Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016) Script

Yes, sir, it's Cayman Kelly stretching and yawning, and wishing you a good morning!

Right now, it's about 55 degrees and cloudy, and I want everybody to have a blessed day and do what you can to love yourself and love one another.

Peace, Chicago. Let's do this!

Dear Chicago, the world knows you as the birthplace of the skyscraper, deep dish pizza, Don Cornelius, Kanye West, and the home of the Cubs, Bulls, and undisputed queen of daytime television, Oprah.

And of course, yours truly.

But to me, you're much more than that.

You're the place that raised me, the place I call home.

And I'll never forget what you gave me.

My first kiss, with mean-ass Shonda Wilkins.

My first fight...

And first ass-whooping from Boobie Monroe.

And of course, my first love, my wife, Jennifer, who gave me the greatest gift a man could ever ask for...

My son, Jalen Palmer.


You know how we do. South Side Chicago, baby!

South Side, baby. Yes, sir, 79th Street all day.

Yes, sir. It don't stop.

I just wanna say thank you.

For what?

For introducing me to Rashad.

Ah, y'all gonna be divorced in a minute.


No, I'm just playing with you.

Not to mention, lifelong friendship and family.

And the birth of a new era.

Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

So I hope you know it's out of love that I say this.

But recently, things ain't been the same between me and you.

Lately, you've been out of control.

At least 24 people were shot and injured.

Police believe most shootings were gang-related.

And I'm not the only one that feels this way, Chicago.

We've just gone to a new low. When you now...

There used to be a day when there was a code.

You didn't kill children. You didn't kill mothers.

You didn't kill grandmothers. There is no boundary.

Children are dying in the street.

We have to stop the violence.

The streets are talking.

They're tired.

They're angry.

WBBM news time, 6:32.

Violence on Chicago's streets took no holiday for the long weekend.

Police say at least eight people were killed, at least 20 others wounded in shootings since Thursday.

That's an increase over last year's holiday weekend that saw five killed and 14 wounded.

Oh, Lord.

Hey, Eddie. What's up, man?

Calvin, I messed up this time, man.

I'm telling you. I did something wrong.


There's a bunch of them Gangster Disciples down there on the corner, with their pants hanging all around their ankles.

And I told them how they was a bunch of conjugal visits gone bad.

And they're coming down here. They're coming after me, Calvin.

I need the strap! Strap?

I need the heat! Where's the heater?

Ain't no heat in here, man.

The gun! The gat!

There ain't no gun in this shop.

So we ain't got no gun?

They're about to come in here with AKs and 47s and Desert Eagles, and we got nothing but witch hazel!

Eddie. Are you serious? Because I don't see nobody.

Here they come!

Where? Come on!

Come on, Calvin! Come on!

Shit! Oh, man.

Shit, man.

What are we gonna do?

You know what, I talked my way into this, maybe I can talk my way out of it.

Man, we can go out the back. Let's just go out the back!

I can't run, Calvin. I'm old.

Let's go. I'm just gonna talk to them.

They're young boys, and I'm gonna talk to them.

Listen, you're not going out there!

Let me get something. Just wait.

Calvin! Don't.

There we go.

Let's be reasonable.

Everybody just calm down. Let me just talk to you.

- Everybody stay cool-headed. Shit.

Hey! Hey! Hey! - Just give me one of--

Leave that man alone! Black lives matter!

He's old and decrepit!

Pedro, Feliz Navidad.


You want some?

Man. I got you.

I'm tired of this, Eddie.

That sandwich was hand-crafted.

And you should have heard!

"Black lives matter!"

"Eddie, don't go out there, they're gonna kill ya!"

He was quivering like Terrence Howard at the Oscars.

See, Eddie, that's your problem.

You play too damn much, man.

One day, somebody gonna be chasing your ass for real.

You know what I'mma do? I'mma let them catch you.

Oh, okay, okay.

You know the rules, baby boy.

If you like it, you pay.

If you don't like it, your ass pay anyway.

Nice. Nice.

Well, Isaac, it's good running into you again.

Man, she know she ain't never ran a day in her life.

You gonna call me, right?

Oh, uh-huh.

You crazy.

All right. Ow.


All right, Soror. Girl, I'll talk to you later.


You know you my girl and--

All right, baby girl.

See you around.


What happened to the barbershop, Calvin?

I used to come here to get away from women.

Especially the ones I'll never ever wanna see again as long as I live.

You know you love the ladies, especially the sisters.

Yeah, it's true, I like the sisters. I do.

Just not that one.

But homegirl in a catsuit, though, she could get it.

What's good, ma?

Not you, pa.

What them pockets do, little daddy?

You can come over here and frisk me if you like.

Now, I'm gonna keep it real here for a second.

This was a male sanctuary.

This is the original man cave.

And now, it's just a club, with the lights on, and no drinks.


Yo, Isaac. It is what it is, man.

The recession ain't never left the South Side.

Joining forces saved us both.

Well, change is good. Mmm-hmm.

Everyone be well. Good seeing y'all.

I'll see you around again soon. Later.


Peace. Good luck with everything.

Send me some pictures.

Guychat. Guybarber. Snapchat.

Hit me up anytime you want. I'mma see you later.

He swear he cute.

A'ight, don't get nothing on you now.

Look at him. He gonna chase her.

Watch him. Watch him go.

Hey, Aisha!

I told you!

Y'all see that one?

He like them big like that.

Eddie, not cool.

Go on back to your seat, Poetic Injustice.

What up? What up, pimpin'?

What up, G-ball?

What's hangin', Rashad?

What up, J, Bree, Angie?

Hey, Rashad. Morning, Rashad.

Hey, yo, boy. Cal, what up?

What's up with you, man? You good?

Good, I'm good. A'ight.


Your girl does need to be careful wearing all of that red and gold down 79th.

Yeah, man. The Vice Lords don't play that.

You can't just wear their colors and walk down the street unchecked.

Man, the streets is crazy right now.

I damn near got robbed the other day.

I did get robbed the other day.

What? Man, I got robbed twice on the same day on the same block.

That ain't shit.

Last week, I got robbed twice and got my ass beat by the second robber for giving all my money to the first.

She wasn't playing.

I've been living on the South Side since '52.

I've been robbed, been shot, been stabbed.

Hell, been stoned, been groped, and almost lynched twice.

Nobody tried to lynch your musty ass.

The only reason I'm still here is because the first time, they didn't know how to tie the knot.

So I just slipped right out.

And second time, the tree was too short.

Hey, Calvin, I finished reorganizing that supply closet.

You want me to sweep before I go?

No, man. You sure?

No. No, go on ahead to school.

You sure, man? Yeah, man, positive.

Here you go. Man, I appreciate that for sure.

I appreciate it, too.

I'm gonna see you again next week. Okay.

Take care, Angie. - You be careful out there.

Bye, Anthony. All right, y'all.

All right, man. Thanks! All right, Chris Beige.

Now, don't get robbed.

Oh, you a trip.

Rashad, your son's here!

Hey, what up, everybody? Hey, Angie.

There you go, double trouble.

What's up, Eddie? Good.

Hey, what's up, Dad? How's everything?

Pretty good. Shouldn't you two be at school by now?

Yeah, we on our way.

I just stopped by because I need to borrow $20.

Dad, come on, I need it.

Angie, you got 20 bucks?

Oh, yeah, I got 20.

Yo, Rashad, you got a dub on you? Yes, sir. What up, son?

Does everybody in here that's working...

What up, Dad? at least $20 in their pocket or purse?

Yeah, I do. Indeed, I do.

Uh, I had $20, but I got robbed.

That was serious, I ain't make that up.

That bitch was swole.

Not now, Dante. Not now.

Do you know what all these people got in common?

They old?

Hold on now. Hey!

Hey, Dad!

You know, you ain't too grown to get your butt whooped.

Cal, you want me to take care of this for you?

No, I got this. Okay.

Relax, Adrian Peterson.

It's 2016, not 1816.

You can't pull kids pants down and spank their bottoms until it turns red.

It's illegal and a little creepy.

Ain't nobody talking about that Catholic school you went to.

Do I look like Father Flanagan?

When I was growing up, ass whippings were like meals, - and I was well-fed. Hey, Kenny.

So, can we maybe get back to the $20?

Whatever happened to you coming around after school every now and then and helping out?

Dad, come on. You know I'm busy with homework and basketball.

We've been busy with work.

It's a simple equation, son.

You don't work, you don't get paid. Okay?

This ain't The Oprah Show. You don't just show up and get free gifts.


And I better not find out that you're late to that school.

Told you, man.

Hey, Kenny.

I seen that.

- Put it back. Wow.

I saw you, Kenny.

Those candy bars are a dollar apiece, if you want one.

I'm not playing.

If not, I'mma assume you took 50 and I'm taking it out your pop's paycheck.

And he don't make that much.

Not to put your business out there, but Terri does make more.

Put it back.


Everybody, check your wallets.

He got sticky fingers.

Y'all have a blessed day. Shut up!

"Have a blessed day"?

He said, "Have a blessed day."

I mean, why your dad's gotta be so stingy?

Thinking he teaching lessons and dropping knowledge.

That shit is annoying.

For real, bro.

Him and your dad, always talkin' out the sides of their face.

Talking about how they repping 79th, all that nonsense, South Side, all that stupid shit.

Stupid shit.

What's up, G?

What size is them Jordans?

They my size. That's what size they are.

You think you got heart, huh?

Well, guess what, little nigga. Hearts ain't bulletproof.

Hey, why don't y'all just keep moving?

Y'all out of your neighborhood anyway.

Nigga, what you talking about?

Y'all know our crew run this whole neighborhood.

We run this whole shit.

Hey, yo, shorty, run them kicks.

Man, y'all niggas ain't shit.

Yeah, I said it.

Nigga, this our block. You know that.

Unless you really wanna do it.

We out.

All right.

Yeah, I thought so.

Yeah, keep it pushing.

Get out of here, man.

Bitch-ass nigga.

Yo, thanks, Yummy.

Ain't nothing.

What's up, J?

Heard you balled out this season.

Hey, you know, trying to do my thing.

Man, Coach already talking about bumpin' him up to varsity next year.

Word? That's good, man. Keep putting in work.

You know, that's how you get to the big leagues, like D-Rose and D-Wade.

Y'all need anything though? Y'all straight?

We cool.

I got somethin' for y'all, man.

I know how it be, being a little homie. You know?

I know y'all cool, be cooler.

Ben Frank style.

Gotta keep the little homies fresh, you feel me?

Yo, thanks, Yummy.

Y'all gonna be family soon anyway, right?

Fo' sho? Yeah.

There's a lot more where that came from.

So get used to it. All right, Yummy.

I'll holler at you, J. All right.


Girl, keep the change.

You like it? - Mmm-hmm.

Damn, I see you getting that chop over there, girl.

Yes, I am.

How much you charge for them weaves?

Well, it depends. 'Cause if you wanna be basic-ass No, No, No Destiny's Child Beyoncé, that's gonna cost you, like, $200.

If you wanna be like, you know, Cater 2 U Beyoncé, that's gonna cost you, like, $600.

And if you wanna be Beyoncé featuring Jay Z...

Boom, boom. Mmm.

That's gonna cost you, like, a stack.

I can't believe y'all spend all that money on weaves anyway.

Next thing you know, you gonna be just high-jacking and robbing Puerto Ricans for their hair.

Eddie, the only hair getting stolen around here is Indian hair.

It's lush, it's beautiful, and it's infused with coconut oil right out the womb, okay?

That's why all y'all want it.

Man, I can't believe y'all put all that money on your heads, and then don't be having no money for your rent.

Excuse you, this is how I pay my rent.


'Cause with this hair and this booty, it's like walking around with a black AmEx.

And I never get denied.

I bet you don't.

Y'all in here complaining about our weaves, but y'all negroes know good and well that you'd drop-kick Lupita to get to Kim Kardashian.

Even the non-negroes. Mmm-hmm.

Oh, especially the non...

Can I say negroes?

Carefully, very carefully.

Say it slow so we can hear all the syllables.


Just be remorseful when you say it.

Cool. Negroes.

As the only non-negro in the room, I'd like to say, Lupita's got a Dark Caesar, and it's one of my most requested cuts.


Man, don't nobody want no bald head chick in real life.

Even Kanye got rid of Amber for Kim's sexy ass.

Every day, y'all in here complaining about fake weaves and fake asses, but all the girls that you like on Instagram have exactly that.

Fake weaves and fake asses.

No offense, Draya. None taken, girl.

We winning and y'all ain't.

I mean, but that's what dudes want, they want that fantasy.

Yeah, a fantasy that you still expect us real women to live up to.

What? Men are visual, all right? What's the problem?

Oh, and women aren't?

I mean, you don't think we want some nice, thick, sexy lips to suck on, and some nice big broad shoulders, and a dick print that you can see from here to the Sears Tower?



Hey, hey, hey! Hey! The language!

Watch your mouth in here. Angie, get your girl.

Oh. Sorry, Mr. Cal.

You know what the whole problem with your generation is?

You don't know how to do nothing, need to learn a skill.

Learn how to mop a floor.

You know what I'm saying? Iron.

Your phone die, you wouldn't know how to spell a sentence.

Smart phone, dumb girls!

Learn how to cook a decent meal, for goodness' sake.

Look, some of them don't even know how to microwave.

Had a girl come over to my house last week, went into my kitchen, thought mine was a safe.

I bet that shit was empty.


And I can't believe you, Eddie.

I can't believe that you expect your visual fantasy to actually mop and iron for your old ass?

You come over to my house, you better know how to clean and iron.

Only thing gonna be wrinkling around my house is my forehead when I say, "Bitch, what?"

You need manners.

- Yeah, Angie. Please!

It doesn't matter how much a woman tries to live up to your fantasies.

Doesn't matter if a woman tries to wash your crusty-ass drawers every night.

Doesn't matter if she fixes him a special batch of vegan chili, even though chili is supposed to have meat in it!

Everybody knows that chili has meat in it!

That's what it is, it doesn't matter, because he's still gonna wake up one morning and leave your ass for some chick on Instagram!

Who had sex with you and didn't appreciate it?

Vegan chili is delicious.

Trust me on this, ladies.

The only man that you can trust is the one up above.

Come on, Bree.

That dude, Ronnie, he was just a bad apple.

If you and your man had something real, it wouldn't have mattered how bad the Instagram ho was.

She wouldn't have been able to come between y'all.

Not even for Jamaicanthickthighs24?


Ass so fat you can see it from the front.

Let me see. Send me that.

Yeah, right there. Oh, there is a God.

Smell that. It's not scratch-and-sniff.

Ass cheeks so separated...

You know what, ladies?

For years it has been a war, with the good girls and the hoes, and the hoes have officially won.

Go, hoes!

Love me some hoes. I can't live without hoes.

I gotta have them.

Hoes know what to do and when to do it!

Wait. Wait. Hold up!

You girls keep complaining about the chauvinistic talk in the shop, but y'all do the same thing in reverse.

Each one of y'all want a super thug that can hold his own on the yard at the Cook County jail, that's got three degrees from Harvard and making six figures.

You know it.

Meanwhile, you pass up corny dudes like Jerrod every day.

Mmm. Exactly.

Don't no woman want no moist Duncan Hines-ass dude like Jerrod.

No. Jerrod's like boiled okra.

He's just green, stringy, just completely unappetizing to the human palate.


Such kind words, you guys. I really appreciate it.

Uh. A couple things.

First of all, I'm standing right here. I can hear you.

And second of all--

Baller alert!

No, he did not just pull up in a Maserati, girl!

Is that L. Rock from the Bears? Oh, my God.

He just got a $47 million contract.

Thirty-five guaranteed and four with incentives.

Craig came by here 20 minutes ago looking for you.

Okay, thanks, Cal. I'll text him.

Hey, babe.

I need you to pick up Maya from school today, too.

I just squeezed in another last-minute appointment and I can't do it.

Yeah, I see.

Come on, babe, please.

I got an appointment, too.

Can't Kenny do it? I asked Kenny.

He said he was too busy, which is really funny, because I don't know what a 15-year-old could be busy doing other than drinking up all my goddamn apple juice and dirtying up the house.

Oh, that's easy, they masturbate a lot.

What? They do.

I mean, I was 15.

I was 15 this morning. Am I right, Raja?

Don't touch me with that hand. Don't touch me in general.

Come here, let me get your beard.

That's all? Whoa. Really?

So you playing celebrity barber and I'm Mr. Mom now?

You're the one who said you wanted to spend more time with Maya and Kenny, so what's the problem? Some time.

Half your clients was mine to start.

Oh, you complaining now?

When Kenny's mom asked if he can spend the remainder of high school with us, I was cool with it.

But since he's been with us, he's done nothing to help out.

Yeah, come on.

It's like we have two toddlers in the house.

It's a new situation. It's not a new situation.

It's been a year! You're being too soft on him!

You know how long he was with his mother.

- I understand that. All right, y'all.

Yo, Terri and Rashad! Yo!

Do y'all need a minute? Because we'll all leave.

You know what? I'm gonna leave.

It's like Love & Hip Hop reunion in here.

Momma Dee and Lil Scrappy.

Terri, girl, I couldn't help but overhear.

I mean, girl, everybody could hear.

But I wanted to tell you, and I told Rashad, I could pick up Maya, like, whenever you need me to.

So let me know if I can help out, girl.

In any... In any way.

I don't need nothing but for you to back up a few feet.

This is a private discussion between me and my husband.

I mean, I didn't realize it was so private

'cause, like I said, everybody can hear y'all.

But y'all been a little bit overwhelmed, and let me release some of that stress.

Why don't you help yourself back to your station, Draya?

Look, Terri. I got you. I got you, baby. Come here.

My bad, girl.

Don't even get riled up like that, Terri.

It's all good. Stay in your lane.

Come on. Baby, come here, I got you.

I'll go get Maya, you do what you gotta do.

I know we need the money, so...

Thank you.

Well, you know, when I get home later, I'll make it up to you.

I'll do that thing you like.

Yeah, okay.

Sure you gonna be burnt out by tonight.

It's all right, though. I'll wait for the morning for that lazy side booty.

Terri, just out of curiosity, what is that thing that you do?

Is it something that I can Google?

Yo, Calvin, what's the Wi-Fi password?

Let me get that Lupita.

Excellent choice.

You wanna act grown?

Well, now you got a grown-man haircut.

Yeah, this gotta be some of my best work. - Mmm-hmm.

Your friends at school gonna love this. Oh!

That's the information super highway right there.

Let's go.

So you learned your lesson today, didn't you?

You look good, man! Nothin' can stop you now.

Tell Weezy I said "hey!"


Tell me that ain't child abuse.

I bet you he won't be talking back to his mama no more.

Gave him the George Jefferson.

All right, looking good.

Hi. Who are you here to see?

Yeah, I'm here to see One-Stop.

Take a number.

They all here to see One-Stop.

Everybody? Yeah.

Right, right.

That's what I said.

Give me a minute, brother.

I need eight 32-inch TVs. No plasma, man.

Just LCDs, brother. You know what I mean?

I got the watches, I got the rings.

I'm doing tailoring, I'm doing a little bit of everything now, brother.

Right, right, right, right.

No, I just do the measurements.

I got a little Asian lady who puts the suit together.

She sews. I don't sew.

Calvin, you really just gonna let this fool come slidin' up in here like he run the place?

Eddie, worry about your section.

Pardon me.

Look here, Truck Stop, One-Stop.

Come here, son. This the barber shop.

You gotta get people in and out. That's what we do.

You got these musty negroes sitting around here all day, like it's an unemployment office.

Hey, Eddie, man, look. I pay booth rent like everybody else does in here.

Besides, barbers don't provide the full menu of services that I do.

Off-market medicinal remedies, alternative documentation, little emotional service doggies that lick your face and make you feel good about yourself.

And they tinkle all over your shirt.

They so happy to see you. And it makes you feel good inside.

I've been around a long time here, son.

And what all you do is sell fake ID, nickel bags of weed, and pit bull puppies.

Talking about a little puppy gonna lick on somebody's face.

It sounds too freaky for me.

I don't want no puppy licking on me.

It's just not at all African-American.

Sounds very, very Caucasian.

Calvin, you really gonna let him be up in the shop?

Like, I can't believe he let you up in here.

Calvin, my man. You're my man, right?

Please tell this man, this ancient being, this old fogey, this dinosaur of some sorts.

Oh, keep them coming.

This negro-saurus of a man walking around here giving us the damn trailer to Jurassic Park, every time we walk up in here.

Okay, that was a good one right there.

Please tell this 50 Shades of Grey-looking ass, am I or am I not a intricate part of this damn shop?

He got a point, Eddie.

He got...

Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

You know what? That's it for me.

Hey. But this ain't no free clinic.

I understand. And I did stop doing the VD screenings last week.

It's done, okay? It's over.

What can I do for you, brother?

Uh. I got a itch down there.

It's a itch that burns.

Come over here. This is the last one.

This boy burning bad, I smell it. Come on.

Hey, everybody! - Hey, girl.

Rashad, I got your sheen spray for you.

Appreciate that.

Angie, this conditioner should last you for the next two weeks.

Thank you, baby!

Can you help me put these away in the back?

Hey, who's winning over here, now? What's goin' on?

By a show of hands, who got a itch?

Who got a burn?


So, did you hear Mr. Harris got shot?

What? Mmm-hmm.

Are you serious? Is he okay?

I mean, he got shot, so he's not great.

But he's gonna make it.

Oh, no.

I was just in there last week talking to his wife.

Man. She was so excited they was getting a second location.

Was she with him?

No, thank God.

You know, he was in there by himself closing up for the night.

Wouldn't open up the register, so they shot him.

I don't know what's happening out there, Calvin.

These kids have lost their damn minds.

Meanwhile, we gotta raise Jalen in this mess.

It's not cool.

We gotta revisit that conversation.

What conversation?

About moving the shop.

You know, One-Stop found some cool locations over there on the North Side.

Does One-Stop even know what escrow means?

You'd be surprised what One-Stop know.

And have you discussed it with Angie?

You can't make a decision about the shop without at least talking to her first.

I wanted to talk to you first because you know what you're gonna tell me?

"Why did you talk to her first?"

I do not sound like that.

I don't know, Calvin.

Uprooting the shop is a big decision.

You don't think I know that?

But what else we supposed to do?

Just sit here and wait for somethin' to happen?

We gotta explore all of our options.


I ain't got no money.

Let me talk to you.

- No, I'm good. Come on, baby.

Let's holler at you for a little bit.

You hollerin' right now, I can hear you. I'm good.

Yo, who that?

Hey, what up, J.D.?

Oh, hey!

Hey, I got that tater salad for your mama!

Come get it! - All right.

What's going on, hungry black folks?

Huh? Who wants some non-profit Gangsta Grub?

All right. Soul food to save fools' souls.

Every delicious piece of beef helps keep a bullet off the street.

I know that's right because that "Who Smoked Your Okra" was poppin' on fleek last time.

There you go, Draya.

Did she just say "fleek"?

Don't... Don't just make up words.

There's a whole dictionary full of words.

There's a library down the street.

Webster's Dictionary. Go in there and flip through it.

You won't see "fleek" in there, nowhere.

Draya, don't worry about that. I got some

"Don't Be So Mean" greens in there for you today, too.

- You gonna love it. Thank you, boo-boo.

They so good, they're gonna make a Vice Lord give a GD a foot massage.



You are like the Al Sharpton of the fat back.

Okay. Okay.

When are you gonna get your own show on VH1?

Who knows, man? You know, right now, I'm just happy being a pillar of the community, trying to do something good.

I mean, so, you want us to believe that you cooked all that food yourself?

My kitchen workforce is made up of ex-gangbangers, who, if they didn't have this job, would be on the street bangin'.

And you donating all the profit?

What's so hard to believe about that?

What is it, Eddie? What is it?

Rashad, you might have to shut your mouth.

This pie got me dancing a jig over here.

Mmm-hmm. Don't be no sucker, Eddie.


What's that, Rashad?

I got the little peanut butter and poverty sandwich.

Did Terri cut the edges off the bread like she does for the baby, too?

Yo, J.D., man. This is on the up and up.

I'm proud of you, bro. Oh, thanks, Calvin.

But the name... What?

I'm a little concerned, man.

The name seems like you're promoting something.

Man, I'm just promoting food.

Remember the words of Maya Angelou, man. "Words is power."

Maya Ange-who?

I know who you're talking about.

That big booty bitch we went to high school with, with the lopsided titties, I remember.

Calvin, come on, man. You know I'm just joking, man.

You know I know who Maya Angelou is.

"Still I rise."

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Who is this on the cover? It looks like Mike Tyson.

Gonna be a double-breasted suit.

Can't win for losing.

Well, there he goes! Harold Washington, Junior.

What up, Jimmy? What's up, man?

You're lookin' good. Good to see you.

You know, you're the only one that comes in here with a suit on that ain't goin' to court.

Everybody ain't tryin' to wear one of them granny sofa suits you got.

Guess who's back? Hey, Jimmy.

What up, bro?

What bring you around here?

I know you didn't come all the way over here to the South Side just for a line up.

Yeah. Where's your camera crew, Jimmy?

Doing a little press opp for the mayor's office?

What, a man can't check out his old stomping grounds on his lunch break?

Hell, nah. No.

No. Hell, no.

All right, you got me.

I do want to talk to you all about this council vote that's coming up next week.

What vote?

The one about the enclosure.

Closure? What enclosure?

What kind of enclosure?

The city plans to gate off 20 blocks, with this shop essentially right in the middle of it.

See, the idea is that if it can control traffic, you know, one way in, one way out, it'll help decrease violence in the neighborhood.

So they're just gonna build a jail around us?

Do you know what cuttin' off these streets is gonna do to traffic?

You're right. It might increase traffic.

But it might also decrease violence in the neighborhood, which would make this shop more desirable.

That ain't gonna help us.

We'll just be a non-violent empty shop.

Exactly. And half the businesses on this block are barely above water.

Exactly. Look, y'all.

I know it's not the most ideal solution.

But you gotta acknowledge that at least we're trying to do something.

No. Yeah. No.

Hell, no.

Look, y'all, I share the same concerns, but something's gotta be done out here.

Do you know how many people get shot on this block, every single week?

Do you?

'Cause we out here dodging bullets every day, while you downtown talkin' about the South Side, look like some Middle Eastern, war-torn country in your $1,000 suit.

You know damn well them suits ain't $1,000, boyba.

Look, Rashad, we want the same thing, man.

But the council, they're all out of ideas just like everybody else.

That's right. Put it on us.

That's what politicians do though.

You know, they don't do their job--

All I'm doing is workin', brother.

...but then they want us to do it.

And then you say it's our fault, right?

Like, we the ones that don't wanna work.

Exactly. - I told you.

I mentioned this a long time ago.

Government ain't good for nothing but giving you syphilis and flu shots.

I'm almost sure that's how I got syphilis.

That is not how you got syphilis.

Her name was Josephine.

Would you stop tellin' everybody's business!

That's funny. My mom's name is Josephine.


Wait. What...

You know, maybe that's part of the problem. I mean...

Maybe we need to stop waiting for the government to step in and save us and we need to start saving ourselves.

I mean, this is America.

Everybody has equal opportunity to make it here.


What? Okay.

Oh, man. - Oh...

All right. Baba ghanoush over here lost his damn mind.

Eddie, that's bullshit.

You wanna know why I'm sarcastic?

Because every time I open my mouth to say something real, you gotta make fun of me.

Meanwhile, if I say you're a watermelon-flavored fried chicken lover, I'm a racist.

Hell, nah.

You'll get your ass beat.

Rashad, it was hypothetical.

There's no such thing as watermelon-flavored fried chicken.

Not yet, Raja.

That would be stereotypically delicious.

All I'm saying is, my parents moved here from India with nothing.

They had no money, no friends.

And their accents were so thick, they couldn't even get bank accounts.

And somehow they made it happen.

Not to dismiss your argument here, Raja, because it is... It is riveting.

However, there were some "setbacks" that black people faced that really made things stressful for a minute there.

Slavery being at the very top of that list.

Exactly. Your ancestors were immigrants.

Ours were imports.

Big difference. - Not really.

How do you think the West Indies happened, okay?

They took Indians, they took black people from Africa, they put 'em in the Caribbean, and 200 years later, Rihanna happened. You're welcome.

I don't like white people either. Okay?

I'm just saying, maybe y'all should stop making excuses and actually pick up the ball.

Whoa! "Pick up the ball"?

Basketball reference. That was racist, right there.

"Pick up the ball"?

Oh, yes.

It got real Fox News-y in here for me.

Well, yeah, we do be shootin' some hoop.

What are you talkin' about, man?

You think it's a level playing field out here?

You think racism don't exist no more?

The President of the United States of America is black.

The most powerful man on the planet is black.

Just one man.

Meanwhile, only dude I have to look up to is the guy from Big Bang Theory.

He funny. He make me laugh.

So what does that mean for the average black dude walking down the street?

Does our president's blackness, did it stop Trayvon Martin, or Michael Brown, or Walter Scott, or Tamir Rice, or Freddie Gray from being killed?

Hell nah.

A madman walked into a Charleston church and killed nine innocent people.

Did his blackness stop that?

Eric Garner got killed on tape and it still didn't matter.

So what are you saying, Raja?

I'm not sayin' that stuff isn't messed up. Because it is.

What I'm saying is, there's never been a better time in this country to be a black person than right now.

Unless you Bill Cosby.


I'm not doin' this school work.

If she thinks I'm really about to do this homework tonight...

She gave us six packets.

Six packets.

Man, she must be insane.

Yo, there go those dudes from this morning.

I used to cut Barack's hair back in the day.

Hell, I'm the one who told him to marry Michelle.

- Oh! He liked some other little girl.

He was gonna tell her--

Thelma Carter. With the big tongue.

Couldn't say his name. She used to call him "Barath."

Michelle, now, that's different. She got them childbearing hips.

And she can iron a shirt.

You see them arms right there?

You never touched a hair on that man's head.

Not one. Are you serious?

Hold on. Okay. All right. Okay.

Who do you think that is? It's him before his hair turned gray.

Oh, that could be anybody.

Man, you can't tell who that is, man.

It's Barack right there. You can tell by the ear.

You cannot.

You can't see shit.

You're stupid.

You know what? Forget y'all.

Laugh all you want to.

Y'all better just leave Barack alone. He's one of ours.

He used to be one of ours.

I mean, when was the last time you seen Barack Obama do something for us?

And I'm not talkin' about for the country.

I'm talkin' about for us.

Eddie, even if you don't agree, you still gotta honor what she's sayin', though.

Thank you, Rashad.

I can't take this anymore, man. I'm out. All right.

Thanks a lot, man. Thank you, man.

And you need to read a newspaper.

Obama makes sure you get all that birth control that you need.

Excuse me?

And the rest of y'all, council vote next week. Don't forget.

Look, I can't let y'all tear the President down like that. All right.

The man is in an impossible situation. Know what I'm sayin'?

How are you? How you doin'?

He's not just the president of black America.

He's the President of the United States of America.

And personally, I think he's doin' a great job.

You know what? The two of them just make me believe in the sanctity of marriage.

I hate to be the one to say this...

But Barack has definitely got bitches.

Oh, yeah, he does.

No, he has not.

Half these hoes weren't even registered to vote before he ran for president.

Give me a break!

Every vote... Ass. Ass, ass, ass. That's what it is.

Oh... You know what? I hate to agree with Dante, 'cause it's just a bad look.

But every president has a side chick.

It's constitutional.

You know, Thomas Jefferson had a whole plantation of side chicks.

I bet you Hillary's got a side chick.

Probably thick, too.

What's up, Terri? What up, Quis?

Looks like you're on the wrong side of town, nigga.

Boy, this whole city is mine. These are my blocks.

And I don't see nobody out there strong enough to take it from me.


So what are you sayin'?

You tryin' to embarrass yourself and get blood on the floor. Embarrass myself?

No! Wait a minute! Wait, wait, wait.

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on!

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on!

Wait a minute!

Listen! Wait! Listen!

Listen a minute! No! No! Look...

I'll blow your head off, man.

Look, not in here!

Y'all wanna kill each other, y'all take that shit outside!

Well, let's go outside!

Calvin, what he doing here?

I booked him. I booked him.

He has a standing appointment with me every other week.

It got messed up when he went to jail and I didn't know Quis was gonna be here today.

I'm sorry, y'all.

Stupid nigga! Jay! Jay! Jay!

That's what I'm doing here! Jay!

Jay! Look at me. What you gonna do?

Look at me, Jay!

Come back in an hour.

Come back in an hour.



I'll take care of your bill.

On me.

I'll pay for everything, I'll pay for your hair, man.

That's cool, Calvin.

All right. Thank you!

You know me, boy. Thank you, man!

You a stupid nigga.

- Come on, man. I'm telling you!

You know what it is.

In an hour, man. In an hour.

I'm sorry.

Thanks, Shad. It's all right.

Big boy, I'm sorry about that, man. Misunderstanding.

We usually have that schedule worked out a little better.

It's all good, Calvin.

You know, I'm gonna have to get that thing from you.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

The other one, too.

Oh man, I forgot about that one.

Damn shame.

Can't even go to the barbershop no more without some knucklehead bringin' a gun in here.

Barbershop used to be a place of peace.

It's for my protection.

From what? Some clippers?

What the hell you need to be bringing that in here for?

It's my constitutional right.

Nigga, spell it.

Constitutional right!

You need to worry about why ain't nobody ever sitting in them chairs.

You probably shot them all.

Yeah, this Calvin.

It might be a better question for you.

Crazy. Crazy. Is he okay?

Wait. Is he okay?

Man. Come on, man. We all lived out here...

No, I'll be on my way.

I'll be there. Rashad, handle that for me.

Yo, Cal, what's up?

I got you, no worries.

No! Hell, no, man! He said Rashad.

No, I don't think he said Rashad.

Yeah. What'd he say?

Yeah. He said me, Eddie.


He called you by name?

Baby, are you okay? Did anybody hit you?

No, nothing happened.

I was just standing there and a fight broke out.

Oh, don't worry. We're gonna get this all straightened out. Mom! I'm fine.

Let me see your head. - No, Mom, I'm okay.

My God. It's, like, red right here.


Let me see your face.

So, what happened?

Well, frankly, Mr. Palmer, we're concerned about the people that Jalen's been hanging around with lately.

Are you talking about Kenny?

Why would you say that?

'Cause that's who he's been hanging with every day.

You guys know I can't talk about anybody else's kids.

But let me just say this.

Jalen has shifted over these past few weeks.

His behavior is different.

His teachers have noticed it.

His grades have started to slip.

And the fight that happened today, he was involved in that fight, which turned out to be gang-related.

What do you mean "involved"? Are you trying to say Jalen's in a gang?

If he's not already in a gang, he's strongly considering joining one.

No, no. I'm sorry, Jalen...

He knows better than that. He wouldn't do that.

I understand why you feel that way, Mrs. Palmer, but there's also a reality of what we face in our communities.

So this year is absolutely critical for him to build a foundation to go off to college.

See? This is what I've been talking about.

I mean, with Jalen's grades, his test scores...

No way in the world we can't get him a scholarship at the private schools, or remember Holy Cross I was telling you, that Catholic School?

We have to talk about this.

I'll talk to their coach.

Mr. Palmer, now hold up.

Hold up. Now, that's not what I was suggesting.

We want Jalen to be here. The school needs him here.

For what?

Seem like y'all losing him.

Mr. Palmer, I understand...

I'm supposed to sit here and we're going to sacrifice our only son to this system?

There's gotta be something we can do to work together on this.

Seems like the problem is bigger than you and me.

So, why are you pointing the finger at Kenny?

No, look. I've been skeptical about that kid.

The whole reason he's living with Rashad is because he got expelled from school for fighting.

Probably some gang-related shit.

I ain't trying to have Jalen get caught up, following behind some little wannabe thug.

So, you know, maybe we just talk to him again or we ground him or something.

I don't know, but don't you think sending him to Holy Cross is a little bit extreme?

After what we just heard? We gotta send him somewhere!

I'm not trying to get that call in the middle of the night saying my son is locked up or worse, because we didn't act when we had a chance.

Keep your elbow tucked.

Catholic school?

I don't know anybody in Catholic school.

Good. Maybe it's time for you to meet some Catholics.

And tomorrow, I'm gonna re-introduce you to the concept of a belt.

Ain't nobody wants to see your butt cheeks hanging out.

Nobody wears no belts.

They're corny.

Yeah, well, so is getting shot.

When are you going to do something about that abomination on your head called locks?

I'm not cutting my locks.

You need to do something with them.

You're the son of a barber, you can't be walking around here looking like that girl from The Pirates of the Caribbean.

They're supposed to look like that.

No, they're not.

When you going to wash them things, man?

Walking around smelling like Flavor Flav's wave cap.

Why are you trying to take everything I like away from me?

Because I love you, that's why.

So just because you take some long dramatic pause before you say something, I'm supposed to just accept your words?

You're so smart, Jalen.

If you're that smart, keep your elbow tucked.

My elbow is tucked. My shot is water.

Your shot sucks.

Whose shots suck?

Boy, you better ask somebody.

My shot is butter.


What up, broski?

I got your message.

Shorties is wiling, right?

How are you?

Look, I'm going to need you to keep your son away from mine.

What you talking about?

You know that gang fight that happened yesterday?

Kenny got Jalen involved in that shit.

No, that ain't what happened.

I talked to Kenny, he said they was standing there and the fight broke out.

And you believed him?

Yeah, I believe him. He's my son.

You taking Jalen's word for it.

You damn right!

Jalen ain't never got expelled from school for fighting.

Oh, is it like that?

I tell you something in confidence, man-to-man, and now you throwing that shit back in my face?

I told you that's who Kenny was when he was with his mother.

He ain't that kid no more, he with me.

I'm happy for you.

Nevertheless, keep your son away from mine, man, or we gonna have a problem.

Bruh, we got a problem right now.


Two black fathers bonding in the hood.

It's rare.

It's like catching a unicorn.

You don't see it every day, is what I'm trying to say. Right?

You want a latte?

"One-Stop's Home and Office Decoration."

Ghetto office.

Ghetto office, you decorate somebody's shit.

So the dog ate the whole condom?


Frame your face. Shit.

Okay, Eddie. Come on, man. Oh.

You know what, I've happened to have enough of him.

Lord, they shooting! They shooting out there!

Eddie, stop playing! Get down!

Hell! It'll take me too long to get back up.

I ain't getting down there, it ain't worth it.

It's fine.

This ain't Fallujah. Come on. Everybody, stand up.

My God. I gotta go.

I can't take it.

Baby, that's a gang out there.

It ain't no ice cream truck.

The idea is stay away from the bullet, don't go towards them.

I don't think you understand, Eddie.

My car broke down earlier today.

I can't be caught outside with no car and it's dark and they're shooting...

Draya, I got you. - It's crazy right now!

I gotta get Maya anyway. You're on the way, so I got you.

Are you serious, Rashad?

Hold on, let me get my stuff.

Thank you.

All right. You good, Eddie?

Yeah, I'm good.

I need to get on out of here anyway.

Yeah. No doubt, no doubt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

With all that ass, she ain't safe nowhere.

The New York Times broke this down recently.

Okay, let's see.

The second amendment means we have a right to bear arms.

Should it also mean that there is no place in our...

I cannot believe that crazy man came in the store doing that today.

He was wild!

No, he played us all.

He was crazy.


All right, then.

I'll catch you tomorrow.

Are you okay, Rashad?

Like, seriously.

Like, I don't know, lately you've been so stressed out.

I'm good! I'm good.

You good?

Draya, I'm good.

Well, if you need anything, even if you just want to talk, I'm a great listener.

I know you cool. I appreciate that.

I might take you up on that one day.

Well, what time you gotta pick up Maya?

Maybe we can go upstairs and we could talk now.

Come on, Draya.


You're inviting me to your house just to come and talk?

As opposed to what?

I mean, I ain't been out the game that long, Draya.

Are you serious?

A pretty girl tries to comfort you in your time of stress and whatever the hell else you're going through, and you gonna take it there with me?

Look, my bad. I thought you was really...

Come on. Just because I'm thick, it doesn't mean I don't have a soul.

But the way you was talking, it felt like you wanted to...

You know what? Good night, Rashad.

It felt like... I thought you was...

Good night, Rashad!

Draya, it felt...

Draya! Draya!


Damn. Oh.

Oh, man.

Ah, man.

Man, she definitely wanted it. I know she wanted it!

Hell, yeah! What do you think?

You think I ain't gonna think that? I mean, she got the...

She sitting there with it all out like, "Yo."

Leaning over. I mean...

I ain't tripping, right? I ain't been out the game that long.

You know what I'm saying?

Damn! She said, "You wanna come inside and talk..."

She definitely wanted it. Right? Right?

Baby, I just wanted you to know that you were right!

You hit the nail on the head.

Babe, listen. - You had the hammer!

We gonna send his heathen ass to Catholic school!

Babe, stop it! - I'm gonna call the Catholics.

I'm gonna call Jesus. Somebody call some Marys.

Okay... - The Holy Cross, we coming!

You and your lady having problems, huh?

I can help. You know I have counseling services.

I got single, I got couple, I got group.

If you choose groups, the responsibilities would be to bring in cookies and, or, fruit punch every third meeting.

No, thank you, man. I'm good. We don't need no damn session.

Here, man. Here's the check.


Calvin, before I take that check, I'm going to tell you, it's non-refundable.

If I take that check, that check goes away.

And if you don't have that remaining balance on Monday, I promise you, it is not a homing pigeon, it does not come back.

You know how Mike Tyson has those birds on that roof?

He can let those birds go. "Go, go!" You know?

Birds fly around, birds come back on his hand.

He looks at that bird.


That ain't gonna happen. You understand?

I know what non-refundable means.

It's forfeited.

I just wanna let you know. 'Cause you're my man.

Damn, man. Is it One-Stop or non-stop? Take the check.

Certified check. Nice.

It's a pleasure doing business with you, Calvin.

I'm gonna hold off on that handshake until you make that remaining balance payment on Monday.

Just in case you do some nigga shit.

Hey, don't tell nobody.

It's going down this weekend, y'all!

Jackie, what are you talking about now?

Girl, my husband's got me all stressed out.

Police got him working back-to-back double shifts.

Okay. I just need a little touch up now, Angie.


Touch up? Mmm-hmm.

No. No, baby, you got to pull them roots all the way up like a turnip...

Turn it over, ball it and then put it back in your head.

Jackie, I mean, no shade, but, God, you should be ashamed to walk out the house like this.

Girl, how you gonna say, "No shade," and then shade the shit out that lady.

Thank you.

Y'all know the boy that got shot didn't make it.

Oh, my God. That's terrible. Uh-huh.


Pronounced him dead this morning.

My husband said that this whole thing started because of some fight that happened over there at the high school.

Y'all know what happened last time one of their leaders got killed.

It was a bloodbath.

Well, the police chief's planning on doubling the amount of cops on the streets this weekend.

Man, I'm so tired of this mess!

Every time I turn around, somebody is killing somebody over nothing.

And what are we supposed to do?

Lock our doors, don't snitch.

Pretend like this shit is normal?

This is bullshit, this is not normal.

Then we gotta do something about it.

Shorties out here wiling and that's our fault. That's on us.

Look, if we get people to come to the shop, I don't care what neighborhood they from. They from Chatham, from Englewood, East Side, crazy, wherever they from, we just need people from the city to come meet up in the shop, and we just talk.

And give them a chance to speak.

They're gonna come up with ideas.

I think that's a great idea, Rashad.

Really great idea, baby.

Well, I say we do it.

Y'all know we have to do it.

I mean, the gangs have us scared.

They're killing everybody.

We don't wanna walk outside anymore.

Them people downtown, they aren't moving for us.

I mean, if we don't do something, no one's gonna save our community.

We gotta take our streets back.

Action, LeShawn!

Stacia! - Sorry, action, Stacia!

Stop the violence, y'all!

Exactly. Calvin's Shop.

That's what I'm talking about!

Oh, come on, man! - You watch that booty shaking!

Calvin's Shop... Listen, guys!

We know you don't care about your community, but you gotta care about this.

Please come down to Calvin's Shop tonight for the community summit, because dreams apparently are being deferred even as we speak.

Yeah! I think we got it.


- Move! Ow.

Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it!

You can look, but do not touch.

Look back at it.

- You like that? I'm good.

We're out in the street, you know.

This isn't the privacy of your own bedroom.

Yeah, girl!

We wanna thank y'all for being here.

There's still seats available if you need a seat.

It's important that we all are here because this is our community.

And it's up to us to change it, so, we wanna hear y'all ideas.

I was thinking more like a benefit concert.

You know, something for the kids.

I think we should just call up Kanye and have him come on out and perform.


He ain't coming around y'all broke negroes.

Are you serious right now?

Look, Kanye a Kardashian now.

He wears dresses now.

I seen him on TV, he had a skirt on.

His knees were showing.

All right, all right, all right. Relax!

What about R. Kelly?


R. Kelly? For a kids benefit?

Kelly love the kids.

Yeah, he can teach them how to make home movies.

No, he didn't.

All right, already! Leave him alone!

Do you realize how much good quality R&B we'd have missed out on, because y'all keep bringing up that same old bull?

The last albums he made, them albums was made out of pure stress.

Does anybody else have any other ideas?

I'd like to say something.

Look, Eddie, you once said that the barbershop is the pillar of the neighborhood.

Damn right!

So we use that, right?

We turn the shop into our safe space for the weekend.

All right? Neutral grounds where both sides can come together peacefully.

I like that. - Yeah.

Turn this place into Switzerland. Exactly!

Ain't no way in hell the South Side is ever going to resemble any parts of Switzerland.

I don't even know no black Swiss.

I mean, Swizz Beatz.

Is he black? Or is he white?

You know, he is a little beige.

He might be Swiss. I mean...

He named himself to it. So, he's Swiss. He's Swiss.

Can we get back to it?

We could try to get both sides to come together and agree to a ceasefire.

And then we can get the Chicago celebs to tweet about it and talk about it.

Get them to support.

That's good, Jerrod.

You know what, he's right.

That means that we have to give them something to see.

Yeah, maybe we could just give away free gifts.

Like a radio promotion.


And who's supposed to pay for these free gifts?

Draya is right, we need some incentive to bring people out.

I don't want to state the obvious here, but this is a barbershop.

We could just do what we already do. For free.

Free cuts the whole weekend?

You know how much money we pull in on Saturday alone?

Do you know how much we're gonna lose if that enclosure happens?

Mmm-hmm. It's a great idea, Calvin.

It is. It is a great idea.

Yeah, a 48-hour ceasefire, with unlimited free cuts and styling.

I mean, come on, who could turn that down?

I propose that Gangsta Grub be the official caterer for this.

Yeah, I bet you would.

Hell, yeah, dude! You know how much money I can make out on these streets in a 48-hour...

To donate to the Boys and Girls Club!

That's R. Kelly's favorite.

Listen here, Bollyhood!

Leave Kels alone, God damn it, I say, God damn it, leave Kels alone!

Sorry about that, go ahead.

Then I think that we have a plan!

Hold up, hold up. We've got one little problem.

Y'all know to have a ceasefire, we got to get the shot callers to call a truce.

Y'all know what happened the last time we got Marquis and Jay up in here.

It was damn near World War III.

Yeah. Yeah.

But you know what? What if we made that mix-up happen again?

This is just a terrible idea.

Yeah. "Let's cause a little mix-up.

"Let's make that mix-up happen again."

That was the dumbest thing you ever said.

Do you know who these people are?

They are murderers.

They don't work at the grocery store, and if they did, they would be butchers.


Thank God you wore a G-Unit bulletproof vest.

Yeah, it worked for 50!

No, it didn't, actually. He got shot in the face!

He got shot in the face?

Draya! What's up, baby girl?

Hold up, Calvin! What's going on in here?

Is this a set-up?

Listen to me. Jay! Jay!

No, stop!

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Hold on!

Hold on! Wait a minute!

I wish you would, boy! Jay!

Listen! Now, I've been knowing you guys for about 20 years, man.

My father used to cut both of your heads!

Come on, bruh.

Out of respect for him and the shop, man, hear us out.

We're asking y'all for 10 minutes.

That's all we asking for, bruh.

Oh, I need more time, God. I don't wanna die a virgin.

Come on, Jason.

Come on, G. Come on, man.

Let's do this, man.

Have a seat.

We all good. Come on, big boy.

Sit on down for a second. Get on.

Are we good?

Hey, Rev.

Fifteen fish dinners for bingo night?

Hell, yeah! Ha-ha!

I mean, praise God!

How about some sweet potato pie? All right.

All right! What's cooking? Daddy's home!

J.D., don't come up in here with all that shit today, okay?

We don't have time for that shit.

Okay? Mabel.

What did I ask you to do? More of this. More parsley.

Okay? You? You better hurry it up!

Okay, I don't even know why he got a goddamn hairnet on.

He don't even have no hair. You guys are tripping!

That's good. - Lord have mercy.

More flour. Put some more. Don't be scared.

You didn't buy it!

It's gotta be out of here by 2:00.

You have a break yet?

Knead it, knead it! Knead it like you knead a bitch's ass. Okay?

Come on! Hmm? Mabel.

What happened to us giving them a break, huh?

For what?

We've got to keep the talent healthy.

Negro, I'm the talent. Oh!

You got me twisted on there, talking about the talent.

You ain't doing shit out there worth a damn...

You may be the talent, but I'm the face.

All right?

Look, Nana...

We don't want this gravy train to stop flowing anytime soon.

Look at that, hmm?

That's just from this morning.

Talent! You all take five.


Talent, take six.


I know it seems like a lot.

But we just asking for two days.

Two days and no bloodshed.

Exactly, gentlemen.

Not to oversell it, but what's gonna happen is, you guys go home for the weekend, and all your friends on Friday will still be alive come Monday morning.

It's not a bad deal.


Why'd I do that?

Look, all we trying to say, man, is, we got sons, I know y'all got kids, and we just trying to make sure our kids get to their 18th birthday.

And 19th and 20th.

And it gotta start somewhere, man.

And we say it starts here this weekend for two days.

But we need y'all.

Y'all the shot callers.

We just need y'all to call some shots.

I'm in.

Because of you, Cal.

Appreciate it, man.

I got you.

All right, everybody, we're good to go this weekend.

All right, there we go.

Let's get ready. Yes, sir.

Hey, thanks for taking care of me earlier, Rashad.

I really appreciate it. We all good.


Thanks for giving me a ride home the other night.

You were a real gentleman, Shady-Shad.

So you took the bitch home.

Look, she needed a ride home so I gave her a ride home.

I'm a good dude.

It was nighttime, she was by herself. I wasn't gonna leave her out there.

It's crazy out there. What else was I supposed to do?

Draya works in a barbershop.

There were plenty of other good dudes who could've taken her home.

Why'd you have to be the one?

Because it was on the way.


I know girls like Draya.

I see through her fake lashes, and her watermelon ass, and her whole damsel-in-distress routine.

She wants you, Rashad.

Are you dumb enough to fall into that girl's trap?


You come home every other night from some video shoot or some athlete's commercial.

Do I ever question it?

No, because I trust you.

I know you hold me down, I'm holding you down.

I don't care, I don't like that bitch.

Look, I promise you...

I promise you, there's nothing going on with me and Draya.

I need you to know that, okay?

Pull your pants down. What?

Pull your pants down, we're doing it.

What the hell are you doing, girl?

Stepping up my lazy side booty game.

Let's go. Yo, chill out.

Be quiet. I am being quiet.

You're gonna wake her up.

I don't care, we can be quiet. Let's go.

Chill out! Chill out! Look...

We ain't having sex on demand, I ain't no piece of meat.

"Let's go." Look... Whatever.

Get up in it.

Get up in it. Now!

I mean...

I am aroused though, I ain't gonna lie.

But I got this sofrito sauce on the stove, I'll be back.

What? You're just proving my point!

And your sofrito sauce don't taste better than me!

You're not going nowhere.

Not this weekend.

It's too crazy out there on them streets.

But, Dad, there's a three-on-three tournament this weekend!

I don't care about no basketball.

Do you know your mama found gang paraphernalia in your drawer?

In my house!

Now how am I supposed to trust you?

Man, this ain't fair!

None of my team has gotta deal with these stupid rules!

You know why? Do you know why?

Because most of those knuckleheads ain't even got a father to look out for them anyway.

But they look out for me.

When I'm at school, my boys are the ones that got my back.

Who you talking about? You talking about Kenny?

You think that's your boy?

Why you always gotta say something about Kenny?

Aren't you and Uncle Shad like brothers?

Why you always tripping? Hey!

You watch your mouth, Jalen!

Now, I'm not one of your friends, okay?

I don't see why you don't understand how dangerous it is out there and that we don't approve of who you're associating with!

What? You want me to hang out with the cornball that cleans the shop?

What's wrong with Anthony?

Why is it corny to be smart?

Why is it corny to do what you're asked?

Why is it corny to handle your business?

That's not corny, son. That's being a man.

Look, J... I know you're mad.

I know you're upset.

But listen, you gotta realize how lucky you are to have two parents that wanna know where you are, what you're doing, who you're associating with.

That's important.

You're lucky.

I don't feel lucky.

My life would be so much better if you wasn't in it.

What? What'd you say? Jalen!

Did you hear him? Baby, please wait! Hey!

Hey, boy!

Did you hear what he said?

I know, but listen, he didn't mean it!

He's angry and he's 14.

Well, I'm angry and I'm older than 14.

Boy, you ain't white! Okay, babe...

Listen, at some point, he's gonna realize that we're doing all of this because we love him.

But he's not a tough guy. I know.

He's trying to act like it. Boy, you not a tough guy!

Hey, I know that.

South Side's no place to flex.

You ain't got it like that, you need to ease back

'cause the consequences out here are way too thin.

I know, but clearly, he's going through something.

But you and me? We raised a smart kid.

He's gonna turn around.

Trust me.

Hope so.

Unlike New York and LA, there has been a spike

in the number of homicides in Chicago in the last year.

You think anybody who's not a regular will show up?

Yeah, everyone likes free shit.

That's not exactly what we're doing this for though.

You really think the neighborhood's gonna agree to be peaceful for two days?

I can't think of the last time we went two hours without gunfire popping off around here.

We gonna make it happen this weekend.

So what? What happens after that?

The enclosure just magically stops?

Exactly. It ain't like politicians really listen to the people anyway.

So we're gonna make them listen.

The shop staying open depends on the success of this ceasefire and how much press we get.

Check this out. I already created a Twitter campaign.


Now, look, we get a few celebrities to tweet that out, we'll go viral in no time.

I'll tell you what.

If you can get this to be a trending topic on Twitter, I'll vote Democrat the next election.


This just got very interesting.

What up, everybody? Yo-yo.

Am I early or late? Both.

My man.

Come on.

I don't think we should. What do you think?

Made him get in the game injured, man.

That's why we couldn't do nothing last week.

Head must tilt a certain way.

I'm just fond of shit.

Uh, I like that.

I'll set that down there.

Thank you! Appreciate it.

Thank you for the work. Appreciate it.

This is low as I can go really.

I can't go much lower than this now.

Is this decaf? Uh, yeah, cold brew's for me.

Good looking out, A.

Yeah, no problem.

All right, my man. Thanks for coming.

Yo, who next? I got you, Cal.

There you go.

How is it out there?

Streets is quiet, feels good.

It's actually starting to feel a little normal.

Okay. Yes, sir.

All right, ma.

Bye, Anthony-Shmanthony.

Girl, I know.

That was probably crazy.

Bitch, we've been in here 17 hours.

You know, I am half delirious.


So what'd he say?

Angie, do you wanna get that?

- Stop, Tewana, stop! What the fuck?

I'm the owner today?

Calvin's shop, Bree speaking.

May I speak to Calvin, please?

Yeah, one second. Calvin, it's for you.

Who is it?

I'm sorry, may I ask who's calling?

- It's me, girl! Oh.

Why you acting all business like? It's One-Stop.

I'll answer it in the back.

Yeah, he's gonna take it in the back.

Oh, it's like that?

That's gross.

Yo, Raja, let me get some of that spray, G.

I had to get mine in the back, like everybody else, so what makes you so special, "G"?

You a vic, man. - Say that to my face.

Come on back and say it to my... Don't! No, don't.

No, no, stop being mean, Rashad.


Oh, shit!

Shit! That's dope! Yeah!

Yo, you... You hooked it up!

One-Stop, why didn't you just call me on my phone?

B, your cell number's in my old phone. I got a new Galaxy.

It isn't even out yet, man. It's not even on the market.

People don't have it yet.

Has everything on this bad boy...

Satellite radio, holographic video, surround sound, 5G.

Man, this phone is the only phone that's, like, five minutes ahead of every call.

So, I already talked to your ass already!

Dude, shut up! - It's crazy!

Damn. Now what's going on?

Look, I got a Italian couple here that's hot on this place.

- They love it! Who?

They wanna open a yogurt spot or a yoga spot.

What's the issue? What'd you call me for?

Are we good or not?

Because if you're thinking about backing out...

I'm not thinking about backing out.

Now, I told you, me and my wife, we want that shop.

All right, man. Oui, oui. I'll see you Monday.

And that's French.


Hey, what's up?

What's up?

You good?

I'm straight.

We rolling out with the rest of the family from Holy City tomorrow.

Y'all still down, right?

- Hell, yeah. Yeah, probably.

This nigga said probably?

No, we down for sure.

Y'all little niggas better be.

Because if you in this, you in this for life.

But you know that, though, right, Kenny?

Yeah, I know what's up.

Yeah, all right.

We gonna see.

I'm gonna give you the shake tomorrow, too, youngster.

That's right.

I'm not stalking you, I'm just getting something for my clients.

Uh, Draya, I want to talk to you anyway, 'cause...

You know what? The other night...

That was my fault.

I was tripping.

And I hope we good.

I forgive you, Rashad.

Hey, who wants some chicken wings?

And I got some homemade banana pudding from BJ's Market.


Is this gluten-free, Terri?

Hey, what you doing now?

You're saying no, but that's not what you mean, Rashad.

That is what I mean.

I knew I wasn't tripping the other night.

No, you weren't. You tripping right now.


Shad, you back here?



Shad, you back here?

You be quiet. You be quiet!

No, no!

Where you at?

Oh, man.

Babe, you in the bathroom?

Hi, Terri.

No, baby. I'm tellin' you, we did nothing.

Get off me! There was nothing happening!

Don't touch me!

I need you to listen to me! Do not touch me!

I'm listening, I'll listen! I'll listen! I'm listening.

It ain't what you think... Okay, all right!

Hey, what's going on?

Draya, stop! Calvin, help me on this!

Get off me!

Wait a minute! Let me get at her!

Get off me!

Baby! Rashad, get off me!

Baby, you gotta chill. Nothing happened.

Calvin, help me!

World Star fight!

No, no World Star.

I need you to listen to me for a second.

Leave me alone!

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Calm down. I need you to calm down.

You ain't even worth it.

Go get her.

Cal, do we still have those cameras in the back?

I told you not to take those down.

We could've had the shop's first sex tape.

- Whatever! Terri. Terri, come on.

I know what I saw. Come on, Terri.

Hey, Terri, come on. I know what I saw.

I need you to talk to me. I knew it!

Whatever! I knew it. You have to listen to me.

I knew it. I should've never trusted you or that skank-ass ho!

Look, why would I mess around with Draya in the same shop you work at?

I'm smarter than that! Whatever!

I don't care what happened!

You should've never let it get that far.

You made her think she could!

Why do you even talk to her anyway?

I don't know!

It's because... Look, she talked to me.

You don't be talking to me, I talk!

She asked me how I'm doing, she asked what's going on!

Where you at? Where I'm at!

I'm working, for us, for our family!

This ain't about work, I'm talking about us.

Me and you.

I'm talking about me and you for real. Look at me.

Baby, look, look.

I tell you, you look beautiful every day.

I say that because I mean it, and I want you to know that I see it, because I love you, I care about you.

You sound like a real bitch right now.

Look, I ain't gonna be too many bitches.

Straight up.

Now, if you wanna have a real conversation, we have a real conversation.

But you ain't gonna never call me a bitch again.

I don't have nothing else to say to you.

I'm out.

Go on then.


For all that, I should have smashed.

Good afternoon, everybody!

Folks coming home from church are getting ready for their Sunday dinner. Mmm!

It's a lazy quiet day...

It's your girl, Terri. Leave it.

...and that's a good thing for once.

Stay with us, I got some of your requests coming up momentarily.

All right, I'm good. Thank you!

You got something you wanna say?

You know what, women like you are the reason why women like me can't find a decent man.

Excuse me?

Bree, this is not the time...

Don't be mad at me because you can't get a man or keep a man! Draya...

With all the single dudes in the world, you just gotta be a married man's ho?

Is that your thing? Is that what you do?

Yo, you better get your girl.

You just break up a healthy relationship?

You gotta get your girl.

You better get her now! Ladies! Ladies, listen.

- I'm dead serious. Don't nobody wanna hear all that!

Now, if y'all wanna fight, fuss and cuss, you take it to the back.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cal, this is not Fight Club.

You can't send ladies to the back room to fight.

You gotta sign a waiver and a release of liability.

If they start fighting in that back room and tear shit up, I'm telling you, man, it's gonna come back on your insurance. That's a deductible.

And I do dental work, too, if it gets out of hand.

Okay, come see me.

Man, shut up, One-Stop.

Look, I don't wanna take sides here, but does anybody else here see the hypocrisy in always blaming the single woman for the affair?

I mean, let's be honest, she wasn't the one who swore to be honest and to be faithful and not cheat in the back room of the barbershop until I'm dead. It was him.

How many times I gotta say ain't nothing happened?

Yeah, nothing happened.

But I'm not gonna spend every day explaining myself to you, you, or you!

Look, I'm just saying, hypothetically, okay?

It is shameful society always blames the other woman when they should be blaming him.

Listen, doofus...

Monogamy doesn't run in our DNA.

You understand that? What?

You can't defy science.

That is ridiculous, that is bullshit.

Women want sex, too.

And you don't see us lying and cheating, and going out buying sports cars.

You're just a weak-ass man, Dante.

Honestly, it's as simple as that.

Yeah, okay and I'll be that.

A weak-ass man with a sports car and a gaggle of bitches.

In real life.

Ew, y'all ain't shit, man.

Ooh, hey, hey, hey, now, wait a minute.

Don't lump us all in there.

You know, men aren't just looking to cheat.

That's like saying every woman wants a big package.

Because it's just not true.

They do, they all want a big package.

I know I do.

Honestly, I thought that it was more about passion and love, and, like, how you guys connected...

I mean, I have...

I believe he's gay.

Like that? Like that?

I'm a real man.

I don't feel like I need to cheat.

Now that's just a lie.

Because if Halle Berry came walking in right now and offered you them drawers, you trying to tell me you wouldn't take her in the back and just bed her down?

Hell, no. Halle Berry crazy as hell.

From Monster's Ball?

"I want you to just make me feel good."


You crazier than she is.

I like them crazy.

Like one-eye open crazy.

Like gotta hide your wallet crazy.

Solange crazy.

Kick me, bitch, in the elevator.

Man, that's... Shut up!

I can't wait to give her this D.

Ooh. He crazy there. This one.

Now that's dangerous.

Well, look, maybe it's just me.

I'm a romantic.

One woman is good enough for me.

Yeah, what's going on, everybody? I wanna send a special shout-out to Calvin's Barbershop over on the South Side.


They're right in the midst of a 48-hour ceasefire

- to increase the peace. Doing it.

- Keep it going, y'all. Hey, did y'all hear that?

Did y'all hear my name on the radio?

It's all right. - Did you hear that?

All right, that's dope, but it's still not a trending topic on Twitter, okay?

Don't matter.

Because this is my shit. Mmm...

What the hell are you doing?

I'm dancing, in a non-gay way.

Turn that up!

Bring it on, Eddie! Bring it on.

Come on, girl!

Go, Calvin!

Rashad, baby!

Hey, what's up, Terrence?

Did you come to get a cut, man, or are you here to see Eddie twerk?

No, no, no, no! You don't talk!

Come on, Eddie! Show him!

You know ain't I do no twerking!

Eddie, come on, you can twerk.

Uh, look, listen, guys, um...

There was a shooting on 26th and King

- just a few minutes ago. Oh, man! Really?

It was Anthony Clark.

What? Wait, our Anthony?

Oh, God.

What happened?

He was walking home from the library.

He died on the scene.

There was nothing any of us could do.

Oh, God.


I didn't come here to bring anybody down, okay?

I'm really proud of the work you guys are doing here.

I mean, all the progress you've made with the shop...


What progress, man?

I mean, what are you talking about?

A kid just died.

A mother's child...

A father's child is dead.

One of the best ones we got.


That ain't no progress.

That's failure!

Nothing we've done has worked.

We just wasting our time.

These kids ain't gonna listen to us.

These kids, they like to kill each other.

They like that shit.

We crazy to think that haircuts can stop bullets.

Man, this is the fucking South Side.

This ceasefire shit is over. It's over.

Calvin, come on, now.

It's over, man!


Calvin, we made a commitment to see this thing through.

I don't give a damn about no commitment!

What commitment?


The commitment of them killing each other?

They ain't got no commitment to us!

Look, I feel terrible about what happened to Anthony.

We all do.

That's the reason that we have to keep going now more than ever.

How can you give up like this?

Because that's what he do.

He already had planned to open up a shop on the North Side.

That's what he put money down on.

Is that right, Cal?

You already plan to leave us behind.


Calvin, is that true?


I'm a father first.

Oh, my God.

Y'all gotta realize that. Okay?

I got a son, too, man.

Okay, you take care of yours, I take care of mine.

Now y'all depend on me to do a few things, but Jalen depends on me to do everything.

And I'm not about to leave him out here in these streets to get hurt for you, you, or this damn shop!

None of us have ever asked you not to be a father!

None of us!

We are here because of fathers like you and sons like Jalen, and you didn't even tell us?

We get up every single day and we work beside you!

We're supposed to be your friends!

I am your partner!

When were you gonna tell me?

I was gonna say something after the ceasefire.

Man, that's bullshit. No, that's some real shit.

You weren't gonna tell us

'cause you ain't care about what we think.

What? You sold us out, man.

I didn't sell nobody out, man. I've been here for years!

Y'all are the only reason I come to this damn shop!

I've been wanting to leave here years ago!

I'm just trying to do better, man.

That's it! For my family!

If you can't understand that, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, but I'm out! Wait, Calvin. Come on.

Let's talk... No. I'm gone. I'm out!

Calvin! Calvin?

Thanks. Appreciate it.

What do you say, Eugene?

Hey, hey, what's up, Big Eddie?

Why don't you give me a double shot of Hennessy?

You got it, boss. Yep.

You got some of those wasabi nuts?

Eddie, if you came in here on some Ol' Man River shit, trying to tell me what kind of fool I am for moving the shop, I don't want to hear it.

Well, I might as well just take my drink to go then.

Go on. Put that in a plastic cup.

I'm gonna be real with you, Cal.

I came in here to say, thank you.

Now, I ain't want to say this in front of everybody, but you right.

Selling the shop is the best thing for your family, and the perfect excuse for me to get out.

Go on and retire.

Retire? You?

Thought you'd die before you left that shop, Eddie.


I ain't dying in that old raggedy-ass unisexual shop.


I can't even recognize that place no more.


I don't even recognize the neighborhood no more.


Got that right.

All the more reason for you to just go on over there to the North Side.

I know what you're doing, Eddie.

It's not easy, man.

Hell, no, it ain't easy. Hell, no.

We black. It's hard.

Hard and us go hand in hand.

But we ain't never gave up.

I didn't give up.

I gave out.

I'm tired, Eddie.

I'm tired, too.

We've been up 38 hours.

Anthony's gone.

And that hurts like hell.

But we done lost a whole bunch more if we didn't do that ceasefire.

Now we lost one.

He was special.

But we probably saved more lives than we know.

And for that reason alone is reason to keep up the fight.

What's good, bro? Yo.

I can't do this, man.


I gotta walk away.

So you just gonna leave me out here with Yummy alone?

I ain't leave you nowhere, man.

You ain't got to do this either.

Can't believe you doing this to me, yo.


Look, my dad let me move in with him and Terri.

They've been real cool to me.

I don't want to hear that, man.

J, what are you thinking?

I mean, look at what you have here.

Everything you need is right here.

You got a moms, you got a dad.

I'm not doing this.

If you were smart, you'd do the same.

Do I need to check the closet?

You been gone all of this time, ain't answered none of my messages and you come here playing.

I'm sorry.

I don't wanna fight.

With everything going on right now, with Anthony, we shouldn't be like this.

I agree.

And I'm sorry about that Draya mess.

Nothing happened.

But I shouldn't have put you in that position.

I know nothing happened.

You're just an idiot.

I'm just a man, baby.

I get it.

And I know I've been working a lot.

But I need you to know that I see everything you do.

You're an amazing man, Rashad.

You're an amazing father to Maya.

I could never ask for a better partner than you.

I guess I just figured you knew how I felt.

I do.

But sometimes a brother needs to hear it.

One-Stop, can you sign this?

No doubt.

Thank you, baby.

Oh, this is crazy, man.

Bree, you wanna sign the card?

Yo, Jerrod, check it out.

Hey, what's up, everybody?

Before y'all pack up your stuff, can I talk to you for a minute?

Just real quick.

Go on in now, say what you gotta say.

I was wrong.

The reason I wanted to end the ceasefire is the same reason why I wanted to move the shop to the North Side.

Man, I was hurt.


But y'all know me.

Y'all know I got love for the South Side.

I got love for everybody in this neighborhood.

I got love for everybody in here.

All my customers, even the ones that don't know how to go home.


Are y'all gonna play me like that?

So after a while, it just...

It just became easier to just walk away.

Walk away from all this pain.

All the hurt.

That ain't right either.

If we don't do something for this neighborhood, who will?

At the end of the day we can't expect people who don't know nothing about what's going on around here, to come in here and solve our problems.

We gotta fix our problems ourself.

So what are you saying, Calvin?

I'm saying I wanna continue what we started.

I want to put the ceasefire back on for the neighborhood.

For Anthony...

And really for us.

But I'm only one half of the leadership here, so, I'm gonna need the support of my partner before the ceasefire's officially back on.

Calvin, you never lost my support.

You know, I'm here.

I appreciate your vote of confidence, but I think Angie is the one you...

Shh! You're good. You're good.

Oh, Angie is the one you're speaking to. Now you got it.

I totally misread the situation.

It's okay.

So what you say, Ange?


I just...

I just can't understand why people are still standing around when my partner just said the ceasefire is back on.


Ooh, bait and switch.

Thank you so much.

All right. - Let's do this.

Oh, yes, yes!

- That's good stuff right there. Yes, sir. Good stuff.

Sorry about that. Nah.

Let's celebrate!

Yo. Can a brother get a cut around here?


Hey, D, what's up, man?

- How you doing? Doing good now.

I'm Calvin. This is my shop, man. What can we do for you?

Playing the Bulls tomorrow and got a tweet from somebody named thottiepimpin about what y'all are doing here and everything and just came here to show my support, man.


Who's thottiepimpin?

That one right there.

What's up, man?

How you doing, man? I'm doing.

Just a second. You all right?

You okay?

Sorry, A.D. Sorry. He's got issues.

This was a mercy hire.

Just give the man some space.

Hey. How ya doing? What's up, man?

Good to see you. You too, man.

All right, bro. Keep growing. High five.

Okay, come on, young man.

Sit on down. Come on in here.

Let me line that unibrow a little.

Give it a soft fade, and then I'll cut right through the middle there and open it up for you.

Nobody's touching my unibrow.

And no disrespect, I'm gonna let my man Calvin over here hook me up.

- All right. What's up, A.D.?

How you doing, brother? You good?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Everything all right?

All right. Question...

You looking for a roommate? No, I'm all good, man.

You sure? Positive.

I got my stuff. I'm all ready.

We ain't got to make a stop or nothing.

All right. Cool, man. I'm good. I'm good.

You say yes? No, I said...

All right. Okay. All right, okay. Cool.

Don't do it.

Sorry about that, man. It's all good, man.

You know how they act. Yeah.

Question. You mind if I get a picture for Twitter?

Yeah, for sure, man.

Tag me in it, too, so I can retweet it.

Man! That would be... That would be dope, man.

Hey, man, hurry up.

Hey, Jerrod, get out the man's face.

Let me get this photo.

Damn, you're like TMZ.

I appreciate you coming through here.

They gonna go crazy. Yeah, I appreciate it.

Don't worry about nothing, man. Your unibrow is safe with me.

I appreciate that, man. Cool.

Yes, sir. Peace is in the air!

We're 42 hours into the ceasefire and the word is out about Calvin's Barbershop.

Chicago native and NBA superstar Anthony Davis paid a visit to the South Side.

In other news, quite a crowd has gathered on the South Side for, get this, free haircuts, in an effort to decrease violence in our city.

We are trending.

#BarbershopSavesTheNeighborhood is trending on Twitter.

What? - Yup!

No way. Take a look.


Oh, wow. It is trending.

Oops. What the hell, dude?

All right, man. Who next?

Can I get a selfie with you? What?

This is so cool!

We're gonna get, like, a thousand likes!

Yo, Instagram that.

What'd them white girls want? They lost?

I don't know. Why don't you go see?

Did you tell them they was awesome?

White people love when you go, "Awesome!"

I'm available for catering, uh, business luncheons, private parties, Shivas.

Hold the pork!

And let's not forget about my Gangsta Grub rub!

Put it on all the meat you eat.

Ladies, all the meat.

J.D., what inspired you to get involved in this movement?

Well, you know, it's always been about the kids.


You are living proof that there are superheroes living amongst us mere mortals.

Well, you know, there wasn't enough room in my car for my cape.

J.D., how much money have you raised for the Boys and Girls Club this weekend?


Maybe about $500. That's it.

It certainly looks like a lot more than $500.

Slow your roll.

Oh, well...

J.D., we here at WIS News...

We have a little surprise for you.

J.D. don't like surprises.

- You're going to love this. I doubt it.

- J.D., meet Jamilah... Who is she?

...and one of her Boys and Girls Club counselor, Mr. Fenty.

Okay, well, who is he?

They are here to officially accept your donation on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago.


Oh, they're here to accept the money--

Shut up, woman! I heard you the first time!

Ain't nobody said they was gonna give no money to no Boys and Girl-- Oh!

Boys and Girls Club. Yeah.

Okay, hold on one second, chrome dome. All right.

Live from the South Side, I am Candace Washington...

I need your help. It's Jalen.

What's going on with Jalen? He's about to do this initiation with the Vice Lords.

Look, I tried to tell him not to.

Where's he at, Kenny?

He's at the park. Cornell Square.


Hell, yeah, that's what I like to hear.

You all ready? You all ready?


What's up, man?

Where your little homie Kenny at?

I don't know. I think his dad said he had to come home.

Stay home? You playing, right?

Stay home?

You think this a joke?

You think this is a game, nigga?

We're concerned about the people that Jalen's been hanging around with.

Are you trying to say Jalen's in a gang?

Not trying to get that call in the middle of the night saying my son is locked up or worse, because we didn't act when we had a chance.

See, that's the problem right there.

Everybody wanna be down, nobody want to put in the work.

Didn't Quis say to chill this weekend?

Nigga. Marquis?

Nigga, I ain't worried about Marquis.

Know what? You playing me right now.

You wasting my time right now.

I think he wasting my time.

Ain't no going home, nigga.

Ain't no such thing.

Why are you trying to take everything

- I like away from me? Because I love you...

My life would be so much better if you...

We raised a smart kid.

You need to make a decision.

Are you riding or not?

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two...



That's what I'm talking about!

Yeah, baby! All right!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Bam! Your daddy gonna be proud.

Your dad will be so proud of you.

You did a good job. I feel good.

I feel good.

Hey, yo, Shad. Hey, man!

Much love, dude. I'm sorry about everything.

I love you, boy. I love you, bro. Love you.


Two black dads getting along.

Let me ask you something.

Um, I don't come off as gay, do I?

I mean, I've heard that, like, twice already today.

No. Now, do I think that you could maybe afford to own one less pastel-colored T-shirt and go up a size in the jean department?

Yes, absolutely.

But who cares?

Clothes don't signify someone's sexuality.

And even if you were gay...

I'm not. For the record. I'm not.

It wouldn't matter to me anyway.

I like who you are and you shouldn't feel pressured to change for anybody.

And there's no rules on how to be a straight dude.

Look at Miguel.

Look at Prince.

Homeboy be rocking six-inch stilettos and a perm, and he can still get it.

Yes, he can.

I'm messing with you. Playing the whole...

That's... Anyway.

So, you like my personality?

What can I say? I find your neuroses entertaining.

Your passion for women's rights liberating.

And, um...

I find your nerdiness incredibly sexy.


Talking to me?

And that's why I like you.

Because you get me.

Not a lot of people do, but you definitely do.

And just so you know, Ronnie, your ex, he was never good enough for you.

I think I'm in love with you.

And I want to shout it from the rooftops.

Oh... Too soon? Yeah.

That's what I thought. Yeah.

I mean... What'd you hear? You heard that I said I was in love with you? No.

Rewind that.

How about dinner tomorrow night?

Okay. That makes sense.

Yeah. That's...

I went from a broken home, so I give affection very fast. Oh, my Lord. My Lord.

Yeah. Yeah.

You got a lot of nerve showing up here.

I came to apologize, Terri. I don't want to hear it.

Well, I wanna say it anyway.

Listen, I'm really sorry.

I should have never come between you and Rashad.

Damn right.

It's just that you have your whole life taken care of, and figured out. And...

I'm like, still trying to figure out every little thing about mine.

I made a mistake.

It'll never, ever happen again. I promise you that.


I appreciate you saying that.

Does that mean we're cool?

I guess.

Come here, girl!


I did want to tell you that if you and Rashad was looking for, like, a third girl to help you out, you know, get it poppin' or anything like that, I would be down for that.

Mull it over.

Bye, Draya. Hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

We need to at least hear her out now.

I mean, she ain't come this way for nothing.

Hey, Rashad! - What's good, Draya?

Get in the house. Baby.

You think it's funny. You're not funny.


This is not what you think it is.

This is that bird I talked about. Remember that?

It went away.

It flew away. Let 'em fly.

Know why I came back?

Why? Because you my man.

I came back to you.

Why don't you just give me the damn check?

My man.

That's your section.

No booth rent. We're clear?

Do you.

My man. It's a pleasure, my brother.

You will do good business, my brother.

You have a good day!

Hit these streets. Oh! Hey! Hey!

I need to talk to you. You got to sign some paperwork, brother.

Your wife trying to find you.

You're gonna run from me, really?

Yo, man, we closed.

Come back tomorrow.

Man, that's too bad.

I was really hoping you could fit me in.

I think I got room for one more.

Have a seat.

Glad you came, man.

Just wanted to do something about this so-called abomination you say.

I'll hook you up, don't worry about nothin'.

Edge you up real quick.

Uh... I was thinking, start off fresh.

You sure?


All right.

Start you off fresh.

You know, I didn't mean what I said earlier.

You've always been there for me for everything, and I appreciate it.

Love you, Dad.

I love you, too, man.

Always gonna be my guy.

I swear.

All right. Let's see how we can hook you up here.

Yeah, okay.

Now, listen...

I hear about anything, I'm snatching you right up out of there, you hear me?

Yeah, I hear you. I'm not playing.

Be up there quick fast in a hurry.

I escort you to the bathroom and everything if I have to.

Crazy, Dad.

But I'm fine with that.

I'm just happy to stay here. Happy to be home.

I'm happy you back.

See me hooping this year, right?

You got to penetrate more. Too many jumpers.

But they go in though.

Not all the time, they don't go in.

Oh, man...

You don't wanna rock your dreads like that, man?

Now if you end up on the Bulls, your daddy got to go everywhere with you.

I'm gonna be the team barber.

Damn, man.

All right.

Slow down.


You ain't comb your hair in six months, it's a little nappy down there.

All kind of cucabugs back here. Beebees.

You gonna be all right.

Yeah. That's it.


Look fresh.

Now you look like my son again.

I'm getting all the shorties at school now.


Now you can sweep up the hair.

Dear Chicago, I know I was hard on you before, but here's the thing.

If there's one thing I know about you, is that you know how to bounce back.

And we salute Chicago's own South Side Champs.

Chicago, stand up.

Chicago, stand up.

We want them to believe in themselves.

We want them to believe in their community.

We want them to believe that they have a future.

We are college bound. We are exceptional.

Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it.

Hey! Congratulations, Miss Paxton.

You've always taken personal tragedy and turned it into triumph.

No, don't do it...

Give me that!

- Yeah. Yeah. No, no, no!

Breaking down like LeBron! Oh.

Know that. Know that. Yeah.

That's why I'm not giving up on you.

There we go. This what we running.

Because you never gave up on me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Who won? Who won? Boom, every time.

Mr. Wilson!

And I know whatever happens, eventually, Chicago, you'll find your way back home.

You always do.

What's up?

Yeah, who won? What's the real story?

What's the real story?

Who won? Who won?

Let's just stick to cutting hair, right?

What can the people of Chicago take away from this?

It's a reminder that the individual, or, in this case, individuals, can make a big difference.

As a former barber in the shop, - it's been very inspiring... Is that Jimmy James?

...for me to see the people of community come together and show the world that there's still hope on the South Side.

- Mr. James! Ms. Cruz.

In light of the success of the ceasefire, have you personally changed your mind about the enclosure, and do you think it'll have any effect on the upcoming council vote?

Go ahead, Jimmy.

Well, I can't speak for the council, but I'd be shocked if they voted yes, when so many have voted against it.

See, the whole point of the enclosure was to decrease violence in the neighborhood.

And I think that Mr. Palmer and Ms. Norris Oh! and the rest of the team down at the shop found a way to do just that.

- That's right! Whoo!


Dad! You see this?

Man, that's got to... - No, it ain't.

Oh! Serious?

Oh, my God. Whoa! Whoa!

Oh, my God.

Hey, everybody! Hell, no.

It's good to see you.

How are you? Mr. President.

How you doing? I'm doing great.

I like that sharp suit.

Hey, I'll get you one. I'm gonna hold you to that.

- Gotcha. Okay.

Mr. President, how you doing, sir?

You know, it's good to be back where it all started for me.

The South Side.

I told you. Hey, Eddie!

Very good to see you. Good to see you.

Take that jacket off.

Should I say hi? Yeah.

Hi! - How you doing?

Have a seat right there.

I was telling these kids how I used to cut your hair back in the day. You sure did.

You was running around here organizing.

You know, I gotta get a picture of this.

Calvin, take this picture. - Yeah.


How you doing, Mr. President? My name's Calvin.

I own the shop with Angie right here.

I'm Angie. Hi. Yeah.

We appreciate your small business.

Hey, Mr. President. New Democrat right here.

All right! Congratulations!

Stop acting all nervous, Eddie.

You know you know what you're doing. Come on, man.

I cut the man's hair years ago. I know what I'm doing right here.


Mr. President, I just want to say, you know, I really love what you've done for the black community.

All right. And I'm loving those pants.

Oh, thank you. Appreciate your patriotism.

I salute you, too.

Barry. Come on, now.

I'm sorry.

Okay, here we go. Low like you always do?

Come on, now, hook your man up.

Little bit. Are you shaking, Eddie?

Eddie, you got it.

Come on, Eddie. Represent now.


One-Stop, you got some salve?

I can fix it! I can fix it!

Sit back down!

English - SDH