Bao xue jiang zhi (2017) Script

Last name and first name?

Yu Guowei.

How is it written?

Yu as "vestige". Guo as "nation".

Wei as "glorious".

Which is the name?

Yu, like "useless...

Ticket of exit.

Date of your release?


Do you know the procedure?

Fill in the form.

Sign the last page.

Plan a picture for your identity card.

It will cost you 20 yuan, to settle next.

Do not leave the city without your identity card.

Including ? Yes.

You can go.

Thank you.

Nothing to see.

Return to work. Circulate!

I told you not to pull the rope.

I tried to do it quickly - but I broke down.

It's good. Go ahead.

I'm not late, though?

If we were more numerous, we would not have called you.

What do I have to do ?

You stay here - and you let no one go.

It works!



I was with the guys that night, we did not notice anything.

What is happening?

They found a body.

Stay here.

Do not let anyone pass.

It works. The bike dropped me.


Colleagues lent us this dog - but the journey was long - and he is sick.

It will not be very useful.

He is in a bad state. Take him away.

A missing person was reported at your house?

Is it someone from the factory?

It has not been identified yet.

No missing person has been reported.

An intense cold front'll come the south in the next few days.

Temperatures will plunge into the region.

Snow is expected for the 24th.

Where is your bike?

Out of order. My colleague is taking care of it.


It works.

Where are you going?

Leave me at the entrance of the factory.

What was this girl doing in this lost corner - in the middle of the night?

She was not killed here.

We dragged the body.

But there was no trace.

The rain has erased them.

Say, Yu.

It is said that at the factory, no thief escapes you.

We called you "detective" Yu.

I'm used to this kind of compliment.

What matters is where my talent comes from.

Here, take a cigarette.

Captain Zhang.

It is fine thanks.

There are witnesses?

Detective Yu, go out push.

Like the other victims, - it was partly bare.

She was hit on the head with a blunt object.

She also received several stab wounds.

For the majority, - they are simple estafilades.

The fatal blow was carried to the carotid artery.

She emptied of her blood.

Always the same mode of operation.

Where are you going like this? Make a statement.

Captain Zhang?

He went out.

Captain Zhang.

What is that?

Workers I brought.

It's a joke?

On the day of the crime, they were not at the factory.

They are all suspects.

The faster we go, the better.

Show me all this world away.

As long as they are there, - take their testimony.

We planted ev/thg to come here.


You will write in detail what you did on the day of the crime.

Return to the factory.

We have just arrived, and we have to leave again?

Be nice, guys. Go back to the factory.

Now you want to stay?

Names and footprints.

Names and footprints.

And what's more, we have to leave our fingerprints?

What exactly you want ?

Whoever refuses to cooperate, - it's hiding something.

Come on, we hurry.

And in silence.

Captain Zhang.

No thanks.

We have the identity of the victim.

She is not from the factory.

How many are you?

This is the third.

From what we could deduce, - it is one and the same killer.

They were already dead before arriving there?

They were knocked down and transported.

In what way?

That's not missing.

Even a bike would do the trick.

I think it's going to rain.

It's still far away ?

Shut up.

Can we turn around?

Shut up.

That's how the killer moved the victim?

But someone would have noticed - if he had lugged it in the middle of the night.

She was unconscious.

But what if she had woken up? She would have screamed.

You're saying nonsense. I'll tap your mouth.

What can you say bullshit!

On your knees.

Bend down.

Turn around.

Maestro, we could search the surroundings.

To do what?

In case the killer has left clues.

The cops raked the place.

They'd have forgotten sth?

It hurts.

We wait.


That the killer is coming?


You're too young to understand, kid.

I'll tell you something.

We always come back to where we did something.

Where does he come from?



Come back!


Why are you running away?

Here, that will teach you.

Why did you shoot?

Do you want to shoot yourself?

Go ahead, pull yourself!

Why did you shoot?

Answer! Why?

It seems that we found a body here.

I wanted to come see.

It's the truth.

I work at night.

I have nothing to do with the day.

So, I'm going for a walk.

I do not have a lot of hobbies, - so I like to listen to gossip other workers.

Did you know the victim?


It is said that she was not well regarded.

She was a whore.

Someone saw her hanging around the old stadium.

The old stadium, you know?

It is badly attended.

You can fiddle with a girl for 20 balls.

What are you doing?

No, my thing is gossip.

She was probably angry with a client - and the guy killed her.

Stop, I can not run anymore.

Stop, I beg you.

I can not run anymore, I'm breathing more.


Give him his bike.

Who are you first?

We are investigating the murder.

Why did you let him go?

It's just a big mouth.

Where are you going?


You are alone?

Yes indeed.

You too?

You are not a regular.

Have you seen it before?

She had a partner?

Are you interested in her?

She was murdered.

Think hard.

Did you notice a new head recently?

I remember a weird guy.

He never dances.

He stays away, in the dark.

He came twice.

He looked at me strangely.

I was scared, I did not come anymore.

If he came back, would you recognize him?


My beep number.


I do not do that for that.

You slept badly?

I can not sleep.

We are understaffed - and there is so much work.

I should be retired.

What would you do in retirement?

I would go back to my village.

You're not good here?

I have always hated this city.

Sometimes I say to myself...

Once retired, -

I will forget all these sordid crimes, -

I will settle in my garden, - and I will take the sun. That's all I ask.

It's easy for you to say.

You have already accomplished a lot in your life.

Not me.

I still have some way to go.

I last the question. How many times have you stolen?



You've committed three flights!

Three flights - and I never pinched it.

We really screwed up.

Head up.

Who gave you the schedule?

We are simple steeds.

He's the first of your guys who organized everything with our boss.

We know nothing else.

A guy from the factory?

And now, - we will give a decoration - to model employees who did so much - for the factory this year.

here is the list - model employees - for the period 1996-1997.

Liu Shengfeng.

Yu, it's soon up to you.

How are you feeling?

It's not the same as the other time.

There, it's like in a dream.

It's not a dream. It's reality.

It's concrete!

What does that mean ?

Cao Jianjun.

Yu Guowei.

Bravo. Continue like that.

Let's leave Yu Guowei, model employee, - say a few words.

He is applauded.

I thank management and my colleagues - for their trust.

That I have...

What I have done is far from enough.

I am ready to give my life - to further improve - the safety of the factory.

I'm convinced that as long as you put in your own, - we can give meaning to his life.

What is going on?

The machine was still broken.

I'm taking care of it.

Be quick.

Me, Yu Guowei...

I will give meaning to my life - and it's with your head up that I will face the arrival of the new century!

Guowei, stop looking at this.

Drink a shot.

We have a lot to learn from you.

What for example?

Without you at the factory, we'd be in shit.

With you at the factory, we are in the shit.

Let's be serious, two minutes.

Guowei, do you know what I admire about you?

You know, guys?

His beautiful eyes?

His vision. What does it mean?

When Guowei is at the entrance of the factory, - he can spot, among the guys who have finished the job, - he who has something to reproach himself for.

This is true.

I can not do anything about it.

It's a gift at home.

Take some seed.

Guowei, you should ask for a promotion.

A promotion? It's soon balances?

Calm down.

Drink a glass.


A promotion...

Not in that sense.

You could get into the police, become a cop.

It's not possible.

Do you know what? Eat and shut your mouth.

Ma from the neighboring factory, he has arrived, right?

Guowei Square is there!

You are right.

In Guowei, - who we want a promotion - in the near future.

To your promotion!

I will go nowhere.

What I have is enough for me.

I do what I have to do.

You understand?

I am happy to work with you.

Guowei, it would be a great opportunity.

Better to be a little king than a great prince.

It does not depend on me.

So forget that and drink!

To the health of the little king.

To the little king!

You went out for a drink?

It was the ceremony of the best employees.

We celebrated it with colleagues.

You were decorated, right?

How do you know that?

That's from me.

Without your help, -

I still have these thugs on the back.

To take care of thugs is my job.

Blow me if it happens again.

I do not wish it.

It takes guts - to fight as you did.

Avoid trouble in the future.

That's the bazaar here, right?

I will not go on forever.

Where do you go?

I want to go to Hong Kong - to open a hair salon.

My talents will be useful there.

A hair salon in Hong Kong! What ambition!

Do not you have ambition?

My life suits me.

Do not you have dreams, then?

Yes, of course.

But you would not understand.

If you tell me, I'll understand.

I prefer to keep this for myself.

When that happens, you'll be the first to know.

What mystery!

There are traces of a bike - but the rain has leached everything.

It remains to identify the victim.

Surely a factory worker.

She looks like the others.

It's not a coincidence.

The killer chooses his victims in the same perimeter.

Detective Yu! Are you coming to help us?

We work together?

What do I have to do?

Put yourself in the skull that there are rules to respect.

There is a hierarchy.

So stay in your place.

Captain Zhang.

What are you doing here? I was told you were there.

Who are we?

I was passing by and I saw your car.

What a coincidence!

Are you on the investigation? Yes.

Do you need my help? No.

I do not disturb you?


What are you looking at?

The victims died brutally.

This guy is really a bastard.

Why did you come here?

The victims - frequented this neighborhood.

It is possible - that the murderer has spotted them here.


Are you still daydreaming?

What are you thinking about?

Are you thinking about the survey?

Electrocuting fish is cruel as a way of doing things.

If I do not do it, someone else will do it.

You lack of a judge.

Yet, I spend my time with you.

I'm going there. Come back, kid.

I'll teach you how to be smarter!

The bell has just rang.

Its good.

It's going to work?

Shut up.

Thanks to the reforms, the industrial fabric is renovated.

To stay competitive while avoiding mass unemployment, -

- a new policy has been put in place.

Companies are encouraged -

- to facilitate the reconversion of the workers.

Rethinking how the company works -

- will keep you competitive -

- while helping to offset the layoffs -

- by assisting in the conversion of the workforce.

Maestro, they are all gone.

South steel mill

It's been three days we're here.

They will worry at the factory.

Do not worry. You're with me.

If we find clues, - it's not three days - but thirty that we will have won!

Will it work at least?

Sometimes, - we tend to want to complicate everything.

At least, my method has its chances.

The killer would be pretty silly - to decide to surrender - after seeing our pictures?

"Sorry to disturb you, comrades."

"I am the murderer."

"I am late."

"Did I make you wait?"

"I'll drink three glasses to make me forgive.

"I begin. Take your time."

Xiao Liu.

This guy.

Standing there.

Stay in the car.


This way!

Xiao Liu!

Xiao Liu!

Wait for me here.

I was very close to him.

I could smell it.

He felt rot.

He surely is working in this factory.

He will not go far.

You are too strong...

I can not help it. It's a gift at home.



I am sorry.

What's the matter?

I am aware of flights since the beginning.

Some guys contacted us - there is a lot of time.

Everyone knows we can not buy you - so they watered Zhou and his guys.

Me too. I took this money -

but I did not spend a cent.

I regret, maestro.

I really regret.

Stop calling me maestro -

and to take you for my disciple.

What do you have?

Xiao Liu?

I'm not fine?



He had a cerebral hemorrhage.

We tried everything.

If you would have brought him earlier, we could have saved him.

You said ninth and a half hour.

What do you want me to say?

Something happened?

Why did you bring me here?

I come alone when I am unhappy.

It's nice, nobody comes to disturb me.

Your dream came true?



Take an orange.

What's on your cheek?

You think one day - we can freely enter Hong Kong?


You think that one day we will - to enter Hong Kong freely?

Hard to say.

When was this photo taken?

A long time ago, at home.

You give it to me?


Ever thought of leaving this place?

To go where?

Number 8. Yanzi.

Hurry up.


At work !

Yanzi, at work!

You hear me?

I arrive!

Wait for me here.

This street is surrounded by three factories.

She is nicknamed Little Hong Kong.

I have a lot of work here - but I want to succeed in the south.

That's why I let go of the shop.

What R U going to do w/ this place?

It's a family of three.

The victim is the woman.

Time of death: Approximately 13 hours.

A neighbor heard screaming and called us.

By the time we arrived, she was already dead.

They have a kid.

He is at school right now.

How old?

7 or 8 years old. Someone went to get him.

And the husband?

We try to reach him.

Nobody will come with this rain.

Three four...

Two three.

I have to go.

What time ! It's getting worse.

Liu Shengfeng!


Peng Jing!


Where is she ?

I arrive.

Pan Jianxiang!

Lu Liping!

The !

Luo Henghui!

Hu Shunli!

That's all. Close the portal.

Your belongings left at the factory - will be returned to you.

Close the portal.

No need to come back.

It's not worse.

You can start from scratch.

At least we have this shop.

Things will improve.

What's this?

It's for me?

It suits me well?

Very well.

What is that?

How did it happen?

Forget it. It's past.

We will win enough to leave here from both.

Thank you for everything you did for me.

I do not want to leave.

Let me go!

It's at my house.

It's the husband who did it.

We caught him on his return.

He tried to kill himself but he just managed to hurt himself.

Something else?

His factory left him on the floor.

More work. More money.

The couple was arguing a lot.

After another umpire, - he killed her under the influence of anger.

And he wanted to run away.

Step back, all of you!

Nothing to see.

It's at my house.

I want to stay. Do not force me to leave.

I do not want to leave.

I want to stay here.

It's at my house.

I want to stay here.

Do not force me to leave.

It's my home.

In a home, there is love and affection.

Do you think that's the case?

I have not done it on purpose.

I really did not do it on purpose.

Your son is still young.

What will become of him?

I'm not...

The world is going crazy...

Look carefully. They correspond to the description.

32 Songbai Street.

The three factories overlook this street.

This guy has already been arrested for assaulting women.

Your son is out?

The bill.


Excuse me, -

I´ll leave, but I have just seen a friend.

It has been a long time.

Where have you been ?

Do you recognize him?

Who is it?

The guy you told me, the one who never dances.

You remember me?

In front of the factory.

Near the railway.

You almost killed me twice but I was lucky.

I ran to the road, - but you saved yourself.

It is not broken?

You like to watch this street.

That's how you point women.

Four women.

Tortured to death.

Try it.

It suits you very well.

She would go to any type who shoes from 41.

Hi, Yanzi. Get there.

This is your man's table.

He comes here all the time? Yes.



Drop the curtain.

You do not work today?

Why did you tell me to come?

I'm not fine?

Tell me.

What's the matter?

You do not like me?

Yes, of course.

So why did not you touch me?

Since when are you playing this?

You would have let him go to where?

I would have protected you.

I still have...

It's like I dreamed.

Suddenly, everything seems unreal.

We come back.

I woke up but you still dream.

I am leaving.


That's the dream you kept for yourself?

Do you recognize the place?

It's yours?

I did not do anything!

I killed no one!

It's not me.

Captain Zhang.

The guy is badly barred.

Even if he does, he's screwed up.

Here is his file.

We had already investigated him?


But we found nth concrete.

This Yu is a madman.

Violent snowstorms are expected in the area.

With the arrival of the cold, -

-we must expect a sharp drop in temperatures.

We recommend caution.

According to the latest surveys, -

- neighboring provinces recorded several...

We found the blood of the killer - on the body of one of the victims.

It will be stuck soon.

What made you do that?

The weather is broken this winter.

All this rain...

We have just learned -

- that the foundry No. 4, -

- almost 60 years old, -

- will soon be demolished.

The site'll be the construction -

- for large commercial -

- and residential.

Former employees of the factory -

- are very enthusiastic about this new project.

Thank you.

He's there.

He left that for you - before getting sick.

Since when is he sick?

About two years.

He was able to return to his village?

He never talked about it.

Serious road accident near the foundry Do you remember where it happened?


Next to the marshalling yards.

He was falling rope.

We even announce a blizzard. So be careful!

In these extreme conditions, it is recommended -

- listen to the weather forecast -

- and drive at reduced speed.


Did you see his face?

He was covered with blood. It was impossible.

And then?

Despite our responsibility, - we did not have to compensate - the family of the type.


Nobody claimed the body.

He had no family?

We waited weeks. Nobody came.

Then the body was cremated.

He was cremated?

We can not keep a body indefinitely.

Then the old cop, Zhang, came to see me.

He had recovered the blood tests at the hospital.

He said that the victim was linked to the murders.

Nobody ever knew who it was.

Who let you in?

I worked here.

I wanted to take a look.

I had never seen you.

What workshop were you in?

I started to safety - before being assigned to the workshops.

I was even quoted as a model employee.

You have never worked here. It's obvious.

Security is not profitable.

They would have never decorated - a security guy.


I was on this stage in 1997.

I even made a speech.

In 1997, - it was already finished, the decorations!

I have worked here all my life.

I will remember it inevitably.

This place is going to be demolished.

You have nothing to do there. Go away.

What is this mess ?


It's snowing.