Bastille Day (2016) Script


You owe me 300 euros.

Cheeky boy. You were... Wow.

Did you see the face on that nun? Yeah. And that old guy.

I thought he was going to faint.

He will when he finds his Rolex gone.

Come back to mine and we'll get high.

It don't get better than that. That was a high.

Yeah, but that was only an appetiser.

You can do better than me.

Special Agent Briar, they're ready for you.

Are you familiar with Deep Net cryptocurrency transactions?

I don't bank online.

Right. You're a field guy.

Your last op, Anbar, you were tasked surveillance, but you did a little more than that.

Without clear visual evidence, you broke cover to take down six suspects who you alone had ascertained were carrying concealed explosives.

I'm curious, are you saying you knew what they were carrying underneath their clothing before engaging?

Oh, yeah.

Like I could tell you, Tom... got tighty whities on, right?

But in the process, you exposed your key informant, Fatima Hamza.

Two years building her trust, infiltrating the terror network, wasted.

It was a calculated risk. Really?

Because your Baghdad CO describes you as reckless, insubordinate and irresponsible toward human assets.

You recognise that description?

No, but I recognise an asshole when I see one.

Tom, a minute.

I stuck my neck out trying to get you this position.

You have to play the game. Oh, yeah.

And you know how good I am at that.

Welcome to Paris.

Merci. Merci.


And as ordered... two Japanese passports.

How about 800?

Baba, that's a genuine Reverso. I could get two grand for that on George V.

So sell it there.


And I throw in Lacoste shirts.

Your crocodiles are sewn on backwards.

You must have enough now, Michael, to go back home.

Nothing to go back to.

Then, forward.

Everyone has to have a dream.

I'm gonna put myself through med school, find a cure for Alzheimer's.

Last week, wasn't it Parkinson's?


You have a good evening... Dr Michael.


Bonsoir. Bonsoir.


# Life was full and fruitful and you could take a real bite Hey!

# But the shadow it grows and takes the depth away

# Leaving broken down pieces to this priceless ballet


36 hours.

That'll take you up to the Bastille Day parade. Will it go ahead?

July 14th, Bastille Day, is our national holiday.

Would America cancel Independence Day?

Would you put away your flags and your fireworks or would you hold them higher?

France does not give in to threats.

We will hunt these people down and make them pay. Merci.

What have you got?

The French picture is back to front.

We got lucky. Unrelated surveillance of their Finance Minister five blocks away.

The same guy shows up in our shot. Are we sharing this with the French?

I think the less they know about us spying on them, the better, don't you?

It could jeopardise our entire operation.

The image has been matched with one Michael Mason, born in Vegas.

His dad was a casino pit boss, his mom a realtor.

Good grades, heading for college, till Dad took off, leaving them with gambling debts.

Then the wheels come off. Drops out of high school.

Arrested in Reno for cardsharping.

Outstanding warrants in four states for short-con fraud.

Skipped bail, fled the country, entered France on a tourist visa.

We contacted his mother.

Only heard from her son twice in the last 18 months, both times collect call from a payphone in Paris.

She had no idea where he is or what he's doing.

Quote: "Just like his dad, he's always running from something, mostly himself."

So what are we doing?

We're looking for a data trail - stolen credit cards, bank accounts...

Same payphone? Yeah?

What are we waiting for? Let's get him.

Same payphone in 18 months, he lives on that street.

A direct action could compromise connections to a wider terrorist...

A US citizen kills four people in Paris.

We missed it on your watch. We sit on our asses while he strikes again?

Briar, this isn't Baghdad, it's Paris.

Red wine, the Louvre, Louis Vuitton. You can't just start firing.

Tom's right.

If you can bag him discreetly, we can get 24 hours with him off site.

Then the French can have what's left. OK.

Just make sure there is something left.

Police have released a CCTV image of a man wanted in connection with the incident and the authorities are asking anyone with information about the identity of the man to come forward.

Border control has been alerted.

At present no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the...


He'll avoid surveillance camera coverage.

This street is good. He can get in and out of here real quick.

Multiple routes of entry and exits. Good roof access. What's on 44?

Crack den, raided twice in 12 months. - Too much heat.

48? - Immigrant flophouse.

How about 52?

No criminal history, no registered tenants.

Cash only. - Speak up.

Cash only. - All right, I'm going in.

...suggests that the timing of this attack, in the run-up to France's national holiday and military parade...

The city remains on high alert for tomorrow's celebrations.

Crime scene investigations continue and the area is...

Bonjour. Bonjour.

Ça va? Oui.


Merci. Voilà.




Move! Come on!

Yeah, motherfucker, now what?

C'est parti.

Agh! Shut the fuck up.


Are you in love? Love?

No. Are you writing a novel?

What? No. What the fuck are you doing in Paris?

I just... What organisation do you work for?

Your manifesto says this is the first strike.

My... Where are you bombing next?

I'm not a terrorist. Is this not you?

That is... I put the bag in the trash.

But I didn't know there was a bomb in it.

I'm sorry, man. Somebody gave it to you?

I stole it. You stole it?

I'm a pick-pocket. It's what I fucking do.

You didn't look inside? Yeah, I looked inside.

You didn't see the bomb? There was just crap in there.

It was a wig, a toy. I put it back. I swear to God. I'm really sorry.

I didn't... I'm sorry. Shut up!


I didn't know what was in that bag.

But you ran and you made me chase you, and innocent people do not run.

You were coming after me. Have you seen yourself?

What I need you to understand is this does not look good for you.

One phone call and you're on a phantom flight to the middle of nowhere, off the grid.

You would not be missed.

It wasn't my bag.

I swear to God.

Whose was it?

Er... this girl.

Describe her. OK. She was pretty.

She had brown hair and a blonde wig.

She had a bag. Her body language made me think there was something valuable in it.

Two pounds of Semtex. Well done.

That's her phone. That was in the bag. It rang and I answered it.

Some French guy, he called her Zoe.

Where'd you steal it? Pigalle.

If I go to surveillance cameras, I see you stealing it?

I only work blind spots so no cameras. Yeah.

Because you don't have a record in Paris.

No thefts, no pick-pockets, no stolen bags.

Just this motherfucking terrorist money. That is from selling the stuff I steal.

Who do you sell it to? I have a guy.

Where? In Barbès.

You must be really good.

Overall number one draft pick of pick-pockets.

I'm the best.

You'd better be.

Walk up to me and steal my wallet.


I wouldn't have a guy come up to me in the street and ask me to steal his wallet.

It doesn't work like that. Just do it.

OK, OK. Er...

Well, I'd walk up to the guy, avoid eye contact, step to the side, look him in the eye and then I'd be gone.

Still there. But the money's gone.

See, I took the wallet the first time and then put it back the second, only without the money.

It's all about the distraction.

You were too busy watching me to see what I was doing.

Give me that.

Sit down.



Zoe Naville?

Sorry, I think you got the wrong address.



It's cluite specific, this address.

Well, I'm sorry I can't help you.

Sorry to have disturbed you. Yeah.

No problem.



Allo? Allo? La police, s'il vous plaît.


You lost him? We were compromised.

They were tactical. G-19s and gas masks.

And now we have French police crawling through an unlisted agency safe house.

This was a bag job, not urban warfare. How the hell were you compromised?

Two ops looking for a girl called Zoe. All right?

Mason said he stole a bag from a girl called Zoe. She's the key.

Uploading her phone data now.

You need to get Mason before the French know we're digging in their front yard.

They tracked her phone. Get me everything off it.

Briar... Mason has a fence at Barbès.

We get him, we get the girl, we get 'em all.

Your mission is Mason.

Karen's put herself on the line for you. She's stalling the French.

Get Mason before this blows up in our faces.

Our prime suspect.

A witness came forward and identified him as an American.


Do you have a name?

Not yet, but a possible sighting.

Paris police are investigating a violent disturbance in an apartment block in Rue Saint Vincent.

Neighbours placed the suspect at the scene and...

..a black man with an American accent.

Go on.

The police report says the apartment had some sort of...

..hidden interrogation room.

Terror links?

No, it smells like...


And what does intelligence smell like?

Karen... we go way back.

I have four bodies on the street on the eve of Bastille Day.

If you have any information... If I did... I would tell you.

You know that.

Of course.

Of course. How's the wife?



Bon. Alors, messieurs...


Sale race!


Hey, Baba.

You plant that bomb?

I stole the bag. I didn't know what was in it.

Please, Baba, I need somewhere to hide.

I never took you for that kind of guy. And I'm not.

Look, please, Baba, you know me. Do I?

Do I?

You owe me.

All right. All right.

Follow me.

Wait here.

Donne-moi la clé.

J'ai un visuel.

Get in!



That fucking cop was gonna shoot me?

You're a terrorist bomber. You killed four people.

Put your seatbelt on.

Anti-fascist protests are growing in the north of the city this morning after a spate of unprovoked attacks on mosques.

Online activists are questioning the heavy-handed police response.


The French have found bomb equipment in a mosque.

Looks like they've found a cell. - No, that don't sound right.

Those two guys that hit me weren't from no mosclue.

It was that girl.

So we pass her details on to the French. Your job was to find Mason

- and close this down. I'm working on that.

What did you find from that girl's phone?

Her phone data connects to an activist squat. Rue Duris, Clichy-sous-Bois. Why?

I'll tell you later.

So, what, you CIA?

You got a name?

Briar. Is that a first or last?

It's the only one you're gonna get.

The city's under threat. We need to find that bomber girl.

You'll identify her. Until we do that, that shit is on you.

I'm just a thief who stole a bag.

Just charge me and we'll straighten this out.

Not gonna happen. Want another red dot on your chest?

I'm not a terrorist. Hey! You stole a bag.

You left it there. Now, man the fuck up.

We got a job to do. This is crazy.

I don't work for the CIA. Well, you do today.

Hey. I wonder if you can help me.

I'm looking for my friend Zoe. I don't know a Zoe.

Who are you? Ben from the G8 protests.

Zoe said to stop by sometime. I don't know you.


Patrice! Sshh!

Come here. Open up.

Open up. Ugh! Ugh!

What's your name?

Tamir. Tamir, where's Zoe?

She's not here. So where's she hiding?

Please, she's innocent.

Whoa! Stop!


Get in.

I thought you were gonna shoot him. I'm trying to stop a bomb.

You put a gun in his mouth, you didn't even blink.

Moral lessons from a pick-pocket. I don't threaten to kill anyone.

No, you actually kill them.

You're wasting your time. They're gone.

Look through these. Those guys are on there.

So, what am I looking for?

Peroxide guy. He's in her photos.

So? Michael, we're the CIA.

We got a lot of equipment. We can get a face recognition.

Or we just go to where he works.


What happens now? We wait for him to show up.


Don't touch that.

I'm not a drug dealer, all right?

You know, I'm not some fucking lowlife. I got plans.

Like what?

I'm raising money to fund my way through med school.

Bullshit. You know, you look left when you lie. It's a very common tell.

You don't fucking know me.

Age 14 through 16, you were caught shoplifting for pornography and Britney Spears CDs.

You stole your stepdad's car and crashed it into the Caesars Palace fountain.

Categorised as impulsive, lacking of insight and very likely to reoffend.

OK. How about lacking in interpersonal empathy?

Reckless, insubordinate and irresponsible.

Quick to resort to violence.

Motherfucker, you go through my pockets again, I will shoot you in the face.

Jesus, man, I was just... Shut up. He's here.

What's the play?

You gonna stick a gun in his mouth too? No.

If they see me, they'll move her.

They didn't get a good look at you.

No way. Come on. You wanna clear your name?

That guy in there knows where Zoe is. Go in there, get me a lead.

No fucking way. Listen, Michael, this is an opportunity.

The agency, they don't just recruit Ivy League types.

They need people like you, street smart.

You know, we're not too different, you and I.

I was just a street kid adopted from Belize.

No value system, no parents, no English.

Nobody gave a fuck about me.

I want a deal.

We get the girl, she confirms my story, I'm free and clear.


Pinky promise.

Get the fuck out of here.

C'est la police. C'est toujours la police.


# Joyful and triumphant

# Gather around

# While I blow my own trumpet She's at his place. You got an address.

Good job.

That was intense. Yeah, you did good.

You think I got a chance at the agency?

You got potential.

The city's all fired up. It was on TV back there.

Cops put an Arab protester in hospital.

Bonjour. Bonjour.

See? You can be warm. You're like a different person when you smile.

Can I get a gun?

Where is she?

Where is she?

I'll kill him!

I'll kill him, OK?

You wanna kill him?

Go on, kill him. Briar?

You're a terrorist, right? Go ahead.

Zoe, right? It was your bag, wasn't it?

You remember? In Pigalle. It was your bag.

With the bomb in it that he stole?


Now, Zoe, I don't have time for this, all right?

But you're gonna tell me where the next bomb's gonna be.

I need to know now!

I don't wanna hurt you.

Look at me. Look at me.

I've seen this a thousand times.

I take one look at you and I know you're not a terrorist. You're being used.

They probably gave you a story, told you you're the only one they could trust, that they'll look after you, but they lied, Zoe.

You're in a lot of trouble.

No one was meant to die.

Who built that bomb?

Jean. I only knew Jean.

Jean. Where is he?

The guy that gave her that bomb is at 14, Rue Kleber. Send backup.

Briar, we're a fucking surveillance team. Your job was to find Mason.

- They're both with me. You what?

Briar, bring them in. No time. Heading there now.

You are way off the reservation here.

If you do this, you are on your own, do you understand?


So we're taking her to the cops, right? Not yet.

That wasn't the deal. We turn her in, I'm clear.

You wanna go? Go.

I can't cos the cops still think I did it.

I did everything you asked. I thought we were a team.

Sorry, man. You're not Ivy League.

You fucking played me.

All that shit about your past, was that a lie too? You even from Belize?

No, Connecticut, actually.

I fucking trusted you, man. Hey. Shut up.

Get down!


You OK?

Are you hit? No.

I'm OK too, thanks. Who the fuck are these guys?

Who are they, Zoe? Was that Jean's crew?

No, Jean is not like that. He would never hurt anyone.

He gave you a bomb. Zoe, we don't have time for this.

Are they planning another bomb?

No, we were not planning anything and we only had one bomb.

Well, what are they doing? Give me something. Come on.

Jean said we were fighting back against the fascists, that we were trying to disrupt them. How?

I was supposed to bomb an empty office building.

Right. But I changed my mind.

And then he came along. You can't put this all on me.

It was your bag. I was going to throw it in the river.


First floor.

Please don't hurt him.

Get her out of here.

Come here.

So you first met him at a demonstration?

You know why he chose you? Chose?

No, we were in love. Zoe, listen to me.

When a man is an undercover cop, relationships are not what they seem.

No, it's not true.

I believed in him and I believed in what we had together.

That was his skill.

He had to gain your trust.

Have you done this?

Lie, screw, fuck, use people to get what you want?

Yeah, he's done that and more.

It's what he does for a living.

Hey, I don't need judgement from you.

They're cops, Karen. It's a RAPID team.

They planned the bomb to go off in the Nation Pure offices.

To pin it on a mosque?

Karen, someone's playing chess with the city right now.

Briar, this is out of control.

I have to give this to French Intelligence, OK?

Yeah, who are you gonna talk to?

Victor Gamieux. He was my contact back in Libya. He's OK.

And what about my assets?

He's gonna want us to turn them over. A pick-pocket and a bomb mule?

What do you care?

I don't. - Good.

I'll set a pickup.



The bomb was made by an undercover police officer.

His name was Pascal Fibbert.

He was found hanging last night, but he was most likely strangled.

Victor, you have a terrorist conspiracy in the heart of the police force.

The mosque was a setup. There's something going on.

And you have evidence?

I have a witness. Currently in the company of one of my agents.

The other American? We're prepared to hand them over to you.

But can you get them into safe custody?

Witness handover needs to be off the books until I know how far the rot spreads.

They're near the Stalingrad Square, in Aubervilliers.

OK, call him. I'll arrange a pickup.

Tell him the safe word is Mike Alpha.

Thank you, Victor.

Gamieux's hand-picking his men. Safe word Mike Alpha.

Thank you for coming to me.

You owe me dinner.

Mike Alpha?


OK, à toute à l'heure.

Come on, Michael.

While the Bastille Day procession gets underway, protesters have opened up a new front of attack.

The hashtag, Attack The Bank, has gone viral in a highly co-ordinated online campaign.

In unprecedented numbers, demonstrators are surrounding the National Bank of France.

Where is she? - We can't locate her.

All the devices have gone dark.

She went to meet Gamieux this morning to arrange a pickup.

His guys just tried to kill us.

He's Head of French Intelligence. Do you know what...?

Karen's dead, Luddy, all right?

She's dead.

Gamieux is dirty and we need to find out what he's doing.

He is protecting the Bank of France.

He's put RAPID cops in charge. They've gone to Code Five.

Right, so he's put RAPID cops to protect the bank from the riots that he started.

It's all about the distraction, right?

These guys aren't terrorists. They're thieves.

What are you talking about? - How much money's in that vault?

It's the French National Reserve.

And we just gave them the keys. - This is fantasy, Briar.

It is impossible to walk out with that money.

The eyes of the fucking city are on that bank.

And I order you to come in now and hand over...



I'll be on the comms. Listen in.

And stay here till it's over. You're ditching us?

You won't be any use to me. Why are you doing this?

Well, let's just say I can't stand thieves.

They killed a good CIA officer.

She deserved better.

I mean, what are you doing?

Going in alone, no plan, no backup?

You read my report. I'm reckless and irresponsible.

J'y arrive.



He's trapped. He told us to wait here.

This isn't our fight. Four people died because of us.

What can we do? There's only two of us.

No, there's a lot more.

À bas la police!

Bande de fascistes! They just need a push.


Come on! Bande de chiens!


Put your hands up.




Michael, can you hear me? Briar.

A man from the safe house is coming your way with half a billion in his pocket.

What? - Listen to me. It's not gold.

It's digital currency. It's in his chest pocket, on a hard drive.


Banquiers enculés!

Where are you? I know it's you.

Where are you?


Show your face!

Don't move, Michael.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.

The drive.


Police! Police!

Allez! Allez!

You OK? Yeah.

Where's Michael? I don't know.

Come on.

Director Gamieux has been praised for his work bringing down the gang of corrupt police officers.

The suspected bomber is still at large and police are watching all ports and airports, asking the public to remain vigilant.


Fuck. Don't worry, Michael.

I'm here alone.

I'm not here to arrest you.

I'm here to make a deal.

It was a passport you wanted?

I'll give you tickets to Brazil and $100,000 cash for the hard drive.

For half a billion?

Trust me, you're not in a position to negotiate.

You got the cash?

This way. Follow me.

Where are we going?

Just out through there.

Get in there.

Drop your gun... or I shoot your friend.

Who, this guy?

Now what?

I didn't know you were gonna shoot me.

You're still alive. Come on.


I gave it to Gamieux.

So where do I go from here? I didn't even get the money.

Are the CIA gonna reimburse me?

Guess you gotta get a job. A job?

The CIA got anything going?

Yeah, you can clean the cars. Like swept for bombs?

No, buddy. Soap and water.

What about surveillance? I don't think so.

The mailroom? No.

Come on, man, I got skills. I should have shot you in the face.

# We're running the city down

# We've got our heartbeats pumping this feeling round

# I caught you running on the way to your phone

# With your knuckles peeled back all the way to the bone

# Had fear in your eyes, doubt in your tone

# I bet you thought that you could make it on your own

# We're running the city down

# We've got our heartbeats pumping this feeling round

# It's going down

# Many come, many fall by the side

# And I will take you there if you let me drive, yeah

# It's a stone-cold feeling whether dead or alive

# It's the road less travelled if you come for this ride

# We're running the city down

# We've got our heartbeats pumping this feeling round

# We're running the city down

# We've got our heartbeats pumping this feeling round

# It's going down

# You know we got it, you know we got it

# You know we got it, no doubt about it

# You know we got it, you know we got it

# You know we got it, no doubt about it

# We're running the city down

# You know we got it, no doubt about it

# We're running the city down

# You know we got it, no doubt about it

# You know we got it, you know we got it

# You know we got it, no doubt about it

# You know we got it, you know we got it

# We're running the city down

# We're running the city down

# We're running the city down

# We're running the city down

# We're running the city down