meeting me he made my portrait.

Your portrait? -Yes.

He too is amazed..

...on how he made it without seeing it.

What does this mean, Ambika?

I don't know.

Let me think.

Let me see.

The man who used to come in your dreams..

...Is Kunwar.

After seeing him, you don't get that dream.

And without seeing you, he made your portrait.

There is some story behind it.

An incomplete story of your union.

I think you both are made for each other.

No power of this world..

...can separate you now.

In the lanes of heart, you rule for long.

I still have a faint recollection.

It was you ages ago, and you still are..

I still have a faint recollection.

In the lanes of heart, you rule for long.

I still have a faint recollection.

I have made a portrait from my old memories.

The past has been full of separation.

There is still your thoughts in my heart.

I still have a faint recollection.

When will we belong to each other, beloved?

We've met and separated many times..

...but this time we'll unite.

Our love is immortal. Do you remember this?

I still have a faint recollection.

Breaking all the hurdles and traditions of the world..

Breaking all the hurdles and traditions of the world..

...this season of vows have come back.

Cage of sorrow has been shattered to free love birds.

I still have a faint recollection.

In the lanes of heart, you rule for long.

It was you ages ago, and you still are..

I still have a faint recollection.

I still have a faint recollection.

I still have a faint recollection.

I still have a faint recollection.

What's a terrible storm!

I feel suffocated.

Please pull over.

Let's go to that old mansion.

Is anyone in? -Open the door.

Open the door, please.

Can we stay here until the storm calm downs?

The storm is fierce.

I think he's dumb.

What are you doing, sir?

I'm like your daughter.

I'm thirsty.

Sir, can we get a glass of water?

This palace must've been grand once.

He lives alone in this deserted mansion.

We'll leave when the storm stops.

Thank you.


What does he want to say?

I don't know.

It's me.

Sir, whose portrait is this?

How is it possible?

It's just the way I made without seeing you.

The portrait I made, Reshma..

...wasn't of yours but of this girl.

Is it possible"

...that who aren't the girl of the portrait.

...I'm not the one you saw in your dreams.

No, Kunwar. I used to see only you in my dreams.

There is a secret behind this.

Maybe this storm has brought us here.. that we see this portrait.

...and search for our identities.

I'm scared, Kumar.

What's this place? And where is that man?

Girja, what is the matter?

What do you want to say?


I didn't understand.

I didn't understand.


Devi has come.

Our daughter has come?

Suraj is also along.

I knew they'll surely come one day.

Thank you, God!

Now my sins will be atoned.

I'll get salvation.

Let's go. I'll meet my daughter after years.


Where are they?


Don't worry, Girja.

Now they've taken second births.

One day past will bring them here.

And Sura'; had even come to the tomb once.

You say that Devi too was with him.

Now you've taken second birth, Devi.

Come to me with Sura'; once.

So that I can repent for my sins.

It feels so strange, right?

Just a few days ago we didn't even know each other.

Why not?

I know you since I started dreaming.

And if you hadn't known me.. could you make my portrait?

How did we know each other without meeting?

This is called love, Reshma.

When the river flows from hills it doesn't..

...know it has to meet the ocean.

It doesn't know the ocean but yet it runs towards the ocean.

We too were running towards each other.

Now it seems we were born to meet.

Now will we separate?

We didn't meet to be separated.

But yet I've this strange fear.

What fear?

The fear of meeting stealthily.

One day my caravan will shift.

And your palace will be left here.

I loved you, not my palace.

But when my tribes..

...and your family will know, what will happen?

They've to know.

Without it we can't unite.

Try to understand, Kunwar.

People of palace are proud.

Even our tribesmen are no less proud.

Love is very proud too.

We'll see what happens.

It's fine.

But where is the diamond set?

Sir, it will be here by day after tomorrow.

Actually this work is..

Don't delay this work. Good that you came, Neha!

You've chosen the boy. Now choose jewelries too.

What happened, daughter?

Dad, why are you spending money on jewelries?

This wedding won't take place.

What are you saying?

The truth.

Kunwar is in love with that gypsy girl.

It can't happen.

You keep your wishful thinking.

No.. Kunwar can't dare to do this.

He knows proud Rajput won't tolerate this humiliation.

Entire city knows that Kunwar's marriage is fixed with you.

So he'll marry only you.

Don't worry, child.

I won't let Rana go back on his words.

Come, Ranjit Singh! You're right on time.

This is Kasprov and Karpo's game.

I don't understand, how did Karpo..

...moved the paw in this game.

To win a game..

...people even sacrifice the queen, Rana Udaibhan Shishodia.

I thought our friendship..

...has buried our family feud.

But now I know that Shishodia Rajput..

...can't forget friendship not enmity.

You live only for vengeance.

What rubbish!

I'm right, Rana. You kept me in the dark..

...that Kunwar will marry Neha.

But this wasn't the voice of your heart.

To humiliate us, you played this lowly game. -Ranjit!

Don't shout, Rana!

When you saw that entire Rajput community knows..

...that my daughter will marry your son.. give freedom to your son to.. in love with that gypsy girl.

What nonsense are you uttering!

Every kid of the city knows this, Rana.

I couldn't even think..

...that son of Shishodia clan..

...will humiliate the family in such a way.

Even after knowing..

...I've decided to get you married in a decent Rajput family.. dared to love a gypsy girl.

Dad, I never said I want to or I'll marry Neha.

Who are you to say this?

It's my work to say whom you'll marry.

And you've to obey.

Love is a game for which I can forgive you.

But how could you think that I'll let my son..

...marry a gypsy girl?

You've the right to be angry on me dad!

But we Rajput have traditions..

...that honor is dear to us.

With honor we lose our head too!

Don't forget this mansion will be yours only after my death.

As long as I'm alive, what I want will happen in this mansion.

And you explain to your son very well..

...that it's not important for us to listen to him..

...but it's his duty to obey us.

Mother, do you agree with dad too like these lifeless mansion?

Don't you value a living human being?

It's not so, Kumar.

But we're brought up in a different tradition.

Learn to endure your father.

Don't bring me to a juncture son..

...where I've to chose between your dad..

...and you.

L.. can't live without any of you.

Sir, you summoned me?


I called you because..

...l want to order you..

...that before sunrise leave the place.

What crime this loyal servant do, sir?

You forgot the loyalty of ages!

Or you think we too ended with monarchy.

Has the passage of time dwindled the loyalty..

...that use to be on your lips once?

What are you saying?

We don't even know the meaning of disloyalty!

We've not spread carpet under your ancestors' feet..

...but our corpses.. save them from dishonor.

So how could you dream of coming out of slums.. settle in palace!

If unknowingly we made some mistake.. I promise to punish the culprit.

Stop this charade of loyalty!

You're using your daughter to trap Kunwar.

So that from the tent of loyalty.. can seize this palace..

...where past of our honor and pride resides.

Someone must've tried to defame me, sir.

My Reshma doesn't even know Kunwar.

I knew you would say this.

If Reshma doesn't know Kunwar, what is this?

This portrait is of Reshma, sir!

Kunwar made this portrait.

If your daughter doesn't know Kunwar.. how did he make this portrait?

It's some other girl, sir.

Look at her attire.

It's of royal family.

Attire doesn't change the face.

Now before my anger forget your sacrifices..

...go and explain to your daughter"

...not to step on the path leading to the palace.

Her entire life will passing trying to reach the destination.

You've humiliated our tribe!

For the first time in ages"

...I've been humiliated.

Whatever I heard today..

...If someone else had said it besides Rana..

...l swear, I would've cut him into pieces.

What did Mr. Rana say?

He blamed me of dreaming of getting palace.

He said I'm using you.. daughter to trap Kunwar.

Since when do you know Kunwar?

I saw him for the first time in the function that day.

If you didn't know how could you..

...forget your sorrow seeing him?

How could Kunwar make your portrait without seeing him?

You know father, I don't lie.

It's true that Kunwar made my portrait without seeing me..

...and that day when I saw him in the function..

...l came out of depression..

...because I've been seeing Kunwar in my dreams for years.

What are you saying?

Yes, father. It's true.

I don't know the secret behind this.

No.. I don't believe this.

This is rubbish! We'll leave today!

No, father. Don't do this or I'll die.

It means.. what Rana said is true.

You can think so, but I can't live without Kunwar.

How dare you talk to me like this!

Get one thing clearly..

...If you even take Kunwar's name, I'll cut your lips.

Do you want to say anything?

Dad, you've always fulfilled my wish.

I got more that I asked for.

Fulfil my last wish.

Henceforth I won't ask for anything.

I want..

For your stubbornness, I can't forget..

...our 900 years old and proud family history.

You're talking of the past, daddy.

Don't I've the right to make decision of my life.

I take all the decisions in this mansion.

As long as I'm alive, I'll do so.

I've decided..'ll marry Ranjit Singh's daughter Neha.


...and learn to live with my decision.

I didn't want such a time to come in life..

...where I've to disobey you.

But you brought me to that juncture.

Now listen to my decision too.

I can't marry Neha or any girl of your choice.


What are you doing?

Does anyone raises hands on a young son!

On the son who wants to disgrace the honor of the palace..

...l can even..

For a child's happiness..

...parents sacrifice everything, but you..

People of Shishodia clan can sacrifice life to a child..

...but they can't dishonor the family for the child.

If he has decided to marry a prostitute..

...and live an anonymous life..

...this palace has no place for him.

An anonymous life is better..

...than the place where elders call..

...daughter-in-law a prostitute. Bye. -Son, stop.

Let him go. I'll think we had no child.

Kumar, where are you going?

Away from these merciless walls!

I'm leaving this house for ever breaking the traditions.

Don't talk like mad!

Does anyone leave parents and house like this?

You'll forget your roots for that gypsy girl.

The root which ask for sacrifice of my heart can't be mine.

You're very angry right now.

You don't know what you're saying.

Come to my house.


...maybe you're mistaken about me.

I never promised to marry you..

...nor I saw you as my wife.

If you thought so, I can't be blamed.

Get one thing clear..

...we can't never get married. Get it. Never!

Where could they go?

Our love saga is here..

...but you're not there..

Our love saga is here, but not you.

I have your souvenirs..

...but not you.

Our love saga is here..

...but you're not there..

The love and youth is the same, but not you.

Our love saga is here, but not you.

The cold breeze..

...the shadow of sorrow..

The cold breeze, the shadow of sorrow..

...and the defamation of love..

On one life..

...there are so many problems, but not you.

Our love saga is here, but not you.

God is merciful.

If I pray to him..

God is merciful.

If I pray to him..

...what else can I ask from him?

He has bestowed everything, but not you.

Our love saga is here, but not you.

The feet are shackled.

There is sorrow of separation.

The feet are shackled. -there is sorrow of separation.

There is ocean of grief.

Tear come in the eyes day and night, but not you.

Our love saga is here, but not you.

I have your souvenirs..

...but not you.

Our love saga is here, but not you.



Where are you going?

You know me?

Your tribes.. where is Reshma?


...If gypsies see you..

Please go away.

I should leave!

But why?

Because gypsies have code of honor..

It has limits too.

Reshma's crime is..

...she crossed her limits to fall in love with you.

And your crime is.. crossed that code of honor.

I don't accept this code.

Maybe you don't know..

...Reshma has staked her life.

She's refusing to marry Shakti Singh.

She has given up food and water.

If she hadn't been the only daughter of the chief..

...council would've given her death penalty.

It means she needs me.


...please take me to her.

I'll take her away from both the families.

No, Kunwar.

You can't meet her.

To meet her..'ve to wait for the next birth.


I can't wait.

I can die..

...but I can't wait.

It seems" both have waited a long.

Look, Kunwar. I can't take you to her..

...but I'll try to bring her to you.

She won't let anyone come closer in anger.

I'll see you later. Bye.


Come in.

Keep it here.

Hurry up. Everyone, keep it down.

Now go out.

Reshma, eat food.

Look, you need to eat even to be angry.

Look what I got for you.

That's chicken.

I caught it and made it. Now I'll feed you.

I knew..

...nobody can resist the aroma of delicious food.

When my mother died.. father cooked this food and kept near her corpse.

My mother got up, ate food and died again.

Shake hands..

If you don't go out..

...I'll eat you.

Take your chicken and get out.

Reshma, I made it with love.

Get out. This chicken is very good.

Get out! -Reshma!

Get out of here!

What did you do?

Get out! -Listen, Reshma.

Go away!

Hey, I'm your to be..


I'm very dangerous.

Get lost!

Oh.. what a..

What happened to you?

Son, you went to fed Reshma.

Yes, but she did this to me.

Chief, your daughter has lost it! She has gone mad.

No, son. It's not so. She's just hot tempered.

She's not the only one! Arrange for my bath. -Son..


This isn't just anger.

Anger of such a cute girl..

...can't be so dangerous.

I think she's possessed by some spirit.

Look, your daughter will be my daughter-in-law.

If I had been you, I would've called witch-doctor Bhujangi.

Bhujangi? Who is he?

A skilled witch doctor.

I met him once long ago.

I've heard his praises.

With one puff..

...he can perform exorcism to control the spirit.

So call him.

Fine. I'll call him today. -Okay.

Sir, a flower in desert!

She's Ambika.

Where is Reshma?

She can't come. She's not well.

What happened?

I don't believe it, but they say she's possessed.

What rubbish!

Chief has called Bhujangi tomorrow for exorcism.

Bhujangi! -Yes.

Who is he? An accomplished witch doctor.

He performs exorcism with music.

He rides black horse. -What?

Black horse?



He's Bhujangi Disciple Surangi.

Yes, sir Bhujangi.

Give me an orange.


My throat is parched.

I'm exhausted.

Do you've any fruit?

Sir, I've no fruit.

But this drink.

We've reached here thanks to Ambika.

But how do deal with Bhujangi?

He himself looks like a ghost.

What? Ghost!


Yes, ghost.

Ghost will catch a ghost. -How?

You didn't get it. Come closer.

Hail Bhujangi!

Sir, I'll never leave you.


The one you want to touch..

...Is on this horse.

Don't worry, child.

This is the first step to heaven.

I plead to you, sage!

Forgive me.

Bless you.

Be happy!

But I'm in trouble now.

My brother is possesed by a spirit. -Spirit. -Yes.

I'll incinerate the spirit.

When music is played, the ghost runs away!

But take care of your brother now.

I've to go to the camps of gypsies. -No..

A spirit is looming over a gypsy girl.. a shadow.

I'll exorcist her.

Then I'll treat your brother.

But sage, till then my brother..

My brother would've died.

Other merciful! If you leave without treating my brother..

...I'll die here.

Disciple Surangi.

Yes, sir Bhujangi.

This child is stubborn.

Every child has the right to be stubborn. -Son.. -Yes.

Take me to your brother. Come. -Let's go.


Come, sage.

Come inside.

Start now.. The ghost will speak now.

I won't go.

I like this body.

I like this body.

I'll kill anyone who tells me to leave this body.

Why did you come here?

I like this body! Why did you come?

You brought him here.. -Calm down.

I'll go.. I'm going" I've left.


Calm down.

This ghost was very coward.

I had to take no trouble.


Brother.. you're conscious.

Brother, I you hadn't woken up, I would've fainted.

Where am I, Sarju?

Brother, you're at Bhujangi's feet.

Seeing him the ghost fled.

Brother, now with his blessings..'ll have no hurdle.

Really? Sage..

I'm grateful to you. -Bless you!

I've no words to say how grateful I'm. -Never mind. -Sage.

I'll do anything for you. Ask for anything.

Child, what can you do for me?

Look, sage"

...I've special cocaine.

Sarju, bring it.

Sage, if you take one puff of it..'ll be flying in the sky for free.

I'll try it. -Yes.


Hail.. -Sit down.

Take this.

Take a puff.

Give one puff to the baldy! Hail Lord!

Sage Bhujangi! The world is colorful. -He fainted too.

They're floored! -3 days.

They won't wake up before 3 days.

It's true. But Sarju..

...what about the beard and moustache?

I'll arrange for it.

Sure? -Yes. Come.

Once Reshma recovers..

...fix the wedding date.

Now don't delay.

Of course.

Hail sage!

Chief, sage Bhujangi is here.

Now everything will be fine. Come.

Hail sage!

Sage, thanks for coming.

But Bhujangi, you seem to be shorter. Why?

Fool! I've returned from Kailash mountain after 3 years.

I met Lord Shankar after meditation.

He told me, Bhujangi, whatever you like the most..

...give it to me.

My form..

You call it height. -I liked it.

I give him my half height.

Hail sage Bhujangi!

Shut up! Who is he? I think he's an impostor!

He's not the one you were talking about.

Bloody fool! Blind! You doubt sage.

If sage gets furious..

...he'll incinerate you with his gaze.

Shut up. Don't talk rubbish.

Sage, he's my son. He's a fool. Forgive him.

But he doesn't seem to be all right.

It seems his heart is wooed by someone.

And that girl is in love..

...with someone else.



339e, you're great!

Don't worry. From that girl's heart"

...I'll remove the old image..

...and fix your image in it.

Thank you, sage.

Seek his blessing, fool.

Where are his feet? -Here.

You know what's in my heart.

Take me to the girl. But nobody else will come with me. -Why?

So that solitude won't be disturbed. But you can come.

Thank you, sage.

Take me to her.

Nobody will follow.

Hail sage Bhujangi! -Come, sage.

Hail sage Bhujangi! -Child.. Sage.

Wait for me.

Hail sage Bhujangi!

Hail sage Bhujangi!

Sage Bhujangi, please get my work done.

Reshma, look who is here.

Child! You're insulting sage Bhujangi.

Fool, I'll free you..

...from the sorrow of separation.

I'll take you to your beloved in the season of rain!

You fool!

Sage BhujanQli!


Go out!

Sage BhujanQli!

Get lost!

Hail sage Bhujangi!

Go out.

Sage, how much more will I get thrashed!

Hail sage Bhujangi. -Child..

I can't see anything.

Don't worry, son. You've passed the first test.

Now you know..

Sage, it's blessing of your baton. True.

Now keep 910N19-

Hail sage Bhujangi!

Child.. no..

Calm down, child.

Bad time has passed.

You too get lost.

The earth and sky can leave, but not this man!

Why not! Get out of here.. -No..

My beard.

What? You're crying.

You don't know what I went through.

I'm here. Now everything will be fine.

But.. why did you come here?

They won't spare you alive.

I'll die even without you.

Don't say that.

If we're destined to die..

...then before you, I'll die.

Hail sage Bhujangi!

Hail sage Bhujangi!

How come my portrait is here!

I made it with my heart.

I heard you didn't eat for many days.

I don't like anything without you.

Child Surangi.

Yes, sage Bhujangi!

Bring food for the girl.

Child, did you see sage's magic!

The girl wants food.

Reshma has recovered.

Sage has ordered not to come in.

You bring food.

Did you hear? Reshma has recovered.

Bring food for Reshma.

I'll arrange for my drinks.

But how will we get out of here?

I'll find a way.

Trust sage Bhujangi!

Tell me, will Mr. Rana accept you?


I've left my parents and house.


You left your house for me.

Notjust the house, I can even leave the world for you.

Reshma has recovered!

My costume.. beard..

Lie down.

L.. where is my beard?

Reshma has recovered.

Reshma is sleeping.

Hail sage!

Sage" sage" come out.. where is sage?

Did he vanish?

Very good. There is no third wheel.

We don't need it.

Reshma is alone. I'm alone too.

We're in this tent!

And some..

Hey.. who is it? Who hit me?

I won't spare you. You attack from behind.

You hit me again.

What is it?

There is nobody.

Reshma is sleeping. Reshma!

Reshma! I think I've lost my high.

It's empty-

Reshma.. look who has come.

It's me.

When you wake up..'ll see that we both are alone in the tent.

It'll be fun.

Reshma, my dear.

How did it get filled? I must've filled it.


Come to my arms.

There is nobody..

What is it! Who is behind me? Leave me or I'll kill you.

You attack from behind! You hit me again!

Who beat me?

Reshma. Reshma.

Hey. You hit me again.

You hit me.


Hit me again!

Oh.. the photo hits me too.

I won't spare you.

Did it hurt?





You know Reshma.

Very well. Reshma.

So recommend me to her.

You? -Yes.

Okay.. take a step.

Ahead? -Here..

Look at me.

Ghost! I'm sure there is a ghost.


Yes, sage Bhujangi. -Where are we?

Where we were before.

Where were we before?

Where we're now.

But we had to go to the tents of gypsies.

Yes, sage.

My baton.

My bowl.

Those two boys..

Our horse isn't here too.

You're right, sage.

Those two boys turned out to be very naughty.

Hail sage Bhujangi!



Sage, because of your mercy my daughter is cured now.

I don't know.. to thank you.

You don't need to.

I came here to solve your and your daughter's problems.


But I couldn't trust she's cured so soon.

You did a miracle.

It's not a miracle..

...but way of Nature.

What? -Ways?

This is the essence of knowledge of mankind.


0h.. -Inauguration! Vengeance!

You're great!

You did a big favor on us.

To express gratitude, our tribe..

...has organized a special function.

I hope..'ll surely come.

Will there be fire veneration or prayer?

Sage, there will be dance.

It means, the girl will dance too.

Yes, sage.

I'll surely come. -Sage..

The traditions of tribes won't change ever.

Foes and friends are forever.

The traditions of tribes won't change ever.

High mountains and deep oceans"

...can't guard love.

High mountains and deep oceans can't guard love.

Love breaks all hurdles.

The traditions of tribes won't change ever.

God made our match.

This match can't be broken.

God made our match. This match can't be broken.

...not just for one lifetime, but for eternity.

The traditions of tribes won't change ever.

Flowers and stars, promises and vows..

...testify for me.

Flowers and stars, promises and vows testify for me.

Even my anklets sing this song.

The traditions of tribes won't change ever.

Foes and friends are forever.

The traditions of tribes won't change ever.

Who is this impostor?

Who has come here in my disguise?

I'll incinerate him. -Son Surangi.

Yes, sage. -Bring bowl of liquor.

And you go out.

Because when I'll sprinkle liquor on him..

...he'll be incinerated. -And if the ashes goes in the eyes..

...even his 7 generations will be born as blind.

Son Surangi.

Yes, sage Bhujangi.

What am I seeing?

Who is taking my place?

I'll rip him apart with my mantras.


Beggar! I'll.. abracadabra you!

You're enduring my insult standing here.

Get him out.

What are you doing, fool?

You're pulling sage's beard.

His beard is real, chief.

He must've grown it.

But his soul is fake.

Yes, sage.

Leave him.


Reshma. Come here.


Leave me.

Move, I say.

Get back.

Bring my gun.

Let's get out of here.

Flee, kid.

He plays the drum nicely.

Follow them.

They shouldn't escape.

Mr. Rana, Kunwar's life is in danger.

I think all the tribesmen will kill him.

Please come and save him.

Please come with me.

Get moving.

What is this?

Open the door!



Who has come?

Hey. Devi..

Devi has come?

Sura'; is with her too.

But kids, what happened to you?

Girja, don't just stand. Bring hot water.

Can't you see Sura'; and Devi are wounded?

Sage, you're mistaken again. She's not Devi..

...but Reshma and I..

I know.

But for me she's the same small girl.

And you're Sura}.

I.. I'm your culprit.

Forgive me, kids. -No, sir..

Open the door!

Open the door!

They're here..


See who is there.

No.. don't open the door!

They'll kill us.

Who will kill you?

My tribesmen.

Don't worry.

As long as I'm alive, nobody can kill you in this mansion.

I'm living for you two.

It's my penance to protect you.

Girja, bring the gun.

One day I had raised weapon to kill you.

And today, I'll raise weapon to protect you.

No, sir. Give me the gun.

No, son. Let me do my duty.

You get back.

Where are they?

They're here.

Greetings, sage.

You and your men are welcome, chief.

But is this the way to enter the mansion?

The girl you're hiding behind your gun is my daughter.

Kunwar had kidnapped my girl.

He has tried to dishonor the gypsies.

He's our culprit.

This mansion has sheltered our culprit.

This girl has the right on this mansion.

She has come home.

And if you don't understand..

...then think they both are under my shelter.

To reach them, you've to cross over my corpse.

It doesn't make a difference. I can kill him too.

Whose corpse will lie here..

...Isn't sure now, boy.

But first corpse can be yours too.

I've no enmity with you.

We just want Kunwar, dead or alive.

If you even dare to take Kunwar's name..

...I'll spread corpses here.

Mr. Rana.

This isn't your mansion.

And you freed us from your loyalty..

Come to your sense, gypsy.

You teach magic to your girls.. that they can woo boys of rich family. -Dad.

Be quiet.

I'll shoot this girl.

Wait, Rana.

Bullets don't understand relationship.

Once you shoot.'ve nothing but repentance.

You're going to make the same mistake that I did years ago.

And because of that, for 50 years..

...I'm repenting for Suraj and Devi.

Suraj? -Devi?

But sage, she's my daughter Reshma.

Everyone says this.

She too thinks so.

But I know..

...Girja knows..

...the old people of this village knows..

...that 50 years ago she was my daughter.

Look at this portrait, chief.

Maybe you'll understand.

This is the same portrait.

...that my son had made without seeing the girl.

Maybe the face of Devi of previous life..

...Is still remembered by Kunwar.

Previous life?

Yes, Rana.

50 years ago, they had previous life.

This area wasn't barren at that time.

There was greenery.

When my daughter and Suraj left..

...they took greenery with them.

Chief, your daughter Reshma..

...was my only daughter Devi.

And Rana, your son Kunwar used to be Sura}.

Sura'; was son oi gypsy Lakhiya.

Lakhiya used to bring herbs for me.

His son Sura'; used to come with him.

One night..

...Suraj came alone.

He had fear in his eyes.

His clothes were ripped.

I learnt that Lakhiya was killed in family feud.

And his enemies were looking for his son Suraj.

To save Suraj's life..

...l sheltered him in mansion.

My daughter Devi..

...and Lakhiyefs son Sura'; grew up together.

But my proud eyes cudn't see"

...that their love too was blossoming.

Whenever I get life..

...l wish to get your love every time.

Whenever I get life, I wish to get your love every time..

Whenever I get life..

With some promises and vows..

With some promises and vows..

...we're tied from lifetimes.

Whenever we separate and meet..

...l wish to get your love every time.

Whenever I get life, I wish to get your love every time..

The flow of life..

The flow of life..

...Is like the flowing river.

...Is like the flowing river.

We'll meet whether here or there..

We'll meet whether here or there..

...l wish to get your love every time.

Whenever I get life..

...l wish to get your love every time.


Why did you get up, Thakur?

Thakur Natvvar Singh, I got up because..'re our guest.

Or else your corpses would've been lying here.


You want to marry your son to my daughter.

He's still drunk.

He visits brothels.

These are hobbies of rich people, Thakur.

Is it because of his hobbies that..

...his first wife committed suicide 4 days after marriage..

...and the second one after 6 months?

I want a husband for my daughter"

...but your son is like a wood of pyre.

Before I cremate both of you, get out of my mansion.



Girja, Devi isn't home. Where is she?

Where is Devi?

Sir, Suraj turned out to be disloyal.

He has wooed your daughter and taken her to the riverbank..

Gypsy Lakhiya's son has dared so much!

He wants to dishonor this mansion.


Bring him to me.

But think of Devi too, sir.

What's there to think about her?

If she wants to enter filth, will we let her?

Thakur's daughters are married as per their parents' wish.

Next month I'll get Devi married to Vir Singh's son.

Suraj's life can'_t be a problem, slr.

If you command, I'll kill him.


How could he even think of killing Suraj?

And whose marriage are you talking about?

I'm talking of your marriage.

If Girja kills Suraj..

...then with whom will you get me married?

You want to marry the gypsy who has been living on our mercy.

Yes, father.

You'll be tired of hitting me..

...but my answer won't change.

Your answer won't change.. to protect the honor of this mansion"

...I'll bury you alive in this mansion.

You can try that too. And if you do so..

...I'll take second birth to get Suraj.

I'll pray to God..

...that I sudn't be made daughter of such a father..

...who loves mansion"

...more than his living daughter.

Sir, you're here..

You should have called me.

What can I do for you, sir?

Your life..

...Is my favor on you.

You gypsy boy!

Devi should've been worthy of worship for you.

Because she's my daughter.

But you..

If my mercy hadn't raised you..

...l swear, I would've killed you today.

Get out of my area.

There is no place for traitors.

Henceforth if you're seen in this area..

...I'll burn you alive.

As you say, sir.

I don't understand what's my fault.

If I tell you your fault..

...then I've to shoot you too.

Get out!

Where did you go without informing, sir? -Where is Devi?

She's in her room. Keep a close eye on her.

I'm going to meet Thakur Vir Singh.

Devi should be married soon.


...If Suraj is seen near the mansion shoot him.

Don't worry, sir.

I don't have to worry when you're here.

Your loyalty..

...Is an example for everyone.

You're here, Devi?

Did anyone see you?

What if they do?

Did I come to meet you for the first time?

It was different earlier.

But now you're getting married.

If someone sees you with me..

...there will be a problem in your marriage.

Do you think..

...I'll marry a stranger?

This is your father's decision.

You know very well..

...that when your father makes any decision..

...then nobody can change it.

I want to know your decision.

My decision?


Because father is high on his pride and ego.

He can't judge you.

So you've only one way.

Elope with me.

What are you saying, Devi?

Try to understand ma, Sura}.

We've no other option.

Father will never get me married to you.

I know that too.

But it doesn't mean we should be the reason for his suicide.

Your father won't be able to endure this defamation..

...If you elope with his servant.

What do you want?

I should marry the man..

...whom I never saw.

No, Sura}.

It won't happen.

Suraj, I've seen you as my husband.

I can be happy only with you.

Look tomorrow father is taking marriage proposal.

We'll go very far before that.

Yes, Sura}.

We can run from here, but not from ourselves.

My conscience will always prick me.

I'll lose my dignity.

The man who raised this orphan like his own son..

...this is how I repaid his favor?

No, Devi.

By eloping with you..

...l can't insult him.

But.. can insult my love.


You repay your favors.

I'll jump in the river to repay the price of my love.

What are you doing? -Leave me. What happened to you?

Let me die. -Devi.. come to your senses. -Leave me.

I say leave me.

Forgive me, Devi.

Silly! Marriage is a union of two bodies.

Union of hearts is bigger than that.

We've been in true love.

True lovers don't defame love.


"Promise me that you won't take any step" defame..

...your father and our love.


So Thakur refused my proposal for this servant.

Never mind.

This girl can't be my wife..

...but today I'll make her my slave.


Forgive me.

What happened?

There is a disaster!

Where is Devi?

She isn't in her room.

What? Where did she go?

I think Suraj eloped with her.

No.. this can't be true. Bring my gun.

Leave me!

Leave me.


No, Sura}.

No, Sura}!

I'll take you home.

I won't go home.

No! -Devi.

Where are you going, Devi? -Stop!

Only death is my option.

The one I love..

...didn't accept me.

I'm not worthy to return to the house where I was born.

Why not? That house is yours.

I can't go because I left the house for you.

How can I return?

What will I say for whatever happened here?

I'm there to reply.

In that proud mansion of egoistic Thakur..

...who will listen to gypsy Suraj. Let me go. -Devi..

...l won't let you go alone.

You'll come home with me.

I say leave me. -No..

Leave my hand. I won't go. -No.

Come with me.

I won't go.

Listen to me. -Leave me.

Leave me. -Devi.

Don't be mad! -No.

You've to come with me.

Listen to me.

Come with me. -Leave!



Sura}! What happened to you'?

Open your eyes, Sura}.

Devi, your father has come.

Now go home.

You're in no danger.

Don't say that.

No.. open your eyes, Sura}.

Sura}. Sura}! No'.!

Girja, throw this scum's corpse down.

Don't dare to touch him.

Devi, this was the punishment of this lowly gypsy.

He tried to dishonor me.

Suraj wasn't dishonoring you.

Mahavir Singh tried to dishonor you.

He brought me here.

If Suraj hadn't come, you would've been dishonored.

To save my honor..

...Suraj killed him.

Look at his corpse.

You've done a big sin, father!

You killed an innocent man.

You killed my Suraj.

Forgive me, Devi.

No! Don't touch me.

Don't touch me.

Devi. Come with me.

I'm going with Suraj not with you.


What did you do, child?

What have you done?

The only flaw in Suraj was..

...he was a gypsy-

Today with you as my witness..

...l pray to God..

...If my love is true..

...he should make me a gypsy in every lifetime.

So that I can get my gypsy.

Devi! What have I done?

If I had known..

...that to get Suraj you would give your life..

...l swear..

...l would've made him my son-in-law.


I can die in peace now.

I can die in peace now.

Promise me..

...that in next life..'ll unite us.

To get Suva}.

...I'll be born again.

Promise me.

I promise.

I promise.

I'll come back with Suraj, father.

With Suva}.

Devi! Devi!

I'll wait for both of you.

Because of me _these kids died, slr.

This tongue had lied.

I'll cut this tongue.

I'll cut this tongue.

No, Girja.


Don't cry, Girl-a!

Today our penance is over.

Thank God..

...he give us a chance to unite them.



We beg of you..

...the mistake we made..

...don't repeat it.

Thakur Baba.

You've saved me from a big sin.


...I've promised Shakti Singh.

Thakur Baba.

Reshma is your daughter.

If you'll give away the bride in marriage..

...l free chief from his promise.

Bless you, son.

Bless you.

Thakur Baba.

Reshma is now your daughter.

Now it's between you and Rana!

No, chief Manik.

We learnt today..

...what we should have known earlier.

Lovers have a code of honor..

...and a duty to fulfil.

Today I'm going to do something a Rajput never did.

Forgive me, daughter.

I said many wrong things about you.

Bless you.

One thing is decided..

...that Thakur Baba will give away the bride..

...and marriage will be as per the gypsy traditions..

...In your tent.

Did you hear?

Did you hear?

Clouds are thundering.

It seems after years it will rain here.

This land will be free from the curse.

There will be greenery again.

There will be greenery again.

Whenever I get life..

...l wish to get your love every time.