Baskin (2015) Script


Release for by MarGe -

Mom! Mom!



Mom! Mom!

Dude, it pays more, bet on that.

Bro, listen. The deal here is...

You gotta keep your odds low, okay? Then you'll play to win big.

Got it? You're telling me?

Son, I was doing this when you were still a baby.

Good for you, brother!

Okay, okay. Write it. Mallorca. Mallorca.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid. Arda Turan!

Who cares about Arda? Barcelona it is. Barcelona.

Exactly. I agree. They won the championship last season.

Dude, I like Catalans. Catalans are good.

Messi will score. Barcelona it is. Barcelona, okay.

Write it down. Alright.

Zaragoza vs Girona. Girona?

I like this name. It's like "enter this bet". Okay, that's a likeable team.

The name says it man: "enter this!". What about the odds?

Okay, let's bet on this. Girona 1.9, Zaragoza 1.4.

Okay, dude. Girona!

Enter this bet! Yes. Okay, the last one. The last game.

No way I'd bet for Albacete, I wouldn't play anyway.

Seyfi! Are you in, man? You want to bet?

Dude! Hello? Seyfi!

Seyfi, do you still have that headache?

Boss, enough with your fucking bets.

My head's all fucked up because of you. Oh, man!

Bro, watch your words or I'll fuck you like a chicken now.

Yavuz, I bet you actually fucked a chicken before.

What? Chicken, man, you know.

Chief, please, not in front of the newbie.

Alright, alright. Just kidding man. Don't get offended so easily.

But I have plenty friends who fucked chicken.

You and your friends, man!

Look, it's not about fucking the chicken. No, it's about catching it.

Chief, why don't you tell us about your first time?

Was it with a goat or a cow? It was with an elephant!

My first was an elephant! OK? Cut the crap now.

Come on! Chief, come on.

Arda! Hey, go easy on your chief.

Come on! Who fucks an animal for their first time?

Son... haven't you served in the army?

70 percent of all Turkish men, lose their virginity by fucking an animal.

Whoa! Make it more like 20 percent chief!

He's a city boy, this one. I bet his daddy took him to a brothel.

Did he?

Nah. It was some senior students in high school, who took us to one.

Dude, I'm seasoned with brothels, whores, and whatnot, boy.

Let me tell you a story. He already knows this one.

What? The one with the string.

Listen to this one.

I was heading down from Maslak highway. I saw this chick, right.

And what a chick she was! She was like amazing!

She was... how should I put it?

What was that called... Victoria's... Sectr- or whatever.

You mean the Victoria's Secret models? Yes! She was like one of them.

So hard to find, yeah. Anyways, I picked her up... driving.

You picked her up? Just like that?

What do you mean? You say Victoria's Secret.

A Victoria's Secret model in your car!

She was a whore, man. Oh... Ok. Go on.

I picked her up, driving. She had a mini skirt on.

She was wearing a low-cut top, earrings and everything.

She was gorgeous. Unbelievable.

Anyways. We arrived at the hotel, we went upstairs to the room.

She started to get undressed. She took off her skirt, the earrings.

She took off her high heels. By the way, the room is dark.

And I was excited as hell.

I could hardly control myself. She was so hot man!

Anyways. Finally, I decided to make my move.

Slid my hand between the legs, and there it was a huge cock.

I was shocked, and she laughed like you do now.

It was a cock man. A frigging cock!

Fuck off! How the hell? What do you mean "how"?

Look, there was a string.

She pulled it up to her belly and tied the string rope around her waist.

It was huge too. What did you do?

What could I have possibly done?

Since we were already there, I went all the way.

But next thing you know... While I was doing my thing the son of a bitch started jerking off, while I do him!

I was like "what the fuck!"

It was dirty enough as it is.

But she didn't stop. I said "Cut that shit bro!"

So I'm pretty seasoned with all kinds of this shit, boy.

Our religion teacher once said it was awesome.

We asked him about anal sex right? He replies:

"My son, why enter a shithole when you have a rose garden next to it?"

Maybe I'm an ass man! What do you care?

Our religion teacher also said something very similar.

Do you prefer ass, Seyfi?

Yavuz, so, end of the day, that woman gave it to your hand?

Stop it!

What if she'd said, "Okay, my turn, bend over"?

I have hemorrhoids. Wow! You mean you'd do it otherwise.

That's right, he would. What's up, kiddo? Why are you laughing?

Sir, because you were laughing... That's why.

So, we entertained you with our jokes. No, sir, it's not like that.

It was a funny story. What's so funny about it?

The woman turned out to be a man, tying his junk.

That's what I laughed at. So, you are saying that I fucked a guy.

I didn't mean it that way, sir. No, you did.

Right? He said that I fucked a guy. Yeah, Yavuz.

He said that you fucked a guy. Okay, Yavuz, okay.

No way, sir. Are you calling me a faggot?

No, sir. No way. Wait. Come back here.

Yavuz, leave the kid alone. Wait a minute.

Akif, come here. Remzi, wait a minute.

Step away. Officer, the boy didn't mean it.

He's not a boy anymore. He can defend himself, okay?

Sir, go easy on him. He's just a kid.

What is this? Why are you touching me? Sir, he's just a kid.

Step aside. I apologize on his behalf.

Dude, you're getting on my nerves. Please, sir. Please.

Look! Take it easy, sir.

Don't get on my nerves!

Don't piss me off! That's enough! Cut it out!

Okay, we're leaving. Come on. Come on, Arda.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

Watch it. Come on.

If only you weren't cops.

What did you just say? He didn't say anything, sir.

The kid's talking to himself. You're totally getting on my nerves now.

Please, sir. You're totally getting on my nerves!

Sir, can you please just leave? Dude! You're pissing me off right now!

Enough already! Please, sir.

Step away, man.

I'm curious... let's see what you are going to do.

Go on. Do whatever you want.

What happens here stays here. Right, Apo?

Totally. Come on.

Go on, hit him.

Go on. Show us your moves.

Hit him already!

Son, what did you say to me? The boss here is telling me to hit you.

Why don't you behave?

Hit him, hit him!

Look, look. Who do you think you're messing with?

Seyfi! What the hell is going on? Seyfi!

Pass me the lighter.

Give it back, you weasel.

All he says is that he felt like losing his mind for a second.

He says it's not claustrophobia or anything. He's feeling a bit better now.

Boss helped him calm down.

Has this happened before? No.

One time, he felt dizzy in an elevator.

It wasn't like this, though. This is different.

Claustrophobia could have this kind of effect, sir.

Are you okay, man? He's okay. Let's go.

I'm fine, sir. I can drive. Come on.

Boss? I said I could drive.

Seyfi, you should rest in the back. Yavuz can drive. Come on.

Boss. Why are you all looking at me like that?

I learned to drive when I was four.

I was sitting at the wheel of a bus, on my dad's lap.

Please. You're offending me. You're the man!

Come on. Let's go.

Such a diva! Stop talking nonsense.

I feel really safe now! Come on, come on.

You're fine. God bless him. He's fine.

I'm fine, okay.

By the riverbank, trees reaching into the air.

Green leaves everywhere.

If I can't have the one I want, Death should come and claim her heart.

Come to me from the grapevine.

In a blooming dress, you look divine.

My love, let's go far away.

Before the patrols arrive.

Persian girl, Chechen girl, You wear white and I wear pearl.

Let's go high up the mountains, You smell the roses, I smell the iris.

The night is black, and the cops are dark. When in trouble, I am who you mark.

My name's Apo, call me and say "hello". Knock, knock! And I'm there.

You are the man!

We're not afraid, no way.

My dear love, come sway. We're not afraid, no way.

There you go!

All units. We have responded to a call from the Inceagac neighborhood.

We are waiting for backup.

Nearby units, be advised: 4455 is at the scene.

I repeat: 4455 is at the scene.

What is it? What is he saying?

We're on our way to the scene.

I'll let you know once we arrive. Over.

What is it, Apo? 4455, bro.

They're calling for backup in Inceagac.

Seyfi. Inceagac is near, right? Somewhere up there?

Yes, sir. It's really close. I'll get us there.

Okay, it's official now, we won't be getting any sleep tonight.

Beggars cannot be choosers.

I remember this Inceagac, but...

Where did I hear about it? Look, sir.

I heard many stories about that place when I was a kid.


God, it's late and everything. What stories?

I heard nasty stories. Wait, I know.

There's a famous shrine there, right?

Yes. There are many. There are three just in that area.

Dude, stop talking nonsense.

How can there be nasty stories in a place full of shrines?

Boss, it's not like that. But that place is no good.

Weren't you in shock just a minute ago? When did you wake up, pussy?

Dude, you don't worry about me.

God damn it. We've been on this road forever.

There was supposed to be a right turn, but there's still no fucking sign of it.

You piece of shit radio!

Look, chief. There's no communication at all, right?

This radio is broken. Get rid of it. No, son. Look.

I receive signals.

And this asshole is supposed to know how to get there.

Yavuz, cut the crap, man!

Chief, I've been driving on this road for 10 years but I have no memory of such a place.



Seyfi, what happened? A man... A man passed by.

What man? He was completely naked.

So, where is he? I don't know!

There's no one here, dude. Where is he? Show yourself!

Who's there?

Shit. Hey!

Shit. Hey! You assholes!

Who are you, you son of a bitch? Come out, you bastard!

You bust our balls, we'll rip your balls off!

We'll fuck you motherfucking son of a bitch!

Sir, what's this? What's what?

Were they here before?

No, I'm seeing them for the first time. What are these scratches?

It's nothing. Kids must have scribbled some shit.

Who did this? You're asking million-dollar questions.

What the hell?

So? Was it the frogs then? All jump up together and hit the van?

Boss. Let's get the fuck out of here.

Come on, bro.

I'll catch you! Okay.

I'll catch you, you sons of bitches! Yavuz, it's okay. Come here.

Dude. Are you sure you saw a man?

Shut your damn mouth. Man... Maybe it was animal?

It was a fucking frog! Alright? A frog!

What is this? I don't know.

Pass! Is it over? Yes. Come on.

Alright. How many did I get right? I don't know.

How much time do I have left? 1.5 minutes.


Whack job!

My father used to say you shouldn't talk about your dreams at night.

Good one.

When my mother was six months pregnant with me, my name came to my father in a dream.

They hand him a baby and say "This is Arda".

My parents are really into dreams.

So they didn't even think twice about it. They named me Arda.

God bless their souls.

Boss, I'll tell you something, but you can't tell anyone.


Promise? I promise.

When I was a child, I had this close friend. His name was Coskun.

He would come to our house every once in a while.

We'd go out, go to Kadikoy, to the movies and stuff.

One day, after seeing a movie, his dad had died recently.

He told me about how he was in the room when his dad died, and that he saw his soul rise from his dead body.

He said he actually saw it. Saw what?

The soul rising, leaving the body.

He was crying the whole time. The soul leaving the body?

He said he saw the man's soul.

His older brother was also there, but he didn't see anything. He swore.

Anyways, we said to each other:

Whoever dies first, shall appear to the other without scaring him.

We made a promise.

We were on a dark alley. There was no one around.

We scared ourselves. And we hastily left the alley.

I walked him to the ferry.

I saw him go through the turnstiles. I saw him get on the ferry.

Then I went home. Maybe 15 minutes later, my parents were not home, I went to my room and changed. I got in bed.

But I couldn't sleep. I was still a bit restless.

I pulled the duvet up and passed out. So what, kid?

I had this dream. There are lots of people around me.

They are all glaring at me.

You know how you fear something in your dream but you don't quite know what it is?

I feel such a fear inside.

Then Coskun comes out from the crowd.

He comes and holds my hand.

"Don't be afraid, Arda. It's me. Coskun."

Then, I wake up, soaked in sweat. But I'm still dreaming.

I hear moans coming from my mom's room.

I listen.

Suddenly, it stops. As if the people inside disappeared.

I look at the living room. The TV is on, but there's only static.

I go turn it off.

I look towards the hallway. There's someone in my room! I can feel it.

Coskun is in my room. The thought of seeing him scares me.

I run to my mom's room.

I keep banging on the door, screaming "mom, mom".

Then, I woke up for real this time.

That afternoon, we received a call.

I could tell from my mom's voice on the phone. It was so weird.

Coskun had been hit by a car that night. Holy shit!

I swear to God.

Mom says I couldn't function for 10 days. But I don't remember anything.

She says she left food in front of my door.

I've kept having that same dream. I had it this morning as well.

It's like I'm still dreaming.

You're the first person I've told about this, Boss.

When was this, how long before your parents' deaths?

I lost them about a year later. Car crash.

Arda, I have something to tell you.

I've been meaning to tell you this ever since the day I met you.

The day when your uncle placed you in my care.

What is it, Boss Remzi?

You still don't realize it. If only it could stay that way.

What is it? What are you talking about?

Do you see anyone here, other than us? The guys.

Look around. But not like that. Look around, taking it all in.

Is there anyone here, other than us? What am I supposed to feel?

Boss Remzi, who is that?

This is the first time someone other than me is seeing it.

Get away you!

Arda, are you okay? I'm fine.

Breathe. I'm fine.

Take deep breaths, son.

I'm okay. Where's my gun? Are you okay?

How is everyone? Any broken bones?

Fuck you and your driving! I'll fuck you up serious, Yavuz!

And you're still talking! Look at us, asshole!

Fuck off!

Were you the ones who got in front of the van?

Who did then?

Come on, move it.

Move it.

Why the fuck is he laughing?

Did you fall into the creek, Sir? Did you have an accident?

Why the hell are you laughing? Why the hell are you laughing!

Don't do it, Sir. Don't hit him. He's a bit slow.

Fuck this shit!

God. Who did we hit?

Seyfi, Yavuz, come with me.

We ran over that man.

Where is it, bro? What did we hit? We hit something, dude.

We ran over the guy. We hit him. There were noises.

Are you sure? What do you mean?

Then where is he? How the hell should I know?

He sure as hell didn't fly away!

I don't fucking know! We hit that man, and he's gone now!

Seyfi, your face is bleeding. So is yours.

Where? Your face. It's bleeding.

No radio. No phone. We properly fucked up the van!

Do you people have a phone?

What is this damn place called?


This is Inceagac. It's the way to the woods. You should go through the grove.

We've arrived then. You mean the place behind those trees?

Yes, behind that grove. 200 meters at most.

Cut the fucking crap. Come on. What? Where, sir?

We'll follow you. You'll lead the way.

You should sit for a while and rest, Sir.

Sister, we've got work to do. We're going now.

I said it for your own good. If you have work to do, you should go indeed.

It's your bread and butter after all.

Hey, what the hell is the matter with you?

Move it!

Chief, isn't that our guys' car?

Back in the Ottoman days... Shut up!

Okay, okay, Yavuz. Let him speak. Speak!

Back in the Ottoman days, this place was a police station.

When I was a child, it was a stable. No one comes here now. Deserted.

What are you doing here, Sir?

Seyfi, did you know about this place?

Chief, I heard about it when I was a kid.

It was a police station back in the Ottoman days.

Chief. Come on, let's check on our guys. Okay.

Everybody be careful, okay? Come on.

Your uncle placed you under my care, Arda. Don't worry, I have the key to all this.

What the hell is this?

All units! All units!

It's not working.

Nothing works in this car! Seyfi, enough! Get a grip!

Seyfi. Calm down, dude. Calm down. We have the gun, we have the badge.

Okay? Okay, chief.

How does our national anthem begin? "Fear not".

Just like that! Come on, boy.

Hey! Stop! Don't run! Asshole!

Fuck the police. You goddamn sons of bitches.

Chief, I'm going in. Boss, come on. We're going in.

Watch the back. Come on.


What the hell is this smell?

There's nothing here.

Can anybody hear me? Is anybody there? Hello?

Is there anybody in there? We're talking to you, damn it!


What the hell? What's going on here?

Look over here.

Look at us, damn it!

Who the hell are you? Where is your unit?

Stop your crying!

Where is your unit, dude?

Yavuz, check for his ID.

There's nothing on him.

What have you done to yourself?

Were you the ones who called for backup?

What the fuck is going on here? Son, where is your unit?

Where is your unit?

Seyfi. Yes?

Come here, take him to the car.

Now! Move it! Alright, sir.

Come with me, man.


Bro, it's pitch black down there. There's no way in hell I'm going down.

Yavuz, you stay here with Arda. Apo and I will go check.

Come on, Apo. Boss, I'm coming too.

Are you sure, man?

Fuck this shit!

Brother, what's your name? Did you call for backup?


Fuck! Fuck!


Fuck... What the hell is this?

Boss, let's get out of here.

What the hell have you done here?

Boss, run! Run!

Arda, run!

Remzi! Remzi!


Easy, boy.

I felt like... I was about to pass out.

You're fine. Come on. We'll leave after the coffee.

We have a long way to go. I feel so weird.

Where am I? What am I doing? I'm all dizzy. I don't understand.

Not everything has a clear answer, Arda.

Let me put it this way: Tonight, we're at a crossroads.

Maybe it's just you and me, maybe just you, maybe all of us.

I don't know.

We were summoned here tonight. There was no call for backup.

We were summoned here tonight. What, who?

I felt it the moment we stepped in. But I thought it was not possible. I was wrong.

So, you know what's going on right now?

When I was a kid, I used to see them with my grandmother. We used to talk.

Someone is looking for something. So, it keeps wandering.

It's haunting. I can feel it.

You can too. You can feel it on the back of your neck.

You just know that something's up.

This has been happening to you since you were a child, Arda.

Don't you see?

Who the hell are you, you son of a bitch?

How dare you chain the police? Bastard!

Who the hell are you, you son of a bitch? Speak, damn it!

Don't you have a tongue?

I see you're here to join us tonight.

And we're here to welcome you the best way we can.

On a night like this, when doors open and realms unite... we're here in this chamber together.

Hell is not a place you go.

You carry Hell with you at all times.

You carry it inside you.

We are your humble companions on the road that fate chose for you.

While the stones fall into place, we can only be shepherds for you.

And tonight... if fate put you first among the creatures that we are going to herd... there's nothing else we can do but guide you.

Don't do it! Don't do it!

Apo! Apo! What are you doing? Son of a bitch!


Son of a bitch! Apo, don't worry!

It's going to be okay.

Stop it! You son of a bitch!

Don't do it...

Don't! No!

Bro! Bro!

What have you done? What have you done!

You die as you sleep, you resurrect as you wake up.

So, fear not.

Son, what is your name? We are the goddamn law!

Do you think your law is here?

What is your name, son? Yavuz. Damn it, it's Yavuz!

Yavuz, you look like a tough young man. You're scared, but you look tough.

The human soul is corrupt. It only worships power.

It keeps searching for new things to worship.

Because it has boundaries, drawn by its masters.

Who the hell are you?

Are you insane? Are you insane?

Boss Remzi! Yavuz, close your eyes.

Close your eyes, Yavuz! Boss!

Are you ready to stop worshipping power and unite with us?

Are you ready to be one with the cosmos?

Are you ready to give up your worldly eyes and open your eyes to what's beyond?

Open your heart to me, son.

Open your mind to me. I can't. I can't.

Please, don't.

Open your mind to me, son. Please, don't.

Don't do it. I'm begging you, please.


Open the eyes of your heart, Yavuz.

Don't let me down, Yavuz.

Let's begin.

Come on, Yavuz. Show us that you are the right passenger.

I'm begging you, don't do it. Don't do it.

Open your heart to us, Yavuz. Don't stop, and it will open.

Open your mind.

Don't stop, and it will open, Yavuz. Open your heart to us, son.

Come on, dear. Come on, Yavuz. Come on, Yavuz. Come on.

Come on!

Yavuz, you're not opening your heart. You're not.

It should be wide open. Otherwise, it's no good.

Open your mind.

No... No...

Maybe the honor will be yours, Arda.

Come to me! Come here!

He's just a kid!

I wasn't wrong, Arda.


Remzi, I thought it was just you. But you're two passengers here.

A thousand thanks to you, son. You took care of this boy, you helped him.

And now, he's ready to understand himself. I can see it in his eyes.

You saw it too, right?

Boss! Boss!

Remzi! Remzi!

Remzi! It's okay. Everything's okay.

Backup's on its way. Just look at me. Look into my eyes.

Hang in there...

"Whoever dies first, shall appear to the other without scaring him."

Remember, Arda? Don't do this! Don't go!

I made a promise to your uncle.

If you get harmed, he'll hold me responsible in the afterlife.

He's here, man. He's here. You don't need to be afraid.

I have only one key in this life. And it's yours now.


Everything ends, but... everything starts anew.

Everything ends, but...