Batman: Bad Blood (2016) Script

In other news, Chuckie Sol, a made man in the Black Mask mob was kidnapped at gunpoint by masked assailants earlier today.

Suspicion is high that Sol was a victim of the recent turf war raging between the mob and a new rival gang composed of high-tech criminals known to have crossed paths with Batman.

I don't know about any weapon shipment, Tusk. Mask don't tell us...

You could do better than that, Chuckie. We ain't got all night.

Old Electrocutioner here gets mighty ticked when someone lies.

When is that weapons shipment due?

Wait... Batman doesn't use guns.

Batman doesn't.

But I do.

I'm just the accountant. Shut it!

That's no way to treat a lady.

I could've handled these C-listers on my own.

Dressing like a bat doesn't make you a hero. It just makes you a target.

And using a gun makes you just like them.

I want you out of here. Now!


This wasn't a break-in. Was it, Firefly?

Of course not.

They're working for someone new. Who?

This is truly an honor, Batman. I've waited so very long for this moment.

Though the circumstances are less than ideal.

Do I know you?

Intimately... and not at all.

And you rag on me for stealing your look.

Onyx, now.

Rest well, Batman.

It's not like he punches a time clock, but I can assure you that the Gotham Police Force is more than capable of keeping this city safe.

Even without a masked hero to back us up.

You're a bad liar, Gordon.

So, are on your way? Yeah, babe. You can't believe the traffic.

It's Blockbuster!

Can't wait to see you. It's been weeks, Dick.

I've almost forgotten what you feel like.

I'll remind...

It's... What's all that noise? Construction.

Hold on, I think I see an opening.

Yup. All clear, Kori. I'll be at the tower in fi...

Babe, you have no idea how sorry I am, but...

But, what about our... Got a family emergency. Nightwing out.

Your timing really sucks, Alfred.

Well, your trip to the rainforest seems ill-timed, Mr. Wayne.

With the world tech summit coming up... It's not for another week, Ms. Bannister.

We're down here studying rare herbs that could prove revolutionary for medical research.

And earn millions for our pharmaceutical interests.

All well and good. But why did you have to lead the team?

Because it's my company.

And I can do whatever the bloody hell I want to.

You still have to answer to this board, Mr. Wayne. And frankly...

I think we're done here.

If any of you have further concerns, bring them to Lucius.

He's more than capable of handling things while I'm gone.

Oh, dear.

I'd watch those "bloody hells," governor.

Don't want to be giving yourself away.

Master Dick. It's bad manners to sneak up on a person like that.

Sneaking up on people is kind of what we do around here, Alfred.

That's a joke.

We are not amused.

I'm not exactly in a festive mood either.

How long has he been gone? Two weeks, one day, 15 hours.

Wouldn't be the first time.

But he's never been gone this long without notifying me in some way.

Last night, the signal was up for an hour. Third time this week.

And if the police are aware of his absence, then you can be certain the criminal class is as well.

There's already been a sharp uptick in underworld activities.

If Batman doesn't return soon...

I know. All bloody hell's gonna break loose.

Even when you've disappeared, I can't get away from you.

Oh, Mr. Fox. I think it's way past time we...

Apologies, Ms. Bannister. I have an important visitor who simply can't wait.

That woman! What's wrong, Dad?

Bannister's been barking at you for years. You never let her get under your skin.

Maybe I'm getting too old for this.

Come on. Let's get some grub.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel, Luke. Too much on my plate right here.

Of course, if you'd finally accept Mr. Wayne's offer, we could do lunch every day. Dad...

With your background in physics and math...

Dad...'d be an extraordinary asset.

Dad! I said no before I went into the service and it's still no.


You're the one who told me to follow my own path.

Yes. But I never thought it would take you to Afghanistan.

I thought your doctor told you to give that up.

I've decided to live dangerously. Like my daughter.

As I recall, I picked up the art of dangerous living from you, Colonel Kane.

How are you, Dad?

I'm more concerned with how you are, Kate. I haven't seen you in weeks.

I was hoping you'd met some nice girl.

I've been trying to find out something, anything, about my mystery man.

And? It's like he doesn't even exist.

What about his friends? Vanished without a trace.

I watched that place blow apart, Dad. There was no way he could've escaped.

And I keep wondering if there was something...

Anything that I could've done.

Are you sure he's dead, Kate? This is Batman we're talking about.

No one could've survived that.

I need your help on this one.

Your mother always thought you'd be an artist.

Elizabeth was the one with the real talent.

Katey. Are you okay?


I'll see what my network can dig up on your mystery man.

They keep hoping for an answer, don't they?

Why don't you give them one. Not my style.

It seems reports of his death have been greatly... exaggerated.

Watch your back, Kate.

New guy thinks he can move in.

I'm gonna show those punks who's top dog around here.

Gotham's my bitch. Which makes you mine, Mask.

You're supposed to be dead. Let me fix that for you.

Damn it!

I bet 50 grand that you were dead this time.

You lost.

Always bet on Black.

Robin? Somebody kill this freaking kid!


What? I could've handled this alone.

If that's your best, Batman, you're not gonna fool anyone, Grayson.

Maybe you'd like a megaphone to announce that?

There's no way you're gonna pull this off without my help.

Modest as ever, I see.

I'm more Batman than you'll ever be. Just follow my lead.

We're being tailed.

You've been tracking me all night.

I want to know why.

First, tell me why you're running around Gotham playing dress-up.

I'm guessing Nightwing?


Actually, I think he's more than capable of fooling most people.

And you're certainly not gonna pass for Batman, short stack.

Who the hell are you? Easy, Robin.

Tell me what you want and why you've been following me.

I just had to make sure. You see, I was there the night Batman died.

He threw me clear and saved my life.

But before I could get back up here it blew apart.

And we're just supposed to believe that? Believe what you want.

I don't trust her. Oh, but you did trust Talon.

Shut up.

Who was it? Who were Tusk and Firefly working for?

I don't know. But when I find out, I'll drop a note in your lunchbox.

If you're serious about hunting them down then we should work together.

Just because I wear this, doesn't mean I'm a part of your little cult.

You really have a way with women, Grayson.

Do you think he's really dead?

I don't know.

You'd like it, wouldn't you... if he never came back?

Then you get to keep that suit.

I've struggled for years to get out of Bruce's shadow, to build a life for myself as far away from his world as possible.

And the last thing I want is to be wearing this damn thing!

I've finally managed to locate Master Bruce's files on Batwoman.

How come I never heard of her?

She's kept a rather low profile. Not low enough for Batman, I'll bet.

Investigative report on Batwoman, aka Katherine Kane.

Katey? You know her?

Her father is Colonel Jacob Kane. Military intelligence.

On Katherine's 12th birthday, she and her twin sister Elizabeth were abducted, along with their mother, Gabrielle, and held for ransom.

Colonel Kane led a rescue mission that saved Kate's life.

But in the attempt both Gabrielle and Elizabeth were murdered.

She would follow in her father's footsteps, enrolling at West Point, but ultimately expelled. Something broke inside Kate.

Two years later, Katherine emerged as Batwoman.

She's impressive, but her methods make her a danger to this city.

And to herself.

It's time for me to decide if I'm going to take her under my wing...

or take her down.

Poor Katey. It always begins with death. Doesn't it, Alfred?

I'm as astonished as you are, Master Dick.

Anyone mind filling me in? How do you know her?

I just do.

I had to dig very deep, my dear, reach out to contacts that even I find somewhat unsavory.

But here he is, your mystery man.

The Heretic. That's his accomplice. Onyx.

Heretic? What kind of name is that?

One that invokes disbelief. His accomplishments certainly do.

In the last 10 months, he has quietly forged some dangerous alliances, as well as become a Thorn in the side of Black Mask.

He may have gathered half the criminals in Gotham under his command.

But who is he? All I know is... that he's left a trail of empty vaults and dead bodies across this city.

And as your experience attests, he seems to have a fixation with Batman.

With all due respect, Dad, that doesn't help much.

I'm sorry. I just need to figure this out on my own.

I'll see you back at the house.

Don't worry, Kate. I won't let you down again.

If you're gonna keep standing me up for dinner, Dad, you could at least call.

Oh, God. Luke, I'm sorry. I'm just swamped.

It's not just the summit, is it?

Excuse me?

This has something to do with the fact that Batman's missing.


Dad, you've been bringing me here since I was a kid.

I've seen enough over the years to figure out that there's some connection between Wayne Enterprises and Batman.

Somehow I missed that in the last stockholder's report.

In fact, if I was gonna make an educated guess, I'd say you supply him with some of his tech.

That's some theory. Dad, I just...

It's coming from Wayne Tech. The vault.

Don't play games with me.

I don't know about any vault.

Fine. Kill him.

Get us into the vault, Mr. Fox, or your son becomes a memory.


Look at all these magnificent toys.

You know what we need, Kuttler.

Yes. A fleet of trucks, so we can take it all.

But for now... the components will have to do.

How could you know?

This is the 21st century, Mr. Fox.

There are no secrets in this world anymore.


Except the ones we take to our graves.

You dare to wear the mantle of the bat.

Get to the transport.

The boy.

Electrocutioner, stop!

You're gonna fry up real good, you stupid little...

Come back and fight, you cowards!

Damn it. Help!

He needs an ambulance.

You want more, Bruce?

Don't take it all for yourself.

Don't worry, ladies. There's plenty of me to go around.

Mother's pearls?

Where did you get those?

Where did you get them?

What the hell is this?

Still no progress, Tetch?

So much memory. So much experience.

It's a delicate job, threading my way through the layers.

You, on the other hand, could be reprogrammed in an hour.

You're like wet sand, compared to this concrete.

His trauma runs so deep.

It's as if he defines himself by his pain.

Such madness.

You have to dig deeper.

Push past the trauma.

To the child he was, before he lost his precious parents.

Then, you'll break him.

And then, he'll be ours.

You make it sound so easy, Talia.

Easier than dying, Mr. Tetch.

We had the detonators. But the bat was there, waiting for us.

Grayson. Not just him.

The boy. Of course.

He was nearly killed, but I saved him.

I saved him. I would expect no less.

We should capture Damian. Bring him here.

I prefer to keep my son at arm's length. For now.

But if we remove him from the battle till it's over, then...

I've told you, no.

I know why you want the boy, Heretic.

I'd stay away from that rabbit hole, if I were you.

Mind your own business, Tetch.

Nothing would give me more pleasure.

I'm so sorry, Luke. That's all you have to say?

I was in the vault, Dick. I know.

Listen, I don't think this is the time.

My dad might feel differently, if he could talk.

I came home from one war, only to walk right into another one.

And I want to be a part of it.

Best way to help is right here, at your father's side.

I'm a soldier, Dick. I need to be on the front lines, not stuck in some lab or boardroom or freakin' bedside chair.

And last night, I saw the weapons that could help me.

Weapons that my dad created and almost got killed for.

No, Luke, listen. I understand, I really do, but it's not my call.

Not right now. Things are complicated. Trust me, okay?

Dick... Alfred.

I'm on it.

I got to run. I'm sorry.

God, I haven't laughed like that in so long.

I noticed you looked pretty miserable when you came in.

One of those days?

One of those lives.

Hey! Excuse me.

So, you're a cop?

A detective.

You have a problem with that?

No, not at all.

You just don't look the part.

What's a cop supposed to look like? Not as hot as you.

Did I just say that out loud? Yeah, you did. You're good.

Actually, I'm terrible. I haven't dated in over a year and I...

Is something wrong? What? No. No. No.

Look, I do have to go, but... can I give you my card? Call me?

Yeah, right.

That's not a line, Rene, I... I like you, I really do.

But something's come up.

Where's the kid?

I thought we could talk alone... Katey.

How long have you known?

Me? Not long. But Batman's been on to you from the start.

Look, just so you know, I haven't given up. I just... needed to clear my head.

We all need to take off the mask sometimes.

To remind ourselves that we're people underneath.

Dick Grayson.

You know, when we were kids and I'd see you at all those society bashes...

I had quite a crush on you.

Really? I thought you were totally annoying.

Took me a while to get a hang of the girl thing.

Yeah, me too.

Why reveal yourself? Call it a hunch. Come on.

I don't have a concussion.

I wasn't aware you received a medical degree while you were in the Himalayas, Master Damian.

I've been hurt worse than this sparring with my grandfather.

I'd hardly hold Ra's Al Ghul up as an example of enlightened child-rearing.

Master Dick was quite explicit.

At least 24 hours of observation.

He's not my father! And neither are you.

And for that, young man, you should be profoundly grateful.

He saved my life once before, you know.

In a way, he created me.

Yeah, he does that.

He pissed me off.

He does that, too.

When I got kicked out of the military, my life was a blur of sex, drugs and techno-house.

But I thought I could take care of myself.

How ya doin', gorgeous? Out of my way, asshole.

I don't think so.

You little bitch!

You're welcome.

After that night, I swore I'd never need Batman or anyone saving me again.

My mother and sister were victims of the animals out there. Not me.

I get that, Kate. But it doesn't mean you have to be alone.

You made a big mistake coming here.

I was trained to never make mistakes. Just like you.

Don't fight it, Damian. I've had the flaws bred out of me.

But you... you're just a boy.

What was it like growing up with him?

When I was a kid, I idolized him. Hell... I wanted to be him.

But the older I got, the more I realized that I didn't know him at all.

How could I? Bruce Wayne is as much a mask as Batman.

And I think the only thing behind those masks is pain.

A pain he refuses to share with anyone.

So what was it like?


It's Alfred. Your butler is a part of this, too?

Trust me, he's a total badass. Yeah?

Master Damian is gone, sir.

Where am I?

What the hell are you doing? Unfortunately...

I have no more choice in this than you do.

Who are you?

I'm you, Damian... all grown up.

You're not me. You can't be.

I'm the product of a program that your... our grandfather initiated.

He wanted to create the perfect soldier.

They used your DNA and put it through a process of accelerated growth.

Most of the prototypes died quickly.

But I survived.

I was the strongest of them all.


I was an empty shell, till Mr. Tetch here brought me to full consciousness.

And as good a job as he did, there's always been something missing.

A void.

And I'm going to fill that void... with you.

Everything in there... is going in here.

You, brother... will provide me with a soul.

The hell, I am.

I don't understand why she just doesn't grow another one of you.

She's got a freezer full... Are you insane?


How dare you!

It wasn't my idea. This lunatic said he'd kill me if I...

Shut up! You'll suffer for this.

My entire life I've been suffering!

Tell me, what is a man without memories?

I want to know you, and love you, as he does.

I want to feel you in my heart. In my blood.

I've always served you without question. I've never asked anything of you.

Please, let me have this.

You poor tormented creature, how could I not have felt the depths of your pain?

How could a mother have left her child so alone... in the dark.

How could you just kill him like that? He was...

He was flawed.

What about me, am I flawed, too?

Remove all memories of this incident and then make the other necessary adjustments.

Adjustments? You're of no use to me like this.

Recalcitrant, emotional.

Your father's influence, no doubt.

Onyx, get this trash out of here.

Good thing Alfred had the foresight to put a tracker on the kid's uniform.

The sisters of perpetual grace.

A respected religious order with missions across the world.

Perfect front for criminal scumbags.

This isn't gonna be easy.

Nuns with M60s and katanas?

That would make them nunjas.

Kind of hate I let you talk me into using rubber bullets.

Looks like you could use a little help.

Hello, nurse. Luke?

You want a megaphone to announce that? Call me Batwing.

Batwing? That's original.

Can't say I'm not glad to see you.

It's the bats. Three of them!


We retreat. Why?

The compound is expendable.

We have more urgent matters to attend to. Come.

Kill him! Kill him!

It's me, it's your son.

Come on, Father.

Batman, we need you.

Can you blow those doors?

God's not going to like this. I don't think she's been here for a while.

This way!

Come on, Father.

How are you?

In one piece, which is more than I can say for this place.


Thanks for saving our butts back there, Luke.

Yeah, too bad they got away.

Well, Dad always wanted me to work with Bruce Wayne.

I'm proud to be a part of your team.

We can handle this on our own.

Nightwing, Robin, back to Gotham.

You're welcome.

You really should be resting. The summit's tomorrow.

It's been a week, I'm fine.

Like father, like son.

All things considered, Master Bruce, you're in surprisingly good condition.

She treated you... treated us... like we were machines that she could just program.

That's all we were to her.

After Bruce Wayne completes his hosting duties at the summit, we'll gather any leads we can to find her.

Why wait? I'll call in Kate and Luke and then...

No. You shouldn't have involved them in the first place.

Batwing pretty much involved himself. And Batwoman?

Did she force you to reveal our secrets?

You weren't here, sir.

Master Dick made a judgment call, and I think it was the right one.

Maybe so, but from here on... it's only family.

Kate's going through the hard drive we pulled from the convent.

Fine, but when she's done, that's it. But we have to...

You're not Batman anymore, Dick! I call the shots around here.

He's been through an extraordinary ordeal, Master Dick.

Yeah? Well, so have we.

As the summit kicks off today, politicians and dignitaries from more than 20 nations converge on Gotham, for what promises to be a pivotal look at how technology will shape our future.

Minutes ago, Bruce Wayne arrived to deliver the keynote address that will kick off the conference and also unveil ground-breaking technological advances.

Up next, researchers discover mysterious findings on Mars...

What do you mean he doesn't want my help?

He says he's grateful for everything you've done, Kate, but he just feels that...

Oh, hell, you know what he's like.

He just wants to keep it in the family.

I thought you wanted me to be part of the family.

Yeah, what do I know?

Find anything on that hard drive, yet? No, I gave it to Batwing.

I figured his father's tech could help us.

I'm sorry about this, Kate.

If it were up to me... Nothing to be sorry about.

Goodbye, Dick.


As the co-chair of Wayne Enterprises, it is my profound privilege to present our host.

A man of fellowship, a man of kindness, a man of peace.

Mr. Bruce Wayne.

Soon, we'll be through the looking glass, gentlemen.

You're all wearing beta versions of Wayne Tech's latest breakthrough in communications.

With these translators, we hope to build bridges between language and culture.

What? We're about to take over the world.

Can't a man dress for the occasion?



The world has become a more dangerous place.

To meet these threats, Wayne Tech and S.T.A.R. Labs have developed the watchtower initiative.

Prepare to embark on the greatest adventure.

Dad doesn't even remember doing it. He was programmed.

But why? Somehow, they knew I had that drive.

Like they knew about the vault at Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce told them. Not my father.

Talia had him in there for weeks and he suddenly snaps out of it just because we show up?

No, you're wrong. He's fine.

No, he's not. He's not fine.

She got to him.

She's not finished, is she? She's just getting started.

Found this on the hard drive.

There are vice-presidents on this list.

Military and corporate leaders, the vice-chancellor of Germany.

So, why would Talia have this?

What if Talia got to the men and women on that list, brainwashed them?

Then that would place the League of Shadows' influence in every country.

She'd control the world.

My God, kid, your mom's got game.

And all the leaders she would need are at the summit... along with Bruce Wayne.


Status? Just a second.

Activating power boost.

You're on, Tetch.

Beginning brain wave synchronization.

So many minds. So little time.

And a new age dawns.

Even Ra's Al Ghul couldn't achieve this.

Hey, Batwing, need a ride in the... Batwing?

Very funny.

You sure they won't know we're coming?

Not once we jam their radar and shut down the alarm system.

Good thing you got us those schematics.

Hope my dad understands when he finds out I hacked his computer.

Got 'em. Engaging auto-pilot.

Heads up, looks like we've got company.

How long, Kuttler?

Twenty minutes at most. Make it 10.

Get it.

I brought you a little something.

We've got to find the dignitaries and evacuate them.

What about Father?

Our first priority is getting those people out.

Not mine.

We don't have time for this, Damian. Join us or die.


The League of Shadows compels you to be one with us.

There is no you.

You have no home. You have no people.

That can't be good.

You are the League of Shadows and it is your home.

We are your people. About time you came back.


Come on!



Not vengeance.


Batwing to Robin.

Got a situation here.

I need you to manually transfer power from the damaged thruster to the remaining two.

Oh, crap! Dad's gonna kill me.

Big dirty...

The League of Shadows... Shut it down.

Bloody hell.

Cutting it kinda close! Hurry up, kid!

Well done, beloved. We will at least have this victory.

Finish him.

Bruce! Don't.

That's what it's all about in the end, isn't it, Mother?

Not the vision of a better world my grandfather had.

It's just about control.

Start with the bastard. We can always make more.

Bruce... you don't kill. You've never killed.

Don't let her win. Don't let her take your soul.

If anything, I have cleansed it. I washed away his trauma.

Finish them.

You brought us all together because you understood our pain... our loneliness better than anyone else could.

We needed family. We needed you.

Shoot him! You're not just a mask. You're a man.

The best man I've ever known.

No! Can't fight it.

Yes, you can, damn it! For the little boy who lost his world in that alley.


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

It's all right, Father.

That's for what you did to my father, bitch!

It's over, Mother.

Your grand plan has ended.

How is it I ever loved either of you?

I don't think you ever did. Oh, beloved, you have no idea.

I have thought of little else for the last 12 years.

But nothing, not my passion, not the death of my father, not even our child could bring you to my side.

I know now, I will never have you in this life.

But perhaps, in death. Get her!

She played us again.

From what Nightwing said, once the programming is broken, it can't be reset.

Not yours, not anybody's.

Well, I suppose Tetch could've done it, if he hadn't lost his head.

I'm proud of you, Kate.

Gabrielle and Elizabeth would be proud, too.

I hope so.

I'm a... a little early.

No, no. You're right on time.

I'm heading to the tower.

Thanks for lunch, Alfred.

What's going on? Master Bruce is having a heart-to-heart with Damian.

One can't help feeling bad.

Despite her madness, she was his mother.