Barbara (2012) Script

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Is that here?


She won't be even one second too early.

She's like that.

What is she like?

If she were six, you'd say she's sulky.

Is she alone here?

Her incarceration disintegrated her circle of friends.

Doctor Wolff will be working with us. She is from Berlin... from the Charite Hospital, and has decided...

We have introduced ourselves.

Good, we will continue with the ankle fracture.

The swelling has subsided entirely. We'll remove the drains.

Let's have a look at the leg. It looks great.

You'll soon be playing football again.

You're midfield?

Centre? On the right.

So this is the leg you shoot with.

Can you shoot with your left?

Not well. It's only to stop me falling over.

Your trainer told you that, right?

I'll have to speak to him Why?

Your opponent will know at once you have to move right to cross.

That's it.

You were brave.

You scared the little one by making that grimace.

He tensed up and it hurl him far more.

I'm sorry Sorry, but he'll have known you were trying to distract him In any case, he'll still be shooting with his right Bon appetit. Bon appetit

Bon appetit. Bon appetit

That's Berlin. No kidding!

I can give you a ride.

I've often waited here. It can take ages.


Well, do you like it?

The work, the ward.

It's only my first day.

You shouldn't be so separate.

People here are sensitive:

Berlin, the Charite, the capital.

They quickly feel outclassed.

Is that why you said 'separate'?

So as not to sound second class?

You should have asked me at the crossroad.

This is the right road.

What should I have asked you?

Where I live. But you already know.

And why I came to the provinces. But you know that, too.

Don't act astonished. They spoke to you.

You're groomed.

And here's where I separate.

Stop here, please!

Till tomorrow.

Hello, I'm Mrs Bungert.

I have to show you the cellar.

Can it not wait till tomorrow?

I don't have time tomorrow.

Right this instant?

One moment.

It's time to order now.

At least one tonne.

A tonne and a half. You like having a bath.

Thursday is your tum to do the stairs. You said.

With water. But not in winter

Of horrific character.

Magic, demons, profundity and joy... characterise Furtwangler unique interpretation.

I had the impression I was hearing the overture for the first time.

Let me go. Calm down!

Pull yourself together!

So... Cool it!

Let her go!

They'll lei go of you now.

Stella... can you try to sit up.

Stella... can you do this?

Try it.

All right.

Damn it.

I'll be right back, things will be fine.


From ticks?


Did you find the marks?

She hid in the fields for six days.

In an area full of ticks. It's in the file.

I normally read them all. I just thought...

We'll have to do a lumbar puncture.

Curl up.

Right UP-

That's it.

This will hurt terribly, but you'll be fine.

It's this girl's fourth stay and each time...

Stella. What?

The girl is called Stella.

Yes, Stella's been here four times, each time she was faking because she didn't want to work.

Can we talk about it tomorrow? I have to go.

I can give you a ride.

I've got a bike.

See you tomorrow.

This shouldn't actually occur.


Can't you read? You'll be shown to your table.

Can I use the toilet? End of the corridor, on the left.

Excuse me, where are the toilets?

In the front.


Shit, the sodding boat's arriving.

Here, I have to go.

Say, aren't you a doctor?

Does putting your legs up in the air do any good?

Against varicose veins?

Yes, it's good. Is it really good?

Had a little outing?

It's a pretty area, particularly at night.

This way, please.


I know, I'm late.

The serum has arrived.

Can I come in briefly?

Stella is refusing an intravenous drip unless you do it.

I can drive you over and bring you back to rest afterward.

Fine. In five minutes.

They allocated you a horrible apartment.

But there's a piano.

Shall we go?

Do you play?

It's out of tune. So you do play.

Does this often happen to you?

I was not to be found for several hours.

Where were you, then?

The young girl is pregnant. what?

Stella is pregnant.

Did she tell you?

I noticed when making the serum.

You made the serum yourself?

It would have taken at least four days to get it from Restock.

You have a lab?

At the clinic? Yes.

The serum will act quickly.

You'll be able to read in two days.

And look out the window.

He's got to go.

I'll be right back.


They'll follow the track of that sackful of rocks to the shore and then drag the river for me.

And they'll follow that meal track to the lake and go browsing down the creek that leads out of it to find the robbers that killed me...

They won't ever hunt the river for anything but my dead carcass.

They'll soon get tired of that, and won't bother no more about me.

All right; I can stop anywhere I want to

ll Stella really is pregnant, it's a catastrophe for her.

They'll take away her child.

She wants to keep it?

She doesn't know yet.

You didn't ask her!

Are you quite sure?

Can I see your lab?

Good work.

You can use the lab whenever you want.

Did you put it together!

It's not equipped as I'd like.

But I might get a centrifuge from Prague next week.

Why are you in the provinces?

To assure no one is too separate?

I like it here.

Are you supposed to convince me?

To do what?

To withdraw my application to leave.

'The workers and farmers financed your studies.

Non it's time to return the favour."

That's actually not incorrect.

I'd like to go to The Hague.

That's where the Rembrandt is.


I have to go.

You said I could leave? Yes.

Didn't you notice anything?

The painting.

The man lying there is Aris Kindt.

He's just been hanged for theft It's Doctor Tulp giving the anatomy lesson.

They should have cut open the abdomen first.

But they dissected the left hand instead.

There's a mistake.

The hand is wrong.

It's the opposite one.

It's the right hand and it's too large.

I don't think Rembrandt made a mistake.

You see the atlas?

It's an anatomy atlas.

They're all staring at it.

He is, he is, they all are.

And the hand is painted like a depiction in the atlas.

Rembrandt includes something that we can't see, only they can:

The depiction of a hand.

Due to this mistake we no longer look through the doctors' eyes.

We see him, Aris Kindt.

The victim.

We are with him, not with them.

I'm tired, I have to get home.

Me too, shall I drive you?

I need some air.


I seemed a bit boastful with the lab and the analysis of the painting.

See you tomorrow.

Did you get the money? Yes.

You have to pack it so it's water-tight Via the water?

When? Soon.

Very soon.


Having troubles?


Are you lost?

My colleague had gone... for a pee?

Anything else you need?

Not that I can think of.

Tell me, I'll gel it for you.

I don't know.

It's upholstered.

I read that they are even heatable now.

No. In winter we have to wear gloves, too.

What will it do?


But not here on our roads.

Hello. Hello.

'Is that a Mercedes?"

"How much do they cost?"

"How long did you have to wait?

"We waited eight years for ours and that wasn't bad.

Was it at least worth it?


I'm getting a coffee. Want one?


Stella asked for you.


We hadn't ever been this rich...

The cigars were prime.

We laid off all the aflernoon in the woods talking and me reading the books, and having a general good time.

I told Jim all about what happened inside... the wreck and at the ferryboat...

What's the matter, Doctor?

I'm tired. Have a sleep.

I can't.

See how the moon, it rises And golden stars shine In the heavens on high


The wood stands black and silent And from the meadows climbs Such wondrous white mist

Come here. I'll come back later...

and read to you again.

They said I can read alone now.

They'll come and get me soon.

Can you do anything for me, Doctor?

I'll "Y

I can't go back to Torgau, I can't stand it.

Doctor, I'm having a child.

It's got to go.

Do you want it removed? No...

I want to take it away from here.

From Torgau, from this shit country.


Shit Sorry.

Come along. Lie down for an hour.

No, I'm fine. I'll wake you and we can swop.

I'll do that.



Morning. Morning.

Did you sleep? Yes.

I brought you a coffee.


Will you put this in your report?

"W. is slowly becoming trusting.

Something like that.

I was working at Eberswalde Hospital.

There were new machines from New Zealand

to help prematurely born children who wouldn't make it in a regular incubator.

The operating instructions were in English and 260 pages long.

I worked my way through them.

There was this assistant... She spoke a bit of English. She helped.

She wanted to impress me.

One night, when I was as tired as now, she brought me a blanket, told me to sleep, she'd take care of things.

She switched on the machines that night, made only one mistake:

She confused celsius and fahrenheit.

Massive pressure was generated.

The premature infants' retinas detached.

There were two of them, Maik and Jennifer.

We managed to save them, but they were blinded for life.

It was my responsibility.

Research was out.

No more Berlin, no more Charite.

These gentlemen offered to have the case hushed up.

I could transfer to a provincial hospital in exchange for confidentiality and my delivering reports.

I have no ambitions in this regard.

Hon long ago was this?

Three years.

What kind of machines were they?

The ones from New Zealand.

Was my story too long?

Too neat?

Can you do something for Stella?

Keep her here for longer?


Two days, maybe three. And then what?

Do you know what Torgau is? The Torgau work-house?

Your lot are good at euphemisms.

Torgau is an extermination camp a Socialist one.

I asked you a question!


What then?

I've no idea.

I called them.

Two days, no more.

Is the story true?

Maik and Jennifer.

I have to sleep.

Let me go!


Let go. Now.



Doctor Wolff? Yes.

Andre sent me.

Doctor Reiser.

To tune the piano.

Thanks but no thanks. I'm having a bath.

Please leave.

Good bye.

Andre gave me this.

For you.

How long would it take?

An hour.

She's keen, Tatjana Kasankina. It's her third Olympic medal.

She gave birth two years ago but she's in great form.

Tatjana Kasankina it seems to have gone well.

But the GDR's Christiane Warlenberg is keeping up, and then Ulrike...

Fall from the third ?oor, on the ground 20 minutes.

It was the janitor who found him...

Dislocation of the knee, injury to the head.

Pump his stomach quick.

He's being X-rated. The solvent wasn't too dangerous.


Attempted suicide. The authorities must be informed We let him come round first. Yes.

Please fetch the X-rays.

Am I supposed to thank you?

I hate that kind of surprise.

The piano tuner? Yes.

He said he'd offered you an appointment.

If I need a piano tuner, I'll get one myself.

That's right. If you need someone, find them yourself.


I won't help. I don't want help.

And the broken socket?

What's that?

Found someone for it?

Electricians are rare. What's it to you?


You can pay with the West German cigarettes from your red case.

We're ready. Thanks.

There's nothing to see but a clot might have formed.

The skull would have to be opened to make sure.

It seems a huge risk now he's stabilising.

We'll observe him.

If there's no improvement, we'll have to operate.

His re?exes are normal.

To heal and cold? Those too.

We'll have to wait.

I came by bike, too.

There's an old wooden cross at the beginning of the way.

A few meters further you're suddenly on a hill And at the bottom is the sea.

It's the prettiest place I know.

Have you seen it yet?

It's prettier still by night.

We should take the short cut through the forest here.

How about it?

Sorry, but I hate the sea. That's just how it is.

See you tomorrow.

Till then.

Gerhard has met a girl.

She wants to go over to the West.

He says he loves her.

Because she can't follow him.


I could come over to you.

Come here and live with you.

What do you mean here? Here.

It's possible, some have done it.

Like who?

Who cares?

I could be happy here with you.

They'd welcome me here, too.

You're nuts!

You can't be happy here.

There are two boulders, a large and a small one.

You're to wait there.

There's an infrared device in the boat, he can see you by night.

It'll all be quick.

Will you be there?

I'll be waiting for you in Denmark. Denmark?

It's not far.


Saturday night.

This weekend?

I'm on duty, I'll have to switch.

Do you need a good excuse?

There must be some stupid parade or other!

Nobody would believe me.


I'm coming.

There's a meeting in the restaurant.

It'll be an hour, not longer.

Should I bring you something?

I think I'll have fallen asleep.

Once you've come over, you'll be able to sleep late.

Why's that?

I earn enough, you won't need to work.

Consign it to memory, then bum the paper.


Do you know how long they're off for?

An hour at most. It'll be at least two, then.

I'm Steffi.

Your health.


Pleased to meet you.

What did you get as a present?

As a present?


I always get mine in advance.

It's best that way for both parties LOOK.

He told me he loved me.


Want some?

Have a look!

He told me he'd marry me.

He wanted me to choose a ring.

Crazy. huh?

Nice, right?

It's not the most expensive one.

It's pretty. Yes, it is.

Show me your hands.


It's too big for you.

Gee, you're size 17!

You've got pretty hands.

Thanks. Do you look after them?

Which one would you take?

Maybe that one.

Yes, it's really lovely.

If he marries me, do you think they'll let me leave?

I don't think so.

Do you know your stuff about this?


Open up, it's for you.

No. It is.

Please, no!

Let down your hair.

Bend forward

spread your legs.

Lots of fruit jam, bread and cheese.

What kind of cheese?

Soft cheese Do you like it?


And yesterday?

For breakfast? Lunch.


Right. We had that too.

The rhubarb compote was good I had jelly.

Was jelly on offer yesterday?

Bon appetit. Bon appetit

Jelly again.

See you later.

The questions were good.

He has no memory loss.

You are still concerned.

I don't know, it's all normal: the tests, his memory, his reactions.

What do his parents say? They're relieved.

Did they find anything strange?

I'll see you a little later. Bon appetit.

Sorry I was so abrupt yesterday.

You always are. No.

You are.

I have a favour to ask you. Ah, I see!

What do you see?


Can I have the weekend off in exchange for night shifts? It's important.

You want to go to the parade in Berlin?

No, I want to do up the apartment.

Then do that.

Excuse me, this is for the laundry. Thanks.

How is he?

Astonishingly well.

Please check Mario yourself.

It's cerebral contusion.

I have a bad feeling, I don't know why.

I'd like to do more tests tomorrow.

Will you help me?

I'm off tomorrow. Same here.

Can't you spare two hours?

On Sunday I can.

What time?

A 11..

Good night.

To you, too.



No, no, no...

You can go home tomorrow.


Can I speak to you?

Did you visit Mario? Yes.

Will you come along? What for?

I'm Doctor Wolff, he's my patient. Please.

You were crying.

I wasn't.

When you were with Mario.

Are you together with Mario?

It came today with the mail.

I CAN'TA LIVEA WITHOUT YOU We'd returned from a party in Stralsund.

I danced with two Cubans. Danced, that's all.

Then Werner called him and told him God knows what.

You cried because you felt guilty?

No, because he's so cold.

People are often restrained after attempted suicide.

Something's wrong.

I kissed him and he listed what he'd been eating here.

It's not normal.

If he was angry, fine.

But he's so cold.



Angie came to visit you.


You'd written her a letter.


A good-bye letter.

What did you write to her!

Could you close the window?

The window is closed.


Do you want Angie to visit tomorrow?

What do we eat tomorrow?

Do you know?


It's Doctor Wolff, I absolutely must speak to Doctor Reiser.

Ah, I see...

Where is that?

Do you know where I can find Dr Reiser?

The doctor isn't here. I know, but where is he?

He's at the Schaaz. And where is that?

It's the cafee on the square. Right, thanks.

Can I help you?

I'm looking for Doctor Reiser. He's upstairs.

Top of the stairs, on the left.

I'm looking for Doctor Reiser.

I'm Doctor Wolff, I'm from the clinic.

He's in Friedl's room.

Could I speak to him for a moment?

Doctor Reiser, there's someone to see you.

Excuse me.

She's pretty, your girlfriend.

I saw your car, Doctor. I have to speak to you.

Are you on such formal terms?

Do all doctors act like that?

Only sometimes.

Barbara, I'm coming.

This is for you both.

Thank you.

Klaus, I have to go.

I'll come over again later.

Wait for me, please.

How is she? I gave her morphine.

That's good, she won't suffer.

You'll let me know...

You were right, Mario has to be operated on.

His girlfriend came by last night. He'd sent her a good-bye letter.

He can't remember it.

A heavy blow can produce amnesia, it's normal.

He remembers everything but his emotions have vanished.

You mean I need an operation because my own emotions...

We'll go to the clinic, I'll pack your bike.

That was morphine. Yes.

What's wrong with her?

Friedl is dying of cancer.

Are you family? No.

And the officer? He's her husband.

Have you known them long? Since Friedl grew sick.

Is this usual for you? Helping the dying?

Helping assholes.

When they're sick, yes.



What time is it?

Almost 2 o'clock.

I called Fabricius.

How do you know him?

He was my professor. He'll be here this evening to operate.

You'll do the anesthetics. What?

You know how to, it was in your file.

Schulze can do it.

Don't you want to be there?

I do.


What did she give you?

Tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, onions.

Do you like ratatouille?

It only takes half an hour.

40 minutes at most.

Come on, it's really good.

It won't be long now.

Are these all doctors' stories?


Thai contains one of the best ones 'The District Doctor':

An ugly old doctor is treating a girl in the middle of the country She has consumption. She's 17, 18, she's feverous.

There's a storm, a tempest he can't return, has to stay He bleeds her and all that rubbish.

The girl has never loved.

And must die without having done so, so she takes the old and ugly doctor as her lover.

He sleeps with her! No, he's just a stand-in... for all the loves she will never have.

She imagines stories with him, describes his passion, his tenderness, then she dies.

He returns to his wife and children.

You can have it.

Can I help you?

Do you like cooking?

I'm so happy you're here.

I can't now.

Professor Fabricius is in the theater, I'll be right there.

Is he shaved? Ramona did it, it's all ready.

All right.


Barbara, there you are

The bastards!

What is that?

Pain killers.

And the other jab?


What does it do?

It'll keep you awake.

Barbara, don't leave me.

Don't go.


She won't be coming back.

Have you arrested her?

Go home, Andre.

Stella, Stella.

Stay just there.

Here's the money.

Come along.

Lie down.

Hold on tight. What?

Hold on tight.